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183778 No. 183778
Where we talk about development of the game and hopefully not that other thing.
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>> No. 184446
>In 2nd place... Call E! (41.14% of the vote)
Dreams are dead.
>> No. 184447
File 138833518458.png - (912.79KB , 1280x720 , b92.png )

Does it hurt? Does it feel bad? Please, let me listen to some more of your sweet screams of agony.
>> No. 184448
>Call H! (15.47% of the vote)
>Call E! (41.14% of the vote)
See this is why you never vote 3rd party people!
>> No. 184450
Not really.
I'd prefer the good looking one, but if people are okay with bland generic moe girl designs, more power to them.

But really, I'm sure the game itself will be fine regardless.
>> No. 184451
File 138834019731.jpg - (344.13KB , 600x752 , tumblr_mw9f7wOLyQ1sp81vlo4_1280.jpg )
Woe onto all from the highest hill!

>> No. 184452

Ah, such sweet butthurt! It's like music to my ears.
>> No. 184453
>means nothing and we get another design entirely at the end.

but also goes to show don't be a doof and vote to "Protest" since that wastes your vote which can count.
>> No. 184456
>means nothing and we get another design entirely at the end.
Where did you get that idea?
>> No. 184457
Just a thought really. Final design will likely be adjusted for whatever the final style is so maybe not 100% what it looks like now.
>> No. 184476
Man, the Nate Silver in me wishes they'd held an Instant Runoff vote, I'd have loved to know who the Call H voters' "second preference" would've been.
>> No. 184502
Perhaps 50/50?

Nah but seriously, H was a cute girly design. Who do you THINK they'd go for?
>> No. 184508
Well, I voted H only because I could no longer vote for the real best design (which was B, for the record, but I also would have liked G if she had less generic waldos), and H was the only one left over I didn't think was awful.
So my second choice was basically "neither."
>> No. 184516
Not Roll gets to be in Not Megaman.
A perfect match really.
>> No. 184524
This. I don't get what everyone's problem is.
>> No. 184525
Technically speaking, she was still always going to be "not-Roll" as a character regardless of what she LOOKS like. But the fact that there's been three different "Roll" characters in the Mega Man franchise itself, all with very different character designs, makes the concept of "she has to look like Classic Roll" a bit silly.

Not to mention that wanting a game to be a spiritual successor, and wanting a game to be a carbon copy in every way are two very different things.
>> No. 184536
Beside the obvious that some likes one of the other designs more; it wasn't very fair.
As a placeholder, NotRoll had a over a month to build a fan following while the others didn't even have color.
It's like if have a survey of "Which of these superhero you like most?" and Superman's on the list next to the likes of Booster Gold and Static Shock.
Most of us are pretty indifferent. But it still makes contest feel completely pointless.
>> No. 184537
People want Mega Man, and this looks like the only way we're going to get it. The entire concept and style SCREAMS MM Classic, so having classic Roll makes sense. The fact that "Roll" had different designs in the different sub-genres of Mega Man means nothing, because those sub-genres didn't resemble MM Classic anymore. Yes, the poll wasn't exactly fair and it was obvious from the beginning who would be chosen, but it's clear from the fact that she WAS chosen means that people don't want a spiritual successor, they want god damn Mega Man. Since it's obvious he's never coming back.

I mean let's be honest. If Beck's design was only a placeholder and there was a redesign poll, and one of the redesigns greatly resembled the blue bomber, what do you think people would choose?
>> No. 184538
Yeah, it's obvious in that situation that everyone would choose Booster Gold.
>> No. 184540
I blame first-past-the post voting.
>> No. 184541
Pfft people never pick green lantern
>> No. 184543
Which proves the point that this was contest was a fruitless endeavor. That is unless they put the E, H, or any of the other designs into game somehow.
>> No. 184554
File 138860277846.png - (485.63KB , 800x541 , NewYear1.png )
>> No. 184559
That message at the bottom sure didn't work out.
>> No. 184560
>> No. 184564
This game is more or less an Asylum movie of video games. You know what exactly what it's trying to be/ do and it doesn't even care.

Of CORSE they want things that look like old things almost to the point of an infringement lawsuit. New things are super scary.
>> No. 184565
File 138861548466.png - (581.51KB , 800x551 , New Year2.png )
>> No. 184609
File 138874171521.jpg - (182.51KB , 700x797 , wolf lancer.jpg )
So apparently the support animal belongs to Call, turns into a motorbike, and is named Wolf Lancer. Which raises one key question: can she take the knot?
>> No. 184610
Traditional Water Bot Greeting
>> No. 184617
Oh hey Not Megaman's sidekick Not Roll has Not Rush for a pet.
and yes; frequently and with gusto
>> No. 184635
File 138881491169.png - (53.61KB , 255x291 , link uh huh.png )
Christ, man.
>> No. 184884
>Wolf Lancer

Is this awesome or retarded? I can never tell the difference.
>> No. 184886
File 138983583081.jpg - (509.78KB , 1200x675 , 38130354.jpg )
>Wolf Lancer
>> No. 185080
File 139078080477.jpg - (73.42KB , 640x360 , ku-xlarge.jpg )
>> No. 185081
File 139078085553.jpg - (95.01KB , 640x360 , ku-xlarge2.jpg )
Behold your new alpha.
>> No. 185131
>There was a Q&A with the director
>I missed it

Sonnova... /cog/ you've gotta keep me better informed.

And I've gotta use the mighty boards more often.
>> No. 185133
>3D models instead of sprites
what the fuck is this shit
>> No. 185135
File 13909740574.png - (31.86KB , 276x282 , slow it up.png )
>> No. 185611
File 139269768992.jpg - (443.93KB , 2746x1550 , CutShadowZeroProto Man La Kill.jpg )
Mighty No. 9 - Inafune playing the α2ROMyoutube thumb

So these happened.
>> No. 186011

contest tiem
>> No. 186013
I really hope comcept has the common sense to pick a few lines THEY like and then have fans vote on them. Because right now the most popular suggestion in the thread is "Let's Rock!" and that's just taking things a little too far IMHO.
>> No. 186027
You're right, a better play on words for Beck and Call would be something like "I heed, and so shall you!"
>> No. 186031
With the Call design that was picked, it's very clear they want this to be nothing more than a reskined Megaman.
>> No. 186032
To be fair, the other (better) design was way closer than it had any right to be given the Roll-clone had been shown off as the official design long before the poll even started. F only barely won.
>> No. 186666
File 139713321677.jpg - (59.49KB , 500x375 , thousands_of_tears_later.jpg )

Wow, I can't believe I almost missed how salty PG got about his favorite design loosing the poll. Thank you, spambot.
>> No. 186670

Normally I'd delete and fix the typo, but for some reason that doesn't seem to be working...
>> No. 187302
I'm generally one to believe creators should be given free rein and fans should trust the people in charge know what they're doing... but I'm still surprised the forums aren't more active. They're active, but still, there's a member of the development team answering everyone's questions (sometimes evasively, but answering them), and we know they keep a record of suggestions and have implemented a few favorites.

Odd that there's not a LOT more people taking advantage
>> No. 187304
A lot of the active posters were driven off by the moderation team, and those sucking up to the moderation team, and so made their own forums.
Most of the Kickstarter backers simply don't care about the forums and just want the game when it comes out.
>> No. 187306
>A lot of the active posters were driven off by the moderation team, and those sucking up to the moderation team

They were butthurt about nothing important.

>and so made their own forums.

So you can go to the official boards and ask questions to staff and get your suggestions heard, or go to the fanmade boards to bitch about... I don't even fucking care what.

Tough Call.
>> No. 187307
The Q&A is a new thing, many backers may be unaware. There was talk about Q&A/AMA threads early on, and we know Comcept staff was lurking, but some of the posters scared them off for a while. I don't get the appeal of the rival board though. Just a Take That, I guess.
>> No. 187309
So you don't care what people have to say, but at the same time want to them to say things where you'll see them instead of where you won't?
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