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File 139353970584.jpg - (69.25KB , 760x428 , nintendo-swap-note-disabled[1].jpg )
185800 No. 185800
Loading save file from >>183533

>>Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service for Nintendo DS and Wii to end in May

Maybe, since these games won't have their online functionality anymore, Nintendo will finally lower the MSRP of the affected games so they aren't the same as they've been since launch?

(Hahaha, no.)
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>> No. 185802
As mentioned earlier: Tropical Freeze is pretty boss and Retro knows details.
>> No. 185803
I would adore a side-scolling Metroid game by Retro, especially done 16-bit (or even 32-bit) style. They would do a hell of a better job than Team Ninja.
>> No. 185804
A monkey could do a better job than team ninja.
>> No. 185806
Senran Kagura Burst - What's This?!youtube thumb
Senran Kagura Burst - Can I Have A Copy?youtube thumb
>> No. 185810
Despite playing quite a few of those games, I either didn't use or notice that some had any wi-fi capability at all. I never even checked to see if Tetris DS could do anything besides the main six modes of play, though to be fair that didn't come with a package or instruction manual to inform me of it and Tetris alone is addicting enough that I wouldn't check while playing.

Also how many of those games are even still selling? Certainly Pokemon HeartGold isn't at regular MSRP in any retail stores, physical or online.
>> No. 185811
File 139356721287.jpg - (41.35KB , 422x888 , d3edef83e9cc29e29adb7037664fa8c5.jpg )

I was going to post on /pkmn/ but then I thought nah. I have the stuff but never registered, will let you guys know how it goes when I get around to it this weekend.
>> No. 185812
> Certainly Pokemon HeartGold isn't at regular MSRP in any retail stores, physical or online.
I'd be surprised if you can find it in stores as new, though; I could only find it at Gamestop with a quick search.

But there are even older games still selling new. I recall being in a Worst Buy last month and seeing copies of Super Mario 64 DS, still going for $30.
>> No. 185813
I remember only a year or two ago seeing Diamond and Pearl at either a Target or Gamestop, still for $30.

But, ironically, new online copies cost even more now because they're actually keeping in mind how few are left unopened--Amazon is charging $50.
>> No. 185814
File 139357118329.png - (452.85KB , 503x755 , rbUZhJq.png )
It seems like rather than just changing because of Little Mac, you can just choose which version of the stage you want to be playing in.
>> No. 185821
File 139361151388.jpg - (147.75KB , 1050x1050 , 1392669225557.jpg )

>Dat soundtrack
>> No. 185822
File 139361187710.jpg - (41.57KB , 480x360 , Mountain Mania.jpg )
I think 'Germany' may be my favorite theme for a level ever.
>> No. 185824

Waluigi time is never.
>> No. 185826
Sakurai, you beautiful troll, you.
>> No. 185841
Except that's more like Switzerland or Austria than Germany, really. Because, y'know, alps. And windmills are more of a Dutch thing, aren't they?
>> No. 185843
Hence the ''. Central Europe stuff. Though I suppose "Alps" would have been more appropriate in spite of a lack of Alp like mountains. In any case, it's a fun theme. Now I'm playing the happiest African savannah level I have ever seen.
>> No. 185849
File 139372541238.jpg - (244.83KB , 844x613 , SGgwzCo.jpg )
>> No. 185873
>Little Mac being announced for Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS was a big deal here in the states, but what did our friends in Japan think of the reveal? It seems that Punch-Out!! is a bit more highly regarded here than in the land of the rising sun...

- The Punch-Out guy?
- He’s always been a highly-wanted character overseas
- Too niche, should’ve been left as a trophy. They should be using other companies’ characters before ones like this
- He’s extremely popular overseas and has been around since the Famicom days. I only learned about him from Captain Rainbow, though
- I dunno who this is. They should’ve used the guy from Kung Fu instead
- I think they should’ve left this as a secret character
- Makes sense for him to be in it, I expected some retro game characters
- The guy from Punch-Out? Is he really that memorable enough to be in Smash Bros?
- This guy was pretty strong assist character. So he’s gonna be an actual character now?
- I’m not as mad as I am dumbfounded. These character choices are such a joke

More comments here:


>Since Japan doesn't seem too interested in Little Mac, just who do they want in the game? You can see some often-requested characters below.

Paper Mario
Nick / Captain Rainbow
Monster Hunter

>> No. 185876
Overseas means sweden too, right?
Because I know alot of guys that loves Punch-Out over here.
>> No. 185879
File 139379704218.png - (48.20KB , 250x200 , Shang FUCK.png )
>I’m not as mad as I am dumbfounded. These character choices are such a joke
>Too niche, should’ve been left as a trophy. They should be using other companies’ characters before ones like this

It's times like this that I'm glad fan reaction has little to no influence on the roster.
>> No. 185885
Some of these comments were the sort of thing people said about Pit before Brawl actually came out and everyone fell in love with him all over again.
>> No. 185886
Has /v/ flipped its shit at anything like when Sonic was revealed during Japan Time?

I'm pretty sure /v/ has a collective aneurysm and erection at the same time when that happened.
>> No. 185888
An aneurection.
>> No. 185894
>Paper Mario

I could be down for that completely.

>Nick / Captain Rainbow

A clever AND reasonable idea.

>Monster Hunter

Now you're being stupid, unless you want to play as one of those cats, come on no.


All for a Fire Emblem chick, but maybe not the one that looks like Rule 63 Marth, huh?




Different from Peach how though, Rosalina came with gravity powers and a cut lil striker...


I would have liked it. But that ship has sailed... Too many Mario characters as is.


... She-Hulk? *google search* Oh. No see if you're gonna bring in RPG characters, go for someone who fits the asthetic. Fucking Golden Sun characters like we were teased with the Issac Assist Trophies.
>> No. 185895
File 139386058619.png - (89.41KB , 223x458 , because he totally fit the style right.png )
>go for someone who fits the asthetic
Are you actually being serious right now?
>> No. 185896
Well, he did fit in with Brawls very dark and detailed twilight princess style.
>> No. 185897
Dasiy should be an alternate outfit for Peach. There's really no use in having both.

I love Xenoblade Chronicles (though I admit that She-Hulk was my first thought on reading that, too), but I agree he shouldn't be in the game. However, it's not because of Shulk's aesthetic (we already have characters representing the entire band of realism); I'd say that he's not quirky enough to fit the roster. The Monado would make for a great Final, but unless they give him something special he'll seem kind of blah compared to most of the other characters; Fire Emblem already fills this role.

Now, if he had a "re-equip" feature where he could change his armor and weapon (a Monado knock-off) mid-battle to change some of his stats (think Erza from Fairy Tail), with his Final Smash being a switch to his starting gear and the real Monado, that would be something. There are enough outfits in the game to give him three or four distinct ones: Entia, Machina, etc.

But, aside from that, late-game Fiora or Riki would be a better fit for the game. (And if we had Fiora there would be more porn of her...)
>> No. 185898
File 139386606925.jpg - (85.96KB , 800x601 , nintendo_year_book_2014_01.jpg )

These company guide books are beautiful.
>> No. 185900
This one's not that much brighter really. They removed some detail on their more stylized characters, but that's hardly an excuse to keep more detailed characters out.
>> No. 185901
Are you sure. Just look at Mario's denim.
It's not as ultimate any more.
>> No. 185902
Like I said, they removed some detail on their more stylized characters, but that's hardly an excuse to keep more detailed characters out.
Take this fan art for example. His pose is broken to hell, but you can see how they could simplify his look to fit in. Not that I expect it.
>> No. 185903
File 139387319262.png - (254.72KB , 374x600 , Shulk.png )
Snake deals with silly shit all the time.

Have him shooting little Yoshi Statues, Ape Escape Monkeys, fighting creatures from Monster Hunter.

Snake is exempt from this assertion by the nature of Kojima.

What I'm saying is look at this guy, just look at him.

He's waaaay too busy.
>> No. 185905
He's pretty busy, but the Smash Bros team are pretty talented at taking a bunch of characters with different looks and making them all seem visually consistent. I don't think he'll be in, but there's nothing AGAINST him.
>> No. 185906
File 139387530535.png - (476.44KB , 946x541 , ShulkHeader_zps297976ae.png )
Sorry, I guess I didn't upload it.
>> No. 185907
Aside from trimming a few of the pants details aside I don't see why not. Isaac and Saki had a similar style and din't have a problem.
>> No. 185909
As I recall, his actual model in the game was FAR less detailed than the official art. The difference is like a Final Fantasy character being modeled in the game with only one visible zipper and maybe two belts.

So cutting out the frills would be no big deal.
>> No. 185912


Man Stabbed with ‘Master Sword’ in Domestic Dispute
I didn't know where post this.
>> No. 185916
I was gonna say I bet it's Florida, but turns out it's close enough.

For whatever reason the south and ESPECIALLY Florida fucking love swords and as a result seems to have an enormous amount of sword related stabbings.
>> No. 185917
Let me stop you right there.
1. Observational bias.
2. Confirmation bias.
3. Media focus because of numbers 1 and 2.
Stupid shit happens everywhere, you just don't hear about it as often.
>> No. 185918
Fair enough.
>> No. 185948
File 139411019882.jpg - (115.59KB , 610x430 , SIMU_GLOBALE_MK8_UKV-610x430.jpg )

Only confirmed for the Europe for now.
>> No. 185950
File 139411619896.gif - (498.68KB , 500x330 , I have a MIGHTY NEED.gif )

>> No. 186026
*RUNTHROUGH* Yoshi's New Islan…youtube thumb
>> No. 186028
>Those comments
Seems like no matter what they do with the series, people are going to be dissapointed.
>> No. 186029
The visuals are nice, but everything else just seems bland. Music is really uninspired.
>> No. 186030
To strike gold twice with that same solid mixing of audio, visuals, and gameplay is no simple task. And really, sometimes there's just no pleasing some people.
>> No. 186033
Welcome to the internet. People compete with one another to be seen as the most jaded bastard here, and think themselves critics despite not having even the most cursory understanding of critical theory.
>> No. 186037
Honestly the level design doesn't seem all that different from the original.
Music I could take or leave.
>> No. 186038
>Reading comments on Youtube
>> No. 186056
Finally got around to this. Even if your system's already registered, registering a different model plus one of the selected games works. I had 3D Land from a while back and bribed a nephew for his regular 3DS code. So I guess next time I'll need to bribe someone with a 2DS.
>> No. 186085
Yoshi's New Island (3DS) - Fin…youtube thumb

Wow. This is bad.
>> No. 186086

Is it just me, or this game call to mind the original DKC-styled Yoshi's Island that Miyamoto threw out?
>> No. 186087
I don't get it. What am I supposed to be seeing here that's bad?
>> No. 186089
Watching that video I can take a couple stabs, massively downgraded art, fucking balls easy or those incredibly retarded last two boss fights.
>> No. 186090
File 139483940548.png - (15.90KB , 256x384 , YIDS-Past_And_Present_Bowser.png )
It's a reference to Yids
>> No. 186095
Reference or not, what a half-assed way to give you a final final boss. They actually use the word "suddenly" and then sum the explanation in all of ten words. And what the hell was that walking warp pipe guy? Did they really just shoehorn him into the original story so they can place that in the ending. I honestly believe a good number of people who worked on this game didn't give a fuck any more from the graphics, the music, and the story.
>> No. 186099
File 139489369215.jpg - (140.24KB , 600x719 , 1394892786630.jpg )
There's a reason I'm posting this here.
>> No. 186132
I'm not surprised that the 3DS game is essentially the SNES game with a slightly different visual style. Yoshi's Story took more risks with the formula established by Yoshi's Island than any other sequel, but even now people are still divided on it. Yoshi's Island DS added an interesting gimmick with the baby abilities that also enhanced replayability and was extremely challenging to boot - to the point I'm personally unsure whether it goes into broken territory. But it doesn't seem like many people noticed it. Then you have Yarn Yoshi, which some people will avoid because of the visuals or simply because they don't own a Wii U. Better to go the safe route and put out a game that's familiar.
>> No. 186221
File 139542934822.jpg - (52.68KB , 450x600 , SuperMarioBros_Web.jpg )

Oh God, YES!
>> No. 186222
Super Mario Bros. (RiffTrax Trailer)youtube thumb
>> No. 186225
>And there's a sale
Hell yes.
Now if they can do Mortal Kombat, Double Dragon, or Street Fighter my wishes will be true.
>> No. 186337
File 139585111312.jpg - (81.89KB , 1021x480 , BjqQTFKIAAAtoj-.jpg )
Sonic Lost World - The Legend …youtube thumb

Rev up those fan fics.
>> No. 186338
I...am completely speechless.

Not happy. Not thinking it's stupid. Just...oh my god. I think my brain melted.
>> No. 186339
Yeah. My only thought right now is "what the ever-loving fuck."
>> No. 186340
File 139585514746.jpg - (12.42KB , 400x200 , nopetoofast.jpg )
I think this is cool. Now for the sake of clarity, I don't think this is the greatest thing ever or that it even makes any sense, but this is a type of silliness I can get behind. Nintendo has exclusivity over this title, why not use that brand for some stupid fun.
>> No. 186345
File 13958596403.jpg - (38.60KB , 555x471 , barack-obama-not-bad-face-32.jpg )

>The DLC is free

Sounds pretty cool to me.
>> No. 186354
This makes me play Lost World more than anything else about the game.
>> No. 186361
Growing up, I was always a diehard sega and sonic fanboy and my best friend was a Legend of Zelda and Nintendo fanboy, and we'd butt heads over it to this day.

So, yes. Yes to this. Yes to all of this.
>> No. 186444
File 139628473451.jpg - (61.08KB , 660x495 , MG_2264edit-660x495.jpg )

Neat article. Animal Crossing: New Leaf really connected well with everyone.
>> No. 186445
File 139628499438.png - (418.19KB , 610x663 , Screenshot 2014-03-31 at 11_55_28 AM.png )
>> No. 186455
File 139635356283.png - (126.90KB , 639x693 , Screenshot 2014-04-01 at 6_53_16 AM.png )
April Fools day to you too, EA.
>> No. 186459
>> No. 186462
Nintendo should fire back with a half-assed attempt to claim it cares about the gays.
>> No. 186472
File 139639312976.jpg - (33.17KB , 576x191 , 1396392161337.jpg )
The inevitable apology.
>> No. 186507
Mario Kart 8 - New Features Trailer (Wii U)youtube thumb
>> No. 186511
File 139652346814.png - (339.94KB , 507x599 , rzzUuCZ.png )
Ooh, custom combos.
>> No. 186579
File 139697482220.jpg - (505.72KB , 3000x1500 , thedifference.jpg )
>> No. 186580
Some might think he was a gurl otherwise and give young boys all kinds of confused boners.
>> No. 186581
>> No. 186585
File 139699256615.gif - (2.64MB , 360x270 , 1396991365412.gif )
>> No. 186587
>> No. 186588
We live in the year 2014, and games from Japan are still getting censored over here.
>> No. 186589
Best part of the Smash Bros. Direct? The reveal of ‘For Fun/Glory’ modes.

When Nintendo can both rip on and satisfy the competitive Smash Bros. scene, you know they’ve done something right.
>> No. 186590
>All those shadowed shots in the trailer teasing and hiding Greninja in such a way that it looked like Mewtwo

Goddammit Sakurai.
>> No. 186592
I'm pretty damn happy. Froakie and all of its evos were always my favorite X/Y starter line from day 1. Chesnaughtfags can get rekt.
>> No. 186596
I legitimately can't remember. Portal was never released on any Nintendo system right? I need to know so I can let the dream die.
>> No. 186598
No. Portal has never been on any Nintendo system.
>> No. 186599

So I guess my bros Squirtle and Mewtwo aren't coming back.
Greninja looks promissing. Very Shiek like though. Willing to bet top tier.

Hope we get more gameplay and info on Smash as the day goes on.
>> No. 186600
>> No. 186601
File 139701037127.gif - (3.79KB , 256x272 , 1380747984583.gif )
Wait. So the only way to play 1v1 randoms is NO FUN ALLOWED mode? No 1v1 with items? Or anything but the most boring stage on that planet? Ugh.
>> No. 186602
>Having ANY faith that Nintendo can figure out the competitive scene for any game or even the internet
>> No. 186603

You can blame the competitive Smash Bros. scene/the old "NO ITEMS, FOX ONLY, FINAL DESTINATION" meme for that, I suppose.

And for the record, every stage will have its own Final Destination form this time around, so you can still play on "different" stages in For Glory.
>> No. 186604
File 139701571056.png - (458.05KB , 980x551 , Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 11_10_07 PM.png )
>Battlefield not in the tourny "For Glory" mode
You wut Supoopukukkureye?

>Almost all stages have a "Final Destination" form

>Looking for ways to "cut down" on players who "relentlessly target a single opponent" in multiplayer brawls
Oh this shit? Over the line. If you're a shitty easy kill then you're a shitty easy kill. Why WOULDN'T I or anyone else hunt your ass down? This is how multiplayer has always worked.

>Nintendog and Devil assist trophies return
Fuck. You.

>Midna. Assist trophy

>Color TV game 15 assist trophy
It's fucking pong. Just say it.

>Masterball item (maybe different than Pokeball?) have rare pokemon like Arceous
>Flings opponents into air then meteor mashes them down
BUENO. I love Pokeball fights.

>Samus doesn't go into Zero Suit for final smash. "Characters that used to change forms will no longer change"
... why. Why couldn't you just keep the Zelda/Shiek thing going? I loved that shit.

>Shiek pretty much gets Snakes grenade
eeeeeeh I'm ok with this. The side B chain move it's replacing was garbage.
>and her down B is another jump type move
Well you can't win em all.

>Zero Suit Samus in as seperate character, has rocket stilettos
I... eeeeeeh. Maybe.

>Kirby seems to get Dedede's neutral B hammer move
>Dedede always throws Gordos (spike balls) instead of Waddledees
>Lucario gets even more comeback mechanic-y, but can get so overpowered, he can kill himself on attempted recovery

>Olimar can only have 3 Pikmin now
I mad.
>Pikmin now always show up as Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Purple
>Up B now winged Pikmin, the more Pikmin you have the worse it is
I...what? Why?

>Pit can't glide
Good. That with his moveset reworking makes him less of an annoying faggot. It's not like he was OP in Brawl, but his recovery and the fact almost all his specials reflected was annoying as hell.

>Rosalinas down B absorbs/ negates projectiles in a wide area and draws items near
>"Puppet" type character ike we all already knew
SS+ tier confirmed. Her final smash is really bad though.

>Little Mac looks like some of his moves have armor
>His smash attacks launch crazy distance
>Shitty recovery and air game
>Yet another down B counter move character
We all already knew this, but hell yes little Mac.
>If you fill up his power meter by doing damage or taking hits you get a oneshot kill move
... ... So close Sakurai. So FUCKING close.
>Wireframe MaC costume
... ok I can sort of forgive you.

>Megamans final smash summons all the different megamen for a combined beam attack
>Even starforce is there

>Wii Fit Triners down B acts as a power up for more damage
>Neutral B charges and fires a projectile
I... I'm happy at power ups, but more charge shots... ech.

>Custom move set
>Only online with friends or local vs
>lol that's all I'm saying for now
You fucking cocktease

>3DS exclusive mode "Smash Run"
>More or less take the Melee story mode thing and have players do that for a few minutes before a match, beating NPC scrubs like goombas to get things that power up defense, attack, etc
>Then the match starts; each player entering with the powerups they collected as well as any items
I want to be excited, but I just can't be. The WiiU is coming out in the winder, but the 3DS is coming this summer. We all know the WiiU version will be a lot better and the extra dev time cements this. An extra throw away mode isn't doing much for me.

>Charizard and Greninja characters
Well that more or less deconvirmes my bros Squirtle and Mewtwo. Can't really comment here since not much was shown. Greninjas water shuriken move should have been a hold B to charge or rapid tap for constant barrage though. He's looking pretty Shiek. Might be high tier.
>Maximum Spider final smash
>> No. 186605
Press kit leak:
>> No. 186606
No, it's more along the lines that he completely missed how tornyfags work.
It was Final Destination/ Battlefield only because just about every other stage was so godamn random and filled with gimmicks that matches on those levels weren't about skill, but sheer luck.
Instead of turning off stage gimmicks or making a few more balanced stages for the rotation they just quarter baked a concept and said "Fuck it, Final Destination. Whatever. Tornyfags got all they need."

In short, Nintendo still doesn't know what the hell it's doing when it comes to anything competitive or internet related. And the worst of it? They could have spent half a ay researching common torny problems and worked with those in mind to develop a better mode, but they clearly didn't.
>> No. 186607
File 139701820669.jpg - (65.55KB , 664x800 , dude_what.jpg )

this is exactly why nobody likes you, tourneyfags
>> No. 186609
>We want balanced stages with no gimmicks but don't take out all the gimmicks and balance the stages too much.

Focus Group Guy: So you want a realistic down-to-earth show that's completely off the wall and swarming with magic robots?

[the kids all chat at once about it being a great idea]

Milhouse Van Houten: And, also, you should win things by watching.

Focus Group Guy: [sighs]
>> No. 186610
What did he say that was wrong exactly?

I don't do much competitive smashing myself. In fact, I don't do any of it. But I do know enough about it that Final Destination was by far not the only tourney legal stage in the game. Did you know Pokefloats (and IIRC pokemon stadium) are both tournament legal?

That "1v1 fox on Final Destination" joke was funny, but you're not supposed to take it as gospel. The way I understand it, having moving stages and shit is fine. The issue is the level of randomness that comes with it, hence pokefloats.

I don't mean to sound rude, but at least do a little research.
>> No. 186611
File 139702689713.png - (1.27MB , 1366x768 , 1397006529252.png )
Just watched the Nintendo Direct. It was as if I just watched 45 minutes of pure concentrated hype. I was hoping for Mewtwo, but Greninja is fine too. The genwunner tears a good enough replacement. I might have to stop procrastinating and buy a 3DS.
>> No. 186613
If you can wait for next winter, they go as low as 100 US dollars.
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