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File 138760181188.jpg - (464.54KB , 500x500 , b38cecaf89dcc45b336c0e5fc22fab8b.jpg )
184233 No. 184233
In gaming news, God still hates Skullgirls.

TTT2 got a sexy vampire lady

Ultra's still doing player testing.

Some other thing.
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>> No. 184240
At this point, I kinda expect PSN and XBLA to go tits-up on the day Skullgirls Encore goes live.

Lab Zero just can't catch a break.
>> No. 184243
>> No. 184254
File 138765483816.png - (371.29KB , 800x450 , Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 12_38_48 AM.png )
Now that UMvC3 isn't a thing any more, enjoy the most comprehensive Chris guide around:
The Ultimate Chris Guide for U…youtube thumb

Also Typing of the Skullgirls. It's a thing. Mike built it in his spare time to keep from going crazy. It'll be in Encore for everyone and is only accessible by entering a code. No on-line.
>> No. 184334
Comprehensive Ms. Fortune guide for Encore:
Nyan Stop Infinite Fibermax Fortune Guideyoutube thumb
>> No. 184402
Skullgirls on a Flash Sale ($7.49) on Steam for the next 3 hours!
>> No. 184518
Got Skullgirls recently as a gift, and while I'm very much enjoying it overall, it's been so long since I played a fighting game, that I forgot about one of the genre's most regular features: overpowered final bosses that make you want to strangle every living thing in a ten-foot radius of yourself while playing.
Jontron - Oooohyoutube thumb
Marie is definitely continuing that proud tradition.
>> No. 184527

Ha. Yeah, Marie's a complete pain in the ass. I suffered through her when I was playing Story mode but when I'm doing Arcade I just quit out. There's just no reason to do so.
>> No. 184530
She's tough; but not super tough like a lot of bosses can be. MvC2's boss for instance.
Glad you're liking the game though! Need to set some time aside and start playing on Steam since I have yet to touch it despite playing it on consoles a few times.

Oh and if anyone wants a copy of Skullgirls; I picked up an extra one as a "gift" I can trade to someone or exchange or whatever.
>> No. 184556
Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition on flash sale on Steam for 7.50 for the next 6 hours.
>> No. 184562
Hey, remember Mane 6? Well, they shared a few updates on their no-longer-an-MLP-game game today.

>> No. 184647
Was wondering what happened to them.
Also, grabbed KOF XIII on the past steam winter, fun game but this new mechanics are a bit complicated to use at the beginning.
>> No. 184648
Years from now Evo Tourney featuring characters designed by Lauren Faust. Who'd have thought.
>> No. 184652
If that game gets in before Skullgirls I am burning Wizards house down.
>> No. 184694
Ultra Street Fighter IV: 5th C…youtube thumb
I am okay with more black chicks in street fighter.
>> No. 184727
I'd still rather have SkulloLady.
>> No. 184746
File 138923766624.gif - (542.73KB , 400x300 , tumblr_mgj23z9XPr1qecsulo1_400[1].gif )
>> No. 184748
So Poison ending, will she bag Cody?
>> No. 184766
File 138932563760.gif - (400.72KB , 428x625 , skullgirls-eliza-ingame-walk-forward.gif )
Look at this shit.

Look at this animation.

Why doesn't Skullgirls get more love.
>> No. 184768
That /v/ thread was slamming.
>> No. 184769
>A fire lit hallway
>In the murky distance footsteps
>The sound of heels lightly clacking on the stone floor, a distinct metal scraping noise following
>You have nowhere left to run
>You are well and truly fucked

Her idle and walk animation are amazing; she bursts with a sense of elegance and confidence and I like how (at least her head) she's always in profile like ancient Egyptian art.

Here's hoping she's everything I imagine her to be. (A slow heavy hitter with great range in her skinned form with some Zazamel like grabs and moves with her weapon, and a quick low damage rushdown character when she transforms into her parasite. Also no charge moves or weird Vega like inputs)
>> No. 184774
Because it's too hardcore a fighting game for most gamers who are interested in it because of the art-style to enjoy playing it and because it's too non-standard an art-style for the dudebro fighting game community to become interested.
>> No. 184777
But dude, it's full of bitches and whores with big tits and pantyshots bro!
>> No. 184778
That's also a reason dudebros won't touch it. They want to ogle at sexy girls, sure. But they don't want to play as sexy girls because that makes them feel emasculated for some reason. If you're a male and play as a girl character you get labeled a creepy weirdo by the type of people who make up the majority of the community.
>> No. 184779
Well, lets not operate on stereotype and straw men now.
>> No. 184782
Well that's pretty much what the analysis of the FGC that's held true for quite some time.

Also I find it amusing that no matter what fighter I try I always end up using a cat themed character if there is once since they all tend to feel the best to me. I have no idea why, but it's pretty weird.
>> No. 184824
Heads up, Tag 2 didn't get Eliza, Tekken Revolution did.
>> No. 184829
I got the hang of fighting Marie not long after my post expressing my extreme frustration in that department, and now I have little trouble getting to and then beating her with any character. Am considering throwing myself to the lions and upping the difficulty.

Also really just so happy with Skullgirls overall. I spent years away from the fighting game genre, and not only did Skullgirls remind me of what I love about fighters, it almost immediately started bucking for my favorite in the genre. I just dearly wish I'd joined the party sooner.

Its time time will come. Eventually it'll get the wider appreciation it deserves, and for now it's got its own vibrant niche.
>> No. 184844
Some amazing top-tier SoloBella play just can't top Double-Cock at the Battle by the Cove finals:
Battle By The Cove - GF Zidian…youtube thumb
>> No. 184860
Motivational Gameplay: NEVER G…youtube thumb
Hypest shit!
>> No. 184874

You can get Skullgirls for $5.6 if you buy it off Gamefly and use the coupon in the link.

Gamefly should give you a CD key which you can enter into steam, you don't need their client to run the game.
>> No. 184904
File 138996476559.png - (28.51KB , 570x173 , e0PFVut.png )
>> No. 184905
I was wondering what was up with that. Eesh.
>> No. 184908
At this point hearing this stuff isn't surprising in the least. It's practically a once a week thing.
>> No. 184910
File 138998189660.png - (147.23KB , 600x487 , 1389944328538.png )
>> No. 184932
EVO2013 Skullgirls Top 8youtube thumb

It's funny looking back and seeing how much the game has changed in just half a year.
>> No. 184947
Khaos vs Yaya FT51 Pt 1youtube thumb
Khaos vs Yaya FT51 Pt 2youtube thumb
>> No. 184955
With a little more love and time, this looks like it could be promising:
>> No. 185014
Large info dump from a stream interview with Alex (Skullgirls) earlier today:

Also Big Band will be getting a Big O and King Dedede palette as revealed on the labzero stream tonight.
>> No. 185015
...there's a Skullgirls artbook?
>> No. 185073
It's probably on fire now.
>> No. 185136
Console cry-babbies ruin everything!
More in March.
>> No. 185289
File 139146144847.jpg - (662.55KB , 1920x1080 , 1391455702711.jpg )
>> No. 185291
Is Injustice a good fighter? GMG has it on sale.
>> No. 185297
If you like how Mortal Kombat looks, feels, and plays, you'll like Injustice. If you do not like Mortal Kombat; you will not like Injustice.

Personally I think it's a terrible game and I regret purchasing it and the season pass. I'll never get all that money back.
>> No. 185314
Eh, I didn't like MK, but I enjoy Injustice quite a bit. The latest edition with all the DLC is pretty good value for your money. Inputs take a bit of getting used to (you need to put in your entire combo in one go instead of using timing like in most fighting games), but it's got a great roster of characters that all feel different from one another. The last few patches have really improved things from a balance perspective, as well.

There's a demo available for the console versions, IIRC. Check it out.
>> No. 185325

Amazon Purchases Double Helix …youtube thumb
>> No. 185334
What a tremendous kick to Microsoft's testicles.
>> No. 185353
KILLER INSTINCT UPDATE: New De…youtube thumb

Microsoft announces that Killer Instinct will march on under someone else. Hopefully not Rare.
>> No. 185354
EVO 2014 lineup: Ultra SF4, UMvC3, Injustice, KOF13, Killer Instinct, Blazblue CP, and (pending approval from the same tightasses at Nintendo who nearly axed the game from EVO last year) Smash Bros. Melee.

Speaking of Ultra SF4, the latest Saikyo blog post from the devs hints at the unveiling of the fifth and final character - specifically, that it'll happen at Final Round 17 in March.
>> No. 185360
In a bit of good news for the Most Cursed Game of the 2010s:

>PlayStation 3 users will be able to download [Skullgirls Encore] next Tuesday, and the game will be free to those who purchased the previous title. Skullgirls Encore will only be available in the US next week, however, Peter Bartholow of Lab Zero Games mentioned on NeoGAF that the team is shooting for a European release the following week, although there are currently no guarantees.

>Bartholow also stated that Xbox 360 owners will have to wait a bit for Encore, as the transition is taking longer due to more companies being involved with the project. Lab Zero plans to submit the update to Microsoft some time next week.

And now: Squigly trailer!

Skullgirls Encore Squigly Traileryoutube thumb
>> No. 185414

edgy 13 year olds the world around rejoiced

in other (better) news; Skullgirls Encore dropped for the PS3 today I believe.
>> No. 185420

Hey guys, remember Colossal Kaiju Combat? No?
Oh, well, it's in the greenlight processes now.
Could you guys help a Kaiju out and vote for it, please?
>> No. 185421

>Skullgirls Encore dropped for the PS3 today

Did...did anyone's PS3 explode after downloading the game?
>> No. 185425
Did Kirito really becomes that EDGY?
I only watched the first half of the series.
Also, I'm not sure if this kind of game will ever come to this side of the world.

I'm glad they managed to resolve that bullshit copyright thing from Wizards of the Coast rather easily.
Can't wait for Mecha-Baz!
>> No. 185467

Here's the wiki page for Colossal Kaiju Combat. They also have a card game too.
>> No. 185475
File 139226727178.png - (330.50KB , 878x494 , comingsoon.png )
Here's the entire changelog for Divekick: Addition Edition.

Here's the video archive of their eSports Hour where they go over and demonstrate just about every change to the characters

Divekick: AE is expected to come out some time early March-ish for free as a patch.

They also announced Divekick coming to both PS4 and XBOne that will include one new stage and AT LEAST one new character. No release date as of right now for either.
>> No. 185482
The same video but on YouTube
Return of the Divekick #eSports Houryoutube thumb
>> No. 185500
Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii …youtube thumb

>> No. 185502
File 139232968588.png - (471.31KB , 460x749 , 2.png )
Officially hyped.
>> No. 185517

SamusxMac OTP
>> No. 185518
File 139233905899.png - (7.90KB , 679x427 , 1285940409643.png )

>> No. 185520
About time.
He looks pretty damn good to. Like an actual fighting game fighter level. And no that's not just because he's a boxer.
>> No. 185522
Pretty cool.
Still waiting for Mr. Game & Watch though.
>> No. 185579

KC live with Simmon Strange
>> No. 185580
With the artest from the Godzilla comic.
>> No. 185761
>> No. 185880
Socal was this weekend; aside from Marvel 3 match last night where someone destroyed with Phoenix Wright and Rocket Raccoon... this was the only hype moment so far:
twitch tv/leveluplive2/b/507709662?t=136m
>> No. 185910
So... This happened.
MLP: FiM Tribute Edition Launch Videoyoutube thumb
>> No. 185989
6. Streamburger vs. RoyalFlushyoutube thumb
Ultimate Marvel has the potential to still be a fu thing to watch.
Shame it's 98% zero-may-cry and Dr. Doom
>> No. 186130
File 139502449090.jpg - (40.91KB , 626x640 , 1065112-decapre.jpg )
Bison’s doll, Decapre, is the fifth and final new challenger for Ultra Street Fighter 4.
>> No. 186131
Ultra Street Fighter IV: Decap…youtube thumb
>> No. 186138
So Marvel actually managed to be somewhat hype this weekend. Well a small handful of matches really. Also TTT2 apparently takes even longer than Injustice.

I actually kind of like her. Shame I'm shit with charge.
>> No. 186139
>made a joke about how it'll just be Cammy with a vega claw
>this is actually a character
>it's actually the character they added
>reskin of cammy model wise, but with an extra braid and a hat
>even has same idle animations
Come the fuck on Capcom; at least TRY.

You just need a bunch of practice until you can get a 'feel' for when you have a charge and when you don't.

To get a little extra charge time, you can input your moves like this

B (charge), F, B, Punch

That way, you are immediately charging Back again on the exact frame when your first charge move comes out. You can also charge moves pre-round in a lot of cases.

Basically you can charge whenever you want. You can charge mid-jump, doing normals/specials, during the "Ready? FIGHT" round-start, during ultra animations. Pretty much anything other than walking forward is fair game.
>> No. 186156

Speaking of mid-jump charging, Decapre has a mid-air Cannon Drill that uses a charge motion, which means you can only pull it off by jumping backwards while charging.

If anything, Capcom made it harder for Decapre to spam certain moves in the same way that, say, Shotos spam fireballs — but she'll likely have some really tricky techniques to make up for it. (The Final Round commentators noted that she could probably wipe the floor with Dhalsim, so tournament play may have become a lot more interesting if she becomes a regular sight on the tourney circuit.)
>> No. 186161
Thats what we get for hoping for better.
Hope the other dolls are her alt costumes, that would be nice...
>> No. 186165
They won't be because the dolls all have unique fighting styles... this one just happened to be ClawCammy...

also more intel:
>> No. 186170
>Come the fuck on Capcom; at least TRY.
Eh, I'm honestly surprised we got as much as we did. The Skullgirls kickstarter gave us a glimpse of how expensive designing, creating and programming a new character actually is, and I have no doubt that it's actually a lot more for a fully 3D model. With Capcom being in the financial state it is, their budget for USF4 (the fourth update for a 5 year old game) was probably very small.

That said, she looks damn fun to play.
>> No. 186194
File 139524847230.jpg - (17.86KB , 480x360 , 0.jpg )

>Dan got some buffs
>Bison is still very good despite lk Scissor Kick being -1 now
>Guile's u1 can be combo'd into from crouching lp
>Hugo's normals are both the best and the worst in the game (pic related)
>T. Hawk seems like he's a lot better now
>Gief got some buffs and some nerfs but is probably still better than he is in the current version
>Decapre is a very unique character who plays nothing like Cammy
>> No. 186366
FULGORE - Launch Trailer (Killer Instinct)youtube thumb
>> No. 186367
Awesome but it doesn't quite have the thunder of the spinal trailer.
>> No. 186374
Well to be fair he is a skeleton, you just can't beat that.
>> No. 186414
Iron Galaxy and The Future of Killer Instinctyoutube thumb
Good news I guess.
>> No. 186440
2 days until April Fool's Day.
>> No. 186442
Who's gonna pull out a fightan prank?
>> No. 186446
Well have you seen the new character for Smash Bros? It's a dozy.
>> No. 186461
Skullgirls Encore: Meet...Fukua?youtube thumb
>> No. 186471
Perhaps the saltiest response I've seen yet.

Good job, Lab Zero!
>> No. 186473
My god... she's fully playable too.

Her level 5 is pretty ass (although I might be using it wrong) but holy hell is her teamwork super or whatever it's called amazing. She even has a Decapre palette and people are clamoring for her to stay in the game.

40/10 L0; best April Fools since I've been alive.
>> No. 186474
>> No. 186514
Well the latest patch notes say she's gotten a few adjustments and she's still in, so there's a good chance they'll keep her I'd say.
>> No. 186549
Are you sure, I played today and she's nowhere to be found?
>> No. 186555
She's in the same place she's always been (in the beta). She even got an announcer select voice last night.

>> No. 186558
I don't play the beta.
And yeah, I know there's plenty of stuff on there.
>> No. 186565
Honestly there's no reason not to play the beta exclusively right now or ever.
When RoboFortune is released; THEN it'll be time to actually play the game.
>> No. 186597

Also Fukua is now officially a Skullgirls character and will be in "When she's balanced" which is a nice way of saying "Then Sony and Microsoft approve the next big patch, so like half a year after we Finish Eliza."
>> No. 186655
Is the guy supposed to be this annoying? His voice and jokes are just the fucking worst.
>> No. 186659
Since Season 1 of Killer Instinct is finally over, here are my predictions for Season 2 characters. I'll be picking 8 since the first season had 8.

1. TJ Combo(Duh)
5.Kim Wu
6.New Character
7.New Character
8. Shadow Jago will be playable

ARIA with be the new boss unless they got another season planed.
>> No. 186673
>no Riptor
Sad Bill Cosbyyoutube thumb

It could play like Jill from MvC 2 with the rest of the pack as assist like attacks...
>> No. 186682
Ehh. Riptor's kinda lame.
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