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>>85992 >>85994

Have the fic that goes with these! http://archiveofourown.org/works/391099
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File 133571309447.jpg - (98.16KB , 539x351 , kiss bed.jpg )
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File 133651023799.jpg - (58.78KB , 600x412 , i_wanna_see_this_movie_by_saiyagojyo-d4yxep5.jpg )
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File 133659462598.jpg - (358.80KB , 800x1132 , tony-steve_by-randy.jpg )
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File 133659470159.jpg - (88.52KB , 900x514 , please_forgive_me_by_tashastrawberry-d4yuoju.jpg )
We can't let the other ships usurp us.
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File 133671418812.png - (208.69KB , 346x750 , tumblr_m3ow5fHdZY1qd557ro1_500.png )
Can't wait to see what the movie stirs up for content!
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File 133682108912.jpg - (200.88KB , 500x667 , tumblr_m3wig3YmbY1rw15h2o1_500.jpg )
"I don't know about you, Cap. But it's either go big or go home. And right now, I don't feel like calling it a night. Not while there are still people out there that need to be saved."

"It's just us. We can't do anything by ourselves out here. We need to fall back and regroup."

"With who? With what? There isn't anyone left, Cap. We retreat now, and everyone here dies. We go out there and throw down, then maybe, just maybe, we'll give a few more people a few more minutes to get out of here alive."


"I've done the math ten times over. I'd actually like it better if you leave, maybe you could survive to find help--"

"Not leaving you," Cap says with such finality.

Iron Man nods. "Then let's go be reckless together."
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What's this from?
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File 133713036988.jpg - (173.06KB , 900x676 , tripperfunster - Two Can Assemble.jpg )
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File 133733294238.png - (771.45KB , 1178x817 , tumblr_m474322p2W1qeimypo1_1280.png )
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File 133755361821.jpg - (200.45KB , 500x678 , tumblr_m4arfagr2I1qd5525o1_500.jpg )
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Why are you posting Hulkling and Wiccan in a Steve/Tony thread?
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File 133757791413.png - (214.43KB , 500x578 , tumblr_m48znnxOz91rwnh8zo1_500.png )

Whoops, grabbed it off a Steve/Tony tag and didn't look too close. Sorry!
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File 133757842744.png - (280.55KB , 741x664 , Steve&Tony.png )
I may as well post my minor contributions
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File 133757846545.png - (212.00KB , 519x558 , Steve&Tony2.png )
And that's it, may draw more later
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I think it's original.
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File 133761263434.gif - (81.87KB , 800x472 , tumblr_m3bht0O0Gv1rv5dngo1_1280.gif )
>>86763 Cuteeeeeeeeeee
>> No. 86773
I need more of your art in my life.
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File 133769920828.jpg - (94.57KB , 435x750 , tumblr_m4ade0pZrv1qddp4io1_500.jpg )
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File 133776732155.gif - (99.31KB , 800x543 , 1337622531829.gif )
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File 13378679407.png - (218.82KB , 519x470 , 2iNfQ.png )
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File 133786908863.png - (861.51KB , 900x1111 , always_with_you_by_magicganondorf-d4z2e94.png )
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File 133786915820.jpg - (1.15MB , 854x1288 , e77ad72752b4d07230392452b85fea95-d4zy5fz.jpg )
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File 133786921991.png - (0.96MB , 900x751 , intimacy_of_the_suits_by_magicganondorf-d4zopv6.png )
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File 133786924746.png - (546.26KB , 1024x768 , mr__stark_and_mr__rogers_by_fiveonthe-d4yhg3m.png )
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File 133786926749.png - (489.69KB , 900x907 , quick_steve_tony_sketch_by_colautumnsovercoat-d4z6.png )
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File 133786929280.png - (882.38KB , 900x635 , sunset_loving_by_magicganondorf-d50oq0x.png )
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File 133786931328.jpg - (127.86KB , 665x897 , tony_x_steve_avengers_by_puking_mama-d50i2lu.jpg )
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File 133786932955.jpg - (64.53KB , 600x495 , tough_guy_by_silently_dreaming-d50apt4.jpg )
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File 133786935439.png - (1.00MB , 900x772 , who_invited_you__by_colautumnsovercoat-d50197r.png )
>> No. 86875
The graphic is off of Tumblr somewhere, but the drabble is original.
Have a follow up--

The haze of debris is like a glowing fog as the sun rises, dark to grey to pink to gold. With the suit out of power, his visor up, Tony can hear the rumble of shifting foundations as buildings settles in the distance and the crumbling clicks of cement and glass as it tumbles nearby. And beyond that, the oppressing silence of a world without life, heavy and rushing in his ears like thunder in his blood.

Just enough power in the reactor to survive the disaster, to play the distraction until he was beaten down, nearly buried alive--nearly buried completely, nearly still alive. Just enough power to feel it slowly trickle out, the shrapnel slowly move in, and his life slowly, painfully slip away. There are cores stashed away in a safe panel just along his side, under his arm, but no power means he wont be moving anytime soon under the pile of sidewalk holding him down.

Tony breathes slow and thinks of the people who made it free from his last stand, hopes that their rescue wasn't in vain, that something will slow the threat before more lives are lost. He thinks of Pepper, Happy, and Rhodey, willing them to be far enough away, out of harm's reach. He thinks of teammates, of the SHIELD agents and the soldiers and the law enforcement that fell before him, and those that maybe have yet to fall.

He thinks of Steve.

"I want to see you again. On the other side of this," Steve said. His jaw was strong with determination, like he would hold it all back on his own if he had to. His lips were a thin line of resignation, knowing full well he could fall here today. And his eyes were earnest and blue, maybe wistful with regrets, and he looked at Tony like there was more he needed to say.

"I can't make any promises, Cap."

"I wouldn't ask you to," he said, pulling Tony in and putting his helmet to Tony's, the two of them forehead to forehead. "Not when I can't make them either."

And then the end of the world converged on them, calling them to action and playing with them, tossing them down like broken toys in the aftermath. Steve was laying out there somewhere...

The ringing silence shifts, sounds in the distance shuffling through the haze. Tony wonders if it's a survivor, or a straggling bit of menace left behind to find survivors. Deep inside, he wishes it would be something, anything, to take him out before the lack of reactor power would.

The haze holds heavy and thick, a smoke of ash and pulverized rock, choking and dry. But it moves, drawing back like a thousand sheer veils, one at a time, as a dark figure passes through it. Weaving and stumbling, a slow shuffle around and over ruins, the figure edges ever closer.

Soot and blood. A sleeve missing and a leg clawed to shreds. The helmet gone and hair matted with dirt and gore. But three points of a well familiar star are still visible on his chest, the round of his shield peaking over his shoulders, and he moves on his own two feet.


A spring picks up in his shuffle and he makes his way to Tony, a small laugh hitching in his throat, making him flinch and hold his ribs a little tighter. What would be short work of moving debris aside takes forever, but Steve finally has Tony uncovered enough, breathing hard as he kneels down on his better knee. They don't talk; Steve can barely keep his breath with a punctured lung, blood bubbling at his lips when he pushes too hard. The dim arc reactor needs no explanation anyway, and Steve pulls apart the mangled chest and arm panels as best he can with his crushed shield-hand.

Tony is free enough to bust into the underarm compartment, smearing the protective impact gel over all he touches as he pulls out the reactor and switches out the dying core for a new one. His breath comes to him sharp and violent, coconut and metal and brightness in the haze.

Steve chokes on a laugh again, putting his forehead to Tony's for just a moment, and then helps Tony to shift as much cement aside as possible to free his legs. One has to be broken, just telling by the angle it's in, but Tony's numb to pain at the moment, and the legs of the suit are in well enough shape to carry him, responding to the muscle ticks that make them move.

He's got burns, muscles pulled that he didn't even know existed, and the broken leg, but he's still in better shape than Steve, thanks to the Iron Man suit. He pulls one of Steve's arms around his shoulder and gives him support, holds Steve up as they move together down the road. It's a long silent walk, the world's at an end all around them.

But the haze lifts, like the fog sometimes fades in the mornings, and the rubble tapers away to still standing structures and a hastily formed perimeter.

And just beyond that, life.

Soldiers and medics are moving in towards them with stretchers and the chaos of sound, the chaos of talking and equipment. Tony puts Steve down on a stretcher first before collapsing on his side on his own, eyes never leaving Steve now that he's let go. Steve struggles to breathe, even as they try propping him up, try hooking a mask over his face, but he pushes them aside, away if they come between him and Tony.

They're pulling the suit off of Tony and wrapping Steve up and someone tries telling them the threat has been contained, is being stopped as they speak. And Tony reaches out to Steve, catches a finger with his own as that's all that can touch with the space between them.

"We made it..."

Through the oxygen mask, Tony can't see his jaw or his mouth, but Steve's eyes are clearly visible. Blue and earnest, and wistful still. But no regrets. He looks like he could say something, but there's time yet for him to say it.
>> No. 86876

oh. oh my goodness. this is so well written.
descriptive and vivid and wonderful.
>> No. 86883
File 133809183829.gif - (508.13KB , 500x500 , Tony&Steve-Kiss.gif )
Made this a few days ago, Enjoy!
>> No. 86884
Aaaw, cute! I love it!
>> No. 86886
File 133810157621.jpg - (156.66KB , 1280x956 , tumblr_m4lctfQbj31rwnrxjo1_1280.jpg )
>>86883 Perfection!
>> No. 86976
File 133867882552.png - (431.69KB , 428x650 , tumblr_m3g857Zza21qdyt25o1_500.png )
>> No. 86977
File 133867884454.png - (474.43KB , 527x800 , tumblr_m3rdbuZvD91qdyt25o1_1280.png )
>> No. 86978
File 133867886167.png - (270.63KB , 579x750 , tumblr_m32sn7mCVM1qdyt25o1_1280.png )
>> No. 87009
File 133877236182.gif - (968.36KB , 245x350 , 209957334.gif )
some inspiration (wank fodder) for any artists keeping an eye on this thread
>> No. 87010
I think I'd rather have Steve in a old school short shorts basketball uniform.
>> No. 87050

find me a good reference for the uniforms and i may make this happen
>> No. 87051
File 133892766417.jpg - (34.08KB , 300x400 , artquimby_display_image.jpg )
Basketball uniform, circa '55
>> No. 87063
I need more of this fucking couple.
>> No. 87065
>> No. 87068
Whar did u find this, WHAR?
Must have sauce; so spicy!
>> No. 87071
Anyone heard of the legendary Tony/Steve dubcon author continuing?
>> No. 87127
File 133937051053.jpg - (509.75KB , 1100x688 , tumblr_m59qemwjWE1qmt6n1o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 87167
File 133960783579.jpg - (273.11KB , 1082x1855 , tonybb.jpg )
I still cry about that author while listening to "the one that got away"
baby come back
>> No. 87171
File 133962006811.png - (272.75KB , 421x650 , tumblr_m5jvqn8cyG1qdyt25o1_500.png )
>> No. 87172
File 133962013114.jpg - (285.63KB , 650x1128 , the_avengers_by_dsmiler-d52ujqm.jpg )
>> No. 87173
File 133962020164.jpg - (317.79KB , 840x600 , 1339045227551.jpg )
>> No. 87174
File 133962027280.jpg - (453.84KB , 900x741 , 1338944575804.jpg )
>> No. 87175
File 133962031837.jpg - (546.24KB , 620x877 , 1338944046153.jpg )
>> No. 87180
This is my first time checking back here in almost eight months, so on the one hand, yay, six more brilliant chapters of dubcon fic, plus a new top!Steve/Tony switch-up fic! On the other hand...author driven off by pointless wank with only a few chapters left to go. Booooo :( Anyway, if that author still ducks back in here at all, I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for 20k of awesome porny idfic! Machine-forced multiple orgasms is a massive kink of mine, so I personally way enjoyed those chapters, and the overall direction of the fic was headed. Here's hoping you decide to finish it up and post the whole thing in an archive sometime!
>> No. 87263
File 133999934034.jpg - (90.47KB , 687x596 , tripperfunster - Watching.jpg )
>> No. 87352
File 134027397020.png - (242.90KB , 430x750 , tumblr_m5yl90DS2w1qe3rwko1_500.png )
>> No. 87355
File 13402907297.png - (94.76KB , 600x625 , 17.png )
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File 134029077223.png - (266.76KB , 1000x798 , 20.png )
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File 13402908103.jpg - (232.08KB , 550x1526 , 21.jpg )
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File 134029087175.jpg - (466.48KB , 750x879 , 29.jpg )
>> No. 87359
File 134029091682.jpg - (169.35KB , 600x527 , 38.jpg )
>> No. 87360
File 134029095577.jpg - (229.80KB , 794x753 , 70.jpg )
>> No. 87361
File 134029100591.jpg - (335.14KB , 600x2067 , 1339785334.jpg )
>> No. 87362
File 134029103574.png - (135.17KB , 480x640 , 1340131597.png )
>> No. 87363
File 134029108279.jpg - (232.79KB , 800x640 , 1340177460.jpg )
>> No. 87364
File 134029112432.png - (95.29KB , 500x509 , 133826329306113200.png )
>> No. 87365
File 134029118220.png - (175.62KB , 637x631 , 133826427605953408.png )
>> No. 87366
File 134029123260.gif - (52.88KB , 375x375 , hhhhhhh.gif )
>> No. 87367
File 134029128065.jpg - (199.71KB , 450x550 , jm.jpg )
>> No. 87368
File 134029132194.jpg - (149.98KB , 383x509 , sdf.jpg )
>> No. 87369
File 134029135413.jpg - (185.31KB , 500x500 , sss.jpg )
>> No. 87370
File 134029138649.jpg - (45.40KB , 550x363 , stst.jpg )
>> No. 87371
File 134029143833.png - (127.53KB , 488x455 , tumblr_m4sqiuPufG1rw69nio1_500.png )
>> No. 87372
File 134029157637.jpg - (743.68KB , 450x3525 , wt.jpg )
>> No. 87374
File 134029193419.jpg - (802.74KB , 863x2299 , 1336977270.jpg )
>> No. 87375
File 134029227529.png - (783.32KB , 1280x1067 , m5wzs4TEwB1qf7jzro1.png )
>> No. 87376
File 134029243367.jpg - (325.31KB , 800x600 , tumblr_m5vf4yslw71rx1344o3_1280.jpg )
>> No. 87378
File 134029258910.png - (273.84KB , 900x715 , tumblr_m5rq89QBBi1r90ji4o1_1280.png )
>> No. 87379
File 134029267624.png - (950.09KB , 1200x1000 , tumblr_m5l9s9K8DW1qf7jzro1_1280.png )
>> No. 87380
File 134029271310.png - (335.01KB , 691x704 , tumblr_m5bpsiMMhL1qdj72ho1_1280.png )
>> No. 87381
File 134029275884.jpg - (114.24KB , 512x512 , tumblr_m5euzxyWNg1rv4uh0o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 87382
File 134029278349.png - (461.87KB , 1000x1000 , tumblr_m5f4fvA4Zm1qf7i2bo1_1280.png )
>> No. 87383
File 134029282379.jpg - (476.76KB , 983x966 , tumblr_m5dj89NSRR1qaiz76o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 87384
File 134029290460.jpg - (218.17KB , 458x750 , tumblr_m56m3wE4H51qaiz76o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 87385
File 134029295257.jpg - (251.01KB , 500x759 , tumblr_m50rj8xMgQ1rv2boio1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 87386
File 134029298466.jpg - (68.12KB , 650x304 , tumblr_m502c2ExaD1qhohk2o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 87387
File 13402930343.jpg - (45.32KB , 474x444 , tumblr_m4swq0219j1qjj15vo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 87388
File 134029307532.jpg - (273.69KB , 768x1037 , stark_x_rogers___dummy__s_shock_by_leonhroft-d51tv.jpg )
>> No. 87389
File 134029312193.jpg - (395.21KB , 705x1000 , stark_x_rogers___plushy_pillows_by_leonhroft-d51tw.jpg )
>> No. 87390
File 134029314893.jpg - (221.96KB , 700x1137 , the_avengers_by_dsmiler-d51ibtc.jpg )
>> No. 87391
File 134029320035.png - (329.10KB , 800x954 , tumblr_m4oxmpa6zI1r90ji4o1_1280.png )
>> No. 87392
File 134029329653.jpg - (205.49KB , 860x720 , tumblr_m22545RY131r3r6dao1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 87442
File 134046809277.jpg - (34.97KB , 500x500 , b0079105_4fa9cbf31dd87.jpg )
>> No. 87443
File 134046812131.jpg - (119.38KB , 550x1282 , dontthinkdrink.jpg )
>> No. 87444
File 134046824290.jpg - (762.67KB , 700x2963 , practice.jpg )
>> No. 87563
File 134083816688.jpg - (196.24KB , 700x700 , tumblr_m6abdw5iev1rwcfcgo1_1280.jpg )
Pretty sure I didn't see this anyone else.

>> No. 88156
File 134297446090.jpg - (62.22KB , 500x700 , 5f6b3304gw1du9nrfz6xxj.jpg )
Where is everyone?
>> No. 88157
File 134297449071.jpg - (160.44KB , 500x1900 , 4c23f2a3jw1dspoi79grcj.jpg )
>> No. 88158
File 134297450982.jpg - (115.64KB , 454x600 , 4e4b9ae9tw1dsx1cezmxlj.jpg )
>> No. 88159
File 134297452745.jpg - (356.22KB , 1748x1240 , 5e013af6gw1dtmmplkqmaj.jpg )
>> No. 88160
File 134297454878.jpg - (96.85KB , 566x800 , 6e1301edgw1du1elgybdjj.jpg )
>> No. 88161
File 134297456828.jpg - (91.45KB , 796x988 , 6fbfaa2djw1dt1rci9axqj.jpg )
>> No. 88162
File 134297458713.jpg - (103.89KB , 427x787 , 6fbfaa2djw1dts6u4hg3rj.jpg )
>> No. 88163
File 134297461087.jpg - (72.10KB , 558x667 , 6fbfaa2djw1dty0csvlv3j.jpg )
>> No. 88164
File 134297462687.jpg - (50.50KB , 551x521 , 7a13724bgw1dtsf33ou22j.jpg )
>> No. 88165
File 134297464871.jpg - (92.90KB , 710x566 , 8e476cbagw1dtku8up67zj.jpg )
>> No. 88166
File 134297468617.jpg - (803.11KB , 2048x2805 , 8e476cbagw1dtp9ypzunej.jpg )
>> No. 88167
File 134297471865.jpg - (638.06KB , 2048x1536 , 8e476cbagw1du09hhchs2j.jpg )
>> No. 88168
File 13429747401.jpg - (121.33KB , 565x800 , 8f902b11gw1dssfxi63qtj.jpg )
>> No. 88169
File 134297476492.jpg - (37.04KB , 600x800 , 8f902b11gw1dswpa20sxsj.jpg )
>> No. 88170
File 134297478465.jpg - (48.05KB , 461x448 , 8f902b11gw1dsz91mjj03j.jpg )
>> No. 88171
File 134297482755.jpg - (35.67KB , 365x526 , 8f902b11gw1dtraj7hsehj.jpg )
>> No. 88172
File 134297484828.jpg - (74.98KB , 547x493 , 8f902b11gw1du1gquntraj.jpg )
>> No. 88173
File 13429748773.jpg - (93.48KB , 472x680 , 8f902b11gw1duk5so9ovlj.jpg )
>> No. 88174
File 13429749021.jpg - (688.75KB , 2048x2892 , 8f902b11gw1dupuj6zjohj.jpg )
>> No. 88175
File 134297492349.jpg - (59.37KB , 365x436 , 8f902b11gw1dus9v1idrpj.jpg )
>> No. 88176
File 134297495472.jpg - (169.97KB , 438x2610 , 8f902b11jw1dujoesbvmgj.jpg )
>> No. 88177
File 134297503816.jpg - (828.51KB , 690x2994 , 69a20bafgw1dtgmstt8c4j.jpg )
>> No. 88178
File 134297506757.jpg - (387.06KB , 500x1040 , 69a20bafgw1dts1v3sjz7j.jpg )
>> No. 88179
File 134297508780.jpg - (60.07KB , 440x325 , 69a20bafjw1dualutuwx1j.jpg )
>> No. 88180
File 134297511355.jpg - (84.42KB , 300x385 , 69d3402fgw1dul8ves4m0j.jpg )
>> No. 88191
File 134297536859.jpg - (76.41KB , 440x985 , 75e01440gw1du17n5pnedj.jpg )
>> No. 88192
File 134297539027.jpg - (20.91KB , 512x384 , 75e01440jw1dspqtkn5opj.jpg )
>> No. 88196
File 134297549248.jpg - (173.65KB , 1644x1301 , 75e01440jw1dup7xle7qtj.jpg )
>> No. 88197
File 134297551614.gif - (131.88KB , 500x375 , 82d57aa4gw1dtq93k4lj7g.gif )
>> No. 88198
File 134297554218.jpg - (187.99KB , 300x500 , 148abd042701fe.jpg )
>> No. 88202
File 134297563426.jpg - (82.50KB , 800x600 , 696c539egw1dqsgy3jpl0j.jpg )
>> No. 88203
File 134297578512.jpg - (239.99KB , 1600x600 , 696c539egw1dryhzicq6qj.jpg )
>> No. 88204
File 134297581859.jpg - (372.08KB , 1200x1600 , 696c539ejw1dudwplqy72j.jpg )
>> No. 88205
File 134297583987.jpg - (41.54KB , 366x490 , 710dda71jw1dtl8lvhwrnj.jpg )
>> No. 88206
File 13429758632.jpg - (50.05KB , 366x490 , 710dda71jw1dtytjshb1ij.jpg )
>> No. 88208
File 134297593444.jpg - (227.56KB , 565x876 , 7768f9efgw1dt2rdgcyosj.jpg )
>> No. 88209
File 134297596846.jpg - (455.46KB , 500x2500 , 7768f9efgw1dthmkc51f0j.jpg )
>> No. 88214
File 134297608466.jpg - (64.82KB , 300x500 , 149849d11d915c.jpg )
>> No. 88216
File 134297616531.jpg - (280.66KB , 450x1407 , 7606139djw1dt55sm0hvgj.jpg )
>> No. 88225
File 134297647276.jpg - (20.87KB , 440x375 , 74796567jw1dq1mphati6j.jpg )
>> No. 88226
File 134297651275.jpg - (111.11KB , 300x500 , 1485918092bb17.jpg )
>> No. 88227
File 13429765353.jpg - (39.34KB , 366x490 , a27c7535jw1dteb4c3ldij.jpg )
>> No. 88228
File 134297656371.gif - (175.70KB , 500x322 , a620716dgw1du0ya3bj9ag.gif )
>> No. 88229
File 134297657940.jpg - (71.07KB , 500x558 , a620716djw1dtkp30tuxuj.jpg )
>> No. 88231
File 134297660069.jpg - (49.94KB , 488x455 , a620716djw1duach0qgt9j.jpg )
>> No. 88232
File 134297662393.jpg - (145.92KB , 1280x555 , tumblr_m6r9nsqj1B1rx1344o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 88233
File 134297665089.jpg - (272.67KB , 500x300 , tumblr_m69734qjIK1rx1344o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 88236
File 134298122636.jpg - (341.36KB , 400x500 , 14862856bbba65.jpg )
>> No. 88326
Tony sat at the desk of his penthouse-office suite, mumbling furiously to himself. Even jacking off, he was a chatty little fuck.
"C'mon, c'mon. Yeah, that's it."
The men on the monitor screen tumbled over the bed, biting and kissing and muscles galore. The bottom was athletic and white, dark hair dusting his chest and abs. He was cute enough, but Tony fixated on the top. His huge tanned body cradled the bottom's, testosterone unbridled as he rocked his hips against his partner's ass. The uncut cock, eight inches at the least, swelled between the cleft in the ass. His foreskin sheathed and unsheathed as he nestled into the curly hair shrouding the other's hole. Tony worked his hard dick, curled fingers slipping slick against the skin, occasionally teasing the head. He preferred women face-to-face, but gay porn had a. . . finesse that was lost in the balloon-tit Barbies of its straight counterpart.
"Ooh, yeah, rub that big dick against my tight ass."
The dialog was about the same.
The gigantic top tore a condom from its wrapper and rolled it on, then grabbed the lube and coated his cock before smearing it over the bottom's asshole; he gasped and gyrated his hips. The top lined up, pressing the head against him—
"Tony, Mr. Rogers is here to see you," came Pepper's voice over the PA.
"Shit." Tony closed his porn window and pressed the interface button with a clean finger. "All right, Pepper, just a minute."
"Uh, I told him he could come right in."
Tony's eyes bulged. "You what?"
"Well, Tony, you said that the Avengers had full clearance in your facilities, including your office."
"Pepper, we were under attack when I said that!" snapped Tony, throwing his cum-rag into a drawer. "Kind of different, don't you think?"
"Oh, I'm with you, but JARVIS assured me it'd be fine."
Tony ended the interface as he smuggled his still-erect dick back into his jeans. His eyes narrowed to slits.
"JARVIS, we need to have a talk."
Steve swung the door half-open cautiously. "Tony?"
"Steve!" Tony crossed his legs, then grunted with the newfound pain. Captain America wasn't helping his conundrum. The strong jaw and boyish blond hair made his cock twitch. Still, he composed himself. "What can I do you for?"
The man at his door walked in—Tony barely kept his cool. Steve wore an exquisite black suit, cut precisely to his form. His arms, shoulders, waist; it complemented him perfectly, and the bow tie was icing on the beefcake.
"What's got you in a monkey suit, sailor?"
"Oh." Steve ducked his head and scratched the back of his neck. It was a publicity thing. The mayor insisted. I mean, he got this suit made for me just for the event. How could I say no?"
"Damn, Rogers. You clean up pretty good."
Steve gave a small chuckle. "Thanks."
"So what brings you to my humble abode?"
Cap shuffled his feet. "Well. . . there's this girl."
Tony perked up. "Ah, the plot thickens! Who's the lucky lady?"
He looked to the side, then back with a grimace. "Pepper."
Tony's eyes widened. "Oh, I didn't realize."
"Yeah." Steve paused. "Look, if it's awkward, I—"
"Nonono, it's fine." Tony's penis had finally softened, and he circled the desk to sit facing his visitor. "Frankly, I don't know what I can do. I can't threaten to fire her if she doesn't date you. In fact, I don't want to."
"No, that's not what I meant. I wanna know. . . what does she like? What makes her laugh? Or does she not do funny stuff? Does she like Italian? Food, I mean. And—"
"Whoa, slow down, killer," Tony laughed. "Honestly, I can't remember a thing about Pepper. She's the one keeping my life in check. However, I am somewhat experienced with wooing women. I do have the power to help you.
"JARVIS, please play audio file 'The Girl From Ipanema,' artist Astrud Gilberto."
"Excellent choice, sir," chimed the robo-butler, and smooth Latin jazz filled the room.
"That's it," smiled Tony, snapping his fingers. He clapped his hands and rubbed them together. "All right, Cap. The way to any woman's heart is through her. . . ?"
Cap's forehead crinkled. "Chest?"
"No, but good effort. It's through her feet, Stevie Wonder. You feel me?" Tony swiveled his hips, slipping his legs effortlessly through the bars of the tune. "I learned this one down in Rio." He spun on one foot, then landed the pirouette with a cha-cha into slide, kick ball change that left him directly in front of Cap.
Steve stared wide-eyed. "I don't have to do that, do I?"
Tony smirked. "Not usually. Some nuts are tougher to crack. We'll start with something easier though. Put your hands around my waist."
"What?" asked Steve blankly. "We're not going to. . . dance together, are we?"
"Why not? Just pretend I'm Pepper."
Steve shrugged. "If you say so, Iron Man."
He placed his massive palms on either side of Tony's torso. Warmth and electricity radiated from the contact straight into his arc-reactor-driven heart, and then lower, past his navel, teasing through his pelvis. Mentally shaking himself from his urges, he rested his hands on Cap's shoulders. The material felt like cotton, but much finer, almost downy.
"Now, normally, the man leads, and the woman follows, but for one, this is Pepper, and two, you don't have a clue. So when my feet move, just follow, all right, big guy?"
Cap nodded. Tony slipped his left leg back; Cap followed with his right. Tony replaced his left leg and advanced with his right; Cap followed suit. Cap kept up the pace pretty well.
"Not too bad, Steve," Tony laughed.
"I remember a few things from the golden years," shrugged Steve, though clear satisfaction shone through his cool indifference.
"Oh, yeah? Why don't you show me a move from the moldy oldies?" Tony winked.
Cap smiled. "If you say so." Without warning, he lifted Tony's arm and twirled him before pulling him close, dipping him nearly to the ground, and pressing him again to his chest. A warm wave rippled through Tony now—it was all he could do to keep from ripping his clothes off right then and there.
"JARVIS, cut the music." JARVIS did. "Wow," said Tony, desperate to keep his cool. "Pepper's gonna love that one."
"Tony," said Steve, sweeping the hair from his teammate's face. "It. . . it was you. It was always you."
Steve moved in softly, closing the ever-impassable distance between them, and his lips found Tony's, the warm, soft flesh giving way to sweet, wet desire, Steve's breath lingering on Tony's skin, tantalizing and heavy. Tony wrapped his arms around Steve's chest, gripping his shoulders, back, ass. Steve slid a curious tongue past Tony's lips; he tightened his jaw, drawing on him, tugging him deeper, deeper. Finally, Steve withdrew, and Tony dragged his teeth lightly across his tongue.
"Tony," Steve breathed low and heavy. He brushed a thumb across Tony's temple. "Are you sure this is what you want?"
Tony nodded slowly, face set. "Yes, Steve. I didn't know what it was at first, but it's. . . . I've wanted you. Since the day we met."
He held Cap's face softly, looking deep into his pure blue eyes before succumbing to their gravity once more. Steve buried his hands in Tony's hair and melted back into the kiss. Tony hummed with the pleasure, arching his back ever so slightly. He could feel the warmth of his own body pressed against the fabric of Cap's suit, his pecs, abs, and thighs all yearning through his T-shirt and jeans. As Steve's teeth tugged on his lips, bringing Tony's cock to its apogee, Tony realized:
"This suit has to go."
Steve flashed a grin and moved to rip the jacket off. Tony made a sound like he'd been kicked in the gut.
"Don't you dare," Tony growled. "Something of this caliber has to be treated with tender, loving care." He gave Steve a wet smooch before unbuttoning his jacket with painstaking deliberation.
"Activate mechanical arm." A hitherto unseen panel in the wall opened, and a multi-jointed steel projection emerged, suspending itself in the air beside Cap. Tony unhooked the last button, and Steve shifted his shoulders, allowing the the jacket to slip off into Tony's arms; he then draped it over two fingerlike extensions of the metal arm. "Thanks. Put that in the closet, will you?" It did.
"Come on, Tony," Steve almost whined; Captain America never whines, thought Tony, chuckling to himself. But Tony did as he was told, and soon, the shirt, vest and bow tie were hanging alongside the jacket. Tony told Cap to lift his arms and removed the wifebeater that concealed his torso. Steve took a deep breath, causing his great chest to heave.
"God, you have no idea how long I've wanted to do this." Iron Man put his lips on a level with Steve's nipples, thick and ringed with fair hair. He started with an exploratory lick, touching just the tip of his tongue against the soft flesh, which stiffened and prickled under him.
"Oh, God, Tony," Steve moaned, pushing his breast into him. Iron Man gladly took the skin and muscle into his mouth, sucking on it deeply. Cap cooed, rustling Tony's dark hair, begging for something to cling to while his lover pleasured him. Tony switched to the other nipple, lazily lapping the brown skin. His hands dropped to Steve's belt, grazing his belly along the way. His fingers slipped against the buckle, feeling desperately over the leather, finally finding the strap. All the while, his mouth kept working at Steve's nipple, which stood erect in his lips' grasp. Cap kicked his shoes off helpfully. Iron Man tore the belt buckle from Steve's pants, throwing it aside, and pulled his pants to his ankles, with Steve stepping out of them.
"Arm," said Tony, unmoving.
"Sorry, sir?" answered JARVIS.
"For Christ's sake, get me the goddamn arm!" He placed the slacks over the crook of the metal, never taking his eyes off the prize. And what a prize it was. Captain America stood there in black stockings held up by garters, framing his massive, muscular legs. And up his thighs, a pair of striped red boxer briefs bound his hips, a curious bump pushing the cotton towards Iron Man's face. Tony's cock, already standing at attention, gave a salute. He reached a hand toward it before looking Captain America in the eye.
"Can I. . . can I touch it?"
Captain America swallowed, then nodded slowly. Tony reached out trembling fingers to meet Steve's member, which perked at the touch. He felt along the curve, making Cap moan as he touched the tip. He cupped his hand around the bulk of it, sliding back and forth against his cock through the cloth.
"Jeez, Cap, you're huge," remarked Iron Man. "I mean, I guess I should've guessed, what with the serum and all. Still. Damn."
"It's not. . . too big, is it?" Concern knotted his forehead. Tony stared up at him for a moment before pressing his lips to the bulge. He ran them along the length of it, tongue snaking out to provide extra stimulation. Tony shot his own hand down to his pants, applying just the right pressure to his straining dick as he worked on Cap's still-concealed cock. Steve made a soothed noise and pulled his underwear down. Tony saw it in slow-motion: the band reaching down to the base of his dick, revealing a bed of golden curls; the elastic stretching outward to make the distance; and finally, Steve's dick, freed from its prison, now throbbing into the air, angling skyward. It was pale like him, and cut, ten inches of pounding muscle reaching for Tony. Iron Man pulled the underwear to his ankles, then circled his fingers around the base, Steve's pulse flowing in steady beats beneath them. He lifted the cock, running his tongue from his balls to the head, swirling his tongue over the opening, tasting Steve's precum, salty and bittersweet—Steve grunted and thrust, causing his dick to arc up against Tony's face. Tony brought it to his cheek, pressing the head against his stubble—Steve gasped. Tony smirked, bringing his lips to the head in a kiss that blossomed into him engulfing the dick with his mouth. He brought himself halfway down the shaft before he drew back, sputtering and coughing.
"Oh, God, Tony, I'm sorry!" Steve pleaded. "I knew—"
"No, it's fine," said Tony, catching his breath. He wrapped his lips around the dick again, reaching halfway to the base once more before gagging again, his eyes burning with tears.
"All right, let's try this again." Steve motioned for him to stop, but Tony enveloped him more slowly this time, gradually working saliva-slicked lips over the glans, then retreating, then back down, each time gaining more of his hard cock. Tony reached the midpoint, drew back, and then plunged, taking six, seven, eight, nine—he fought for the last bit, grabbing Cap's ass, two solid spheres of muscle giving him leverage. Finally, his lips stopped flush against Cap's groin, forcing a breathy whimper out of Cap.
"Wow," puffed Steve as Iron Man relinquished his penis, a small thread of spit hovering between cock and lips. "I had no idea you could do that."
"A little something I learned in college. Like riding a bike, I guess." He grinned up at Cap.
>> No. 88370
Continuation of No. 88326. Fairly vanilla fic with a lot of detail.

Steve hoisted him to his feet by the arm, reaching around to his ass and pulling him close. He nuzzled his neck, just the lightest touch to stir his senses. Tony could feel the wetness of Steve's dick seeping through his T-shirt to rest on his belly. He sunk one hand into Steve's hair and the other on his firm rear, letting him take the reins. Cap licked up the side of his neck to his ear as Tony's cry turned liquid and compliant. A sensation, not quite pain, struck Tony's shoulder where Cap's teeth sunk in, the initial shock giving way to a tingle that ran the course of his arm when Steve kissed him once more. His enormous hands found the hem of Tony's shirt and tugged upward, and his chest was left bare. Cap wound his rough fingers along the dark hair surrounding Tony's arc reactor, the softly droning cylinder casting his hands in an azure glow. He thumbed the lightly furred nipples before giving them a hard pinch. Iron Man grunted, throwing his head back. Grabbing Tony's ass, he followed the trail of black hair down the middle of of his abs with his tongue, tickling and teasing with his descent until he found the thicket growing over Tony's beltline; the erection stretched the denim, beckoning to Steve, who now knelt before it. Cap kissed the folds of muscle outlining Tony's hip—a stupid smile spread across Tony's face. Steve ripped Tony's pants open and yanked them down. Only a pair of scarlet Calvin Kleins stood between him and his man now. He could almost feel the blood coursing through Tony's body, driven to keep his arousal aloft. Cap pulled the waistband out and down, and Iron Man's newly liberated penis rose, hovering before him. It was caramel and uncircumcised, certainly not small, only dwarfed by Steve Rogers' impressive manhood. The Captain himself didn't seem to mind, looking up into Tony's spark-filled eyes as he rubbed up and down his thighs. Steve leaned in, letting the very tip rest on his lips.
"I've never been with a guy who wasn't cut before," said Cap as he stroked Tony's balls. With his other hand he pulled the soft flesh toward him, entranced by the foreskin slipping down to shroud the head. Steve entered tongue-first, prodding lightly at first, then prying the thin sheet of skin from the head, swirling beneath the tight ring. The dizzying laps around the absolute edge of Tony's pleasure center made his knees buckle; Cap caught him by the hamstrings, suspending him. Steve eased back the foreskin, revealing the vulnerable pink layer underneath. He licked the delicate space—this time Tony tightened up as he grabbed his dick instinctively.
"Oh fuck, Steve!" Cap chuckled and stroked Tony amusedly. Iron Man's penis mesmerized him. It seemed to ebb and flow liked a tide, and the way Tony moaned when he touched him drove his sexual appetite to ravenous new heights. He kissed all along Tony's cock, overcome by adoration, and wrapped a curious tongue around his balls, moving one hand down to his own cock. He sucked on it, then took the other in his mouth as well, and tugged on them until the skin grew taut—he could hear Tony breathe in sharply. He jostled them around in his mouth, all the while teasing the top of the cleft in Tony's ass. A pop like a cork from a bottle, and then Steve's mouth pumped Tony's dick, tongue slithering down the shaft as his lips worked. Tony rocked his hips with the motion, starting a steady rhythm, taking Cap's head in his hands. Tony murmured as Cap sucked, a fervent filthy stream of "God yes" and "my cock feels so good in you." Cap rose to a crouch, coiled one arm around Tony's thighs with the other on his back, and lifted him into the air. Tony immediately clamped his legs around Steve's waist, arms holding tight to his powerful neck. They looked into each other's eyes, blue in blue, skin on skin; then lips to lips. Steve carried his lover to the colossal bed and tore the golden comforter from the mattress before laying Iron Man down on the smooth, soft sheets. Tony wriggled back, holding his aching cock, expression hungry. Cap knew just what to feed him.
Captain America leapt onto the bed, dick swinging, and spun around to position his head at Tony's crotch and vice versa. Tony's dick arced into the fur on his belly, while Steve's rested happily on Tony's chin. Simultaneously, each took the other's member in his mouth, growling and cooing as they did. Cap moved his head and pelvis in the same tempo, circular motions, suck and thrust, suck and thrust; but Iron Man lay still, wracked with pleasure, succumbing to Steve's animal energy. They kept the sixty-nine up for a good while until Tony's sounds of ecstasy grew frantic and quickened.
Steve hopped off the bed. Before Tony could complain, Steve yanked him to the edge of the bed, lifting Tony's legs as he knelt between them.
"Steve, what are you—AHHH!" Steve's greedy tongue at his hole turned his words to mush in his mouth. He squirmed and yelped with the sensation, Steve punching the resilient organ into his tender ring of skin. A devilish smile grew across Cap's face as he watched Tony's reaction, and he increased the intensity, veritably tongue-fucking his partner. He jerked himself off again, using the other hand to stimulate Iron Man's taint, rubbing against his prostate through the skin. He grabbed his balls. He played with his cock. He spread him wider. No matter what he did, the tongue kept flicking furiously at his hole, and Tony's cries grew louder. Finally, Steve came back up, licking his lips.
"Where's the lube?"
>> No. 88652
File 13446729001.jpg - (504.32KB , 850x850 , tumblr_m8g78bwYyv1rd1d65o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 88830
Where'd everybody go? T.T
>> No. 88834
File 134565540052.jpg - (254.58KB , 800x764 , 73520b36gw1dvpc8q7hlej.jpg )
>> No. 88836
File 134565582229.jpg - (83.75KB , 587x686 , 8e476cbagw1dvetb8a5mcj.jpg )
>> No. 88970
THAT'S AWESOME. If I had the figures, I'd make them do dirty things 24/7.
>> No. 88971
THAT'S AWESOME. If I had the figures, I'd make them do dirty things 24/7.
>> No. 88999
File 134616262554.png - (230.83KB , 500x741 , tumblr_m9gcoy9IKO1qklv8xo1_500.png )
>> No. 89029
File 134625182437.jpg - (232.74KB , 1000x667 , 5ed374d6gw1dse0iu5qi0j.jpg )
>> No. 89070
File 134643212678.png - (188.02KB , 500x741 , tumblr_m9lvedMEyD1qklv8xo1_500.png )
>> No. 89137
Oh noooo don't dieeeee!!!
>> No. 89191
File 134697976276.png - (766.41KB , 1280x839 , tumblr_m5xlm8AABo1r34i9to1_r1_1280.png )
>> No. 89192
File 134697992826.png - (617.19KB , 800x491 , tumblr_m91711TgXP1qgqwdno1_1280.png )
>> No. 89193
File 134698006093.jpg - (237.25KB , 700x700 , tumblr_m9i8mq3OMs1rn3zh0o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 89194
File 134698018363.png - (1.11MB , 800x1098 , tumblr_m9aosswVQU1qgqwdno1_r1_1280.png )
>> No. 89195
File 134698024340.png - (711.04KB , 900x941 , tumblr_m7tfdcubmy1r34i9to1_1280.png )
>> No. 89197
File 134698084437.png - (636.15KB , 700x900 , tumblr_m71rbpVkaP1rz4bqmo1_1280.png )
>> No. 89198
File 134698092527.png - (305.87KB , 450x618 , tumblr_m7ytwqaett1qd557ro1_500.png )
From the award-winning author of the“Son of Coul, Heart of Fire” series comes a riveting tale of a gentleman playboy, a decorated soldier, and the passion that threatens to drown them… What will Steve Rogers do when Tony Stark - his one true love - is kidnapped by a dastardly villain?


“Georges Batroc is the next Nicholas Sparks.” - Freyja

“I do not often read erotica, but when I do, I read Batroc.” - V. Doom

Grab your copy of One Night in Madripoor in your nearest alternate universe today.
>> No. 89199
File 134698101151.png - (722.93KB , 1280x1289 , tumblr_m85d81mpBf1ryow7jo1_1280.png )
>> No. 89200
File 134698104246.png - (832.92KB , 1176x615 , tumblr_m7tyfhie5I1rz4bqmo1_1280.png )
>> No. 89201
File 134698112532.jpg - (111.20KB , 648x906 , 29848782_p2.jpg )
>> No. 89202
File 134698171433.jpg - (564.91KB , 1200x1124 , tumblr_m5jxqcg2cH1rwa9oro1_1280.jpg )
the last one for today
>> No. 89247
File 134723665176.jpg - (473.83KB , 926x751 , avengers__steve_and_tony_by_hallpen-d4zhhso.jpg )
>> No. 89322
File 134810723611.jpg - (165.14KB , 500x700 , tonysteveblowj01.jpg )
>> No. 89324
File 134810923343.jpg - (191.00KB , 500x700 , tonysteveblowj02.jpg )
>> No. 89325
File 134810937029.jpg - (208.57KB , 500x700 , tonysteveblowj03.jpg )
>> No. 89326
File 13481095269.jpg - (186.98KB , 500x800 , tonysteveblowj04.jpg )
>> No. 89329
File 134812130783.jpg - (97.83KB , 500x800 , tonysteveblowj05.jpg )
>> No. 89335
File 134817148249.jpg - (144.92KB , 600x706 , sexcomi00co.jpg )
>> No. 89336
File 134817153335.jpg - (494.68KB , 600x2040 , sexcomi0001.jpg )
>> No. 89337
File 134817155976.jpg - (517.87KB , 600x2040 , sexcomi0002.jpg )
>> No. 89338
File 134817158487.jpg - (335.21KB , 600x1341 , sexcomi0003.jpg )
>> No. 90719
hi, anon.
some threads (last summer, i think?) ago there was a FREAKING AWESOME HOT DUB-CON with evil!Tony high as fuck, stealing Steve, moving Doombots and shit. I've droopped reading (it was WIP text actually) and now i want to read it again, but can't find it anywhere.
(feel like a slowpoke, but whatever)
can anybody help?
>> No. 90730
i've got copies of most of the previous threads.


should be in there somewhere.
>> No. 90731
oop missed one
>> No. 91437
File 136467666743.jpg - (90.91KB , 500x386 , tumblr_mkgfazfR9G1r83tepo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 91438
File 136467674080.jpg - (40.86KB , 500x375 , tumblr_lwuvpdeA2u1qmzyzno1_500.jpg )
>> No. 91473
File 136528877174.jpg - (159.84KB , 483x600 , tumblr_mktxsxRt8u1s64aboo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 91485
Any recs for Top!Tony fics?
>> No. 91538
Ok, this might be a shot in the dark, but I remember seeing in a S/T thread an hilarious fan art with Cap having a dick hat with wings or something crazy like that. I think it was in response to a parody/purple prose fic or something. Am I crazy or did it actually happen?
>> No. 91612
File 136760474533.jpg - (50.79KB , 712x575 , Peruggine - Kinky Steve (BDSM).jpg )
>> No. 91627
File 136789061891.jpg - (213.64KB , 800x640 , tumblr_mmc3zfWbWb1rwcfcgo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 92074
File 137209818281.jpg - (250.01KB , 600x800 , 1371788717063.jpg )
>> No. 92079
Who's the black haired shota supposed to be?
>> No. 92275
Who drew this??
>> No. 92284
>> No. 92339
Do any nice anons have that dub-con fic or the old threads saved? I was working on art for it and I'd really love to read it again!
>> No. 92345
File 13747925899.png - (602.76KB , 952x769 , tumblr_mc8kvx0v931qc2498o1_1280.png )
I have the fic saved but I'm not sure the author would appreciate it being reposted considering they had it removed. Can I send it to you somewhere privately?
>> No. 92351

That would be amazing, anon! Can you please send it to me at kottosuddi@gmail.com? Thank you so much!
>> No. 92390
>> No. 92391
File 137488935216.jpg - (360.42KB , 715x1000 , tumblr_mjky4iPTC11r5m2ojo1_1280.jpg )

Anon you are awesome. I didn't have the foresight to save anything and need to reread. Mind sending it to me too? At harlequinslady@gmail.com. Thanks!
>> No. 92545
File 13777581294.jpg - (86.90KB , 500x530 , tumblr_mojnidMAe31rbqf0no1_500.jpg )
>> No. 92546
File 137775812984.jpg - (86.90KB , 500x530 , tumblr_mojnidMAe31rbqf0no1_500.jpg )
>> No. 92547
File 137775828882.png - (85.97KB , 500x364 , tumblr_mom1nsB6As1qbiee7o1_500.png )
>> No. 92548
File 137775882638.png - (171.42KB , 500x400 , tumblr_mec98zqj6u1r7z5s1o1_500.png )
>> No. 92747
File 138155376190.jpg - (270.49KB , 500x464 , 28018625_big_p2.jpg )
>> No. 93393
File 139690753437.jpg - (95.78KB , 500x764 , VZrkn4ZomB0.jpg )
The one who'd saved all previous threads will be loved and cherished for ages.

(Begging for the link) doctorhatesusomuch@gmail.com
>> No. 93653
It was a lot of reposting to be honest, anon - I saved work from it selectively, I can send that if you want?
>> No. 93750
Course i do. Hit me.
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