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File 136123849541.jpg - (110.05KB , 700x963 , Drunk_Tink.jpg )
3987 No. 3987
I've never seen one of these threads here before, so I thought it'd be cool to give it a shot. Post any /co/-related ladies that have had one too many drinks.
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>> No. 4010
File 136128433816.jpg - (318.34KB , 658x800 , Conner_PowerGirl.jpg )
Monitoring with a vested interest.
>> No. 4032
File 136338359649.jpg - (105.87KB , 600x810 , drunken_beauty.jpg )
>> No. 4033
File 136338370759.png - (296.85KB , 1246x1415 , Britney_Britney_in_Peril.png )
>> No. 4034
File 136338404931.png - (380.20KB , 1070x1050 , Cosmos_New_Year_Eve_Party.png )
>> No. 4035
File 136338409684.jpg - (91.06KB , 589x500 , Maria_and_Voltura_Out_Drinking.jpg )
>> No. 4036
File 136338427995.jpg - (50.70KB , 365x400 , Drunk_Maria.jpg )
>> No. 4046
File 136340420439.jpg - (326.89KB , 745x1400 , SloshingTheMermaid-JonnieUK.jpg )
>mfw I know who started this thread

There are only two of us, friend, this isn't going to last long.

That said, does it have to be /co/ related, or are general drunk cartoon wimminz okay?
>> No. 4051
I don't think it makes a difference. This subfetish is really lacking good art anyway.
>> No. 4100
File 136349272754.jpg - (86.87KB , 600x776 , 1353602991842.jpg )
I like this thread so far. It's like hypno, but less boring.
>> No. 4135
File 136382829578.jpg - (39.40KB , 400x315 , 5093031@400-1295047749.jpg )
furry-related, better than nothing i guess

I'm really surprised that the internet is pretty devoid of this stuff
>> No. 4139
File 136386607687.png - (121.88KB , 757x678 , 1353681676033.png )

It's a fringe of a fringe of a fringe fetish.

I'm not surprised.
>> No. 4142
File 136389786491.jpg - (604.31KB , 1404x1009 , 460054 - 6teen Caitlin_Cooke DMZ Jen_Masterson Nik.jpg )
I forgot I had this.
>> No. 4143
File 136389903361.png - (111.24KB , 384x647 , 1299934537481.png )
Don't know if this one counts but I'm posting it. It's based of that Drunk Scheska pic.

Anyway, I got a drunk Raven/Starfire/Other Mother fic lying around somewhere. Anyone want to see it?
>> No. 4144
File 136390031143.jpg - (78.44KB , 1280x770 , 1291868430_foxlover91_drunk_ruby-fifi.jpg )
go right ahead
>> No. 4145
Pain was the first sensation Raven became aware of. A deep, throbbing pain from the very core of her brain. The second sensation was a searing blindness as she attempted to open her bleary eyes before immediately shielding them from the blazing fluorescent light. "Ugh… what happened?" Raven moaned as she rubbed her temple and slowly rose from her resting place on a cold, linoleum floor. She tried to review her memory: she and Starfire had been called out to an abandoned hotel to investigate a string of disappearances, they had found a long tunnel, a blinding light… and the rest was a blur of red and black, of rosy pink, orange, and… gray flesh? Raven gasped as she looked down and found herself stripped to her underwear. No, not her underwear: she would never wear anything so… pink. And frilly. Slowly coming back to life, Raven took a groggy look at her surroundings: she was in a spotless kitchen somewhere that looked like an idyllic countryside. The moon hung big and full outside. Raven scoured the fragments of her memory and determined that she had either been out all day… or the sun never rose. A green bottle lay in her lap, half-full of red liquid. Raven gave the bottle a sniff: it was wine, but unlike any she had ever smelled. This was a sweet scent that hung in the air, wrapped around you like a warm hug, gently tempting you to take just a little sip…

Raven shook her head. Clearly, this was not a normal kitchen, and this was no normal wine. Lifting the bottle against the light, Raven read the hand-written label: "Raven's medicine," signed with the initials "O.M." and a tiny heart.
>> No. 4146
Raven's thoughts were shattered by a resounding hiccup. She looked up to see Starfire, clad in a white bikini and bottom dotted with big red hearts, leaning against the door frame for support. She was chugging from a green bottle that Raven bet was labeled "Starfire's medicine," her throat rising up and down with each enormous swallow. At last she pulled the bottle from her lips, her face a deep crimson blush and her eyes at a blissfully sleepy half-mast. With a trail of wine dribbling from her mouth and onto her chest, Starfire slurred, her speech punctuated by hiccups, "Frien'… *heep!* Frien' Raven, why aren'tshu drinking Other *hip!*our Other Mother'sh medihin?" Taking a few unsteady, wavering steps, Starfire advanced on Raven, holding the bottle out towards her and giggling. "She made it with exshtra *hic!* extshtra love!"

Backing away from her obviously… "spellbound" friend, Raven began to conjure her costume, straining against the headache throbbing in her skull… only to be interrupted as her head met two soft, fleshy obstructions. She whirled around and found herself faced with two modestly-sized breasts, clad in decidedly UNmodest black leather. She looked up to see two big, black button eyes gazing down at her. "Who… who ARE you?" Raven demanded. The woman's plump red lips parted into a wide grin. "Oh, you are confused, aren't you dear?" the button-eyed woman purred. "That's what happens when you don't take your medicine… Don't you remember? I'm your mother…"

Raven backed away from the woman, forgetting about Starfire. "You… are not my mother," she growled. The woman chuckled. "Silly. I'm your *other* mother…"
>> No. 4147
Before Raven could respond, either with a question or a blast of magic, she collided with Starfire, who fell to the floor, the bottle landing in her lap. She blinked once, then twice, then began laughing hysterically: for some reason, the collision between her rump and the floor was the funniest thing that had ever happened to her.

Distracted by the giggling alien, Raven gasped as two strong, yet soft arms wrapped around her, pinning her own arms to her side. "Surprise!" the Other Mother cried. Raven growled and struggled as Other Mother bent down (pushing the gray superheroine down with her) to pick up the discarded bottle with Raven's name on it. "Now, now, dear, don't fight it- it'll make you feel better!" the woman cooed into Raven's ear. Raven began to utter her signature spell, but was cut off as the woman roughly jabbed the bottle into Raven's mouth, clinking hard against her teeth. Raven instinctively opened her mouth in response to the pain, allowing Other Mother to jam the bottle into her throat. Tipping the bottle and Raven's head upward, Other Mother began to gently massage Raven's stomach with her elbow and hum a lullaby. "Rock-a-bye Raven, in Mommy's grasp, wait for resistance to take a last gasp…"

Raven growled and swore into the bottle, but it was ultimately for naught: unable to resist the sweet, cloying taste lapping at her throat, Raven began to swallow: reluctantly at first, but slowly melting into the Other Mother's arms before finally suckling tenderly at the bottle. "When your will breaks, the wine will be gone…" Finally Raven surrendered entirely, and fell limp into Other Mother's arms. "And down will fall Raven, panties and all!" Other Mother purred as she grasped the back of Raven's partially formed costume, allowing her to slip out of it as she fell to the floor.
>> No. 4148
The bottle slipped from Raven's lips and fell to the floor. Raven simply stared ahead for a moment, oblivious, before an enormous blush covered her face and her eyelids drooped… Finally, the silence was broken as Raven hiccuped, a heart-shaped red wine bubble slipping through her lips, and a wide, silly grin spreading across her face.

Other Mother kneeled, allowing Raven to flop back into her lap. The gray-skinned youth blearily gazed into her eyes before letting them drift shut and puckering her lips. Lifting Raven up as she bent down, Other Mother met Raven in the middle for a warm, passionate kiss. Finally, Other Mother pulled away and let Raven go, her head flopping onto her thick thighs. "I love you, Other *hic!* Mommmie…" Raven drawled, nuzzling herself into the button-eyed woman's lap.

Other Mother smiled wickedly. "And I love you, little Raven," she cooed as her right hand began to sift through the now-docile heroine's discarded costume until she found a communicator. Other Mother roughly shoved Raven off of her lap and into the drunken embrace of Starfire as she stood up. "Now, be a good girl and play with your sister. Mommy's got some work to do…" she chuckled, her button eyes glinting as she held the communicator aloft.

>> No. 4149
I forgot the text limit over here. Probably could have got it in two posts.
>> No. 4200
A drunk thread on /cod/? I'm overjoyed!

...And now I'm wondering whether or not it's worth it to post my weird and dumb edits here, or if that would just hurt the topic.
>> No. 4209

wouldn't hurt, there's a serious lack of content for this fetish
>> No. 4213
File 136433703779.jpg - (407.60KB , 803x579 , tianadrunkfinal.jpg )
OK then, here I go...
I'm no artist, so most of my stuff is pretty sorry, but I do like this one. Just not sure if I did the blush right.

If anyone has any suggestions, critiques, or requests,
>> No. 4217
File 136436645861.jpg - (245.50KB , 1244x673 , tiana_gets_carried_away.jpg )

Nice work. I'm gonna take a shot in the dark here and guess that this is your's as well? If so, you do some cool stuff dude

Only thing I'd love to see more of is drunk slurring, belching, and hiccuping.
>> No. 4220
File 136440550192.jpg - (283.76KB , 539x517 , belledrunk.jpg )
That one is indeed mine. I'm tickled pink that you like them!

Here's another. How's this for slurring, hiccuping, and burping?
>> No. 4226
awesome! love it dude! if you have more, don't be afraid to post them!
>> No. 4227
File 136441343574.jpg - (130.22KB , 638x1022 , She-Hulk01Pyrate-DCPpg22.jpg )
Sure thing, mate. Do you have AIM or a DA or something? I'd love to talk shop with you some time without clogging up the thread.
>> No. 4228
Nah, I mainly post here or the fatty thread. I'll have to come up with some manips/drawings later though.
>> No. 4230
File 136444208966.png - (165.20KB , 619x469 , minerva_party_animal.png )
Here's something quick I whipped up; furry warning of course
>> No. 4231
I love it!
>> No. 4238
File 136452326727.jpg - (58.91KB , 800x570 , jonniecouch.jpg )
Booze fetishist anon #3 here, I wish I could scan the latest Empowered volume for you guys. There's so much drunk sex and belching that I'm starting to think Adam Warren is ONE OF US, ONE OF US etc.

Here, have some more JonnieUK.
>> No. 4240
File 136453291586.jpg - (663.08KB , 1700x2400 , EMPOWERED_3__s_tipsy_Emp_by_AdamWarren.jpg )
You piqued my interest, so I went and dug up two pics.

Definitely love to see more like these. Also, I really wish JohnnyUK would update more
>> No. 4241
File 136453298168.jpg - (179.73KB , 788x1013 , empowered__s_buzzed_ninjette_by_adamwarren-d3kbgwc.jpg )
>> No. 4242
File 136453389142.jpg - (656.44KB , 1471x491 , janedrunkfinal.jpg )
Eh... I don't 100% like how this turned out. I'll probably revisit the concept later.

Jane, having been lost in the jungle for days, eats fermented fruit.
>> No. 4244
Don't know if anyone's into fat/wg stuff, but I've done several pics that also relate to drunkeness as well. Here's one for example:


If anyone likes these, I'll link the others as well. If not, then I can delete this post
>> No. 4253
I can dig it.
>> No. 4254

Sweet, I'll post a few more then




>> No. 4275
File 136485710379.gif - (352.95KB , 400x400 , drunk_rapunzel_animation_by_dinosaurbarbecue-d3u9z.gif )
Welp, I'm out of ideas for edits. Anything you guys wanna see?
>> No. 4284
File 136487964770.png - (946.32KB , 1024x1602 , debbie_turnin___trix_by_dltoon-d35raxx.png )
How about Debbie Turnbull from Robotboy? Probably wouldn't be too hard considering the art style's very simple.
>> No. 4292
I'm willing to take a crack at it. Any idea where I can get decent quality caps of her?
>> No. 4293
>> No. 4364
File 136544929643.jpg - (65.69KB , 480x480 , toon-1.jpg )
>> No. 4373
File 136546721217.jpg - (128.85KB , 892x714 , 64d2cce2d6ef35cbf0aa6577f122580dfb2e4685.jpg )


It has begun.
>> No. 4388
I'm not sure I can get the caps I need from this... but you have inspired me. I'm going to mess around with an edit of Dexter's Mom or Mrs. Dr. Possible and KP.

I kinda like the idea of Mrs. Dr. Possible being drunk and hanging off Kim, who's sober and embarrassed.
>> No. 4390
File 136549954439.jpg - (477.47KB , 1333x1200 , MyleeneJonnieUK.jpg )
Very cool. I'm still having trouble getting the motivation to draw/edit as well. Don't know who I should draw.
>> No. 4408
Well, here are some ideas I had that didn't pan out. Maybe you can give 'em a shot!

-Nani passed out on the coach and having a happy drunken dream.
-Chel during "It's Tough to be a God" getting wasted on pulque.
-Ms. Pauling anything.
-*Insert Milf character here* giving *Insert hot daughter character here* first taste of booze and both of them going overboard.
>> No. 4470
File 136595095298.png - (240.66KB , 498x647 , Rose Sloshed.png )
So. . . Have you guys been reading Homestuck lately?
>> No. 4471
File 136595105837.png - (332.19KB , 1200x1304 , Rose Mug.png )
It's been getting weird lately.
>> No. 4472
File 136595121486.png - (732.67KB , 738x1000 , Rose Hug.png )
Like, "almost every major character has some form of substance abuse or addiction going on" kind of weird.
>> No. 4473
File 136595140345.png - (227.10KB , 750x750 , Rose Hiccup.png )
It's almost enough to to make a dipsophilia fan wonder about the artist's motives.
>> No. 4474
File 136595169520.png - (314.26KB , 1000x1333 , b824a9c3ca34d2e6e026111e5419a056.png )
But I'm sure it's just a function of the characters' angst and just being played for emotional angst, and not a carefully suppressed expression of the artist's fetishes like Humaninals was.
>> No. 4475
File 136595295443.gif - (15.18KB , 650x450 , 05401.gif )

>ROSE: For a guay whos's supposedly, an I quote, "so cool,"
>ROSE: You relly are almost comically up tight.
>ROSE: Here, why don't you have some...
>DAVE: no!
>ROSE: What a prune.
>ROSE: *Prude.
>ROSE: Hic.
>> No. 4476
File 136595458698.png - (484.56KB , 500x750 , tumblr_ml7kjqFPNo1r9wngto1_500.png )
I mean, I'm probably just reading way too far into it, right?
>> No. 4479
File 136598485313.png - (666.88KB , 1024x819 , TakDrunk.png )
>> No. 4512
File 136615859058.jpg - (240.08KB , 1000x1631 , Proposition.jpg )
>> No. 4520
File 136619880464.jpg - (164.29KB , 763x610 , Xmas+2008.jpg )
>> No. 4541
File 136638257280.png - (112.64KB , 672x896 , 1349397523743.png )
Insufficient content. Injecting moar
>> No. 4542
File 136638269544.png - (116.60KB , 432x336 , braceface.png )
>no Brace Face caps

You guys are such amateurs.
>> No. 4543
File 136638284744.png - (178.61KB , 385x381 , EMP.png )
We should get more Empowered all up in this
>> No. 4544
File 13663829031.jpg - (82.20KB , 612x827 , DB&Co1.jpg )
>> No. 4549
File 136639344636.png - (53.71KB , 416x512 , 1349397490537.png )
Everyday I'm keggin'
>> No. 4557
File 136641393673.jpg - (261.18KB , 679x522 , maddiedrunkfinal.jpg )
If anyone wants to give me tips on how to do blush, I'd love to hear them.

I feel like I'm losing my edge.
>> No. 4559
File 136643253962.png - (67.36KB , 416x308 , blush_example.png )
I do it in Photoshop. They way I do it though is I first use a soft edged brush and choose a light pink color. Then I color in her cheeks, nose, etc on a separate layer, use a "Multiply" blending mode for the layer, and then lightly erase whatever isn't needed with a soft-edged brush (if it's needed of course).

Here's an example of what I do. This comes from one of my drunk/fatty-related pictures, so I didn't include the whole thing just in case people don't care for fatties
>> No. 4560
Almost forgot, you should also use a Gaussian blur on the blush to spread it out more.
>> No. 4586
Thanks for the tip, mate. If you're looking for the fat thread, it's right over here:
>> No. 4587
I know dude, I post my stuff in both threads
>> No. 4653
File 136697728049.jpg - (365.45KB , 1239x1995 , ChristmasJonnieUK.jpg )
>> No. 4678
File 13671571135.jpg - (32.62KB , 306x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest01.jpg )
>> No. 4679
File 136715733864.jpg - (24.65KB , 253x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest02.jpg )
>> No. 4680
File 136715758836.jpg - (32.72KB , 341x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest03.jpg )
>> No. 4681
File 136715771314.jpg - (21.16KB , 247x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest04.jpg )
>> No. 4682
File 136715855894.jpg - (25.07KB , 268x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest05.jpg )
>> No. 4683
File 136715911845.jpg - (25.01KB , 341x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest06.jpg )

You know, on reflection, sometimes I wonder if this isn't the creepiest of all my fetishes.

More so than pet play or brainwashing, even.
>> No. 4684
File 136716035328.jpg - (24.47KB , 282x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest07.jpg )
>> No. 4686
File 136716265588.jpg - (31.26KB , 384x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest08.jpg )
>> No. 4687
File 136716361012.jpg - (27.85KB , 384x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest09.jpg )

>Watch, as the male and the female of the species begin their complex courtship dance!
>> No. 4688
File 13671640906.jpg - (27.31KB , 280x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest10.jpg )
>> No. 4689
File 136716413134.jpg - (30.14KB , 300x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest11.jpg )
>> No. 4690
File 136716511146.jpg - (26.67KB , 300x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest12.jpg )
>> No. 4691
File 136716546671.jpg - (29.13KB , 276x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest13.jpg )
>> No. 4692
File 136716597240.jpg - (32.02KB , 300x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest14.jpg )
>> No. 4693
File 136716604832.jpg - (28.80KB , 293x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest15.jpg )
>> No. 4694
File 136716760667.jpg - (25.51KB , 283x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest16.jpg )
>> No. 4695
File 136716824997.jpg - (27.59KB , 300x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest17.jpg )
>> No. 4738
File 136762637130.jpg - (24.17KB , 300x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest18.jpg )
>> No. 4739
File 136762653250.jpg - (31.64KB , 300x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest19.jpg )
>> No. 4740
File 136762722810.jpg - (22.82KB , 248x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest20.jpg )
>> No. 4741
File 136762752610.jpg - (28.71KB , 300x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest21.jpg )
>> No. 4851
File 136792766736.jpg - (26.75KB , 259x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest22.jpg )
>> No. 4852
File 136792771124.jpg - (29.35KB , 300x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest23.jpg )
>> No. 4853
File 136792778826.jpg - (37.48KB , 300x400 , Dunsel_SpringBreakConquest24.jpg )

Le fin.

>And everything turned out better than expected
>> No. 4854
File 136792785513.jpg - (87.64KB , 1110x810 , DEBBIE-MermaidTrouble1.jpg )
>> No. 4856
File 136792826399.jpg - (227.88KB , 1280x919 , drunken titslut.jpg )
"Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug"
>> No. 4857
File 136792851248.png - (443.13KB , 709x859 , alcoholic_party_dress_by_squidbiscuit-d40ziiq.png )
Does background drunkenness count?
>> No. 4885
File 136795866643.jpg - (49.56KB , 900x298 , giselle_gets_crept_up_on_by_onlyxsfan-d4rflfn.jpg )
Any drunk chicks count dude.
>> No. 4900
File 136797639497.jpg - (1.02MB , 1000x1241 , 1350698162915.jpg )
>> No. 5185
File 136896789435.jpg - (303.39KB , 1036x1429 , PleaseJonnieUK.jpg )
Bless you, JonnieUK. You give us hope that maybe we won't have to settle for censored Disney drunkenness clips and poorly written doujins.
>> No. 5187
File 136898863192.jpg - (25.84KB , 220x314 , sad-batman.jpg )
>I should really do more edits for that /pco/ threa-
>> No. 5209
File 136909510465.gif - (49.74KB , 508x508 , 259.gif )

Edits are fine.

But actual porn > edits, every time. Well, unless you're really, really good with Photoshop. Then you can just shop vaginas all over everything, and create UBERPORN!
>> No. 5434
File 136988106354.jpg - (511.69KB , 2339x1653 , happy_new_year_from_the_gals_by_hzblunte-d5q052d.jpg )
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