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File 139353970584.jpg - (69.25KB , 760x428 , nintendo-swap-note-disabled[1].jpg )
185800 No. 185800
Loading save file from >>183533

>>Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service for Nintendo DS and Wii to end in May

Maybe, since these games won't have their online functionality anymore, Nintendo will finally lower the MSRP of the affected games so they aren't the same as they've been since launch?

(Hahaha, no.)
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>> No. 186702
Who knows; but you can give DKs forward B multiple hits of armor which is godamn crazy.
And presumably you can give Fox Falcos blaster which will probably make him OP as all hell.
>> No. 186708
File 139726687010.png - (49.08KB , 500x710 , tumblr_n3u9ciUFAE1rrtnato1_500.png )
>> No. 186711
Yeah okay this looks incredible and I may have to buy it.
>> No. 186714
She's one if one of the few unattached females current in the games. Not much choice really.
>> No. 186715
Eh. Fanon aside, neither Zelda nor Peach are explicitly said to be dating their male counterparts. There's a much stronger case for Peach (they do a lot of things together that could be considered dates, at least), but many of the Zeldas have even explicitly NOT been romantically involved with Link--Twilight Princess Zelda barely even had anything to do with him.
>> No. 186723
Stolen from tumblr:
>Like I’ve said; if you’re using Zero Suit Samus enough that you care what she looks like, you’re not someone who’s opinion I give a shit about, and if your complaint is that they’re “impractical for combat” you have some weird priorities because Zelda is in a fairly tight dress and Peach is in goddamn bloomers[. T]here are female characters in smash bros with far more impractical outfits is what I’m sayin’
>> No. 186724
>Peach is in goddamn bloomers

But...bloomers are actually a fairly practical piece of underwear. I mean the whole reason bloomers became a thing was because Victorian women needed some clothing that didn't restrict their movement. It's not like she's wearing like a bajillion petticoats or something.

Also, physical combat isn't part of Peach's image, while it certainly is part of Samus's.

Also, I just rose to low-grade tumblr trollbait, didn't I?
>> No. 186725
I think it was stated by one of the Nintendo staff that Mario and Peach are just really good friends and if Mario's feelings are anything more than that it's a one-sided courtly kind of thing.
>> No. 186726
I kinda like that idea of Mario
>> No. 186729
File 139739969865.jpg - (607.49KB , 1091x1621 , 1387501067721.jpg )

Super Mario 64 4koma gag storytime at /a/.
>> No. 186736
If that was trollbait, then I apologize.
>> No. 186742
>Expecting that Nintendo would care about online petitions.
>> No. 186745
can we not turn this into Nintumblr general?
>> No. 186749
>playing Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for the first time
How are the other Paper Marios in comparison to Thousand Year Door? I'm really enjoying it so far and wouldn't mind more.
>> No. 186751
TYD is easily the best. The first one is also quite good, and Super Paper Mario was okay. Ignore all the other ones.
>> No. 186752
Paper Mario 64 is still damn good, though not quite AS good. It doesn't have much to do with paper unlike TTYD, and the plot is just the generic "Bowser kidnapped the princess" shtick. Most of the places you'll go to find the macguffins don't have fun gimmicks like in TTYD. But the writing is still solid and so is the music, the gameplay is still fun too, and I found it to be more challenging than TTYD overall. It's definitely the best RPG on N64.

Super Paper Mario, damn fun but it's not much of an RPG. More of a platformer with RPG elements. The writing and story are even better than TTYD and the puzzles are very clever too, but it's not very challenging, it's pretty short and the gameplay gets kinda repetitive after awhile. Some love it, some hate it. I say check it out.

Sticker Star, don't bother. Very lackluster and shallow. Not worth checking out.

Be sure to check out Super Mario RPG and the M&L series too. All of them are great.
>> No. 186753
Thanks for the info! After I finish I'll definitely look into PM64, RPG, M&L and possibly Super Paper Mario since it's really cheap used on Amazon right now.
>> No. 186772
I wish I could own that giant Reggie mii mascot head.
>> No. 186820
File 139785165561.jpg - (46.23KB , 464x640 , princess-peach-wiimote-464x640.jpg )
Actually make a Toad one too and that'd be pretty boss.
As long as you only used your controller's character.
>> No. 186958
File 139835943948.jpg - (36.62KB , 313x220 , mario-kart-premium-313x220.jpg )
>> No. 187036
Play Nintendo - Announcing Nintendo @ E3 2014youtube thumb
>> No. 187038
File 139878036210.png - (223.36KB , 469x478 , lol_azula.png )

I thought I'd end up cringing, instead I ended up laughing. Good job, Nintendo.
>> No. 187041
>Make sure to cram as many buzzwords and obvious marketing phrases in as possible

In all seriousness though, it's good to see Nintendo actually doing a bit of marketing for the western market. Nintendo on the ropes is the best kind of Nintendo; they're finally learning.
>> No. 187046
Nintendo A Sad Story : Part 1youtube thumb

Nintendo - A Sad Story : Part 2youtube thumb

Ah, good old-fashioned nightmare fuel.
>> No. 187053
Wii U - Mario Kart 8 Direct 4.30.2014youtube thumb
>> No. 187062
File 139889889319.jpg - (12.61KB , 300x300 , 1279082592656.jpg )

>dat brass

hnnngh Nintendo's soundtracks have been pretty jazzy lately and I dig it.
>> No. 187079
Man, I was planning on waiting until near the end of this console cycle to buy a Wii U because it and the games would be way cheaper, but this is really tempting.
>> No. 187086
My body wasn't reggie for this.
>> No. 187176
Temple of Timevimeo thumb
>> No. 187192
File 139947755880.png - (27.52KB , 620x332 , BnCVQNPCMAALvhi.png )
Nintendo posted their financial results today.


The Wii U is at 6.17M, which means it has been outsold by the PS4 and its 7M.
>> No. 187197
>for once Hoenn remakes aren't trolling
>> No. 187198
File 139949892152.jpg - (62.10KB , 853x474 , Hoenn confirmed.jpg )
>> No. 187200

Of the games I played (stopped after Black/White), I felt that GIII was the weakest of the group. After what I've heard about X/Y, a remake using its engine doesn't interest me in the least.
>> No. 187201
File 139950478353.jpg - (329.23KB , 820x1329 , not-official-art.jpg )
Gen 3 is probably my favorite in terms of all the wandering and exploring you can do, which is also what a lot of people cite as its weakness. (another weakness was being pre-physical/special moves but we didn't know that at the time) I remember finding all sorts of little groves and caves off the main path like there's a world outside the routes and cities, none of the other games really did that.

Also has it really been over 10 years? Feels like yesterday.
>> No. 187202
My care depends on if HM still exist.
>> No. 187203
Before I started playing Sapphire again recently to FINALLY beat the E4, the only thing I could recall definitively was spending way too fucking much time on the water. I do recall some extra exploration aspects, though, and I like that so without remembering specifics I'd have to agree with you.
>> No. 187204
I want to be excited because Gen III was the last of the Pokemon games I dabbled in. But since I haven't played since then my opinion on Pokemon has steadily become more cynical. Not even the hype for B&W and X&Y could bring me back after such a long absence. I recently tried to play Diamond and it only seemed like a chore. So on the one hand, yay nostalgia. But on the other, boo reality.
>> No. 187205
File 13995086589.jpg - (167.83KB , 850x1133 , fosoya_ww-ocean.jpg )
The open ocean setting traditionally isn't very good for video game exploration, especially in a top-down perspective. While not terribly realistic, you'd need all sorts of markers to signify to the player "there's something interesting this way / over there / beneath the surface!"
>> No. 187207
That's only necessary when the water is huge and open. Areas in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald were barely any wider than on land. The real reason people disliked them was that exploration is tedious when random encounters were both literally everywhere and were so homogenous (90% Tentacool or Tentacruel no matter which part of the ocean you were on).
>> No. 187208
File 139951411316.jpg - (128.77KB , 1000x667 , Pokemon__Target_Practice_by_EiffelArt.jpg )
Don't forget Wingulls and Pelippers.
>> No. 187211
And only hours after posting I unearth a copy of The Electric Tale Of Pikachu during a spring cleaning operation and return to the question of jumping back into the whole mess. Goddamn nostalgia.
>> No. 187212
Just dl some of the Electric Tale artists' extensive porn catalog instead.
>> No. 187213
File 139952158248.jpg - (43.51KB , 512x384 , 34l.jpg )
Nintendo has released their financial results briefing in English.


Most interesting piece of information here is their NFC plans. Nintendo could actually benefit from doing a Skylanders/Disney Infinity game. with their memorable characters. Although, if they didn't pass up on exclusively publishing Skylanders, they wouldn't have to.
>> No. 187215
I've wanted them to do more with their NFC stuff for a while now. This is a start, but there's so much more that could be done with it--it would be incredible for some sort of 21st-century Tabletop Game, ala Warhammer or something that leverages both the advantages of computer calculations and the imagination of human players.

There is a lot of fun stuff that could be done with NFC if someone wanted to make use of it.
>> No. 187218
You have my attention...

As long as I can finally get a little StarFox fix I guess I'll be ok. With Nintendo in the shape they're in though, I doubt they'd pour any cash into such a niche franchise though.
>> No. 187224
>> No. 187228
File 139956842156.png - (474.55KB , 635x1340 , mariokart8.png )
>> No. 187249
Looks like with Gamespy closing its doors the online gaming servers for all Wii and DS games are going along with it. Play it up before the 20th of May because it's the last chance you'll get.
Provided you can even find a match.
>> No. 187250
Guess that's it for pokemon trades for those gens.
>> No. 187361
File 140502043360.jpg - (302.82KB , 1000x953 , GTS Cia.jpg )
So about Hyrule Warriors, how likely is it that it bombs? Also enjoy the pic.
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