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File 130948984433.png - (120.05KB , 500x375 , 1305402746203.png )
75708 No. 75708
Post your favorite western fandom pairings from past, to current, to the ones you'll never forget.

What one started it all? Any guilty pleasures? Post them!
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>> No. 75711
File 130949288912.jpg - (144.40KB , 709x607 , remus_sirius_rynne_c.jpg )
This ship is an old, old friend.

So it hurt all the more when I started looking up fanart for this thread and could only find kawaii desu, knee-length hair, pseudo-furry images. Damn kids.
>> No. 75713
File 130949345137.jpg - (157.13KB , 600x760 , 1271823572734.jpg )
TF2 is my guilty pleasure, or it used to be anyway.
>> No. 75717
File 130949761795.jpg - (541.71KB , 1024x900 , 000qd3wt.jpg )
Would you believe me if I said my first was Buzz/Woody back when I was like eight? I still have some old art around in storage, somewhere... It was all innocent of course, but I'm still surprised looking back.

...And I still ship it. Only less. Innocently.

My favourite pairing of the last few years is DeanCas from Supernatural. I just can't seem quit it.
>> No. 75718

oh and NickEllis(Rochelle but she has a vagina so I can't talk about her here) but the shit that most of the people that ship them do bugs the crap out of me. If I see that damn uke Ellis one more time...
>> No. 75723
File 130950854594.jpg - (8.27KB , 218x150 , prison-break.jpg )
I started off with yaoi when I was middle school and I guess Prison Break (Lincoln/Michael) and Supernatural (Dean/Sam) were my first western pairings. (Keep it the family har har) I'm taste has changed big time over the years. I'm almost completely just western slash now.

My current fav is Sinestro/Hal from Green Lantern.
>> No. 75725
File 130952568635.jpg - (402.50KB , 1094x800 , 1171595782743.jpg )
What fandom does this macro refer to, anon? Mac/PC? I remember that Mac/PC was my original guilty pleasure ship. That was before I discovered Transformers porn and...other stuff about which I dare not think more than a fucking second. So now I'm not especially guilty about my Mac/PC shipping; it's fucking adorable and they're way more human than some couples I've shipped since.
>> No. 75726
File 130952621565.jpg - (41.31KB , 508x510 , tk.jpg )
The first thing I ever really 'shipped was House/Wilson, back when House MD was first starting.

I guess my guilty pleasure is RPS (I know that doesn't sit right with a lot of slashers), especially hockey players. OMG hockey porn. They make it so, so easy.
>> No. 75727
OP here. The pic was from a night of web surfing and I can't remember where I got it but I guess it can go for anything.
>> No. 75728
i think it's from the tron fandom. almost half of the pairings ship human/program so...
>> No. 75791
File 130964416012.jpg - (212.45KB , 335x700 , fucking serious.jpg )
that pairing never pushed me over the edge of looking at fanart or reading fanfic, but i remember that it was one of the first times i was like "oh those two are totally doing it"
>> No. 75854
File 130965245859.jpg - (175.51KB , 609x850 , tiesmut2.jpg )
This was the one that started it all for me, for sure.
>> No. 75866
File 130965992234.jpg - (44.23KB , 422x512 , gaylendars.jpg )
I'm a latecomer because traditional seme-uke yaoi and the annoyingness of yaoi fangirls in general made me hate all M/M shipping until I started college and discovered bara and fangirls who acted with some semblance of maturity, so Medic/Heavy was my first slash OTP. But the first pairing I ever shipped through my own slash goggles was Vincent/Jerome from Gattaca.
>> No. 75876
same for me.
next was animu but after that? ZADR
guilty and ashamed
>> No. 75890
showing my age: my first real ship was Mulder/Krycek, which is old enough to not really have much fan art since internet fandom was a shiny new thing way back then.

but Xavier/Magneto was one of my other firsts, and that one's coming back with a vengeance these days so HEY I'm hip again or something idk
>> No. 76193
File 131008512271.png - (669.35KB , 1063x718 , Lulani - Animorphs Just so you all know.png )
This is all I could find in terms of porn, but back when I was a -- hold on, quick math here -- 9 year old latent homosexual, Animorphs was the shit.
>> No. 76195
My first ship was random as shit.
My friend and I basically just picked our favorite characters from whatever we were into and shipped them for no real reason.
It was Tony Stark and Jonathan Crane.
...we were young and I regret nothing.
>> No. 76202

Mulder/Krycek for me too. I still have a fondness in my heart for that pairing-- it's a shame it ended the way it did in canon.
>> No. 76214
OP here! I loving everyone's awesome responses. :D
>> No. 76218
I started with kawaii yaoi desu Final Fantasy shit like most teenaged weebs.

Then I realised that manly men were awesome and started shipping Sabertooth/Wolverine.
>> No. 76224
I think I started when a bunch of my friends pushed Hiei/Kurama and Bakura/Yami Bakura on me in middle school. I kept with it even though I was never into the uber-kawaii bishonen (I stopped reading Gravitation after Shuichi had her sex change).

When I got into Watchmen, it was awesome. PEOPLE WITH FLAWS, BEING SEXY AND KEEPIN IT REAL. FUCK YEAH.
Fandoms left by the wayside: Lackadaisy and Neverwhere needs a hell of a lot more fic. There are a few of Richard Mayhew and de Carabas having lonely adventures in the Underground, but I need some SEX. And CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.
>> No. 76240
Sirius/Remus, the original HP gay

>> No. 76265
File 131027237725.jpg - (24.34KB , 628x349 , BOOST.jpg )
First ship EVER was Hiei/Kurama and I still looks up fic every now and then.

Hmm, first Western Ship...I would have to say Crowley/Aziraphale from Good Omens. I think. But come one, that's basically canon.

I'm currently way into boostle because it's hilarious and adorable. (Also almost basically canon?!??)

My guilty pleasure is NiteOwl/Rorschach, which I only read on my birthday because I feel DEEP DEEP INEXPLICABLE SHAME.
>> No. 76268
The older Silent Hill fandom is dead.

But I still love Harry/James, no matter how little sense it makes.

I will go down with my ship.
>> No. 76304
File 131033580596.jpg - (61.74KB , 450x641 , thebanbandfrosam.jpg )
I was twelve when I unintentionally shipped Sam and Frodo. I would reread the tower rescue scene in ROTK (in the book Frodo's naked for that bit) over and over without being able to articulate why I enjoyed it so much/ what's that funny feeling in my pants/ etc.
>> No. 76305

I know what you mean. James is one of my favorite characters, it makes me sad that nobody's in the fandom anymore. (It never occurred to me to ship Harry/James until I saw some story that did it, and it... Works. Oddly well.)
>> No. 76307

>the tower rescue scene in ROTK

Oh, I remember that. How I remember it.
>> No. 76308
I ship it because Harry's responsible/paternal nature works so well with Jame's emotionally broken self. I just feel it would work well as a symbiotic relationship, where James needs someone to rely on and Harry needs someone to tend to.

Also I love shenanigans with silly!James and serious!Harry as well.
>> No. 76312
File 13103487473.jpg - (156.90KB , 688x550 , phxjames.jpg )
Silent hill was definitely my first love. I was so into it in high school, its a little scary. I ended up with so many fics and arts, but this person's art used to take my breath away. I still love Pyramid head and james. The fandom used to be really awesome too, especially those in character livejournals. Like harryndahlia

I think I know the exact fic youre talking about, lol and it made me ship harry / james too. Could it possibly be Lost Days?
>> No. 76325

Hell yeah. It was Lost Days and A Sound In Time, by the same author.

Oh Silent Hill, why did your later iterations become so... Bleh? (Well, no. It's a lie. I know why they weren't good. They focused too much on callbacks to the earlier games, wedging in cult stuff where it didn't belong and trying to being in more combat. Shattered Memories was a step in the right direction but it didn't really gel; the puzzle sections were completely safe to wander around in, and the chase sections went from tense to "welp" after you'd failed a few times and had to run the same gauntlet over and over. The psych profile was an interesting gimmick but it didn't go deep enough to be compelling. My thoughts on video games, let me show you them.)

tl;dr as far as I'm concerned each SH game should be self-contained, with the town acting as a sort of purgatory reflecting the game's protagonist. The cult plot doesn't really need to be explored further.
>> No. 76328
File 131035668612.jpg - (195.21KB , 650x500 , jamestongue2.jpg )
I agree with you for the most part but I have to say I really enjoyed Homecoming. The story kept you guessing, the monsters (especially bosses) were freaky as hell, and it was pretty immersive (choosing whether to kill your dad... that was heavy)

Related: how many of you guys got your kinks from your first fandom?
mine was choking .. ahem.
>> No. 76329
File 131035706060.jpg - (21.78KB , 640x480 , cap189.jpg )
I have to say... Star Trek the next generation was one of my favorite early fandoms. It came out when I was a few years old, lol but I still like it a lot. Data/Anyone was my pairing :> but especially him and Geordie, though it was hard to find. Q also made for excellent porn :P
>> No. 76342
Kinks? I guess mine would be size and sometimes age. I usually just go with whatever fandom gives me. XD
>> No. 76354
Not the anon you were replying to, but every time Homecoming is brought up I feel like I need to reiterate how badly Pyramid Head did not need to be in that fucking game. He was James' personal demon, his own manifestation his guilt, not just another construct built by the town. The games slowly went from 'A character's own personal hell built off of their emotional baggage and psychoses' to just another shitty zombie game with no psychological depth. They tried to dredge up some character development for Alex, but it was just a poor man's rehash of James.

But I have to admit that some of the monster designs were pretty engaging, especially Scarlet's.
Sage because this isn't /v/.
>> No. 76356
File 131042422129.png - (976.25KB , 600x480 , jh cuddlez.png )
I know just what you mean. Thanks to Homecoming's slavish devotion to SH2's, well, everything, I found the whole story pretty obvious. Guy comes to Silent Hill looking for a loved one. Turns out he killed the loved one and he's feeling guilty so he wants the town to punish him! What a tweest! I did like the movie-inspired aesthetic, though.

Regarding first slash ships, I remember being quite interested in "Ping" and Shang's friendship in Mulan. The romantic tension combined with the fact that Shang thought Mulan was a dude made me wonder what the film would have been like if she really were a man - cue funny feelings.
>> No. 85040
File 133281549376.jpg - (27.34KB , 433x332 , 500klj00hit.jpg )
Tai and Matt were my first ship <3
>> No. 85043
File 133281610928.jpg - (112.29KB , 500x382 , muchwin.jpg )
Back in middle school I was the world's biggest weeaboo and I first got introduced to yaoi, so that was where I started really shipping, but when I was really little, I thought Data and Geordie were together and didn't think anything of it. Looking back now, 5-year-old me totally shipped them.
>> No. 85045
I am with you 100%. I was in fourth grade and in love with Sam/Frodo without having any idea what 'gay' was. I just knew they were like two parts to a whole. It always made me embarrassed and excited to read about them supporting each other. Didn't figure out why until muuuuch later.
>> No. 85047
I shipped Matt/Tai before I knew what shipping even was. I remember being a little kid, watching the show and thinking they were boyfriends who had a lot of lover's spats haha
>> No. 85050
I was pairing up characters in Fire Emblem 7 without really realizing back in 2003, but then I started interneting in 2007 and it was aaaaall about TF2 and the gay.

Mucked around in that for a couple years then moved on to Superjail, Star Trek, Glee, and Tintin. Right now, I've been bit by this annoying Hunger Games bug and it's all Boggs/Finnick BECAUSE REASONS.
>> No. 85051
File 133284454660.jpg - (104.23KB , 601x606 , FitzFool.jpg )
I'll be extremely surprised if anyone else even recognizes these too, haha. Fitz/Fool was my first slash ship ever, back when I was like, 13 and discovering the awesomeness of fantasy for the first time. It also sort of my first experience with gay romance in general. I didn't even know that was a THING until I read this and found myself going "he's secretly in love with Fitz isn't he?"
I think I'm always going to be a bit heartbroken they never really got together.
>> No. 85055
File 133289700358.jpg - (36.84KB , 298x290 , nicklas-lidstrom1.jpg )

I guess I never connected the idea, but my love of Lidstrom is sort of demanding that I seek this out now.
>> No. 85091
File 13329974669.png - (1.90MB , 825x843 , Rome.png )
My first ever gay ship was Envy/Ed from FMA, my first Western pairing was Harry/Draco, and the ship I will never forget or let go from my grubby hands is probably Kirk/Spock.

Guiltiest pleasure is any Tron slash, because half the 'people' are programs and I feel like my computer is judging me.

Oh, and Romans. All of them.
>> No. 85105
File 133315550931.jpg - (450.76KB , 1100x2640 , chyringa_hxm.jpg )
My history with slash pairings is a little weird, to be honest.

I didn't know what homosexuality, or sexuality was period was until maybe late into middle school. I was really sheltered as a kid.

I looked at slash, but I didn't find most yaoi aesthetically pleasing, and looking back at it, it gave me a really fucked up idea of what sex was like.

The first slash pairing to hit a nerve with me was Batman/Superman or Batman/Joker. I'm still really picky on who I ship, though. I can't do any kind of incest, most hatesex, or underaged characters. Toki/Skwisgaar was also a huge one for me too, but I lost interest in it after Adult Swim picked up on the shipping and curbstomped any and all subtext in Season 3.

Medic/Heavy is my current favorite, with Tintin/Haddock as a close favorite. Canon subtext is my favorite thing ever, as are guys who are middle-aged or "bara".
>> No. 85107
File 133316117664.jpg - (291.80KB , 562x750 , So_it__s_second_season_by_mavoorik.jpg )

Oh my God, me too. I remember the Lost Temple of Ishida, a fanpage about Matt, had a whole section devoted to it. I was VERY into bishonen, so when Yu-Gi-Oh! came along with a horde of bishonen with jewelry and leather, I basically exploded, shipping things without rhyme or reason.


Anyway, My first Western ship would probably be Remus/Sirius, vaguely, but my first devoted one was Sylar and Mohinder from Heroes. That was a great ship—a fun community, great character dynamics, and encouragement from the cast. A shame about the show.

The release of the latest Star Trek movie taught me about the fannish history of slash, which was great, and I've been trying to get through the shows on and off since then, which has resulted in a budding thing for Spock/McCoy.

My current favorites are, given my recent foray into mainstream comics, Erik/Charles (THEY COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL—) and, less almost canon, Tony/Loki for thematic reasons.

None of my guilty pleasure ships are M/M; they're F/M, for some reason…
>> No. 85113
>Romans. All of them.

YES. YEEEEEES. Ever since watching I, Claudius as a child. Derek Jacobi, why so wonderful? (Only when I was an adult rewatching it later did I realize how inappropriate that show actually is for children. NC-17 rating, hoshit, really?)

And then reading both Shakespeare's Coriolanus and Plutarch's Coriolanus in high school. Coriolanus is the ur-self destructive magnificent bastard. Also, my proto-goggles locked in on Brutus/Caesar long before I knew what slash was.

Anyone else here watch the new Canadian TV version of Ben Hur and get very, very disappointed when they made Messalla ostentatiously straight? Not to mention taking out the scene where Ben Hur physically restrains the Roman general from killing himself when their ship goes down under them. It's probably not a completely healthy thing to kink for attempted suicide over matters of pride and honor, but. Uh.

Also, let's hear it for dat scene between Laurence Olivier and Tony Curtis in Spartacus. Laurence Olivier never stopped being delicious at any age, but Laurence Olivier playing an arrogant bisexual Roman senator? MY BODY WAS NOT READY.
>> No. 85114
>sex change

What the actual fuck? I never gt around reading that series in my weeabo stage, but fucking seriously, they went there?
>> No. 85118
I think anon was talking about one of the dj remixes (where shuichi was a female for a while). But I wouldn't be surprised if Murakami finally did go there; after gravitation vol 12 it's like her shit went off the deep end. Gravitation EX is fucking cray cray
>> No. 85129

Oh my god. Fitz/Fool broke my heart. I am so disappointed in the lack of content for them in the fan community.
>> No. 85134
File 133326575531.jpg - (130.72KB , 900x1257 , The_Sentinel__Jim_and_Blair_by_spicysteweddemon.jpg )
Jim/Blair from The Sentinel is one I got introduced to from all the GDP fusions in other fandoms.

There's not much in the way of fanart for it though. Attached pic is also completely inaccurate to the way Blair looks, but it was either that or hilarious hand-drawn sketches of ye olde fanzine days, or photoshops.
>> No. 85142
Garak and Bashir from DS9.
>> No. 85167
Ples/his evil self, from HiNABN. The plot was a little meh, but that cute evil clock dude. So cute. So evil.
>> No. 85266
Ah, someone else shipped Hiei/Kurama first! My sexuality is a strange, strange thing, so I basically had no idea I was a slash fan until about seventh grade, when on a long bus ride I suddenly realized, "Oh, they actually are in love." No looking back after that.
First Western pairing was probably Vanyel Ashkevron/Tylendel from the Heralds of Valdemar books by Mercedes Lackey. I actually recommend those books for potential slashers; the main character comes to the realization that he's gay slowly, so the reader accepts it along with him, and there's not so much explicit stuff as to scar the kiddies for life. Plus, awesome fantasy story.
All time favorites... holy crap, way too many. Standard stuff like Crowley/Aziraphale, Kaworu/Shinji, Hanna/Zombie, etc. are usually my ships of choice. Right now I'm happily immersed in my brand-new fangirliness of Supernatural (watched the entire series for the first time in the past six months) and am totally sold on Dean/Cas, with a guilty pleasure of Sam/Cas and Sam/Cas/Dean.
>> No. 85394
my first gay ship was....


it was the doughboys from Johnny the Homicidal maniac.

Fuck I hate my younger self.

My current favorite (western) ship is....
>> No. 85397
We were all awkward in high school. No shame here.
>> No. 85454
File 133410664810.png - (238.55KB , 500x315 , Dean's Expression.png )

For me, it was frickin Edgar/Nny... Is there anyone here who wouldn't like to punch their younger selves?
Supernatural ships are my current favorite. I like Dean/Cas and Bobby/Crowley, but Sam is my shipping bicycle. Sam/Dean, Sam/Cas, Sam/Gabe, Sam/Lucifer, Sam/Cas/Dean. Wincest is my big guilty pleasure.
Also, I adore Aziraphale/Crowley. I only like fluffy fics with them, though.
>> No. 85455
My first was... I honestly can't remember. I'm fairly certain it was Aragorn/Legolas, but this was like eight years ago and my memory isn't the best. Might have been Angel/Spike.

Current fave would have to be Watson/Sherlock followed closely by Master/Doctor. Also fond of anyone/Lucius Malfoy.
>> No. 85458
File 133411377397.jpg - (20.74KB , 300x224 , 1206074954325.jpg )

jumping on the JTHM band wagon, while not my my first ship Squee/Pepito has always been a guilty pleasure. what with him being the antichrist, i figured at least it can't get any worst for squee and hey, at least Pepito seems to like him.
>> No. 85470
File 13341478659.jpg - (54.91KB , 500x500 , 002qe53s.jpg )
Heck yeah there is. I suggest 2mins4slashing.livejournal.com and http://archiveofourown.org/tags/Hockey%20RPF/works. There are also two kink memes (http://panda-check.livejournal.com/193686.html, http://hockeyanonmeme.livejournal.com/). Though the Wings are one of the few teams that has its own sites and archives, I think (I'm a Bruins fan, myself). Picture mostly unrelated, but hilarious.
>> No. 85473
I'm going to have to second this. They were hilarity and adorable combined.
Pepito could try to turn him into some dark overlord, but Squee will die of shock before he commands the Legion.
>> No. 85518
Regarding first slash ships, I remember being quite interested in "Ping" and Shang's friendship in Mulan. The romantic tension combined with the fact that Shang thought Mulan was a dude made me wonder what the film would have been like if she really were a man - cue funny feelings.

YES. I remember that I wished DESPERATELY for Mulan to be actually a boy and NOT because she's awesome because she's a she.

And then I went into girl-in-boy-disguise fics for a while and then yaoi.

And then western fandom. I still like my guys less hairy and with definite D/s themes. Humiliation, dub-con, non-con, bondage, punishment, you name it.
>> No. 85552
File 133443520943.gif - (498.26KB , 400x192 , tumblr_lkj2m5rYE01qa6nci.gif )
I was young and innocent and had just discovered the internet. Before, I dunno I was playing outside I guess, or some shit.
I was looking around at Harry Potter stuff, somehow stumbled upon slash fics of harry and draco. I was so confused, but so intrigued.
Then animu like yu-gi-oh, gundam wing etc. I'd watch the shows and they'd make me feel funny, but I couldn't place what it was. Now I look back at my poor innocent naive self...
Then ZADR... feeling nostalgia and mild face palming
Was animu for a really really long time and still kind of am (I don't watch much, so it's hard to slash. Although I am a Hetalia-fag /shame), although now I'm mostly about comic slash and video game slash (a lot, alot of dragon age).
Today I looked up Reboot slash omgwtfIhatemyself.

Pic related: my face as I reflect upon my pairing past.
>> No. 85571
god yes. Aziraphale and Crowley.
They are perfect. I just started rereading the book today.
>> No. 85590
I'm so sorry but I just can't stop laughing!
>> No. 85616
No worries. That face gets me every time, as lame as it is to laugh at your own posted shit. If I can't laugh at myself than what am I? I just look back and think, Oh Christ, I couldn't have been more of a stereotypical slash fan if I tried. It's like there's some sort of horrifying right of passage while becoming a slash fan that you have to like the shittiest pairings possible at first, if not only to bring great shame in later life.
I think going through puberty and being awkward as fuck helped too, because, lol anime. Seriously anime fans. yaoi anime fans. Royal Family of derp.
>> No. 85804
First ship: Remus/Sirius. Classic.

Favourite ship: Rorschach/Nite Owl II. Repession is my kink so Rorschach is a never ending minefield of sexy to me. There's no doubt in my mind that cologne-thief Rorschach has canonical gay for Daniel. Plus, like Rorschach I'm a survivor of child abuse, so the element of h/c in that fandom is sort of theraputic and just generally profound.

Runners-up: Kirk/Spock (both incarnations), Sherlock Holmes/John Watson (any incarnations except the Guy Ritchie films because RDJ is gorgeous but he looks nothing like Holmes, I'm sorry)
>> No. 87681
File 13414647042.jpg - (79.72KB , 500x526 , 1328055734696.jpg )
Ooohh the memories!

It all started with Remus/Sirius, then I had a really bad phase with Naruto, and then it was back again to Harry Potter.

Favorite of all times has to be Sherlock/Watson. Any incarnation will do, it's just timeless.

Most recent adiction? Merlin/Arthur from the BBC series. Gotta love them cheekbones.
>> No. 87682
File 134150552611.jpg - (175.51KB , 828x896 , Jumba_and_Pleakley_cuddle_by_bonnieslashfiend.jpg )
past: jumba/pleakley from lilo & stitch
current: kenneth/tracy from 30rock

its hard having ugly rarepair tiny-fandom otps ;_;
>> No. 87683
also i never had a first pairing because i shipped literally everything from every show i watched
>> No. 87685
First ship (before I even knew what shipping was) Tintin/Haddock, TV series cartoon. I thought they were canon together because of how they behaved towards one another.

Even over a decade later, I still ship Jet/Spike. I ship Stokes/Hodges (CSI), because reasons. House/Wilson, because as far as I'm concerned, it's canon. Shawn/Lassie from Psych, because there is nothing more fun than watching two people trying to take the piss out of each other, yet be so concerned about each other when shit hits the fan.

Brock/Doc, Shoreleave/Alchemist and Dr. Orpheus/Gary (21) from The Venture Bros., because even though one of those is canon (and fucking adorable), I think Doc/Brock are too married to each other to really be with anybody else, and the finale of season 4 made me want Dr.O/Gary like burning. Also, Metalocalypse's Pickles/Nathan; I can't help myself.

I've been watching The Walking Dead, so I am shipping Daryl/Glenn, Daryl/Rick and Glenn/T-Dog. Also been watching Primeval, and I first shipped Nick/Connor and then currently Connor/Becker.

BBC Sherlock/John is, however, my favorite ship at the moment, though with so much time between seasons, it does give me a lot of time to ship other things.

And I didn't touch anything that has to do with books, because if I did, this post might never end. I read a lot, and I ship way more things in the literary world than the tv/movies/whatever happens to catch my fancy on Netflix.
>> No. 87787
First was definitely Harry/Draco. 12 year old me felt weird about slash before that, but after I saw harry/draco something clicked and the slash goggles have never left my face ever since
(I'm also guilty of zadr.)
>> No. 88784
Fuck everything, I still ship ZADR, and am only mildly embarrassed by that fact. It's just unfortunate that 99.9% of the fanart and fanfic for it is complete shit.
>> No. 90569
File 135513443833.jpg - (195.53KB , 900x1706 , DP.jpg )
first ship: I am pretty positive it was aerith/cloud. yeah. First GAY ship? fucking sasunaru. I was like 12, back when CN just started airing Naruto and I hadn't started middle school yet. But middle school was when I opened the gates of hell with my best friend and we shipped everyone. KakaSasu being a big one. But western shit? Danny/Vlad. Pic related.

Present ship: God, fucking...Everything. Faves, though? Dipper/Robbie, Pitch/Sandy, mike/chuck, dean/cas (4ever), felix/calhoun, norman/dipper.

Shame ship: oh..fuck. Um, wow I gotta say my most shameful ship is Julie Kane/Abraham Kane I am so sorry. Yeah, I uh, don't care much about gender/age/relation, it's like....not a thing for me with ships. But another shame ship is Norman/Alvin for some goddamn reason. also king candybug/ralph??? wow
>> No. 91439
File 136469954863.png - (704.23KB , 852x768 , 615067-the_just_us_league_copy.png )
Oh God, I have a lot

>First homoship
Probably Spongebob and Patrick. The episode they had that clam child really confused me.

>Second homoship
Probably DD and Eddy from EEnE. Dat kiss.

I don't remember anything else, as far as early ships go, so here are ships in my life that I am still fond of:

>Kakuzu and Hidan
animu whatever. It's funny, I hate Naruto, but damn, do I shamelessly love this pairing.

>Zim and Dib
There's always a stigma that comes with this, but I guess I sort of feel attached to it, because I do like the whole rivalry dynamic where they really can't see just how lucky they are to have found each other.

>Brock and Rusty Venture
It's all about that size difference. Also, when Brock is first assigned as Doc's bodyguard, he's all cold and silent. He came a long way with Rusty. Blah, my sentimentalism over fictional characters. I just like how their friendship blossomed and like to imagine they sometimes have sex.

>Squilliam and Squidward
I feel shame and regret. I'm twenty years old and I think this pairing is great, goddamn.

>Black Mask and his male assistant from the comic version of The Red Hood Saga
I just make things up along the way.

>Spock and Kirk
This one is too easy.

>Kid Loki and Thor
I am a horrible person. I've come to accept that.

>Batman and Joker
I literally don't have words to describe my fascination for this pairing. I've never quite actually cared about a ship before, but my God, I'm fucking obsessed with studying them. It doesn't help that the world of Batman comics is so stilted and inconsistent that I'll never truly be satisfied with anything that's done to them, because it'll just change again.

I literally have wasted hours of my life thinking about them. It's become quite a problem. I can't watch any films or read any books with heroes and villains, because I immediately connect it back to Batman and Joker.

The weirdest part of all, sometimes I'm not even certain if I ship them, as people, or if I ship them as what they represent, as entities or something. I don't fucking know.

I need help.
>> No. 91444
>>"I'm not even certain if I ship them, as people, or if I ship them as what they represent, as entities or something."

Okay. I'm confused. Is there any other way of shipping?

All of you here look through all your ship and you'll discover you ship only like up to five **ideas* that are going on and on and on on repeat.

Chaos/Order, Good/Evil, Jock/Geek, Female/Male, Something/Something.

Try to fucking show me a ship that does not fit in one of thees. Age/sex/belief/moral system is a wholly cosmetic detail.

For the record first gay!ship I could not deny was Haku/Zabuza. I ignored it for like a year. Then there was DN and after that entire multiverse of comix, both DC and Marvel, and then SPN and now I'm shipping like 128 ships for rls and read porn of everything else.

Incidentally? Harry/Draco does nothing for me. Remus Lupin is most damnably asexual character I have ever read. SasuNaru never registered to me as valid ship.
I'm not trying to judge. It's just to show that my fangirlish indoctrination was a slow thing plagued with many setbacks.
>> No. 91445
>Try to fucking show me a ship that does not fit in one of thees.

>Chaos/Order, Good/Evil, Jock/Geek, Female/Male, Something/Something.

Okay, you got me there, bro, I really can't think of a ship that you couldn't describe as 'Something/Something'.

Seriously, though, plenty of ships boil down to 'Hottest two male characters in spitting distance' or 'Hottest male and female character in spitting distance', or 'Hottest two female characters in spitting distance'. And if age and sex were just details insignificant to peoples' shipping preferences, you'd see far fewer exclusively het/slash/femslash shippers out there, and fetishes for things like May/December couples wouldn't exist.

On top of all that, I can think of plenty of ships off the top of my head that don't really fit into one 'idea/idea' mold. Or which are different 'idea'/'idea' pairings for different people. Something like Bubblegum/Marceline became a big deal mostly because a. one of the show creators was herself drawing fanart of them as a couple long before they ever interacted in the show and b. the show itself finally ship teased them hard in one of the actual episodes. I don't think it was the fact that they're kind of sort of a goth/nerd couple that drew people to ship them, it was a combination of cute character designs that looked cute together and sheer excitement over the idea of a lesbian couple maybe possibly being made canon in a kids' show.
>> No. 91446
Different anon, but I can kinda see what you mean. I'm more drawn to certain fetishes, even if the canonicity is dubious (i.e. size kink, mad scientists being involved) and instantly turned off by others, even if there's more firm proof for them (i.e. incest (including non-blood relations), pedophilia, most furry pairings, abusive pairings, and character/person who's bullying them), although I admit I have personal wonks to backup all of my turn-offs.

I was skeptical on Sugarless Gum because of Finn/Bubblegum being a thing since the original pilot, the fact that it was very abruptly dropped, and because the subsequent Marceline/Bubblegum shipping didn't last beyond one episode. When we finally saw Marshall Lee interact with Prince Bubblegum, he essentially called him unfun and boring, and didn't flirt with him at all. The fact that some fans said "you must ship this or you're a homophobe" also really soured it for me. I do like seeing gay pairings in the show, though I wish there was more Prince/Princess Bubblegum shipped with people other than Marshall Lee/Marceline. How about Prince B./Finn or Prince B./Flame Prince?
>> No. 91450
File 136492067360.jpg - (378.29KB , 589x845 , 12681864063.jpg )
always forever until the end of time with the intensity of a screaming multiple orgasm
>> No. 91454
Здесь есть кто на русском? Я бы историю полную драмой написал.
>> No. 91455
Здесь есть кто на русском? Я бы историю полную драмой написал.
>> No. 91465
File 136509003399.jpg - (154.56KB , 472x376 , drawing.jpg )
First ship? Moulder x Scully as a kiddo.
First gay ship? Uh, I think it was Kurama x Kuronue.
First western ship? Toki x Skwisgaar.
Favorite western pairing that I will forever ship? Superman x Batman, especially after having watching Public Enemies. Like they could seriously not get any gayer than Public Enemies.
>> No. 91467
>Favorite western pairing that I will forever ship? Superman x Batman
>> No. 91774
I've had many, many ships over the years but eventually they all fade. Not completely, of course; there is still a part of me that squeals at any hint of homoeroticism.
I have shipped:
Naruto and Gaara
Watson and Holmes (lol they are obviously gay)
Rafe and Danny in Pearl Harbour despite the film's crapness
Obi Wan Kenobi x Luke Skywalker
Kirk x Spock
Tony x Bruce
Batman x Robin
And many, many others.
But, ultimately, Vincent and Jerome in gattaca, the most plausible sci-fi film ever made, win the gold medal. perfect combo of angst, fluff, romance and smut. and Jude law is in it. need I say more?
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