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File 134999325339.jpg - (1.84MB , 3384x1902 , original.jpg )
164505 No. 164505
No XCOM thread?

What is this?

XCOM THREAD MOTHER FUCKERS. Loved the originals, played them to death and Enemy Unknown is easily the most fun I have had with a videogame this year.

>escort mission
>almost at the end, taking it nice and slow
>support vet panics, kills the rookie
>thin man strolls in and kills the man I was escorting

Also, thought this was pretty funny.

One Man to Snipe Them Allyoutube thumb

Only complaint I have is I can't change armor colors since I didn't pre-order the game. Ah well.
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>> No. 164507
aw poodles, pay is next week, ah well I like the military beige tough I'll miss not having the retro solider.
>> No. 164508
It looks interesting, but for whatever reason I never played/knew about the original(s), so I have no idea what to expect.
>> No. 164514
File 135000482936.jpg - (508.48KB , 1920x1080 , 1349994006658.jpg )
I'm glad you can give your troopers helmets.

Having soldiers in big bulky armour but skimping out on helmets is dumb, and the fully armoured look is cooler to boot.
>> No. 164531
How do you give them helmets. I was at that point and no helmets.
>> No. 164544
File 135007852870.jpg - (80.64KB , 389x454 , dundundun.jpg )
I promised myself and my budget that I wouldn't pay full retail price for another game this year. Dragon's Dogma make me break that vow.

Is this new XCOM worth the further relapse? Is it worth 60 of my dollars?
>> No. 164546
I'd be a liar if I said I even knew what the hell this was.
>> No. 164549
Aliens are attacking! Grab some dudes and send them to fight the aliens wherever they appear! Most of them will probably die though, so don't get attached. Salvage every half-melted death ray you can if you want to stand a fighting chance.

It's top-down and turn-based even though it looks like a third-person shooter sometimes. Based heavily on a much older and uglier version that captured many a young lad's heart.

I think that covers the basics.
>> No. 164550
File 135008395770.jpg - (546.21KB , 750x916 , tumblr_mbr3b2bfAc1qe96vjo1_1280[1].jpg )
>Sgt Rubens Vega died bravely in the line of duty, on 3/21/2015 during Operation Cryptic Druid. Rubens Vega was the lone survivor of First Contact with the enemy species, and has from that point until his death been an exemplary soldier. He was gunned down by the enemy while providing suppressing fire to an overwhelming force, allowing time for fellow soldiers to extract the VIP.


He is survived by his wife, Dolores, and his young son Eliot. Rubens had long hoped, that should Humanity survive this first invasion he would one day be able to tell Eliot and about the clandestine work of XCOM. And that maybe his son, would be able to help keep the world safe for the next generation of humanity.
>psudonym playing XCOM
>> No. 164552
File 135008573682.jpg - (1.01MB , 1920x1080 , MGS08.jpg )
>> No. 164561
>E. Vega
Now I get it.
Funny psu.
>> No. 164567
I'm currently on my first run, classic ironman, and for a while I was kind of flummoxed because I felt I was doing too good. Practically never lost a soldier.
Yeah then the Mutons showed up. Good God these guys don't fuck around. Had to limp home with two heavily wounded dudes when I first encountered them on a landed UFO mission, and an entire heavily wounded team when I met two of them right next to the fucking drop zone in an abduction mission.
Right now I've located the Alien base, but I don't think I'm going to survive for much longer. Lost half of Europe and all of Australia already, but the one that hurt most was Argentina, because I was so close to getting full satellite coverage in South America. I'd been saving up autopsy research and everything for it.
Good fun all around.
>> No. 164570
I wasn't paying attention, did they abandon that FPS revival decision?
>> No. 164571
That's a different game by a different studio. And while I don't think it has been abandoned, it seems to have been changed a bit since that one E3 where it was revealed. Apparently, it's a third person shooter now?
>> No. 164572
That thing is gone, they'll quietly cancel it.
>> No. 164585
Made it for another month and a half before losing. And I feel I might have made it for another one if not for one goddamn landed UFO assault costing me my sniper colonel and my heavy major. It was my own damn fault, though. Got cocky, tried some bullshit about getting the colonel behind those mutons via the UFO's roof and his grapple, and the whole thing backfired horribly.
And to top it off, I went full retard on the next mission, a VIP rescue. I forgot to give laser rifles to all of those rookies I had to take, and didn't bring any medkits. Fun fact: Thin Man poison does exactly as much damage as a VIP has health.
So yeah, I definitely deserved that.

Ran into my first major problem though, in that fateful UFO assault. The camera and controls could absolutely not deal with the multiple levels of the thing. The game kept forgetting to fade out the ceiling, and sometimes, the cursor completely shat itself and made it almost impossible for me to send my units to certain tiles by trying to send them to the level underneath instead.

Oh, also, strategic mistakes. I underestimated just how important alien interrogations are. Those research credits could have seriously saved me some time, and given me access to equipment faster.
And apparently, building any number of satellites at once still takes the same 20 days. That might also have come in handy, although it is very expensive, of course.
>> No. 164595

Who wants to live forever?youtube thumb
>> No. 164662
I'd really like to see this turn-based mechanic used more often, perhaps in another genre. It's kinda like Fantasy RPGs.
>> No. 164682
What mechanic are you talking about? Being turn-based at all, the way it does turn-based gameplay, or something else?

I probably won't be buying this any time soon because I've got a backlog and don't want to spend a lot of money while I don't have a job, but I'd be damn happy if something managed to bring the turn-based strategy genre back to prominence.
>> No. 164717
Angry Joe does X-Com

XCOM Enemy Unknown Angry Reviewyoutube thumb

and of course Spoony has to come along for the ride
>> No. 164854
Now that I'm finished Dishonoured, I've gotten started Xcomming. I never played the classic games so this is a new experience for me (and I'm playing it on Classic difficulty because the internees tell me that Normal is too easy and teaches you bad habits for when you want to graduate to the grown-up table).

Jesus CHRIST this game is rock hard. One wrong move will get your soldiers murdered on the spot. I do better at urban areas where there's plenty of cover to abuse, but UFO crash sites are just brutal.
>> No. 164855
>> No. 164878
This. I immediately save every time they land.
>> No. 164879
The PC demo sold me, but I think I'll hold off buying it anytime soon.
>> No. 164885
>> No. 164930
>Abduction in Toronto
>Map seems to be some kind of shipping yard, there's a tall building with a ladder right by starting location
>Send my assault up the ladder to a cover location outside the office up there, run-and-gun
>Open the door
>Oh FUCK there's a cyberdisk up there! And a drone! Fuuuuuck!
>Can't get back down the ladder until next turn, might as well give it a shotgun to the face, do what damage you can before the poor sap dies
>Deal a good four damage to it, brace self for painful death
>Set my other three troopers in cover and Overwatch, run my assault back down the ladder and to safety
>It doesn't follow him down
>Overwatch everyone again next turn
>Still not coming down

Harry Potter - Now we waityoutube thumb

In the end the fucking thing stayed up there until I gave up and started repositioning to deal with the two mutons and like six Thin Men the mission also threw at me, then waited until my squad was perilously low on ammo, and THEN decided to join us for a bit of fun, dropping right onto our heads. That got a bit tense.
>> No. 164938
>Finally get a sniper up to colonel with squadsight and in the zone ability
>takes out entire enemy squads by himself from across the map

Do the other classes get as ridiculous abilities as that? And also, do different classes get different psychic powers? Or is it just one tree for all of them?
>> No. 164942

Snipers become walking artillery pieces, heavies become machine shit slappers and can take out sectopods and cyberdiscs in one turn while also raining rockets, assaults can one shot every single enemy in the game, supports can heal up to ten damage.
>> No. 164965
File 135096667620.png - (1.01MB , 1271x907 , my-brain-is-full-of-fuck.png )
>Clearing out another abduction zone
>I lost two rookies who panicked after getting hit by a grenade, while standing next to a burning car...but other than that, not bad.
>Just two aliens left. I can't see them, but I can see their health bars. One of them's got fifteen, that's probably another Berserker. Easy-peasy.
>Advance forward just a little faster than I should--OH GOD THAT'S NOT A BERSERKER THAT'S A CYBERDISC AND ITS DRONE
>Lose another rookie and a Squaddie before getting it down

On the other hand, I have a Plasma Sniper Rifle and jesus christ it's a thing of beauty. And having six squad members is incredible, I had an escort mission where the map let me set up a line of soldiers overlooking the escortee on overwatch. Two thin men tried to drop in behind our lines and instantly evaporated in a hail of laser and plasma fire.
>> No. 164975
Fuck you Cairo. I'm gonna go save France. I'll bring you back a fucking baguette. What? You're dropping out of the XCOM project. Good. Fuck you, I didn't want your money anyway.
>> No. 164984
File 135102911585.png - (69.50KB , 316x208 , Doom Horrified.png )
>terror mission on the bridge with the cars

Only one of my team died but all the civvies but one got fucking destroyed. Jesus.
>> No. 165001
Has anybody found a way to get satellite coverage within LESS than 20 days? I keep losing countries before I even launch my first.
>> No. 165004
Post your favoritest soldier names and nicknames

Whatever happened to tanks, gunships, and mecha?
>> No. 165005
Those things are expensive, the lives of rookies are cheap

Aren't Tonks enough for you?
>> No. 165006
If you don't skip the tutorial, you will get some safe shots at relatively easy missions. Start work on the satellite uplink ASAP but order satellites before that, which should be an earlier opportunity. Id place the first one below the one you start off with, for the third satellite, but I am definitely no expert on base building logistics.
>> No. 165023
20 days still seems to be the minimum, I got tons of engineers and resources, but it still takes 20 days for an uplink.
>> No. 165033
You can build several satellites simultaneously. Just order like five of them, they'll all be completed at the same time. Costs a lot of money, of course, so having engineers helps in that respect.
Plus you'll need them to crew the new uplinks. It's five per uplink and ten per nexus, I think?

It's also generally best to launch satellites the day before the council report. Gives you maximum reactivity to panic levels.
>> No. 165035
Okay. So I need some good vids of this game to tide me over till I harvest enough greenbacks to buy a copy. Anybody got some?
>> No. 165039
>Construction yard, start as usual by moving Sniper into cover and lobbing a battle scanner to give me eyes. Lots of good cover, I'm liking the looks of this
>Two heavy floaters behind a nearby shipping crate. They haven't seen me yet
>Get into position. Plan is: get everyone on Overwatch, then flush them out.
>Accidentally aggro a set of Mutons which are in a flanking position from my ambush
>And then another, along with a Berserker
>And now the Heavy Floaters noticed me too
>And here comes a Cyberdisk from the back of the map
>Suddenly my safe circle of cover has become a deathtrap

But I managed to pull it out with only two deaths, thanks to judicious use of explosives and a beautiful Headshot on the Cyberdisk. And it would have only been one if the game had stopped the mission immediately after I killed the last enemy rather than exploding a burning car first.
>> No. 165067

Enjoy these two shitty videos.

Who wants to live forever?youtube thumb

>> No. 165070
Ugh. Had a rough night. Very Difficult Terror mission in Ecuador comes up while all my officers are on the mend. I tried to do it with six squaddies loaded for bear, but...got, just waves of mutons and Berserkers and Heavy Floaters, and I can't seem to help but aggro them all at once. No chance. So, I lost Mexico.

Then, I tried and failed to shoot down a UFO over Asia. It landed in Japan, and...well, my officers were better by now so I tried to roll on them, but the layout of the map was so incredibly awkward. There was no angle of approach that didn't leave me just hideously exposed.
>> No. 165156
File 135130519066.png - (18.10KB , 823x68 , veni.png )
>> No. 165157
File 135130523546.png - (17.71KB , 816x67 , vidi.png )
>> No. 165158
File 135130531124.png - (1.35MB , 1920x1080 , vici.png )
See you space cowboy...
>> No. 165159
File 135130538050.png - (1.88MB , 1920x1080 , XComGame 2012-10-26 18-38-39-23.png )
And my squad that went in! Used all my medkits but we were all standing at the end.
>> No. 165167
You so hardcore
>> No. 165198
Also, I love your videos.
>> No. 165205

Thanks! Taking a break before I try impossible since I have played the game for close to 80 hours.
>> No. 165239
Not Xcom related, but I also loved your Dark souls videos.
Quite entertainign they are.
>> No. 165396
Finished my first Classic playthrough. That last stage was dumb. Still, A+ game, will play it again Ironman later, I think I'm a bit burnt out on it for now.
>> No. 165399
play this

>> No. 165400

Probably will do. Still, think I'll give it a rest for now. Might go back and do a second Dishonoured playthrough with a randomized build.
>> No. 165462
File 135197316628.png - (846.14KB , 1600x900 , XComGame 2012-11-03 13-18-31-80.png )
>> No. 165464
"Hey guys!"


"What are we hiding from?"
>> No. 165475

What I really want to know is how the hell did that happen.
>> No. 165490

Scans from sectoids showed them hiding in the upper floor of the building so I was circling around.

Then suddenly the sectoids teleported, did that little animation, and that guy somehow teleported through the wall.
>> No. 165493
Classic Game Room - XCOM ENEMY UNKNOWN reviewyoutube thumb
>> No. 165509
File 135207387073.jpg - (20.48KB , 600x378 , big_boss_salute_super.jpg )
Col. Juan "Diesel" Vega died on the very last mission. His sacrifice was not in vain.

(Does anyone else find they get really attached to their soldiers once they get nicknames?)
>> No. 165512

There were two I got really attached to. Amy "Kitty" Hughes and...I actually can't remember the other one's first or nickname, because I always referred to him by his last name: Messina. She was a Support, he was a Sniper. They were both with me from nearly the beginning of the game, right through to the final mission. They were my colonels, my squad leaders. Messina was a death machine, racking up multiple kills every mission and returning without a scratch on him. Kitty was a survivor, always right in the thick of things, frequently wounded but never dropped, and always instrumental in breaking the alien lines. I have her my first Plasma Rifle.

Messina didn't make it out of the final mission, I'm afraid. He was killed, embarrassingly enough, by a Sectoid Commander I'd gone right past without realizing he was there, thanks to the final mission's retarded layout.
>> No. 165524
File 135209083398.png - (18.85KB , 854x85 , NEVERAGAINHOLYSHITRAGEOFATHOUSANDSUNS.png )

Classic seems like a nice balance. Honestly a lot of the maps seem like a clusterfuck with that many aliums.
>> No. 165543
>That file name...
>> No. 166022
File 135294457319.png - (54.73KB , 320x153 , XEU_SHIV_Suppression_schematics.png )
Here's my two cents on strategy:

Fuck shredder rockets, supression is your friend. Keep a sniper with disabling shot about if you can. Get SHIVS with supression out as soon as possible. Basically, abilties that let you save an enemy for later are godlike. Bring SHIVs on abuctions and terror missions to keep troopers fresh for UFOs.
And in the early game, toss grenades and launch rockets like they're going out of style. Lack of fragments won't hurt that much in the early game and you'll be able to make up the shorfall once you've got better gear.

Focus on armor before guns - terrestrial big iron will do up until the 3 month, and by that point you should have first few lasers rolling off the line. If you have to choose between upgrading armor and guns, go with armor - a squad of veterans with conventional ballistics will do a lote more than a bunch of rookies with lasers.

First tech should be alien materials, then either carapace armor or Experimental warfare. Main priority early on should be getting engineers so that you can build more sat downlinks. First thing you do after getting home is build a sat.

Learned all this from several games of classic ironman - which I leaped into from the begining.

Also, this is the best game I've played all year. One of the few games to really scare me, as well. Yeh ghads, the tension. The hype lived up to and then some. Can't wait for Slingshot!
>> No. 166247
File 135331736784.jpg - (345.02KB , 1920x1200 , 2012-11-19_00001.jpg )
Been playing Classic on Ironman. First attempt, a really beautiful squad (just in name, aesthetic, style, implied characterization) got butchered to an empty barracks before I reached the 10th mission.

Second attempt's gone stronger. Much stronger- just had my first soldier reach max rank, Russian sniper woman who's been there since the beginning and was the only one to make it out of our bloodiest mission so far. Key factors:
-Been getting an effective crash course in playstyle via the excellent Ironman Impossible vids at http://www.youtube.com/user/Beaglerush
-Started in Asia. Future warfare is love.
-One interceptor per continent, with dodge matrix (floater autopsy) and phoenix cannon. Effective low-budget combo, has worked every time thus far.
-Two heavies, one with shredder. To quote beagle, "If you have a rocket, you have a backup plan."
-Carapace armor and laser rifles first thing, few upgrades since.
>> No. 166248
File 135331744834.jpg - (198.22KB , 1920x1200 , 2012-11-15_00003.jpg )
It's still far from perfect. I've lost a dozen good men and women, Russia pulled out and cost me Europe's bonus the month after I gave them a satellite, there have been 3 separate missions where I was utterly convinced everyone was going to die. In each case I then spent 4+ turns desperately blasting aliens & ultimately losing one person at most. What a GAME.
>> No. 166280
Started up a Classic Ironman run myself. Everything was going fucking greatuntil the operation I just retreated ignomiously from. I was trying to capture a floater - getting a bit cocky, to be honest - when I suddenly accidentally aggroed three floaters and three mutons - the first Mutons I'd seen. The floaters went down fast but the Mutons slaughtered me. I only got one soldier out - a Support squaddie who ran for the abort zone as fast as he could. Everyone else, including a Sergeant support, a Heavy Corporal and a Sniper Major, died. And then when I got back, like five countries were panicking because I'm a fuckup.
>> No. 166298
Yeah, mutons are what slaughtered me on my first attempt as well.

Funny thing, though- I came back to that save file half a week later, watched my last soldier die trying to flee, then went on the next mission (rated "Very Difficult") with an all-rookie squad (two laser rifles, four carapace armor, five squad members).

Four floaters and four mutons. Kicked ass, no casualties. It's all in how you play- the most crucial risk is revealing new territory, so never do so with anyone other than the first 1-2 people you move each turn.

Even my "good" playthrough has lost 3 countries and has always had like 3 more panicking every month. I just do missions in panicking countries when possible and use satellites to preserve most of the rest.
>> No. 166307

Oh yeah. The worst is when you reposition your last guy to somewhere that you think shouldn't reveal anything new...but the path they follow just barely crosses the sight perimeter. That's what happened here.
>> No. 166341
>First game
>Normal difficulty
>Having fun, not having too much trouble
>First Terror mission
>Proceeding as normal
>Suddenly Chrysalids
>Entire team gets slaughtered
>Widespread panic, game over follows pretty quickly after that
>Start watching Beaglerush's videos
>Discover I have literally been doing EVERYTHING wrong
>New game on Classic Iron Man mode
>Use tactics, proper equipment and the right abilities this time
>Hard, but much more fun than my previous game
>Reach first Terror mission again
>Easily deal with all the xenos using good weapons, tactics and lots of explosives
>Finish mission with no casualties on my team and 14 civilians
Words cannot describe how awesome this game is.
>> No. 166348
This game on Ironman Classic is really For Want Of A Nail: The Game.

>Because the RNG hated you, you failed to get alloys from this crashed UFO
>Because you couldn't get the alloys, you couldn't build carapace armor
>Because you didn't have Carapace armor, your mortality rate begins climbing higher and higher as missions become more difficult
>Because your guys keep dying, you have to field more and more rookies
>Because you keep having to run rookies, you will never be able to take another UFO
>Because you will never take another UFO you will never have more alloys and so will never be able to build equipment you need
>Because you are underequipped, you are fucking doomed
>> No. 166404
JESUS there's another two hours flushed down the tubes. Ironman Classic is fucking hard.
>> No. 166407
So I've had one multiplayer unit that's evolved over the matches, becoming something REALLY fun to play.

Current build is Commando with Light Plasma Rifle, Skeleton Suit and Chitin plating. The grapple, lightning reflexes, and Run & Gun all allow for a huge amount of mobility, while the plating and Resilience make him durable even under concentrated fire. Light Plasma Rifle plus Rapid Fire plus two crit boosts let him reliably take targets out, just remember to reload.
>> No. 166476
Is there any use for alien corpses after performing the engelska dissections, is there any use of alien bodies or can I just sell them?
>> No. 166477

They get used in various engineering projects, as grisly as that sounds.
>> No. 166482
Plus, sometimes the council nations want them for various reasons - medical research for example.
>> No. 166483
pop the extra bits in a blender and hit Liquefy. Bam paint on armor to get shielding or drink to get powers.
>> No. 166489
My latest attempt at Ironman Classic is going pretty well. First contact with the Mutons was ugly, of course, lost five out of six soldiers and only very narrowly pulled out a victory. But after that (and after a UFO landing where I lost three soldiers to take out seven Mutons) I got myself laser weapons for my whole squad and six sets of Carapace armor, so I seem to have crested the difficulty hump. Until Elites and Sectopods start showing up, anyway.
>> No. 166495
>not having full lasers before the first terror mission
>not having carapace by the end of the second month

wtf u doing?
>> No. 166497

I had lasers by the first terror mission, and I had Carapace armor up and ready for production by then...but I didn't have the alloys to actually build it until I took a second UFO.
>> No. 166498
I should be clear: I rushed straight for laser rifles, pausing only to capture and interrogate a Sectoid for the research credit. But Precision Lasers and Heavy Lasers got backbenched temporarily so I could rush to Carapace. Now, I have all of them (and I'll soon have Light Plasma).
>> No. 166499
I should be clear: I rushed straight for laser rifles, pausing only to capture and interrogate a Sectoid for the research credit. But Precision Lasers and Heavy Lasers got backbenched temporarily so I could rush to Carapace. Now, I have all of them (and I'll soon have Light Plasma).
>> No. 166500
I should be clear: I rushed straight for laser rifles, pausing only to capture and interrogate a Sectoid for the research credit. But Precision Lasers and Heavy Lasers got backbenched temporarily so I could rush to Carapace. Now, I have all of them (and I'll soon have Light Plasma).
>> No. 166514
I researched laser rifles pretty early, then laser pistols. After that, nothing for ages-I eventually grabbed plasma sniper & now have researched a number of other top-tier guns, but that was after I'd gotten the research credit. Rifles are what you can hand to rookies and 2 out of 4 classes, the other 3 weapon types aren't really priorities.
>> No. 166603
>That feeling when you can't fucking stop accidentally aggroing Muton + Berserker sets without even fucking moving
>That feeling when Berserkers kill three members of your squad and would have gotten a fourth if the AI wasn't retarded

Oh holy god that was rough. Mutons dropped a fourth squad member, too. It was a miracle we pulled it out.


>Bomb disposal mission in the fucking graveyard fuck this fucking map
>Miss out on deactivating the bomb by one turn because one of your squad members panicked at exactly the wrong moment
>Only one member of your squad can make it back to the evac zone in time
>It gives you the fucking 'do you want to abort mission' prompt even though...YEAH no shit
>Accidentally click the wrong button


Fuck bomb disposal, and ESPECIALLY fuck that graveyard. The bomb is a million miles away, all the power nodes are way the hell spread out, it's fucking impossible.
>> No. 166610
File 135396070962.png - (450.41KB , 776x457 , thisisyourbrainonxcom.png )
This was my brain this morning. I think I need to stop playing XCOM for a while. Or sleep more.
>> No. 166612
I just picked up the classic X-COM games for 2bux during yesterday's Steam sale.

How enormously fucked am I?
>> No. 166614
Bomb disposal is goddamn brutal. I played my first try on it with a really capable squad, improvised and carefully planned my moves, had one guy down but rest were still hanging on. With countdown delayed twice, was able to run my guy in and disarm the bomb itself.

>Kill remaining enemies!

There were only one or two with a good shot, whacked one before the turn ended. Could be-

>Now that you disarmed the bomb, a huge wave of aliens is coming!


>Like 6 new thin men on overwatch!


>It's a hold-the-line siege mission now!
>You're clearly meant to have everyone inside the fortified area bomb was in
>I have only 1 guy in there
>All 6+ thin men are on overwatch

mommy I don't like bomb disposal

And that's the story of my only mission on playthrough #2 where everyone fucking died. Including a corporal.
>> No. 166631

I usually don't have problems with that stage. So long as your guys are on overwatch when they drop, they'll usually be obliterated in the first hail of gunfire, since they drop out of cover. It's just getting to the goddamn fucking bomb without getting shot up.
>> No. 166652
Right. And I did it with my last guy, more or less. Him getting to the bomb was my planned end of turn. Which was the exact wrong move in the logic of this special subtype of mission, and I didn't have much way of knowing that on the first time through.
>> No. 166767
Tried multiplayer today with a friend. He used soldiers only while I experimented with alien troops, on low point total. I got soudly defeated two times, then went with "as many Chyssalids as possible". The results were brutal.
>> No. 166768
>>then went with "as many Chyssalids as possible"

You bastard
>> No. 166809
I'm very close to having beaten Ironman Classic - actually, only reason I haven't is I'm dicking around a bit to get some achievements.
>> No. 166812
Still playing multiplayer a ton, friend me at http://steamcommunity.com/id/Dagda if you want to play.

My main go-to unit's still a Gunner with Skeleton Armor, Chitin Plating and a Light Plasma Rifle. Costs about 4200, and the result is a highly flexible damage-dealer that auto-dodges the first overwatch shot each turn. Try it out!

About the same. I may try to finish things tonight.
>> No. 167040
How much control do I have on squad formation? Will it be difficult for me to construct female space marine team codenamed: Ripley's Raiders?
>> No. 167042
just keep subbing in female recruits until they get the class you want
>> No. 167077
So how's the console version? I was planning to play this on my PS3 because my PC is tiny and weak.
>> No. 167092
File 135473822817.jpg - (406.12KB , 1920x1080 , 2012-12-05_00001.jpg )
BOOM, that's Iron man CLassic completed. Pictured: my squad for the final mission. Final mission went more smoothly than last time, but was no less tedious and dumb.

GOTY for sure, though.
>> No. 167096
>final mission
>implying you will ever even get fucking shot with two snipers

Seriously, steam rolled the fuck out of it. Even on Impossible.
>> No. 167126
File 135481836184.jpg - (330.50KB , 1920x1200 , 2012-11-21_00002.jpg )
Finished my playthrough a couple days back.

I want to share the story that happened.

Operation Unceasing Knife had been an unmitigated disaster.

We'd had failures before- operation Enduring Rain ended with a lone soldier dashing to the skyranger transport under heavy fire. For Unceasing Knife, five of our best men and women went into the heart of London. They braved heavy fire to reach and successfully disarm an alien device we barely even recognized as a bomb. It was a desperate and amazing feat.

Then the ambush came.

Enemies swarmed in from all directions. The entire team was killed in seconds. And the xenoforms rearmed the bomb.

The London blast spurred mass panic and rioting throughout Europe. Many on the project weren't sure we'd even see another month of funding.
>> No. 167127
File 135481876725.jpg - (208.57KB , 1920x1200 , 2012-11-21_00003.jpg )
Beat the game for the first time a couple days back. I want to talk about the story that happened.

The alien base attack saved the project. We'd lost most of our top soldiers in a bomb mission massacre- the remaining notable veterans are on the right in this picture. Yuri 'Casino' Gabai, an Israeli heavy weapons specialist with a knack for eliminating any tactical risk. Colonel Lebedeva, of course- 'Drifter' was already a legend to the troops by that point, as the only remaining surivvor of the 3 who came back from that fateful first contact mission. And support specialist Fujiwara, who'd been the token fresh-faced rookie on several prior missions and had just earned the nickname of Scarecrow- likely for her skinny figure.
>> No. 167130
File 135481976750.jpg - (429.97KB , 1920x1200 , 2012-11-23_00003.jpg )
For a time, the squad was stable. We gained new veteran units to replenish our ranks- Drifter never missed a mission, frequently wiping out half the hostiles herself. Some of the troops swore that Ludmila Pavlichenko was her great-grandmother.
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