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File 134608638235.png - (1.30MB , 1280x1285 , ss2o1_1280.png )
446 No. 446
Since the /d/ stuff isn't allowed on /pco/ anymore, I figure I start one here with a pic that just got deleted.
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>> No. 7576
whoops, the last Anon post didn't load for me until after I posted, my bad. thanks for the pinup at any rate
>> No. 7578
yeah baby! New Zaela!
>> No. 7598
File 138146424943.jpg - (1.36MB , 1000x1550 , za63.jpg )
Well this is a nice start
>> No. 7600
I love you!
Thank you anon!
>> No. 7602
thanks for posting
>> No. 7613
fuck yes! Love you poster! <3
>> No. 7666
new Zaela page up now
>> No. 7668
pardon me, as I feel I'm relatively new to the thread, but I noticed that the Zaela page listed itself as "Chapter 4".

Is there somewhere I can look for 1-3, or can someone maybe make a download of it (if it's not too much trouble) please? I kinda hate being left in the dark with some stories. Like Tantric confused me, as I'm pretty sure I only saw half of it...
>> No. 7670
File 138189713119.jpg - (1.39MB , 1000x1550 , za63_1.jpg )
I'm sure somebody here will have a full pack, I just post current shit

that being said she recolored this page
>> No. 7678
ah, so all she did was a recolor?
btw, check these places for other stuff by Ack:
there might be those other Zaela pages you wanted in there, not sure atm.
>> No. 7722
You know, I usually criticize Ack for a lack of updates but I actually think it's excusable this time. There's just something about that recolor that completely justifies it, and I dunno why. It looks so well lit
>> No. 7825
any updates on the zaela page?
>> No. 7878
no but there is a new monster girl pinup
>> No. 7882
File 138275322050.jpg - (384.19KB , 1000x790 , pinup157.jpg )
>> No. 7887
Nice! Thank you!
>> No. 7946
New pinups!
>> No. 7951
File 13832703899.jpg - (540.33KB , 1000x1200 , pinup081.jpg )
I do not New front page
>> No. 7952
File 138327044966.jpg - (1.33MB , 1000x1550 , za64.jpg )
Also diving straight in
no complaints about this
>> No. 7953
thanks for the pics
>> No. 7956
Thank you!
>> No. 7959
So, Does anyone have the previous Zaela chapters? :-X None of the other threads listed had them.
>> No. 7961
okay here is a a zip with all zaela 1-4 with an outdated pinup folder
>> No. 7962
it took me 10-20 seconds to find the other chapters with google btw
>> No. 8077
Not even a excuse for no updates right now
>> No. 8096
Actually, on her Tumblr, there is a black futa gnome pic, and a NightElf gall (seh just colored it) , thenightserenade gay art about her twin nightElf guys, and something about a mild insomnia, about 30 horus without sleep...
>> No. 8098
i like how she took the calendar down from her website which showed how rare her updates were
>> No. 8114
File 138440339491.jpg - (541.94KB , 1000x1200 , pinup082.jpg )
New DrG pinup
>> No. 8116
>> No. 8117
im shocked she still has subs when she puts out 1 image every 3rd week
>> No. 8126
I love this thread
>> No. 8151
Zaela 65 up!
>> No. 8157
File 138483336484.jpg - (1.39MB , 1000x1550 , za65.jpg )
Almost 3 weeks
I wish she would like hand out a free month or something because that was not cool
>> No. 8167
Thank you!!!
>> No. 8168
or you know, stop charging $5 for 1, maybe 2, updates from her(dr.g and sienna probably dont see any of the money she makes via the subs)
>> No. 8169
Yeah, They are totally working for free - and shit, you guys are probably paying sooooo much to get it for free.

Stop complaining and just enjoy the art.
>> No. 8172
I know Dr.G quality seems a lot lower for her site then on other stuff he draws / gets commissioned
Also I'm a member and I'm fine with people complaining
>> No. 8175
You're full of shit. Our complaints are reasons why we don't pay. It's all legitimate. If you don't like something, you don't pay just so you have the right to complain.
>> No. 8176
thanks for the page again
>> No. 8196
If you don't like something, you don't pay for it, but you also don't get it. You're acting like this: "I hate this restaurant, so I'm just going to go in, eat food, and run without paying"
>> No. 8201
Technically, more like having a stranger treat you to a meal, then complaining about the waiter and price of the food.

But I agree with the concept you were trying to put out there.
>> No. 8232
The ones complaining also aren't begging for releases. We're on an imageboard discussing an artist, and if you're opposed to us discussing the artist, you don't have to partake. Bitching that people are bitching is a huge waste of time.
>> No. 8246
>> No. 8325
Th new zeala sketch looks promising!
>> No. 8348
File 138586275871.jpg - (623.51KB , 1000x1500 , pinup083.jpg )
how often can a person get a cold
>> No. 8350
When you stress yourself out from anxiety, you can start to experience the symptoms of a cold without a cold pretty frequently. Still, an adult shouldn't let a cold stop them from working.
>> No. 8356
love how she words it "Apologies for the lack of updates THIS WEEK as I've been fighting off a cold."
>> No. 8358
I have Anxiety
If I was being a shit and posting images every 2 to 3 weeks I would still give people a refund or extra month
Just saying
>> No. 8361
Whooot! New zaela is up!
>> No. 8379
https://plus4chan.org/b/cod/res/8371.html new thread
>> No. 10950
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