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10136 No. 10136
technology, SCIENCE, computer woes
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>> No. 10384
As the name field suggests, I could seriously use some assistance. Recently my house lost power for a few moments at the same time my computer was running a chkdsk. When power came back, the computer automatically booted up, ran chkdsk again, and started up as normal. When I logged in however, I found that it was not detecting my home wireless network. Indeed, it seemed to not be detecting my wireless adapter itself, though it still lists the program for it in the programs listing. When attempting to view "Devices and Printers", explorer never finishes loading, eventually stopping just shy of the progress bar being full, with only a blank page. Internal troubleshooting guides are also unavailable (error code 0x8007045A).

Help in resolving this would be tremendously appreciated.
>> No. 10386
sounds like some system files were corrupted due to that power down (happens sometimes if the files in question are in the RAM at the time of a power loss. At least it could just be a reinstall of the drivers or utilities associated with the network or at most reinstall of the OS.
>> No. 10390
My computer just shut itself off and got a Diskette 0 seek error. I fixed it, but I'm kind of worried because I have no idea what would cause this.

The other day my clock just readjusted itself out of the blue. I'm backing up my files in case of the worst, but I'm worried. Any ideas what is going on?
>> No. 10391
Well, n7player's decided to mutate into a bloated piece of shit, so any recommendations for a music player app for Android?
>> No. 10394
I'm working my way into my new microphone and pop filter, and they're pretty damn good, but I'm having a rough time editing out the shitty parts with Audacity. I know how to remove noise and normalize, but I still have terribly harsh "s" sounds when I speak. Is there a way to fix that?
>> No. 10395
Sounds like maybe the hard drive. Back up, consider new drive and an imaging operation.

I like Winamp

Depending on the whether you have the original install disk or a recovery partition, you may be able to restore the system.
>> No. 10396
>>Dad complains I have too much stuff on my HD, wants me to have 10g more of free space
>>alright, no big deal, I don't look at a lot of this stuff anyways
>>delete a ton of stuff I have saved, don't save anything new
>>HD says I have even less available space now

>> No. 10397
I'm assuming you remembered to empty the recycle bin. That extra stuff will likely be your temp files. Complete shutdown and reboot might make the problem go away.
>> No. 10407

old news but still.

>Despite releasing an entirely new operating system on October 22 of this year, Windows PC sales shrank 21 percent between 10/21 and 11/17 versus the same period last year
>> No. 10417
Researching for new computer purchase. Decided I wanted gaming & video editing performance on part with family's desktop machine, so I grabbed the specs.

Video card rates about 700 on http://www.videocardbenchmark.net
Processor rates about 3,000 on http://www.cpubenchmark.net

Some of the machines I'm looking at have things like cards rating 500 and processors rating 6k.

I know that if those two components are mismatched, you get a bottleneck (i.e. one holds the other back). But I don't know what ratio is an even match or whether these ratings are even useful for determining that. Any thoughts?
>> No. 10420
nvm, worked it out.
>> No. 10424
If anyone's skilled with Audacity, how do I make my voice sound like that guy from Starcraft that says "You must construct additional pylons"? That's the only example I can think of.

A Kaj-tastic Musical The Pylon…youtube thumb
>> No. 10427
>record voice
>insert into audio program
>puzh butfons until something happens

idfk man I just fix electronics
>> No. 10438
Are snapshot.etl files legit? I'm finding conflicting info on searches.
>> No. 10439
.etl files are Microsoft Event Trace Log files, apparently used in tracing system issues and monitoring performance. As such, they should be harmless, and viewable in notepad, I think.

>> No. 10440
Lately avast has been finding these things which are gibberish save for that end bit and CCleaner has been clearing out a whopping 50-100 extra megabytes in temp files. Are they related?
>> No. 10441
Possibly. The files may not necessarily be readable in notepad, but the fact that Avast is picking up on them is troubling. I wouldn't say that extra little bit in CCleaner is that troubling (50-100 extra mB is not all that much and can be accrued in the normal course of work).

Has your machine been crashing a lot and is it running Vista? It may just be spitting out corrupt logs if that's the case, as Vista has been known to do.
>> No. 10444
Windows 7. Other than what I've posted so far, I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary.
>> No. 10446
key rist

>> No. 10447
File 136615495117.jpg - (135.68KB , 1500x1372 , 71zM2MF7yfL__SL1500_.jpg )
I need the best damn speaker hook earbuds you can recommend.
>> No. 10449
File 13663301193.png - (93.65KB , 317x416 , 1340040631543.png )

>> No. 10451
I lol'd
>> No. 10453
Hello, I've recently been having problems with my computer.

For starters, none of my browsers will play certain video sites (Blip, Xhamster) however youtube works.
Secondly, I can't download any file that's bigger than say 50 mb. Whenever I click on a download for a file that size, the download won't start at all.

Has anyone else have problems like this? I'm on a Windows 7, by the way.
>> No. 10459
Okay, generally, nothing on your machine is going to restrict your downloads unless you have a program making a lot of connections, like a Torrent client. If you're using an AntiVirus with extreme security features (Like NOD32 or Norton), it may restrict traffic a bit, but that shouldn't actually be the case.

Youtube functions because it loads its' videos very piecemeal, giving you a lot of small file parts before assembling them on your computer. Are you running over a wireless signal at extreme range? Spotty wireless connections can be dropped when you try to push too much data through on extremely weak signals.
>> No. 10464
File 136852804694.png - (41.92KB , 492x241 , this bullshit.png )
I've been having a huge problem with the sound on my desktop for the last few months and it's driving me to violence. My computer is old and shitty. I call it Frankie because he's built from parts of other computers. He's old and slow but generally reliable except in this area.

Anyways, what happens is when listening to music on anything when the song/playlist is over and not on a loop, the sound for the whole computer just stops. When this happens even Winamp, which I mainly use and is very reliable on my comp, stops playing sound. It has the sound bar (pic is what I mean. idk what that part is called) staying flat and moving back and forth. (Again, see pic. It's not a moving gif but I hope it gets the point across). It will also just cut off mid song. It almost always does this when my computer locks up/has a spaz attack. The only ways I've found to fix it is to log off or restart. Having to do this every couple of hours is highly annoying.

I asked my brother who used to fix computers for a living for help but he's a lazy asshole who said "UHHHH idk It could be your soundcard I guess or something I'd have to look at it I guess but I won't. Ktnxbye" Help plz ):
>> No. 10482

I think your winamp volume is down all the way. Sound failure after major usage like a game can point to a fault in the sound card, especially on older machines. check your volume control in control panel, make sure everything is turned up and on. Looks like something's just turning it down. Some soundcards have special cancelation software that automatically controls the volume of your computer to ensure optimal quality. When it works.

Sorry for the lateness of this reply. Like a month late? Can't answer every little question, unfortunately.
>> No. 10486
Maybe someone has an idea:

I've been using 4chan Grab for ages in order to download pictures from 4chan threads.

But while I can use it to download pictures from plus4chan, it simply won't keep the original filenames, and I'm really anal about that.

So my question becomes, how can I batch download the pictures from a +4 thread with original filenames intact?
>> No. 10487
File 137101284095.jpg - (5.44KB , 230x172 , sadbert.jpg )
>>using reverse-search on Google to try and locate artists' whose work was reposted a couple years ago on 4chan
>>figure the least I could do is comment on their dA and tell them I like their work
>>no results other than other uncredited posts on other sites
>> No. 10500
Just replying to this now oops.

Though no, sound was off on Winamp BEFORE it stopped. I've found the best way to keep the sound going when I watch YouTube/online videos and such is to have a long song going on in Winamp with the sound down and that prevents it from breaking. Not a sure-fire method but it works 90% of the time.

Oh well guess I need to scrounge up money for a soundcard ):
>> No. 10521
Hey fellas, I'd your input on something. Do you guys believe that it's possible for someone to major in a stem field (specifically, engineering) and still be able to create a good book/comic/art etc?
>> No. 10522
File 13830237577.jpg - (1.55MB , 1240x1754 , tami_industrial.jpg )
Yeah, why not? I find a broad range of experiences can help temper one's expertise in a given field. Of course, it also takes longer to gain competency in multiple subjects over just one.

At least, I wish more engineers took intermediate writing courses. Some manuals might as well be gibberish.
>> No. 10523
>Latest update for Flash player tries to install McAfee without even asking.
I get it, Adobe, you want us to stop using Flash.
>> No. 10524
File 138454291242.gif - (1.71KB , 98x28 , Browser Reload Button Blink.gif )
What's up with browsers doing this? Either the page is finished loading or not, and if not, I'd like to be able to use the stop button, thank you very much.
>> No. 10525
What browser are you using because mine does nothing like that
>> No. 10527
Firefox, it seems to happen when some flash or javascript element is somehow unsure if wants to load more stuff or not. Pretty sure I got similar problems in other browsers, though.
>> No. 10528
try reloading I guess? Never seen that
>> No. 10530
Can help, but the whole point is that when it happens, I want it to stop loading things, not start all over again. Dunno what to say about it never happening for you, it's just an annoying glitch that occurs occasionally.
>> No. 10531
File 138759106182.png - (154.34KB , 1800x1800 , 1384796910980.png )
>In other words, Windows 8 is actually falling farther behind its own four-year-old predecessor even today.

>> No. 10532
File 138837498396.jpg - (103.95KB , 625x468 , Fucking realtek.jpg )
Eat sheep dicks Realtek. Lots of them, with syphilitic chancres all over.

The fuckers cocking sound drivers corrupted again, necessitating a reinstall - which I had to do twice because their shitting installer fucked up. How do you fuck up InstallShield? How?
>> No. 10533
What exactly is wrong with Windows 8?
>> No. 10535
What's wrong with wanting to decide for myself what kind of interface my computer has?
>> No. 10536
Seriously. I'm trying to find a new computer and I need to know if I need to find something with Windows 7.
>> No. 10537
It's mostly that there's no technical reason to make the non-RT version push Metro as hard as it can, yet it does anyway, ostensibly because "It's the future and you better get used to it because convenience." The actual reason seems to be that Microsoft wants to move everyone to using the app store so it can have the kind of walled garden marketplace Apple has with their tablets and phones, but they also want it on the desktop so they can converge all their systems into eventually being the same thing. This approach is rather undesirable if you want people to be able to make and share small programs and games without the explicit approval of some central governing body that can reject anything it doesn't like, including anything that competes with the system's own features. It's also not great if you like to make small things for friends/internal use or for something like Ludum Dare, there's no reason to put that on a huge public directory. I actually trust some guy on the internet not to put a virus in a game more than I do an operating system provider to not abuse the ability to act as sole arbiter to what programs I can run.

Also: Why does Firefox require some overwrought system of using an add-on for each search engine in the search bar when they're each just a favicon and url?
>> No. 10539
unnecessary changes to the UI that actually make it technically harder to get shit done. It's Vista 2.0, sans the outright failures as it's still built on the Windows 7 architecture. Also, Germany thinks the NSA has a backdoor hardwired into it, so
>> No. 10543
File 139174103277.jpg - (88.53KB , 500x667 , tumblr_mzpuhujsWh1qz4gevo1_500.jpg )
This is everything you need to know about Windows 8.
>> No. 10544
Paul Thurrott of the influential Windows blog “Supersite for Windows” says they really just make Windows 8 more difficult to use, especially on a tablet.

He took Microsoft to task, writing:

"Windows 8 is a disaster in every sense of the word. This is not open to debate, is not part of some cute imaginary world where everyone's opinion is equally valid or whatever. Windows 8 is a disaster. Period."

>> No. 10546
Over time my hard drive has been filling up but I can't see anything wrong. Is there some process or program I need to optimize, cut down the clutter?
>> No. 10547
Have you tried using the regular Disc Cleanup tool? Could just be a lot of cached files or something.

Do you happen to use torrents and your torrent program subscribes to something?

And there are always virii.
>> No. 10548
Also: I have three hard drives. Right now my BIOS is configured to IDE, but I might have to wipe my Win 7 installation and re-install, so when I do I'd like to switch to AHCI. I know that my board won't be able to read the MBR of the main drive when I do it, which is fine when I reinstall Windows, but if I disconnect my secondary drives, wipe and re-install the main drive, will I then be able to just plug in the secondary drives and go on? Or will they have to be formatted to work with AHCI as well?
>> No. 10549
I don't use torrents. And now the amount of filled space is going down for reasons beyond my comprehension.
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