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File 136347583329.jpg - (512.25KB , 2560x1836 , sr4poster.jpg )
170649 No. 170649
Cautiously optimistic, but this looks like a disaster. It doesn't look too different from SR3, the story looks like it's gone way more retarded (You're the President now?...what.), AND they're releasing this right before GTAV. I think the fact that it looks so damn similar to 3 is what worries me. I mean, 1 and 2 looked different, and 2 and 3 looked way different. It's just the graphics, but still.

That being said, maybe we'll get a content jump like we did between SR1 and 2.

If that's Shaundi, it means she's not dead. Also, I hope Rebecca Sanabria comes back for the role of the Latina voice. I love her acting.



I'd link to youtube, but it seems like someone flagged all the videos for adult content, which is annoying as hell for those of us who rarely log in.
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>> No. 179555
OH MAN, I think fucking favorite was the roulette wheel on the round table
>> No. 179558
File 137761552387.jpg - (166.51KB , 468x337 , Saints_Row's_Excellent_Adventure.jpg )
>> No. 179559
>> No. 179561
oh for a Doctor Who Saints spoof.

"Time for you to play with Mr.Tentacle you jibbing Tin Man"

"That doesn't go there."

"Today it does."
>> No. 179563
File 137761991420.jpg - (188.04KB , 500x681 , tumblr_mnzrdtLMpN1qa70eyo1_500.jpg )
No, save it for Saints Row 5, Saints vs The incarnations of the Master, each incarnation of the Doctor becomes a homie.
>> No. 179577
File 137765383574.gif - (582.42KB , 245x203 , tumblr_ms5zq0uobV1qk0gi0o6_250.gif )
I don't know about any of you but I screamed "NOBODY FUCKS UP BIZ MARKIE!" as I killed Zinyak.

Biz Markie - Just A Friend (Official Video)youtube thumb
>> No. 179586
Dance party in the credits was SO GOOD! Jesus christ you think Shaundi would be sexy but Kinzie's dancing gives ALL THE BONERS! And then of course at the end big man shows up to bust out 'the worm'.
>> No. 179590
Completing all the challenges in the quest menu seems alot more painful in this game than it did in three
>> No. 179596
Yeah, as someone whose done it, it's infinite frustration, but can be a lot of fun...except those fucking insurance fraud missions.

So flawless.
>> No. 179599
Getting all golds on minigames can be tricky and a struggle, but certain ones like get a billion kilometres travelled in alien vehicles in a game where vehicles are something you barely use is ludicrous
>> No. 179623
File 137771664251.jpg?spoiler - (189.82KB , 1000x720 , Might be fun.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 179624
>> No. 179628
File 137771982744.jpg?spoiler - (157.16KB , 807x1000 , tumblr_ms45swL9x91qeedc0o1_1280.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 179638
>"Leveling up is the best experience in gaming."

I have to take issue with this. Leveling up provides the illusion of accomplishing something, and games can also provide the chance to ACTUALLY accomplish something.

Look at the Souls series, or Day Z- ask someone about their experience in one of those games, and they'll be able to vividly recall some amazing sequence of events that happened to them. Their avatar was virtual, but their courage and fear, the mistakes and moments of inspiration, those were REAL. They'll remember that moment for decades because it actually meant something. Leveling up is just an artificial substitute for that.

To be clear: I'm glad he's enjoying the game, more power to him, just hate to see someone undersell the medium's potential like that.
>> No. 179656
>Leveling up is the best experience in gaming

what is this plebeian tier world of warcraft fatass heart-stopping donkey shit of a failed thought

Yeah that why I totally didn't hack my way past the grind in almost every jrpg I've ever played.
>> No. 179661
File 137774799882.jpg - (116.29KB , 640x480 , mmmmcoffee.jpg )
You seem upset.
>> No. 179667
File 137776091165.jpg - (322.46KB , 887x1000 , tumblr_ms83xeAjpF1qeedc0o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 179668
Explain Cookie Click then.
>> No. 179669
File 137777013089.png - (291.55KB , 874x628 , genki_by_balbontino-d6k1drz.png )
>> No. 179672
...Cookie Click?
>> No. 179673
I am so happy to see CID getting love.
>> No. 179677
What powers does Zinyak have naturally, TK and being FUCK HUEG?

The teleporting seems to be tech or a device.
>> No. 179680
Yup, just the two, he is to his race what President Boss Saint Playa is to the human race.

A over the top completely insane nearly cartoon version of a Zin who is non-stop seizing power.
>> No. 179696
File 137788040055.png - (463.30KB , 1280x720 , Weapon_-_Melee_-_Dildo_Bat_-_The_Penetrator_-_The_.png )
Come my darling, its time to wacky smacky.
>> No. 179697
File 137788200881.gif - (257.40KB , 245x148 , tumblr_mrxldvoWwV1qct5zno5_250.gif )
I took that and started destroying the world to this.

The Protomen - Act II: The Good Doctoryoutube thumb
>> No. 179831
I can't be bothered getting gold in all the challanges just yet so I'm going to start my second save where I do everything different and shiz.

I think I'll go with the southern female voice this time since the latin and russian aren't in it.
>> No. 180178
Does CID actually do anything when called up as a homie apart from float around and have conversations with other homies?
>> No. 180244
Getting gold on some of the challanges seems like such a pain in this game.
Plus I still need to get a bunch more DeathFromAbove kills which are hard to get since its so hard to actually kill aliens with it.

Apart from these completionist niggles it was a gret game, I loved the story and the superpowered gameplay.
I'm looking forward to the DLC expansions.
>> No. 181899
-Enter The Dominatrix- DLC is out. Its free if you bought the season pass.

Personally found it fun, also hilarious. Oh if only we had gotten that ending instead of lame old time travel adventures with Jane Austin... what a shame...
>> No. 181902
That was easily the best DLC Saints Row has ever done.

While I appreciate giving Zinyak a larger role, Enter the Dominatrix sounds way better then what we got.
>> No. 181905
Uh, no it doesn't? The dominatrix was an awful villain and it brought nothing of worth to the table by itself. It was an amusing dlc.

Did you mistake my Joke spoiler as sincerity? The ending was hilarious but it was clearly a total joke, it wasn't mean to be taken seriously even in the terms of an SR game.
>> No. 183605
File 138680010191.png - (323.52KB , 500x405 , tumblr_mwtzyjOudP1suggjpo1_500.png )
Santa has been kidnapped by aliens,

Are you a bad enough dude to save Christmas?
>> No. 183611
And the number one question, will Mrs.Claus be a homie and will she let me fill her stocking with care.
>> No. 183624
Do you really think your South Pole is up to the task?
>> No. 183626
Gifts aren't the only packages coming out of my workshop.
>> No. 183781
File 138693771838.jpg - (0.98MB , 1920x1080 , Saints_Row_4_13854170099303.jpg )
>> No. 183798
I loved when the classic Christmas songs stated playing in the DLC. It just felt so good.
>> No. 183799
>Matt's Face

Daww give that man some hugs.
>> No. 183813
Finally getting around to finishing up #3
I've been at 50% for a year trying to make outfits (yay flying around the entire godamn city) and upgrade my and stats weapons to not be shit so I don't drop instantly when 4 stars are hit.
>> No. 183826
File 138696590371.jpg - (36.42KB , 960x487 , Persona 3 Portable IN SPACE.jpg )
I'm honestly surprised at how much he's grown on me considering I wanted to kill him on the spot in 3. I guess it does helps that he was one of the more interesting characters introduced in 3, which gave them a lot of ground to work on.
>> No. 183836
Boss and him bonding over Nyte Blade is so dawwww
>> No. 183876
File 13870145643.jpg - (96.35KB , 1280x720 , 1387014078718.jpg )
Ditching most of the obnoxious goff makeup and smirking so he looks like a more mellow Jared Leto clone helps a little, yeah. Just hope they don't milk the hurr creepy Nyteblade obsessive jokes to death and make it his only trait from now on.
>> No. 183956
>"I can't believe I'm saying this...You don't have to die a virgin."

Some parts of the game made me laugh hard, but that line always makes me grin.
>> No. 184007
He still has his personal rivalries with Kinzie and now his working friendship with Asha.
>> No. 184019
File 138732856680.png - (380.71KB , 891x797 , tumblr_mxrmviEYLp1slvz83o1_1280.png )
Oh damn. Can't unthink.
>> No. 184020
Fucking terrific.
>> No. 184063
Don't they both have a lot of dubstep in their themes too? Man, I thought Iwasaki doing it was bad enough, but now Sawano seems to be getting in on the act too.
>> No. 184104
File 138745214133.png - (191.22KB , 512x384 , homerpalooza1_thumb.png )
Clearly you are just too old, yelling at kids about their nonsensical noise-music that they are playing too loud.

You've fallen behind on your broken hip, YOU AREN'T HIP ANYMORE!
>> No. 184110
File 13874692861.png - (422.21KB , 449x594 , 1384411325532.png )
>hating on Holy Wubstorm
>hating on Avalon
>hating on anything from Gatchaman Crowds
I shiggy diggy.
>> No. 184113
I was never hip and I have no intention of starting now.
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