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File 139288763983.jpg - (279.94KB , 1024x1495 , 1392867735189.jpg )
9393 No. 9393
In this thread we discuss one of the newest fan concepts to have turned up on 4chan's /co/ board; Dextra's Laboratory, which started when someone was looking for sauce on what turned out to be a Dexter's Lab based TG bimbofication comic.

Thread turned into a discussion about an expanded Rule 63 Dexter concept which has grown to include the majority of the sexy ladies which appeared in that show, from Dexter's Mom to Agent Honeydew, and so far we've gotten a decent amount of art out of this concept starting with this piece by ICS

Thread 1

Thread 2

Video that inspired this whole thing
Mako's Collection: Dee Dee Tra…youtube thumb

I've brought this over here both to give it a more permanent home & to get away from some douchebags that started showing up towards the end of the second thread, and ruined an attempt at a third one & hopefully this concept will thrive here

this thread is /cod/ compliant due to the presence of Age Progression, two cases of Gender Bending, and very briefly some Bimboism, alongside stuff yet to be determined
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>> No. 9434
File 139296409511.png - (1.15MB , 1083x2688 , 1392504402620.png )
aged up designs for Dee Dee's friends Mee Mee & Lee Lee, and Mandark's sister Lalavava
>> No. 9435
File 139296504325.png - (705.12KB , 900x3128 , ego_trip_tumblr_dump_by_wickfield-d4l4fjn.png )
aged up design for one shot character Soyen Chen, which reminds me to post the current cast of characters planned to be included in this should it get written into an actual story(just need to find an author first);

Dee Dee
Lee Lee
Mee Mee
Susan(Rule 63 Mandark)
Katka(Dexter/Dextra's sexy Slavic chauffeur
Agent Honeydew
Miss Wimple(Dexter's teacher in several episodes)
Soyen Chen(one time scientific rival of Dexter & Mandark)
Becky & Gwen(pair of female bullies who appeared in several early episodes)
>> No. 9437
This thread is amazing. Thank you for resurrecting Dextra from /co/.
>> No. 9439
File 139296791648.jpg - (805.54KB , 1387x1134 , katka_by_14_bis-d5yxtw8.jpg )
no problem
>> No. 9440
File 13929680496.jpg - (46.77KB , 617x401 , FusionFalll-Computress.jpg )
and some Computress(still need someone to do a partial redesign to make this more humanoid, although it is pretty close)
>> No. 9441
File 139296831260.png - (530.11KB , 900x1273 , miss_wimple_by_theedministrator765-d37d6s1.png )
>> No. 9442
File 139296858615.jpg - (74.84KB , 537x918 , Awzw1GwCIAAQt9Y.jpg )
>> No. 9443
File 139296875231.jpg - (125.24KB , 1024x848 , Aw2bv1fCIAATZQ6.jpg )
and yes this is what I'm imagining Dexter's Mom's figure to be for this
>> No. 9449
Wait, so why is he a chick all of the sudden?
I mean, was it on purpose or what?
>> No. 9451
See the aforementioned video in >>9393
>> No. 9456
I like the idea of Dexter changing and it not really altering his/her personality aside from the first few hours while the hormones level out. that and tutoring her old babysitter who now starts crushing on her.
>> No. 9459
File 13930366792.png - (474.00KB , 900x647 , Teen Dee Dee.png )
So what direction are we to take with this concept?
>> No. 9462
File 13930425202.png - (768.10KB , 1024x1489 , summer___dew_by_dltoon-d5bn9y0.png )
we sketched out a basic outline for the story back in the /co/ threads, so I'm going to try and find an author to make this into an actual story(I've got a couple candidates in mind), and once I get some money I plan on commissioning some more art, although we could always use some discussion for more ideas both for the story & for art

pretty much, I mean there're some small differences, but there's an 80-90% similarity between Dexter & Dextra's personalities, with one of the main differences being Dextra's a fair bit nicer than Dexter

beyond what was seen in the video(which the story for this idea will use as part of it's first chapter, with some minor detail & dialogue changes), the reason why Dextra stays a girl is that we decided back in the /co/ threads that the machine only works once on any specific person, and that the gender bending machine he had in the show(which he used in one episode on Dee Dee) uses an opposing form of exotic matter that would cause issues if Dextra used that machine(due to trace elements of the exotic matter from the video's machine remaining in her)
>> No. 9471
Well she is a matured woman so that would be part of it.
>> No. 9474
So should we still make occasionally Dextra threads on /co/? It'd be good for attracting attention to other artists.
>> No. 9475
Don't see why not say weekly or such it should get some content going and some ideas.
>> No. 9478
File 139309591857.jpg - (209.14KB , 420x820 , 90f2977d70ca64fb76481a8bb0ae4d0b7f5d49d1.jpg )
well you can try but the last two threads(including one that's not linked here since no content came out of it) were heavily trolled by some guy calling everyone retard fetishists just because one character briefly goes Bimbo, and then deleted by a janitor/mod even though there wasn't any real porn in the thread(in spite of how porn filled the Gravity Falls & Frozen threads are & they're almost never deleted)
>> No. 9479
just let it simmer for a bit, they'll leave and you can post again.
>> No. 9480
hopefully that'll be the case, someone should try next weekend to make a new thread, and hopefully it doesn't go to crap
>> No. 9482
I was thinking of making a new thread sometime tomorrow actually.
>> No. 9483
well hopefully that douche doesn't ruin things this time
>> No. 9485
should be okay
>> No. 9498
File 139320462449.png - (105.00KB , 473x750 , tumblr_inline_n1fm1yzxsh1r3wwhp.png )
link to current /co/ thread https://boards.4chan.org/co/res/59229861
>> No. 9500
Needs more smut
>> No. 9501
I would actually like a picture of Dextra spanking Dee-Dee
>> No. 9502
I would actually like a picture of Dextra spanking Dee-Dee
>> No. 9503
File 139322022316.png - (113.31KB , 2435x2853 , 1393110198724.png )
here's a pic Da Fuze made in a recent /d/raw thread
>> No. 9514
File 139327807835.png - (621.39KB , 935x518 , 1650678.png )
>> No. 9526
File 139339433971.jpg - (368.51KB , 1545x2000 , monstory.jpg )
After the "Godzilla" trailer I felt like drawing a monster

turned out more /coc/ than /cod/ but w/e
>> No. 9528
File 139344361423.png - (602.08KB , 1050x1829 , 1393431928068.png )
and here's another newly drawn & painted pic for us
>> No. 9540
File 139356332262.jpg - (90.92KB , 1275x1011 , 1393448970022.jpg )
>> No. 9541
File 139356360478.jpg - (140.92KB , 886x1124 , 1393449003543.jpg )
>> No. 9578
how do you view the images on the 4chan /co/ archives?

I keep getting a 4chan image leech warning...
>> No. 9581
Foolz doesn't save the full images, just the thumbs.
>> No. 9584
here's the most recent archived thread; http://archive.foolz.us/co/thread/59229861/
>> No. 9924
So is this still going on or did all the forced flavors of the week put it out of its misery?
>> No. 9925
Some 63'd Johnny Test thread got derailed into discussion on Dextra and the Rule 63 issues of the Samurai Jack comic going on now.
>> No. 9928
File 139600992473.png - (377.43KB , 726x1227 , Dextra.png )
i also painted this one
>> No. 10191
We still doing this or not?
>> No. 10194
I think so, wasn't too long ago that it was on on /co/ again
>> No. 10195
What would 63'd Mandark look like?
>> No. 10200
Would he get Bimboifed as well to start?
>> No. 10202
63 Mandark takes after her hippie mom, starts going by Susan again
>> No. 10842
File 140113324858.png - (255.10KB , 686x1366 , 1374071.png )
>> No. 10846
Hooray! New content for Dextra!
>> No. 10879
File 140159882465.png - (109.81KB , 536x997 , dextra_by_infamouscomm-d783qqf.png )
ooh nice, here's another recent Dextra pic
>> No. 11110
File 14042833445.png - (489.77KB , 851x1227 , dextra & mom.png )
new piece fresh from a /co/ MILF thread
>> No. 11186
File 140652310520.png - (131.65KB , 467x700 , 0197.png )
>> No. 11187
File 140661433725.jpg - (696.53KB , 2338x1700 , Dextra doodles.jpg )
>> No. 11188
File 140664436586.jpg - (326.75KB , 1130x1700 , DeeDee doodles.jpg )
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