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File 133757514412.png - (163.68KB , 622x650 , 1337523232564.png )
86749 No. 86749
Against my better judgement, I'm starting a Twin Peaks thread now that I have a good amount of material.

Any other fans around here?
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>> No. 86750
File 133757521881.png - (40.31KB , 586x642 , 1337523298320.png )
Times like this I wish this show had been made in modern times. There'd probably be an explosion of fanart if it got re-aired or something.
>> No. 86751
File 133757524761.jpg - (739.11KB , 895x1345 , 1337523644586.jpg )
>> No. 86752
File 133757532168.jpg - (88.94KB , 574x421 , coop.jpg )
>> No. 86753
File 133757535649.png - (218.41KB , 500x613 , tumblr_ltwll7p9Op1qa7n6ko1_500.png )
Maybe "present" is a better word. Modern times, haha
>> No. 86754
File 133757541789.jpg - (29.18KB , 314x650 , big-ed.jpg )
>> No. 86755
File 133757545548.jpg - (44.09KB , 400x554 , 1337524341109.jpg )
Never watched X-files, but a Mulder is fine too.
>> No. 86756
File 133757551734.jpg - (24.46KB , 337x576 , andy.jpg )
An Andy is fine too.
>> No. 86757
File 133757555159.jpg - (217.84KB , 425x1087 , albert.jpg )
>> No. 86758
File 133757558588.jpg - (121.20KB , 500x670 , SB_Whitehead_Illustration.jpg )
>> No. 86759
File 133757568966.jpg - (112.93KB , 348x500 , tumblr_lvguimjQ101qm3n8ao1_400.jpg )
>> No. 86760
File 133757692048.png - (173.17KB , 500x317 , tumblr_lxm3albwtA1qb1lx2o1_1280.png )
>> No. 86796
Yes. Yes, there is at least one other fan. But I have no content and cannot draw.
>> No. 86800
File 133773989639.jpg - (32.52KB , 500x285 , tumblr_m4cn3kgwlw1qi425zo1_500.jpg )
You could write if you like?
I'll try and scrape up some time to draw content.
>> No. 86989
File 133872782395.jpg - (370.60KB , 700x902 , tumblr_m2ndgu1oRc1rps2gco2_1280.jpg )
>> No. 86990
File 133873159171.jpg - (36.13KB , 636x900 , Coop_by_Rudeone.jpg )
>> No. 86991
File 13387316542.jpg - (107.42KB , 900x453 , albert+rosenfield.jpg )
This show desperately needs more love.
>> No. 86992
File 133873174187.png - (237.17KB , 500x576 , tumblr_m4cno41pWr1rwbvf2o1_500.png )
>> No. 87346
Oh god, I don't have anything to share, but hell.

I love Twin Peaks.
>> No. 87481
I have heard good things about this show and have been meaning to watch it this summer while I wait for other shows to either come back or just between them. Is there any place online fine folks in this thread would know where to find episodes online?
>> No. 87501
File 134061000580.jpg - (64.75KB , 500x517 , Twin-Peaks-A-Fanfiction-2-289464948.jpg )
I don't know of any episode archives. I advice you bite the bullet and torrent. There's only two seasons, and as I remember, only around 6-8GB of data.
>> No. 87540
if you have netflix, the whole show is streaming on demand.
>> No. 87541
Netflix or Icefilms.

Also, you can watch the movie Fire Walk With Me as either a prologue or Epilogue to the series.
>> No. 87543
File 134074765166.jpg - (44.97KB , 500x554 , tumblr_m03rj6xRSd1qdep6co1_500.jpg )

Haha! Shows how smart I am. Listen to these two.
Sorry for 3dpd but I'm running out.
>> No. 87861
File 134199303158.jpg - (94.79KB , 405x500 , tumblr_lyue54qBiy1qzb19eo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 87862
File 134199306160.jpg - (263.75KB , 500x608 , tumblr_m6kc2ilLYd1rwl7dco1_500.jpg )
>> No. 89831
File 135098393956.jpg - (218.00KB , 475x700 , tumblr_lzzdmyGqg41qjiwx5o1_500.jpg )
bumping this up. Come on, there has to be more shit than this.
>> No. 90457
File 135433889475.gif - (9.17KB , 449x574 , cooper00002_1301665074.gif )
>> No. 92422
File 137506981368.jpg - (35.07KB , 500x279 , firewalkwithme1992.jpg )
Is there any art of Agent Desmond and Sam Stanley? I wish these two would have gotten more scenes in Fire Walk With Me.
>> No. 92425
I'm thinking of finally watching this/David Lynch in general, due to all the comparisons to it that Deadly Premonition and Welcome To Night Vale are getting. Clips from YouTube are making it look pretty great, so far. Before you ask, though-- no, we do not get Netflix, unfortunately, so that's not an option.

Related: WTNV/Twin Peaks crossovers, go.
>> No. 92427
I assume some of the things WTNV does are deliberate Twin Peaks references, like the hawks, the 'rabbits who are not what they seem', the evil doppleganger guy. It's fun to compare the two shows. WTNV is pretty much the inverse of Twin Peaks--Twin Peaks appears wholesome but is secretly all kinds of fucked up, while in Night Vale everything is overtly creepy and strange all the time but pretty innocent underneath. (Well, kind of. If a tenth of what Cecil says is literally true, way more people are actually dying in Night Vale than in Twin Peaks.) Twin Peaks is fucorsome all on its own, though. You should def. watch it.

Oh, man. I realize this isn't /coq/ appropriate, but I wanted those two to bone in the worst way. Audrey was deliciously creepy.
>> No. 92435
Law and Order logic (Orbach's Law?): If murder is part of the setup of a show, then murder will happen every week. And exclusively murder. Notice how it's very, very rare for anyone on the original L&O to die of anything except murder. Because that's the format of each episode. I'd honestly not be surprised if the murder rate in NYC was much higher in L&O than it was in real-life NY during the years the original was on.

I'll have to check it out. I like modern supernatural things, and it seems to avoid my biggest problem with Supernatural that everyone looks like a supermodel-- I like more "normally attractive" guys. I'll report back when I've located a stream and watched enough to form a consensus about it.
>> No. 93067
File 138949660438.png - (281.75KB , 692x769 , odlaws@tumblr.png )
Dick and Jerry.
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