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File 134608638235.png - (1.30MB , 1280x1285 , ss2o1_1280.png )
446 No. 446
Since the /d/ stuff isn't allowed on /pco/ anymore, I figure I start one here with a pic that just got deleted.
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>> No. 524
put it in the pegging thread
>> No. 525
Why? Ackanime does enough D stuff to warrant it's own thread.
>> No. 532
File 134649453533.jpg - (575.88KB , 1500x979 , 134616947789.jpg )
>> No. 596
File 134679672548.jpg - (515.22KB , 1000x1000 , pinup129.jpg )
>> No. 597
Thank you
>> No. 1299
A new tentacled picture is out!
>> No. 4041
File 136338912273.jpg - (513.54KB , 1000x1015 , 102.jpg )
>> No. 4164
File 136402968871.jpg - (610.71KB , 1000x1500 , 136337159911.jpg )
>> No. 4165
File 136402971592.jpg - (538.83KB , 1000x1061 , 136398126413.jpg )
>> No. 4313
File 136510895577.jpg - (681.99KB , 1500x1125 , 136507273085.jpg )
>> No. 4328
File 136516819068.jpg - (614.77KB , 1000x1228 , pinup055.jpg )
new Sienna pinup
>> No. 4330
Thank you bleeb:)
Looks like, we moved here :D
>> No. 4415
she posted a new pinup, but my sub on her site ran out, so looks like we'll be waiting on the anons then. last I saw she was "fixing" the Tantric 2 pages anyhow, might be a while before she gets back to that.. shame since I really want to see that continued
>> No. 4427
Oh mighty porn gods gods, grant me an update!
The Worgen(?) + Elf (NElf?) girl looks hot!
>> No. 4428
from what I saw it looked like Tyrande, though I'm largely basing that on the color scheme after seeing the uncolored line art.
>> No. 4432
new Dr. G pinup went up tonight too
>> No. 4433
File 13657423943.jpg - (432.58KB , 1000x800 , pinup053.jpg )
Sorry fellas, didn't realize the thread moved to /cod/
Here's the newest pinup by Robyn
>> No. 4434
File 13657424807.jpg - (821.63KB , 1000x1500 , pinup068.jpg )
New DrG pinup
>> No. 4438
Thank you Anon!
>> No. 4440
ty anon
>> No. 4548
More more more!!!
>> No. 4561
that would require Ack to get off her lazy ass.
>> No. 4567
But guys! She's not lazy! She just has an anxiety disorder! People should still pay subscriptions to her while she deals with her problems!
>> No. 4568
today marks a full week without any kind of update on her tumblr or her website, she usually at least says she's having trouble or something, wonder what's going on now
>> No. 4585
Give her a break. She's allowed to have a life and to deal with her personal problems. We all have them.
>> No. 4590
The only people who have a right to complain about her scheduling are the ones who are actually shelling out money for subscriptions. The rest of us freeloaders should be greatful that some kind anons are nice enough to share this work and leave the complaining to them.
>> No. 4593
As a former subscriber, we have all the right in the world to complain.
We pay her to provide the material she draws for her website. If she did it for free, we would be total assholes. But we PAY her, and she does NOT deliver. If you pay the guy who delivers your newspaper, for a newspaper every day of the week and you only get it twice a week at best, you either which delivery guy/company or file a complaint. And you would definetly bitch to your friends (and/or on a forum) about it. "Give her a break" ?? If she would give me a refund for the months that I kept paying her and got almost nothing in return, I'll stick up for her. Until then I am gonna bitch about my situation. It's my right as a consumer, in a capitalistic free market world where speech is still free
>> No. 4594
As a former subscriber, we have all the right in the world to complain.
We pay her to provide the material she draws for her website. If she did it for free, we would be total assholes. But we PAY her, and she does NOT deliver. If you pay the guy who delivers your newspaper, for a newspaper every day of the week and you only get it twice a week at best, you either which delivery guy/company or file a complaint. And you would definetly bitch to your friends (and/or on a forum) about it. "Give her a break" ?? If she would give me a refund for the months that I kept paying her and got almost nothing in return, I'll stick up for her. Until then I am gonna bitch about my situation. It's my right as a consumer, in a capitalistic free market world where speech is still free
>> No. 4595

No where is there a guarantee that you'll get a certain amount of content per month, though, unlike a newspaper.

Getting screwed is kinda what you get when you pay for porn...the rest of us just have to wait, but our wallets remain unaffected.

The best thing to do if you do want to pay is subscribe for one month a year and get all of the years content.
>> No. 4597
technically you pay to access the member site, not her to make art
>> No. 4598
we're starting the second week with not even a word or a single update in any form on any of her sites, she usually at least says something about what's going on, wonder what she's up to now, and I wonder if she'll ever get back to Tantric 2. and yes, I was obviously a former subscriber to her site as well, several times, even then I subbed and de-subbed in and out based on how she was updating, seems like she's been doing less and less for a while now, I'd at least like to hear what's going on, even a "something came up" instead of a sudden week-long (going into the second week now) silence
>> No. 4599
Its getting a bit silly right now
normally she is not this bad
>> No. 4601
wow no sienna or Dr.g posting to make up for her not posting. This is why I couldn't sub to her , instead I would sub one month then wait 3-4 months before subbing again at least then i would have more updates to look at when I resubbed. Also if she couldnt post any update on why she hasnt posted. You would think at least her husband could get on her site to let the members know whats going on.
>> No. 4604
That would involve her caring about her Subscribers...
>> No. 4607
Not updating doesn't mean she doesn't care. She could be up to her neck in personal shit, dealing with taxes, dealing with her day job, having issues with her anxiety...there are people I know well with anxiety and depression, and it takes a lot for them to be able to get up in the morning. Besides, it's JUST porn. You don't need it like you need the mail and the news every day.
>> No. 4609
I think drawing porn is her only job .
>> No. 4610
I have bi-polar disorder and I know full well what anxiety and depression can do to a person. Having those problems does not mean that I am able to say "fuck all" to professionalism and business. The simple fact is that she is running a business, and we can complain all we want about how she runs that business. If the anxiety and depression are too much for her and handling a business, she needs to either adapt how she handles things or adapt her workload. I will never tolerate people using that as an excuse.

I have very little sympathy for other people who have these issues. There are ways to manage. I'd understand if she said she needed time and then refunded the current subscriptions and said she'd open subscriptions back up on a later date when she can actually run her business. She's not doing that. She's milking extra money from people who subscribed to her website while providing no service.
>> No. 4611
I agree but honestly I'm more confused what the other 2 Artists are doing
>> No. 4612
Well Sienna and Dr. G are professionals, like she used to be
It's understandable, they don't want to be assocviated with her anymore... they provide services. She don't. Why give free art to her?
>> No. 4616
back before the membership cost she took donations per page. That seemed to keep her updating pretty good at the time. The whole depression thing seemed to have developed long after membership fees were added. Hard to say if she is faking it or not on that part. But I've followed her since she was doing SA1 .
>> No. 4619
New pinup from Sienna
>> No. 4624
finally she updates with a Sienna pic, she says she'll post 3 pics this week because of her absence, but she hasn't said anything about why she was gone, I wonder what's going on with her
>> No. 4625
File 136686735838.jpg - (159.32KB , 1000x1356 , pinup056.jpg )
New Sienna pinup
>> No. 4626
3 pics from her, or 1 Sienna, 1 Dr. G, 1 ack? Or 3-2 Dr G and Sienna?
Don't want to be greedy, but if we want the doc or Sienna's art, we would go to their site....
Anyway, thank you for the pic!
>> No. 4627
1-1-1, last is her
Sooooo she compensate her abscence with... well... with doing her job (and yes IT Is her job, nothing else, she draw porn for life)???
How.... nice of her
>> No. 4630
thanks for the post anon
>> No. 4631
new Dr. G pinup up now
>> No. 4649
File 136694797354.jpg - (518.87KB , 1000x1000 , pinup069.jpg )
New Dr.G pinup
>> No. 4651
Anon, you're a life saver (and thread saver)!
Thank you!
>> No. 4652
Thanks Anon!
A can't wait her pinup!
>> No. 4655
thanks for the post Anon, hoping she posts her own pinup tonight
>> No. 4656
File 136699746933.png - (169.44KB , 600x600 , tumblr.png )
This looks like promising!
>> No. 4698
not really interested in that pinup sadly, though it looks like she missed her promise of "3 pinups this week" I hope she's not going on another week long absence with no explanation
>> No. 4714
Her pinup is up!
>> No. 4722
File 136738729283.jpg - (550.66KB , 1000x884 , pinup142.jpg )
New pinup
>> No. 4723
Thank you anon!
>> No. 4781
thanks anon. but we're fast approaching another submission-less week, and all she's said about it on her blog is "now that I've decided to stop being a recluse (again)".. it's a wonder her site is still going
>> No. 4861
what's her blog's url?
the one i found hasn't been updated in years.
>> No. 4882
>> No. 4897
new member pinup finally todays
>> No. 4909
File 136798647777.jpg - (523.42KB , 1000x862 , pinup143.jpg )
New pinup
>> No. 4910
thanks for posting anon, especially so quick. kudos. too bad this site doesn't have a rate up system, cause I'd definitely rate up dat account.
>> No. 4912
Me 2!

Thank you anon! :)
>> No. 4946
new Sienna pinup
>> No. 4947
File 136808844812.jpg - (732.08KB , 1000x1614 , pinup057.jpg )
New Sienna pinup
>> No. 4949
thanks for the pinup anon
>> No. 4979
new PinupS from Dr. G says there are multiple
>> No. 5052
File 136841592654.jpg - (614.73KB , 1000x1500 , pinup070.jpg )
I know it says plural.... but there is only the one.

DrG pinup
>> No. 5059
ah, maybe she just typo'd on it then. thanks for the pinup anon!
>> No. 5163
Ok, some of you follow my tumblr but some of you don’t (you should though! I post previews and shit), and I posted up a little musing about what direction I’d like to take DtB.ca. Don’t worry it’s nothing huge just a slight change/refocusing of content.

For those of you looking for the short story this is it: I’m thinking about focusing more on femdom, not completely, but in order to keep drawing smut I need to start doing more of what I enjoy and femdom, more males as leads in pinups and comics, are a couple of those things.

As for Zaela? DON’T WORRY. She’s not going anywhere. She’s a strong personality female character (with optional dong!) that works well into my ideas, and one of the very very few futa characters I enjoy. We’ll definitely will be seeing more of her c:

But with that my week is going to be me sitting down and doing up character sketches (which I’ll post to my tumblr), and thumbnailing some ideas for pinups and comics, so that I have stuff I can start drawing from next week. I want some consistent OCs to pull from and develop there, and yes this means I’ll be slapping in my OC twins - love them or hate them - but there will be others as well (Yes females too! It’s not going to be a sausagefest. Don’t hyperventilate.)

I believe, and hope, that this will help me produce more content. This is good. I need to be drawing stuff I want to draw, that I look forward to drawing, and this benefits all of us. This may alienate fans but will also bring in others.
>> No. 5169

Hey fellas, I'm one of the anons that has been supplying the last few Ackanime threads.

But after reading that last update it sounds like it may be the end of my sub to her site. I will give it a chance, but really not my cup of tea.

I will continue to provide the updates until such a time as I do cancel my sub.
>> No. 5170
File 136876992085.jpg - (599.24KB , 1000x962 , pinup058.jpg )
New Sienna pinup
>> No. 5172
thanks for the new pinup anon, and yeah it looks like she's gonna turn it into a site more about futa on male and gay pics, I think that might be the end of her site unless she has a bigger female/gay following than I thought
>> No. 5173
also, I can't help but wonder if this means she's dropping Tantric 2 that she hasn't gotten back to or mentioned since she said she was going back and fixing colors or something. would suck if she was dropping it, as it was just turning into my favorite comic she'd done so far
>> No. 5176
Actually, just by the numbers, Bi and gay fans are more numerous... two group of people, with some owerlaps, instead of just one, hetero
Or of curse, hetero & bi fans...
you can't please everyone :)
Some statictics show that, the 80% of the heteros go to sites, watch sometimes gay (lesbian for the guys, two guys for the gals, heck even furies just out couriosity
So i think her future not so dark.... and still, it is Ack art, and no mater what she draw... it's an acanime art :)
On her art, there are asses, pussies, boobs and penises... in the future? There gonna be these... so...
And come on... at least she gonna be working! And if an artist actually loves what she is doing that art gonna be awesme!
(sorry my english, not my native, and i'm a little drunk)
>> No. 5179
Whatever floats her boat.. though it may be a personal thing, the way she draws the girl in Tantric 2, as well as the Bound Fun 2 comic, has much for sex appeal than pretty much anything else she ever drew.

If she's reading this, then please for the sake of anyone who agrees with this statement, please finish the Tantric 2 comic, then we can have some closure with it, then go away, and hopefully you'll find fans of the stuff you like to draw, so everyone will be happy. :)
>> No. 5253
I agree with the last anon, would be good to see Tantric 2 finished, but it doesn't look like she's even thinking about that now, sounds like Tantric 2 has been abandoned sadly. a major shame. and I seriously doubt she reads this page anon, if she did, I don't think she'd keep quiet about her art leaking
>> No. 5277
new Dr. G pinup went up yesterday
>> No. 5297
File 136936652422.jpg - (681.85KB , 1000x1750 , pinup071.jpg )
Sorry, I thought I already posted it....

New DrG pinup
>> No. 5304
Thank you!
>> No. 5305
thanks for the new pinup. did it have an error posting it the first time or something?
>> No. 5330
New Ack pinup!
And sadly, it's confimred: Tantric is on haitus
>> No. 5340
yep, new Ackanime pinup. and yeah... sucks Tantric is knocked aside now, was looking forward to that, but at least we finally got an answer to what was going on there, so there's some closure in knowing what's going on at least
>> No. 5347
That pinup was pretty boring actually, and the tattoos n fangs aren't that attractive to me at least, though I may be in the minority. Sucks when what you draw best is something you don't feel passionate about drawing, though.
>> No. 5349
Can we see it? ^^
>> No. 5355
yeah, would be nice to see it if you can post it please
>> No. 5386
File 136962202514.jpg - (936.48KB , 1000x1500 , pinup144.jpg )
Seeing as (other) anon hasn't posted the pic yet, here it is...

New member pinup
>> No. 5388
oh, so she does like drawing lesbian?

i kinda figured we'd only see gay and futa on male pics from now on.

thanks, anon!
>> No. 5389
Hot tatooed lesbians
no problem with that ^^
>> No. 5393
thanks for posting anon. not sure how that counts as boring like the first anon said.. looks nice though, different that one has fangs. also she did say it was also a character bio too, and seeing as her new comic is a sex setting she'd have to have at least one lesbo character. I wonder though if she did this pic as a tactic to quell some of the worries she caused with her post a while back
>> No. 5398
I am starting to doubt ack. The new pic seems cool but she sat Tantric 2 aside and others. I think the only way she'll ever learn to get her old self back is to loose sub numbers . She needs something to motivate her to work for her money instead of looking like shes just plain lazy. Imo shes starting to look like a bum. Hardly updating etc. Hopefully her numbers will go down far enough to lite a fire under her ass and get her moving again. If I wanted to give my money to a charity case . There's so many more deserving out there then just feeding her problems that she needs to come to terms and deal with without sucking others into her own hole. Just saying cause you don't want other artists to become this way . It's bad business and just imagine if artists decided to copy her way in order to get funds. We would hardly see anything new.
>> No. 5459
"New pinup from Sienna. Also fixed a mistake in the last pinup I did AND pages 5 and 8 of Wayward Travels has been fixed. "

Can we see these?^^
>> No. 5461
yeah new pinup from sienna. but yeah anon, I understand why you say and think that, though I think she has been losing subscribers a bit since she started to become erratic with her posts, not sure exactly how many though, as I don't have a chart or something with membership stats. but if she keeps submitting less and less, as well as things her subscribers don't like, she'll definitely lose more members over time
>> No. 5471
File 13699735745.jpg - (1.16MB , 1000x1550 , wt5 - fixed.jpg )
Wayward Travels Pg5 (fixed)
>> No. 5472
File 136997361243.jpg - (768.36KB , 1000x1550 , wt8 - fixed.jpg )
Wayward Travels Pg 8 (Fixed)
>> No. 5473
File 136997364159.jpg - (931.72KB , 1000x1500 , pinup144 - fixed.jpg )
Last pinup (fixed)
>> No. 5474
File 136997366697.jpg - (580.03KB , 1000x1347 , pinup059.jpg )
New Sienna pinup
>> No. 5478
Sir, you are GOD!!!
Thank you
>> No. 5500
thanks for the pinups and pics, but what was fixed on them? also ack posted this:
With Tantric 2 going on hiatus until I fix some pages, thumbnail the rest of the storyboard, and get my husband to finish up the script I'll be working on a different comic. So today I give you the cover of Trials of Temptation: Issue 1 a femdom comic set in Modern-Fantasy and one that will have a colored cover and first page, but will primarily be in greyscale. This is to speed up production so I'm not updating once a week (or give me time to work on some personal stuff and hopefully open up for commissions since so many of you have been asking about that).
>> No. 5501
Wt 5 - on the righ, Luran is the other side
wt 8 - Morana"s head, the angle
Tatooed bitches - the legs were longer, now more realistic
>> No. 5516
>> No. 5547
>As you can see fromm the little preview there I’m keeping the same color scheme and all, but I’m taking all my free stuff off the site (I’ll link to my HF and DA when I do update), going to be adding in a store for those that don’t want a membership and want to buy things in bundles based on their prefs, and I’ll even be listing my commission prices again :D

To be clear, i don't mind if she does a femdom comic but after barely starting SA2 and scrapping it, then not finishing Tantric 2 and now this shit. I really regret ever supporting her as an artist; she constantly lets down the expectations of those paying for her services, she brought in one and then two artists so she only has to do one picture a week. She took 2 or so weeks off and then failed to refund people or provide any sort of recompense. She treats her fans like shit all while doing minimum work, for fucks sakes i regret ever subscribing to her.
>> No. 5557
File 137030995934.png - (1.38MB , 1000x1322 , 209233.png )
>> No. 5562
>> No. 5564
ah about the fixes. and I like the new redesigned draenei character but meh. then there's this: Again a reminder that Tantric 2 is going on hiatus for now (not completely gone!) while I focus on Trials of Temptation: Issue 1 which now has page 1 officially up! - she reminds us again that Tantric 2 is shut down for now, almost seems like she's glad it is... and wow on her taking down her free stuff, that's really weird.. why would she do that?
>> No. 5579
I think she is now posting free stuff to Hentai Foundry.
>> No. 5586
she is yeah, turning her page into a pure paysite I guess
>> No. 5623
new Dr. G pinup, another Nun one
>> No. 5630
File 137060085167.jpg - (757.28KB , 1000x1500 , pinup072.jpg )
Newest DrG
>> No. 5632
thanks anon
>> No. 5638
Thank you anon!
Could you give us, this Trials of Temptation thingie?:)
>> No. 5723
File 137109380022.jpg - (805.40KB , 1000x1500 , tt0.jpg )
Trials of Temptation Cover
>> No. 5725
File 137109382984.jpg - (813.23KB , 1000x1500 , tt1.jpg )
Trials... Pg1
>> No. 5726
File 137109385443.jpg - (681.47KB , 1000x1500 , tt2.jpg )
Trials... Pg2
>> No. 5727
File 137109388377.jpg - (662.27KB , 1000x1500 , tt3.jpg )
Trials... Pg3
>> No. 5730
talk about a mass post, thanks for all the pages Anon.. looks rather un-eventful so far though.. and she's not coloring the pages?.. what's going on with that? I thought she wanted to do a femdom.. this comic, looking like she's producing half-done work so far with it though, it's rather confusing
>> No. 5731
Thank you anon!
The latest Zaela was b&w first too, but then colored it
Nice little comic so far
It's not a problem, there is some story, and the characters can flesh out, not just "Hi, wanna fuck?" or "run my naked clones, after we fuck!" :)
>> No. 5769
new sienna pinup
>> No. 5811
File 137152523610.jpg - (381.28KB , 1000x1485 , pinup060.jpg )
Newest Sienna pinup
>> No. 5812
File 137152526731.jpg - (544.75KB , 1000x1500 , tt4.jpg )
Trials... Pg4
>> No. 5815
Thank you!
>> No. 5819
thanks for the pics. lol... a popcicle on the first one? also one panel in the new page makes it look like Luran has sharp teeth.
>> No. 5834
new Dr. G pinup up last nite
>> No. 5837
File 137178853676.jpg - (563.03KB , 1000x1000 , pinup073.jpg )
New DrG pinup
>> No. 5838
Thank you!
>> No. 5841
thanks for the pinup Anon
>> No. 5842
File 137183961063.png - (313.72KB , 800x500 , tumblr_mor71vcQ831r9xss2o1_1280.png )
here's a little pinup preview she posted
>> No. 5843
>> No. 5854
File 137188937220.png - (773.66KB , 1000x750 , tumblr_morjg6xc2q1r9xss2o1_1280.png )
>> No. 5857
yeah, as you can see she put the finished one up on her tumblr too
>> No. 5867
New page of Trials of Temptation is up!
>> No. 5868
File 137197868910.jpg - (550.01KB , 1000x1500 , tt5.jpg )
Not the normal poster since I'm lazy as fuck but here
Still kinda annoyed she dropped Tantric for this
>> No. 5869
yeah, i understand, i liked tantric too
But a regularly stuff is better than an occasionally stuff^^
>> No. 5872
yeah, this "Trials of Temptation" thing has done nothing for me yet, thanks for posting though, you rock Anon. still kinda wondering why she has only colored one or two things in this, seems kinda odd since she seemed so enthused to do this thing. needless to say though, I look forward to the day Tantric 2 comes back, if it comes back, and whenever that may be
>> No. 5880
Hmm it seems she is doing the comic in black and white so she can get the pages out faster. Also you people and wanting instant gratification. Its a story there needs to be some lead in and like most good stories the more lead in the better the over all story.
>> No. 5882
Sure, there needs to be lead in, but a lead in needs to be interesting as well. All I've seen in five pages is awful pacing and the writer preaching against womanizing through the actions of characters, and it seems the entire comic may follow that. I'm personally tired of reading or seeing that story over and over, so it's a huge turn off. I can't get hard if story telling is lazy.
>> No. 5890
Shades of Desire started slowly, and it is one of her best works
>> No. 5891
And its start was still more interesting than this.
>> No. 5900
Middle of the week and she hasnt released anything yet. Makes you wonder how many updates there will be this week.
>> No. 5926
Well, she is working and streaming now....
>> No. 5936
new Ack pinup
>> No. 5991
File 137273797467.jpg - (548.94KB , 1000x1000 , pinup145.jpg )
Newest pinup
>> No. 5994
Thank you!
>> No. 5995
New page of Trials of Temptation is up!
>> No. 6000
thanks Anon, who/what is the girl there though?
>> No. 6002
>> No. 6014
File 137283667329.jpg - (681.95KB , 1000x1500 , tt6.jpg )
Also still terrible
>> No. 6020
did she say why she's not coloring this comic yet? I'm kind of confused about that
>> No. 6026
Not coloring cuts a good 3 to 6 hours off of the comic. Probably doing it to save time a relieve stress.
>> No. 6028
Na she would rather color gay shit for tumblr
>> No. 6037
Coloring a pin-up isn't the same as a comic. You have to make sure colors are consistent across multiple pages. Pin-ups you don't have to. It does take some stress out of the equation.

I would prefer it if she colored it, but it's still logical and fitting with the excuses she's used already.
>> No. 6039
according to her tumblr http://ackanime.tumblr.com/ she has part of the next page colored. She does work for slip shine it seems.

""So Slipshine readers be sure to go check it out, and for those of you not sure about joining I’ll say it is definitely worth it. Not only my comics but about a dozen plus other artists comics are posted almost daily (we’re talking about like 150 pages a month here people)!"" So seems shes promoting slipshine more then her site?
>> No. 6046
File 137299924418.jpg - (402.74KB , 800x1600 , pinup074.jpg )
Newest DrG pinup
>> No. 6048
ty anon
>> No. 6057
Thank you!
New page of Trials of Temptation
She is working.... yay
>> No. 6060
File 137307684134.jpg - (601.62KB , 1000x1500 , tt7.jpg )
I like what she is wearing at least
>> No. 6071
appreciate the postings anon, though I've been checking back less, what Ack has been doing isn't my thing, and it seems like Dr. G likes to do a lot of very similar pictures over and over, but maybe that's just me
>> No. 6077
new trials page up!
>> No. 6079
I started noticing that to about graevlings art.
>> No. 6085
File 137335674653.jpg - (1.21MB , 1000x1550 , wt9.jpg )
New Wayward Travels
>> No. 6086
File 137335683910.jpg - (604.97KB , 1000x1500 , tt8.jpg )
Trials... Pg8
>> No. 6089
Thank you !!!
>> No. 6106
File 137351322013.jpg - (700.64KB , 1000x1187 , pinup146.jpg )
Newest pinup for those that want it....

"New pinup featuring Zaela and her summoner slave (Warning: Futa on male/pegging)."
>> No. 6121
Thank you :)
Looks like she is back on tracks and working
>> No. 6186
Doesn't seem like shes gonna update for a 3rd time this week. Hope thats not a sign that shes slacking.
>> No. 6205
New trials page up
>> No. 6269
new trials page and pin up is up XD
>> No. 6276
new Ackanime pinup went up yesterday, the 17th, this one looks like it's potentially enjoyable too, a momentary break from the femdom on male it looks like
>> No. 6300
File 137421190479.jpg - (813.66KB , 1000x1500 , 09.jpg )
Trials page 9
>> No. 6301
File 137421201386.jpg - (447.19KB , 1000x803 , pinup147.jpg )
July 17 Ack pinup
>> No. 6302
File 13742121063.jpg - (591.16KB , 1000x1500 , pinup075.jpg )
July 18 Dr. G
>> No. 6311
The trials comic has me kinda curious if thats in reference to her and her husband? She says shes into fendom more. Could this be a hint from her to her husband that she wants to get into some S&M at home?

Then if you notice the night elf version of the twins Luran is the more openly gay one with the scar across his nose , yet the tan Luran doesn't show the same similarities . Did she get Thigan and Luran of the two races mixed up? In the current comic it seems more like Thigan instead of Luran.
>> No. 6312
thanks for the pinups Anon
>> No. 6313
thanks anon , you rock! ;D
>> No. 6314
Thank you!
>> No. 6326
File 137438123083.jpg - (834.33KB , 1000x1500 , 10.jpg )
Trials page 10
>> No. 6329
>> No. 6346
Thank you so much <3
>> No. 6363
If someone could be so kind as to upload a full set of Ack's site images, I recently lost my harddrive and the archive is missing the second and third threads. I've had no luck finding working links that aren't expired, very old, or viruses. It would be very much appreciated!
>> No. 6374
middle of the week and no word from her on updates?
>> No. 6375
Guess it will be an update-bundle
She done this before... then bumm... 2-3 work at once
>> No. 6387
page 11 is up
>> No. 6412
File 137480925019.jpg - (765.72KB , 1000x1500 , 11.jpg )
Trials page 11
>> No. 6423
Domo arigato BiggJ-sama!
>> No. 6474
Thanks BiggJ , she ever say why she isnt updating much?
>> No. 6483
summer break maybe? today could be a doubble pinup, so the weakly 3 is...
....but again she is ack
Nah, we love her anyway ^^
>> No. 6489
I just check the main-site for updates. so, if there's any comments/updates anywhere else; I'm not getting them.
>> No. 6499
wow no updates from sienna or Dr g , she getting worse again?
>> No. 6503
TT page 12 is up
>> No. 6513
File 13752421234.jpg - (488.67KB , 1000x1500 , 12.jpg )
Trials 12
>> No. 6515
Thank you!
>> No. 6577
new "air nymph" pinup from ack
>> No. 6578
File 137553969142.jpg - (554.36KB , 1000x1500 , pinup076.jpg )
Dr G pinup
>> No. 6579
File 137553975818.jpg - (566.20KB , 1000x1000 , 061.jpg )
Acks "Air nymph" pinup
>> No. 6580
Thank you again!
>> No. 6591
ty on the "air nymph" and Dr. G pinup anon
>> No. 6622
new pinup is up!
>> No. 6629
File 137571057178.jpg - (498.46KB , 1000x1511 , 062.jpg )
Aug 3 pinup
>> No. 6630
One hot demon pussy!
Me gusta!
Thank you!
>> No. 6647
ty for the pinup bigg
>> No. 6663
another Ack nymph is up
>> No. 6669
She is surprisingly productive
Me like!
>> No. 6678
File 137593240981.jpg - (602.52KB , 1000x1199 , pinup150.jpg )
Newest pinup
>> No. 6679
hmm, someone beat me to that one. Thanks Anon ^^
>> No. 6686
thanks for the pinup anon. and she's not really that much more productive, these last few have just been nude girls tied up with no background, and her personal interest comic she's been up to lately hasn't even been colored on the pages.. so yeah, corners have been cut, as she's not really doing full pics or scenes like she used to. I've liked these nymph pinups, so not complaining there, it's just not really a change is all.
>> No. 6688
Thank you
>> No. 6786
she say anything why she isn't updating?
>> No. 6795
new trials page up.
>> No. 6799
Yes, she just have a shitty month
But we got some nice pictures so...
Better than nothing
>> No. 6808
File 137654142398.jpg - (873.36KB , 1000x1500 , tt13.jpg )
Trials... Pg 13
>> No. 6809
File 137654145744.jpg - (673.16KB , 1000x1500 , pinup077.jpg )
DrG pinup
>> No. 6811
Thank you!
>> No. 6814
Love you!
>> No. 6821
thanks for the pinup
>> No. 6846
New pinup is up!
>> No. 6854
File 13768003125.jpg - (630.32KB , 1000x1201 , 064.jpg )
Aug 18 pinup. I kinda like this one actually ^^
>> No. 6856
Fapable, indeed ^^
>> No. 6885
thanks for the pinup Bigg
>> No. 6888
I'd hate to be that guy but why did she draw her arms on backwards?
>> No. 6890
It's possible to bend your arms and hands behind your back like that. Just try it yourself
>> No. 6898
I'm nowhere near flexible to get that exact position, but yeah it's the correct orientation.
>> No. 6903
File 137705732365.jpg - (785.46KB , 1000x1500 , tt14.jpg )
>> No. 6906
Oh yeah baby!
Thank you!
>> No. 6910
Much love <3
>> No. 6976
She saying why the slow updates?
>> No. 7005
not that I'm seeing.
>> No. 7007
File 137764093529.png - (239.50KB , 800x837 , tumblr_ms7l62XqsX1r9xss2o1_1280.png )
"Saw people doing the 30 days of monster girls meme on my dasy, and thought I would do something similar for work :P Instead of a harpy I went tengu girl….I do what I want "
>> No. 7029
she posted the colored version of the Tengu yesterday
>> No. 7030
File 137775440018.jpg - (429.07KB , 1000x1047 , pinup152.jpg )
Newest pinup
>> No. 7031
Thank you!
>> No. 7035
a blonde haired, blue eyed Tengu girl with a normal human skin color, that's different. thanks for the pinup
>> No. 7042
new Dr.G pinup is up
>> No. 7052
File 137783974185.jpg - (562.83KB , 1000x1500 , pinup078.jpg )
New DrG pinup
>> No. 7055
>> No. 7079
ty for the pinup Anon
>> No. 7111
File 137825961733.jpg - (513.23KB , 1000x1500 , tt15.jpg )
well fucking thats it everybody
just wow I have not much to say about it except thank fuck the sub is cheap
>> No. 7112
Wow that's...disappointing...

Thank you for uploading though.
>> No. 7114
I think she took the easy way out and decided to end it there. IMO look at how back updates have been.
>> No. 7118
ackanime should just go free and charge per commision instead of donating 5 dollars
>> No. 7120
thanks for the posts. but yeah. like I said before, this "Trials of Temptation" comic seemed really odd and "off" to me, she posted that big thing about doing something she wants to after being inactive for so long for what? to do super short, un-eventful femdom comic that she never even colored? she said she was doing something she really wanted to, yet it doesn't look like it based on how it turned out. you'd think she'd color all that if she really liked it too. in all honesty I think she suspended Tantric 2 for no good reason, as she's not really delivered anything to compensate for putting that on hiatus. she sure knows how to turn a week long + absence to preachy spurt into a fruitless, half-hearted venture that doesn't even look like it pleased her, which is the entire reason she did it to begin with.
>> No. 7122
in a previous post she said she does what she wants, at the tengu or w/e sketch
she does what she wants, even if its robbing
>> No. 7154
She got to pig headed imo. Getting so many subs then got lazy . Every time a new game came out like wow's mop or D3 she didnt update much. Seeing that D3 is on console now shes probably slacking playing that. Eventually, she'll give another sad speech etc using her emotions and feelings to try and trick people into keeping there sub etc . She's done it before then reverts back to her lazy self.
>> No. 7177
File 137863745550.png - (156.07KB , 800x769 , tumblr_msslexpH0T1r9xss2o1_1280.png )
"Centaur for the monster girl thing, but decided that I wanted to do a sort of Japanese flavor to them so I went with a sika deer instead of a horse for the lower half. Of course the finished product will be on Drawntobondage.ca"
>> No. 7187
File 137869768865.jpg - (328.84KB , 1000x961 , pinup153.jpg )
September is going to be the month of crappy little to no effort art it seems
>> No. 7188
thanks for the pinup Anon. I like this Centaur, the Tengu was neat too, though yeah, kind of weird she's posting monstergirl pics she's doing for something else on her paysite. I wonder if she'll ever get back to Tantric 2 as well.. I really wanted to see that one continued.
>> No. 7192
Thank you!
Sexy monster month sounds good
>> No. 7240
sexy slime girl is up!
>> No. 7270
File 137938787396.jpg - (307.87KB , 1000x822 , pinup154.jpg )
Well, it's a slime girl.... sexy??? That's for you to decide :)
>> No. 7272
Girl in a bottle, with built-in lotion!
>> No. 7339
Ugh this has been a horribly unproductive week :I

Two and a half days of feeling like shit (which I have no idea if anxiety related or not), just about every major join on my right side aching horribly from the start of the week to the end, fucked up my wrist then over compensated with digging my elbow into the arm of my chair…Feel like some old fogey falling apart here.

And to make things worse I’m having issues getting the will to draw what I have to, and can’t feel justified enough to want to draw what I want because of it. Plus I feel like my last two monster girls and the current one I’m sketching are just so weak in design…"

Sympathy card... again. But at least she is working on a snake girl with big boobs
>> No. 7382
GTA5 came out, you expect any better?
>> No. 7385
she should upload nude pics of herself, that would make up for her losing the will to draw, poor girl :( imagine if people had to pay for her stuff.....:o
>> No. 7397
There has been no indication that she is as in love with the GTA games as she is with Blizzard games. You are jumping to a huge conclusion. It would logically follow that her work drops because of a Blizzard game when it drops after the Blizzard game is launched, but considering that her work dropped before GTA V was launched, there's no logical correlation (and none of us can prove causation unless we're stalking her).

She has problems, and those problems suck. They're not an excuse for abandoning her business and expecting us to still pay her, but they're problems nonetheless. Thinking that she's lying about these problems so she can shirk off and play new video games doesn't make sense when popular games have come and gone without her shirking her responsibilities during those times.
>> No. 7410
new naga pinup posted finally, she says she has wrist problems, same with Dr. G
>> No. 7411
File 137999905315.jpg - (365.64KB , 1000x1000 , pinup155.jpg )
>> No. 7413
Not bad at all!
Thank you!
>> No. 7428
thanks for the pinup
>> No. 7442
new Dr. G pinup up
>> No. 7463
She's obese
>> No. 7465
didn't say I wanted to fap to her
just for something to happen
>> No. 7468
File 138026051589.jpg - (591.62KB , 1000x1500 , pinup079.jpg )
DrG pinup
>> No. 7478
(The good Doctor is awfully close to the pedo-stuff...
This demon girl looks like a 10 year old )
Anyway, thanks for sharing!
>> No. 7479
Not really. The girl has a large bust, full hips, and is only noticeably smaller due to the fact she's sitting down on her knees.
Not that I wouldn't mind a smaller-chested girl every once in a while...
>> No. 7482
If you look at the rest of the Dr.'s drawings you can tell somewhat about him. Imo he seems transgender , if anything monara is a reflection of himself i think , Guessing he has a fetish for having things stuck up his ass seeing as monara does as well. Also from his chars being drawn at a young age, is probably his way around the child porn law seeing as drawings don't count . So my guess would be that is why he does a lot of the younger looking chars it seems.

Also its not surprising that ack is slacking again, its in her nature to screw people over then feed them sympathy.
>> No. 7492
new Ack monster girl up, a mermaid this time it seems
>> No. 7494
I don't know where you're getting this underage thing from. His characters appear to be (rather clearly) adults. As for this Transgender thing, you're also probably reading into that too deeply. His bias seems to be towards cumsluts, but you don't need to be transgender to like a girl that's into anal.

I'm not entirely sure what you expect an adult to look like if large, developed breasts and wide hips are considered young and his attempt for a work-around against child porn laws. Unless what you want are giant tits, which to be honest look painful.

He probably draws his girls like that because that's how he thinks they look the best, and not because he secretly wants to be a little girl that wants to take it in the ass.
>> No. 7496
To be fair though, despite for the hips and chest, a lot of his characters do have a small stature. While I don't agree that he's trying to hide a child porn fetish, it does look odd. Maybe it's just perspective, but the size of the bodies themselves have seemed weird. He's gotten better about it, but his earlier drawings had some oddness to them.
>> No. 7505
File 138072505096.jpg - (411.65KB , 816x1000 , pinup156.jpg )
I have no real opinion on if he likes little girls or not I think its mostly what his art style has progressed in to
>> No. 7506
His main character Monora is taller than most people, so, no.
>> No. 7507
File 138072953333.jpg - (354.37KB , 1200x480 , tumblr_mmow51tYmo1rthg2oo2_1280.jpg )
He draws himself as a man, so I don't think he is transgender at all. You're reading way too much into it. He's built himself a harem, that's all. And this is coming from a transgender person.
>> No. 7508
Thank you again for the upload!
>> No. 7514
thanks for the pinup Anon
>> No. 7572
File 13812808973.jpg - (674.10KB , 1000x1500 , pinup080.jpg )
>For those of you that don't follow my tumblr I've announced that I'm doing a new chapter of Zaela since I've been getting asked about it so much, and I should have the newest page out this week! Script is mostly done up, and Tantric 2 is shelved still as I work out some story issues.

I'm totally Ok with Zaela
>> No. 7575
so there's a new Dr. G pinup up, she announced she's doing a new chapter of Zaela and shelving Tantric 2 until she works out "story issues"
>> No. 7576
whoops, the last Anon post didn't load for me until after I posted, my bad. thanks for the pinup at any rate
>> No. 7578
yeah baby! New Zaela!
>> No. 7598
File 138146424943.jpg - (1.36MB , 1000x1550 , za63.jpg )
Well this is a nice start
>> No. 7600
I love you!
Thank you anon!
>> No. 7602
thanks for posting
>> No. 7613
fuck yes! Love you poster! <3
>> No. 7666
new Zaela page up now
>> No. 7668
pardon me, as I feel I'm relatively new to the thread, but I noticed that the Zaela page listed itself as "Chapter 4".

Is there somewhere I can look for 1-3, or can someone maybe make a download of it (if it's not too much trouble) please? I kinda hate being left in the dark with some stories. Like Tantric confused me, as I'm pretty sure I only saw half of it...
>> No. 7670
File 138189713119.jpg - (1.39MB , 1000x1550 , za63_1.jpg )
I'm sure somebody here will have a full pack, I just post current shit

that being said she recolored this page
>> No. 7678
ah, so all she did was a recolor?
btw, check these places for other stuff by Ack:
there might be those other Zaela pages you wanted in there, not sure atm.
>> No. 7722
You know, I usually criticize Ack for a lack of updates but I actually think it's excusable this time. There's just something about that recolor that completely justifies it, and I dunno why. It looks so well lit
>> No. 7825
any updates on the zaela page?
>> No. 7878
no but there is a new monster girl pinup
>> No. 7882
File 138275322050.jpg - (384.19KB , 1000x790 , pinup157.jpg )
>> No. 7887
Nice! Thank you!
>> No. 7946
New pinups!
>> No. 7951
File 13832703899.jpg - (540.33KB , 1000x1200 , pinup081.jpg )
I do not New front page
>> No. 7952
File 138327044966.jpg - (1.33MB , 1000x1550 , za64.jpg )
Also diving straight in
no complaints about this
>> No. 7953
thanks for the pics
>> No. 7956
Thank you!
>> No. 7959
So, Does anyone have the previous Zaela chapters? :-X None of the other threads listed had them.
>> No. 7961
okay here is a a zip with all zaela 1-4 with an outdated pinup folder
>> No. 7962
it took me 10-20 seconds to find the other chapters with google btw
>> No. 8077
Not even a excuse for no updates right now
>> No. 8096
Actually, on her Tumblr, there is a black futa gnome pic, and a NightElf gall (seh just colored it) , thenightserenade gay art about her twin nightElf guys, and something about a mild insomnia, about 30 horus without sleep...
>> No. 8098
i like how she took the calendar down from her website which showed how rare her updates were
>> No. 8114
File 138440339491.jpg - (541.94KB , 1000x1200 , pinup082.jpg )
New DrG pinup
>> No. 8116
>> No. 8117
im shocked she still has subs when she puts out 1 image every 3rd week
>> No. 8126
I love this thread
>> No. 8151
Zaela 65 up!
>> No. 8157
File 138483336484.jpg - (1.39MB , 1000x1550 , za65.jpg )
Almost 3 weeks
I wish she would like hand out a free month or something because that was not cool
>> No. 8167
Thank you!!!
>> No. 8168
or you know, stop charging $5 for 1, maybe 2, updates from her(dr.g and sienna probably dont see any of the money she makes via the subs)
>> No. 8169
Yeah, They are totally working for free - and shit, you guys are probably paying sooooo much to get it for free.

Stop complaining and just enjoy the art.
>> No. 8172
I know Dr.G quality seems a lot lower for her site then on other stuff he draws / gets commissioned
Also I'm a member and I'm fine with people complaining
>> No. 8175
You're full of shit. Our complaints are reasons why we don't pay. It's all legitimate. If you don't like something, you don't pay just so you have the right to complain.
>> No. 8176
thanks for the page again
>> No. 8196
If you don't like something, you don't pay for it, but you also don't get it. You're acting like this: "I hate this restaurant, so I'm just going to go in, eat food, and run without paying"
>> No. 8201
Technically, more like having a stranger treat you to a meal, then complaining about the waiter and price of the food.

But I agree with the concept you were trying to put out there.
>> No. 8232
The ones complaining also aren't begging for releases. We're on an imageboard discussing an artist, and if you're opposed to us discussing the artist, you don't have to partake. Bitching that people are bitching is a huge waste of time.
>> No. 8246
>> No. 8325
Th new zeala sketch looks promising!
>> No. 8348
File 138586275871.jpg - (623.51KB , 1000x1500 , pinup083.jpg )
how often can a person get a cold
>> No. 8350
When you stress yourself out from anxiety, you can start to experience the symptoms of a cold without a cold pretty frequently. Still, an adult shouldn't let a cold stop them from working.
>> No. 8356
love how she words it "Apologies for the lack of updates THIS WEEK as I've been fighting off a cold."
>> No. 8358
I have Anxiety
If I was being a shit and posting images every 2 to 3 weeks I would still give people a refund or extra month
Just saying
>> No. 8361
Whooot! New zaela is up!
>> No. 8379
https://plus4chan.org/b/cod/res/8371.html new thread
>> No. 10950
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