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File 138204756390.png - (440.54KB , 963x716 , fattest cyrstal gem.png )
7701 No. 7701
kids are asleep, post fatties
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>> No. 8389

Oh man, that is unbelievably legit!
>> No. 8390

That is incredibly awesome.
>> No. 8393
>> No. 8396
OP here, considering doing a Meg (family guy) pic for the next thread. Only because I like frumpy chunky chicks (textbook nerd/dork especially) though. If you've got any other characters you wanna see toss a suggestion this way. I also like shortstacks to an extent (see: Amethyst). I'm NOT gonna draw Velma though, that shits been done to fucking death.
>> No. 8397
File 138622346073.png - (163.30KB , 256x400 , Hortense2 - Copy.png )
How about some more drunken, beer-bellied ladies? Hortense from Dan Vs or Wendy from Gravity Falls could fit the bill (only if you're into them though).

Also wouldn't mind seeing some more slob/drunk stuff with your sheep girl character.
>> No. 8398
Seconding Hortense because she's the best.

I'll try to think of some other chubby nerd girl characters, there's gotta be SOME.
>> No. 8399
I honestly think Wendy is overrated as shit, she's a cute character but she's just really "eh" I think. Hortense however is really fucking cute and I'll definitely try her at some point.

coincidentally, I drew some slob stuff of my sheep girl. It's on my FA page furaffinity.net/user/shitdicks.
>> No. 8400
Definitely watched, thanks for the link!

Hell yeah on Hortense, I wanna draw her more myself.

Also I am SUPER jealous of your outlines on your pictures. Well, I'm jealous of them as a whole, but damn.
>> No. 8401
Oh geez I'm flattered man! There's loads of room for improvement for my coloring and inking, and I work pretty slowly too; but I'm glad you like it!
>> No. 8402
File 138623247614.jpg - (125.84KB , 1280x720 , image-66DF_50CAB665[1].jpg )
Aw, I like Wendy. But I know what you mean, as she doesn't really have a character yet. Tambry certainly doesn't have one, but that doesn't stop me from liking her in all kinds of weird situations either.

Anyway, nerdy types ..... guess I could suggest more of an obscure character, Megan from the short-lived FX show Unsupervised. She's the kind of girl who claims her mom is her best friend and how important it is to get into a good school, but ends up stuffing chicken breasts in her shirt and getting way too drunk/high in an effort to fit in. Even once pretending to be in a relationship with a lesbian who liked her because it got her attention.
>> No. 8404
File 13862417049.jpg - (113.17KB , 570x729 , amethystfatter.jpg )
I really gotta learn how to color properly.
>> No. 8405
If you're still taking suggestions for this, Connie from King of the Hill seems like she'd be a pretty good candidate. I guess she's not the standard glasses-and-frump but she's dorkily cute nonetheless. Plus, I don't think I've ever seen any fat art of the show that wasn't eye-gougingly awful.
>> No. 8406
How about Princess Peach?
>> No. 8407
Twilight Sparkle
>> No. 8408
File 138627825558.jpg - (110.66KB , 432x556 , triana scan.jpg )
I think OP would want to AVOID shit that's been done to death.
I'm getting back into my Venture Brothers kick, so I'd like to throw my hat in the ring for Molotov Cocktease or Triana Orpheus, because they're characters who haven't really been done before in our neck of the woods.
>> No. 8409
Hot Dog Water.
>> No. 8410
File 138630509279.jpg - (100.62KB , 785x731 , Triana dean_chair.jpg )
Not that I want to discourage any additional fat Triana pics, but there actually are a couple of them.
>> No. 8411
Who is literally just a poor man's Velma.
>> No. 8412
File 138631180673.jpg - (121.93KB , 500x731 , tumblr noodle arms.jpg )
oo, neat. I gave the website that was watermarked, I didn't really find much else. I'll give another search around the net to see if there's anything else I can find.
Her ass is amazing, but her arms are way too flimsy. She needs elbows and joints, they bend like noodles.
>> No. 8413
The thing is, when I said "a couple," I actually meant that literally. The one I just posted and >>4442 are the only two I know of.
>> No. 8414
File 138631560086.jpg - (49.94KB , 400x771 , Triana_Orpheus_WG_by_DaBSDK.jpg )
Yeah, I gave it another search and remembered the grand total of 3 images I found of fat Triana.
>> No. 8415
Steven Universe now also has a dorky girl named Connie, if anyone's be willing to keep up the Steven Universe kick we've been on
>> No. 8416
File 138632658826.jpg - (181.99KB , 739x773 , amethystfatter.jpg )
Tried defining her arm a bit more, but tbh Amethyst probably isn't the best character to get that sort of arm definition going on. Guess while I'm on this art kick, anybody have any requests?
>> No. 8417
File 138633186090.png - (391.54KB , 620x558 , tumblr_mw4vie1kyy1soehplo1_1280.png )
I like it a lot more, thanks. I appreciate you taking the time to tweak it.
Also on another note, what's Cube been up to? I miss him, he's one of my favorite artists around here.
>> No. 8418
Pretty much any of the nerdy girls discussed above would be super cool to see drawn
>> No. 8419
File 138634373573.png - (632.70KB , 2000x2000 , fat_yoko_littner_by_ray_norr-d6wvw0h.png )
>> No. 8422
Seconding this
>> No. 8423
File 138637714849.jpg - (209.74KB , 800x800 , 1386296042342.jpg )
found this on /co/ in one of the fusion threads.
>> No. 8427
That's a shortstack Wendy that Dustin did. Not really chub.

Although the prospect of a chubby/weighty shortstack is intriguing.
>> No. 8429
Fat shortstacks are like my #1 kink.

Too bad it's been completely unfulfilled outside of 1 or 2 WoW Goblins and now some recent Amethyst stuff.
>> No. 8431
File 138640136480.png - (263.07KB , 1000x1000 , gunslinger_by_idle_minded-d6wz59k.png )
>> No. 8432
File 138640139865.png - (160.02KB , 1000x619 , tumblr_mxes4wAGBm1sil0b3o2_1280.png )
>> No. 8433
File 138640144240.png - (270.54KB , 1000x900 , tumblr_mxes4wAGBm1sil0b3o1_1280.png )
>> No. 8434
File 138640148545.png - (199.17KB , 1000x1000 , tumblr_mxes4wAGBm1sil0b3o3_1280.png )
>> No. 8435
File 138640711828.png - (507.52KB , 1280x890 , tumblr_mxd8n2yBjl1rqnr6co2_1280.png )
>> No. 8436
File 138640749021.jpg - (475.58KB , 800x1500 , SummerWGPreview.jpg )
Preview of what I'm working on!
>> No. 8444

you never cease to amaze me dustin
>> No. 8446
File 13864205963.jpg - (154.42KB , 673x947 , connieIhaventactuallywatchedthisepisodeyet.jpg )
Did a quickie sketch of a fat Connie (Steven Universe's), though admittedly probably shoulda gone with a simpler style. Like the last pic people rip this if they want me to improve it.

He's doing fine, I think he just doesn't post here since onetime a mod went and deleted all his pics he was posting on /cod/ since they were 'off-topic' or something. Think he may have posted them on bbw-chan or something at some point though, maybe that thread's still there?
>> No. 8474
The way you manage to adapt your style to fit different shows never stops being impressive

This is really nice too, I'd love to see it cleaned up and colored
>> No. 8481
OP here, sketching requests for the next thread! look forward to that in a bit!
>> No. 8482
File 138654483915.jpg - (131.00KB , 681x1280 , image.jpg )
>> No. 8484
And now time for that fun waiting game
>> No. 8485
Tier Harribel, pear-shaped yet busty and wearing a bikini please
>> No. 8486
File 138655448639.jpg - (43.83KB , 400x601 , s_46721kari_w_052.jpg )

hmm would you be willing to do a pic of Kari Whelgren...a friend of mine has stated wanting to see her in this kind of stuff.
>> No. 8488
you guys do remember that we're a board for porn from western cartoons and comics right
>> No. 8489
oh wow I was about to make a new one

umm...fat girl eating a ton of christmas cookies? I dunno
>> No. 8491
Dexter's Mom in a bikini trying to fit her huge ass through a door?
>> No. 8492
And video games. But only western ones. Except for Mario characters, for some reason.
>> No. 8493
oh god I meant I started working on the ones I already got

I'll just start the next thread with the hortense I did and will post others whenever those get finished. There was a Totally Spies thread on /co/ earlier and I started a strongfat clover (beefy arms, fat everything else). She looks more round than anything though.
>> No. 8495
oh god I meant I started working on the ones I already got

I'll just start the next thread with the hortense I did and will post others whenever those get finished. There was a Totally Spies thread on /co/ earlier and I started a strongfat clover (beefy arms, fat everything else). She looks more round than anything though.


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