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File 135697667354.jpg - (336.54KB , 960x1115 , xiii.jpg )
167978 No. 167978
When you read all the hate online, it's easy to think that FFXIII was the blunder of the century, but it sits comfortably in the the top 10 best selling FF games. Its sequel, while not as successful, still sold ok. And with its limited development costs it probably made a decent profit.

Unfortunately... it doesn't like SquareEnix will learn any lessons from FFXIII. The decent enough sales will only encourage them to do more of the same with slight variations. Final Fantasy is finally dead.
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>> No. 168069
I haven't played Heavy Rain. But I like games that work well as games, regardless of their writing, and find ones that are trying to be 70-hour long movies (or anything that is written as an attempt to garner critical acclaim) exhausting because of their totally missing the point of the medium, i.e. providing a set of rules and goals to be met through creative abuse of those rules. With the best ones being those wherein the rules create lots of interesting situations or have deceptively complex ramifications despite the simplicity of the rules themselves.
>> No. 168071
Ok, I'll bite.
When you say all of what you said, I'm sure you have a game in mind. Why don't you share.
>> No. 168072
I don't have any specific ones in mind, actually. But there are plenty that do the game thing pretty well. I just hate seeing people play the "RPGs are about the story!" card as though that were some sort of sacred truth rather than just the fact that that particular person doesn't actually like RPGs much.
>> No. 168240
You can basically watch Heavy Rain on youtube. They game is mostly very simple actions, a kind of quick time event special hell. Interestingly, it is possible to get BAD END in the game, so there is an element of interactive story to it, but it really is like playing a goofy movie.

I kind of get your argument but not really. Stamos and Keira had more pressing matters on their mind, and seeing as your role is generally bagman/most destructive force on the good guys side, they kind of didn't have time to sit down and ask you how you were feeling.

That said, I do kind of agree about characters being better constructed to make you care about your role in games more. Bioshock turned me off completely with scooby-doo syndrome. Randian fantasy uses lack of true interactivity to declare you're in a Randian fantasy. Ooh good writing.
>> No. 168245
Interactivity is only one thing which video games are 'about'. That's a bit like saying that panning shots are all that's important to filmmaking.
>> No. 168250
>That's a bit like saying that panning shots are all that's important to filmmaking.
No, it's like saying moving pictures are what movies are about. It is the one element that differentiates the medium from all other media. Video games are interactivity. Games that fail to leverage that are bad games, regardless of how much you like their story.
>> No. 168257

So a movie lives and dies on the basis of its cinematography, with no mind to writing or performance? Garbage, sir.

All mediums are narrative mediums. We are storytelling creatures. When the human race obtains a new form of expression, the first thing we collectively ask ourselves is 'how can I use this to tell stories'.

Anyway, I wouldn't even say that interactivity is the defining feature of games, but rather its derivative. I'd say that the defining feature of games is the ability to involve the audience directly in the experience as an active rather than passive participant. Yes, this occurs even in linear experiences.
>> No. 168263
>So a movie lives and dies on the basis of its cinematography, with no mind to writing or performance? Garbage, sir.
Not even what he said.

Could you imagine a decent movie without a basic hold on cinematography?
>> No. 168271
There are some movies with "left the camera running" cinematography, but they're almost always intentionally shot to look cheap.
>> No. 168272
(The pictures still move in those.)
>> No. 168273
I'm aware of that. I don't think a whole movie could run on that schtick, at least not as long as they're doing a faux-low-budget film. An actual amateur one, maybe.
>> No. 168278
FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reb…youtube thumb
>> No. 168294
Also, the definitive feature of film is its ability to control the audience's viewpoint, not that the pictures move. If you set up a camera and film a camera to film a stage production, you don't wind up with a movie. You wind up with a play you can watch at home.
>> No. 168296
I fail to see how that's a definitive trait. In what way do comics, paintings, still photography, books and video games not do the same thing? About the only medium where the audience's viewpoint isn't controlled are sculptures or other 3D art forms. And even those are, sometimes, like in Forced Perspective work.
>> No. 168297

Video games do do it, much like how movies inherited most of theater's capabilities. But it's what sets it apart from the theater, which is its artistic predecessor. Books and still art and comics are totally different mediums, film doesn't need to distinguish itself from them because they don't overlap at all.
>> No. 168299
>film doesn't need to distinguish itself from them they don't overlap at all
Oh, I didn't realize I was talking to a crazy person. No point in carrying on the argument, in that case.
>> No. 168302
Looks nice. You know, for a cinematic.
Already in beta due to having a Legacy account so I'll get to see some of the changes to the world at the end of the month.
>> No. 168305

Thos is pretty much what I've been thinking for half this thread, so I'm glad we can finally agree on something.
>> No. 169741
File 136025940040.jpg - (20.70KB , 393x360 , 1359763361836.jpg )
Yo, playing 4 Heroes of light, anyone got some guides to good set ups?
>> No. 169746
I stopped with the main games after seeing 1 was online. I wasn't about to do that. I still have a special place for the first 10.Tactics was always amazing. I loved the second Dissidia. I always end up maining Golbez.

The series was always great to me. It's hard seeing it turn into this. Same with Mega Man.
>> No. 169747
What classes do you have? 4HoL has a surprising amount of versatility, and the characters' levelup stats don't depend on whichever class you have.
>> No. 169749
Same with Kingdom Hearts. I cannot believe how low that series has sunk as well. I never knew a simply Disney themed game could spiral out of control, but thank Nomura as the director for that.
>> No. 169759
You're letting your principles screw you. FF12 might've been the best in the series.
>> No. 169762
I thought about it but I don't have a ps2 anymore. The kid from 12 is one of my favorite fighters in Dissidia though.
I miss looking forward to a new game from Square. I remember my mom giving me 8 and 9 out of the blue one day. Oh well. At least I had my fun.
>> No. 169764
Lets just say WINK WINK I've got all crowns.

What set up covers all my bases? Right now I just dedicated roles to everyone of Dark Fencer, Black mage, White mage and Archer.
>> No. 169765
I disagree. 12 was good but BEST. No way.
>> No. 169767
I like 12 but dear god am I glad 9 was the last I god around to looking at (besides the MMOs I don't like MMOs and so don't care) because it blew the others out of the water.
>> No. 169865
File 136042957758.jpg - (117.51KB , 500x281 , Final-Fantasy-Versus-XIII_2009_01-29-09_01_jpg_500.jpg )
So, I've been out of Final Fantasy for years but I was trying to make sense of the new stuff.

I am flabbergasted by how shitty everything is, wow.

At least Bravely Default is coming out.
>> No. 169868
>At least Bravely Default is coming out.

>> No. 169872
File 136043341724.png - (28.96KB , 385x265 , 1354502457693.png )
>At least Bravely Default is coming out.
>> No. 169875
Oh, no Western release date yet. Well. Guess all the voice acting's really taking its toll time-wise.

Also Tiki for crowns you have lots of options if you have all the crowns, really. You can go Beasmaster and turn all your allies into animals for massive physical damage, use Merchants and super-upgrade your weapons and armor, Black Magic's actually useful if you know the elements. Having a Hero or Party Host is always a good thing, as well as a Fighter or Ranger. There's just SO MANY OPTIONS.
>> No. 169876
...whoa i think you just blew my mind, moe. thats it. thats whats been bothering me about ffx-2 all this time. id play it and think "this is sort of fun" all the while hating it with every fibre of my being. that's why. because ffx-2 is a really sequel to ffx that plays really well.
>> No. 169880
File 136044270057.png - (41.84KB , 367x482 , BDFF_Holly_White.png )
Yeah I'm digging my current set up.

Sorry to give you an erection, like PG said no Western date yet.
>> No. 169881
Where is goddamn Versus Square? Is this Final Fantasy Forever?
>> No. 169883

Where's the news of it being worked on?
>> No. 169886
They'll get back to bigger non Lightning titles after XIV:ARR is released.
>> No. 170917
File 136380074029.jpg - (60.55KB , 550x312 , 18934-550x-fft4.jpg )
After getting 10 bucks for the PSN from a survey or something, decided to get FFT: War of the Lions, and goddamn, this game.
>> No. 170941
File 136382733165.png - (428.01KB , 404x513 , 1363825654678.png )
You know that Final Fantasy V remake fans have been begging for for years now? ENJOY YOUR PIECE OF SHIT iPHONE PORT.
>> No. 170942
>> No. 170943
I was about to say that.
>> No. 170948
The iPhone ports are handled by entirely different teams from the DS remakes we've been clamoring for. I wouldn't take this as a sign that V3D isn't being worked on.
>> No. 170954
File 136383526642.png - (154.50KB , 597x350 , 1361253979946.png )

[incoherent ranting]
>> No. 170984
Hey Fuck you Biker. Iphone FF games are pretty fucking amazing. Play fucking Final Fantasy Dimensions before you say fucking anything.
>> No. 178620
File 137549228175.jpg - (86.16KB , 600x337 , lightning1.jpg )
So much for dignity, huh, Lightning?
>> No. 178622
File 137549528553.jpg - (543.02KB , 600x1479 , azito7_birthday.jpg )
Her personality is still the same, isn't it.
>> No. 178623
As in non-existent? Yeah.
>> No. 178624
It's more like a Cloud wannabe.
>> No. 178625
Like I said.
>> No. 178626
They're really turning her into their own Elmyra aren't they?
>> No. 178627
Either you meant Elvira, or you and I have very different memories of Tiny Toon Adventures.
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