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10133 No. 10133
Got a leaky faucet? That Ikea shelf just not staying in place? Plumbing acting up?
Then this is the place to seek advice or the place to laugh at those who bought furniture from Ikea.
>> No. 10135
The hot water faucet in my en suite has stopped delivering water. The screw action of the faucet seems to be happening, but it feels like there's nothing in the chamber (or whatever the bit of the faucet the water flows through is called). WHAT DO?
>> No. 10143
what is the design of your faucet? could be the valve has become disconnected from the head.
>> No. 10154
This summer I've been helping to fix up our new house. It's not bad, just needed some love and new paint and electrical work but there's one problem I haven't found a solution for: this terrible smell. Well, it's not terrible like "can't breathe", but it smells kind of like pet dander and stale dirt I guess? Just enough to be noticeable. We thought it was a grease smell in the kitchen at first because of the oven ventilation hood but now that's out of the kitchen and there's still a weird odor. I've sprayed Febreze like 50 times in every room and coated every surface with it and it won't go away.

I think it might be the heating ducts. Any ideas? And how would one go about cleaning them out if that ends up being the problem?
>> No. 10155
Have you done a mold and mildew test? That might help narrow down what's causing the smell.
>> No. 10158
I need to get the rust off my cellar/bulkhead door and repaint it, but I'm not sure if I should sand the whole thing to the metal first or if I should just get the rusted parts sanded, or.. what.
I just don't want to get it wrong.
>> No. 10159
Huh, no, I haven't. I don't know why we haven't done that yet.

>> No. 10255
My new room is quite small, so I want to get a loft bed. However, it needs to fit the following criteria:
-Base of the "top bunk" is roughly 5' up
-Almost nothing underneath (shelves or small storage areas are acceptable)
-Holds Twin XL, Double, or Queen/Full.

Looking around it seems that either I pay ~$600 or take a bed and hack it together myself. I've done some super basic wood working in my day, but not for some time, and I'm not sure what I need to do once I've found a wooden bed I'm going to hack. Ideally I do as little as possible to the bed in the interest of using it as a normal bed should I get a larger room or just selling it off.

I've found http://www.ikeahackers.net, which has a lot of cool ideas, but for the most part Ikea stuff is still pretty far out of my price range. I'd rather just buy a bedframe from a thrift store and lumber from Home Depot, but I have no idea how to choose lumber. Any good sites about babby's first furniture construction?
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