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File 134627184736.png - (302.29KB , 500x410 , tumblr_m9j3m1wjDc1qfh2bxo1_500.png )
162204 No. 162204
I don't know if seeing the Leviathan is really worth all the shittyness added to the plot by the DLC. I mean, like, I'm conflicted.
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>> No. 172592
File 136598489959.jpg - (55.74KB , 1572x424 , 1365876612700.jpg )
>> No. 172593
File 136598501516.png - (60.18KB , 1849x530 , 1365877182564.png )
>> No. 172594
File 136598512480.png - (215.00KB , 1536x1662 , 1365878841478.png )
I have more but I'll stop for now.
>> No. 172617
> Gear that increase your rate of fire
> Gear that increased your accuracy
> Gear that reduced your reload times
> ditto everything, but weapon mods
> Weapon mod that, either at the cost of reducing your damage or increasing your weight by fifty percent, then dropping to fifteen percent, gives your weapons recharge a la true ME, ie. For every ten shots fired, it would have cooled down to eight.
> Predator tripling its damage.
> Devastator mode being partially denuetered. Increase rate of fire slightly, Iincrease ammo so the Hurricane doesn't need to manually reload
> Husk mode.
> Abomination mode.
> Boss mode/platinum bronze, silver and gold
>> No. 172638
Personally I'd want Elcor Sentinels and Rhacni Blood Warriors but that'd be asking for too much. Barring that using the Inferno armor for a sentinel with Miranda's moves and passive + tech armor. The Cerb assault armor as an Ex Cerb soldier. A tweaked Cerb engineer and Nemesis as engineer and infiltrator too. Give the Phoenix guys some company.
>> No. 172651
File 136611968331.gif - (168.55KB , 375x375 , GoldenHomer.gif )
These are also good ideas
Also make the Warlard immune to sync kills with the exception of atlases and Praetorians. He's too heavy for anything else. Phantom stabs, scion smacks, brute grab just make him stumble.

> Hurians
> If it were Tali, they'd be called qumans.
>> No. 172658
>make some older kits silver instead of gold
>make the Collector Assault Rifle less heavy or anything to not make it shit
>Add a store where you can buy specific kits, gear, guns, etc for real dosh.
>> No. 172664
I've been thinking about it over lunch, and the way I see an elcor working would be if it were sorta like a slower Swindle from FoC, where the guns are strapped to your back and they auto fire or auto aim as you fire. And you spec your weapons platform to either carry more guns, like at rank one you start off with two assault rifles, and you can either choose to have them fire faster, reload faster or just have an extra gun strapped to it, like three avengers or even spitfires, with the total weight dictating how llng it takes to reload.

Twch armour, in my hsad, would act more like it did in ME2, where it just gave you a heavier layer of shielding, which then explodes and partially recharges it's busted, and is oriented as a blast shield in front of the elcor, so you have to pay attention to what's going on at your flanks.
>> No. 172674
File 136614414665.png - (106.60KB , 783x767 , 1365640009662.png )
I will never the hurians thing. Hell Shepard and Garrus even talked about adoption. They could just adopt Grunt or something.

I really wanted an Ex Cerb pack. Instakills on the Krogan Warlord was silly. >>172658
A store would have been so much better than hoping you got what you needed in packs. I still want an offline mode though.
That's not bad. Tech armor really did get nerfed for no reason. It would be great for crowd control, especially for the Elcor. I always thought Elcor could move fast if they needed to. It'd be like John Carter. They could probably bitchslap a Krogan.

The Rachni would be harder but the Blood Warriors do use biotics.

The last crazy idea I'd want is a YMIR mech. I'd love to stomp through waves of Husks. Plus we could see an Atlas have its ass handed to it.

Also I'd want something like a Salarian soldier and or sentinel. There are more Volus characters than Salarians.
>> No. 172710
You're thinking of Brood warriors.

Elcor walk as fast as a Juggernaut, and can "gallop" a little faster than a Destroyer with Devastator Mode. Light melee is a swipe, another swipe, followed by a right hook. Heavy melee is it rearing up on its hind legs and slamming its fists down.

Tech armour specs out to either soaking up more damage, or widening and slanting out to cover your flank more.

After reading what I wrote during lunch, I realize I worded it more parallel to a mech from Trenched, which kinda works.

A Salarian soldier with Adrenaline Rush and, I dunno, Energy Drain and a third thing would have been cool.
>> No. 172735
File 136622240752.jpg - (15.73KB , 500x281 , VorchaAviator.jpg )
Ah. Brood Warriors. Of course the Brood, Elcor and YMIR would be immune to instakills.

Overall the Salarians should have gotten more representation. They could even throw in the STG.

I just found out there are Vorcha fighter pilots. Now imagining Top Gun with Vorcha and its glorious.
>> No. 172745
The Salarians we have ARE STG.
While I'm disappointed there aren't a few more, the team at least gave a half decent flavor reason as to why there aren't more of them and, I shit you not, it's because the Salarians are too busy deploying their own STG teams to contribute any more of their forces to the multiplayers operations outfit.

In short, the STG are too busy being the STG, which is preventing them from being the STG.
>> No. 172746
Strange folk, those Salarians.
>> No. 172828
>Marksman should dump your reserve ammunition into your clip, completely negating reloads. Recharge weapons have an infinite clip, then need to reload afterwards.
>> No. 172911
File 13665214471.png - (2.07MB , 1920x1080 , jesus.png )
Jesus, this visual glitch is way too easy to invoke.
>> No. 173167
So any advice on an insanity run? Class, bonus power?

Is there also a way to keep your combat drone from fucking going into cover when you choose rockets?
>> No. 173174

Mac Walters is working on ME4. So yeah, already confirmed shit.
>> No. 173175
>interestingly, Walters revealed that he doesn’t think the majority of Mass Effect fans had an issue with Mass Effect 3′s ending and that it was just a very vocal minority.
>> No. 173176
>> No. 173178
Well its over. They learned nothing.
>> No. 173179
Do they really think that or are they just trying to spin things?
>> No. 173180
Probably a little of column A and a little of column B
>> No. 173351
this is what happens when devs are allowed to run wild without guidance.

And that looks to be going further down the hole bringing in Fantasy Game Lead Designers.


Maybe its miss reported and they'll be working on Dragon Age..sometimes a person likes to lie to themselves.
>> No. 173355
I've actually just now gotten around to really playing it, and I'm amazed at how bad the ME3 itself is. Like I have issues with this game within the first five minutes, let alone the last five. I kind of understand why people just wail at the ending, but I would not have bought this game if I didn't also buy ME2.

I mean I get WHY they did it how they did it but I feel like if it had to stand on its' own it would be critically panned in entirety.
>> No. 173356
Hope is slowly dying...
>> No. 173358
The Developers that could have held them together to the core design had long since left and since they really didn't have a project head they all went in different directions hence why we've got a really strong story in the side missions bookend by some quantic dream styled bullshit of a main with Shepard seeing ghost children and none of it ever being resolved according to the playes. If they ever release a compilation with all the DLC (HA HA Joke) I'd just play till Citadel DLC pack and end it right there. That is what writing looks like when its focused on a single set piece, still needed a better editor from what I've heard but it was a better feel than the crap they handed as a piss of an ending.
>> No. 173440
It won't load on my phone, does it say anything about when it's set?
>> No. 173872
Finally got around to playing ME1 again since my very first run through... and boy does it handle like ass when you stack it up against 2 and 3. Also the vanguard is laughably terrible.
>> No. 173890
If you're not playing Adept or Soldier in ME1, you're doing it wrong.
>> No. 173892
Finished Eden Prime last night. The time bomb thing and sniper/ rocket mini gauntlet kicked my ass what with only having a pistol. Storming is not an acceptable substitute for Biotic Charge I'll tell you what.
Strongly considering starting from scratch again.

Shame I'll have to abandon my last Shep. Spent a good chunk of time designing him.
>> No. 173897
The two biggest reasons people fuck up on Eden Prime:

>ME2/ME3 players picking Vanguard.
>New players picking Infiltrator.
>> No. 173899
I've only ever played the Vanguard in ME3's multiplayer so ya I dun fucked up there I'll admit.
>> No. 173941
cracked the code, enough points to get barrier and adrenaline rush seems to do the trick nicely.
>> No. 173983
Speaking of barrier, how far do I have to go in campaign before kaiden gives me barrier and reave?
>> No. 174004
Became a Spectre after another hour of chore cleanups and started exploring. Found a pirate base stuffed with Krogans and Biotics and I am getting my ass shredded except when I play defensively and then it takes forever and the enemy AI's get stuck in cover.
>> No. 174006
squadmates? Is this a NG+? What's your bonus power?
>> No. 174007
Nah lost my old save when my XBox got stollen last year. Vanilla run. Was using Tali and Garrus at first but that few like a led balloon. Probably going with Wrex and Ashley for the firepower and survivability they bring.

Another side note; I forgot how rushed and flimsy the reasons for some of your squadmates joining were. At least by comparison now.
>> No. 174011
Wrex and Ash give the best up-front bonus once you get their companion achievements, if I remember correctly. ME1 had a good handle on making achievements worthwhile.
>> No. 174091
ME1 guy here again.

Shit I forgot how amazingly fun this series was.
>> No. 174094
Alright, you remember how the achievements for using skills let you use them for other classes?

If you're willing to start over, use an Infiltrator and spam Overload for a couple hours. It'll go by faster than an engineer or Sentinel due to Adrenaline Rush.

So now, if you play a Soldier or Adept, choose Overload as your bonus power to beef the shit out of your shields.

Wrex gives you a one HP per second Regen, and Ashley gives you an extra 10 percent damage reduction bonus.

Indeed. I miss the fact that shields weren't a catch-all forcefield. Melee units can fuck you up quick if you're not careful.

That and cooldown weapons. Those were great.

But seriously, when does Kaiden give me Barrier and Reave?
>> No. 174100
I'm guessing you're talking about ME3 since Reave isn't a ME1 power.
All you need to do is talk to him like everyone else.

Talk to him when he's hospitalized, then after the Citadel Coup mission. When you get the option to recruit him, do so then have a conversation with him in the Starboard Observation area right after.

As for restarting; fuck that. Full Vanguard run trilogy. No prisoners, no exceptions, no regrets. Full on murder crazy.
Also I like the challenge.
>> No. 174397
oh lord the Binezia fight; such bad voice acting and dialog, so many glitches so much bullshit...
>> No. 174424
That terrible fucking scene... I hope you didn't have Liara with you.
>> No. 174427
I didn't have her with me the first time, so I figured I'd bring her along for this run.
My god is it painful. The actors emoting is forced as shit and the crew didn't even bother to try and change their facial expressions to match.
It would be hilarious if I didn't have to rewatch the entire thing every time I get my ass beat down thanks to geting Pushed, then having a cutscene trigger immediately afterwards freezing me into a crumpled heap whenever the game starts back up.
>> No. 174623
I never got the chance to play the first game till now. I picked Vanguard just to mix it up since I did a soldier and sentinel playthrough on 2 and 3.

So... Should I go straight into saving Liara or is there a better path?

Also can I get some Mako tips? I know the enemy AI aims for the nose and I should try and tuck it behind cover, but I feel I should know more than that before tooling around planets in a six wheeled wrecking ball.
>> No. 174624
once you get a feel for the Mako and its cannon range in 1 you can pretty much snipe most geth encounters. You don't have to get Liara first though it does open up Dialog and that ME1 is more Star Trek (talking over action) than the other later ones.
>> No. 174632
I ask that first question primarily because I don't know if this game scales difficulty to level the way the other games did.

Like if there are things in the side missions I've unlocked that I shouldn't attempt till I gain more levels or better equipment.
>> No. 174635
As a consideration, any kills made in the Mako earn one-third experience points. Weakening them with the rover, hopping out, and finishing them off yourself gives normal experience. This includes parking the thing on top of Geth mechs.

I tried doing a full playthrough myself recently, but the Mako really needs forward boosters or something.

If I recall correctly, some enemy types scale but just as many are fixed. Level has a bigger impact on loot, from enemy drops and the shops.
>> No. 178239
Gods damn it.
>> No. 178241
File 13747538562.jpg - (52.91KB , 450x1080 , TaliConcept1.jpg )
Oh that's nice they flat out fucking lied about her design process then.
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