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File 129801773659.jpg - (211.96KB , 768x1024 , sr.jpg )
68878 No. 68878
I think it's time for a string theory thread
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>> No. 68888
It doesn't have enough content for its own thread. So it shares with the other web comics.
>> No. 68889
It's got quite a bit of content. And I feel like it's taking over the webcomics thread.
>> No. 68909
Maybe when it's approaching the content level of HinaBN.
>> No. 68913
Ex: when HiNaBN got it's own thread, it opened with relevant content.
And it didn't have to ask for more. It got more.
Keep it to the main thread.
>> No. 68943
Just passing by and adding my two cents, but I agree with anon in that it's taking over the webcomics thread. I came for the Oglaf and maybe some LFG. It's bumped all the time and almost every time I get excited and almost every time it's just Sting Theory. I don't read String Theory and therefore am inevitably sad for like 1.7 seconds.

Might wanna tell the people in webcomics still posting String Theory this exists though.
>> No. 69403
File 129878195829.png - (18.00KB , 100x100 , HATERS.png )
Hopefully we have enough to fill a thread. We'll see how it goes.

To the anon who requested hatesex!Langstrom/Schtein, I'll be posting your fic in a sec.

Here's my list of request fics so far:

-noncon or dubcon Anyone/Schtein, with intensive focus on Schtein's aversion to touch/physical contact

AND THAT'S IT. I'm working on a gangbang fic, though, so there's that.
>> No. 69405
File 12987828382.png - (377.06KB , 768x1024 , 2010-01-23-pagenineteen[1].png )
As per usual, x-posted to my lj and dreamwidth account, in case you want to bookmark the fic or something I DON'T KNOW: http://spocktopus.livejournal.com/3859.html

Pic relted because Langstrom calls him /darling/


Know Thine Enemy

Things had never really gone Schtein’s way. He had suffered under abysmal circumstances all his life, so it came as no surprise that his shit luck continued into his career.

Was it his imagination, though, or was it getting worse?

He’d always been a bit of an outcast, sure. And yeah, the women he worked with didn’t like to make eye contact with him. The occasional piece of fruit was thrown at his person, but he could live with that. Had suffered worse in his mother’s home, actually, and at least here they respected his intellect.

But then Benjamin Langstrom came, and it all went to hell.

The man’s looks alone inspired more than a small bit of ridicule in Schtein’s general direction. He had never been considered attractive, but next to Langstrom and his stupid coiffed hair and hid idiotically impeccable teeth, Schtein—pallid, awkward, perpetually scowling—was downright monstrous. People noticed, and for every coy smile flashed Langstrom’s way, Schtein received a snide glance and a hurtful remark. Thinking about it infuriated him.

Coupled with the fact—yes, /fact/, as much as it hurt Schtein to admit—that Langstrom was brilliant, Schtein’s status as “unpleasant intellect” quickly devolved into “goddamn pariah.” Isolation was never a problem for him, but knowing the cause spurred his drinking and pissed him off to no end. Seriously, fuck Langstrom and his stupid, pretty face.

So Schtein simmered in a silent, sour rage as Langstrom’s reputation as a charming, intelligent researcher grew. Until Langstrom caught Schtein glaring at him in the hallway. Usually, he would glower to himself, choosing not to draw any unwanted attention and ridicule. But fuck, Langstrom had just spent an entire staff meeting snickering with Ophelia, the only researcher who even tried to engage in polite small talk with him, and Schtein knew, he just knew that Langstrom would poison her too, and he’d have to invent a talking animal just to get someone to speak with, and damn it all to hell, his life was a disaster.

So Schtein glared, Langstrom caught him, and then, with no one around to witness the strangest occurrence of the century, Langstrom /winked/ at him.

Schtein promptly walked into a wall. He heard a condescending “Later, Herv,” and then—nothing. By the time he had blinked back into consciousness, Langstrom was gone, leaving him more confused than he had been when he first discovered that /Attractive People Disappointed in You: Angry Yelling Addition/ porn tape. Except this probably wouldn’t end in frantic masturbation.


The Wink, as it came to be known in Schtein’s internal monologue, was very strange, but he could ignore it. Soon he dismissed it all together, and went back to regarding Langstrom with a less skeptical and more hateful silence. So content was Schtein to watch and loathe from the sidelines that he never really expected Langstrom to ever watch back.

It was during another one of those tedious “Don’t You Know We Can Have You Killed” inspirational meetings the government loved to have. Mandatory attendance, no food allowed. Schtein was trying to keep himself from dozing off when he heard his name muttered by one of the office gossips, close to his right. Nonchalantly, he turned his attentions to their conversation.

“Don’t look now, but Ben’s looking over here again.”

“Quit teasing, Myrtle.”

“No, really! Oh, he’s so brooding and mysterious! I think he likes you, Lydia!”

She sighed. “Oh, but you know I have my darling Victor…” He could feel one of her sappy Victor-my-heroic-angel speeches bubbling up, and God, he did not want to suffer through one of those again. /His eyes like limpid tears/—Schtein shuddered. Like he really wanted to hear about someone else’s love life when his right glove was the closest thing to a date he’d had in—well, there was no need to dwell on that. Curiosity getting the better of him, as it always had, he glanced across the room, scanning the rows of semi-lucid and gently dozing faces to find Langstrom.

Langstrom, who was indeed looking over where Schtein and the gossiping women were seated. But he wasn’t looking at the women.

He was looking at Schtein.

Watching, even.

One could call it /staring/.

And as Schtein made eye-contact with Langstrom, that jerk actually had the audacity to turn away, as if he wasn’t just ogling Schtein like he was some sort of sideshow. Idiot. Probably just people-watching out of boredom. Figures that the pretty-boy wouldn’t be content just staring at his own insipid reflection, had to drag other people into his egomaniacal orbit. Typical, so—

And then Schtein’s train of thought flipped over and burst into flames, Myrtle’s whispered statement burning itself into the cavity of his skull.

/Again/. He’s looking over here /again/.

He’d been gaping at Schtein the entire meeting, perhaps even before—but why? What was he playing at? The Wink floated like a waterlogged corpse to the surface of his mind, and Schtein felt sick. Langstrom was planning something, trying to humiliate him in some unknown way. Thank God he had noticed; it was possible to stop whatever conniving plan he was scheming up, as long as Schtein stayed vigilant.

Determined to best Langstrom, /constant vigilance/ became Schtein’s new motto. And through this, he observed the following:

1) Langstrom is a show off.
2) Langstrom is stealing theories.
3) Damn it all, Langstrom is still a fucking genius.
4) Said fucking genius spends an inordinate amount of time staring at a certain (devilishly handsome) white-haired also-genius.

And that was where Schtein’s thoughts curled up and died. He could not think of a conceivable thing Langstrom was gaining through his own constant vigilance of Schtein. Furious, frustrated, fuming, Schtein was left with no other possibility: he would have to confront the man. He couldn’t ignore such abnormalities, and his work was being affected by this obsession.

Choosing to bite the bullet rather than wait until he’d embarrass himself in some sort of public screaming match, Schtein steeled himself for an awkward conversation and headed to Langstrom’s office. Cruelly, it had been placed adjacent to his own, and so Schtein quickly found himself faced with the large, foreboding door of Dr. Benjamin Langstrom.

He knocked.

A tired “Come in,” and Schtein was in the dragon’s den. Langstrom was seated at his desk, working his way through a stack of papers neatly organized and encompassing most of the desk’s surface. Oak and expensive-looking, it matched the armoire looming off by the wall and nicely complementing the matching frames of the innumerable awards hung on the walls. It all looked very posh, and very impressive.

Schtein, thinking of his shabby desk and poorly-lit, dingy office, felt very small.
>> No. 69406
File 129878307752.png - (492.94KB , 768x1024 , 2010-01-27-pagetwenty[1].png )

The silence of his guest must have surprised Langstrom; he glanced up, and seeing who was hunched near the door, his impeccable face broke into a large grin. It did not reach his eyes.

“/Herville/,” he said, the /l/s rolling off his tongue with a pleasant fluidity, “what a pleasant surprise.” He extended his arm gracefully. “Please, sit down.”

Schtein was rooted. “I’d rather not.”

His cold tone did not go unnoticed. Langstrom’s smile fell with an alarming quickness. “I knew you’d be difficult. Have it you way.” He cocked his head, eyeing Schtein with a bored, practiced look. “What is it you want, then?” He smirked. “Come to ask for help with your research? I’m considered quite gifted, you know. I bet I could even help someone as thick-headed as you.”

Schtein felt the immediate and sudden urge to punch Langstrom square in his flawless, perfectly symmetrical head. It was only the desire to find out /what the fuck was going on/ that stopped him from doing so. Through clenched teeth, he managed to spit out: “I need to ask you something.”

Langstrom tipped back in his chair, smirk still firmly in place. He made a grandiose (/infuriating/) sort of gesture with his hand. “By all means.”

“Why—,”and here he hesitated, aware of the awkwardness of his question. Still, he pressed forward. “Why, Langstrom—”

“Benjamin, please.”

“Fine. Why, Benjamin,” he hissed, “did you wink at me? What the fuck was that all about?”

Langstrom blinked, feigning surprise. “Why? Well, that’s obvious, isn’t it?” He leaned forward, lacing his fingers together and regarding Schtein with condescending fondness. The pause was entirely too dramatic for Schtein’s liking, and he stepped forward, anger resonating clearly from his sallow form. “/Well/?”

Langstrom sighed, as if speaking to a particularly dim child. But still, the smirk persisted. “The reason why I winked at you, why I’ve been watching you—it’s because, Herv, /darling/, I find you absolutely adorable.”


This was unexpected.

Schtein spluttered, knowing now that Langstrom was playing a joke on him, probably had some of his colleagues hiding around and watching Schtein make a goddamn fool out of himself. He flushed, unsure of how to proceed.

Seeing his confusion, Langstrom laughed and stood from his desk. “See, that’s exactly what I’m talking about! You’re adorable, all flustered like that.”

Schtein glowered, his face a blotchy red that contrasted with his pale face in a very ugly way. Angry and indignant, he was finally able to spit out something coherent. “Stop it, you ass. I’ll have no part of this idiotic joke any longer.” He turned to leave, willing himself to keep his rage in check long enough to leg it back to his office.

Before he could open the door, Langstrom had crossed the room. Schtein found himself backed against the wall, the door to his right and a very serious Langstrom entirely too far in his personal space. With Langstrom’s arms placed on both sides, he was trapped. “I’m not kidding, Schtein. And I’d appreciate you not spreading this around, whether you think it a joke or not.”

Langstrom leaned down, so close Schtein could feel his breath—minty and perfect, damn him—across the hairs on his neck. “And what’s so hard to believe, anyway? Is it impossible that someone could find you so…endearing?”

With Langstrom looming over him and breathing down his neck, Schtein felt light-headed. This was strange, too strange, like one of his fever dreams, a drink-induced sickness in his mind that sucked away his hate and left him confused and empty. He focused on the rise and fall of Langstrom’s chest, and choked out: “We hate each other.” The answering laugh startled him into looking up.

“Is that the problem? Oh my God, Schtein, you idiot.” He leaned back, sporting a lazy grin. “Of course I hate you. You’re rude and arrogant, and far too introspective for anyone to like you. You’re a nasty, unpleasant guy, Herv.” And here he narrowed his eyes. “And you hate me, because I’m intelligent and handsome and likeable. I’m threatening to you, and so you, logically, despise me. But that’s such an inconsequential thing.”

With an animal quickness, Langstrom grabbed Schtein by the wrists, slamming his arms over his head, hands curled over Schtein’s gloves with a vice-like grip. He leaned down, looking Schtein dead in the eyes. “Just because I hate you,” he squeezed Schtein’s wrists for emphasis, “does not mean I cannot be attracted to you.”

To demonstrate, Langstrom leaned in and covered Schtein’s lips with his own, kissing him with the violent intensity only rivalry can inspire. It was quick, done only to demonstrate his point. Langstrom pulled back and leered at the dazed doctor. “Hate, in fact, can make an attraction better. More…/intense/.”

Schtein was at a loss. On the one hand, he had confirmed his suspicions that Langstrom had a deep and spiteful hatred towards him, which Schtein himself returned with intense vigor. On the other hand, Langstrom had just held him down and molested him and Schtein didn’t call for help or even really try and struggle, so clearly there were some mixed signals.

Superceding all of this, though, was the fact that Schtein was harder than he had been in God-knows-how-long, and there was a living, breathing human willing to get him off without asking for any sort of monetary compensation.

Schtein decided to do the only thing that could conceivably end in an orgasm: he narrowed his eyes, tilted his head back, and—with all of the hate he could muster—kissed Langstrom.

It was all teeth and anger and clearly, Langstrom approved, because the next thing Schtein knew was the cold, hard wall against his back as Langstrom pressed forward, taking control of the kiss and drowning Schtein with the force of it. He pushed his leg between Schtein’s thighs and rocked forward. He could feel it, the heat of Langstrom and there, oh /fuck/, he could feel his cock, hard and burning. Langstrom moaned into his mouth. Schtein whimpered, pulling back for air.

“God, you have no idea how I’ve needed this,” Langstrom panted against his ear. “It’s so hard, so fucking hard to have to—to hide it, and it’s just, it’s tearing me up inside, sometimes I want—fuck, I don’t even /know/…” He was babbling and rutting against Schtein like he would die without contact. Their foreheads touched, the sweat beading like pearls. Langstrom let go of Schtein’s wrists, his hands falling down to grasp Schtein’s waist, and pulled him close.

Langstrom climaxed with Schtein clutched to him, muttering affections into Schtein’s strange white hair. Schtein could feel semen soak into his shirt, but through the haze of arousal he could not bring himself to care. With the weight of Langstrom’s tall, lean body crushing him against the wall, Schtein came, his rasping moan muffled against Schtein’s chest.

From above him, he heard Langstrom’s throaty laugh. “Are you familiar with the quote ‘Know thine enemy’?” The giggle that followed bordered on hysterical.

As Schtein scowled, hatred for Langstrom boiling forward, he could feel the low twinge of arousal uncoil within him. And as he had, on many other occasions, Schtein could only think: Fuck my life.

>> No. 69407
So I tried to like this.... I read until the artist started to use colour... but I couldn't get into it. Could you guys post your favourite pages or something?
>> No. 69408

It gets really good once it gets into color and he ends up in prison. For me, it's a combination of the interesting premise (Schtein's start of darkness as a supervillain) and the engaging art--seriously, the detail she puts into the pages is amazing.


>> No. 69410
File 129878735633.png - (19.94KB , 689x572 , stop hallucinating schtein.png )
Content! And good content, at that! Happy day.
>> No. 69411
File 129878833370.png - (153.58KB , 334x380 , Steepled_Fingers_by_evilengine9.png )
>>String Theory Thread

>> No. 69433
You guys are making me ship Langstrom/Schtein. And Phineas/Schtein. And....fuck it, SCHTEIN/EVERYONE is my OTP.
>> No. 69435

Hi, original requester of the fic here.
>> No. 69450
File 129885240782.jpg - (181.71KB , 499x1024 , staggering_by_evilengine9-d37xaz5.jpg )

Oh, good! I'm glad you liked it!

And feel free to post more fic prompts, everyone; I'm having a lot of fun writing for this fandom.
>> No. 69452

Well here's one that may seem a bit overused but something i haven't found yet:

JayJay/Schtein? Possibly where Jay and schtein talk about their troubled pasts with women, which results in an argument which leads to sex

psh, so cliche but i need my fix~
>> No. 69453

Prison gangbang. I NEED IT.
>> No. 69454
File 129885604285.jpg - (163.32KB , 800x1245 , Fight_of_grumpy_docs_by_ArBoL_6.jpg )
Dunno who the other guy is, but tiny angry Schtein is too adorable not to post
>> No. 69455
File 129885713071.png - (1.16MB , 750x1234 , A_Ode_to_Herville_by_Tobi_kunun.png )
I wish she'd update the comic faster, I am addicted.
>> No. 69457
File 129885760440.jpg - (308.99KB , 596x555 , scorn_by_museamused-d36dnli.jpg )
I can't wait for him to get into full-on super-villain mode.
>> No. 69458
>> No. 69459
Especially since it's obvious the author's got a thing for blood, torture, and gasmasks so it's going to be delicious.
>> No. 69462
If it's anything like the prison arc, it'll be amazing.

Looks like I'm gonna finish that gang-bang fic, then.
>> No. 69467
File 129886617025.png - (98.12KB , 240x182 , bffs.png )
Written during the Oscars, and goddamn I feel dirty. I've never written something like this before, hope it's alright.


Shoot the Dog

Mother Schtein had told him time and again not to run his mouth, to quit it with the smart-ass answers before someone really shut him up for good. /Really Herville/, she'd chide, /not everyone is as lenient as /. A snap—his arm was broken and his lesson, she assured herself, was learned.

Except his words got sharper, turned to acid in his mouth and spilled out like oil, poisoning everything around him and driving life away.

Any pain he felt at the absence of people was drowned by alcohol, and his hate darkened and festered inside, burrowed into his personality so deeply that not even the shock of prison could chase it away. Fortunately for Schtein, his acid mouth had not enticed any serious retribution from his fellow inmates. His mother would have called it the Devil's luck.

What happened when his luck finally ran out...well, Mother Schtein would have called it /justice/.


Water rushes down his face and pools on the grimy tiles below. Steamy air fogs the room as the sound of the shower lulls him into a trance. Schtein is content, if only for the moment. /It's been too long/, he thinks, /way too long/. He tilts his head back, enjoying the warmth and the quiet.

The quiet.

Fear grips him in an instant. Too quiet—too quiet for a locker room, quiet as the grave for a prison shower. He turns, expecting the worse, finding it in the form of MacManus and his men advancing toward him. He wishes immediately that he were struck down dead. The /splash/ of their feet echoes in the room and he can only scream for the guards once, twice before they have crossed it entirely.

As he is surrounded by men with biceps thicker than his neck he is painfully aware of his nudity. Drew, that thug, that Aryan lunatic, grabs him by the head and Schtein is going to die, /oh God, like an anima/l, and then--salvation. All Drew wants is an apology. Despite his mind being hazy with fear, he manages to stammer out:

"I'll do whatever you want...I...I'm s-sorry..."

Laughter, chiding, they start to leave, and as his mind, that sick vicious animal, becomes aware again, it rears back and becomes enraged. /Laughter./ /At him/. In this prison he has no weapon but his words. Furious in his shock, he hisses “/Slimy trailer park afterbirth/.” It’s his gut instinct, and as with many of his instincts, it results in a monumentally terrible decision.

In the graveyard silence of the shower room it echoes, his muttered insult, his death rattle, and as MacManus turns back, Schtein knows he has made this room his tomb. MacManus looks confused, at first, as if this sort of back-talk is an entirely unique experience to him—Schtein is a different sort of animal, one too stupid to know when he’s been beat. Confusion quickly morphs into resolve, and as MacManus and his cronies make their way back to where Schtein lay crumpled on the floor, his face bears the look of a man ready to put down a rabid dog.

Schtein sees it, and he is scared. And in his fear, he is slow; Krow, MacManus’ small, hunched supporter, gets to him before he can so much as roll over, and Schtein quickly finds himself once again held down by MacManus’ men. The back of his head is wet against the pipe he is forced against, and he is aware—too aware—of the sensation of hands gripping his wrist, his chest, his /face/—every nerve on fire. He wants, more than anything at this moment, to crawl out of his skin and burn himself clean, but the press of thumbs on his wrist remind him, firmly and insistently, that he is very much set to stay.

MacManus looms over him, a mocking smile playing about his face. “Couldn’t help yourself, huh, Doc? I almost feel sorry for you.” He sighs. “You’re a bit like my dad’s old dog—you just don’t know when to stop barking.” MacManus smirks. “Well, we fixed him real good. I’m sure we can do the same for you. Whaddya say, boys?”

As if on cue, Schtein is forced onto his knees. The realization hits him with the force of a truck, and with renewed fear he struggles frantically, stammers out “No, please, n-not this—”

MacManus kicks him once in the chest. Hard. He feels the crack of something, some essential part of him, as the pain spirals from his ribs. He dry-heaves.

“Calm down, Doc, no need to get yourself all worked up. It’ll all be over soon, and we can go back to being /friends/.” Laughter echoes in the room and Schtein feels sick. This has all become too real.

With a few sparse words, the other men are sent out to watch the door, leaving MacManus and only one of his underlings with an iron grip on Schtein’s wrists. He grasps Schtein by the chin, tilting his head back. Calm. “If you try anything with those teeth of yours, I’ll have them knocked out.” He pulls out his cock, already hardening, and forces Schtein’s head forward with a yank of his hair.

Kicked into survival mode, Schtein does the only thing he can—he braces his hands against MacManus’ muscled thighs and takes his cock full in his mouth.

It’s heavy on his tongue, the hand gripping his hair much too hard. He screws his eyes shut, focuses on the feel of it in his mouth and not on the man above him, grunting in approval. He manages to zone out enough that he fails to notice movement behind him.

Narrow hands grip him suddenly about the waist and jerk him back, forcing him to place his hands on the ground to steady himself. Schtein is startled, unwrapping his mouth from MacManus’ cock and letting out a “Hey!” of surprise.

“Finish what you started, boy.” MacManus smashes his head into his crotch, and Schtein scrambles to comply. Wills himself not to flinch when he feels someone lean in against the curve of his ass, folding themselves over his naked, ugly form. He feels a finger slip in, quick and wet, and he spasms slightly.

“Don’t think I’m doing this to be nice. If I don’t stretch you out you’ll chop my dick off, you’re so fucking tight.” Above him, MacManus laughs.

Ah, so it was Krow, then. He slips in another finger. Schtein continues sucking MacManus’ cock, willing the guards to come before the men. Without warning, Krow removes his fingers, and Schtein feels it for a moment, blunt and heavy against his ass, before Krow pushes in to the hilt.

Hating himself but unable to stop, Schtein moans.

“Fucking whore,” Krow mutters, and MacManus snickers. Flushed with shame, he rocks between the men, pushed by one, pulled by the other, and he has never felt so used, so dirty, so /sick/ in all his life. His ass burns and his mouth is too thick with saliva, but then Krow /hits something/ in him and all thoughts of discomfort are forgotten. He bucks back, Krow pushes forward, and with his nose buried in the curls of MacManus’ pubic hair, he comes.

A heavy grunt, and he finds MacManus’ grip has tightened. The cock in his mouth convulses and he is choking down the man’s seed, forced to swallow and willing himself not to vomit it back up. MacManus pulls back suddenly, content, and staggers back. He gives Krow an impatient look.

“Hurry the fuck up, the guards aren’t gonna be gone forever.”

“Fuck you,” Krow hisses, eyes shut and hands firmly looped around Schtein’s middle. With a sickening gasp he shudders, and Schtein is filled with him, wet and sour. Krow lays over him, boneless, before MacManus hauls him to his feet.

“We’re leaving, Krow, pull yourself together.” He shoves the man towards the door, Krow struggling not to trip on his pants. He turns back to Schtein. “I hope you’ve learned something from all this, Doc.” He smirks at Schtein’s nude skin, bruising already and splattered with cum. “And clean yourself up. You look disgusting.” He leaves, his footsteps echoing in the empty room.

Schtein tries, he really does, but he just can’t help himself—he curls up on the soiled tile floor and cries.

MacManus hears them, the choking, heaving sobs, and as he walks back to his cell, he cannot help but smile.

>> No. 69468


oh GOD why did i enjoy that
>> No. 69469

I shouldn't be as aroused as I am.
>> No. 69476
How long is this?
>> No. 69479
Not very. You'll manage to catch up in just a few hours, man.
>> No. 69508

I read through it all in like, 2 hours. It's great, and pretty fast-paced.
>> No. 69525
File 129898401841.jpg - (66.69KB , 370x426 , tumblr_lhbdkkhhmY1qcync7o1_400.jpg )
Am I the only one not really concerned with this being a temporary, upcoming look?
>> No. 69528

idk.... the only thing that really bugs me is the semi-beard....

Schtein's face looks better baby-bottom smooth
>> No. 69533

I dislike the beard of sorrow.

>>Schtein's face looks better baby-bottom smooth

This, absolutely.
>> No. 69578

>> No. 69661
We all know Schtein is an alchoholic...drunk visit to Langstrom's office fic? That leads to sex of course. Bonus points if it's mentioned that this has happened before.
>> No. 69671

seconding so fucking hard
>> No. 69675
File 129922250986.jpg - (31.56KB , 498x677 , schtein on his knees.jpg )
Posting some content from the archived thread.
>> No. 69677
File 12992225985.png - (19.15KB , 686x572 , 126526337591.png )
Here's the alternate version of >>69410.
>> No. 69678
File 129922265486.png - (282.27KB , 787x633 , 126526341870.png )
>> No. 69679
File 129922270970.jpg - (326.15KB , 550x741 , 126518553742.jpg )
>> No. 69680
File 129922276459.png - (1.13MB , 602x1018 , 127353851676.png )
>> No. 69746
File 129934490899.png - (81.85KB , 564x454 , NO WAI.png )
I'll just leave this here...
Drawn by Becky herself on the request of some one else.
This is why she is my favorite artist.
>> No. 69902
someone needs to draw greasy, dirty, unshaven stein fapping
>> No. 69903

* Schtein
>> No. 69916
I knew I wasn't the only one!
>> No. 70014

someone must do theeessseeee
>> No. 70018
File 129972876413.jpg - (292.89KB , 768x1024 , 2011-03-10-chp3-page-twenty.jpg )
someone needs to draw/write male nurse checking on him

>> No. 70019

how hilarious would it be if the "male nurse" turned out to be Phin?
Fic please?
>> No. 70041
Could we get some more Phineas/Schtein, pretty please?
>> No. 70048

I want it to be Phineas SO BAD, he's such an amazing/horrifying character.
>> No. 70663
This thread needs more love

>> No. 70664

Getting eaten alive by college. D:

No Phineas coming from me though, too creepy for me.
>> No. 70683
god he is so thin :(
it's not the same without the smallest hint of tummy.

I would go there if I wasn't afraid of it becoming too guro-ish. I mean I wouldn't go totally over the edge but drawing him without blood and gore just.. wouldn't make sense.
>> No. 70861
File 130154766328.jpg - (285.67KB , 768x1024 , 2011-03-30-page-twentythree.jpg )
Update get! Laurence and Liz are awesome, and I'm pretty sure Abel is opening himself up as a kink target.

Not for the threat, but the ability itself.

...unless that's a kink, I guess? C__c
>> No. 70872

hnng dat pout

Also, is it wrong to want Laurence/Schtein? Because it feels so right.
>> No. 70915
File 130168494712.jpg - (286.33KB , 768x1024 , aasdrfghj.jpg )
>> No. 70918
>bad ass

oh man this is hilarious. They must have him on the good drugs while he gets better.
>> No. 70941

if that's wrong, then i'm wasting my time right now when i could be sleeping.
>> No. 71005
someone please write this AU
and there can be
running away from dinosaurs followed by adrenaline fuelled sex
>> No. 71007



>> No. 71217
File 13021588325.jpg - (293.35KB , 768x1024 , 2011-04-06-page-twentyfour.jpg )

I'm pretty sure that's Leon.
>> No. 71307
Where the hell are our writefags?
>> No. 71445
Humbly requesting some drawfags or writefags

Or conversation, to get the plot bunnies breeding
>> No. 71642
New page! And so it is Leon after all.

Man, Schtein is so tiny-looking next to most of the other people in this comic.
>> No. 71841
File 130306818479.jpg - (295.16KB , 768x1024 , weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.jpg )
Super Secret Sunday page :D
>> No. 71909
drawfag open for business - currently studying for finals in a week and poking at a Herv/Laurence pic, just fyi

so what's up with Abel's powers, eh? are they psychic? is he a mutant? :U

...also, a friend and i've been doing a frequently-updated rp for about a year now that's started from the premise that an accident with the teleporter would create a hole in the fabric of space-time, but i hope nobody's interested in that because it's got a huge amount of crossovers with other series and rps and focuses on evolutionary biology and it's kinda awkward to explain and yeah
>> No. 71915
>focuses on evolutionary biology
I'm interested. Does it include this series?
>> No. 71964
File 130326832371.png - (178.93KB , 638x358 , HHNNGGGG_ratigan.png )
>something to relax you, to make you chatty.
oh my god... oh my god here we go HNNGGGG
>> No. 71966
Errr, yes, forgot to mention that. It's focused around throwing all sorts of crap at Herv and Delia and seeing how they'd deal with it in-character.

The evolutionary biology involves working out how carnivorous humanoids with wings would have realistic biology... which is a major subplot, and a crossover the Legacy of Kain video game series. Like I said, kind of weird to explain without a lot of backstory.
>> No. 71992
File 130333792011.jpg - (306.49KB , 768x1024 , WORK IT HERV WORK IT.jpg )
Panel five. I want to frame it and hang it on my wall
>> No. 71995
File 130334091719.jpg - (149.95KB , 850x467 , mydrift.jpg )
This is as big as it gets, unfortunately.
>> No. 72001
>> No. 72006
So the last panel of >>71992 compels me to make a weird fic-request:
Hallucinating!Schtein tentacle porn.

>> No. 72017
omg i love this page so much
>> No. 72366
File 130399103248.jpg - (320.75KB , 768x1024 , 2011-04-27-page-twentyeight.jpg )
I don't care if it's supposed to be a bromance. I'm shipping it and you can't stop me.
>> No. 72406
Mmmm, sideburns.
>> No. 72435
He was so cute.
>> No. 72664
File 13044230668.jpg - (92.19KB , 365x545 , out_in_the_rain_by_evilengine9-d3fgvd0.jpg )
Hey, look, you guise! Angry Schtein! In the rain!
>> No. 72677
File 130445087693.png - (255.30KB , 600x600 , dasgross.png )
>> No. 72690
File 130446925212.jpg - (58.68KB , 423x316 , 2010-09-22-page-thirtyfour.jpg )
>> No. 72858

The website is down and I haven't seen the new update.

Did anyone save the new page?I gotta see it!
>> No. 72861
File 130472893818.jpg - (274.71KB , 768x1024 , 2011-05-06-page-twentynine.jpg )
>> No. 72867
File 130473730713.jpg - (12.11KB , 225x225 , BAD ASS.jpg )
>> No. 72931
File 130485455852.jpg - (110.97KB , 513x692 , dearest_valentine_by_evilengine9-d39jdw2[1].jpg )
Has no one already found this....?
>> No. 73059
File 130514209264.jpg - (393.66KB , 768x1024 , RAINBOOOOOWS.jpg )
oh dear lord, THE RAINBOWS
>> No. 73251
Writefags...Where you at!?
>> No. 73592
File 130607720672.png - (311.40KB , 484x749 , beckoning.png )
>> No. 73624
ffff I do know that he is basically designed to be the opposite of hot and yet somehow.
>> No. 73811
i think that might be exactly _why_ he's hot.
>> No. 76688
>> No. 76724
File 131134035754.jpg - (209.52KB , 767x1280 , late_afternoon_by_evilengine9-d418k44.jpg )
>> No. 76735
>> No. 76834
>> No. 77322
File 131272444588.jpg - (303.08KB , 768x1024 , 2011-08-05-page-fortyone.jpg )
So now we've got a scarred-up guy offering his body to Schtein in exchange for protection. This comic, man, this comic.
>> No. 77353
I'm trying to figure out if Schtein goes full villain during this comic, how his connections in prison will pan out. I'd love nothing more than for him to take over the prison and all the inmates become his henchmen, but it's unlikely.
>> No. 77358
Doc gets hotter with every fucking page I swear
>> No. 77537
That doesn't make sense. If a character have unattractive features it would most likely be viewed in that way.
>> No. 77539
...not necessarily, since people are attracted to more than just physical features? you might find someone unattractive at first, but the more you know about their personality the hotter you find them- Rodney McKay from Stargate Atlantis was an excellent example of this for me. and people who aren't conventionally attractive, or are even actively unattractive, can still appeal to others based on personal tastes or, again, other things about their personality/actions/intelligence/etc that make up for, or make you see past, the physical. like the massive fangirl following for Severus Snape.

as for Doc- his character design is clearly not intended to be hot. he's crazy pale, he's got fucked-up teeth, a giant freaking nose, receding hairline, bit of a potbelly... but he's a genius, and kind of an asshole, and for some of us those things are wicked hot. add in the way becks poses him (ads;ksjfsldkfj srsly her skills with body language and facial expressions HNNGH) and someone that shouldn't be attractive suddenly really is.

sage for who gives a fuck
>> No. 77559
File 131321546860.jpg - (163.18KB , 894x589 , jeezethatpose.jpg )
Also you have to keep in mind that it's all subjective. A certain feature like pale skin, crooked teeth, scars, etc may be deal-breakers to some and fetishes to others.
I like people with gaps in their teeth. Some people are disgusted by the exact same feature.
I wish I had some porn but for now--
>> No. 77905
File 131439682318.jpg - (373.81KB , 768x1024 , 2011-08-26-page-fortyfour.jpg )
It first I was like "Aww, yeah, more Krow."

>> No. 77913

and then Phin grabbed Schtien and did him on the table. In front of everyone. The end.
>> No. 77943
File 131446709363.png - (202.09KB , 490x702 , string_theory.png )
im a horrible human being for shipping these two.
*runs* >_>;
>> No. 77944
Are you open to some constructive crit?

I'm just suggesting you look more into anatomical proportions. You're almost completely on model with their faces, but they have the bodies of children, with gives them this strange bobblehead look, detracting from the picture and making it difficult to take seriously. You're really good, but I think you're limiting yourself to this chibi thing in most of you're art and could do much better.
>> No. 77945
File 131447068682.png - (309.55KB , 487x704 , how_do_i_anatomy.png )
its not my fault failing so hard at anatomy...... i know i have to work on that, though.
btw, most of Schtein's body is covered by Armastus's, and i -failed- tried to put his weight into the dumb looking bed. also, i just cant handle a more realistic style, maybe because i have a -kind of- cartoonish style? dunno. thanks for the crit, i hope my skills(?) get better with time..... c:
>> No. 77946
The important thing is that you're applying yourself. With time and experience, stylization becomes less of an issue.

Thanks for taking the crit pretty well.
>> No. 77951
File 131448535258.png - (128.80KB , 498x713 , Armastus_-_Schtein.png )
now you sound like my mother. :/
>> No. 77980
Hm... Is this any good? It just seems like a bunch of nasty people being horrible to one another.
>> No. 78008
Just give it a try. The first chapter isn't too long, and the drawing style, coloring, plot and expressions get much better.

The plot in a nutshell: Douchebag doctor loses his eyes and has then replaced with biomechanical ones. He ends up in the jail for one horrible accident he accidentally causes, and now has to survive in there.

The artist has revealed that later he will escape the jail and use his intelligence to become a supervillain
>> No. 78018
Schtein, the main protagonist, is one of those characters who you feel bad for and remain sympathetic towards despite his douchey behavior. He really carries the series, but the other characters are very interesting as well.

Don't be squeamish, give the series a chance. You might end up loving it.
>> No. 78313
Bumping because this thread has yet to fill my craving for phin/schtein. Seriously guys. I am disappoint.
>> No. 78314
File 131543569113.png - (186.29KB , 506x707 , schteinXarmastus2.png )
im dissapointed too, so i will bump with content. c:

-i promise i will try to be a better artist and improve- *sob.
>> No. 78347
I love you <3333 it's not that bad, I like it! You just keep trying.
>> No. 78530
>> No. 78597
File 131646729682.jpg - (83.83KB , 500x618 , RAPE BOX.jpg )
"Anonymous asked outinthewastes:
Hey Schtein, what do you think of people shipping you with Phineas? :)"

brb laughing forever
>> No. 78599
>guess who was that anon?? ;)

that answer totally made my day.
>> No. 78627
File 131655696425.png - (287.76KB , 560x699 , kiss_the_doc.png )
could anyone post some Schtein x Armastus??
anything will do.
-i will draw shit and be annoying until my dumb computer works right again- D:<
>> No. 78631

oh my god. I love you forever
please marry me and have my babies you gorgeous person <33333
>> No. 78701
Why hasn't someone wrote a phin/schtein fic exploiting Schtein's "i like to be dominated" kink? Seriously! He likes to be dominated and Phin is clearly a dominating person. Someone do this. Pretty please?
>> No. 78726
>My readers from /coq/ may just enjoy today’s guest page. :O

I wonder if she still comes back here and sees what a mess we are making of her comic......
>> No. 78742
you so cute. uwu

>> No. 78843
File 131733922439.jpg - (310.68KB , 768x1024 , Not denying he is his boyfriend.jpg )
Will somebody just get it over with and draw laurance/kevin?

How many more pages do we need of them being refered to a couple, joke or not. I am severly dissapointed in you coq.

*glances at LTF expectantly*
>> No. 79378
File 131854676024.jpg - (111.72KB , 709x526 , omg omg omg HNNNNNNNNNG.jpg )

Becky, Becky I love you.
>> No. 79435
>> No. 79456
Oh my goodness, unf. Where did this come from? Is it...is it a sketch for an upcoming page?
>> No. 79462
File 131893451581.jpg - (135.20KB , 776x664 , tdmtwbh.jpg )

>> No. 79582
File 13190010637.jpg - (313.14KB , 768x1024 , 2011-10-18-page-fifty.jpg )
>> No. 79612
>> No. 79628
guys i dont wanna be the only queer drawfag in this fandom. ;___;
-also there needs to be more Phin/Schtein. now-
>> No. 79681

why am i just now discovering this beautiful comic
>> No. 79689
File 131924514873.png - (250.63KB , 870x697 , Schtein_Armastus_stillnotdone.png )
what am i doing. stop me.
-also the colored version is on my Tumblr.- :I
>> No. 79713
kinda want more schtein/krow...
>> No. 79716
Oh good. I thought I was the only one..
>> No. 79778
File 131962837527.png - (426.07KB , 761x337 , aw come on beckey.png )
And then live_the_faggotry's art was canon.
>> No. 79783
oh my god i am in love with this thread
>> No. 79786
File 131967086140.png - (15.69KB , 552x201 , BECKY OH YOU.png )
I feel like she said this just for us.

Becky, if you're out there, I want you to know we appreciate this very much <3
>> No. 79787

*Mr. Grundy gaaaaah I feel like a jerk now.
>> No. 79790
Shit, so do I. (I'm the poster of >>79778).
Sorry, Mr. Grundy! It won't happen again. D:
>> No. 79792

you can call me Beckey, it's okay. It is my name. Nothing to be sorry about.
>> No. 79816
oh my God.
Becky no. dont tell me you have been looking at this mess. im so sorry. ;A;
>> No. 79817
File 131976932934.gif - (1.86MB , 330x169 , gasp!.gif )
>mfw the creator of the comic shows up in the thread
>> No. 79819
Can you prove you are Becks and not some troll?
>> No. 79820
>Can you please give us art
>> No. 79823
Didn't we all know that she hangs out on /coq/?

Hi Beckey! Keep being awesome.
>> No. 79824
Shhhhh... we're trying to get free art here
>> No. 79830
File 131983493935.jpg - (117.08KB , 563x666 , p52redlinespv.jpg )
aw you already got free art out of me
I did post this, after all. :D
>> No. 79831

thank you so much for the lovely arts aahhhhh!
>> No. 79852
File 13199421508.jpg - (98.34KB , 513x700 , loldatass.jpg )
umm, hello thread.
hi becks!
and also, uh, sorry.
>> No. 79882
File 132006112380.jpg - (74.96KB , 612x499 , thingyfin3.jpg )
have a super dumb quick thing i did
>> No. 80730
File 132139564078.jpg - (197.53KB , 1280x510 , lil phin lil phin lil phin lil phin.jpg )
lil phin lil phin lil phin lil phin lil phin
>> No. 81203
dat update
>> No. 82031
File 132400326557.jpg - (369.88KB , 768x1024 , Possesive Phin is Possesive.jpg )
Phin stop lying.
We all know you are just jealous of the attention Schtien is giving Krow.
You can't hide you're true feelings from us.
>> No. 82199
krow being injured gives me a confused boner. Phin, could you throw him over a slab for us? dohohohoho. Anyone else having this problem? I feel awful for enjoying watching characters be in pain.

Sage because I have no content!
>> No. 82399
The last two updates have made me start shipping Schtein and Krow.

Oh lord, I go through ships so fast in this comic.
And to think I originally only wanted Schtein to end up with Delia. Oh man.
>> No. 82402

>> No. 82518
High-five, bro!

Oh god, I need Schtein/Krow in my life. Or anyone/Krow, really; I'm gnashing my teeth over here from lack of Krow-related love-squeezins. I am creepin' on that little creepo so hard I don't even.
>> No. 83084
File 13265242605.jpg - (83.45KB , 800x1126 , schtein_by_hobowobbler.jpg )
>> No. 83323

Oh god, this is my new OTP and I love you
>> No. 83655
>> No. 83699
oh god more phineas/schtein please ;u;
>> No. 83804

>> No. 83887
>> No. 83902
File 132865524785.jpg - (181.15KB , 877x1017 , stri.jpg )
beckey's ST tumblrrrrr oh maiiiiiiii
>> No. 84203
File 132957440636.jpg - (253.63KB , 920x684 , tumblr_lzf77b105K1r1ytx9o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 84383
File 132990226841.jpg - (135.63KB , 897x846 , tumblr_lz5y03O5eU1r1ytx9.jpg )
Also, butts.
>> No. 84481
>> No. 84664
So, Krow is dead. Let us all mourn ;_;
>> No. 84956
>> No. 84957
>> No. 84975
File 133268727338.jpg - (79.55KB , 582x690 , tumblr_m1b427BDXf1qcync7.jpg )
>> No. 85363
>> No. 85708

>> No. 85709

>> No. 86900
>> No. 86910

I'm a sick fuck and I don't even care~
>> No. 90759
>> No. 90949
File 135788782324.jpg - (23.04KB , 642x130 , PhineasSchtein is totally canon now.jpg )
So, this happened.
>> No. 91009
File 135848192290.jpg - (79.20KB , 300x760 , 126504711693.jpg )
>> No. 91061
Are you people forgetting Ben is alive?
Think about it. Think of allll the little scenarios you people can come up with for fanfiction and art fuel. Now go, go go go.
>> No. 91062
Are you people forgetting Ben is alive?
Think about it. Think of allll the little scenarios you people can come up with for fanfiction and art fuel. Now go, go go go.
>> No. 91492
File 136571261440.jpg - (109.79KB , 737x795 , schtein gettin beaten up.jpg )
Bumping with vague content?
I mean damn, that smirk...
>> No. 91493
But if anybody touches him, they'll get cancer and die. His dick is literally radioactive
>> No. 91494
Is it? I was under the impression he just released a crapton of EMPs and that's why he was in a shielded cell. It's probably why one of Doc's eyes are out in that image, too.
>> No. 93659
File 14005876082.jpg - (163.25KB , 850x964 , 5amweirdness2.jpg )
Dumping what I have
>> No. 93660
File 140058769871.jpg - (191.71KB , 949x1109 , 5amweirdness.jpg )
>> No. 93661
File 140058775119.jpg - (238.23KB , 887x973 , 5amweirdness3.jpg )
>> No. 93662
File 14005878146.jpg - (129.76KB , 599x742 , phineas5amweirdness.jpg )
Also Phineas
>> No. 93663
File 140058795640.jpg - (183.49KB , 1261x1284 , phineas.jpg )
>> No. 93664
File 140058809645.jpg - (185.93KB , 999x983 , 5amweirdness4.jpg )
Back to Dr. Schtein
>> No. 93665
File 140058816083.jpg - (241.66KB , 988x735 , 5amweirdness5.jpg )
>> No. 93666
File 140058822394.jpg - (321.50KB , 953x957 , 5amweirdness6.jpg )
>> No. 93667
File 140058827425.jpg - (227.57KB , 612x977 , 5amweirdness7.jpg )
>> No. 93668
File 140058837588.jpg - (242.99KB , 740x764 , redshift.jpg )
That's me out for now I have essays to mark and alcohol to drink.
>> No. 93669
The 'rape box' is the best thing ever. I never thought I'd say those words, but there you go. I nearly pissed myself laughing. Well done!
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