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File 13687951088.gif - (684.38KB , 1696x1088 , mathtree1.gif )
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Hi /diy/.
How many of you into basic Arithmetic? Algebra? Calculus?
>> No. 10470
I'm borderline dyslexic when it comes to math, so I don't enjoy doing it, but I respect it and its place in the world.
>> No. 10483
I need to get right on my discrete. Useful for programming:
>> No. 10485

Me personally, I think math is just an abstraction to how humans perceive natural rules, laws, sums and interactions. So.. numbers and sums and dimensions and things exist, cells and biology are programmed to recognize these things without realizing it, but for all intents and purposes mathematics is just a human game of semantics and symbols to more easily understand and interact with things so they can calculate them.

Humans didn't invent dogs, but we invented the word dog, the human interpretation of what a 'dog' is, and assigned it common characteristics. The dog didn't need our label, our characteristics or our observation in order to exist.

File 136034930688.jpg - (22.46KB , 600x600 , Liquid Filth.jpg )
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Liquid filth songyoutube thumb

This thread is about the worst things you've ever drank.
>> No. 10476
I discovered at one point that our hot chocolate machine at school was crawling with insect larvae. Almost drank a cup full of baby bugs. They shut down the machine and never returned it.
>> No. 10480
Milk+Pepsi+Nutmeg. May as well have been ipecac.

File 136910491095.png - (515.17KB , 530x709 , tumblr_mmdx9ynzC61qzmopno1_1280.png )
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Sexy technology thread?
>> No. 10474
File 136910719748.png - (37.01KB , 206x114 , 1369080344756.png )

File 136117858950.jpg - (137.59KB , 1000x1333 , HD598_hires.jpg )
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>> No. 10460
How do you know sound quality just by listening to it? Obviously noticeable faults can be easily heard, but I mean, something that's listenable versus something that supposedly sounds amazing?
>> No. 10461
If I understand it right, pure quality is something of a moving target. There are people trained to listen to the utmost quality; the "audio fidelity" to the original source, or how close it sounds to being in the room with instruments. What affects this is that, throughout the industry, as time goes on, sounds get re-used, rerecorded, and and sometimes in inferior ways. The very act of creating a record is supposedly done by taking a master copy that corrodes over time with each copy made for distribution. A lot of quality is apparently somewhat lost in trans-coding live instrumentation into algorithmically generated mp3 sound files.

That said, most mp3s come in the 132 to 320 kbps range. The higher the kbps, the smoother the algorithmic curve of the sound is, the "crisper" the audio is, aka individual tracks and elements of the song become clearer. Most music cds are in the 320 range? In any case, most people don't notice sound differences outside that range, or at least not if they aren't trained to do so.

What I tend to look for in headphones and audio equipment is clarity and durability. You can always crank the volume, but that shit can damage your hearing over time. But if you can get a clear sound at low volume then it's only gonna sound better the louder it gets.
>> No. 10473
I got my pair back when it was $170. After the HD700, Sennheiser price-fixed all their headphones at MSRP and now it's hard to find it for less than $250. I wouldn't recommend it at that price.

It's hard to explain, but I'll try.

Cheaper (as in build quality) speakers/headphones usually either sound flat, distorted, or have really overextended bass. Better ones usually address one or more of those problems. I use Sennheiser HD598s driven by a Fiio E10. The sound is reasonable on most songs. The mids are forward, and fucking AMAZING for songs with a ton of vocals, the highs are turned down a bit to prevent fatigue, and the bass is really light (probably the biggest flaw of the headphones.) The (comparatively) balanced sound and soundstage make the whole headphone shine. Media with good dynamic range make you feel like you're right there. They don't sound as good as my goal headphones, the Hifiman HE-500s, but they're more comfortable and have a better soundstage (which is great for games and movies.)

Reduced distortion is a given on better headphones, but the most common flaws of higher tier headphones are reduced bass (because cheap bassy headphones have given bass itself a bad name for a lot of people) and increased, harsh highs (I CAN HEAR SO MANY DETAILS NOW LOLOLOLOL). Do your research before buying speakers/headphones, and ALWAYS DEMO EQUIPMENT IN PERSON BEFORE BUYING IT. Conventions and audio shops are good for this. Some companies have loan programs too that let you try stuff for a month before buying them.

File 13686615065.jpg - (36.91KB , 500x370 , 130517464638.jpg )
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Wasn't sure where else to ask, but I'm looking for advice on making props-- I have cosplayed before, but they were always closet cosplays.

I'm looking to cosplay Raz from the game 'Psychonauts'. I have a decent turtleneck, a jacket, pants, shoes, and gloves. That leaves a shoulder bag and helmet to be made, and goggles to be bought. Thing is, I've never sewn anything in my life, or bought props. Where do I start?

File 136423130926.jpg - (8.29KB , 400x400 , blu-ray-logo-400.jpg )
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>shitposter: "lol WRYYY chargin mah blunder Blu-Ray is deader than teh Rei" *YTMND soundtrack plays in the background*

>Gawker: "I don't even think next gen consoles will have disk drives. They're just so redundant in our fast paced modern world." *uploads text on 2MB/s internet connection*

>Blu-Ray is on every next-gen console.
>4K movies will be on Blu-Ray.
>48/60FPS movies will be on Blu-Ray.
>shitposter: "I-i-it's not like... like... like physical media is a thing or anything... :("
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>> No. 10455
> there's a real question whether physical media is wholly necessary.
Maybe in the US, but a lot of places in the world don't have the same internet speeds or the same internet services, like Netflix.
>> No. 10457
A lot of places in the USA have pretty shitty internet connections, actually. Especially in the south only major cities tend to have even a choice between internet providers unless you go with terrible data plan satellite options.
>> No. 10458
This is why I think it will become the de facto standard for physical media. Even in places with low bandwidth, if you just leave the download alone long enough then there's no worry. But that will mean shoving blu-ray players and burners out to everyone for the physical discs

File 136039694380.jpg - (203.42KB , 478x720 , 129314911119.jpg )
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Been doing tech support for Apple products since the iPhone 4 launched, got good amount of experience as senior iOS & senior CPU expert. Also got an ungodly knowledge of every last detail about iTunes.

Feel free to lob questions my way- tech support or just general apple things you'd like a bit more insight on. Won't leak anything confidential, obviously, but I have so little hard inside knowledge of things that I can freely offer speculation on nearly anything.
>> No. 10419
Quick general tips:
-Anything you buy off the iTunes Store & App Store will always always remember the Apple ID used to purchase it. There is absolutely no way to transfer ownership or merge two Apple IDs, though if you know both account's passwords it's not much hassle.
-Lot of great free university course lectures on iTunes U.

For iPhones/iPads/iTouches:
-If you have wi-fi at home, turn on iCloud backups. It'll happen overnight and save increments so you can go back a bit further than the last backup. If the 5 GB isn't enough space, you need to import your Camera Roll or omit a few apps from the backup.
-Get a file sharing app, I use USB Disk Pro. They're the best way to load data from a computer without doing a sync. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4094 has info.
>> No. 10423
File 136048722270.jpg - (358.14KB , 1500x315 , Steam_mac_alyx_1984.jpg )
I am a little disheartened that when people say "Apple", they usually now mean "everything Apple makes except the actual Mac". Which is sort of sad for me. I like my MacBook Pro, my iPod, and my iPhone. I haven't found a reason to buy any kind of tablet yet, I'm waiting for it to do something my laptop can't in order to justify buying one.

The App Store is great on mobile, but utter shit on computers. At least add a darn wishlist button, jeez.

File 134543701336.jpg - (49.47KB , 402x604 , i_bet_the_jews_did_this.jpg )
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I replaced my broken laptop screen today all by myself. It doesn't sound like anything, but I am the opposite of tech savvy and I felt like a rocket scientist.
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>> No. 10411
I helped an old man fix his favorite flashlight the day before a hurricane.
I did it with a paperclip.

It's not the most impressive thing I've done, but it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.
>> No. 10412
I helped an old man fix his favorite flashlight the day before a hurricane.
I did it with a paperclip.

It's not the most impressive thing I've done, but it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.
>> No. 10421
As apple tech support: Invented an efficient multi-stage process for pruning duplicate files out of an iTunes library which had duplicates created at multiple times for multiple reasons.

It was the worst mess of an iTunes music library I had ever seen, 75% of the 16k files were redundant and duplicate file remover software wasn't able to take out more than 10%. Any normal en-masse dupe removal would have have left them with less than half of their good content.

This process was guaranteed to never remove every copy of a given file. My sups had me write it up, it got added to a sort of master grognard reference package for the call center.

File 134965198219.jpg - (88.61KB , 750x337 , monster cereals.jpg )
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Now is the time of year when we all argue over monster-themed cereals.
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>> No. 10315
File 135018546899.jpg - (111.36KB , 1280x960 , 2012-10-13-220834.jpg )
I did it for science.
If I don't make it back, tell my wife I love her very much.
>> No. 10320
File 135052823928.jpg - (22.01KB , 400x341 , BooBerry.jpg )
>smack-talking my Boo Berry

Aw hell naw.
>> No. 10361
File 135387807341.gif - (326.60KB , 800x600 , rustledjimmies.gif )
>>mfw they changed the box recently

File 134567119055.jpg - (89.19KB , 530x363 , B2550173-Irradiated_and_normal_strawberries-SPL.jpg )
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The berries we get form the store keep going bad very quickly in the fridge, growing mold within days if they don't turn out to have been rotting on the bottom when we get them home. I would like to start buying irradiated strawberries since they last longer, but where do I go to look for them? I don't think the supermarkets I go to carry them. I try to look them up, but all I find are news articles on the subject, most either about selling them or what people think of irradiation. I don't see anywhere about how to find a place to buy actual irradiated food. A /diy/ food irradiator sounds dangerous and impractical, but in kind of a cool way.
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>> No. 10312
Canned food is usually the only type exposed to radiation. If the item is exposed to air, irradiation is useless.
>> No. 10313
Pick the berries yourself. CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN.
>> No. 10339
In fact, I have tried growing strawberries a few times, with limited success. I'd like to try again with more of a raised bed sometime, to protect it from rabbits and such. For now I'm just growing my own rhubarb.

File 13435140954.jpg - (74.25KB , 1024x683 , HBlimbing_Chubbles.jpg )
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awyiss a /diy/

this thread will be for my tool restorations and hopefully document me learning me some shit in the near future
>> No. 10184
lacquer thinner is some nasty shit, avoid it if you can and if you can't at least get one not toluene based

also, dispose of it and any rags and other absorbents used with the thinner at your municipal hazardous waste place (usually same as recycling depots) cause if you get a mL of that shit in our groundwater we literally can't be friends ever
>> No. 10326
Seriously, I was shocked at just how hazardous that shit was cleaning off my barn.

File 134627189752.jpg - (142.32KB , 1031x540 , stupidfox___45_by_silentreaper-d3e1pwf.jpg )
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Thread for spicy foods and such.

I tried the stuff recently, and have been putting it on anything I usually like to spice-up. One of those things I wish I'd tried years ago.
>> No. 10250
the only very spicy thing i like is jalepeno. i don't really like the taste of chili powder/sriracha/etc but i put jalepenos in everything.
>> No. 10297
Jalapenos are always a good choice.

I tried ghost pepper. It wasn't as hot as I expected (I think past a certain point my tongue's pain receptors just turn off or something, cause my roommate's bf was crying when he tried it) but it tasted AWFUL.

I love curry. Especially Japanese curry. CoCo curry house curry at level 7? So fine.
>> No. 10314
Peperoncinis are the top tier pepper, all day every day. Great with pasta, and great alone.

File 134732260375.jpg - (244.79KB , 653x1730 , Boylan-Birch-Beer.jpg )
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Image related, in a Black Cow.*

Where was this nectar throughout my life?

*Root or birch beer in vanilla ice cream.
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>> No. 10301
Not where I am.
Speaking of such sodas, I recently had the root beer pictured and also a glass of their birch beer, at one of the restaurants they have. Looking forward to a glass of their ginger beer, I actually had a sauce made of that on some fish.
>> No. 10302
File 134940420612.jpg - (15.86KB , 108x150 , rootbeer.jpg )
berp a derp, here's the image
>> No. 10306
I had some root beer liquor the other day. Pretty tasty.

File 134822784222.jpg - (336.12KB , 1280x834 , tumblr_m8hyrjR5KW1qg3y1qo1_1280.jpg )
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So, I'm gonna get a cellphone, I need something BEYOND DURABLE and nothing too fancy, just a camera and maybe something that can go online but that's not essential.

How are smartphones in this regard? Also money is no object...within reason.
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>> No. 10291
File 134897134372.jpg - (75.85KB , 400x600 , 400px-Yu_Nan_picture.jpg )
I ended up with a Samsung Galaxy Rugby.

Thanks for the advice guys.
>> No. 10294
File 134909582773.jpg - (322.79KB , 1280x1920 , yu nan.jpg )
Have a higher res version, just cause it bugs me when I see people have saved a low-res version of a picture I have.
Sage because Yu Nan isn't phones.
>> No. 10295
and I didn't even sage
A+, gold star, pat on the head

File 134711681398.jpg - (13.46KB , 404x600 , code.jpg )
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Kinda.. pondering if this is a good idea or not. Keeping a log of what I'm reading and trying to put it into my own words. I have a few learning difficulties so it'll be displaying my ignorance on the subject, but I enjoy this book. Perhaps the silent masses who read the site and threads but don't comment might get something out of it. I dunno.
What I had in mind were a summary of the chapters as they're read, and a presentation and condensing of the information covered per chapter. As much review for myself as anything else, with the opportunity to correct or rephrase things incorrectly understood as I go along.
6 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 10272
And it is. It starts off from the position where the person may know nothing. Fundamentals that move on to more involved things.
>no, haven't abandoned the thread. Still actually studying the material.
>> No. 10290
I put this in a text to speech app on my tablet and it said "underscore" for each _. It took forever then it crashed.
>> No. 10292
I feel terrible for laughing.

Also, finished the initial read of the book. Will resume breaking down the contents by chapter once I've a more complete comprehension of the things -in- each chapter. Please hold.
>♫ Elevator music goes here. ♪

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