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File 136408186444.jpg - (2.41MB , 2500x900 , 8fbe031c67198e22e1641388a174f4b0.jpg )
4168 No. 4168
Hey /cod/s, I'm here to fish for interest in an online game of Dungeons and Hardons. There's some interest and goings on on /d/ but nothing's come of it yet and I figured attendees here might be more reliable to play with.

It'd be like playing multiplayer CoC, I think! A game of DnD where not only do the other players not look at you weird when you ask if the dryad has big tits, but expect you to strip the bark from her heavy tits and suck the sweet sap from each erect woody nipple.

I'm not set on DMing, if that's someone else's favorite part, but I am set on working to get the players together and game started. Anyone bite?
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>> No. 4171
Possibly, but I've never had a chance to play D&D, so I have no idea how to play. I'd probably want to get comfortable with the worksafe version before I ventured into porn, though.
>> No. 4176
Playing PnPRPGs is easy.
You just make shit up of the top of your head then roll die and hope for the best.
Its finding a good (for you) GM that hard.
Because its he that does all the hard parts.
>> No. 4180
File 136417057247.jpg - (727.69KB , 850x1328 , sample_ab20bf8f444fdbacbf0cb424988c286e.jpg )
A good point, but unless you take the habit of getting your dick out after every encounter into a real game, it should be fine to learn in this environment. Best way to learn is to play wrong at first. I think that's the unanimous advice.

Basically. Learn what you can't do, and then use those rules to do everything. Get told what and how to roll and then remember.
>> No. 5370
Play-by-post, or some IRC dealio?

And what timezone?
>> No. 5375
What he said, minus the part about learning the work-safe version first.
>> No. 5394
Ha ha! I've been GMing a group I formed on /d/ for almost a year now and it is FUNTIMES.
>> No. 5397
Most likely using Roll20.net, it's like an IRC with an interactive table and dice rollers and such.

Twice now a small group including myself have tried to get a DM to pick us up for a game of "not CoC but no fade to black / call our fetishes icky" PF. Hasn't worked.
>> No. 5425

Colour me intrigued. Is there a schedule for this?
>> No. 5502
File 137011889567.jpg - (103.05KB , 616x446 , SciFi_Fantasy_Family-Gathering_family_gathering_co.jpg )
>> No. 5553
File 137028725572.jpg - (124.11KB , 1200x915 , 1054840_Dungeons_and_Dragons_Illithid_InCase_Mind_.jpg )
No, and that's one of the most difficult things to nail.

Here's the ERP email, anyone interested drop me a line and we'll see what works out.
>> No. 7612
File 138155885548.jpg - (170.75KB , 952x661 , 261128_Dungeons_and_Dragons_dragon_extro.jpg )
Gonna bump this and bring it back around. Maybe more folks'll be around that are down for it. Got one piece of interest last time, not quite enough to have a go.

I'm up for running it, so that hardest part is covered already. Need players, or will gladly swap if someone prefers the Dungeon Master role and play myself.
System will most likely be Pathfinder. I'm just most familiar with it and looking for fantasy stuff.
Format can be the virtual tabletop style or a skype group chat with honor rsystem dice rolling.
Schedule is loose as a Centaruress.
E-Mail's still the same, russhacklefordlives GMail.
>> No. 7629
I was wondering what happened with this.
Much like last time, I'm game to give it a go.
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