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File 134388363262.jpg - (188.55KB , 504x800 , gothamadventures36pg03.jpg )
88474 No. 88474
>>88470 Think the previous thread is auto-saging. So here's a new one!
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>> No. 88475
File 134388390638.png - (618.91KB , 802x611 , gdell-otto.png )
>> No. 88476
File 13438840835.png - (59.26KB , 350x326 , tumblr_l3h9a3vsGn1qb1lx2o1_400.png )
>> No. 88477
File 134388411550.jpg - (62.46KB , 450x490 , tumblr_l6edfx7GiN1qcisvho1_500.jpg )
>> No. 88481
File 13438910102.jpg - (760.24KB , 850x1264 , 000a9r6d.jpg )
>> No. 88482
File 134389242569.jpg - (553.75KB , 966x840 , tumblr_l6vqrsKwXi1qar98k.jpg )
>> No. 88485
File 13438943642.jpg - (79.53KB , 500x429 , tumblr_kymjvmLAOV1qa6kxeo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 88493
File 134396334944.jpg - (643.70KB , 655x974 , tumblr_l6hs0b3W5z1qcqriw.jpg )
>> No. 88494
File 134396513023.jpg - (194.91KB , 569x393 , tumblr_l6hoa7QVvM1qcisvh.jpg )
>> No. 88509
File 134409503598.jpg - (109.47KB , 384x400 , tumblr_l6js78aui71qcisvho1_400.jpg )
>> No. 88552
File 134424431496.jpg - (105.75KB , 500x559 , tumblr_kvrkft7oky1qa3nkyo1_500_png.jpg )
>> No. 88571
File 134434404333.png - (1.49MB , 1500x1500 , cheesestrings - requests of the day 04.png )
hey lookit all dis bara
>> No. 88572
It's bara and yet so cute!
Wouldn't Batman be literally pancake on the wall if Superman bones him like that though? :p
>> No. 88585
File 134439212073.jpg - (69.14KB , 425x425 , 6103596.jpg )
Truly, American superheroes were meant for bara.

I think Superman has a leg in there to hold up Batman. Or it's aaaaall in the dick. With...precise muscle control.
>> No. 88587
Nice! Who drew those? I daresay it looks as good or even better than Jiro's art.
>> No. 88592

Definitely not Jiro who drew it. Her Superman/Clark is hairless. This Clark has a hairy chest. Mmmm. I also would like to know who the artist is <3
>> No. 88595
File 134442821679.jpg - (237.66KB , 1240x983 , line2-29-7.jpg )
Batman in Huntress's costume and Superman in Powergirl's.
Nice butt, Bruce!
>> No. 88599
I found that by trawling Japanese personal art sites. I'll see if I can find it again but it could take a bit.
I may just start posting the source with images... I know that's not really 4chan protocol but it seems like it would be worthwhile. I might know sources for any stuff you find reposted elsewhere, too.
>> No. 88604
It will be much appreciated thank you :)
It's quite rare to see bara art that doesn't look like the guys are taking too much steroids, that's why I asked. Superman/Batman art is even more a bonus
>> No. 88608
File 134449581987.jpg - (80.71KB , 314x400 , 26476_398490459600_537909600_4048026_4323911_n.jpg )
Gee, Superman, what exactly DID Batman give you that you'll remember for the rest of your life?
>> No. 88609
File 134449599628.jpg - (343.78KB , 613x752 , 5555.jpg )
Gay city!
>> No. 88631
File 134456367694.jpg - (98.83KB , 400x400 , 070908bs.jpg )
Ok so I haven't found the bara source site yet. But I did find this!
>> No. 88635
File 134459462212.png - (98.77KB , 400x400 , 07731wfmanaita.png )
Thanks for sharing! Whoever manages the website is a big Robin fan. I never thought I'd see Superman paired with Robin. Considering the current Robin is Bruce's son, uhh, can you say awkward? :p

Anyways I found a few more drawings of Superman and/or Batman.
>> No. 88636
File 134459466480.png - (18.32KB , 400x400 , 070911snnyah.png )
>> No. 88637
File 134459477061.png - (13.40KB , 400x400 , 07731kento2.png )
>> No. 88659
File 134469703973.jpg - (60.18KB , 400x493 , tumblr_m0cnplFrOE1qe3rgvo1_400.jpg )
What is it with the Superman/Batman fandom and cat people? lol
>> No. 88660
File 13447039479.jpg - (90.72KB , 500x433 , tumblr_m6vc77m5GZ1qcdgzyo1_500.jpg )
If Jo Chen were to do a SupermanxBatman doujin, I'd be on that shit like white on rice.
>> No. 88663
File 134471413394.jpg - (81.15KB , 344x486 , 1344402836794.jpg )
Found these at /y/. Dunno if they've been posted here before.
>> No. 88664
File 134471417112.jpg - (81.45KB , 695x583 , 1344402986682.jpg )
>> No. 88665
File 134471423688.jpg - (577.60KB , 1000x672 , 1344404117990.jpg )
Bottom Superman! And tattoos of their symbols!
>> No. 88667
If that were to ever happen DON'T POST IT HERE ohmygod I don't think we're allowed to have doujins anymore
>> No. 88672
shut up man the comm is already dying and your suggesting not posting content?
I unno lol it's most likely because the artists we have are Eastern and into cats and tentacles.
>> No. 88675
LOL Man, you know an artist's left a lousy legacy when people think of their art/doujin and their reaction is to only remember the melodramatic behavior and wank.

You must have missed all the dramu in the previous thread. The other anon was making fun of it, not seriously suggesting we stop posting content.
>> No. 88676
When even the people at /y/ think you were overly dramatic, you know you gone over the top.
>> No. 88678
File 134477867482.jpg - (78.84KB , 416x652 , itmeansbrucetops.jpg )
I meant not posting it here because this site isn't as obscure as you might think and it robs the artist of what little money they could have earned from the western readership. They worked hard on it. I feel bad about making Jiro so upset. Anyway. Content.
>> No. 88679
File 134477943155.gif - (5.19KB , 200x200 , eb-0606batpot.gif )
>it robs the artist of what little money they could have earned from the western readership

this doesn't apply to jiro's case. she claimed herself that she deliberately didn't make any profit and only printed a specific number of books that sold out. ironically the scans *gained* her western readership.

but yeah enough of that, back to content.
>> No. 88689
What the hell does that sign say?
>> No. 88694
File 134483636142.jpg - (47.20KB , 500x500 , tumblr_l7kb929VIA1qaaa4ao1_500.jpg )
Haha, good catch.
>> No. 88698
File 134485947884.jpg - (156.16KB , 460x700 , BOOTAYCALL.jpg )
>> No. 88699
File 134486137225.jpg - (52.72KB , 500x375 , tumblr_m8bra4mZBy1qkznxe.jpg )
This is from an episode of DC Super Friends that was made for and came with a series of toys. It's not super high quality but its actually pretty alright.

Fisher-Price® Imaginext™ DC…youtube thumb
>> No. 88700
Oh Superman, you so easy.

Thanks for the link! Batman's voice is a little too deep for my liking but hurray for some Superman/Batman h/c!
>> No. 88701
Ever wonder if Bruce sometimes deliberately leaves his kryptonite ring somewhere in the bedroom when he wants Clark at his lust-ridden mercy?
>> No. 88716
I suspect he does it in retaliation for every time Clark shows up out of nowhere when he's on patrol, in the cave or even at an event as Brucie to whisk him away for a quick fuck. Bruce uses the ring sometimes immediately after or an impossible-to-predict period of time just to remind Clark that he doesn't hold all te power in their relationship. Clark knows this of course, but he thinks Bruce is outrageously sexy and beautiful when he's fierce and dominating and besides that, he knows Bruce would never truly try to hurt him at his most vulnerable. Even if they can't actually get along for more than 5 minutes, they have a bond built entirely on an absolute, mutual trust.
>> No. 88730
File 134491684130.png - (1.75MB , 800x1130 , [BatmanxSuperman] DJ_-_Sit PAGE (7)nocensor.png )
>> No. 88732
Nice! Are there other uncensored pages?
>> No. 88733

Jeez, I didn't even notice the original pages were censored. lol Nice job on removing the tiny white bars.
>> No. 88734
ill do the rest of them when i can, im sorry im really bad at it.
>> No. 88735
ill do more when i can
sorry im really bad at it
>> No. 88736
File 13449302769.png - (1.92MB , 800x1136 , [BatmanxSuperman] DJ_-_Sit PAGE (9) nocensor.png )
i know its bad work
>> No. 88737
Heck that's better any time than the white bars. Thanks.
>> No. 88738
Here's a great scanlated Batman doujin by GD Mechano -

Superman appears in it.
>> No. 88739
It's Nolanverse too! Great find. Thanks for sharing. Could be me being a rabid Superman/Batman shipper, but I definitely see the slashiness even though they don't know each other yet in the doujin.
>> No. 88741
File 134495486158.png - (1.93MB , 800x1138 , [BatmanxSuperman] DJ_-_Sit PAGE (10)nocensor.png )
i wish i was better at this
>> No. 88742
File 13449550894.jpg - (144.17KB , 504x800 , 134388363262111.jpg )
>> No. 88743
What program are you using?
>> No. 88751
Now that is realistic looking come. Rarely see that in yaoi.
>> No. 88760
:D Found you! Finally!

I had a funny feeling the other thread was dead. Posted there before I found the new one! ^^;

Anywho here's what I've got!


I just wrote that last night. Hope everyone likes it. Just the start of things!

Also I found some more h/c fic recs that I highly recommend!

http://archiveofourown.org/works/192990 Here's one! Called "Snowed In" by FictionalKnight


And here's another one called "When it Rains" by RileyC, lotsa flluff here! XD
>> No. 88764
The previous thread autosaged. Thanks for the recs!
>> No. 88772
^^;; that's what I figured! :D

And you're welcome!
>> No. 88778
File 134516656296.jpg - (191.26KB , 417x611 , 3000hit.jpg )
I've been finding a lot of sources for stuff we've probably seen before and some things I haven't seen.

http://www7b.biglobe.ne.jp/~kaeruana/fanart.htm (image is from here, you will definitely want to click the little frog at the bottom of the page in the corner. actually, just click everything)
http://sbbangbang.blog124. eff cee two .com/ (sound it out and put it together, plus4chan doesn't allow links from there to be posted)
http://maisukeno.blog110. eff cee two .com/blog-category-3.html

Please please PLEASE don't post the pictures from these sites anywhere else. If you have to share them, share the link, not just the pictures!
>> No. 88780
You. Are. Amazing.
Thank you so much for those links! :D
So...we can't upload any pictures from those websites? Or you mean we can but we have to also post the link to whatever posted picture?
>> No. 88781

The art in this one is adorable!
>> No. 88782
>http://www7b.biglobe.ne.jp/~kaeruana/fanart.htm (image is from here, you will definitely want to click the little frog at the bottom of the page in the corner. actually, just click everything)

I totally second this. Awesome bara-ish art.
>> No. 88786
I would suggest posting the link only. A lot of the sites have pleas in English to not post the images elsewhere. If I find more sites I'll only be posting the links.
>> No. 88787
Ok, will do. Thanks for the great links. :3
>> No. 88788

aaaaah, this artist's mangas are so cute it makes me want to hug them all
>> No. 88796
File 134526191712.jpg - (367.87KB , 500x699 , tumblr_l6vqp0jEoo1qar98ko1_500.jpg )
Lookit at all that pretty japanese art. <3
>> No. 88802
File 134537061616.png - (2.68KB , 389x190 , tumblr_l6v5x0G5QE1qbkiyvo1_400.png )
>> No. 88806
>> No. 88817
File 134554348037.jpg - (133.54KB , 710x655 , tumblr_l6edmipAyF1qcisvh.jpg )
>> No. 88852
File 134569769340.jpg - (117.53KB , 558x364 , tumblr_l6eddewRZp1qcisvh.jpg )
>> No. 88863
http://getsu. eff cee two web.com/Fanart/index.html
Uhhh only a picture or two at each of these.

Okay so there isn't any slash here but it looks really good and has the JLI and JSA all over the place and also there are a lot of cute pictures of Clark so you're getting it too!

http://wildboard. eff cee two web.com/index.html
I can't figure out how to enter this one. It's tagged kuraburu which is a Japanese name for Clark/Bruce so there has to be something good inside?
>> No. 88864
File 134572639813.png - (602.80KB , 1100x649 , Poopmeister - have fun.png )
>> No. 88865
File 134572676950.jpg - (406.78KB , 800x437 , kaohu - new hat.jpg )
>> No. 88866
I...I just...what is going on there?? *lol* I'm assuming Clark is in the red/blue short shorts.
>> No. 88867
Link for the WildBoar website:
http://wildboard. eff cee two web.com/top2/top.html

I looked it up in the page source. The link strangely doesn't show for the ENTER word although it's there in the html.
>> No. 88869
Looks like WildBoar's gallery is actually a fanfic section. There's a Star Wars crossover story and a vampire Batman story.
>> No. 88882
Aww dang, I skipped all the other fanfic sites. Got my hopes up for this one.

I found all of the links through the toonavi thing linked on most of them btw if anyone wants to look for some other fanart.
>> No. 88883
Aww dang, I skipped all the other fanfic sites. Got my hopes up for this one.

I found all of the links through the toonavi thing linked on most of them btw if anyone wants to look for some other fanart.
>> No. 88988
File 134614382786.gif - (35.57KB , 357x500 , 9784775519028-c.gif )
Clark Kent on steroids lol
>> No. 88991
Nice bewbs, Clark.
>> No. 88997
File 134615503294.jpg - (393.61KB , 831x593 , nisoniso - s for superdads.jpg )
My exact train of thought went like "Aww, how cute, let's see who they inclu- NOPE." but then I went back to looking at the cute.
>> No. 89007
Ya know, that's kinda what I expect a superhero's general body build to be. If you gonna fight monsters, vicious aliens from space, worldly disasters and whatever daily, you're gonna need major muscle.
>> No. 89030

...why is bruce always the pregnant one? doesn't it make more sense that clark get pregnant due to the mystery of kryptonian physiology? :p
>> No. 89033
I hate the "superfamily" thing on tumblr so much, combined with mpreg I just can't
>> No. 89037
File 134629812316.jpg - (175.42KB , 700x490 , 1346201188733.jpg )
I've always seen Bruce as the chick in the relationship. Dunno why but him preggors makes sense if someone HAD to be pregnant. I don't know how that should effective his playboy status though. Perhaps there's a writefriend about?
>> No. 89044
I too have always considered Bruce as the "lady" in the relationship, a cliche as it is. There's the slight size difference, but there's also something about their different personalities, the way they fit together and various canonical events that just screams ,"Clark protects and takes care of his beloved Bruce whenever he can, and although Bruce fights it often, he secretly revels in Clark's strength and love and hopes Clark never, never stops."

And am I mistaken or is that drawing by Jiro? I've never seen it before.
>> No. 89046
I don't think of either guy as the chick/lady in the relationship. However I do see Clark as the domestic one.

Bruce has been waited on by a butler for his entire life. He's probably never washed his own clothes a day in his life, or cooked a meal for himself. He's a badass who fights crime and psycho criminals on a nightly basis but he wouldn't know the first thing about doing domestic chores if Alfred isn't around. Clark on the other hand was brought up on a farm in Kansas. He probably learned how to cook and clean and feed farm animals before his age hit two digits. He would definitely be the one doing the cooking and cleaning while Bruce handles the finances and bills. Bruce *is* a billionaire after all. lol

Hmmm, then again Bruce might just hire new butlers in the event Alfred is unavailable. Maybe he lets Clark make a meal for him whenever he feels like having some yummy Kansas farmboy cooking.
>> No. 89047
File 134630958389.jpg - (104.35KB , 200x200 , flipkick - -requested-early-.jpg )
>> No. 89048
Is - is that really Clark? Where can I find more of this art? >_>

Yeah that looks like Jiro's work. I don't remember seeing it on her pixiv tho. Somebody said she has a tumblr?

Bruce would cry his eyes out the day Alfred passes away. Alfred like his mom and dad combined and then some.
>> No. 89050
This. Neither of them could remotely be considered a "chick" or even the dom or sub (I like to think they mix it up, though I prefer Bruce on the bottom) but they would each be better at different aspects of domestic life together. Clark is just the one who would show his loving protectiveness in everyday life and know how the heck to take care of a house. Besides, he could manage an entire mansion's cleanliness a lot better than Bruce could. Alfred probably secretly has some powers that let him accomplish this, too...

Her tumblr is nkdr220. Please let us try as a whole to not make her want to throw herself out a window again...
>> No. 89052
Aaaand may I direct your attention to this post...

>> No. 89053
File 134634130384.jpg - (64.13KB , 468x458 , tumblr_m9k1l3ypwX1r961gwo1_500.jpg )
Domestic Clark is domestic.
>> No. 89054
>Please let us try as a whole to not make her want to throw herself out a window again...

Highly doubt that'll ever happen again. I sympathized with her when the wankfest went down, but surprise surprise, everyone's already moved on from the doujin and the world didn't end. I'm glad she's still drawing. Hopefully she's wiser about the internet and local laws about adult doujins now.
>> No. 89055
File 134634228966.jpg - (119.17KB , 470x650 , tumblr_m9kg4evlq41ql8t27o1_500.jpg )
This (and other superman/batman pics with similar style) is by Zumaon on Tumblr
>> No. 89056
not sure if you're right there cause there's no art of hers on her tumblr, just reblogs
>> No. 89057
My god, I want to know the source of this too. Clark looks a little too buff to me but still, hot and cute. The more great fan art from the East, the better!
>> No. 89058
It's her tumblr. She probably posts her art elsewhere, now.
>> No. 89059
So did anyone save her art from her tumblr? Share, please?
>> No. 89061
If you say so. Nevertheless they are a badass couple.

Yeah it's Jiro's art. One last tidbit from her I suppose but I'm not the one who found it and sadly don't know where to get more.
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