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File 137678748276.jpg - (218.49KB , 844x800 , 1375601084454.jpg )
6853 No. 6853
Business as usual.
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>> No. 7596
I haven't seen a lot of fat art of Zelda characters. Would be nice to see some more here.
>> No. 7597
File 138146303389.jpg - (313.29KB , 1280x1644 , tumblr_muhfgynrap1rvyvwto1_1280_png.jpg )
>> No. 7604
File 138153618866.jpg - (320.48KB , 3300x2550 , Daphne.jpg )
You don't see a lot of fat art of Daphne.
>> No. 7605
File 138153642342.jpg - (423.78KB , 3300x2700 , trixie.jpg )
>> No. 7606
So since the art has slowed to a trickle lately, I figure I might as well ask.

Anyone into RP around these parts? It's close to impossible to find people who have /co/ related interests and also love the fatties.
>> No. 7608
File 138155215941.jpg - (248.99KB , 1280x1057 , 1074189 - Applejack Fluttershy Friendship_is_Magic.jpg )

Do you people live under a rock? Seriously?


>> No. 7609
File 138155384554.png - (260.99KB , 823x697 , nothing I could add would make this more relevant .png )
I did this
>> No. 7610
File 138155398588.png - (476.95KB , 1106x1004 , more stupid sheep waifu.png )
I did this too. . . .
>> No. 7611
Pretty nice, dude. Love the one with belly freckles.
You have a place where you upload your stuff?
>> No. 7614

What's the best way to get a hold of you?
>> No. 7615
ive been looking for art/stories where there is fat couples (big guy and big girl) gaining together and haven't found much. any b-b-dubya art of this genre would be highly appreciated. thnx
>> No. 7616
I've been at a loss for finding much mutual gaining of any notable quality myself. It's pretty much a niche within a niche within a niche so I don't know how much there is at all.
>> No. 7617
The only mutual-gaining stories I'm aware of have been by Wilson Barbers, like "Dee's Husband" and "Ceres' Chosen."

Unless you're talking /co/-related mutual gaining, in which I got nothing.
>> No. 7620
File 138163549918.png - (253.53KB , 1627x716 , SIDEVIEW WHAT'S THAT.png )
Nope. If I draw anything I'll post it up here I guess.
>> No. 7621
File 138164072438.png - (84.54KB , 720x460 , Merida_freckled_gut.png )
No big deal, I'm just glad to see another new artist around here (especially one that draws freckled girls as well).
>> No. 7622
She's got freckles because freckles are cute. I gave her everything thing I think is cute because why the fuck not. Hair over eyes, that belly, piercings, freckles, that big nose (I think it's cute shut up), and those chubby fucking cheeks. Not seen are her braces, fluffy armpit hair, or fluffy crotch.

I think a lot of weird things are cute. There are probably some things I'm missing that I can give her later but that's about everything I think. Not portrayed in the picture because I can't draw: really soft voice. Think Bonnie from Family/Mikes girlfriend from Monsters Inc.

Expect more of her eventually, if anybody has any suggestions for what she should be doing feel free to toss them out. Nothing 2lewd though.
>> No. 7624
File 138164701345.png - (177.85KB , 684x588 , 1356850890_samael_salvakniar_christmas_01.png )
>braces, fluffy armpit hair, dat belly, freckles

Now you're making me wanna see more. She's a cute character, although I think I've seen her before. You wouldn't happen to be Salvakniar, would you?
>> No. 7625
File 13816488548.png?spoiler - (647.48KB , 1106x1004 , more stupid sheep waifu 5.png?spoiler )
Yeah I am/was. I just kinda wanna be anonymous now though. I have plenty of aliases. Have an edit to that other pic I posted. There will probably be more of her tomorrow if I can be assed to draw her again. Spoilered for kinda slob I guess. She's not a slob herself, I just like smells.
>> No. 7628
I thought she looked familiar. Don't worry about the whole anonymity thing; it's just good to know that we have another good artist here. And as a mild slob fan myself, I love this new one! Awesome work!

Also, if you're still thinking about suggestions, how about drawing her in a drunken, beer binge situation? Only if you're into that though
>> No. 7630
I can't draw, but I can write. Any particular couple you wanna see it on?
>> No. 7631
File 13816892902.png - (648.86KB , 1280x1280 , rs_larger_margaret.png )
juar tried to do a fat of she of margaret off regular show, and i don't think it went very well
>> No. 7632
>> No. 7633
File 138169736427.jpg - (2.05KB , 125x97 , DARK SOULS SNES EDITION.jpg )
Anyone got the full sized version of this?
>> No. 7634
Maybe Beastboy and Raven or Starfire and Robin? Not the same guy btw
>> No. 7635
File 138169888841.png - (127.46KB , 745x583 , 1381640435532.png )
>> No. 7636

I'd guess Shaggy and Velma would be difficult since Shaggy is virtually incapable of gaining weight. It would be interesting to see someone work around his metabolism though.

Fred and Daphne might be easier to work with.
>> No. 7637
The important thing is you tried.
>> No. 7638
Not the guy either, but as I mentioned some time ago, /ss/ and feederism/WG are a lovely combination that needs to happen more. So maybe one of those pairings, like Mac/Frankie or Dipper/Wendy.
>> No. 7639
File 138172837783.gif - (48.94KB , 1033x505 , wip.gif )
>> No. 7641
File 138173731574.png - (334.84KB , 852x762 , sippin' on some sizzurp.png )
Drunk sheep, dirndl edition. Drunk chicks are my fetish too. And belching, most definitely.

oh hey I drew that
>> No. 7642
File 13817462389.png - (1.20MB , 1498x823 , cc_super_stuffed - Copy.png )
>drunk, belching, hiccuping, slob, etc.

Dude, you rock!
Great work, and thanks for using the suggestion! You've pretty much hit every one of my kinks in the last few pictures you've done. I pretty much draw the same stuff from time to time as well (pic related). Hope to see more from you whenever you get the chance.
>> No. 7643
is this thing even human

what does it even have to do with comics or cartoons?
>> No. 7644
Calm down

It's new content and the thread is past the bumping limit
>> No. 7647
>2) Content shall be of western properties (inc. Avatar, Wakfu), western origin/"style"
>1a) Because of the nature of western promotions, furry is allowed on any of the promotion boards
>> No. 7648
nice art
do you have a deviantart or blog I could follow?
>> No. 7649
I pretty much just post anything I draw here. No real desire to create a dA or tumblr
>> No. 7671
File 138190307473.png - (582.55KB , 800x450 , THE COUNTER CAN'T TAKE MUCH MORE.png )
I'm waiting for this thread to get off the first page before I make the new one. Gonna start it with a big bellied amethyst. Have an edit I made a few weeks back.
>> No. 7672
Nice work

Also, who's willing to bet that we'll see some nice WG scenes in this series?
>> No. 7676
I'd bet that it'd only be for that kid Steven.
>> No. 7677
But Steven's already fat.
>> No. 7679
the lips on amethyst and garnet still weird me out, i think i'd accept them better if they were like different colored/shaded

i like pearl's pointy nose now tho
>> No. 7685
File 138197190468.jpg - (311.32KB , 915x432 , download_pack__spooky_stories___by_axel_rosered-d6.jpg )
you know the drill kidz
>> No. 7686
So how long until someone leaks it?
>> No. 7687
leaks are not cool man, he's just trying to make some money. Just wait for more of his regular art or throw a little money his way.
>> No. 7688
How long until someone with taste cares?
>> No. 7690
Sorry, didn't mean to make it sound like I was advocating it. I'm just pointing out that it already happened to his last two picture packs, so it'll more than likely happen to this one as well.

If you're gonna be sore about his stuff, go post about it on inflatechan. Or be mature about it and get over yourself.
>> No. 7692

Love the Amethyst ones you did on /co/, too, great stuff.

Can't wait to start drawing them myself. Honestly prefer the new designs, but that's neither here nor there!
>> No. 7693
Wait, there's more?

I hope they'll be posted in the new thread.
>> No. 7694
Thanks man, I really like your shit and I can't wait to see your drawings of the crystal gems! Especially Amethyst because she's the fucking cutest thing asffdsasdfssa

I'll post the last edit did on /co/ in the next thread, which I should be making tommorrow provided I'm able to bump this one off the first page with it.
>> No. 7697
to be honest I liked Garnet's previous design more, but I love Pearl's pointer nose...reminds me of Snowboard Kids
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