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File 136347583329.jpg - (512.25KB , 2560x1836 , sr4poster.jpg )
170649 No. 170649
Cautiously optimistic, but this looks like a disaster. It doesn't look too different from SR3, the story looks like it's gone way more retarded (You're the President now?...what.), AND they're releasing this right before GTAV. I think the fact that it looks so damn similar to 3 is what worries me. I mean, 1 and 2 looked different, and 2 and 3 looked way different. It's just the graphics, but still.

That being said, maybe we'll get a content jump like we did between SR1 and 2.

If that's Shaundi, it means she's not dead. Also, I hope Rebecca Sanabria comes back for the role of the Latina voice. I love her acting.



I'd link to youtube, but it seems like someone flagged all the videos for adult content, which is annoying as hell for those of us who rarely log in.
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>> No. 170650
Also, aside from me wishing Rebecca Sanabria is doing VA for this again, the information under that spoiler is an actual spoiler for SR3. I forget how often spoiler tags aren't used for actual spoilers.

Most people who play SR probably don't give a shit about the story (I do...it's complicated for me), but I want to be nice because I hate being spoiled myself.
>> No. 170652
what we saw Trailer wise was likely most what they had ready for the Dom DLC pack. Also its likely her because that other thing was very unlike Boss as to be a non choice.
>> No. 170653
>I think the fact that it looks so damn similar to 3 is what worries me. I mean, 1 and 2 looked different, and 2 and 3 looked way different. It's just the graphics, but still.
That's because it was supposed to be a stand alone expansion.
>> No. 170654
It looks like some mad fun.

Truth, Boss is all about loyalty to his friends, he wouldn't sacrifice them just to chase down some washed up wrestler he'd already beaten.
>> No. 170656
Honestly I'm fine with the over the top shit. GTA bores the hell out of me.
>> No. 170662

Fair point, but I want to address this (largely false) dichotomy I see on the internet frequently. There is a middle ground between seriousness and wackiness, and it doesn't have to go too far in either direction.

I'm sure I'll enjoy this game, but I still think SR1 had the best tone in the series. And while it was more serious than its sequels, it *still* had a bunch of goofy shit going on in the background. One of your assassinations in SR1 was a guy in a hotdog suit, and one of the easter egg homies was a guy in a chicken outfit.

It just all seemed better when the game occasionally did something silly instead of wearing it on its sleeve. Anyway, as previously stated, I'm sure it'll at least be a fun game.
>> No. 170665
I mean GTA takes itself too seriously now. I think after San Andreas. Then along came this series and I've loved it. The ridiculousness allows it to be way more creative. Hell in 3 you found yourself tearing through cyberspace, fighting S.H.I.E.L.D., teaming up with Hulk Hogan in the wrestling ring and fighting Zombies.
>> No. 170666
And it made more internal sense as a universe then other sandbox games.

They acknowledge how your character is an inhuman murder machine who can take on impossible odds casually, and still throw plot challenges at you, rather then pretending that you don't casually kill hundreds of swat team members and that those pose a problem by themselves.
>> No. 170687
It went too far in the "wacky" direction. SR2 was perfect. This just looks tryhard and stupid.
>> No. 170694
SR2 sucked because it forced you to do the side stuff. SR3 didn't make that mistake.
>> No. 170695

I thought the side stuff was the best part of SR2! Better than the missions at any rate.


Eh. Different strokes, I guess. IV was more serious, but I dunno if I'd call it *too serious*. The radio, TV, and some of the characters you met were still pretty goofy. I think it was a good tone for a crime game.

Also, as far as what I want from SR4, I want indepth gang customization. Better than what we got in 2. I'm thinking the game could give you about 3 male/female templates and you could dress them up in any clothes you can buy in game. I want to have a biker gang, or maybe even something straight out of The Warriors.
>> No. 170697

The radio was as good as ever but before any mission I had to watch a long, tedious, pathos-laden cutscene. It was awful.

What really turned me off GTAIV, though, was the sex. Not that it was there, but the fact that it was both trying so hard to be shocking and edgy - strip clubs! Sex shops! - while also being so visually sanitized that it came off as grotesquely cartoonish. Although SRIII's handling of sex was definitely cartoonish, it had a sense of audacity and fun that was totally absent from GTAIV.
>> No. 170700
Your friends calling you up to hang out all the time in GTA4 and getting pissed if you turned them down did make them kind of annoying.
>> No. 170701

Oh, that too. The girlfriend mechanic was annoying enough in San Andreas. Why would they think extending it to the entire NPC population would be a good idea?
>> No. 170705
I still haven't beaten GTAIV because the controls just feel crap. Especially the driving. Steering got magnitudes harder, and cops, who are drastically harder to lose, now start chasing you for fender benders.

Taking a cab should not be a better option than driving yourself in a game called Grand Theft Auto.
>> No. 170708

On foot controls were ass, but driving cars in GTAIV was godlike. Dem physics, dat satisfaction when you learn to drift.
>> No. 170728
This game better have Burt Reynolds.
>> No. 170742
SR2 was the living definition of tryhard.

The unrelenting misery of the Brotherhood arc made me actively dislike everyone involved.

And it failed at the serious parts. Even though the fact that Killbane was a seriously weakened opponent for the climax of the game, he still managed to be more threatening than the entire Ultor Corporation, who was less threatening to the Saints than Veteran Child.
>> No. 170745
I think part of that is just the varied level of the Saints in 2 vs Ultor you were a small street gang barely out of the hood facing a massive multinational empire. Though as of Three you are both massive thugs since you now own your Hometown and the conglomerate. To me facing the Syndicate felt more level since I'd already proven myself to be able to go head to head with the big boys and take on a City Directly no pretenses. I think taking on a nation and some Supervillain while were are at it sounds like a nice logical step.
>> No. 170749

Can I just say that as much as I like SR2, the Ronin was the only enemy gang I actually liked?

I would prefer it if the Saints were still a band of gangsters. If you ask me (and no one is because no one cares lol), I would have never made the Saints celebrities. I would have had them take on international crime syndicates (Saints vs a South American drug cartel...why not) and branch out across the world or whatever. Just...anything but aliens at this point.

At the very least, let me like the rival gangs. I mean, yeah, they're my enemies and I'm supposed to like gunning them down, but there's no reason they can't give off a cool vibe as I run them down.
>> No. 170772
Boss, Pierce, Viola, Shaundi, Kinzie. I recognise all of them, but who's the lanky stereep with the emo hair?

Is it the leader of the Deckers? He didn't get killed off and it does looks sort of like him but not quite, If the game is to feature VR he could be useful.
It was hilarious when him and Kinzie were sniping at each other over the comm channels in Third like it was xboxlive.

Well if Shaundi and Viola are around we know they didn't kill off Mayor Reynolds.
I hope Oleg is still large and in charge too.
>> No. 170796

> but who's the lanky stereep with the emo hair?

New guy i assume. He doesn't look as bad as Matt.
>> No. 170813
Huzzah. I couldn't let Burt down.
>> No. 170817
I hope Oleg comes back and is dating Kinzie by IV. Their flirting was cute.
>> No. 170823
>I think part of that is just the varied level of the Saints in 2 vs Ultor you were a small street gang barely out of the hood facing a massive multinational empire.
And yet, that massive multinational empire was less threatening than a skeevy DJ with a bad haircut.
>> No. 170824
that part of my thinking street gang vs Empire doesn't feel that personal while Empire directly called out by another Empire feels like its got more to give. Makes me wonder what 4 is going to do.
>> No. 170829
File 136367266530.jpg - (120.46KB , 465x351 , full retard.jpg )
>AND they're releasing this right before GTAV.
>> No. 170924
File 136381392050.jpg - (54.78KB , 500x269 , Saints_Row_IV_02.jpg )
Better than releasing it after?
Not to mention, the people who buy won aren't necessarily the same people who buy the other? I mean after not even being able to finish GTA4 I'm not too exited about 5.
>> No. 170926

1. GTAV already looks much better than IV
2. It's ONE MONTH before GTA V

Considering the sales for SR2 didn't come anywhere close to matching GTAIV (and those were months apart in 2008), it seems silly to release the game RIGHT BEFORE your major competitor is releasing theirs. SR is drifting in its own direction, but it still shares a fanbase (namely, the people who like open world crime simulators, such as myself) who are going to have to decide between the two.

I don't disregard those who will double dip, but I don't know if they represent everyone.
>> No. 170927

I also acknowledge the inverse of the double dippers might be true, before anyone points that out. I should have said that the first time around.
>> No. 170928
Well the graphics look a little behind (as they usually are for SR), but I'm liking how this is shaping up personally. The last one was pretty much a super villain empire emulator and this one seems to take it to its logical conclusion.
>> No. 170934
File 136382027188.jpg - (106.32KB , 618x346 , article_post_width_saintsrow4_9.jpg )
Yeah the Saints could fit in a comicbook universe, They took on the Syndicate and all of thier superstrong bullet-eating clones, they took on shield and jacked thier laser guns and high-tec VTOL.

I remember in the SRthree talk of big mech suits like a giant ironman being a good next step in high-tech bling, we might be getting that.
>> No. 171107
People better be posting trailers and videos here as they find them, I need my fix of balls-out over the top action before the game actually comes out.
>> No. 171114

I'm the OP of this thread and also the guy who's been highly critical of SR in this thread.

I want those videos too. I'm really interested in this game. I know I give SR a lot of shit, but I like the series. I've spent over 100 hours on Saints Row 2.
>> No. 171164
You know what OP, you're alright.
>> No. 172527
Any new word on the game?
>> No. 172529
Found the storyline blurb

>In Saints Row IV, the head honcho of the Saints has been elected to the Presidency of the United States. But the Saints are just getting started. Now the larger-than-life insanity of the Saints series gets a new twist with a catastrophic alien invasion, and the aliens have transported the Saints to a bizarro-Steelport simulation. Wield gargantuan superpowers and fight to free humanity from alien granddaddy Zinyak’s mental grasp. Escape the simulation that’s trapped the Saints crew, or die trying.

>Saints Row IV lets players delve into an arsenal of alien weaponry and technology that will turn each Saint into an ultimate entity of destruction. Utilize out-of-this-world superpowers to fight all the way to the top. With intensified action and enhanced customization, players can use their newfound superpowers and leap over buildings, outrun the fastest sports cars, or send enemies flying with telekinesis in the greatest, most insane installment of Saints Row yet.

Dunno how much this is from the DLC blurbs and if its been updated since then. Would so love to be Rolling around Washington instead of Steelport.
>> No. 172543
Nope, it's confirmed Steelport.

At least they're not cheating us on collectibles this time.
>> No. 172992
File 136668865572.jpg - (181.45KB , 960x600 , 524744_10201157079108238_97044857_n.jpg )
>> No. 172993
This is the best pre-order bonus of all time.
>> No. 172994
Fuck the game, I just want the 'Merica.
>> No. 173248

I dodn't know preorders were available, got to get on that.
>> No. 173256
Is Bondage Hookers In Space or whatever it was supposed to be still a part of this game, or was it officially cancelled?
>> No. 173257
watch the trailer in OP
>> No. 173558
I like how you get to apparently redress your weapon in this game to look like whatever you want.
>> No. 173961
Saints Row IV - PAX Demo (U.S. Version)youtube thumb


Sorry, I'm just a little on edge since that took forever to get to.
>> No. 173962
Oh gods how horrible.
>> No. 173963
Yeah, this looks like its gonna be alot of fun~
(It would be helpful if you can carry your character appearance over from 3 directly)
>> No. 173965

Not really seeing the problem here.
>> No. 173966
Maybe is jsut 2wackyLOLSORANDOM for him.
>> No. 173998
File 136814455830.png - (360.39KB , 649x492 , Wrassler Abe.png )
I hope one of the melee moves in 4 is the chokeslam, in homage to one of America's most famous presidents.
>> No. 174010

It is for me too, honestly. I want the game, but I know I'm going to be cringing the whole way through.
>> No. 174021
Saints Row 4 - Meet the President Traileryoutube thumb
Meet the President Trailer

Saints Row IV OST - Meet the P…youtube thumb
"Dubstep Gun Song"
>> No. 174041
I wonder if the 4th game will have the same Boss voices to choose from as the 3rd.

You could make a female black russian Boss-President of the United States of America.
>> No. 174042
I basically just want Rico Rodriguez as a homie, along with JC2 level destruction/maps, and then all my sandbox dreams will be realized
>> No. 174043
Just Cause 2 style maps and breaking things along with superpowers would be freaking great.
I'd love a sandbox game where you got to create superheroes with whatever powers you wanted and got to wander around such an environment, stopping crime and fighting super villains, stuff like that. (especially if it let you set up superteams and create the villains too)
>> No. 174045
... that is exactly the character I'm playing now. Sans the president thing.
>> No. 174048
>JC2 level destruction
How about Red Faction Guerilla levels of destruction? Dream big, man!
>> No. 174049
Since I hated that game I hadn't really thought about it, but I guess it got that much right.
>> No. 174051
Take it a step further
I want to rip industrial smokestacks out and hit home runs with tanks!
I want to rip bricks out of walls like they're made of dough and use them to snipe snipers in the next county.
I want to piledrive a godamn aircraft carrier and then fuck the moon!
>> No. 174053
Guys guys

Saints Row's... Saint's Rowness
Just Cause's Rico homie, combat system (grapple and stunts are a must), beauty, and destruction fetish
Red Faction's destruction physics
Planetary Annihilation's scale
>> No. 174083

>Just Cause combat
>Not Sleeping Dogs combat

For melee anyway.
>> No. 174084
>Not Godhand combat
>> No. 175495
Apparently the vice president of the United States of America is Keith David
>> No. 175498
Saints Row IV War on Humanity …youtube thumb
>> No. 175499
"Wait didn't we kill Julius."

"Hmm...yep back in 2"


"Well why don't we just let him play himself."

"Like with Burt?"

"Yea, only Bigger."


I know that is how that whole thing went down, least the first part.
>> No. 175533

Considering how stupid this game's story has gotten, there's no reason they couldn't have brought him back with time traveling and voodoo or some shit.

Volition's at e3, so hopefully we see something besides the dubstep gun.
>> No. 175536
I think its going to be he played Julius in a movie or something.
>> No. 175691
File 137094441570.jpg - (168.96KB , 900x697 , Shaundi on Shaundi action.jpg )
I'm surprised no one is commenting on this trailer.
>> No. 175693
File 137094788396.png - (104.73KB , 512x256 , Sr2_chunk107_stadium_bboardtour05d_wo_Ben_King_Reg.png )
>> No. 175697
I'd read the shit out of this
>> No. 175698
Events of Saints 1 and 2 could make a pretty good gangster Drama. 3 and 4 can be the movies done by Bay.
>> No. 175734
Man this game looks like Mad-fun, can't wait until August finally rolls around...
>> No. 175782
The Price of Freedom: Hands on with Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV - E3 2013: First-Look Demo
Saints Row IV - E3 2013: First-Look Demoyoutube thumb
>> No. 175970
Found a video of the opening gameplay segment.

Saints Row IV E3 2013 Les prem…youtube thumb

Hail to the chief.
>> No. 176086
File 137124676950.jpg - (0.98MB , 1024x768 , BURNING AMERICAN JUSTICE.jpg )
The Saints should have invested in a Metal Wolf, the whole alien invasion would have been finished right there!
>> No. 176569
Oleg (and Birk) are at the Whitehouse at the start of the game, can't say if they feature in the plot beyond that cameo though.
>> No. 176571
all I want is Just Cause x Saint's Row
>> No. 176697
File 137180266797.png - (78.25KB , 1021x746 , jeXMh3i.png )
I want this.
>> No. 176705
File 137182282079.png - (170.87KB , 500x685 , tumblr_lv9wh83vLD1r680uoo1_500.png )
>>For you
- - -

Sort of related. I hear there's going to be optional romance options in SR4, people are betting its going to be some parody of Mass Effect.

So out of all the Saints.... who would you?
>> No. 176708
I'd rather have the parody come at the end:
[RED] Kill Aliens
[BLUE] Kill Aliens
[GREEN] Kill Aliens
"So many choices..."

>So out of all the Saints.... who would you?
I'm going to have to be the guy that says "I don't stick my dick in murder crazy".
>> No. 176710
>> No. 176713
Oh double for Boss going "hey there is enough for two" and not making the ladies pissed at him (ME1). Can I haz two scoops of Shaundi?
>> No. 176767
But what if you are also murder crazy like the Boss? Does that cancel it out?
>> No. 176784
I hope there is a cockney voice again, I don't think i've made a character that hasn't used that yet. If not i hope we get a male russian voice.
>> No. 176788
File 137196802096.jpg - (910.41KB , 1000x1439 , 000994.jpg )
>>Implying you don't want to knock space-boots with "Princess Kwilanna"
>> No. 176790

Oleg is always the best option.
>> No. 176821
File 137206270122.png - (1.05MB , 893x648 , Those Genki Girls give ME a _Reality Climax_.png )
Speaking seriously now I honestly can't see my President Boss hooking up with any of his Saint lieutenants, its just not the relationship he has with his crew.

If we were talking a bit of casual fun though I wouldn't mind a foursome with the Genki Girls.
>> No. 176910
Saints row IV is banned in Australia.
Man I'm glad I don't live in that shithole deathland, no offence Aus-bros. Living somewhere where every creature is poisonous and sustained by its hatred of all that is good in life on one side, and a bunch of puritan soccer-mom fuckheads in charge of censoring and banning everything on the other.
>> No. 176919
File 137227212830.png - (1.37MB , 1810x896 , 2013-06-26_00010.png )
making a Faora for IV
>> No. 176924
you dont know a fucking thing
>> No. 176927

They are having to get a gimped "Down-under" version, just like is often the case with Germany and their turn the blood green/make everyone robots edits. (On a side note State of Decay also got the same reaction, being refused classification)

Is this overcompensation for being a nation borne from convicts?
>> No. 176929
>gimped "Down-under" version
were you specificly looking foward to the "press X to rape passerby with alien dildo" feature?
>> No. 176930
File 137228684182.jpg - (8.89KB , 268x188 , crypto.jpg )
Umm, fucking duh?
>> No. 176963
You notice they also get their panties in a bunch over 'drug use'. Really are you defending such pointless censorship? Are you actually Australian and you are taking offence to someone besmirching your nation's honour and thus getting overly defensive?
>> No. 177016

Yikes. If anyone here is being defensive, it's you. I think he's asking whether or not the censored version is really going to be legitimately gimping the experience.

Like I heard they took the hooker sex or whatever out of GTAIII. Sucks, but it's hardly a big deal.
>> No. 177019
In Saints Row 2, that would make part of the game unintelligible.
>> No. 177027
File 137242045434.jpg - (27.93KB , 450x300 , morphine.jpg )
Supporting nonsensical censorship of 'adult' games for people of legal age is stupid and should not be accepted.

Forcing the developers to alter the game just because they contain Morphine as a healing item for instance? Its stupid.
>> No. 177028
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