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File 135772881088.jpg - (63.00KB , 265x370 , zegana.jpg )
168370 No. 168370
Oh hey, it's Soul's Majesty on a big fucking stick.
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>> No. 184717
I'm not a fan of the Future Sight frame. I like the idea of putting the mana costs on the side, but everything else looks too smooth and bright for Magic cards. They look more like Pokemon cards.
>> No. 184719
They look ok, but the designer in me has to make note of the annoyance than among all the lines and curves; none of them really line up or flow into each other. Even with this in mind, I still find it far more aesthetically pleasing than the frames we're about to get.
Also make note of how many "mana slots" there are (6) and that there are quite a few card in Magics history that exceed that so they wouldn't work in the long run because that would limit design space. Alternatively you could argue that you could make the slots smaller to fit more of them, however that would look pretty damn ugly.

I think with the new ones they maybe wanted to try and increase the text box without sacrificing art room? If so I can't really see much difference in that regard.
>> No. 184723
The text boxes ARE bigger.

Also I kind of like the new font.
>> No. 184770
Modern Event deck this may. Might be cool... provided it's as well built as they say it is and you can find one for under $40
>> No. 184789
.......the msrp is 75$
>> No. 184805
File 138946711298.jpg?spoiler - (746.34KB , 550x3628 , 1554491_759626787398154_122041912_n.jpg?spoiler )
Translated from Spanish by someone else.

Silent Sentinel | 5WW
Creature - Archon

When Silent Sentinel attacks, you may return target enchantment card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

Mediator of Dreams | 4UU
Creaure - Sphinx

Inspiration - When Mediator of Dreams becomes untapped, reveal the first card of your library. If its an artifact, creature or land card, you may put that card onto the battlefield with a manifestation counter on it. That permanent is an enchantment in adition to its other types.

Devourer of Hope | 5BB
Creature - Demon

B, Sacrifice another creature: Regenerate Devourer of Hope.
2B, Sacrifice two other creatures: Destroy target creature.

Stockfire Dragon | 4RR
Creature - Dragon

1R: Stockfire Dragon deals 1 damage to target creature. This creature can't block this combat. Active this ability only if Stockfire Dragon is attacking.

Wild Nessian Devastator | 4GG
Creature - Hydra

Tribute 6 (As this creature enters the battlefield, the opponent of your choice may put six +1 / +1 counters on it.)

When Wild Nessian Devastator enters the battlefield, if no tribute was paid, you may have Wild Nessian Devastator fight another creature. (Each deals damage equal to its power to the other.)

>> No. 184806
Almost all of them seem pretty decent, at least for casual formats. Especially the blue one seems obviously good, though I'm more partial to the white one just for EDH disgusting shenanigans. The green one is hot garbage, though.
>> No. 184807
File 138947629811.jpg - (2.80MB , 2500x2500 , dragonsandshit.jpg )
>Been out of magic since Timespiral
>Had a fun deck that abused Bladewing the Risen for T2 and casual
>Legend rule changed
>Build a Kokushko, the Evening Star deck for competitive T2
>Love its power, speed, and utility
>Start considering getting back into magic at least casually
>Legend rule changed AGAIN
Godamnit WotC Let my black dragons abuse your stupid fucking rules!
>> No. 184808
>Legend rule changed AGAIN
What the heck does it do now? Every time I toy with the idea of getting back in the game, some aspect of it I thought was pretty stable has been changed, and I feel like I'd be completely lost trying to pick it up again.
>> No. 184809
It is only checked for each player individually now, plus the player gets to keep one copy of the permanent when the legend rule is applied.

Details here: http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/feature/248e
>> No. 184817
So unless Hall of Mirrors is in play a each player can have a single copy of a legendary permanent in play and if a player casts another copy, one of those goes to the graveyard while the other remains in play right?
(IE: Each player can have an Akroma in play, but if I cast another I have to pick which one of mine dies)
>> No. 184819
Correct. Same thing for planeswalkers with the same subtype.
>> No. 184827
File 138959391077.jpg - (229.31KB , 265x370 , 1389591412065.jpg )
I want one for each of my EDH decks that runs blue.
>> No. 184828
Stacked up against Wonder, I'm not sure how I feel about it.
>> No. 184830
I'm unsure how to feel about that. It's not as bad as losing your own legend if someone else drops the same one, but still feels like a step-down from the original rule where the first one to get it into play gets a lock on it.

But I'm old retired crank and these crazy enchantment creatures and planeswalkers are beyond my ken.
>> No. 184831
That's a pretty convoluted way of saying "Creatures you control are unblockable". And a 3/2 for 6 without any means of protection or replacing itself is terrible no matter what its text says.
>> No. 184832
The original legend rule was awful. The opponent plays their legend first and now mine is a dead card? This is balanced because...?
In the end, bad gameplay cannot be justified with good flavor.
>> No. 184833
File 138961597097.jpg - (61.75KB , 312x445 , 12.jpg )
It led to what most consider the worst format there has a ever been, which was Masques Block. It was entirely luck of the draw.
>> No. 184840
File 138962678666.jpg - (246.39KB , 265x370 , BXfs2Ih8NH_EN.jpg )
This is the greatest and best mechanic in the world.

>> No. 184845
Thematically I see it as sort of like that old Kamigawa block mechanic "~ Offering" Which I'd really like to see come back.
>> No. 184899
So apparently this is going to be a thing...
>> No. 184900
I've got a feeling we're going to see Asylum level writing, acting, and effects...
>> No. 184903
Man, I hope. The asylum is so bad it's good.
>> No. 184912
File 138998701410.jpg - (43.43KB , 265x370 , archetypeofendurance.jpg )
So I heard you like hexproof, and also that you hate hexproof.
>> No. 184914
>> No. 184919

Yeah but anonymous we gotta make the game more simple to reach a wider demographic and market testing shows people get sad when they loose a creature to a spell hurp a durp battleship magic if you don't like it you're just a dumb nostalgic oldfag who will buy the cards anyways.
>> No. 184925
Unless they turn this shit ship around RtR was my last block. I miss combos, I miss voltrons, I miss control, I miss removal, and I miss creativity.

The current block is boring me to tears and I doubt Magic will ever return to a quality product. Luckily there's always casual formats.

And yes I'll be a grump about it. I've been playing this game for 15 years and its current state is just deplorable. The cards are a bit more complex sure, but they're doing nothing but forcing aggo and minimizing control and removal.
>> No. 184928
If you allow your opponent to get the eight mana it costs to cast that, it's your own fault. Anyway, if hexproof were that big a deal troll decks would be more common.
>> No. 184929
You do know that Legacy exists, right?
>> No. 184930
Who are you talking to, when you're making this point?
>> No. 184931
Everyone who is complaining about the current state of the game.
Sure, Standard and Modern are more aggro-focused these days (not that this stops superior control decks from emerging eventually almost every time), but combo and control still flourish in Legacy.
>> No. 184933
>revisit Yu-Gi-Oh after 3 years
>online match after building deck, ok, here we g-

Yeah, no thanks.
>> No. 184934
File 139009974268.jpg - (77.50KB , 400x580 , CyberSteinDB2-EN-R-UE.jpg )
Yu-Gi-Oh has always been completely busted and swingy as fuck. There has obviously never been any playtesting or balancing going on when they're making the cards. They're making the most broken and powerful cards they can think of and then they ban them after the fact, once a sufficient number of boosters has been sold.
>> No. 184938
You know what I especially hate? Those faggots on Dueling Network who discard their magic cards instead of activating them first, for "more speed".
>> No. 185287
So anybody have fun at the Born of the Gods prerelease last weekend? I managed to lose my second and third rounds despite getting the blue archetype, the white archetype, and Ephara, the blue/white god. Probably due to the fact that my mana curve didn't start until about turn 3.
>> No. 186962
Been trying out a bit of Hearthstone. It's ridiculously easy to go infinite in this game, if you just have a little bit of experience with card games and watch a few videos beforehand.
>> No. 186995
Went to the pre-re last night:
>> No. 187035
File 139874309124.gif - (2.91MB , 300x258 , 1372898490545.gif )
I'm soooo done with Theros. I just want Conspiracy to come out. Why did Pharika have to suck so badly?
>> No. 187037
I'm actually really looking forward to drafting full Theros block. I had a lot of fun at the prerelease.

And Pharika doesn't look terrible at all.
>> No. 187047
File 139882413622.jpg - (70.40KB , 312x445 , 154.jpg )
Ok. Please explain why she is not terrible.
>> No. 187048
Good for team games when you need to shore up the defenses of an ally, good for constellation decks or other decks that benefit from the number of enchantments on the battlefield (Serra's Sanctum comes to mind), no need to tap to use her ability, and two drops for a 1/1 deathtouch isn't bad. Plus she's really cheap
>> No. 187049
File 139883796530.jpg - (107.31KB , 640x480 , WTF_am_I_reading.jpg )
>3 mana
>grave control
>token production
>tokens have deathtouch, so not just chump blockers but removal too
>indestructible enchantment for most of the game, becomes an indestructible 5/5 creature with all the abilities still intact later

This is considered a bad card? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Is it bad because it takes mana to remove the cards out of the graveyard? Is this where we're at with MTG now? Hell, the token generation alone is worth its weight in gold, and I could see if it was saddled with being limited to your graveyard that it would be an "average" card, but you get to remove cards from your opponent's graveyard, that makes it extremely valuable. I mean, isn't grave reanimation still a major problem most decks have to face against nowadays? This is pure card advantage. You can even use the ability as an instant! Instant token creation is one of the top tier abilities of a card in MtG, and these tokens are crazy good!
>> No. 187050
File 139884155224.jpg - (42.98KB , 698x524 , 1358732807596.jpg )
Yes, yes. All of that is true. But there lies a problem. If you remove a creature card from an opponents graveyard, they get the token. As you pointed out, those sweet sweet 1/1 deathtouch snakes are awesome, and I honestly love 'em. But giving some to your opponent is probably a bad idea. And yes it is card advantage, but where I want Pharika to have shined the most is in EDH. Yes you can play politics, and yes she won't leave the battlefield after all the boardwipes that happens so often there, but as a commander she will hurt you the most if you want to utilize her optimally. In B/G you have the good graveyard recovery. With Pharika, you have to exile resources that could just be returned and used over and over as much as possible. And with her as a Commander means her and her ability will be the most consistent element of your EDH deck. Thus leading to what I probably should have stated from the beginning; she doesn't do what I want her to do. I wanted the 'Golgari' god to be a sac outlet, graveyard retrieval, drainer or constant removal. Not something that punishes me for optimally using her. The punchline is I'm not making a Pharika EDH anytime soon.
>> No. 187054
So in the one scenario where you hose your opponent's graveyard shenanigans, it isn't a 100% upside. Oh darn. I guess you have to use strategic thinking to figure out whether or not it's worth making them waste a reanimation spell if it gives them a 1/1 with deathtouch.

How I see a Pharika EDH deck working is basically a G/B control deck with lots of utility creatures with ETB effects for maximum value and either big flyers or some infinite combo for the win conditions. Pharika's ability allows you to completely lock up ground combat for everyone with the threat of instant-speed deathtouchers. Use that to your advantage and play to her strengths. Pharika doesn't win you games. She just makes it harder for you to lose them.
>> No. 187055

I'd argue more along the lines that she's a control and an anti-meta card. She is not for a green/black reanimator deck, she's for a green/black control deck. Would she be better if she only gave YOU tokens for removing cards from the graveyard? Yes. However, that ability would have to be weighed with a heavier mana cost, and heavier mana costs make cards completely unplayable in things outside of EDH. It is a tradeoff that is easy enough to build your deck around, and I think the ability from a control standpoint is good enough to warrant it.

I can see being disappointed if you wanted the card to work with the reanimator/graveyard g/w decks because this is not a support card for them.
>> No. 187274
So Conspiracy brings back World Enchants more or less with a pinch of Archenemy.


Interesting set, but I don't see its resell value being very high due to all of the chase cards being useless outside of multiplayer and most of the artifacts (a decent amount at rare) effecting drafting and that's it.

Basically it seems that if you buy packs and you're not drafting them you are wasting your money.
>> No. 187301
Played two drafts of Conspiracy last night and had an absolute blast. Also made out like a gangbuster:

Reflecting pool: $12
Sulfuric Votex: $1.50
Reya Dawnbringer: $2.50
Custodi SoulBinders: $1
Custodi SoulBinders: $1
Exploration: $20
Realm Seekers: $1.50
Muzzio, Visionary Architect: $9
Stifle: $23
Misdirection: $15
Magus of the Mirror: $0.50
Reign of the Pit: $1.50
Ill-Gotten Gains: $1.50
Total: $91.50
Drafts: $30
Net total gain: $61.50
>> No. 187356
M15 is easily one of the best core sets in a long long time. Sure most of the commons are shit as usual; but even (most of) the janky rares are pretty fun.
>> No. 187362
Was screwing around on my iPad last night and saw that m15 was out for it so I gave it a download.

The game has gone through a lot of changes. The opening cinematic is great. We see a new planeswalker hunt a deer with some kind of ghost arrow... then Garruk appears behind him like Jason Vorhese.

The interface is new and slick and pretty intuitive if not a little dull and uninspired. It looks good, but loses a lot of the flavor. As with other free versions of the game, you're promptly whisked away into the tutorial which you will have to sit through no matter what skill level you entered into the game at the start. The tutorial is simple enough, if not a bit long winded. They're trying, but it's still not nearly as good at teaching as the old 7th Edition CD was.

After the tutorial you're given an option to select your deck. You have 10 to pick from; one for each of the Ravnica guilds. Once you pick your deck, you're stuck with it so that "choose wisely" comment is to be taken seriously. I want ahead with the Golgari deck because BG is always a solid combo. Or so I thought.

The game promptly hurls you into your first game that you'll play from start to finish all on your own and immediately you'll notice the decks are terrible. The deck I chose said it was graveyard centric or something to that effect, and since you can't look at what cards it has; you have no idea what the real strategy is. The Golgari deck ended up having a grand total of 4 cards that dealt with the graveyard and less than 4 removal spells. The deck has no rares, but that still shouldn't be a problem to make a good deck that even novices can understand. I know. I've done it before.

After you win that game, you're rewarded with your decks rare card. Unfortunately you won't be getting much use out of many of them after having looked up the deck lists online.

You can now explore the story, which is honestly kind of neat. Garruk, still affected by the curse, is trolling around the multiverse killing planeswalkers like a serial killer and you're investigating.

The first deck you'll fight on Innistrad is a zombie deck that just keeps on throwing out vanilla 2/2, 3/2, and 3/3's at a constant rare. And since Wizards has such a massive problem with removal spells these days; you have to rely on combat to protect yourself leading to tedious stalled games or just being overrun (at least with the Golgari deck. Seriously it's fucking terrible).

The other games on that level are pretty easy to overcome even without any decent cards of your own and at the end of each match you get a little 3 card booster.

What separates this game is that you seem to be able to fully customize your deck now. No longer are you forced to utilize deck specific card pools, but instead you have access to a large arsenal of cards. That you naturally have to buy.

Yes DotP2015 has gone the freemium route. Hard. Each digital booster pack will run you $2. About half the cost of a real booster pack. You're spending real money to gamble on a random number generator for a prize you'll only be able to use in one place on one game that will get a new edition next year.

Back to the campaign however; once you beat Innistrad's blistering pinch of levels (less than 7) you're given your first real boosterpack and old that you unlocked the Theros level.

HAHA! Not really. See, you just unlocked the right to buy that level. For just $3! Fiure you'll just do multiplayer or Practice? NOPE!

If you want to unlock all the cards so you can make a deck that's actually moderately fun to use, or to play the game, it'll cost you $50 total. $30 if you just want to unlock all the levels in the game which is what I'd call buying the game; making it twice as expensive as DotP2013 when it was new.

It's a good game under all the bullshit I'm sure; and I was so very very excited to buy and enjoy it, but the nickel and diming along with the gut wrenchingly unplayable decks it forces you to use (BUY THE BOOSTERS) really turns me off of yet another edition of DotP.

Want MtG on the go, but don't want to deal with the bullshit and terribleness? Just buy DotP2013. Ya you have to build a deck from a predetermined pool of cards for it, yes you have to unlock its cards one at a time, and yes the decks are a little lack luster, but you're not being held prisoner by the freemium model, you get the whole game for less than $30, and the decks it gives you to work with are actually usable.
>> No. 187364
M15 prere stories... one guy on /tg/ ended up doing pretty well after making a monored mill deck:

"Ausfag here, Had awesome fun in the midnight one with a Mono-Red mill deck since I figured I might as well use the two Kuresh and two Grindclocks I ended up with. Had hot soup, a bunch of evasive creatures and two rogue's gauntlets for card advantage as well as a bunch of burn for removal. Played just like a control deck.

Diddn't do fantastically but the deck was so hillarious I diddn't care. As a side note, Grindclock looks amazing in foil.":
1 Siege Dragon
2 Kurkesh, Onakke Ancienct
2 Grindclock
1 Lightning strike
3 Blasfire bolt
1 Cone of flame
1 Heat Ray
1 Act on impulse
1 hot soup
2 Rogue's Gauntlets
2 Tyrant's Machine
1 phyrexian revoker
2 Krenko's Enforcer
1 Frenzied goblin
2 Scrapyard Mongrel
1 Gargoyle Sentinel
17 mountains
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