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Let's do this shit
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File 128566582924.jpg - (188.16KB , 800x900 , 127112827512.jpg )
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File 128566584573.jpg - (144.01KB , 750x1256 , 126687729815.jpg )
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File 12856659067.jpg - (187.95KB , 900x611 , 127121354936.jpg )
>> No. 58302
Ok why is this full of stuff we've seen....

If you guys post some art prompts I'll will see if I can make them happen!
>> No. 58318
Yay, we're back! During the downtime I started working on a Daken/Logan sniktcest fic.

Some Daken bondage, maybe? With the person of your choice, but I don't think I've ever seen him properly tied up.
>> No. 58320
Starting fresh is a good feeling. Hopefully I can sneak in time to write for you guys again.

Oh, how good you are to us! Can I suggest some Daken/Skaar? Skaar's adoration of milkshakes makes me think they should share one.

I second the bondage too. Those bandages all over his new costume should be exploited.
>> No. 58358
Eeee, new thread. I like that shiny new feeling.

Perhaps some Daken/Venom? There's not nearly enough of those two out there.

Thirding the Daken bondage as well. :D
>> No. 58361
Two birds with one stone--Mac uses the Symbiote to restrain Daken.
>> No. 58450
File 128581151379.jpg - (165.72KB , 400x946 , sippow.jpg )
I'm not familiar with Skaar so if it shows sorry.
>> No. 58457
I'm not familiar with Skaar either but that is absolutely adorable.
>> No. 58477
Did you sneak into my brain? I totally had this scenario in my head, but decided not to go on about it since I figured it'd be a little too annoyingly specific of a request. But then you come out with it! It's almost scary.

I love it! You're amazing.
>> No. 58510
Actually this was the vary first thing that popped in to my head and I said to myself, "wow people at are going to think you are lame"...So I'm happy I'm not alone, and I'm glad you guys like it.
>> No. 58512
Found this in my LJ inbox (from like 2 days ago) From the Kink meme! Needless to say it I love it!.

"It's Not an Obsession"
By Anonymous

Daken doesn't like Johnny.

Let's just make that clear first and foremost. Despite the growing amount of time they're starting to spend around each other, Daken does not like Johnny Storm. If anything, he rather hates the man. Or at least just about everything the man stands for.

Now, the thing is, Johnny doesn't really like Daken.

Not really. He finds Daken infuriating and frustrating and he can never quite bring himself to trust anyone who's worked for Norman Osborn, no matter what they might say to the contrary. But he is fascinated by Daken and that right there might be the heart of the entire problem, because Daken knows Johnny's fascinated. Entranced... Maybe a little obsessed. Just a little.

Just enough to call him and ask if he wants to go out and party. Not that he does it often. ...Very often... Every other night, maybe and every encounter just ends with him even more infuriated and frustrated and hard, because Daken's spent the entire night with that stupid little insinuating, smug, holier-than-thou smirk. And he hates it because that smirk comes with those little sideways, under-his-stupidly-long-eyelashes looks and a slight brush of his thigh against Johnny's when Daken leans against the bar next to him and... Johnny knows.

Johnny knows what's going to happen, way down in his bones, just like he can see Daken knows. They both know it's going to be one of those nights. When they part ways, Daken can already feel his pulse start to pick up a little. Because even with their odd mutal dislike, there's still a thrill to this. Still a thrill to suddenly have Johnny Fucking Storm pressing you into an alley and groaning his way into a kiss. And it's certainly not like he doesn't expect it, oh no. He knows exactly how much of those little sub concious nudges Johnny needs before he starts thinking about Daken's body.

Daken will give him some credit. The man is very good at sex. And there is something bizarrely arousing about the scent of fire and his too-hot skin. Daken slams him against the wall, kissing him, biting his lip hard enough to make it bleed. Johnny just groans and spreads his legs like the good boy he is and grabs Daken's ass, grinding against him.

"Impatient as always, Johnny," Daken purrs, hands already sliding into the back of Johnny's pants and pushing a thigh in between Johnny's spread legs and...

All right, so there is one thing Daken likes about Johnny and it has a lot to do with moments like this: Letting Johnny twist them around so that Daken's back is against the wall, leaning heavily against him as Daken teases his fingers back farther and farther, grinding against the thigh between his legs. Pressing into him nice and slow, barely any sweat and Johnny is almost painfully hot inside, but Daken takes him just like that anyway.

Because really when you have Johnny Storm, the golden playboy of the Fantastic Four, rutting against you and practically begging to be fingered in an alley, you'd have to be mad to let that go. And while Daken is most assuredly not sane, he knows he will never be so far gone as to give this opportunity up.

"O-oh God."

Daken smiles and traces the curve of Johnny's ear with tip of his tongue and edge his teeth. "Exactly."

And Johnny is nothing like a woman, even when Daken fucks him like this. He makes no pretense of care or tenderness, holding on to Daken hard enough to leave bruises, biting any exposed skin he can find, sometimes breaking the skin and growling at the taste of blood and the feeling of the small cuts closing up against his tongue and lips. Rocking until he comes, groaning and shuddering.

Daken loves those moments. He can recognize in himself a desire for power and the seduction of corrupting something good and he never feels more at the height of all of that than when he feels Johnny gasping and coming in his pants like some horny needy virgin. Savoring the moment when he can into Johnny's dazed, flushed expression and knowning in that moment, he could own this man completely. At that moment, even the little push his pheremones give him aren't needed.

But then an odd thing always happens. The moment will pass and Johnny's satisfied adoration will turn into a feirce glare and he'll... just drop. No pretense, no seduction, just on his knees and yanking open Daken's pants, already too rough. And always, always that little pause when he has his too hot hand around Daken and is glaring up at him, his lips already brushing the head.

"I could make you beg for it," says Johnny. The hand not around Daken's cock is already sliding back oh so insinuatingly behind Daken's balls.

Daken smiles and slides his hands into Johnny's hair. The touch is tender and feels all the more wrong for it. "But you won't."

The glare seems to intensify for a minute, then Johnny takes his hand off Daken's cock, waits just that one moment long enough for Daken to actually start to miss the touch before Johnny takes him and the way down. And God, the first time they did this, it had been over just like that. Daken's pride still stings a bit from that, even if he's decided it was one of those rare instances where he simply hadn't been prepared and surely next time, he would put Johnny in his place.

But oh, it's hard to remember... Hot, wet mouth, clever tongue and god, just the slightest catch of teeth. One of these days, Daken is going to find out exactly where Johnny learned to give head and personally make sure it's published on every gossip rag circulating the United States and Europe and maybe parts of Asia if he can get pictures of this. Johnny Storm on his knees, sucking cock like he was made for nothing but this dirty, destructive kind of sex. Ruin him till he has no one to turn to, but Daken.

The idea is intoxicating.

And he always attributes that for the reason he comes so quickly. Not the two fingers shoved (fucked) roughly into him or the precise scrape of teeth up the length of his cock or the sudden and noticable heat increase. He ignores the tremble in his hands and the fading weakness in his knees as he tucks himself back in and zips up his pants. He covers up his own glare with a coy expression, pointedly ignoring that damned knowingly smug look in Johnny's eyes when he stands. He's more than a little vindicated when he leans close again to brush against what he can see is Johnny's own quickly returning errection.

"Shall we continue this discussion at my place?" Daken offers smoothly.

This is another part of it. This is where Johnny makes up some fumbling, embarrassed excuse and flies off into the night with one more win for Daken. Tonight is different. Tonight the man stuffs his hands in his jeans and rocks back a little on his heels, studying Daken.

"What would you do if I said yes." It's not really a question. Daken cocks an eyebrow at him, but that odd, thoughtful expression doesn't disappear, Johnny merely insists, "Seriously. I want to know."

Fuck you until you cry is the first answer that comes to mind. Until the only thing you think about is me is the second and several variations follow shortly. "I wasn't aware we were taking out relationship to the next level, Johnny."

Johnny snorts. "There's nothing between us, but hot sex and mind games. And neither of us is going to break it off, for one reason or another, but at least I'm able to admit that I'm obsessed with you. That's more than you're capable of."

"I would hardly say I'm obsessed with you, Johnny, flattering as it is to know you think of me so frequently." Daken's playing it off, cool and suave as ever, but inside he's beginning to feel a little unsettled by all of this. Where had this sudden burst of insightful maturity come from? Surely he hadn't underestimated Johnny's intelligence. Johnny looks at him a moment longer with that unsettling expression, then shakes his head, as if he's the one who feels sorry for Daken.

"I'll talk to you later." Then he's gone in a blaze of fire, not even bothering to step back far enough not to blast Daken with the sudden heat. And Daken... He isn't shaken. He simply isn't. Perhaps unsettled. Tonight is, he's sure, a victory, but one much less easily defined and it chafes him a little. Next time, he decided, it would be different. After all, he had the advantage now. Now he knew Johnny was obsessed with him, that all those little subtle seductions all playing their role up to the much larger scheme. Reassured, Daken headed back to his flat, entertaining a few favored fantasies as he went.

If you had asked him why he was so focused on this, he couldn't have given you a straight answer. Really all it came down to was power, Johnny was just a stepping stone and he certainly wasn't obsessed. It was a tactile advantage to have a man like Johnny Storm indentured to him. After all, it wasn't as though Daken liked the man.
>> No. 58709
File 12861097566.png - (243.56KB , 743x480 , daken even makes morse sound sexy.png )
>> No. 58713
Oh my gosh, I adore everything about this. The expressions are perfect and the style in how you colored it is so catching -- especially with Johnny's hair being actually alight. Plus, the tie... somehow that little gesture is incredibly sexy all on its own.
>> No. 59189
File 128669298028.jpg - (148.62KB , 462x924 , 1286689879757.jpg )
So quiet here, /coq/...
>> No. 59303
File 128685075598.jpg - (417.45KB , 680x740 , T1mco - Incendiary.jpg )
>> No. 59353
If this isn't proof that Johnny Storm is gay (for Daken), I don't know what is. I wish I could shoop Daken in there somehow:
>> No. 59380
File 128698977441.png - (212.52KB , 700x700 , 1286972951242.png )
Straight male drawfag was doing art for the gay thread last night on /co/ and took my request. Oh yes. I love it so.

But seriously, guys, where are you?
>> No. 59381

My kink buttons, you're pushing them.
>> No. 59556
File 128726289244.jpg - (185.48KB , 628x482 , 1287261388693.jpg )
>> No. 60075
File 128778672879.png - (100.14KB , 556x585 , 1287786608664.png )
If I had time, I would do crossdressing fic like crazy.
>> No. 60486
File 128834667478.jpg - (601.15KB , 700x1063 , daken__darkwolverine_05_cover_by_martegodpopo-d31i.jpg )
>> No. 60490
Over the years, Daken had been a lot of things if only for a short time. He’d played the part of a whore. He’d pretended to be a preacher man. He’d conned his way through several professions but never had he actually been anything other than a weapon, an instrument of death. Compared to the scum that crawled the Earth, he was godlike and he brought only death.

Consequently, it was strange to be something else for a change. He was a bar owner, legit. Princess Bar, Madripoor. It used to be his Dad’s, like so many other things in Daken’s life; crude hand-me-downs and empty spaces to fill, but now it was his. There was some satisfaction from taking what had been the old man’s and making something better out of it. A little base and bolthole, a legit excuse for his income and a good place to do some laundry. Madripoor was nearly ridiculous in that manner, you could get away with so much and the crime rates here were sky high, even with Tyger Tiger in charge and keeping a lid on things. Daken kind of liked the place despite its filth and noise; Hightown was a good hunting ground for rich fools and the luxuries of life and you couldn’t lay lower than Lowtown.

There had been a lot to do in the beginning; the place had been a leaking, stinking hole with a clientele that was worse. Daken didn’t mind criminals and the drunkards; but he did mind the ambience of wretchedness and poverty. He’d had the whole place redone, from the pipes up to the new bar and furniture, not to mention the entertainment. He’d convinced a waif of a singer to attend the evenings with her melancholic Parisian voice, she, Nanette, had been enamoured by him like they all are. Such large dark eyes and strong features on a body that resembled a child’s, she was a sweet thing and Daken knew that he had her on the palm of his hand. However, for all her frailness and dulcet voice she was disinteresting for anything else than the purpose Daken hired her for, to sing.

Someone else, who was much more remarkable than his official capacity hinted at, had already caught Daken’s interest. As Lowtown was the lowest you could get without plunging to hell and no criminals could be extradited from Madripoor, a certain someone hadn’t been too hard to convince. Lester had evidently had it tough in the States, died and come back by the hand of the same man, and Daken was more than happy to have his pet back.

Daken leaned against the doorpost and watched him behind the bar. Lester was supposed to be his bartender and wasn’t doing too bad of a job of it either. Yesterday had been the opening night and no one had been creatively killed by paper umbrellas or olives. Daken guessed that was a victory on his part.

“What you looking at?” Lester spat, defensive as always. Daken supposed he’d have to do something about that, his poor little pet was always on edge around him even when he was being all needy.

“Really now, was that necessary? Relax, Lester,” Daken replied soothingly and sauntered over to the bar, hunching down low on it and looking up at Lester.

“As fucking if, princess,” Lester snarled and went back to wiping the glasses with unnecessary vigour. Lester’d taken to the habit of calling him that consistently when he came to Madripoor and saw the name of the bar, laughed himself silly at it actually. But Daken had kept the name and now had to stand his nickname. He pontificated using his pheromones to ease Lester’s mind but decided on a different approach because the former had gotten far too easy. He’d entangled Lester in his web nearly a year back, all it took now was the slightest of triggers and the man came apart.

“Won’t do anything you don’t ask me to,” he replied seductively and grabbed a cocktail cheery, eating it slowly while keeping eye contact with Lester. He did not miss the sudden dilation of Lester’s pupils or the quickening of his heart. Little Lester wanted him so bad, he positively reeked of lust and that delicate little mix that spelled out love but alongside it was the fury and the jealousy. Little Lester wanted him in bed, dead and forever his. It was kind of sweet in a twisted way.

“I doubt that you understand the concept,” Lester replied derisively, set aside the glass and the rag and took the bowl of cherries from the bar. Daken opened his mouth expectantly, all pink tongue and sharp white teeth. Lester stared at him dazed and then guardedly fed him a cheery; Daken let his tongue lick his fingers as he accepted the offering. The slight flush high on Lester's cheeks was glaringly obvious and he seemed to have forgotten himself completely, leaving his hand hanging frozen in the air. Daken took this as an opportunity and kissed the same spot he’d let his tongue graze. Lester pulled back his hand as if he’d been burnt.

“I could try,” Daken said. Lester looked at him darkly; confused, suspicious and boiling back to fury once more. Daken knew that Lester hated how he reacted around him. The self-loathing was burning him alive so he directed it at him instead. Lester didn’t respect him, didn’t trust him. But he wanted to. Why not give him the chance?

“You’re bull-shitting,” Lester finally said, dismissing the offer. Daken cocked his head, as if considering things, and put on his most sincere face.

“No, I’m not. One night, no strings attached. I won’t do a thing you don’t ask for,” Daken repeated, wagering that his gambit might just be worth it even if it turned out to just be a night of torture.

Lester was quiet. He looked at him and his face was impassive though his scent was a maelstrom that Daken couldn’t make heads or tails of other than lust.

“My rules?” he asked after several minutes. Daken stifled the wicked grin that wanted to spread over his face.

“Your rules,” Daken affirmed, it would gall him but it wouldn't be the first time. He’d played nice before.

“No consequences?” Lester pressed cautiously.

“None whatsoever,” Daken replied and this time he allowed himself a smile. Oh, there would be consequences, he was counting on it, but none like Lester was worrying about. He wouldn’t kick his pet out for playing rough or punish him for his blood thirst. It would be silly considering he’s been feeding that precious fury.

“What do you say? I am good for more than talk,” Daken asked and cocked his head once more, waiting. Lester met his eyes and stared him down, Daken didn’t even blink. Finally, Lester gave his response with a tight nod. Daken smiled and spun around, resting the small of his back against the bar.

“I’ll have Keerthi take your shift. I’ll be busy until around eleven, meet me in my rooms then,” Daken said and stalked away, he had business to attend before they opened the bar and people to meet. Besides, waiting would do little Lester good.
>> No. 60491

The day disappeared in a flurry of coffee meetings, paperwork, cajoling, bribing and hobnobbing with the local mob and before long Daken was back at the bar as the evening’s entertainment was starting. Nanette was singing Marie Laforêt, and the bar was crowded. Lester was behind the bar, making drinks and pouring pints expertly and sliding them along the bar. He looked good in his white shirt and black vest, Daken had picked them out personally, but he seemed miles away in thought. Doubtlessly, wondering if it was all a trap and if not what he would do.

After a quick change of clothes, Daken greeted the local profiles who had filed in, taking personal care to chat with Tyger Tiger’s more trusted agents. She hadn’t come yesterday to the opening or today but it wasn’t a problem, soon enough he’d have her in his pocket and he had the time to wait. Madripoor was unstable at best, gaining power here wouldn’t take long but keeping it was the trick, so he took his time and built a base first. The situation with Lester was more or less the same.

It is late when Daken is done with his rounds and socializing but he feels only excitement and satisfaction as he walked up the stairs to his apartment above the bar. He can still hear Nanette sing, her tone taking a rougher turn and Daken easily recognized the song on jealousy and infidelity that follows. He hummed along and remembered all the times married men and women have crawled into his bed, sometimes with only the slightest of convincing. Each step he took made his blood quicken a little bit more, Nanette’s now angry voice accompanying him with each. Daken was a bit surprised at the excitement he felt, then again it was a while ago that he put himself in the hands of another. Not knowing what Lester had in store for him thrilled him.

Daken opened his bedroom door and Lester stood up, looking at him both wary and lustful. He is still in his bartender’s dress; his pressed black dress pants, spotless shirt and vest. Daken walked up to him, stopping only inches from him and waited. Lester looked at him, surprised and expectant, his hands shook and he can’t seem to decide. Daken doesn’t, for once, decide for him.

It is hesitantly that Lester grabs him by the waist with one hand, the other rising even more warily to cup his face. The kiss that followed was neither hesitant nor wary, it’s passionate and angry. Daken allowed this and responded minimally; keeping his promise of doing nothing he wasn’t asked to. Lester seemed to grow more angered and pulled him close for another forceful kiss.

“Fucking kiss me, you’re not a fucking corpse,” he snarled as he let go of him. Daken smiled and obeyed, kissing Lester like he meant it. It was proving to be a bit more fun than he thought. Lester seemed to catch on a bit though as he barked out an order for him to strip next. Daken undressed, smiling still, uncovering his sculpted body garment by expensive garment. Lester stared but did not touch him, Daken wondered if Lester had expected his obedience at all or if he was just starting to get it.

“Undress me,” Lester ordered in a low and dark voice, quite clearly getting the name of the game. Daken smiled and unbuttoned the vest carefully; taking his sweet time and allowing Lester to get a very good view of him, then sliding the vest off Lester as sensuously as he could. He showed the same care to the shirt, button by button revealing scarred and firm flesh. Lester hadn’t yet gotten a tan from the hot Madripoor sun and his skin was lily white except for the flush he was wearing on his face. Evidently, Daken’s slow and precise ministrations were much appreciated if that and his thick scent were anything to go by.

“Kiss me,” Lester ordered hoarsely once more. Daken smiled and kissed Lester’s naked skin as he continued to undress him, taking a bit of a liberty with the order and bestowing slight licks and bites on him as well. Lester groaned and shivered, quite clearly barely holding back whatever course of action that he had in mind. Daken hid a grin and kneeled on the floor gracefully, and started to deftly remove Lester’s shoes and socks. He can feel Lester’s eyes on him and smell the satisfaction Lester feels at seeing him on his knees and attending him. That expression shifts a bit when Daken starts to undo his pants; he isn’t surprised to find that Lester doesn’t wear underwear and the scent strikes Daken tenfold. It’s a heavy and musky male scent, pleasant even. Lester’s cock is large and hard, bobbing slightly as Daken ignored it and pulled down Lester’s pants to his ankles. Lester steps out of them quickly.

“Stay there,” he commanded harshly. Daken remained kneeling in front of him, waiting to see what kind of games his little pet had in mind.

“Blow me,” Lester said after several moments of just looking at him. Daken placed his hands on Lester’s hips, wetted his lips and took him in his mouth with one experienced move – all while keeping his eyes upturned to Lester’s face. It was more than worth it for Lester’s reaction, his eyes opened impossibly wide and a choked gasp left him. Daken set a slow and deep pace, bobbing up and down on Lester’s dick, breathing steadily through his nose. He hummed, pleased, when Lester rested a hand on his head and toyed with his hair.

After a while, Lester seemed to settle with his disbelief and stop expecting Daken to turn the tables at any moment. His grip on Daken’s hair tightened and his other hand grabbed the back of Daken’s head, taking control of the pace. Lester fucked his mouth mercilessly and Daken hung on for the ride, choking but not giving any resistance, letting his hands fall to his side. He swallowed as Lester came in his mouth, coughing only slightly as Lester pulled out. Daken quickly let his face settle back into a smile as he waited for Lester to collect himself. Nanette’s singing was still audible to Daken’s sensitive hearing and her choice of song nearly made him laugh. Je n'ai pas connu d'autre garçon que toi. Si j'en ai connu je ne m'en souviens pas.

“On the bed,” Lester chocked and Daken lay down on the bed on his back, his movements betraying nothing.

“On your belly,” Lester specified, Daken rolled over languidly like a large feline, showing off his tattoo; the wings and the tail stretching along his back and shoulder.

“You know, I can’t believe this is happening even now, princess,” Lester said behind him and there was some noise.

“I mean, you should have seen yourself. On your knees like that, my cock in your mouth,” Lester continued breathily and the noise stopped, Lester seemed to have found what he was looking for.

“Never thought that you would. And that’s just warming up. I’m gonna make you scream, princess, and you’re just lying there looking pretty. Waiting for it,” Lester said, his scent full of lust and blood thirst, and Daken felt the bed shift. The cold blade against his back wasn’t surprising, the kisses that followed it more so.

“Do you want me to do something else, mon amour, mon ami?” Daken asked for the first time since their game began, playfully referring to the song that only he could hear rising from down stairs. Lester stilled.

“Nah, this is good. Just don’t hold back, I want to hear you,” Lester finally replied and petted him along his back absent-mindedly. Then he got to work. And Daken did scream.
>> No. 60492

Lester spent hours carving his back into what Daken suspected was a mix of words and precise slashes meant to cause maximum pain, throughout it all Daken could feel Lester’s hard-on press against him. At some point Lester did something to his spine with that little knife of his that really hut, even by Daken’s own fucked up standards, and Daken just… reacted. His claws unsheathed themselves from his arms and he clawed at the bed and the sheets, snarling and growling loudly while shaking in rage and pain. He was half a breath from turning and ripping Lester apart then and there but at the last moment he controlled himself.

Lester, being no fool, had noticed and actually fled to the edge of the bed, knife in hand. Daken breathed heavily and snarled but did not lash out. He wanted to, he wanted to slit Lester’s throat and fuck him.

Slowly, Lester came closer and Daken watched him from the corner of his eye, still not really feeling like himself. Everywhere was the scent of lust and blood, it was turning him on but he intended to keep his promise. He had more self control than this. Daken waited and Lester eventually regained confidence.

“You all there, princess?” Lester asked and reached out with a bloodied hand, caressing the side of his face carefully. It was an oddly sweet gesture from a man as sadistic as Lester; then again he had a bottomless pit of fear and pain in him that made him childlike on occasion. Daken growled low but without any real hostility, he could feel his flesh knit together again and clarity slowly returning, Lester pulled back his hand real quick.

“I’m guessing not. Don’t feel like pushing my luck either — despite you sounding and looking really fan-fucking-tastic like this,” Lester continued and set the knife aside demonstratively, watching him closely. Daken could smell his arousal still, how much he wanted him now that the bloodlust was satisfied. But the fear and the uncertainty were too strong; Daken’s reaction had freaked him.

“Still not morning,” Daken said in a low voice, and Lester shivered and looked at him with such desire.

“Yeah, but I’m not certain you’ll keep it together, princess, and I like being in one piece,” Lester replied cagily.

“Tell me what you want,” Daken retorted and turned to face him, blood running down his sides to his already soaked silk sheets.

“I’m pretty much happy,” Lester replied and swallowed hard. Liar. Daken crawled over to him on all fours, dripping blood all the way, his smile settling on predatory. Lester’s eyes followed him intently with each step, his skin had goose bumps and blood and sweat ran down him. Fear and desire, it was an intoxicating mix.

“Tell me to kiss you,” Daken breathed into Lester’s ear, his voice barely more than a whisper.

“Kiss me,” Lester repeated, pale blue eyes wide and heart beating like a drum. Daken leaned forward and kissed him, tasting blood, forcing Lester to respond with the same vigour as before.

“Tell me you want me,” Daken said.

“I want you,” Lester moaned, his fingers ghosting over Daken’s chest, leaving bloody smears.

“You can have me,” Daken replied in a quiet voice, nearly tender. Suitably encouraged, Lester kissed him again and pressed him down on the bloodied bed.

It is nearly awkward as Lester fucked him, blood their only lubricant, but it also felt visceral and satisfying. A good companion for all the blood and the pain, it appeased whatever beast Lester had awoken in him. In the end they are both smeared in blood, sweat and semen. The golden morning light painting a picture closer to a crime scene photo than a post-coital lovers’ tryst.

Daken watched Lester sleep and wondered if his little game had paid off, if Lester’d start viewing him with something else other than distrust. He didn’t feel like repeating the whole business if it did him no good. Not that it had been completely displeasing. But Daken felt more at home in charge of a situation and little Lester seemed to fumble when he was. Daken would just have to find a way to feed his pet’s lust for blood.

Gracefully, his flesh and bones completely healed now, Daken sauntered to the shower and washed off the blood. When he came out of the shower Lester was still sleeping, so he got dressed in a very nice Brioni suit, though he left the tie off, and Armani leather shoes. With a pleasant smile on his face he walked down the stairs down to the club, seeing Keerthi tiding up from yesterday. She seemed troubled by something, fussing over the tables and moving jerkily.

“Good morning,” Daken greeted the Singaporean girl who startled and cried out in surprise.

“Mr. Daken! I’m sorry,” Keerthi said and bowed her head slightly.

“Is there something wrong, Keerthi?” Daken asked, quite aware that the direct question would bother the girl but not feeling up for the game of politeness that could easily ensue. Keerthi was silent and made some placating gestures, indicating that she’d rather not have the conversation. Daken merely raised an eyebrow at her expectantly.

“I—I was wondering if you are well, Mr. Daken?” Keerthi asked, quite clearly disquieted.

“I am fine. Why? No wait, I can guess,” Daken replied as he realized what on earth the silly girl was jabbering about. “What did you hear, Keerthi?” he asked in a low and dark voice, looming over the girl.

“I- I heard nothing, Mr. Daken. I didn’t see Mr. Lester—“ Keerthi babbled and then covered her mouth with her hands in horror. She stared at him, frozen.

“Don’t worry, Keerthi. Everything is fine. I am fine. All you have to do is continue your job. You like your job, don’t you?” Daken continued in a lighter tone. Keerthi nodded timidly.

“Good girl, no need to think about things that bother you,” Daken finished cheerily and patted the girl on the head. Daken walked out of the bar, his bar, into the pale morning, a smile on his face. He was coming to like Madripoor very much.

>> No. 60511

unf unf unf. fucking gorgeous.
>> No. 60647

HHHnnnnnnnnngh that was fabulous. I need more. D:
>> No. 60648
Thanks, I usually post my shit at gayreign at LJ under the name manicr
>> No. 60843
File 128875614138.png - (277.05KB , 1000x1200 , 1288752559799.png )
Alas, if this message were true, I would have less trouble finding content.
>> No. 60844
File 128875615432.jpg - (99.03KB , 344x457 , 1287265564430.jpg )
>> No. 60845
File 128875619686.png - (404.75KB , 800x1280 , glasses_by_konijnemans-d321gjf.png )
Do glasses count as some sort of fetish? Because to me everyone looks better with them.
>> No. 60892
If it does, I have a new one to add to my fetish list.

So quiet around here, you guys. Drawfags, writefags, requestfags?
>> No. 60894
File 128879365762.jpg - (123.39KB , 600x776 , daken_erotic_commission_by_kenjiarts-d312em7.jpg )
>> No. 60895
File 128879382630.jpg - (121.75KB , 900x790 , daken_the_biker_by_kenjiarts-d30iyz0.jpg )
>> No. 60898

It's so hot when he actually looks Asian.
>> No. 60915
File 128881662094.png - (185.94KB , 480x640 , DW__Smells_strange_by_DarthInver.png )
Writefag from previous threads raises a hand! I might try to write something small if you guys have ideas. My free time has been fluctuating pretty bad lately. A short and sweet idea, anyone?

Oh these pictures. I don't know why I find the idea of Daken smoking attractive. It's gross IRL, but artistically... hnh.
>> No. 60933
aasfhjkghkfgs THE PIERCINGS
my pants. i need to go change them.
>> No. 61196
File 128908013745.jpg - (115.68KB , 387x960 , Wolverine_003_012.jpg )
>> No. 61576
File 128933989773.jpg - (249.64KB , 652x391 , 1289325407591.jpg )
>> No. 61580
File 128934357655.jpg - (306.53KB , 900x1366 , 1289341856.jpg )
Tiny Daken, you guys.

Tiny tiny Daken. You could put him in your pocket, look at how cute he is.
>> No. 61622
All together now
>> No. 61639
File 128942775231.jpg - (284.24KB , 397x604 , 1289422501295.jpg )
>> No. 61665
My god, logan and daken look downright...loving. That's so oddly adorable.

Has to be mind control but it still looks downright sweet.
>> No. 61723
File 128947422688.jpg - (36.33KB , 400x305 , corndog.jpg )
I thought the same! Deceptively sweet, that is.

Aside, this writefag had a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (or week, or month, or many months) and must withdraw my previous offer to write stuff since I'm seriously in no state. ... not that anyone was jumping on me, but our activity has gone down and I felt like I should do something about that and... you know, I feel really bad on top of tons of other crap. Sorry guys.

Since I desperately need the pick-me-up, would anyone be kind enough to remind me where the old Norman/Sentry fics from the last threads ended up? Or if there's anything new, I'm eager for it. Not that I really expect there to be, since this pairing is so rare. Was it just those few fics that are on gayreign? Because I could have sworn there was more, but maybe I'm delusional/hopeful.
>> No. 61917

I wish I knew where to find the old thread stuff, there was Logan/daken abound that I wish I could find again.
>> No. 61924

Guess what Iiii've got.


Oh my is that the saved copies of threads 2-6? Why yes it is!

Pretty sure thread #1 is lost to the ether, though. I certainly don't have it.
>> No. 61928
I am now a very happy person.
>> No. 62055
File 128977783675.jpg - (355.08KB , 841x567 , b1bea78f0f282afa03fa5b3314996221-d32ub5y.jpg )
Bless you.
>> No. 62203

Could someone re-upload it elsewhere? MF isn't working for me, for some reason or other.

Thank you. :)
>> No. 62219
File 128990712144.jpg - (409.74KB , 567x543 , 1289898113415.jpg )
>> No. 62230
Aww tiny Daken is adorable.
Those faces, and the pink on Sentry make me laugh.

I am glad we have so many wonderful drawfags here.
>> No. 62238
File 128994117651.jpg - (351.07KB , 591x538 , cut_by_Nolife_Edi.jpg )
Edi is a super-big sweetheart. I think she's the only person we have drawing Daken on a regular basis, and I adore her for it. If you like her stuff, you should really tell her. She's really grateful and responsive to comments, and draws for us at /cm/ every now and again.
>> No. 62447
File 129010631796.jpg - (700.42KB , 1241x988 , Daken_3_Legion_CPS_029.jpg )
Johnny was very much worried about Daken... Can we have some fic about whys that?
>> No. 62450
Must stop myself from clicking... I wanna buy, and can't till Monday...
>> No. 62452
File 129011715940.jpg - (75.60KB , 802x961 , Callme.jpg )
>> No. 62456
File 129012045942.png - (706.32KB , 800x631 , justafriendmyass.png )
So can we get more of this now? I've been wanting it since someone pointed out that Johnny was kinda handsy with Daken and then the fact they have each others numbers apparently so they can call just to chat. Shipping has happen with less you guys!!!

Also I'm excited to see where they keep going with this. Johnny is going to be PISSED later.
>> No. 62784
Say, does anyone here know when the "What if? Wolverine: Father" issue is coming out? I cannot wait for it to put a new twist on snicktcest.

Also I really hope they don't make Daken straight in it, with the unfortunate implication of 'Well if he's GOOD he can't be gay!'
>> No. 62804
iirc, solicit magazine said December.

I never ever thought of that, and now you've got me scared, anon. Though I'm expecting that he's going to be less of a dick, so no pulling what he just pulled on Johnny, which is already taking enough of the fun out of his character...
>> No. 62915
File 129054776210.jpg - (298.98KB , 540x512 , 1290546776984.jpg )
I severely doubt that's a reasonable concern. There's a chance the What If? won't even get a chance to go into that stuff, and if there's any honest change in Daken's sexual activities for him being 'good', the only rational expectation would be he's less... well, whorish.

I trust this writer. He wrote that wonderful one-shot with Norman and Daken going to the opera (dohoho, Oedipus), so I have faith that it'll be a good read.

In other news, Punisher MAX comes back in February! We resume Lester's very gay fixations and naked adventures.
>> No. 63240
speaking of snicktcest (ok no one was speaking of that but regardless)

Does anyone have any links to any good fics? I've read the ones on gayreign and the kinkmeme, but haven't been able to find any good logan/daken anywhere else.
>> No. 63265
File 129092550231.jpg - (283.65KB , 1000x773 , 1290925856052.jpg )
Fresh from /co/

Sadly, I don't know of any fics that aren't already at gayreign, the kinkmeme, or our thread archives. Apologies.
>> No. 63365
Daken and his SEXUAL ARSENAL.


Am I the only one thinking something different when hearing "sexual arsenal"?
>> No. 63532
Drawfag here could use some inspiration.
>> No. 63583
Oho? Does drawfag have any preferences, or to the opposite, thing you'd rather not indulge?
>> No. 63611

Inspiration you say? Do you prefer general idea prompts like: Bullseye gets fucked by Venom while Daken holds him down.

Or like one word prompts like: Squishy

Or do you like snicktcest.
>> No. 63627
File 129119690290.jpg - (87.07KB , 444x441 , kenji nunez.jpg )
Just trying to get out of my drawing shell and draw characters/situations I'd never think of myself. Hit me, we'll see how it goes.
>> No. 63628
File 129119692482.jpg - (754.12KB , 837x1250 , dakenryankellychained.jpg )
>> No. 63632
>chains, chains everywhere

My God, I'm trying to think of something intelligent to suggest but these pictures are just kind of... distracting. So very distracting. Any ineloquence that follows is blamed fully on this.

I think the other anon's suggestion of Bullseye/Venom/Daken has fun potential. Personally, I'd shamelessly adore anything with Osborn and Sentry. Or Ares. We have a serious lack of Ares.
>> No. 63638


Oh my.

*Fans self*
>> No. 63808
I don't suppose any of you guys have seen a fic lying around where Daken had written some trashy expose on the DA? I swear I saw it once either here or in the kink memes, but I cannot for the life of me find it.
>> No. 64160
Anon un-anoned and posted it at her journal HERE:
>> No. 64319

Thanks so much!
>> No. 64320
So, a new Ares is out, the what if of wolverine raising daken is out, and Norman is hanging out in a place that elevates his probability of prison rape to about 1000%

What's everyones thoughts?
>> No. 64321
File 129201696830.jpg - (265.37KB , 1176x434 , coulmier.jpg )
If I'm lucky, I'll manage to get out and pick up Ares and the What If this weekend, but I have been reading Osborn, and everyone else should too because it's fucking amazing. I love the cellmates they have him locked up with (giant LITERAL spider-man, this can only end in one way) and the priest. Oh my God, this priest.

To expand on that note, I filled something for the kink meme awhile back on that very topic. I might as well share while it's relevant.

>> No. 64373
link please
>> No. 64839
File 129271305131.jpg - (254.60KB , 900x1366 , prv7274_pg4.jpg )
The new What If? preview is up, featuring... that infamous scene of Lester and Daken, despite that they put pants on Lester this time.
>> No. 64840
File 129271312167.jpg - (1.47MB , 2560x1869 , Dark Reign The List Avengers 01 (MrShepherd-Megan).jpg )
In case nobody knows what I'm talking about: this scene, where Daken happens to magically appear right outside Lester's bedroom, in nothing but boxers.

Late here, but links to what, dear anon?
>> No. 65102
File 129307215021.jpg - (578.83KB , 1280x733 , 1293063748644.jpg )
Damn it, /coq/, wake up. You used to be so lively.
>> No. 65121
Hola, how have I never seen this?

We're hibernating.
>> No. 65643
File 129369134695.png - (248.61KB , 401x623 , smooch.png )
Daken x the entire Fantastic Four is my new OTP. This entire issue was incredibly gay. The interaction with Johnny was so... blatant. And dat ending reveal.

If people aren't reading Osborn they should, just fyi.
>> No. 65645
File 129369276982.png - (750.00KB , 561x888 , ohbbcomebacktobed.png )
>> No. 65652
File 12937009547.png - (669.11KB , 517x800 , DDW_4_Legion_CPS_021.png )
Daken/Johnny is so wonderful I'm not sure why there's nothing for them with how GAY they are for each other. Full page from here >>65645

Look at that. Look at how coy Daken is. I might write some drivel when I wake up just because this scene was so gay. And how disappointed Johnny looked when Daken was gone... So wonderful.
>> No. 65653
File 12937010497.png - (543.19KB , 800x685 , beautifulworld.png )
Where's the 'AND THEN THEY FUCKED' bird when you need him.
>> No. 65654
File 129370108543.png - (660.47KB , 379x900 , dakenneedshugs.png )
Also Daken and Ben continue to be awesome.
>> No. 65655
ONE MORE THING: 'Don't mess this shirt up' Awww Daken you want to keep Johnny's shirt?
>> No. 65657
File 129370181862.png - (502.08KB , 570x858 , it's430whyamiawake.png )

Mother of god I need to go to bed
>> No. 65710
File 129374718759.jpg - (310.66KB , 800x700 , 1293733762794.jpg )
There's the /coq/ I know and love!
>> No. 65711
simply beautifully written ;_;

I find your style and pose smooth and almost lucid in its simple transitions and story flow.
>> No. 65738
File 12937707886.png - (381.73KB , 335x575 , fancythat.png )
If you aren't reading it already, go read Osborn. Even if you don't like Norman, you'll like him during this. It's beautifully drawn and so well written.

The man should always wear glasses. And harass priests.
>> No. 65768

Them dimples, man! Them dimples! Also lol at the placement of Daken's hand in the last panel
>> No. 65770
File 129378685488.png - (439.68KB , 750x420 , whyisthissoeasy.png )

Speaking of Osborn....

Someone confiscate my Photoshop.
>> No. 65802
File 129382342851.jpg - (61.34KB , 335x561 , butthenIlaughed.jpg )
I love you guys.
>> No. 66050
File 129398079586.jpg - (384.08KB , 627x800 , conny valentina.jpg )
>> No. 66128
File 129409541418.jpg - (72.35KB , 403x435 , 1293705749751.jpg )
It's mildly embarrassing that I'm more focused on how nicely drawn that water is. ... it is really nicely drawn.

... so is Daken, by all means.
>> No. 66383
File 129432798290.jpg - (64.82KB , 336x339 , 1271330037905.jpg )
>> No. 66384
File 129433152079.jpg - (95.67KB , 1000x829 , 1294302872093.jpg )
Have some face-nuzzles. A really kind drawfag was doing requests at /cm/ and I adore the results.

Oh man, this thing makes me laugh every time and I'm still never even sure why.
>> No. 66400
File 129435741746.jpg - (95.49KB , 641x800 , 1294352008192.jpg )
Aaand a bandaged Bob.
>> No. 67050
File 129512719825.jpg - (445.97KB , 640x800 , 1295124465011.jpg )
This drawfag is my absolute favorite.
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