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File 138760181188.jpg - (464.54KB , 500x500 , b38cecaf89dcc45b336c0e5fc22fab8b.jpg )
184233 No. 184233
In gaming news, God still hates Skullgirls.

TTT2 got a sexy vampire lady

Ultra's still doing player testing.

Some other thing.
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>> No. 186130
File 139502449090.jpg - (40.91KB , 626x640 , 1065112-decapre.jpg )
Bison’s doll, Decapre, is the fifth and final new challenger for Ultra Street Fighter 4.
>> No. 186131
Ultra Street Fighter IV: Decap…youtube thumb
>> No. 186138
So Marvel actually managed to be somewhat hype this weekend. Well a small handful of matches really. Also TTT2 apparently takes even longer than Injustice.

I actually kind of like her. Shame I'm shit with charge.
>> No. 186139
>made a joke about how it'll just be Cammy with a vega claw
>this is actually a character
>it's actually the character they added
>reskin of cammy model wise, but with an extra braid and a hat
>even has same idle animations
Come the fuck on Capcom; at least TRY.

You just need a bunch of practice until you can get a 'feel' for when you have a charge and when you don't.

To get a little extra charge time, you can input your moves like this

B (charge), F, B, Punch

That way, you are immediately charging Back again on the exact frame when your first charge move comes out. You can also charge moves pre-round in a lot of cases.

Basically you can charge whenever you want. You can charge mid-jump, doing normals/specials, during the "Ready? FIGHT" round-start, during ultra animations. Pretty much anything other than walking forward is fair game.
>> No. 186156

Speaking of mid-jump charging, Decapre has a mid-air Cannon Drill that uses a charge motion, which means you can only pull it off by jumping backwards while charging.

If anything, Capcom made it harder for Decapre to spam certain moves in the same way that, say, Shotos spam fireballs — but she'll likely have some really tricky techniques to make up for it. (The Final Round commentators noted that she could probably wipe the floor with Dhalsim, so tournament play may have become a lot more interesting if she becomes a regular sight on the tourney circuit.)
>> No. 186161
Thats what we get for hoping for better.
Hope the other dolls are her alt costumes, that would be nice...
>> No. 186165
They won't be because the dolls all have unique fighting styles... this one just happened to be ClawCammy...

also more intel:
>> No. 186170
>Come the fuck on Capcom; at least TRY.
Eh, I'm honestly surprised we got as much as we did. The Skullgirls kickstarter gave us a glimpse of how expensive designing, creating and programming a new character actually is, and I have no doubt that it's actually a lot more for a fully 3D model. With Capcom being in the financial state it is, their budget for USF4 (the fourth update for a 5 year old game) was probably very small.

That said, she looks damn fun to play.
>> No. 186194
File 139524847230.jpg - (17.86KB , 480x360 , 0.jpg )

>Dan got some buffs
>Bison is still very good despite lk Scissor Kick being -1 now
>Guile's u1 can be combo'd into from crouching lp
>Hugo's normals are both the best and the worst in the game (pic related)
>T. Hawk seems like he's a lot better now
>Gief got some buffs and some nerfs but is probably still better than he is in the current version
>Decapre is a very unique character who plays nothing like Cammy
>> No. 186366
FULGORE - Launch Trailer (Killer Instinct)youtube thumb
>> No. 186367
Awesome but it doesn't quite have the thunder of the spinal trailer.
>> No. 186374
Well to be fair he is a skeleton, you just can't beat that.
>> No. 186414
Iron Galaxy and The Future of Killer Instinctyoutube thumb
Good news I guess.
>> No. 186440
2 days until April Fool's Day.
>> No. 186442
Who's gonna pull out a fightan prank?
>> No. 186446
Well have you seen the new character for Smash Bros? It's a dozy.
>> No. 186461
Skullgirls Encore: Meet...Fukua?youtube thumb
>> No. 186471
Perhaps the saltiest response I've seen yet.

Good job, Lab Zero!
>> No. 186473
My god... she's fully playable too.

Her level 5 is pretty ass (although I might be using it wrong) but holy hell is her teamwork super or whatever it's called amazing. She even has a Decapre palette and people are clamoring for her to stay in the game.

40/10 L0; best April Fools since I've been alive.
>> No. 186474
>> No. 186514
Well the latest patch notes say she's gotten a few adjustments and she's still in, so there's a good chance they'll keep her I'd say.
>> No. 186549
Are you sure, I played today and she's nowhere to be found?
>> No. 186555
She's in the same place she's always been (in the beta). She even got an announcer select voice last night.

>> No. 186558
I don't play the beta.
And yeah, I know there's plenty of stuff on there.
>> No. 186565
Honestly there's no reason not to play the beta exclusively right now or ever.
When RoboFortune is released; THEN it'll be time to actually play the game.
>> No. 186597

Also Fukua is now officially a Skullgirls character and will be in "When she's balanced" which is a nice way of saying "Then Sony and Microsoft approve the next big patch, so like half a year after we Finish Eliza."
>> No. 186655
Is the guy supposed to be this annoying? His voice and jokes are just the fucking worst.
>> No. 186659
Since Season 1 of Killer Instinct is finally over, here are my predictions for Season 2 characters. I'll be picking 8 since the first season had 8.

1. TJ Combo(Duh)
5.Kim Wu
6.New Character
7.New Character
8. Shadow Jago will be playable

ARIA with be the new boss unless they got another season planed.
>> No. 186673
>no Riptor
Sad Bill Cosbyyoutube thumb

It could play like Jill from MvC 2 with the rest of the pack as assist like attacks...
>> No. 186682
Ehh. Riptor's kinda lame.
>> No. 186683
Yes and no, Spinal is lame because he's a skeleton.

Riptor is lame because he's a Dinosaur.

Guess what?

>> No. 186686
Dinosaurs are fine. I just think raptors and by extension Riptor is lame.
>> No. 186687
File 139718479134.jpg - (63.67KB , 441x705 , spongebob opinion.jpg )
>> No. 186689
They're too small for me to care about.
>> No. 186692
File 139721109322.gif - (972.89KB , 500x376 , tumblr_inline_n3rn4d1AK01rni3df.gif )
Holy shit that's stupid.

>> No. 186693
File 139722245661.png - (3.07KB , 300x100 , TEETHANDPEEKING3v2.png )
Thems fightn' words there, son.
>> No. 186703
Haters gonna Hate

Anyway, remember this:
I hope Iron Galaxy does.
Because Rash(with custom option for the other toads) and Johanna Dark could make excellent additions.
>> No. 186707
Friday Night Fisticuffs - Garo…youtube thumb
>> No. 186718
Some Fukua gameplay.


Also she got a new super and special. It's pretty godamn insane. I think she might be the best character in the beta right now. Mike needs to balance her hard when he comes back.
>> No. 186719
And some Japanese Fukua/ Big Band.

Nothing special really; but it's nice to see Non-Americans enjoying the game:
>> No. 186747
Skullgirls for Steam for $5.09
>> No. 186861
Want to get really good at footsies?

My Explanation of Footsiesyoutube thumb
>> No. 186949
Skullgirls 40% off for the next 36 hours.

When is the game NOT on sale these days?
>> No. 186963
And it'll be free for Plsystation Plus subscribers in May apparently.

There's clearly something going on behind the scenes and it makes me think the publisher is pushing it late in its life to see what happens. Maybe MAYBE L0 might end up getting another gig after all of this. Maybe.
>> No. 186964
BOSS RAGE! Feat. Shadow Jago (…youtube thumb

Is Shadow Jago comparable to SNK bosses?
>> No. 187068
And speaking of KI...
Best Friends Play KILLER INSTINCT 2014youtube thumb
>> No. 187078
File 139898066283.jpg - (114.71KB , 950x1200 , Sfxt-vega.jpg )
So who will you guys be maining in Ultra Street Fighter 4?
I'll give all the new characters a try, but odds are I'll be sticking with my main man.
>> No. 187080
File 139898343090.jpg?spoiler - (468.74KB , 973x1533 , P00023.jpg?spoiler )
Eagle been Fulgore started in the comic, its not a reboot.
Sakura I guess...
>> No. 187082

Or Cammy.
But not her "EVIL CLONE" because I super suck at charge characters.
>> No. 187276
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