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  • 08/21/12 - Poll ended; /cod/ split off as a new board from /pco/.

File 135681250538.png - (185.51KB , 768x855 , 1356740820703.png )
2911 No. 2911
Despite plus4chan having a nervous fucking breakdown we must persevere in the pursuit of fattiness.
Also a helpful hint, if you get a 503 or gateway timeout after making a post, don't refresh, it'll just make duplicates.
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>> No. 2912
File 135681453921.jpg - (87.74KB , 645x768 , JadeSolutionGouly.jpg )
Source, please?

Also, have a fat Jade
>> No. 2915
File 135682205895.jpg - (323.43KB , 700x700 , 1356736815844.jpg )
it's from /co/
>> No. 2918
File 135682939364.jpg - (272.02KB , 980x983 , 1356326628792.jpg )
seems like we're mostly back to normal now.
thank goodness
>> No. 2919
Dustin, you really need to get a devianart art or someplace where we can acess all your art easily. Please?
>> No. 2922
File 135683329022.png - (245.05KB , 750x900 , kpbm.png )
They told me I should come here
>> No. 2923
File 135683341364.png - (861.94KB , 1272x928 , tumblr_mfddowzTbH1rks3sgo1_1280.png )
good to see you made it Cube
you'll fit right in
>> No. 2924
File 13568380952.jpg - (294.03KB , 1754x1241 , cm___kitty_wants_her_milk_by_axel_rosered-d4jzuv9.jpg )
Happy Caturday !
>> No. 2925
Hooray it's Cube!
>> No. 2926
>nobody on /cod/ will surprise us with a glorious picture of stuffed cats one magical caturday

feels bad man
>> No. 2927
the board has been hovering between dead and alive for several days now, I can't say as I blame anyone for not drawing anything.
>> No. 2928
File 135684443761.jpg - (134.65KB , 700x700 , 1356780509050.jpg )
That'd be mine, thank you

Here's the semi-completed version. Hope he plans on finishing it.

Good to see you here Cube. I've seen your drunk stuff on inflatechan. You're one pretty awesome dude! Hope to see more!
>> No. 2929
File 135684456790.png?spoiler - (414.05KB , 1023x750 , paluslob.png?spoiler )
the unfortunate thing is my mo is mostly video game girls and not really cartoon/comic girls

case in point
>> No. 2930
File 135684506564.png - (158.36KB , 640x480 , toot_huge_gut.png )
As long as you draw some more drunk stuff here, I don't mind at all.
>> No. 2931
It's all good bro, a couple vidya girls won't hurt anyone. Just remember to do more cartoon or comic ladies when you can!
>> No. 2932
I'll try to finish it when I get a change, how could I possibly turn down Toot? Just gotta fix up the gas, gotta find a way to make it look good.
>> No. 2933
File 135685085947.jpg - (350.59KB , 1920x1200 , 1333775188103.jpg )
All those annoying Spinerette threads on /co/ reminded me of how Greta gets more powerful the fatter she is
>> No. 2934
>Spinnerette Annoying
>> No. 2939
Zelda had a cartoon!
>> No. 2940
He does, he just doesn't update on there often
>> No. 2941
That's not Zelda, that's Palutena.
>> No. 2943
File 135688760041.jpg - (333.17KB , 1280x1024 , a_surplus_of_starfire_sketches_by_hewhite-d57zogd.jpg )
>> No. 2944
aw SHIT son that's kawaii
>> No. 2947
he's right

they're threads full of people screaming to high heaven that Spinerette isn't a blatant fetish comic and is a legit superhero story
>> No. 2952
File 135691884383.jpg - (307.20KB , 1920x1200 , 1333775123450.jpg )
Don't care for the comic myself but more Greta is never a bad thing with me.
>> No. 2958
File 135693693273.png - (189.47KB , 512x384 , toot_fat.png )
So who's ready for the New year then?

And anyone willing to draw some drunken fatties for the special occasion?
>> No. 2965
Draw them all in explicit detail so I can make a pin up calender and email it to Matt Silverstein and Dave Jesser!
>> No. 2976
I remember this was from yet another thread that was spammed to death with futa. And yesterday there was a Power Girl thread that had ONE picture of her fat that was deleted entirely.
When did /co/ become such a shithole?
>> No. 2980
File 135697680767.png - (469.46KB , 1536x2048 , maleficent_by_kawaiidebu-d5k10zb.png )
I'm pretty sure the futa-spammer is just one obsessive sociopath (likely the same one who killed those drawthreads earlier in the year), but yeah, as of late the mods and janitors on /co/ are ridiculously incompetent.
>> No. 2986
more of these please?
>> No. 2987
File 135699670489.jpg - (86.31KB , 650x919 , 1291968346635.jpg )
There's never enough.
>> No. 2988
File 135699687725.jpg - (536.64KB , 1280x2630 , 1330645176251.jpg )
>> No. 2992
File 135699751058.png - (716.27KB , 1266x720 , Jenny.png )
Thank you. That stuff doesn't really belong here.
>> No. 2993
Who is this lady? I like her large bottom. Post moar of her!
>> No. 2994
File 135699781430.png - (130.10KB , 279x230 , brandy_bloated.png )
Some woman named Jenny from American Dad. It's just an edit I made.
>> No. 2997
File 135700933547.png - (147.67KB , 1280x720 , butt_stuck.png )
Since someone already posted my New Year's pic, have two more edits.
>> No. 2998
File 135700946430.png - (482.78KB , 1000x569 , 135587748360.png )
>> No. 3006
Just wanted to say AGAIN that your edits RULE so hard, especially that Tina Hellman one. My favorite cap made even better!

You rock, Mr. Mystery Man.
>> No. 3007
Happy New Year you lovable ole fat fappers
>> No. 3009
File 135702048823.png - (138.34KB , 616x567 , 134862398358.png )
Thanks Dustin. Unfortunately, I'll be taking another unexpected long break. For the past few months, I've been focusing too much on this kind of stuff and I definitely need a break from it to sort things out. Sorry if this disappoints anyone, but I hope all of the edits and pics made it worthwhile. I'll chime in once in a while, but not as often as I used to. Anyway, hope you all have a great New Year's and see ya'll when I see ya.

Here's a re-post of one of my favorite pics I've done, hope you all enjoy again. And Dustin, I'd LOVE to see your take on this in the future.
>> No. 3012
File 135705692524.jpg - (1.25MB , 3000x1686 , you_sound_familiar__have_we_met__by_tubbytoon-d5q0.jpg )
>> No. 3019
File 135707281355.jpg - (882.15KB , 1240x1754 , new_year__s_in_ooo_by_axel_rosered-d5q26cs.jpg )
>> No. 3025
File 135708677836.jpg - (133.38KB , 1554x611 , Helen WG.jpg )
>> No. 3027
File 135710963030.png - (149.05KB , 616x567 , 3jxczzop.png )
>> No. 3037
File 135717225160.png - (325.35KB , 640x359 , 1357168704403.png )
Should've been pancakes.
>> No. 3038
File 135717413766.jpg - (516.92KB , 1600x1300 , BBW Ilana.jpg )
We never did get her bursting out of her armor.
>> No. 3039
File 135717779781.png - (255.50KB , 640x359 , S1e5_Wendy's_reaction_to_the_Lamby_Lamby_Danc.png )
Well, how about we have both? Anyone willing to take on the challenge of drawing a pancake-stuffed Wendy?
>> No. 3040
Dipper's helping train Wendy for a pancake eating contest. He's had the weirdest boner throughout the whole experience.
>> No. 3041
>> No. 3043
So you were the one who suggested that in the Wendy thread? Cool

Now we just need someone to draw it (and the aftermath of the contest). I'm kind of surprised there isn't more fatty art of her.
>> No. 3044
File 135718322783.png - (123.54KB , 695x576 , peejwip2_zpse6e69be2.png )

I'm in talks with a guy for a whole bunch of OC for this thread. Sit tight and I'll see if I can get him to do this next.
>> No. 3045
File 135718367647.png - (118.72KB , 406x356 , french_kitty_bloated.png )
Aweseome! In the meantime, have one last Kitty edit.
>> No. 3046
File 135718481313.jpg - (147.45KB , 720x720 , 1357180450543.jpg )

oh gee oh golly
>> No. 3047

I thought the idea was that her armor form also became sympathetically fatter, because Advanced Metalunan Technology?
>> No. 3077
>Greta gets more powerful the fatter she is

...and this ISN'T a fetish comic?
>> No. 3078
File 135727015632.jpg - (249.46KB , 606x1100 , SupportPlease.jpg )

Oh, it's a fetish comic. But there's no weight gain or BBW content. That would be GUH-ROSS because it's not what the author's "into."

You know it to be true.
>> No. 3080
File 135727076731.png - (391.83KB , 963x642 , everyone is shaggy.png )
A hypno thread on /co/, of all places, yielded a new WG scenario for us to play with.

There IS Heather's fat suit. It's kind of an off-shoot of the BBW fetish.
>> No. 3081
File 135727133844.png - (66.18KB , 1197x464 , sofa bender.png )
what's with all the fat stuff in /co/ today?
there's also a thread about fat sumo Korra

Fess up, who's doing it?
>> No. 3082
File 135727289359.jpg - (247.91KB , 895x2000 , SUE-Lonely2MR.jpg )
Huh, I thought I was the only one who liked this guy's stuff. I just wish he would fatten up the women more
>> No. 3083
Well, I admit I posted the Scooby image in the hypno thread, and added this scenario to a Lilo & Stitch thread, but I had little to do with Sumo Korra.
>> No. 3084
File 135727414219.jpg - (138.92KB , 942x804 , lilo the bbw model.jpg )
THIS scenario, I mean.
>> No. 3085
>population-wide weight gain through subtle social manipulation

Right in the ridiculously specific subfetish!
>> No. 3086
File 13572825217.png - (267.89KB , 768x772 , korra_wip.png )
Still taking a bit of a break, but after seeing the recent Korra thread on /co/ I couldn't help myself.
>> No. 3087
File 135729506310.png - (315.12KB , 1160x1100 , Stuffed_Korra.png )
And it's done, enjoy!

Now back to that hiatus
>> No. 3088
Oh DEFINITELY want to see this.
>> No. 3089
Goddamn man you get better every time I see you.
The detailing on the navel there is fantastic. Your hiatus is well deserved.
>> No. 3090
File 135730775291.jpg - (571.64KB , 1256x1600 , ice cream.jpg )

I think I'm going to need sunglasses to handle fat of this magnitude. . .

Did you study the still of her belching in the show to get her face accurate in this one? I rather think you did.
>> No. 3091
File 135730888938.gif - (0.99MB , 500x632 , 1357276432013.gif )
Clearly, but I like his better because of the way her right eye is kinda only half open.
>> No. 3093
Thanks very much!

Yep, that's right. Went with that face since it shows how much of an"airbender" she can really be
>> No. 3099
Speaking of said Korra thread, I'd say the Foolz link to it would be rather welcome here, no?

>> No. 3102
Can't believe it lasted so long.
I think sometimes the janitors fucking fall asleep.
>> No. 3103
Well how else do you explain the Jane and Lilo threads still staying up?
>> No. 3104
That and the other one disappeared after midnight
it's becoming more and more obvious the resident fun hating mod/janitor pops in around 11:30-12:30 and deletes threads that are sexy (not just our brand of sexy) or fetish related in any way if they see them.
>> No. 3105
I don't think the janitor got it. I went to bed around midnight, and it was on page 10 at that time.
>> No. 3107
File 135743505091.jpg - (282.35KB , 900x1400 , 1357434252025.jpg )
needs some amazing world of gumball...
>> No. 3109
File 135743708578.png - (153.21KB , 695x432 , peejsequence_2.png )
Hey there! I'm that someone he's referring to. I posted a few things in the last thread and I plan to post a lot more in this one.

Here's a preview of a sequence I should have done for you guys soon.
>> No. 3110
File 135743951261.jpg - (937.74KB , 2960x1752 , 1357433748647.jpg )
great work. can't wait to see more. any chance we'll see some burps/hiccups in it?
>> No. 3111
There's a VERY high chance of both those things.
A 100 percent chance, in fact!
>> No. 3113
File 135744166865.jpg - (18.40KB , 640x480 , 1354079607698.jpg )
Everybody commission this bro, you'll get good stuff for dirt cheap and won't have to deal with DA prima donnas bleeding you for an arm and a leg for something you have no idea will turn out the way you want.
>> No. 3114
File 135744255649.jpg - (116.91KB , 600x600 , 1356824547067.jpg )
>> No. 3115
Ohhh, man, I'm looking forward to it already.
>> No. 3116
Fat Cartoon Girls "Badonkadonk" - Tubby Toonsyoutube thumb
>> No. 3118
Been way too long since we had some fat Peej. Looks cool!
>> No. 3119
File 135744949761.png - (201.84KB , 835x374 , 135363092797.png )
Well, let's repost some good ones then.
>> No. 3120
File 135744965928.png - (618.58KB , 1400x980 , 135365141110.png )
>> No. 3123
Do you have a DA or a tumblr, dude? I love your work so far.
>> No. 3124
File 135746683685.jpg - (182.76KB , 900x1165 , too_much_female_growth_hormone_by_tg4life-d5qgu51.jpg )
>> No. 3129
File 135749782694.jpg - (235.99KB , 1000x737 , 135735999950.jpg )
Because /co/ drove the very idea of fat Power Girl into the ground over the years. But more power to anyone who can squeeze any more life out of it.
>> No. 3138
File 135751646453.jpg - (200.11KB , 638x928 , 31636175.jpg )
Even Japan's doing it!
>> No. 3140
Can they do it well, at least?
>> No. 3142
Ooh, where'd that pic come from?
>> No. 3143
a bad place
>> No. 3157
Loving these fatty threads. Some of the edits and original drawings here serve as great idea inspiration and general reference material for creating quality fat toon bellies.
>> No. 3161
File 135759793435.jpg - (1.31MB , 2279x1080 , 1357534072509.jpg )
>> No. 3163
Sure. Does he have an e-mail?
>> No. 3169
File 135761908262.jpg - (112.52KB , 722x556 , 1357536290877.jpg )
>> No. 3179
File 135764151163.jpg - (91.11KB , 354x582 , 08-20-09 01 05.jpg )

Anyone interested hit him up there, hands down best I've ever worked with.
>> No. 3182
is there a nicole watterson version of this?
>> No. 3184
File 135766885911.jpg - (8.40KB , 278x210 , _______.jpg )
how is this even possible!?
>> No. 3185
File 135767169926.png - (3.95MB , 1536x2048 , commission___galacta_by_kawaiidebu-d3884cx.png )

>Astronomers have discovered what appears to be colossal belch from a massive black hole at the heart of a distant galaxy.

First thing I thought of.
>> No. 3186
File 135767260581.jpg - (100.90KB , 600x1214 , Galacta1.jpg )

Now all we have to do is combine Galacta. . . and this.


>her face when space beer
>> No. 3187
Molly version please
>> No. 3190
My mind immediately went to that Simpsons comic with Homer as Galactus.
>> No. 3195
File 135769645617.png - (254.50KB , 839x1055 , 1330756087675.png )
>> No. 3196
Did someone say Space Beer?
Tankard - Space Beeryoutube thumb
>> No. 3216
File 135775327799.jpg - (640.73KB , 1584x2288 , fertility goddess jane 3.jpg )
Notes and ideas from the Fertility Goddess Jane thread the other day.
>> No. 3217
File 135775449180.jpg - (1.05MB , 681x1035 , JaneFertilityGoddessStory.jpg )
And the story from a few months ago.
>> No. 3218
Huh, this thread reminds me of a Writing fic I stumbled upon once... Something about Azula developing a chi-block that takes away one's bending ability unless they're digesting food. Hilarity ensues.
>> No. 3221
You mean this one? The one with artwork to go with several chapters?

I think the bending thing has to do with the chi being screwed up. Something like as a Fire Bender Azula can manipulate chi as a form of energy. But instead of being able to cook someone from the inside out with their own Chi she just upset the normal balance.
>> No. 3222
didn't paste link
>> No. 3225
File 135779072823.jpg - (608.60KB , 750x1000 , jubilee__welcome_to_pie_8_by_royaljellysandwich-d5.jpg )
>> No. 3227
File 135779850236.png - (18.76KB , 1855x165 , The beast!.png )
>Helen's Badonkadonk can be measured on richter scales
>> No. 3230
File 135781514247.png - (78.64KB , 160x265 , tumblr_mcv9t5C4fp1rvgbuio1_250.png )
I love the whole premise of this but man I wish this guy were a better artist and his art didn't look like some kind of newspaper strip for young kids.
>> No. 3231
>Violet stumbles on Helen's true form
>"So that's why the house shakes"
>> No. 3232
File 135783932117.png - (390.79KB , 750x871 , commission__retro_space_pinup_by_idle_minded-d5k8d.png )
>> No. 3233
File 135784200388.png - (650.11KB , 500x2426 , the_worst_x_men_fanfic_by_idle_minded-d5ja7g9.png )
>> No. 3234
File 135784263753.png - (446.66KB , 900x1200 , daisy.png )
>> No. 3236
File 135784654587.jpg - (62.10KB , 800x1145 , sexy lady.jpg )
>> No. 3237
yeah... kinda reminds me of the kids menu at a restaurant. it doesn't help all the artist draws regularly is furry shit.

oh well
>> No. 3238
File 135785073740.jpg - (777.74KB , 1271x1920 , leah 4.jpg )
If you're gonna complain, can you at least post stuff that you think is better?
>> No. 3239
Yeah, that's the one... Shame that it appears to be on permanent hiatus and some of the art's gone offline
>> No. 3244
Thats weird... Imageshack fucked with the urls
Fixed it now I think, at least all the images loaded for me when I clicked them.
If they aren't showing up for anyone else link me to the chapter they are in so I can see.
>> No. 3269
File 135792173148.jpg - (1.11MB , 2000x1500 , sugar_rush_by_ilikapie-d5r3nol.jpg )
>> No. 3270
File 135792960497.png - (603.08KB , 1024x738 , commission__fat_cat__s_wonder_wedgie_by_ray_norr-d.png )
>> No. 3277
File 135797040495.png - (134.21KB , 683x930 , tophbeiflub.png )
>> No. 3279
File 135797838561.jpg - (36.10KB , 512x384 , KAY OSS.jpg )
>Dat cellulite
Oh lawd, yes

Also no fatty images of this /co/ beauty? I'm surprised.
>> No. 3281
File 135801119998.png - (109.55KB , 313x234 , Eris.png )

I have a list as long as my arm of /co/ girls who get no attention at all, and while I appreciate the guy above spending his (presumably) hard-earned money on the Power Girl images I really think we've reached a point where we should stop with her and focus on some other characters. I understand /co/'s general boner for PG but at this rate we might as well rename these threads the Fat Power Girl Power Hour because she hogs all the attention. Where's the Rogue, the Natu, the Mary Marvel, the Black Canary, the Zatanna art? ANYTHING but PG for god sake.
>> No. 3283
File 135801392558.jpg - (599.73KB , 750x1000 , jubilee__welcome_to_pie_9_by_royaljellysandwich-d5.jpg )
>> No. 3285
Get out your checkbook then, instead of dictating what other people should or shouldn't get.
>> No. 3286

I drew a fatty Eris a while back as a request, but I'm not really proud of how it turned out.
>> No. 3288
I understand. We all have art works we're not proud of, I wouldn't ask you to post it if you didn't feel comfortable with it.
>> No. 3309
File 135817119224.png - (734.05KB , 1280x1474 , 1358143735680.png )
Thundercats, grow!!. . .
>> No. 3315
File 135823259646.png - (2.59MB , 2000x2000 , Fat Aya (1).png )
>> No. 3319
File 135827202929.jpg - (1.48MB , 3000x3216 , cat_back_scratch_fever_by_tubbytoon-d5rjnxl.jpg )
>> No. 3321
>> No. 3323
fat robot fat robot

how did she get here?

fat robot fat robot

what does she want?

fat robot fat robot

she wants snaaaaaacks

fat robot fat robot

she'll never stop
>> No. 3324
I don't understand either.
>> No. 3326
File 135829642537.jpg - (6.90KB , 480x360 , 0.jpg )
>> No. 3328
File 135830314971.jpg - (813.13KB , 2286x2076 , mon_petit_camion_a_benne_basculante_by_tubbytoon-d.jpg )
>> No. 3338
Time to dump some writefaggotry because bbwchan's /elite/ has shit for constructive criticism and I don't want grimdark Lemonfont in the top slot of my porn board.

>"Shit! Run! It's the coppers!" Harleen Quinzel did her best Fred Flinstone impression and skedaddled as sirens began approaching. Her newest macabre plan, a giant wind-up boxing glove designed to smash through the safe of the First National Boss Tweed Bank, gave one limp-wristed waggle in the direction of the approaching cruisers and then fell over.

>"Aw, titmice," sighed Harley, her trademark wonky accent tinged with sorrow as she slipped into the shadows. Sneaking into her secret pie warehouse base, she threw herself down on the pile of whoopee cushions she was using as a bed. "Plotting is so dang hard. THINKING is hard! I wish I had Mistah J. . ."

>"Feeling sorry for yourself again?" Looking up, Harley found herself staring up the leafy skirts of none other than Poison Ivy, hanging from the ceiling by vines. Blushing slightly under her makeup, Harley turned away, grabbing a pie from the shelf.

>"Aw, Red, it's good to see ya but it's no use tryin' ta cheer me up. I'm inconsolabatable!" She sniffled as she started digging into the lemon meringue pie, which had been specially treated by the local Mostess company for maximum preservative quality.

>"I wasn't trying to cheer you up, you absurd clown," snorted Poison Ivy, sliding down on a vine to stand over the unhappy jester girl. "I was just hiding in here from Batman. He's liable to come crashing through the window any moment now."

>"R-really?" Harley blew her nose on her jester's hat, exposing her tousled blonde hair before shoving it back on her head and digging into the pie, her stomach swelling slightly as she ingested the patented Mostess Phat-E recipe. "Ow'd oo get riff of himf?"

>"Found a bomb to throw at him. He can never seem to get rid of those." Unaware that Bats was now running up and down a pier holding the entirely inactive C4 over his head, Poison Ivy opened another pie box for her fellow supervillain. "I suppose the least I can do while I'm here is help you with your grief parade. What are you moaning about, anyway?"

>"Oh, Red," blubbered Harley, taking the new pie and slamming her face straight through the crust into its cherry-mush interior, "mmmf glrph glf gmbmbn! Omf nomf nomf gromf nomf."

>Poison Ivy realized quickly that Harley's bitching over her own ineptitude and failure to measure up to the Joker could be stifled. . . with pie. Wishing her hiding place to be as tranquil as possible, she quickly came up with a plan: 1) Give Harley the pie. 2) Watch in amusement as whatever was in those pies continued to expand Harley's rapidly bloating middle, making her easy prey for a vengeful Batman when he arrived. "Aw. Poor thing," she said unconvincingly. "Have another one."

>Harley, never the brightest girl on the block, simply groaned "thankew" around a mouthful of pie and dug in. Fisting whole hanfuls of pie from each box into her mouth, the mopey clown woman grew by leaps and bounds. Soft, almost endearing folds of flesh began to bulge under her costume, followed by the sound of Spandex stretching as her breasts thickened and her thighs widened to Jenny Craig proportions.

>"I jush can't sheemf to get thif whole thoopervillain thing down!" Harley whined, spraying wet crumbs all over the place. "Ever fince Mifter J went to jail I juft. . . Omf nomf gromf grfl flrf!" She forewent speaking for eating for quite some time, a blessing on Poison Ivy's ears. But the eating was supplemented by more absurd developments in Harley's physiology.

>Flaring out like a photoshopped Frank Frazetta drawing, her hips went from curvy to fat, from fat to enormous. Her stomach, now a portly paunch that oozed out onto her thighs, began to pop the seams on her costume. Seemingly oblivious, she ate and ate until she was a pie-splattered postergirl for the nation's obesity crisis, a hilarious jiggling mess of red black and white makeup. Then Harley finally noticed her rump was approaching Buick dimensions, and REALLY began to cry. "Oh, God dammit," Ivy growled, reaching for another pie. . .

>But there was no time, because the GOD DAMN BATMAN came through the window! Doing a somersault onto a crate of pies with a picture of a pig on it, he pointed at the two of them. "Harley! Ivy!" he growled, his cleft chin clefting. "It's time to pay for your. . . Uh. What are you. . ."

>"Quick! While he's distracted!" Ivy cackled, dragging Harley up and over to the side door. Diving through it, she waited for the inevitable sound: of overfed flesh meeting doorframe. And then she smiled.

>"Awww. Looks like someone's had a little too much to eat?" Harley was stuck in the door, her huge gut and mammoth ass cramming her into the space like the Pillsbury mascot being wedged into a toaster. "Maybe someone shouldn't have been such a whiny pig, huh?" Harley whimpered. "Or maybe," Ivy giggled, spinning the last pie on her finger, "someone's still a little hungry?"

>Harley, mouth still stuffed with pie, shook her head as Batman approached like a living shadow from behind. "Nmffff!"

>"What's that?" Ivy cocked her head. "Can't hear you over all that pie in your fat face." Before Harley had a chance to answer, Ivy jammed the pie into her craw, shoving and squishing it past her lips. "Eat it, piggy."

>Harley's body finished the progress from slim to huge, puffing out like rising bread to fill the entire doorway, folds of costume-clad flesh hanging off of her like spandex-coated Jell-o. Her cheeks puffed out in a single pie-smelling burp as Ivy fled into the night.

>"So long, sucker. . ."

>Meanwhile, Batman gingerly prodded Harley's gigantic rear, watching it wiggle like jelly. "What the hell," he mused grimly, "did I just watch?"
>> No. 3344
I understand it's porn but it seems really out of character for Ivy to so callously disregard and abandon Harley
>> No. 3345
File 135837088420.png - (549.42KB , 466x632 , 1358370184631.png )
>> No. 3353
File 135839330494.jpg - (388.50KB , 1280x1433 , haunted_buffet_by_thepervertwithin-d5rq012.jpg )
>> No. 3369
Hey Donut, do you have a messenger of any sort?
>> No. 3370
Hey donut, you got a messenger?

(if this doubleposts I will be annoyed. Goddamn it p4c.)
>> No. 3372
No, but I could get a Skype and what have you pretty easily.
I'm out now but I'm gonna try and get the finished sequence up later tonight, I'll post all my miscelaneous contact stuff then.
>> No. 3373

Kickass. I wanna throw money at you for art but I prefer IMs as it's easier to clarify details when it's, well, instant messages.
>> No. 3392
File 135864501651.jpg - (52.43KB , 620x467 , 1358644419854.jpg )
Walt Disney's Reason and Emotionyoutube thumb

Can you control your emotions /cod/?
>> No. 3393
Can't control image of "fatty" Emotion having her way with Reason.
>> No. 3394
File 135865866544.jpg - (88.20KB , 1383x999 , Untitled.jpg )
n-no I can't!
>> No. 3398
File 135866317880.png - (215.72KB , 800x1000 , 1358662735139.png )
>> No. 3399
File 135866901639.png - (61.36KB , 720x540 , 1358667247326.png )
/cod/ you must simply learn to control these lewd emotions!
>> No. 3400
File 135866911759.gif - (493.79KB , 400x305 , 1358665352704.gif )
If you don't, the nazis win!
>> No. 3406
File 135869883766.jpg - (316.87KB , 775x1000 , 1358075520318.jpg )


>dat weight gain graph
>dat double chin
>dat pudgy redhead Emotion

All of my cartoon HNNGH
>> No. 3409
been around for a while, just never made it onto the common WG circles. I recall some picture posted on FA a while back based on it.
>> No. 3410
who's art is that and where can i find more?
>> No. 3411
File 135871216611.jpg - (95.38KB , 534x1023 , 135571338723.jpg )
who's art is this and where can i find more?
>> No. 3413
File 135872273285.png - (107.74KB , 504x432 , peej1.png )
>> No. 3414
File 135872304016.png - (153.28KB , 695x432 , peej2.png )
Now, I know what you're thinking - "Now Donut, the comics have established that Kara wears her costume under her street clothes, so it doesn't make sense that -"
>> No. 3415
File 13587230884.png - (178.48KB , 695x468 , peej3.png )
Oh, you're not?

Alright then, that saves me a lot of hamfisted writefaggotry
>> No. 3416
File 135872312492.png - (111.01KB , 504x432 , peej4.png )
>> No. 3417
File 135872314597.png - (108.15KB , 576x432 , peej5.png )
>> No. 3418
File 135872317554.png - (126.52KB , 576x446 , peej6.png )
>> No. 3419
File 13587232053.png - (111.70KB , 432x432 , peej7.png )
>> No. 3420
File 135872338394.png - (144.68KB , 695x432 , peej8.png )
Aaand that's a wrap! I hope it was worth the weight.
(For the anon who asked, you can reach me in the future either at my email or at "DonutBronut" on Skype.)
>> No. 3421
A. Maz. Ing.
>> No. 3422
File 135872443249.jpg - (14.80KB , 295x303 , 1348444925949.jpg )
>> No. 3425
File 135872859996.jpg - (41.77KB , 624x476 , 1250577705297.jpg )
Any chance we could get all these in one image for easier reposting?
>> No. 3426
Sure thing! I won't be able to post it tonight since my Internet problems at home have forced me to alternate between my phone and the donut place near my house to get online as of late, but I'll have this sequence confined to a single handy image as soon as I can put it up.
>> No. 3427
(The moniker of "Donut" stems from me having to come up with a new email on the fly while in said donut shop a month or so back, for that matter.)
>> No. 3428
it was worth the weight
>> No. 3429
File 135873789416.png - (873.24KB , 840x1011 , erie_by_theneverwere.png )

I actually got a request for her. Just came out. Didn't ask for WG (I actually forgot to add that in the note) but still good!
>> No. 3431
File 135874224145.png - (360.38KB , 633x480 , 134922847745.png )

Excellent job man! You rock! I wish I had enough time/patience to do a sequence like this. Maybe when/if I ever get out of this slump I'll give it a shot
>> No. 3434
File 135874817082.png - (1.47MB , 3500x1536 , commission_sequence___eri_by_kawaiidebu-d3e9k0f.png )
Good sequences are sorely lacking around here so more power to anyone willing to do em.
>> No. 3437

do you have a gallery or anything where we can see all your stuff?
>> No. 3443
File 135884555831.png - (288.70KB , 500x473 , fatty_eris.png )
Have a manip of her
>> No. 3444
File 135884676379.png - (167.58KB , 323x449 , eris_fatty_2.png )
>> No. 3445
File 135884952933.png - (186.11KB , 330x465 , eris_fatty_3.png )
last one
>> No. 3446
File 135885005820.jpg - (35.97KB , 442x348 , Flab_Burger_Eris.jpg )
Hope you guys liked the manips. Probably not the greatest quality, but I thought you guys might enjoy them.

Also, for any drawfriends who have time, would anyone be willing to do a fatty/slobby version of Eris in her Flab Burger outfit (Pic related)?
>> No. 3447

Amazing work!
>> No. 3448
File 135885701012.png - (224.76KB , 318x498 , minerva_bloated.png )
One more for tonight.

Surprised there isn't more Minerva-related content anywhere.
>> No. 3449
There's a lot of characters that can said about...

Great work, as always!
>> No. 3452
File 135888667226.png - (390.93KB , 1280x720 , huge_honey.png )
More Honey Buttowski for you guys.

Any suggestions for other characters you'd all like to see? I'm on a morphing kick right now, and I don't know how long it'll last.
>> No. 3453
Joan or Cleo from Clone High?

I tried to do a WG edit once on Joan and fucked it all up.
>> No. 3454
I imagine it's very hard to add curves to a character made of nothing but straight lines.
>> No. 3455
Susan Long? Jillian? Desiree?......Leela?
>> No. 3456
Any of the Wakfu girls
>> No. 3457
File 135889312523.png - (616.62KB , 1280x960 , amy_leela.png )

Sorry guys, this was the only good quality screencap I could find of any of those characters. At least you get Amy as a bonus though.

Sorry, I technically don't know any of those characters.
>> No. 3458
Nani from Lilo & Stitch?
>> No. 3460
File 135890593717.jpg - (33.77KB , 641x481 , 1353103269780.jpg )
Frankie from fosters
<- screenshot
>> No. 3461
Might be too difficult, but Jenny from My Life as a Teenage Robot?
>> No. 3464
File 135891462868.png - (377.46KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2012-11-22-04h15m22s81.png )
>> No. 3465
File 135891576837.jpg - (273.29KB , 650x365 , mabel smile dip.jpg )
>> No. 3466
File 135891644157.png - (275.90KB , 640x480 , Kitty_bloated.png )
Well, we have a winner. Sorry guys, I tried the other suggestions but nothing turned out very good. Anyway, that's all for a while unless someone else wants to give these a try.
>> No. 3467
no offense old pal but while we all appreciate the morphs I think many of us preferred it when you drew stuff
fuck in general these threads need more artists, you and Mr Donut can't shoulder all of the workload
>> No. 3489
File 135894759441.jpg - (1.27MB , 6300x562 , Sarah.jpg )

Writefag here, I can't draw for shit but if you guys are up for some fat fiction I can provide that.
>> No. 3491

That's some fine work. Also, if you're looking for quality screencaps for next time, you can check out Worlds Finest over here http://worldsfinestonline.com/WF/sections/series/

They have pretty good caps for cape comic women, like your Harleys, Supergirls and what have you.
>> No. 3492
Write whatever you please man.
Best thing about these threads is the lack of pressure put on contributors who make OC, unlike on DevArt.
>> No. 3504
Speak for yourself. I like the morphs.
>> No. 3508

Same here. Love the morphs.
>> No. 3517
File 135901209422.png - (469.61KB , 1916x1498 , photo(4).png )
Hey guys. Figured I'd post something and get some feedback. Maybe post some of my other stuff if you guys like it. This one was done as a request for someone's birthday back in August.
>> No. 3519
File 135902061053.jpg - (156.86KB , 946x844 , welcome_to_unova_by_axel_rosered-d3b2n8o.jpg )
No offense, but I suggest practicing anatomy more. Try going through a wire-frame process: Sketch a wireframe for the pose, then sketch in the shape of the body, then details, etc.
>> No. 3520
11/10, would fuck chaotically
>> No. 3524

Thanks for the input. I'm still trying to improve.
>> No. 3525
File 135905923472.jpg - (54.18KB , 587x449 , harley edit.jpg )
Oh god I'm sorry I don't have a tablet or photoshop and don't know anything about drawing
>> No. 3526
That actually wouldn't be so bad if the lines were less shaky and had the same width and anti-aliasing as the original lines.
>> No. 3527
Believe me, if I knew what that meant and I had the tools for it, I'd be all over drawing things for your guys. That's the first edit I've ever done.
>> No. 3528
Inkscape is some good vectoring freeware. If you have no money, can't pirate photoshop, and still want some sexy lineart, that's something to look into.
>> No. 3529
I'll look into that, thanks friend.
>> No. 3534
File 135908019636.jpg - (116.37KB , 672x921 , 1359079274295.jpg )

uhm... if you don't mind, can you do a little something about Ahsoka? I prefer super-stuffing but any expansion you want is fine too.
>> No. 3535
The fact that even her head-tails got chubby is the stupidest detail I've ever found arousing.
>> No. 3539
File 135911002037.jpg - (283.15KB , 700x700 , TootColor.jpg )
WELL FINALLY finished this!
>> No. 3541
File 135913847196.jpg - (75.46KB , 711x542 , Toot.jpg )
found this on /d/, the thread went nowhere.
>> No. 3543
Would it be too much to ask that there be a separate thread for the slob stuff? I love fat chicks but I also like women who understand hygiene.
>> No. 3544
the one Toot picture is the only slob image in here
>> No. 3545
trust me there is only one guy getting off to that, it's not slob either
>> No. 3547
Well, that depends, what do you consider slob? Stuff like belching, hiccuping, and messy eating are probably not gonna go away.
>> No. 3549
File 135916407957.jpg - (76.84KB , 600x844 , grandslam_breakfast_princess_by_theamericandream-d.jpg )
The belching and hiccuping I don't care much about. I'm not crazy about messy eating because that falls into the slobbish "woman not giving a shit about herself" impression. Farting and body odor? You can probably guess.

And I'm not asking for it to go away. Just move into its own thread, or at least be put under spoilers.
>> No. 3552
File 135916698599.jpg - (59.97KB , 694x448 , killme.jpg )

>the slob debate has finally reached /cod/

Welp, the peace was nice while it lasted.

I'll be going now.
>> No. 3553
as always it's one whiny guy with the sensibilities of a prepubescent girl.
Ignore his foot stamping and proceed as normal. Either he stops trying to ruin other people's fun or gets banned for constant complaining.
>> No. 3554
boy everyone but me sure is stupid
>> No. 3555
Let us debate slobs, that sounds like such great fun, right chaps?

Yes, yes... slobs. Such a grand idea!
>> No. 3556
Let us debate slobs, that sounds like such great fun, right chaps?

Yes, yes... slobs. Such a grand idea!
>> No. 3558
I know personally farting and belching doesn't do anything for me, and that I vastly prefer seeing a character that is already heavy-set in canon being heavy, rather than a skinny character being inflated or overfed to become heavy, just like I wouldn't find it appealing for a heavy character to suddenly become thin.
>> No. 3559
then you have no weight gain kink
You are one of likely 5% of FA who doesn't love seeing girls get fat.
>> No. 3560
File 13591823076.jpg - (490.49KB , 1100x1099 , Astird nerd.jpg )
>all this discussion
C-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker
>> No. 3561
oh god that is fucking hilarious
>> No. 3562
File 135920942798.jpg - (333.85KB , 750x987 , 1326252260743.jpg )
>> No. 3563
File 135921415378.jpg - (605.33KB , 968x1200 , overfed_catwoman_by_blyzzarde-d4zy22z.jpg )
Ding dong it's Caturday again
>> No. 3564
File 13592267811.jpg - (500.11KB , 1651x1111 , 133691741851.jpg )
>> No. 3566
But I am very attracted to heavy-set characters and I've defended their right to exist when others have said "all characters must be model-thin or they are disgusting". What does that make me then?

I've never been on FA.
>> No. 3567
FA in this context is fat admirer, not FurAffinity.
>> No. 3568
File 135923994461.jpg - (122.36KB , 600x600 , tumblr_mghkqwCnbZ1rie4uwo1_1280.jpg )
If there's going to be a debate, at least try and add content to your posts.
>> No. 3570
File 135924552013.jpg - (153.50KB , 657x599 , velalt.jpg )
Anyone see that happened to the thread on /co/ that the Astrid pic was posted in? I saw it shifting to nerd TF discussion before I left and by time I got home it was gone, sorta curious where that ended up before it got axed.
as I said you don't love seeing them get fat, you just prefer they are fat. I know there is a handful of people in this boat that like fat girls, and it wasn't long ago I just assumed anyone who liked fat girls must automatically love weight gain and seeing thin girls plump up. But it is a separate kink from fat appreciation and while it's very very common to be linked to it there are some who are only FA (and I guess that means there could be some with weight gain kinks but not FA? must be had for them) Honestly the only other person I know thats not anonymous that has expressed this sentiment is Block Devil/Kaigetsudo who I've seen turn down WG progession requests because he's happy to draw them fat but progressions just weren't interesting to him.

Also shame on you for not knowing what FA is supposed to mean, the term has been around much longer than that site and even if you're used to hearing it for a furry site the abbreviation should be more closely linked to the fact you are an FA.

~Also content.
>> No. 3571
>Anyone see that happened to the thread on /co/ that the Astrid pic was posted in? I saw it shifting to nerd TF discussion before I left and by time I got home it was gone, sorta curious where that ended up before it got axed.
It didn't go anywhere, thanks to the janitor.
>> No. 3573
fucking janitors.
I know some of the times the threads are too off board topic to defend but sometimes they are on topic just with fetish implications and someone who has the power to delete decides to remove it because they disagree with fetish that aren't their own.
I'm probably wishing for overly perfect systems but I wish there were mods for the janitors to review what they've been deleting to see if they are enforcing board standards or just enforcing their own opinions.
>> No. 3574
I am only just getting into fetishy stuff of any kind for the first time in my life, that is why I don't have any content to post yet, and why I do not know the jargon. I'm sorry.
>> No. 3587
I don't know about everyone else, but stories are a really big turn on for me so go for it! If you do not want to post it here, perhaps post a link to where we can find it?
>> No. 3589
File 135926388663.png - (203.03KB , 700x919 , 0525db6b47722627928177869ed40601-d5sutaq.png )
>> No. 3590
File 135926393923.png?spoiler - (233.09KB , 700x778 , 9192db59db35d6a12cccb4ed6b9b8075-d5nyjpy.png?spoiler )
>> No. 3591
File 13592639814.png?spoiler - (158.99KB , 980x700 , 8b02ebb8c06947fc4f1b1b0d7fe18c03-d5ok56i.png?spoiler )
>> No. 3593
File 135927576766.png - (620.87KB , 768x1024 , tumblr_mfezghURZq1qj4glgo1_1280.png )
I know tumblr is the internet's current largest shithole but it seems like a bunch of the prolific expansion artists have basically jumped ship from DA to there. The thing is though, how the FUCK does their horrible search work? Every time I search for literally anything fat related I get hambeasts whining about MUH FAT SHAMING.
>> No. 3594
Tumblr's search function is retarded from what I've heard. Basically it searches the most popular posts with whatever tag you put in. There's no way to sort the search by newest, and there's no way to search for multiple tags.

So basically, unless every fat artist you follow there starts adopting some unique tag, you're gonna get a bunch of mixed in stuff.
>> No. 3595
File 135927919522.jpg - (264.75KB , 978x932 , Death is a Bitch by Superweapon666.jpg )
I'm pretty sure Tumblr's search function relies completely on tags. If a post isn't tagged with your search term, it won't show up. Conversely, everything with that tag will show up, regardless of how relevant the posts' actual contents are to your interests. There might be some third-party addons that make searching on Tumblr less painful, but I'm not sure what they might be.
>> No. 3597
File 135929594380.jpg - (153.48KB , 641x481 , flabnkie.jpg )
Decided to take a spin with this one, I'll let others decide how it turned out!
>> No. 3598
File 135929599064.jpg - (245.61KB , 650x365 , messymabel.jpg )
Same with this one. Happier with how Mabel turned out in the end.
>> No. 3599

anymore fat images of her?
>> No. 3600
Nice work as always!
>> No. 3603
File 135932550030.jpg - (285.52KB , 1160x1600 , newMeg.jpg )
>> No. 3605
Such a goddamn annoying site. Do they seriously think that's an effective search method?
>> No. 3608
File 135934004433.png - (101.70KB , 700x519 , kimmypizza.png )
I started an RP tumblr for a fatty, kinda slobby Kim Pine! Here's something you might interested in.
>> No. 3610
Any chance for a link to said tumblr?
>> No. 3611
File 135937827416.gif - (967.58KB , 380x262 , Reactionface94.gif )
>> No. 3612
File 135937860466.jpg - (3.02MB , 1024x4096 , bianca_vs_eunice_by_oda_lee-d4mpoqy.jpg )


>> No. 3613
File 135938048564.jpg - (410.56KB , 1280x1024 , Colette.jpg )
So I was watching this movie recently, and I got to thinking. Since she works in a kitchen and all. . . Has anyone ever tried their hand at a fat Colette?
>> No. 3615
Found it. Here you go. Holy hell this page is hot so far.
>> No. 3616
File 135939109267.png - (186.63KB , 892x1000 , 59__C__Just_a_Taste____by_plasma_snake.png )
I have seen such a thing but once, to my knowledge.
>> No. 3617
Her face scares the shit outta me. No offense.
>> No. 3618
No kidding. I just sent a question now.
>> No. 3621
File 135946429942.jpg - (672.10KB , 1240x1754 , 135935678521.jpg )
>> No. 3622
File 135946432779.jpg - (577.76KB , 1666x1240 , 135935684146.jpg )
>> No. 3623
File 13594643518.jpg - (0.96MB , 1754x1240 , 135935748617.jpg )
More content!
>> No. 3624
File 135946538117.jpg - (67.48KB , 637x800 , n_a.jpg )

It would be fucking PlasmaSnake. . .

I mean, I like his style, but I prefer pancake rolls to water balloons when it comes to French women, ya dig?
>> No. 3625

You know Axel's abhorent commission practices have finally boiled over in full-on backlash as several dissatisfied customers are actually forming a GROUP on DA to protest against him. I wonder if he'll give a shit now?
>> No. 3626
File 135946645693.jpg - (536.08KB , 1240x1754 , 135943667677.jpg )
Why can't they just be patience and wait for their commissions. I'm pretty sure Axel is a busy guy and puts in a good amount of time onto each and everyone of his drawings. Why are people so hellbent on bashing Axel? Who imo, quite possibly best expansion artist on DA.
>> No. 3627
File 13594665685.jpg?spoiler - (612.74KB , 1240x1754 , 135943671668.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 3628
File 135946660320.jpg - (340.56KB , 966x873 , 135943855348.jpg )
Last one.
>> No. 3629
File 135946746842.jpg - (220.68KB , 900x1333 , 1__power_up_by_shydude.jpg )
Got some things to post before class.
>> No. 3630
File 135946760357.jpg - (105.90KB , 900x457 , commission__benji_blacksky_by_idacknowledged-d5ku5.jpg )
>> No. 3631
File 135946763380.gif?spoiler - (214.94KB , 1000x1000 , commission_for_proto_man_x_35___2_broke_girls_by_k.gif?spoiler )
>> No. 3632
File 135946769940.jpg - (85.31KB , 900x623 , juliet_commission_by_thejiggly-d5sgdwz.jpg )
>> No. 3633
Because some people have waited for sometimes over a YEAR for lackluster work and he never responds to notes asking what the deal is. When confronted with how he's pissing his own customers off he said he doesn't care. This is not the kind of work ethic that justifies $60+
>> No. 3635
File 135947623150.jpg - (68.59KB , 900x598 , fat_connie_d__amico_request_by_121642-d4up7yl.jpg )
Any more good Family Guy fat art?
>> No. 3639
why don't you guys just stop commissioning him then
>> No. 3640
>Axel Rosered
Also, you have to factor in Axel's real job, life, and such other things. He isn't exactly chained to his tablet 24/7. He needs time to made his drawing good and well above other artists like Robot001.
>> No. 3641
>Axel Rosered
Also, you have to factor in Axel's real job, life, and such other things. He isn't exactly chained to his tablet 24/7. He needs time to made his drawing good and well above other artists like Robot001.
>> No. 3642
File 135950341580.jpg - (339.10KB , 1073x672 , 1357532847367.jpg )
I have no idea why people commission him "period". I mean, he's like SeriojaInc; the guy has no range, just drawing the same shape over and over and over again.
>> No. 3643
File 135950421662.jpg - (126.10KB , 806x990 , snack_time_lois_by_umiko_sasaki-d5g3vr3.jpg )
I want B-Mage to leave.
>> No. 3644

I want to know where the hell B-Mage has been posting all his new stuff. Guy's deviantART is dead and I'm not seeing anything on his tumblr.
>> No. 3646
Aw, fuck yeah, is that some fatty Jinx?
>> No. 3647
Aw, fuck yeah, is that some fatty Jinx?
>> No. 3648
File 135951468279.png - (14.88KB , 562x843 , donk.png )
Can we stop arguing over art quality?

I mean, if it's a ball with sticks attached, obviously that's bad. But we don't really have ENOUGH fat and weight gain art to quibble over "hurr this extremely inactive fetish artist is better than this one."

Just post some fat bitches and be gentlemen to one another. Like so.
>> No. 3649
I think he just posts directly here and on /co/. Could be wrong, though.
>> No. 3650
>He has a life, that means he's allowed to be mediocre.
How does that in any way make sense to you? I can understand not being able to spit out art, but quality shouldn't suffer that much.
>> No. 3651
File 135952435861.png - (184.80KB , 500x388 , tumblr_inline_mhf9k3hxsz1qz4rgp.png )
God, this tumblr page is amazing. Hope to see more drunk Kim. Based Cube never disappoints.
>> No. 3653
The weird alien OC or whatever thing is annoying, but otherwise I like it.
>> No. 3654
It was a Homestuck character. Don't worry, the rest of the internet hates Homestuck too (for the most part).
>> No. 3658
There aren't too many Scott Pilgrim RP Tumblrs that are also FAs.

Just sayin' vOv
>> No. 3659
What's up with the Homestuck community and absorbing decent WG artists?
>> No. 3660
Like I said it's great except for the Homestuck thing.

So damn forced and annoying.
>> No. 3664
File 135957878210.jpg - (324.91KB , 1200x1200 , avatar_pie_hunters_by_dragon_storm-d39l8w9.jpg )
Cool sweeping generalizations biased by your own preferences, bro.

It would be "forced" if the blog actively tried to merge the two universes in some sort of serious manner. Since it's just an open RP blog for silly/sexy fun with characters of all stripes, then it's just that: silly sexy fun.
>> No. 3665
homestuck gets a lot of fat as fat ass drawings because the creator joked about the characters being monstrously obese at one point
>> No. 3666
File 13595985209.png - (750.39KB , 979x1859 , pig.png )

>implying he hasn't actually included it in the comics to the point of a villain getting off on one of the girls' fatness
>implying he's not baiting us

Yes, I'm greentexting harder than a spergchild with turrete's, but my point stands. The man is a master troll.
>> No. 3668
Yyyeaaah, I was trying to make it seem like she was half-assing it a least.

I mean her being a slobby pig's kind of the point of it but I think i'm gonna ignore most of the "Have these 50 pounds of good" asks.
>> No. 3669
Great, now the Frank Castle guy is ruining the page too

"franciscastle Asked
Heh, you wish I was marrying you, no sane man would ever date, bang, or marry a gross pig like you. (I shove more cake into your mouth, the cream cheese reacting badly to your gas chamber)
Oh, thatsh the deal then. frrt Kay. Mmm,

Please, feed praap me more, my master, i’ll brrAPP DIE without your care. "

Come on, you must admit that's pretty damn awkward, and out of character, even for head canon.
>> No. 3670
Dunno how that last post went before the one i was replying to but okay
>> No. 3672
yeah I've heard he does some really extreme RP with people, death and serious medical conditions form being too fat stuff.
He often comes off as looking like he thinks he's more respected than he is I suppose?
>> No. 3673
Yeah, I would say that would be for the better. It's just a lot more fun when people ask her about certain aspects of life ("Are you too fat to play full drum gigs? How's Knives been treating you recently?"), as opposed to "Here's fifty billion burritos, no RP with me, you slut!"
Points for trying Cube, it's not your fault, it's the askers not really knowing what the hell is going on.
>> No. 3675
replying to bad RP is as bad as starting it, you have to draw the line for quality somewhere and enforce it. When you take any low hanging fruit they give you then they don't bother trying harder.
I know it's your blog cube but really, don't keep settling for crap, if you expect more then they either improve or stop submitting terrible RP.
>> No. 3676
File 135965215847.jpg - (175.72KB , 704x900 , kim_pine_and_ramona_bbw_by_theamericandream-d4dgim.jpg )
Yeah, you're probably right on that.

But enough about me! Let's get back to business.
>> No. 3678
what a bummer that stuff is kinda weird
>> No. 3679
File 13596790782.jpg - (664.09KB , 1280x658 , 133668352329.jpg )

>> No. 3701
that being a terrible example of course.
>> No. 3702
I'm considering subscribing to Banna Galactic. Is there any way I can get a subscription anonymously, like from credit card gift cards or something?

"Fat fetish website" is not something I want showing up on my credit history.
>> No. 3704
If you do, mind sharing the goods?
>> No. 3705


>only sometimes

The only exception I can think of is his Rapunzel pic, and that was too horribly perspective'd for me to fap to.

Dammit, we need more quality obese Rapunzel around here.
>> No. 3714
>when much better artists get nothing but venom and ire


>then he has the nerve to charge for shit he should be doing for free.

>> No. 3715
Seconding this.
>> No. 3716
File 13597697865.jpg - (307.71KB , 1004x1618 , fatwoman.jpg )
By ThePervertWithin.
>> No. 3717
File 135977518659.png - (234.73KB , 993x768 , Kim_Pine__Level_Up.png )
I love this pic! Thanks for the spark of inspiration Cube. Because of you, I made this last night. Not very slobby, but I hope everyone enjoys it anyway.

Also, keep up the good work on the Kim Pine tumblr. I'm really liking it so far. Although I have to ask, you think we can get some more drunken Kim too? It'd probably go well with her overall slobbiness
>> No. 3718
File 135978031548.png - (234.49KB , 993x768 , Kim_Pine__Level_Up__new.png )

And here's a better version. I fixed up the face a bit. I really need to start previewing my art before I post it.
>> No. 3720

Thanks! And youse got it!
>> No. 3721
why did her heart level go down is she going to die
>> No. 3723
File 135979974085.jpg - (792.66KB , 1275x800 , 1347468761626.jpg )

Yes, Crag.

And it's all your fault.
>> No. 3724
File 135981231749.jpg - (11.67KB , 320x180 , mqdefault.jpg )
God i would kill for somebody to make some good fat Germaine stuff.
>> No. 3725
File 135981336854.jpg - (19.96KB , 600x539 , germaine___eventually_by_brrruuump-d3gyj3k.jpg )
>> No. 3730
;-; rip in piece
>> No. 3732
got the rest o that comic?
>> No. 3735
As a person who dabbles in medical conditions from time to time I don't think there's anything too wrong about being into the more sordid aspects of a not-particularly-wholesome side fetish in the first place, especially when you keep it among friends. I don't think it's right to denigrate someone for having peculiar tastes among peculiar tastes.
>> No. 3746
it is when you try to slap people in the face with your creepy murder fetish bro
>> No. 3747
Yeah, I'm with Crag on this one. If snuff or heart attacks or whatever gets you off that's cool with me but this dude's running around trying to force his shit on every wg blog he comes across. I dabble in bursting sometimes, but I have the common sense to know most people aren't into that shit and I keep it where it belongs
>> No. 3748
File 135987123697.jpg - (260.34KB , 1024x768 , frank.jpg )

well... he is the Punisher after all
>> No. 3750

How does he still exist?

Why does he still exist?
>> No. 3751
Holy Shit, Ankh still exists.
>> No. 3752
File 135990217422.png - (166.08KB , 1008x1496 , Vi mk_1 - Keep circulating the tapes.png )

I'm here forever, man, just like the name implies.
>> No. 3756
did we hit the bump limit
>> No. 3757
This is what happens when we argue.

Yeah, good point. I'm just saying I'd rather the tone of the discussion focus on behaviour and not taste.

...bursting is pretty sweet sometimes, huh?
>> No. 3758
File 135995764233.png - (149.24KB , 519x296 , belch%20like%20a%20tiger.png )
To be honest I'm not surprised Hamstuck fags drove the thing into the ground, they're attracted to to fatties and RP like flies to shit.
That omega-faggot Frank Castle (no offense to Punisher) still being around kinda shocks and annoys me though, and he found it so damn fast too.
>> No. 3760
This is neither here nor there, but what's the deal with people naming their internet personas after actual existing characters? Are you too unoriginal to make something new? All you're doing is besmirching that character's name. It's always tremendous faggots that do it too.
>> No. 3761
XxXDaNtE_Da_DeMoNkIlLeRXxX needs to let the world know this is the character he most identifies with in his soul.
>> No. 3763

Someone made the mistake of telling bbwchan's slob thread. Two posts later, we get this beautiful post:

Hey there, Frank Castle in the house, I gotta say, I love this thread.

My take on slob, is that it's a spectrum of different fetishes; like a circus there is something for everyone, you can pick and choose what you like. Some people like messy eating, but don't like flatulence for example.

As for the current, dare I say tolerance (slob hasn't been accepted...yet) of slob work these days, I can't say I'm surprised.

I don't mean to brag, but I have been around here for awhile, lurked since I was 11, started being active when I was 13, and I remember things like male WG work being frowned upon, if not out right bashed. Things change, demographics shift and tastes begin to alter.

Anyways, my purpose for coming out of the shadows of Anonymous, was to give this writer a rub, he has only written one slob story so far, but I think he has potential.

Here is his link, http://kairuk.deviantart.com/art/Going-Whole-Hog-348822419

Be sure to visit Frankthefa.deviantart.com for my stuff too.

Or not. Just shamelessly promoting here.
>> No. 3764
does he really think of himself as some authority figure in every fetish and sub fetish he speaks about?
>> No. 3765
i can practically smell the autism coming off his posts

so yes
>> No. 3766
File 136003443116.jpg - (84.34KB , 375x538 , joy7a.jpg )

>not greentexting Castle's posts to differentiate their filth from the rest of the universe

My OCD is going nuts. As for this. . . person, I understand what it's like to be kept out of places you enjoy, I've been banned by hardcore feeders many times.

But really, his kind of arrogant attitude doesn't help anyone. It fragments our already tiny weird little community and drives away casual fans of the chub with aggressive insistence that everyone aspire to a "standard" of fetishization. Heck with that guy.

Now post more fatties.
>> No. 3767
Hey now, back off the guy. He made a good point there, a lot of people do like various aspects of it and it's difficult to really lump all the various hedonistic elements together. What was the point of coming here if we're just gonna get together and bash someone, might as well have stayed on bbw-chan.
>> No. 3770
because most can make a valid point without framing it around themselves. He started by introducing himself, as if it was necessary to do so without just using a trip, then the rest of his post is littered with self references as the support for his points. He even ends with a self plug. His whole reason for posting was to give his two cents.
He ended up talking about himself more than the fetish.
>> No. 3772
For someone who thinks so highly of himself, I'm surprised he's not a tripfag.
No offense, you get what I'm trying to say.
>> No. 3773

My bad, chief. I took the lazy way out with the colon, and I regret it.

Where'd you get a legible scan of that? The only copy I found the last time I looked was the one hosted on Dimensions, and that one was hopelessly small.


I'd almost swear that he used to be one, over there.
>> No. 3775
File 136007556573.jpg - (66.59KB , 703x379 , TDI_Katie_n_Sadie_WeightSwap_by_kecomaster.jpg )
More pics, guys.
>> No. 3776
File 136007573816.png - (1.05MB , 2400x1800 , cm__so_you_like_doughnuts__eh__by_metalforever-d5t.png )
>> No. 3777
I knew I remembered this creep from somewhere!
He used to be an admin in PAWG back in 05 or something, I think it was right after the time they got themselves deleted. If you bear that in mind his attitude starts making plenty sense.
>> No. 3779
Gotta say, I rarely enjoy this kinda stuff but these two are amazing.

I also actually prefer the face on the original version, but both are great.
>> No. 3782
File 136011592071.jpg - (68.47KB , 600x625 , Leela__s_On_the_Job_Accident_by_TubbyToon.jpg )
>> No. 3783
Can we start a new thread, rather than posting in an unbumpable thread?
>> No. 3785
good point
>> No. 10760
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