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File 135681250538.png - (185.51KB , 768x855 , 1356740820703.png )
2911 No. 2911
Despite plus4chan having a nervous fucking breakdown we must persevere in the pursuit of fattiness.
Also a helpful hint, if you get a 503 or gateway timeout after making a post, don't refresh, it'll just make duplicates.
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>> No. 3672
yeah I've heard he does some really extreme RP with people, death and serious medical conditions form being too fat stuff.
He often comes off as looking like he thinks he's more respected than he is I suppose?
>> No. 3673
Yeah, I would say that would be for the better. It's just a lot more fun when people ask her about certain aspects of life ("Are you too fat to play full drum gigs? How's Knives been treating you recently?"), as opposed to "Here's fifty billion burritos, no RP with me, you slut!"
Points for trying Cube, it's not your fault, it's the askers not really knowing what the hell is going on.
>> No. 3675
replying to bad RP is as bad as starting it, you have to draw the line for quality somewhere and enforce it. When you take any low hanging fruit they give you then they don't bother trying harder.
I know it's your blog cube but really, don't keep settling for crap, if you expect more then they either improve or stop submitting terrible RP.
>> No. 3676
File 135965215847.jpg - (175.72KB , 704x900 , kim_pine_and_ramona_bbw_by_theamericandream-d4dgim.jpg )
Yeah, you're probably right on that.

But enough about me! Let's get back to business.
>> No. 3678
what a bummer that stuff is kinda weird
>> No. 3679
File 13596790782.jpg - (664.09KB , 1280x658 , 133668352329.jpg )

>> No. 3701
that being a terrible example of course.
>> No. 3702
I'm considering subscribing to Banna Galactic. Is there any way I can get a subscription anonymously, like from credit card gift cards or something?

"Fat fetish website" is not something I want showing up on my credit history.
>> No. 3704
If you do, mind sharing the goods?
>> No. 3705


>only sometimes

The only exception I can think of is his Rapunzel pic, and that was too horribly perspective'd for me to fap to.

Dammit, we need more quality obese Rapunzel around here.
>> No. 3714
>when much better artists get nothing but venom and ire


>then he has the nerve to charge for shit he should be doing for free.

>> No. 3715
Seconding this.
>> No. 3716
File 13597697865.jpg - (307.71KB , 1004x1618 , fatwoman.jpg )
By ThePervertWithin.
>> No. 3717
File 135977518659.png - (234.73KB , 993x768 , Kim_Pine__Level_Up.png )
I love this pic! Thanks for the spark of inspiration Cube. Because of you, I made this last night. Not very slobby, but I hope everyone enjoys it anyway.

Also, keep up the good work on the Kim Pine tumblr. I'm really liking it so far. Although I have to ask, you think we can get some more drunken Kim too? It'd probably go well with her overall slobbiness
>> No. 3718
File 135978031548.png - (234.49KB , 993x768 , Kim_Pine__Level_Up__new.png )

And here's a better version. I fixed up the face a bit. I really need to start previewing my art before I post it.
>> No. 3720

Thanks! And youse got it!
>> No. 3721
why did her heart level go down is she going to die
>> No. 3723
File 135979974085.jpg - (792.66KB , 1275x800 , 1347468761626.jpg )

Yes, Crag.

And it's all your fault.
>> No. 3724
File 135981231749.jpg - (11.67KB , 320x180 , mqdefault.jpg )
God i would kill for somebody to make some good fat Germaine stuff.
>> No. 3725
File 135981336854.jpg - (19.96KB , 600x539 , germaine___eventually_by_brrruuump-d3gyj3k.jpg )
>> No. 3730
;-; rip in piece
>> No. 3732
got the rest o that comic?
>> No. 3735
As a person who dabbles in medical conditions from time to time I don't think there's anything too wrong about being into the more sordid aspects of a not-particularly-wholesome side fetish in the first place, especially when you keep it among friends. I don't think it's right to denigrate someone for having peculiar tastes among peculiar tastes.
>> No. 3746
it is when you try to slap people in the face with your creepy murder fetish bro
>> No. 3747
Yeah, I'm with Crag on this one. If snuff or heart attacks or whatever gets you off that's cool with me but this dude's running around trying to force his shit on every wg blog he comes across. I dabble in bursting sometimes, but I have the common sense to know most people aren't into that shit and I keep it where it belongs
>> No. 3748
File 135987123697.jpg - (260.34KB , 1024x768 , frank.jpg )

well... he is the Punisher after all
>> No. 3750

How does he still exist?

Why does he still exist?
>> No. 3751
Holy Shit, Ankh still exists.
>> No. 3752
File 135990217422.png - (166.08KB , 1008x1496 , Vi mk_1 - Keep circulating the tapes.png )

I'm here forever, man, just like the name implies.
>> No. 3756
did we hit the bump limit
>> No. 3757
This is what happens when we argue.

Yeah, good point. I'm just saying I'd rather the tone of the discussion focus on behaviour and not taste.

...bursting is pretty sweet sometimes, huh?
>> No. 3758
File 135995764233.png - (149.24KB , 519x296 , belch%20like%20a%20tiger.png )
To be honest I'm not surprised Hamstuck fags drove the thing into the ground, they're attracted to to fatties and RP like flies to shit.
That omega-faggot Frank Castle (no offense to Punisher) still being around kinda shocks and annoys me though, and he found it so damn fast too.
>> No. 3760
This is neither here nor there, but what's the deal with people naming their internet personas after actual existing characters? Are you too unoriginal to make something new? All you're doing is besmirching that character's name. It's always tremendous faggots that do it too.
>> No. 3761
XxXDaNtE_Da_DeMoNkIlLeRXxX needs to let the world know this is the character he most identifies with in his soul.
>> No. 3763

Someone made the mistake of telling bbwchan's slob thread. Two posts later, we get this beautiful post:

Hey there, Frank Castle in the house, I gotta say, I love this thread.

My take on slob, is that it's a spectrum of different fetishes; like a circus there is something for everyone, you can pick and choose what you like. Some people like messy eating, but don't like flatulence for example.

As for the current, dare I say tolerance (slob hasn't been accepted...yet) of slob work these days, I can't say I'm surprised.

I don't mean to brag, but I have been around here for awhile, lurked since I was 11, started being active when I was 13, and I remember things like male WG work being frowned upon, if not out right bashed. Things change, demographics shift and tastes begin to alter.

Anyways, my purpose for coming out of the shadows of Anonymous, was to give this writer a rub, he has only written one slob story so far, but I think he has potential.

Here is his link, http://kairuk.deviantart.com/art/Going-Whole-Hog-348822419

Be sure to visit Frankthefa.deviantart.com for my stuff too.

Or not. Just shamelessly promoting here.
>> No. 3764
does he really think of himself as some authority figure in every fetish and sub fetish he speaks about?
>> No. 3765
i can practically smell the autism coming off his posts

so yes
>> No. 3766
File 136003443116.jpg - (84.34KB , 375x538 , joy7a.jpg )

>not greentexting Castle's posts to differentiate their filth from the rest of the universe

My OCD is going nuts. As for this. . . person, I understand what it's like to be kept out of places you enjoy, I've been banned by hardcore feeders many times.

But really, his kind of arrogant attitude doesn't help anyone. It fragments our already tiny weird little community and drives away casual fans of the chub with aggressive insistence that everyone aspire to a "standard" of fetishization. Heck with that guy.

Now post more fatties.
>> No. 3767
Hey now, back off the guy. He made a good point there, a lot of people do like various aspects of it and it's difficult to really lump all the various hedonistic elements together. What was the point of coming here if we're just gonna get together and bash someone, might as well have stayed on bbw-chan.
>> No. 3770
because most can make a valid point without framing it around themselves. He started by introducing himself, as if it was necessary to do so without just using a trip, then the rest of his post is littered with self references as the support for his points. He even ends with a self plug. His whole reason for posting was to give his two cents.
He ended up talking about himself more than the fetish.
>> No. 3772
For someone who thinks so highly of himself, I'm surprised he's not a tripfag.
No offense, you get what I'm trying to say.
>> No. 3773

My bad, chief. I took the lazy way out with the colon, and I regret it.

Where'd you get a legible scan of that? The only copy I found the last time I looked was the one hosted on Dimensions, and that one was hopelessly small.


I'd almost swear that he used to be one, over there.
>> No. 3775
File 136007556573.jpg - (66.59KB , 703x379 , TDI_Katie_n_Sadie_WeightSwap_by_kecomaster.jpg )
More pics, guys.
>> No. 3776
File 136007573816.png - (1.05MB , 2400x1800 , cm__so_you_like_doughnuts__eh__by_metalforever-d5t.png )
>> No. 3777
I knew I remembered this creep from somewhere!
He used to be an admin in PAWG back in 05 or something, I think it was right after the time they got themselves deleted. If you bear that in mind his attitude starts making plenty sense.
>> No. 3779
Gotta say, I rarely enjoy this kinda stuff but these two are amazing.

I also actually prefer the face on the original version, but both are great.
>> No. 3782
File 136011592071.jpg - (68.47KB , 600x625 , Leela__s_On_the_Job_Accident_by_TubbyToon.jpg )
>> No. 3783
Can we start a new thread, rather than posting in an unbumpable thread?
>> No. 3785
good point
>> No. 10760
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