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Let's do this shit
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File 131550062584.png - (114.49KB , 500x671 , tumblr_lr24vdoecs1r2gk60o1_500.png )
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File 131608088080.jpg - (247.82KB , 801x956 , 1316046621355.jpg )
So there's this now
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File 131902815249.jpg - (82.43KB , 500x638 , tumblr_lt4xrxX0Wh1qakwwxo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 81202

Just a quick rec. Anyone know of any fics dealing with Lester's colorblindness?
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File 132235178660.jpg - (246.25KB , 800x600 , 1322272165406.jpg )
And then there was this. Where the heck did everyone run off to?
>> No. 81419
Well I stopped reading. I was holding out for it to get better but....yeah I have lost complete interest, which is sad because I love Daken as a character but the writing has just turned me off. But I'm open for discussion if hes done anything worthwhile. I've been completely off since the drug thing...not my cup of tea there and I have been too busy to try and get back into it.
>> No. 81583

and also by same writefag, but not exactly DA related except that its Punisher MAX so basically AU!Lester: http://archiveofourown.org/works/259873
>> No. 82136
File 13244458425.jpg - (68.39KB , 436x456 , 1314483593784.jpg )
I've wanted to write a fic about Lester's colorblindness for some time now. I've never figured out how to use it. Since it's protanopia (red/green) I always want to involve Daredevil. I'm not sure though.

If anons have suggestions, maybe...?
>> No. 82145
File 132447837466.png - (600.33KB , 600x641 , danger_zone_by_gabbie-d4cl8m1.png )
Is it bad that I would ship this two?
>> No. 82195
File 132469515515.png - (21.52KB , 100x100 , bullseyedeadpool.png )

No clue honestly. I always imagine Deadpool because well... red. No clue really. I can't imagine Lester worrying about stop signs or anything so... eh. Maybe that's why there arent any fics using it. Oh! Maybe something to do with blood?
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File 133631780595.jpg - (162.26KB , 500x310 , db porn filtered.jpg )
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File 134671657016.jpg - (220.29KB , 500x643 , tumblr_m9rojqfSec1rvyvn9o1_500.jpg )
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File 135034431421.jpg - (93.19KB , 500x700 , 30560835_p14.jpg )
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File 135486183256.jpg - (141.36KB , 574x418 , 31956493_big_p11.jpg )
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File 136125360737.jpg - (442.62KB , 815x1024 , tumblr_mif8i700iw1rx935zo1_1280.jpg )
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File 13741121631.jpg - (198.38KB , 500x693 , that is the last person i would trust with a baby .jpg )
>> No. 92424
Title: Late Night Snack
Pairing: Venom/Bullseye(Daken)
Rating: hard R
Kinks: tentacles, anal play, blow job, prostitution, cannibalism, gore, death, gay panic
Summary: A night out goes a bit differently than planned.

It was Bullseye’s job to be Mac’s keeper when he went out without explicit permission to go solo. Usually, it’s a job that Bullseye doesn’t mind horribly; they go to bars, strip clubs, and red-light districts and Venom has a light snack. At worst it was boring.

Bullseye doesn’t care for whores or strippers. Paying for sex isn’t his style and it loses its charm real quick when there are other options. He’d rather kill those sluts than fuck them. The noises they make are real when he does that. Mac, on the other hand, fucking loves them. Fuck or eat, he just doesn’t seem to get enough.

Mac was buying one at the very moment; a little bitch with a bright red wig, a leopard print dress, and a big pair of tits. That was the second one tonight. The first one was currently being digested.

“Fuck it, Mac. Just get it over with,” Bullseye sneered, kicking at the ground. They were standing in some back alley to do business before moving elsewhere or, depending on how hungry Venom was, staying right there if only for a little while. Venom didn’t leave scraps when it was hungry.

“Oh, shut it,” Mac spat back without missing a beat, “Go get drunk or some shit.”

“Friends are extra,” the whore said and glanced at him.

“No one talked to you,” Bullseye snapped at her.

“Don’t mind him. It’s just me. Here,” Mac said and handed her a wad of cash. It was not like he wouldn’t get it back, he could afford to be generous.

“Yeah, that’s good, baby,” the whore replied with a smile. Bullseye rolled his eyes and checked his phone. Not much past midnight and he was already bored out of his skull. He checked his messages and his email, nothing but spam and Norman’s usual BS memos.

As Mac and the whore failed to move out from the alley, Bullseye resigned himself to a tedious wait until Venom was done with his late night snack. Leaning against the wall and looking pointedly outward to the intersecting street, nominally keeping guard, he tried to ignore the noises of preluding sex. Regardless, sounds filter through and he is torn between arousal and disgust.

“Fucking put a move on, Mac,” Bullseye grumbled.

“Take it easy, man,” Mac responded, his voice already shifting to something slightly inhuman.

“I’ll take it easy when I kill you,” Bullseye retorted and glanced back at Mac; the whore was on her knees, sucking him off and Mac -- well, Mac was half-way Venom. Black tendrils had shifted up his face and others were just kinda moving around him. His mouth was also distorted in an alien fashion -- too wide, too big and his tongue still seemed to bulge in it. The whore had yet to notice any of this, her face buried in Mac’s crouch as it was.

Bullseye grimaced, there was something just viscerally wrong in seeing the symbiont and its human host in this half-way state. Fucking sent chills down his spine. Mac was pathetic and lame, but Venom was a freaking monster. Bullseye could appreciate the latter.

“Fine,” Mac replied petulantly and the symbiont covered him fully. The whore gagged and spluttered as Venom grew and grabbed her by the back of her head with a huge clawed hand. Bullseye smiled a little at this and settled to watch the oncoming spectacle. Arousal rose in him as the whore started to scream, muffled by Venom’s girth, and he fought the urge to join in with a knife. Her blood has already been spilled and ran crimson down her dress. Her wig had fallen off. She was a brunette. Bullseye wanted to see how much more of her was fake and to cut it all off and then some.

Without noticing it, he had wandered closer to get a better look. He didn’t notice how close until a tendril of the symbiont touched his leg.

“Fucking watch it!” Bullseye snarled while flinching back, trying to shake it off him.

“You don’t want her--- then We will give you something---” Venom hissed, and the tendril became a tentacle. “We are friendsss--- yesss? Relax---”

“I don’t fucking want--- oh fuck,” Bullseye yelped, clutching the wall for support. The tentacle had sneaked down his pants, coiling around his hard cock and jerking him off.

The whore screamed again, Bullseye watched Venom literally take a bite out of her; there was blood everywhere but he could see a bit of bone. It took him a moment to recognize the sound of the low groan as coming from him, as well as his lack of resistance to Venom’s continued ministrations of his cock and balls. The tentacles had freed him of his pants, which were now bunched up at his knees, and were a writhing black mass around his groin and thighs. He found himself moaning in consort with the screams of the whore and the wet crunching noises of Venom eating her alive. Bullseye was torn between staring at the bloodied whore and the sight of what was being done to him. It both terrified and aroused him horribly.

He protested weakly when slick tendrils probed at his ass but Venom paid him no heed, and moments later, Bullseye felt really fucking good. He lost his balance at the sensation, leaning all his weight on the wall and the tentacles, and tried desperately to control himself.To stop himself from fucking himself on the tentacles stuffed in his ass like cheat whore. To stop himself from screaming and moaning like some faggot slut. He wasn’t like that. He wasn’t Daken who fucking begged for cock with his every move. He wasn’t--

“---fucking hell,” Bullseye whined, tasting blood. An arterial spray had just covered him and half of the whore was hanging from Venom’s mouth. It was a gory mess and Bullseye wanted to both vomit and come at the sight of it. Tendrils were working his cock and it nearly felt like he had someone’s mouth on him. He couldn’t decide whether they actually felt warm or not, or even wet or not, but whatever it was it was playing havoc with his brain and he couldn’t think.

Giving up any attempt at coherent thought, Bullseye clutched the wall behind him, closing his eyes tightly, allowing Venom to jerk and fuck him. His ass felt like its on fire but it felt good, so fucking good, as tentacles filled him beyond what had thought possible and fucked him relentlessly. It was like nothing else he’d ever felt before and he wanted more. His cock felt impossibly hard, as if there was something in it, it felt like he was going to come at any moment, but each moment just dragged on and the pleasure just went on and on. It was torture.

Almost sobbing, Bullseye shifted his hips back and forth to try to finish it, riding and thrusting into the tentacles. He finally came with a shuddering moan; hard enough to splatter jizz on his own throat; hard enough to hurt. Bullseye nearly fell into a boneless heap on the ground when Venom released him, tendrils slipping out of his sore ass with a wet noise and crawling down his legs. He gasped for air, legs shaking and hands scraping along the brick wall. He feels empty, dirty and more sated than ever before in his life. Moments drift by as he tried to get the world to stop spinning.

Eyes cast down, he pulled up his jeans, the muscles of his ass and thighs still shuddering, and zipped them up. He noticed that his hands are bloodied and it took him a moment to understand why. He’d been clutching the wall, clawing at it even, as Venom fu-- the tentacles jerked him off. His gaze flickered back at the remnants of the whore and Venom, who was quickly becoming Mac again. Bullseye doesn’t want to look at him, he doesn’t want to acknowledge any of this. He wiped the blood and come off his face and throat with his sleeve. The dark green hoodie would hide most stains, or at least make them less conspicuous. Gritting his teeth, Bullseye composed himself.

“You made a fucking mess. Clean up here before we get the cops on our tail. We’re leaving,” he barked with the most authoritative voice he could manage in his current state.

“Awww, man. Can’t I get to do anything without you being a bitch--” Mac grumbled, a bit of Venom still clinging to him but none of the blood and gore that should have. Bullseye snarled and turned, grabbing him by the collar.

“What did you just call me? Call me that again and I’ll take a blowtorch to you, you got me?” he growled. For a moment Venom was back and hissed at him, but then Mac was there again with his soft face and even gooier insides, shitting himself at the thought of Bullseye really being pissed at him.

“I got it, I got it, man,” Mac whimpered in surrender, fretfully holding his, now human, hands up to placate him. Bullseye scoffed and let him go, happy that Mac was a fucking wimp and that Venom, at least nominally, was under his control.

As he stiffly walked away, he could hear Mac talking to himself.

“You’d think he’d have loosened up a bit after that, considering how bad he’s been aching for a fuck,” the idiot grumbled and Bullseye wanted to vomit again. He kept on moving only by sheer momentum. He nearly ran out in the street, pulling his hood deep over his face. A car almost hit him and people scuttle and bump into him as he hurried past them. He ignored Mac calling after him and disappeared into the crowd.

He should have fucking killed Mac, right there, right then. But then he’d have to deal with Norman and why he did it. And Daken would be there. He would smell it on him. Bullseye could already see the smile on that cock-sucking mouth of his. All teeth and full lips. He was shaking and furious, ashamed and disgusted by the thoughts running through his head -- unwanted and unasked for. He wasn’t-- He wasn’t like that. Bullseye tasted blood again and this time it was his own.

That night over a dozen people were reported brutally, and creatively, killed by the assassin Bullseye. The next day Norman docked his pay and scolded him about upholding a manner appropriate for an Avenger. Bullseye suggested that he should get drunk in public then. He lost his drinking privileges for that remark.

Furthermore, in a completely unrelated incident, Mac woke up to a sonic explosion of unknown origin.

>> No. 92456
File 137575136253.jpg - (301.08KB , 500x459 , tumblr_mljdqviil11rsdqomo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 92458
Title: Mistaken Medication
Pairing: Daken/Bullseye
Rating: R
Kinks: drugs, dub-con, oral fixation, fingering, anal sex.
Summary: The best drugs aren’t free, but Bullseye has prescriptions.

Daken started his day by answering his door and being pummeled to the ground by a seemingly irate Bullseye. Now whereas being assaulted by Bullseye wasn’t unexpected or all that unusual, the manner in which it was occurring was however very unusual. A forceful kiss surprised Daken enough to open his mouth and allow for Bullseye to force his tongue in. It wasn’t at all how he had expected to start his day, not that he was complaining, merely that he was somewhat bemused by the whole affair.

Bullseye was straddling his hips, pressing down on his shoulders and quite energetically attempting to devour him whole through his mouth. He tastes of orange juice and blood, not all together unpleasant, and his scent was pure lust and animal musk. Daken kissed back, just to see what would happen, and tried to shift as the floor was uncomfortable and Bullseye’s weight rather substantial. Bullseye moaned happily into his mouth, sucking at Daken’s tongue and then biting at his lips. He wasn’t a bad kisser, if a bit sloppy, but Daken didn’t feel that this was going where he wanted it too - or more accurately how he wanted it to. Grabbing Bullseye by the arms, Daken pried him off him much to the other man’s displeasure and non-verbal protests.

“Good morning to you too, Lester,” Daken gasped, still restraining the other man who was glowering at him, and dare he think it, pouting at the lack of contact and transference of bodily fluids. “Have you possibly taken Mac’s medication today and not your own?” He queried and grabbed Bullseye by the face to stop him from trying to kiss and, kid you not, lick him again.

“Need you,” was all the reply he managed to get before Bullseye slipped into incoherence and vigorous attempts of stripping him of his clothing. An awkward affair as he was currently firmly seated in Daken’s lap.

“Ground control to Bullseye,” Daken snapped at him, sending a wave of pheromones to incite fear, but it didn’t quite have the intended effect. On the bright side, Bullseye stopped sexually assaulting him. On the other hand, he affected the look of a kicked dog and whimpered - actually whimpered - in a pitiful manner.

Daken winced at the sight and sound of it and concluded that the entire affair had to be the work of either faulty medication or some kind of mind control - as was to be expected in their line of business. It was a bother that it had to happen before breakfast and in his personal quarters. Had Bullseye made a fool of himself in public there would have been some benefits. Well, he could always harass Lester about this after the whole thing was sorted out.

“Don’t make that face,” Daken said out of quite obviously misguided pity and caressed the side of Bullseye’s face, who, in turn, promptly kissed his hand and went about sucking his fingers in a very distracting manner. A wet tongue licked and teased him, lips soft but firm around his fingers - first one, then two and finally three - taking him in to the knuckle and then sliding back to the tip of his fingers and then back again without releasing him. Daken thought of that mouth wrapped around his cock and shivered, a grin slipping unbidden on his face before he controlled himself.

“Tut, tut, that’s quite enough,” Daken admonished and freed his hand from Bullseye’s surprisingly skilled mouth. Saliva slicked his fingers and he wiped them off on Bullseye’s spandex covered and muscular thigh, his thoughts wandering to more interesting things he could have done. Bullseye squirmed and stared at him through lowered lids, blue eyes bright and glassy. He would have doubtlessly welcomed any of Daken’s fantasies - even the blood soaked ones.

“Want you,” Bullseye growled, leaning forward to rub his face against the crook of Daken’s neck. He muttered something incoherent into his shoulder and then bit down, not too forcefully but with some strength.

Nevertheless, Daken did like his partner’s incoherence to be caused by him - or at the very least for its cause to be known to him. He did not enjoy not knowing. Once more taking a hold of Bullseye’s jaw to keep him from biting or kissing him and to still in his lap, Daken scrutinized him with all of his senses. Regardless of his careful inspection and the acuity of his senses, Daken could not discern anything but a heightened arousal in his otherwise very taciturn and self-denying team mate. Everything except for his behavior seemed normal right down to his Hawkeye costume - sans the mask - and breakfast choices.

Daken clucked his tongue in disapproval, eliciting yet another whine from Bullseye’s swollen, pink lips. It was quite obvious that Lester had some awareness of his surroundings and comprehension of the state of things, but there didn’t seem to be much conscious thought occurring in combination with it. Nominally, Daken would have taken full advantage of this but it did reduce some of Lester’s charm.

This was the moment that Bullseye decided to grind down on him, setting a languid pace of rolling hips and clenching thighs and ass. Daken let out a sound that was somewhere between a laugh and a hum, involuntarily thrusting up at Bullseye’s warm and firm body. He softened his grip of the other man’s jaw and played with Bullseye’s lips with his thumb, enjoying the soft wetness as a contrast to the stubble on his chin.

“You are really testing my patience,” Daken chided halfheartedly, “are you that keen on getting fucked?” He let his free hand slip down to Bullseye’s firm ass - beneath that ridiculous loincloth - squeezing at it. Lester made a happy little moan and rubbed down on him; Daken could feel his erection press at him through the Hawkeye costume.

“Sweetness, with behavior like this I won’t be able to resist,” Daken cooed into his ear, planting kisses along Bullseye’s jaw to the corner of his mouth.

“Don’t-- need you,” Bullseye groaned, his voice husky, clutching at him and continuing his teasing grinding.

"Ah-ah, are you going to be a good boy?" Daken asked affectionately, placing both hands firmly on his buttocks, rubbing and squeezing in the same rhythm as his movements.

"Please," Bullseye cried and moved in a way that felt impossibly good. Guiding Bullseye with a hand to the back of his neck - in a spectacular display of poor judgement - Daken pressed a deep kiss to his mouth. Once more he tasted blood and urged on by this he ran his tongue along Bullseye’s teeth and bit his lips until he could taste his own blood as well.

“Good. You’re a good boy,” Daken moaned, gasping for air and bucking up at Bullseye and mouthing open kisses at his neck. Bullseye rode him wantonly, grinding and rolling, and clutching at Daken’s shoulders for dear life.

Daken started to tear his costume off, unsatisfied by mere frottage. Carefully using his claws, he cut off the offending tights and underlying underwear but left the loincloth in place - enjoying seeing it fulfill its function in the most inadequate manner possible. Bullseye’s erection was plainly visible beneath it and Daken had easy access to everything interesting. And Lester did make a delicious display.

“Hey, Daken, have you seen-- eek my eyes, my eyes!” Mac cried out and cowered in the open doorway. Daken stopped his pleasurable activities with a huff, glaring at Mac who was hiding his face in his hands.

“What? I’m a bit busy here,” Daken remarked slipping into a purr, “unless you’d like to join in?”

“What? No! Fuck no! J-just, Osborn told us to find Bullseye--” Mac stammered and cringed as he inadvertently looked at them.

“You’ve found him,” Daken replied, kissing Lester and then biting him gently on the ear. “All in one piece. What’s it to Norman?”

“He wigged out at breakfast when we were talking -- eh, about you, actually. Acted real strange - even for him - and then bolted. Osborn told us to track him down and stuff,” Mac explained, glancing only slightly to affirm what he had seen and then shuddering in disgust at the sight of it.

“Well, that’s one mystery less,” Daken remarked, mostly to himself, bouncing Lester in his lap a little, making him moan loudly. “Drugs most likely then.”

Mac grimaced and shook like a wet dog, shying away from them as if it helped matters.

“So, what now?” Daken muttered, slightly resentful of Mac’s interruption. Lester whined in his lap, rubbing his body against his, dismayed by the lack of attention.

“--medical?” Mac hazarded, still with the same look of intense disgust bordering on terror.

“Hmm, yes. I’ll take care of that,” Daken responded absentmindedly, caressing Bullseye’s face, who leaned into his touch. “You go along and tell Norman all is in hand, yes?”

“Yeah-- gonna go ahead and tell him alright, you fuckin’ perv,” Mac gulped and ran away.

“Yes, I’ll take good care of you,” Daken murmured to Bullseye who latched down on Daken’s neck, biting and sucking - it would doubtfully leave a mark but Daken appreciated the thought.

“Now where were we?” Daken hummed, petting his shaved head and neck. “I’m afraid that we’ll have to keep in short.”

With a smile, Daken offered his fingers to Bullseye’s eager mouth who took him in without a moments hesitation, sucking and licking. After he was satisfied with the wetness, Daken slipped them out again and instead slid his fingers down the cleft of Bullseye’s ass, playing with him gently. The dirty noise that escaped Lester’s mouth made Daken growl in response and slip in a slick finger, spreading his cheeks with the other hand. Pleased by the empty tightness, Daken pressed in another one which Bullseye welcomed happily by fucking himself on his fingers, moaning as Daken crooked his fingers inside of him.

Impatient and aroused, Daken removed his hand and released his own erection from its confines - happy that he was wearing his own clothing, and no underwear, that day. Just as he positioned himself at his slick hole, Bullseye sank down on his cock with a content sigh.

“Ah!” Daken cried out then chuckled darkly, savoring the feeling, “You naughty boy, so this is what you want?” he hissed in Bullseye’s ear, his breath hot on Lester’s sweat-slicked skin. A keening noise and something that might have been interpreted as an affirmative left Lester’s lips as Daken grabbed Bullseye by his ass and hips, setting a rough and torturous pace. They kiss and breathe each others air, Lester jerking his own cock, awkwardly pressed between their clothed bodies. He comes with a broken sob and Daken followed shortly thereafter - pushed to his own edge by the noises Lester made as his ass tightened around Daken’s cock.

“Ah- ah- that felt good,” Daken shuddered, slipping free of his body, “such a good boy.”

“Now, let’s get you looked at before Norman decides to send to dogs after you,” Daken murmured into Lester’s neck, slapping at Bullseye’s ass to get him to move. After some needlessly difficult maneuvering, Daken managed to guide his still incoherent, and unwilling to part with him, team mate to medical.

The following attempted massacre was not officially recognized but new - stricter - guidelines of storage and supply of medication were implemented. Daken found this a bit disappointing. However, Bullseye’s new-found mindless lust was consolation enough, especially when they ended up in Daken’s bed.

>> No. 92815
Holy crap!

I've been gone for sooo long and yet this thread is still here!? oh i miss the old days... anyone else around?
>> No. 92843
File 138324212449.jpg - (944.46KB , 800x978 , 2338_by_akathezgrr-d4qwiol.jpg )
>> No. 93045
File 138903206821.jpg - (279.55KB , 800x952 , marvel-bomber_jacket.jpg )
Hey yo! Artfag here craving to renew the Dark Avengers love. Send reqs my way!
>> No. 93046
File 138903220260.jpg - (630.05KB , 900x833 , marvel-bullseye_daken.jpg )
I'm particularly fond of Daken/Bullseye and gory pictures, but I will draw anything to get this fandom fired up again >)
>> No. 93047
Hmm..any chance I can request daken cummong on bullseyes face? (aiming for the bullseye clearly)
>> No. 93050
File 138916009690.jpg - (161.46KB , 478x597 , marvel-moneyshot.jpg )
Here ya go! >:D
>> No. 93051
You have my heart and my boner, artfag. Also, your art is amazing.

Can we get something related to Daken manipulating Bulls with pheromones, and Bulls clearly wanting/notwanting it? Bonus points for blood.
>> No. 93052
File 138917629849.jpg - (507.07KB , 900x675 , marvel-pheromones.jpg )
Thank you anon!!
Have some pheromone-addled Bullseye courtesy of a smug Daken *U*
>> No. 93053
Oh my! I love it
>> No. 93054
And I love this as well. Dayum
>> No. 93057
Oh my god artfag, you are my favourite of every-fucking-thing!! If you're still looking for requests, some incredibly violent kissing with blood noses and bruised lips, maybe some cuts and scrapes too, would be much appreciated. You've certainly kickstarted the fandom again in the best way!
>> No. 93064
File 138925630476.jpg - (393.05KB , 900x675 , marvel-bruised_kiss.jpg )
You had me at "incredibly violent"! XD Though I may have gone a bit overboard with it, haha~
It's less a kiss and more vicious biting, but uh, I hope you like it anyway!
>> No. 93065
This is everything us mortals could dream of~ I feel so selfish asking for more buuuut if you wanted to continue the previous pheromone pic with actual porn that would be very nice thankyou c: Maybe some frottage or handies or even penetration *^*
>> No. 93080
File 138977330327.jpg - (302.58KB , 900x675 , marvel-blowjob.jpg )
Have some more porny content, anon ;D
>> No. 93081
OTL i forgot to draw Daken's tattoo.... don't draw at arse-tit hours of the morn, anons!
let's pretend it's there shall we? XD *lazy*
>> No. 93082
Is that cum coming out of his nose? I like the way you think dude and/or dudette
>> No. 93084
That is cum coming out of his mouth, yes ;D And thank you!
Any more requests? I'll try to fill them!
>> No. 93086
Bane bloody raping Robin. Go.
>> No. 93087
File 138990845331.jpg - (223.89KB , 600x657 , marvel-skaar_daken.jpg )
That sounds like a fun but I'm only taking Dark Avengers-related requests, sorry :'D I don't have anything polished done with 'bloody raping' except this Skaar/Daken sketch. Hope it's still good though!
>> No. 93088
May I be so bold as to request some Mac being violent? I wouldn't mind seeing Daken praising the damage he's caused someone. Such a good pet.

Otherwise, Daken and Bullseye and loaded guns are a good mix.
>> No. 93110
File 139047283945.jpg - (754.47KB , 761x1079 , marvel-teamup1.jpg )

Drew a short fan comic on a whim today. I'll get to the Mac prompt next *v*
>> No. 93111
File 139047290547.jpg - (646.67KB , 761x1079 , marvel-teamup2.jpg )

>> No. 93112
I should be more turned on but I can't get over how adorable that last panel is oh lester baby
>> No. 93125
File 139116235651.jpg - (243.07KB , 900x675 , marvel-chokefuck.jpg )
can't stop drawing these assholes
>> No. 93132
File 139124624089.jpg - (216.18KB , 600x784 , marvel-hot.jpg )
pheromone monster
>> No. 93134
File 139132403642.jpg - (284.29KB , 800x621 , marvel-sniktcest.jpg )
oop I forgot to post the sniktcest pic I drew some time ago!
>> No. 93135
File 139132861372.jpg - (258.03KB , 500x845 , marvel-bloodyfuck.jpg )
moar badly drawn porn

hmm it occurs to me that maybe i should spoiler-tag images with blood in them. erm. is this a thing I should do?
>> No. 93136
God damn I love sniktcest. It is for some reason the only cest pairing that gets my engine going.
>> No. 93137
You can if you want? Although I don't think a bit of blood will bother most people (now if you're drawing detailed lacerations or pulling intestines out that's another story)
>> No. 93272
These are so good they're singlehandedly making me want to read Dark Avengers.
Seriously great job.
>> No. 93283
File 139319908819.jpg - (564.59KB , 700x934 , marvel-daken_venom.jpg )
artfag here ;u; thank you!

I know I said ages ago I'd draw Mac being violent to some random victim with Daken looking on in satisfaction, but all I have to show for it is this half-worked on Venom/Daken pic. Hope it's still okay content!
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