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File 134565607360.png - (454.04KB , 750x900 , 348334 - Daphne_Blake Ghostclown Scooby-Doo Velma_.png )
109 No. 109
Mind Control and Hypnosis, thanks to certain cartoons in my youth I've gotten a taste for it. And I'm not talking about crappy Kaa edits/pieces.

Whether they're hooked up to love machines in ecstasy, put in a spell by a magician, or even a simple swinging watch- let's have a hypno thread.
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>> No. 111
File 13456561658.jpg - (129.34KB , 1024x640 , Pepper2.jpg )
>> No. 113
File 134565631228.jpg - (290.25KB , 675x900 , 48175 - DTMS kim_possible kimberly_ann_possible.jpg )
>> No. 114
File 134565661342.jpg - (304.46KB , 1014x1430 , kim possible.jpg )
>> No. 116
File 134565677097.jpg - (126.47KB , 650x918 , 128014.jpg )
>> No. 117
File 134565680574.png - (107.87KB , 800x960 , 586159 - Aelita_Schaeffer Code_Lyoko Yumi_Ishiyama.png )
>> No. 118
File 134565683684.jpg - (667.57KB , 1176x827 , 155528 - Energizer Katie_Power Marvel Power_Pack.jpg )
>> No. 120
File 134565686712.jpg - (589.09KB , 1328x928 , 177241 - Katie_Power Marvel Power_Pack.jpg )
>> No. 121
File 134565689085.jpg - (107.75KB , 612x842 , 126989239498.jpg )
>> No. 122
File 134565697780.jpg - (333.39KB , 1240x1754 , Whitney8.jpg )
>> No. 123
File 134565706925.jpg - (161.62KB , 600x848 , 143428.jpg )
>> No. 160
File 13456902623.png - (386.02KB , 1910x1389 , great_minds_think_alike____by_seanarchy60-d4ucp7a.png )
There needs to be more Mezmerella
>> No. 217
File 134573932549.jpg - (98.27KB , 688x634 , 719649 - Amy_Wong Futurama Turanga_Leela pbrown.jpg )
>> No. 218
File 134573943628.png - (1.90MB , 938x1348 , CorruptStarRaven.png )
corrupted into sluts
>> No. 219
File 13457395436.jpg - (138.27KB , 842x612 , JuneOphelia.jpg )
Magical artifacts giving you the insatiable urge to screw
>> No. 220
File 134573978115.jpg - (923.94KB , 887x1200 , PT12.jpg )
Seems the mind altering effects of purple kryptonite affect non kryptonians.
>> No. 221
File 134573983554.jpg - (94.61KB , 650x856 , 650117 - Amy_rose Sonic_Team kandlin.jpg )
>> No. 222
File 134574015640.jpg - (189.31KB , 753x1062 , 899152 - Ben_10 Charmcaster Gwen_Tennyson Shadman.jpg )
a mind fuck
>> No. 223
File 134574022026.jpg - (272.30KB , 827x1169 , 155622.jpg )

Hypnotized Mom I'd Like to Fuck
>> No. 259
File 134576386441.jpg - (667.97KB , 1023x1458 , c14bf0921593de3abef9ed1425b5dfb0de91c47e.jpg )
>> No. 260
File 134576394064.gif - (253.37KB , 455x648 , 7870322533db00879bd3ea312992e147f4ecc0a8.gif )
>> No. 262
File 134576414764.jpg - (150.34KB , 918x650 , 767860 - Alvin_and_the_Chipmunks Brittany_Miller C.jpg )
The sparkles around her eyes look like she's been entranced so this counts. It also goes with this series.
>> No. 263
File 134576421567.jpg - (144.82KB , 650x918 , 865107 - Alvin_and_the_Chipmunks Chipettes Jeanett.jpg )
Still waiting on the third one if your out there Kandlin.
>> No. 280
File 134578075334.png - (492.11KB , 550x776 , Britmusi.png )
>> No. 281
File 134578082499.jpg - (169.41KB , 711x1018 , 113086.jpg )
Falls into multiple categories, but Draco turning Hermione into a cock hungry slut seems to fit the hypno requirement
>> No. 282
File 134578095511.png - (310.13KB , 600x655 , 630709 - Cream_the_Rabbit P_Chronos Sonic_Team.png )
reversing roles
>> No. 283
File 134578100954.jpg - (144.16KB , 817x808 , 147064.jpg )
>> No. 284
File 134578118821.jpg - (89.16KB , 342x718 , 317724 - Princess_Peach Super_Mario_Bros_ legoman.jpg )
the horns on top seem to be giving off light so I'm assuming it's an MC device
>> No. 285
File 134578142867.png - (893.28KB , 900x1200 , 455443 - P_Chronos PedoBear Powerpuff_Girls_Z blos.png )
>> No. 308
Now this is my kind of thread
>> No. 309
File 134583569185.png - (577.38KB , 1280x981 , 1301256227101.png )
It seems the vaunted mind of Velma was the first to surrender to the bliss.
>> No. 310
File 134583622948.jpg - (133.05KB , 550x776 , 652453 - Jody_Irwin Juniper_Lee Ophelia_Ramirez Th.jpg )
>> No. 341
File 134589374181.jpg - (530.00KB , 2130x1317 , 132055675896.jpg )
>> No. 342
File 134589384371.jpg - (698.70KB , 800x1145 , Metroid Samus_Aran sparrow.jpg )
>> No. 345
File 134589403230.jpg - (722.79KB , 1000x1329 , 132675553750.jpg )
>> No. 346
File 134589504149.jpg - (330.48KB , 1440x1113 , 1326949854672.jpg )
>> No. 347
File 13458954978.jpg - (164.16KB , 1719x2428 , 370695 - Phineas_and_Ferb Stacy_Hirano union_of_th.jpg )
>> No. 348
File 13458956292.jpg - (337.33KB , 1719x2428 , 370698 - Phineas_and_Ferb Stacy_Hirano union_of_th.jpg )
>> No. 349
File 134589573653.jpg - (170.60KB , 1719x2428 , 383280 - Agent_K Disney The_Replacements union_of_.jpg )
>> No. 350
File 134589579069.jpg - (153.48KB , 1719x2428 , 383288 - Agent_K Disney The_Replacements union_of_.jpg )
>> No. 351

This really isn't hypnosis as much as it is being drudged and fucked into submission.

Or do we count that?
>> No. 353
I consider them to count under mind altering substances
Otherwise would this count?
>> No. 354
Addendum, I think Mind Altering used for corruption of norms can be considered MC/hypno as long as the mind altering drug isn't something that can be taken too seriously like a real world drug.
>> No. 355
Come on, no Jill Valentine?

That shit was even canon
>> No. 414
File 134603813155.jpg - (381.58KB , 1400x841 , 128423971517.jpg )
>> No. 486
File 13462209865.jpg - (640.74KB , 869x1337 , authority UNCUT2.jpg )
A story about what happens after a superheroine is completely mind controlled would be nice.

I mean, the process is hot, but this could be nice too.
>> No. 533
File 134650209554.jpg - (135.36KB , 650x918 , 648830 - Amy_rose Rouge_the_Bat Sonic_Team kandlin.jpg )
>> No. 562
File 134669068670.png - (297.86KB , 900x900 , MezXViolet.png )
So a Mez/Violet story?
>> No. 622
File 134690728038.jpg - (159.15KB , 550x791 , 1282277980100.jpg )
Fuck yeah, that would be hot.

Plus lesbians are involved, so there is that.

Also, Ventress/Ahsoka would be nice.
>> No. 624
There was an entire storyline about her going undercover as a slave, I think we can build on that.
>> No. 625
There are tons of Wonder Woman mind control stories.

Its just too bad 99% of them are completely out of character, incorrect lore wise, and of course terribly written.

There are some decent pics though.
>> No. 626
File 134693693799.jpg - (300.34KB , 700x700 , ViMes01Rough.jpg )
I might be able to whip up a short Vi/Mez story if I can make Vi college-age. Any suggestions?
>> No. 628
Mez gets to Violet by taking on the guise of a psychology professor.
>> No. 629
maybe Mez poses as the school Therapist.

She then uses Vi as a tool to seduce Helen. She then gives them to the coach for the team's stress relief... for a hefty sum ofcourse.
>> No. 632
Eh, I don't see why we would need to involve someone else, besides lesbians are hotter.

I do like the whole school counselor part though, add some sexy nurse/secretary outfit and we are set. Hell, maybe she makes Violet start dressing more sexy and provocative as well, which is what might cause Helen to talk to her about it.
>> No. 633
File 134698689760.jpg - (143.73KB , 930x825 , 123208191253.jpg )
And Mez decides to handle it by applying both her own interests and just letting Violet's id out to play. Amplify Violet's confidence to a point where she starts flaunting herself more.
>> No. 634
The part where Helen starts to realize that Violet is becoming more and more slutty should be fun, especially when she starts finding skimpy thongs on the laundry, or perhaps caughting a glimpse of her various new piercings.
>> No. 635
File 134698947690.jpg - (192.40KB , 714x1000 , 610746 - The_Incredibles Violet_Parr.jpg )
And glimpses of tattoos on her back. Probably not like these specifically though.
>> No. 636
File 134699042455.jpg - (258.60KB , 1000x1859 , 01cassie__s_tattoo_by_shiniez-d5ccxbx.jpg )
A bondage inspired tattoo would be hot, plus it would go with the whole mind control theme rather nicely.
>> No. 637
File 134699070879.jpg - (36.14KB , 470x622 , Mez.jpg )
Something based on Mezmerella herself would be nice too
>> No. 638
File 134699079940.png - (185.86KB , 612x792 , mezmerella.png )
Perhaps a tattoo in the same pattern as her eyes?
>> No. 639
File 134699176471.jpg - (182.84KB , 1050x529 , MezXRollergrrl.jpg )
I'm kinda thinking a series of stripes that curl into hypno spirals traveling along her back.

And of course, Mez has a tattoo artist to call on for the job.
>> No. 640
A team effort?

I guess she also does the the piercings
>> No. 641
Are her hypnotic powers that permanent?
>> No. 642
File 134699281513.png - (206.63KB , 455x800 , 144535.png )
Also have some notion of whatever heroing Violet's still doing to keep people off Mez's trail or just protecting Mez's interests, that as the skimpiness carries over into her costumes, she just relies on using forcefields as some kinda armor and between that overuse and the sort of use you tend to see in 34, starts developing a colorful tanning bed effect on her skin and leaving her kinda purple. Course now I'm throwing color fetishes in here.
>> No. 643
File 134699324635.jpg - (212.14KB , 720x867 , 1288843451394.jpg )
I don't know about her being that naked.

I mean, I imagine Mez wouldn't let her dress like that all the time or go that far in terms of clothing, otherwise everyone would notice something is wrong right away.

Perhaps it needs to be more subtle?

Also, I say we keep this hypno related since thats what the thread is about after all, maybe some bondage is fine as long as it fits with the mind control angle.
>> No. 644
Well not that far considering Incredibles' alternate 70s setting. Violet eventually getting into something like >>633 or 70s Storm-ish could work and provide a cover story of changing superfashion in light of heroes returning or emerging.
>> No. 645
File 134699486695.jpg - (790.82KB , 1262x1000 , 1325544814576.jpg )
Actually, I think they were from the 60s.

But yeah, Violet wearing more "fashionable" outfits could pass as an excuse at the beginning, but eventually Helen would get more and more suspicious and thats what gets her involved in this.

I'm guessing by the end they will both be wearing Emma Frost like clothes.
>> No. 646
File 134699565899.jpg - (117.24KB , 659x900 , vanishing_girl_by_ralphieboy-d4jal7a.jpg )
Apparently Elastigirl was last active in '57 or '58 so that's about where the superban was. Depending on how close to then the wedding took place, there's a bit of fudge room with the 15 year timeskip, but it'd still be late 60s-early 70s. Violet in college would push that a little further into the 70s.
>> No. 647
File 134699605160.png - (2.02MB , 2080x1468 , 19780.png )
Looked it up again. Elastigirl stopped in November 1955.
>> No. 648
File 13469968273.jpg - (324.72KB , 658x1000 , 1324268823930.jpg )
I could totally see something like Storm's original outfit working for her if they are doing the 70s thing.

Then again something more blatant like Starfire might work too, or even this one.

Hell, as long as she is not showing her pussy and nipples, she is most likely in in the clear. Better if its a gradual thing even, slowly starting show more and more skin, until she she is just wearing something like pasties.
>> No. 649
File 134699822632.jpg - (377.76KB , 1600x2530 , bride of brainiac.jpg )
What about Mind Control through technology that ends with body modifications or transformation?
>> No. 650
And the tattoo patterns could spread as her costume recedes.

And of course her heightened satisfaction throughout Mez's treatment is helped by her having gained her mother's glory days figure.
>> No. 651
I love these ideas
>> No. 652
Do you the artist to this pic?
>> No. 654
So, does she get the tattoo after she is mind controlled, or is it perhaps part of the process?
>> No. 655
Part of the process, but probably a tramp stamp to start it off early on during one of the first of Violet's "appointments"
>> No. 656
Maybe its just one big tattoo, only its being inked along with the slow process of her permanent mind control. It can represent just how much has she been hypnotized, when it takes over her whole back Yakuza style, she is a full sex slave.
>> No. 657
And henchwoman of course.

She starts at the tramp stamp and with her heightened libido/impulsiveness/confidence whatever, just keeps adding more as hanging out with Rollergrrl in addition to Mez's treatment leads her to getting off on the idea of turning her body into a canvas and one reflecting her new master.

What are the thoughts on Violet getting a little thick too? Mez having Violet actively act on her desires for curviness could go somewhere
>> No. 658
File 134704832341.jpg - (89.99KB , 449x700 , Incredibles.jpg )
I'm fine with curvy women but I don't think it really fits Violet, her mom on the other hand...
>> No. 660
File 134704950028.jpg - (151.14KB , 595x842 , Violet Inherits.jpg )
It's a wish fullfillment thing. Straight from some deleted dialogue on the DVD with Violet complaining about herself
>"I'm gangly and growing ganglier, I'm ugly, I have no curves..."

Also, Helen's genes would give her something.
>> No. 661
Perhaps Mez could put the idea of seducing the entire Parr family into Vi's head. It gets her Helen as a personal love slave, gets blackmail on Mr. Incredible to keep him from interfering with her plans, and gets Dash as an errand boy. Jack Jack... I dunno
>> No. 662
File 13470514868.jpg - (230.12KB , 873x1330 , 1326446986758.jpg )
Violet's new costume should be a modified sling bikini, those are always super slutty.

Anyway, these thread needs more chicks getting mind fucked.
>> No. 663
Suppose we could work this piece in somewhere? That Mez uses alternate power channeling devices for her seductive work in addition to the goggles? Gotta have backups after all.

Well he's obviously getting two mommies and becomes another wild card for Mez.
>> No. 664
So, does Mezmerella uses any extra tech like the ones featured in this thread to make her mind control become permanent?
>> No. 666
She could probably put something together. Plus she could probably mix mind control with the "Mad Love" playbook to keep Violet loyal.
>> No. 667
Any thoughts on the timeline for the corruption and how often Violet changes her look through Mezmerella's conditioning? Could see some of the Helen side of things coming up whenever Violet comes home for holiday breaks or something.
>> No. 669
It wouldn't just be a couple of session I imagine
>> No. 670
Since it's a gradual thing I'd say at the least it would be around a year, maybe even a little further into Violet's time at college. I can definitely see stuff with Violet having a wild Spring Break trip with Mez or have the two taking over a sorority.
>> No. 671
More mind control and lesbians?

>> No. 676
File 13470779524.jpg - (494.79KB , 1000x1000 , 1346205357463.jpg )
>> No. 677
>> No. 679
File 134714857386.jpg - (220.91KB , 750x1000 , Wonder Woman N52.jpg )
Speaking of superheroines.

I would love to see a good MC/Hypno story featuring the current Wonder Woman.

She is such a cool and powerful character nowadays, and thus making her fall prey to complete mind control all the more enjoyable.
It would take the whole "taming the beast" to a new level.
Although, I'm not entirely sure how it would be done considering how strong her will and abilities are supposed to be.

I'm thinking gaining her trust or even getting close to her for this to work might be an issue.

Fake psychiatrist method might not work here.

At any case, I'm sure several other sexy fetishes would be involved.
>> No. 680
Jesus Christ I say I'll write a little Mez/Vi story and you guys lay out a novel.

I'll see what I can do, but I make no promises.
>> No. 681
Isn't one of her powers immunity to mind control?

Not that canon has stopped fetishes before...
>> No. 682

Sorta--in the previous continuity, she was considered a demigoddess of truth. Her lasso can make people tell the truth, but people are just naturally more truthful/open around her.

I think the person who would have the most advantage to her would be one of the Amazons. Maybe Aleka is tired of Diana "preferring the staff" and decides to do something about it?

You could also maybe play with her from her beginnings--like, maybe Steve plays hardcore in making Diana fall in love with him?
>> No. 684
Not really, she just has really strong will.

Would definitely like if the person controlling her doesn't have any powers, makes the whole thing a lot more interesting.
A fangirl like the ones Batman has was a good idea I think.
>> No. 685
Yeah, before she was goddess of truth and all, didn't stop her from getting mind controlled in several storylines like in Final Crisis and Tower of Babel though.

Nowadays she is daughter of Zeus, so I don't know if the same rules applies.
>> No. 686
Definitely showed more initiative coming up with Mez stuff then hypnochan ever did.
>> No. 687
File 134715768244.png - (2.78MB , 1280x1706 , Batwoman DEO.png )
I think the D.E.O. would most likely have the resources and motives to want to control Wonder Woman, plus Agent Chase is an absolute bitch who hates capes and would definitely take advantage of the situation. I can totally see her getting off on having complete control over such an important and powerful heroine, not just professionally of course.

It can probably take place during the Batwoman team up storyline happening at the moment, at least the early phase of the plan, Kate helping them with the set up knowingly or unknowingly. I mean, she is already getting them tons of intel on her.

The main issue is how to successfully hypnotized or mind control a goddess without just using "magic" or similar cheap story telling devices that ultimately just feel unfulfilling.
>> No. 688
File 134715888796.jpg - (342.74KB , 1200x1690 , 006.jpg )
I think this fits here rather nicely, might even inspire.
>> No. 689
File 134715893076.jpg - (536.68KB , 1200x1690 , 007.jpg )
>> No. 690
File 134715895183.jpg - (521.37KB , 1200x1690 , 008.jpg )
>> No. 691
File 134715897292.jpg - (435.33KB , 1200x1690 , 009.jpg )
>> No. 692
File 134715899570.jpg - (442.52KB , 1200x1690 , 010.jpg )
>> No. 693
File 134715904067.jpg - (513.78KB , 1200x1690 , 011.jpg )
>> No. 694
File 134715906543.jpg - (508.53KB , 1200x1690 , 012.jpg )
>> No. 695
File 134715909316.jpg - (490.96KB , 1200x1690 , 013.jpg )
>> No. 696
File 134715912316.jpg - (498.31KB , 1200x1690 , 014.jpg )
>> No. 697
File 134715915272.jpg - (571.19KB , 1200x1690 , 015.jpg )
>> No. 698
File 134715918031.jpg - (513.88KB , 1200x1690 , 016.jpg )
>> No. 699
File 134715920472.jpg - (491.51KB , 1200x1690 , 017.jpg )
>> No. 700
File 134715923014.jpg - (492.53KB , 1200x1690 , 018.jpg )
>> No. 701
File 134715925469.jpg - (503.49KB , 1200x1690 , 019.jpg )
>> No. 702
File 134715928048.jpg - (367.41KB , 1200x1690 , 020.jpg )
>> No. 703
File 13471593116.jpg - (429.67KB , 1200x1690 , 021.jpg )
>> No. 704
Not only is she a demigod but also royalty, which makes it even hotter.

>Princess Slave
>> No. 706
File 134716131685.jpg - (296.41KB , 600x800 , 1442417d9dcfa00e0f3521002600d58c.jpg )
Is Street Fighter allowed here?
>> No. 708
File 134716947650.png - (457.83KB , 774x523 , dangerous hypno.png )
So, uh, if this isn't welcome, tell me to fuck right off and stop shitting up the thread... but is it wrong if I kinda enjoy perilous hypno? Characters so deep in trance that they don't recognize their own danger?
>> No. 716
Does becoming a mind controlled slave means that she will get a new more fetish inspired costume?

I love those, especially when they involve stuff like S&M or lingerie.

Would she wear it all the time or only when alone with her mistress?

Perhaps she has one to keep proper appearances with the public and avoid suspicion, and another one for more intimate moments?

Or I guess her regular costume can change gradually as she is slowly corrupted.
>> No. 717
File 134719670384.jpg - (501.79KB , 1280x1024 , All_grown_up_wallpaper_by_Vekoma.jpg )
Mez has Violet keeping up appearances on the civilian side during the day or at home and getting a little wilder at night. The gradual skimpiness of Violet's costumes is Mez trying to accelerate that fashion trend forward. If some of that ends up catching on, her cover on the super side of things is safe.
The far side of the fetishy spectrum (though she could have that around Mez's base earlier in the story) when Violet gets sling bikini/pasties/Tarot stuff is around the end when Mez has Helen and the whole family wrapped around her finger and appearances don't matter as much anymore.
>> No. 725
I like this approach, might even work for the Wonder Woman thing too.

Although, I'm thinking that for Diana it might be easier to hide the fetish themed costume, considering she already has bracelets, rope, and collar. They just need some modifications of course.
>> No. 727
More Daphne Blake, she is super cute in the new animated show and movies.
>> No. 730
Are you doing the stereotypical old fashion hypnosis or more like the drug induced/subliminal messages/advanced electronics approach?
>> No. 731
Mez's hypnosis is a combination of her own superpowers and technology she uses to amplify them like her goggles. Could probably use electronics as well to strain herself less or hide transmitters on Violet for field commands to her or for a subliminal campaign to reinforce the whole "skimpy costumes becoming a trend" thing and luring people in.
>> No. 733
Where is Mirage in all of this?
>> No. 734
Mirage is a government agent for the NSA now. She could be keeping tabs on Violet and end up getting Mez'd and used by her to keep up a cover story.
>> No. 736
File 134725592265.jpg - (294.37KB , 547x900 , Jessica Rabbit 6.jpg )
>> No. 738
File 134725734055.jpg - (184.02KB , 1728x792 , 132063640744.jpg )
This goes here, right?
>> No. 739
File 134725741583.jpg - (68.34KB , 1275x1650 , 131856583622.jpg )
>> No. 740
File 13472574347.jpg - (86.23KB , 1275x1650 , 131856585395.jpg )
>> No. 741
File 134725747058.jpg - (146.42KB , 1275x1650 , 131856587042.jpg )
>> No. 742
File 134725748818.jpg - (139.92KB , 1275x1650 , 131856588062.jpg )
>> No. 743
File 13472575117.jpg - (178.43KB , 1275x1650 , 132589745920.jpg )
>> No. 744
File 134725752775.jpg - (142.44KB , 1275x1650 , 132589747814.jpg )
>> No. 745
File 13472575417.jpg - (131.94KB , 1275x1650 , 132589749086.jpg )
>> No. 746
File 134725757248.jpg - (215.96KB , 1275x1650 , 132589750834.jpg )
>> No. 747
File 134725758772.jpg - (112.92KB , 1275x1650 , 132823773232.jpg )
>> No. 748
File 134725760548.jpg - (122.08KB , 1275x1650 , 13282377782.jpg )
>> No. 749
File 134725763170.jpg - (104.30KB , 1275x1650 , 132823780262.jpg )
>> No. 750
File 134725765796.jpg - (259.93KB , 1275x1650 , 132823782018.jpg )
>> No. 751
File 134725769812.jpg - (191.18KB , 1224x792 , 131924463343.jpg )
>> No. 753
File 134726367936.jpg - (1.29MB , 2000x1537 , Batwoman-Zone- 013.jpg )
I think the best way to handle the Wonder Woman story would be to use the bracelets as a steppingstone into her submission, whether drawing from the Amazons' lore or even Diana's relationship with them. The fact that the current continuity appears to use the bracelets in order to keep her powers in check so that she doesn't go berserk in battle, could be used as an interesting plot device. Its a nice throwback to the early days of the character, although it seems nowadays has to do more with her not going full blown god wrecking everyone's shit, instead of just women throwing tantrums.

At any case, that could be the key for controlling her in the story.
Find a way to plant the idea in her head that she should embrace the Amazons' heritage in a more extreme manner, slowing but surely making her fall in love with the idea of being in bondage and servitude by using the bracelets as an anchor. Later on introduce her to some new bracelets, choker, and other accessories that are significantly more bondage inspired, perhaps even use those to bombard her with subliminal messages by having them equipped with tech.

Eventually evolve the idea in her head that in order to be a better Amazon and hero, she needs to surrender her purpose in life to someone else. Thats got to be a tricky one though, so all her defenses should be down by then.

Maybe use the fact that she seem to lose herself in battle both mentally and physically as a way to control her, perhaps by making her believe that she can be the most effect as a warrior if she just follows orders, while at the same time reinforcing the belief in her subconscious that the only way she can't completely lose control and hurt innocent people is if she permanently wears the bracelets and totally surrenders her will to the person giving the orders.

With her powers in check and strong character utterly dominated, the person controlling her can move on to other things like giving her fetish clothes, tattoos, piercing, and other similar stuff.

However, there is still the issue of how could this person hypnotize someone like Wonder Woman to this extent without her realizing, especially when its clear that in order to get to this point it would take a long time and that she is very resilient to mind control in general. Also, there is the whole thing of how to get her to wear bracelets and other jewelry that gradually break her down through subliminal messages in a non-suspicious manner.

This is just me throwing ideas or course, I'm sure someone can come up with something more specific or better.
>> No. 754
File 134726472456.jpg - (185.55KB , 1098x1600 , Black Widow Bound.jpg )
Mind Control and Bondage.

My favorite combination.
>> No. 755
File 134726483224.jpg - (554.10KB , 1000x1000 , 132683317113.jpg )
>> No. 756
The tiara is also very important to the character, as an iconic weapon obviously, but also a representation of her station as royalty.

I'm sure that could also be used in some way to control her.
>> No. 806
Would like to see some reluctant humiliation being used along with mind control.

It would probably work better with the Violet story, since she would definitely be more naive and the set up already includes a "doctor" or sorts. So yeah, basically a situation in which she reluctantly allows herself to be humiliated and molested, she might even know subconsciously that she should not let it happen but ultumately does.

Mez in one of their sessions tells her that she needs to conduct a physical or experiment, slowly but surely she takes the "rutinely" procedure too far. By this point Violet is probably somewhat conditioned, so she finds it less strange that not only does she gets completely naked but by the end she is getting plowed with a double strap-on dildo.

The trick is too slowly let it happen, and to emphasize Violet's doubts about the whole thing. Start with Mez checking her pulse, sticking her fingers in her mouth, later getting her completely nude, gagging, etc. Of course all of this being possible because of how much under her control she is, and she coming out with ridiculous excuses Violets reluctantly accepts despite their outrageous nature. For example, Mez using a dildo on her asshole is just a simple test of "tightness" or something similar.

It might also make it sexier if Mez takes photographs throughout, not only to degrade Violet more but also just in case she needs to black mail her. Of course, Violet accepted this as just part of the procedure and record keeping.

Good combination of pychological control and personal humiliation, and might even be a good way to introduce the whole tattoo and piercing thing.
>> No. 807
I'm not into the humiliation part of it so much, now turning her from shy to an exhibitionist seems more likely. Maybe not. Either way, if Violet is moonlights her nights as a super perhaps mez puts the idea to have some fun with them before turning them in.
>> No. 808
File 134732767629.jpg - (0.97MB , 2581x2925 , Tali Zorah Vas Pleasure Slave.jpg )
Concerning the Wonder Woman story, I think that her mind control should also be a private matter, while still having a very public image.

There should be a certain duality to her after she has been broken, like she is still a role model to the citizens of her universe, but an obedient slave to her mistress.
Diana is still being able to put of a facade of her old self when in public, but in the inside she has been completely conquered mind and soul. This might affect her hero life and performance however, going from fighting Gods to just stopping petty criminals robbing banks, a shadow of her former self.

She makes up for this by getting caught on camera a regular basis by the paparazzi, doing some pretty suggestive things, like perhaps letting herself get photographed deep-throating a sausage or several wardrobe malfunctions. Of course denying any of this being on purpose, but as a result she still being a pretty mainstream hero. Few accusing her of becoming nothing more than an attention whore, but because she still does all sort of public events and "saves" the day from time to time, she is mostly seen in a positive light.

Her regular costume could stay pretty much the same I think, with perhaps some minor adjustments and details that most people would not notice. Underneath it though, she can have some nipple and clit piercing and maybe a vibrator, all of them sending minor electric shocks throughout her body quite often, acting as a reminder of her domination.

I think she should also have a single tattoo, which is a beauty mark, it can be a single dot or even something more elaborate like a heart or star. Besides making her look more sexy, it also works as a way to keep her horny and docile, perhaps that tattoo being made with a special super concentrated drug derived from Poison Ivy's pheromones, which slowly releases into her body during the day.

Of course when alone with her owner, she would wear something much more bondage themed, perhaps something like this but using Wonder Woman iconography. Considering bondage, submission, and control have been such a big part of her background, I think it fits her quite nicely. Hell, maybe even add a cool cape like she usually wears to make it classy as well as sexy.

So yeah, the contrast is that to the rest of the world she is still a hero and role model, but in reality she now enjoys nothing more than worshipping her mistress. Completely debasing herself without hesitation and love having to wear fetish costumes for her owner.

Again, this is just me throwing ideas around to maybe get something started.
>> No. 809
File 134732907211.jpg - (547.55KB , 700x1000 , 1307676662625.jpg )
>> No. 810
Yeah, the humilation doesn't mesh as well with raising her confidence to exhibitionist levels. I kinda see it as Mez making Violet into a Harley to go with her Ivy or something like that.
>> No. 811
File 134733170538.jpg - (142.88KB , 800x945 , 1301811919025.jpg )
Just throwing ideas around, guys

I though it would help Mez into completely breaking Violet...

Maybe Mez has to take her to the lowest point she can go, before rebuilding her as she sees fit?
You know the more slutty and confident new Violet, rebirth and such.

At any case, is Violet still getting more curvy like her mom?
Would love a story or pic of Violet looking herself in the mirror and admiring her curvier ass and hips like that memorable scene in the movie with Helen, of course in a much more graphic manner, maybe involving a dildo or a small whip.
>> No. 812
File 134733280617.png - (940.67KB , 1000x1250 , 81994.png )
>> No. 813
File 134733286618.png - (931.87KB , 1000x1250 , 81996.png )
>> No. 814
File 134733296111.png - (1.06MB , 1000x1250 , 81997.png )
>> No. 815
File 134733307273.png - (915.74KB , 1000x1250 , 78369.png )
>> No. 816
File 134733311137.png - (950.42KB , 1000x1250 , 78407.png )
>> No. 817
File 134733315129.png - (1.00MB , 1000x1250 , 78344.png )
>> No. 823
She's taking the guise of a counselor/therapist. Delving into Violet's problems and aggressively berating her in response, increasingly out there blot and word association tests and of course the deviant "trust exercises".
>> No. 825
I like the idea of word play, maybe she can even plant triger phrases in her subconscious in one of those visits.

The magic lasso used to tied her up in Japanese style?
>> No. 834
What about hypnotizing chicks so that they act more robotic?
>> No. 835
So starting out, Violet having a roommate or going for a solo room to better hide her super secret better (and make her long nights out slightly less conspicuous)? Or is she in the sorority to set up for that one idea later?

>At any case, is Violet still getting more curvy like her mom? Would love a story or pic of Violet looking herself in the mirror and admiring her curvier ass and hips like that memorable scene in the movie with Helen, of course in a much more graphic manner, maybe involving a dildo or a small whip.

Or a forcefield construct. And she loves watching herself jiggle.
>> No. 838
File 13474306763.gif - (2.19MB , 429x281 , 1288235763492.gif )
I don't see how adding more chicks into the mix going to help, unless you want to use them as a way to justify her sluttification.
Like maybe they are the reason her self-esteem is so low, because bullying and such?

I could see Mez exploiting that.

And yeah, forcefields might work just fine.

Also, regarding her costume, could she wear something similar to what she usually wears but far more skin tight and revealing? Like basically body paint or see-through fabric.
At least before she goes all bondage/fetish
>> No. 840
File 134745785921.jpg - (272.33KB , 827x1169 , 161075.jpg )
>> No. 841
I like the idea of her living at home during college. She uses it as an excuse to keep from socializing... until Mez gets her claws into her.
>> No. 842
Uhh... OK, wow. That's a lot of stuff to write.

Someone wanna summarize the ideas for me into one post, and then I'll get started on it tonight?
>> No. 843
For which story, Violet or Wonder Woman?
>> No. 844
Anyone has these awesome comics?
>> No. 846
File 134746377013.jpg - (586.42KB , 881x1833 , violet_parr_2012_by_ryunaruto-d530vr6.jpg )
Nothing but body paint would be pretty good for the later fetishy stages next to the sling and pasties, though it'd definitely something she'd be into next to the tattoos with the whole "Making my body into a canvas" thing she's gotten into.

Seethrough materials in her costumes would be her solutions to cold weather
>> No. 847
Living around campus though creates a barrier from her family that'd help Mez do her work mostly uninterrupted on that end. And then on one of her later visits back home she springs Mez's control devices on them.
>> No. 849
File 134748541230.jpg - (231.17KB , 900x1528 , Wonder Woman Dominatrix.jpg )
>High-cut type bathing suit
>Partial breast exposure
>Opera gloves and Stocking like
>skin tight(although to be honest she could use more nipple and camel-toe accentuation considering how tight that is)
>Dat sexy face and hair

Now thats a great costume, super sexy while at the same time keeping the overall look of her original look, not to mention still passing as a superhero costume, if a bit more slutty than usual.

I'm guessing her back is bare so that her tattoo is visible?

I got to say I was not fully into the idea of an older mind controlled Violet, but now I'm totally in. Thats a sexy pic, makes all the difference.

Her new regular costume can look something like this, its feels sexier but at the same time its not blatantly fetish, perhaps just add a nice collar.
>> No. 850
>> No. 853
File 134749306070.jpg - (118.98KB , 600x826 , Zattana 03.jpg )
Both of these ladies are sporting a thong or g-string type of deal on the back, right?

It would be a shame if those hot costumes are not showing some ass cheeks, preferably so they jiggle when they are in full motion.
>> No. 855
You know, she could probably take this costume a bit farther without crossing the line if she was add a window boob a la Power Girl on her costume, right where the circle part of her logo is located.
>> No. 858
What's the end result anyway?
I mean, that was what sparked this whole thing after all.

What happens after Violet becomes a hypnotized slave for Mezmerella?

Would she still be doing the whole superhero thing or even school?

Is she Mez personal play thing 24/7?

What about the Wonder Woman thing?

What do you do when you have one of the most powerful heroes under your complete control?
Besides the obvious sexual stuff featured in these type of stories of course.

I'm thinking what Diana will be doing as a slave might be a bit different depending if Chase of someone else is in control.
>> No. 859
Only get rid of the black part, that way the logo is still recognizable while at the same time also showing plenty of cleavage, pierced nipples also visible underneath.
>> No. 860
File 134749987957.jpg - (912.46KB , 1280x1992 , Inc_13_HFB_CPS_023.jpg )
Mez uses Violet for both pleasure and as a henchwoman. She still fights supervillainy, just the ones that happen to be Mez's rivals. After her last experience with a big villain group, she decided to go back to working for herself. Less comas or being used as a pawn that way.
>> No. 862
Makes a lot of sense to use a cape to get rid of the competition, throwing suspicion and cops off her trail.

Would Helen be used in the same way, or does Mez have more perverted things for her in mind?

Anyway, what about a long fake interview as the set up for Wonder Woman's hypnosis? Maybe Diana is attracted to the idea because it is supposed to be for charity or something to do with women.

Plenty of opportunities to drug her drink and makeup backstage, as well hypnotic devices in the lights or TelePrompTer. Hell, they could even convince her to wear specific clothes that are filled it hypnotic devices, with the excuse that they are classy and look better on camera, all the while making her feel slutty.
The questions specifically designed to slowly hypnotize her, or at least put particular thoughs in her mind that weaken her defenses.
Later as the interview continues they can get very personal, or even be used to verbally attack her character or berating her, with her too dazed by that point to answer in a proper manner. She just takes it or even agrees.

It can even be an internet based interview, that way even the fangirls idea can work just fine.
>> No. 863
Probably use Helen for some of that job as well, with her default figure becoming even curvier and thicker.

Otherwise she stays at the base where Mez exploits that powerset for all it's worth and letting Violet in on that fun.
>> No. 864
Is anyone gonna sum the Mez-Vi ideas into one post for me, please?
>> No. 865
File 13475045743.jpg - (407.12KB , 1000x977 , Incredibles 6.jpg )
>her default figure becoming even curvier and thicker
Fuck yeah, this needs to happen, really exuberant and erotic MILF figure.

She also get a more slutty superhero costume like Violet, right?

I wish we had a drawfag, jut to see how that body would look in a whorish skintight suit.

>Mez exploits that powerset for all it's worth
I sure hope you mean bondage and some worshiping.
>> No. 866
I don't know which ideas people have agreed on though.

Short list of what I think is he most basic stuff...

>Mez targets Violet in her last year of high school and beginning of college.

>Posing as a therapist or counselor she gradually bring out a more slutty persona out of Violet, using her insecurities and shy nature.

>It takes around a year for Mez too fully transform her though, during that time she has one of her villain friends tattooed Violet's entire back as a sign of her slavery.

>Later she uses Violet to lure Helen away, and also have her.

>The main theme seems to be a metamorphosis of exhibitionism. Violet going from a rather mousy girl, to a total knockout who loves her body and her mistress.

>Plenty of fetishes thrown in there like piercings, tattoos, bondage, etc.
>> No. 867
Bondage that can also be extended into Helen's potential as living makeshift furniture or with the flat parachute form, a blanket, worship, pseudo giantess play depending on how far she can stretch and expand those tits or ass out. She's practically a fetish thneed.
>> No. 868
File 134750651917.jpg - (184.10KB , 550x876 , Incredibles 2.jpg )
Oh god, the possibilities are endless with her body.

I do think that Mez should permanently implant the idea on her head that she become curvier, just so that her default look is always more exuberant.

Anyway, what type of new costume would Mez have in mind for her?
I'm guessing it has to stay pretty much the same when considering her powerset, so maybe she is the one that does the whole body-paint thing.

She being completely naked all the time makes sense, she just uses body paint sparely when going out to "save the day" for Mez.
>> No. 869
Pasties and a micro c-string, the rest is body paint in a design thats similar to her old suit, but perhaps a bit more slutty and fetish inspired.
>> No. 870
If she wears anything at all, a microkini to go with Violet's sling. Otherwise, Violet's the one that paints her mother in exchange for occasionally having herself painted by Helen whenever she wants to complement her tattooed stripes with some color.
>> No. 871
The interview angle would be a perfect way to kill any suspicions Wonder Woman might have about the whole thing, especially once the actually hypnosis start.

The bright lights, apparent public nature, and constant questioning a good way to cover up the fact that they are messing with her mind.

The best part is that they could even make it a weekly podcast type of thing, so they have many chances to slowly wear her down.

I think I prefer the idea /pco/ was throwing around a while back, in which a super nerdy obsessed fangirl with tons of time and connections, is the one that ultimately enslaves the demigod Wonder Woman.
Its hot in different levels.
>> No. 874
File 134750827275.jpg - (622.60KB , 2000x1250 , 1302305621011.jpg )
>Extremely curvy and wearing a tiny bikini.
Sorry to post non-western stuff, but since there is no drawfag or anything...

Helen would look something like this most of the time?
If thats the case, sign me the fuck in.

BTW, do they just call Miz anything in particular or just "Mistress"?
>> No. 882
File 134750905813.jpg - (93.69KB , 477x648 , 1315727394666.jpg )
I'd say stick with Mez and whatever variants you can get out of that like Mistress Mez or Miss Mez.

Mez's alias around the college would probably be Esmerelda or Eleanor. I'd also say as a sympathy card to play during the early sessions with Violet (and playing off one of the DVD's super files of a psychic heroine that I found suspiciously similar to Mez) that her teen years were kinda lame until she found the drive to make things better and used her powers to help push herself forward.
>> No. 884
Imagine her fighting a supervillain looking like that.

All that giggling.

The paparazzi would go insane with joy every time she makes a public appearance.

So the foundation of Violet's control is a combination of sympathy and beration?

I guess she plays the sympathy card first, and then demeans Violet for being like she was in the past.
>> No. 885
File 134750987339.jpg - (159.08KB , 550x800 , 1323484091630.jpg )
>So the foundation of Violet's control is a combination of sympathy and beration?

Yeah. It's like Mad Love, but Mez is actually being honest about her backstory.
>> No. 886
Fuck, I meant jiggling

I like it.

Its one of the reasons the whole Wonder Woman fangirl thing worked for me too. I don't want to say it was relatable or sympathetic, but you could at least see where their reasoning was coming from.

Well, except the Wonder Woman thing was more about admiration and adoration turned into possession.
>> No. 887
>Well, except the Wonder Woman thing was more about admiration and adoration turned into possession.

Which is basically the plot of Misery
>> No. 889
File 134751135065.jpg - (410.12KB , 1000x1569 , You_talk_too_much_honey_by_shiniez-d58qonj.jpg )
Oh shit, you are right.

So yeah, Misery but with Wonder Woman.

Only you know...sexy...and with lesbians, mind control and bondage.
>> No. 891
There was also the notion of Mirage keeping tabs on Violet for the NSA, only to also fall into Mez's control and act as a double agent to help throw off the scent from Mez.

Could also see Mez using Mirage for her NSA connections to start spreading the skimpier costume trend among female supers further. With all those addresses, she can distribute some devices/transmitters to put the idea into their heads
>> No. 893
File 134751252238.jpg - (128.79KB , 600x800 , The Incredibles.jpg )
I think she can definitely play the role of double agent well, seems to fit her style, even going as far as completely debasing herself for Mez's goals.

Maybe she can even use Mirage's past actions against her, make it so that she gets a thrill out of it.
>> No. 894
>"I know, working for an villainous redhead again. But I'm still a better boss then that petty child-killing dweeb!"
>> No. 895
>Old habits die hard

But yeah, maybe Mez can be a better boss.

Anyway, does she also get more slutty outfits?
Although, hard to beat the sexy secretary get up.
>> No. 896
File 134751360048.jpg - (27.68KB , 290x435 , 2010-05-05_Incredibles8.jpg )
She gets a Molotov Cocktease inspired version of her spysuit in addition to the sexier secretary look.
>> No. 897
File 134751360350.jpg - (106.75KB , 301x463 , TF.jpg )
Tiny skirts and glasses added, stilettos and stockings are a given of course.
>> No. 898
Does Helen get any tattoos or piercings?

Plenty of space on that ass.
>> No. 899
File 134751530785.png - (683.03KB , 806x1044 , 1295828666423.png )
If we are sticking with that body type and the fact that she will be naked or almost naked all the time, a big Mezmerella spiral around one of her nipples would look great.
A big piercing with the Incredibles logo on the other one.
>> No. 907
And something that has a "fertility goddess" theme.

Could see Violet's tattoos extending to the front as the lacy spiral patterns on her back wrap around her midriff and her breasts
>> No. 909
Your description reminds me of how Ivy looks nowadays, with the leafy patterns around her body.

But anyway, if Helen does have that rocking body, they whole "mother" theme fits her well, super MILF.
>> No. 910
>fertility goddess
Now I know what that reminded me of.

So, I'm guessing she gets those epic curves with help of her powers or is there something else at work here?
>> No. 911
File 134753953080.jpg - (291.03KB , 569x900 , Mezmerella bellydancing.jpg )
To go with the insecurities theme for the before phase, could be playing off how Helen seemed frustrated with her fine curvy figure and her thing through her procedure is letting it loose instead of holding back.

Mez herself has probably switched her primary costume for a dominatrix look, though she's also fond of the bellydancer/tribal outfit and probably a few others for whatever she's doing with the girls.
>> No. 912
File 13475409982.png - (357.34KB , 1276x726 , Outfits.png )
The mirror scene would definitely need to be addressed or even revisited, although I imagine her reaction might be different after she has embraced her curves.

As for Mez, I can see her wearing something really sexy and yet classy like one of these outfits, taking completely control of two heroines probably boosted her ego.
>> No. 913
So basically Helen after being fully hypnotized looks like she was designed by Tetrodotoxin?

I like
>> No. 914
And it's part of a direction shift for her of sowing seeds of hedonism around rather then the use of typical doomsday devices. Making society eventually go "Shit, let's be Zeltron" and Mez putting herself on the top.

Another Mirage idea, but what if it turned out Dicker retired and she took his old job at the top of the NSA? Her occasional checking on Violet was something she took on personally.
>> No. 915
If this does indeed take place several years after the movie and comic, I can see him retiring and Mirage getting promoted.

It also explains why Mez would take the risk of hypnotizing her too.
>> No. 916
Speaking of that reflection scene, reminds me of what was mentioned before.

It would be a really sexy scene if Helen catches Violet doing the same, you know looking herself in the mirror. At first she merely finds it amusing because she thinks her daughter also has certain image and body issues, however by this point Violet is pretty advanced in her conditioning, and in fact loves her more curvy body.

Over the next few minutes Helen witnesses something completely unexpected, as Violet starts taking her clothes off and committing all sort of graphic acts in front of the mirror. You know, she bending over, squatting, shaking her ass, spanking herself red, spreading her asscheeks, fucking herself with various constructs, etc.
All while completely naked and moaning in pleasure.

This can also be the moment where Helen first notices the fact that Violet wears super slutty underwear, has a bunch of piercings, and of course the big tattoo on her back.

It can even be even hotter if Mez has been calling Helen and slowly hypnotizing her without her knowledge, which causes the innial horror of seeing her daughter moving and acting in ways that would put the sluttiest strippers and porn stars to shame, to turn into utter lust and excitement.

The scene ending with Helen pleasuring herself while peeping on her daughter as she comes all over the mirror, after putting on an extremely whorish show.
>> No. 917
I still say we have a scene of Mez implanting the idea in Vi that her dad and brother need seducing for some reason. Perhaps with Vi and Helen getting some /ss/ on one side with Helen taking care of Dash and a middleschool aged Jack Jack. And Vi taking care of Daddy dearest. All while these lusty acts are taped for blackmail purposes should Bob, Jack, or Dash ever question why the ladies are always out
>> No. 918
File 134755230164.png - (2.78MB , 2766x1492 , Mez story.png )
So, just to keep track of all this.

Is this a general representation of what the characters' overall body type and fashion sense would be like?

Of course I realize that The Incredibles' art style is heavily stylized and these styles themselves don't really match one another, but they still provide us with a pretty basic idea of what the characters would be all about in this story, right?

At least after they have all gone through mind control and the like.

>Mezmerella, Violet, Helen, and Mirage.
>> No. 919
Yeah, I still have no idea how they fit in all of this.

I say they just manage to keep it secret from them or something, perhaps through mind control or other reasons.

Seems like a simple enough way to ignore them, just so that it doesn't derail the main story.
>> No. 920
Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

The seconds passed by at an agonizingly plodding pace for high school senior Violet Parr, who had her eyes firmly glued to the ground to avoid the piercing gaze of the school psychologist Ms. Merr.

Ms. Merr sighed, placing her black horn rimmed glasses on the desk with one hand while the other gently picked at her tight bun of fiery red hair. "Now, Violet," Ms. Merr said in a calm, even voice, rising from her chair. "This is a safe place. I'm not here to pass judgement. I'm not here to criticize." Ms. Merr placed a consolatory hand on Vi's shoulder. "All I'm here to do is help you be the best Violet you can be."

Violet fidgeted, her face growing crimson at the injustice of it all. "I didn't even DO anything," she mumbled, her head still firmly planted downward. "That jerk Todd bumped into me, and said I shoved him, and-"

Ms. Merr, in one smooth motion, gently tilted Violet's head up and placed one finger on the stunned teen's lips. "Shhhhh," she whispered. "We're not here to talk about Todd. We're here to talk about you."
>> No. 921
Already hooked
>> No. 922
Ms. Merr glided to the front of the room and sat on her desk, her stocking-clad legs dangling over the edge. "I'm sensing a lot of antagonism from you, Vi," Ms. Merr sighed. "So I'd like to try something with you. A meditation exercise to help you relax."

Vi rolled her eyes and crossed her arms with a huff. Terrific, she thought. Some new age hippie garbage is just what I needed.

The awkward silence between the two was filled by the same rhythmic grinding of the clock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Ms. Merr said nothing, only crossing her right leg over her left and allowing it to dangle in sync with the steady drone of the clock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

In spite of herself, Violet couldn't help but notice Ms. Merr's fine shoes. Black leather high heels, with a small gold decoration just above the toe that glinted in the sunlight from the partially blinded window. Her expression began to soften slowly as she asked, "Those are really pretty shoes. Where did you get th-"

"Shhhhh." Ms. Merr hushed, her expression unchanging, the only movement from her body the slow and steady rise of breathing and the unchanging, steady movement of her foot. Back and forth, back and forth. "Let's just enjoy the silence a bit…"
>> No. 923
Good good...
>> No. 924
File 134755594782.png - (574.06KB , 1240x1754 , commission___non_stop_infinite_booty_mode_by_axel_.png )
Could see Helen taking her thicker form further while out and about too.
>> No. 925




Vi continued to stare, back… and forth… back… and forth… the glinting of the golden charm, the steady rhythm of the foot, the constant and calm ticking of the clock, all in perfect, synchronized harmony. Vi's once stony exterior was shed completely, replaced by a drooping jaw and drooping eyes as a sleepy heaviness began to cover her body. Back, and forth. Back, and forth. The monotony was broken as Violet gave a loud yawn, murmuring apologies afterward.

Ms. Merr smiled. "No need to apologize, dear… just relax… that's what you're here to do… just relax…" she purred as the sleepy teen began to slump forward in her chair. "You look sleepy, Violet. Why don't you get off of that chair? Wouldn't it feel better to kneel on the floor?"

Vi, slowly and vacantly nodding, slid from her chair and oozed onto the floor, her knees meeting the slightly scratchy rug.

"You said you liked my shoes, Violet," Ms. Merr said, calmly and evenly. "I like them too…"--for one instant, a glint crossed Ms. Merr's face.--"Why don't you give them a nice, big kiss?"

Vi's eyes tensed for a brief moment in thought… but it made sense. She kissed things she liked. She kissed her family. She kissed Tony. Kissing Ms. Merr's shoes made complete sense. Everything she was saying made sense…

With a dreamy sigh, Violet's eyes slid shut as she leaned forward, her puckered lips meeting the slick black leather of Ms. Merr's high heels, her tongue pressing against the black-dyed shoe, the taste of tanning chemicals mingling on her tongue. "Good girl…" Ms. Merr purred as Violet continued to run her tongue up and down the length of her right foot.

Ms. Merr gently placed her foot on Violet's head and tilted her back into an upright kneeling position. "I think we've made a lot of progress today," she chirped, crisply and professionally, her sudden change of tone snapping Violet back to reality.

Violet blinked rapidly, not entirely sure what of the past few minutes was real and what was a dream. "Hm? Oh, um, uh, thanks! I guess…" she mumbled, trying to sift through her thoughts.

"I'd like to see you again tomorrow, Vi. I think we can make a lot of headway." Ms. Merr gave a wry smile as she scribbled on a notepad. "What's your least favorite class?"

Violet was hurriedly gathering her things, her head still buzzing. "Uh, Bio, I guess, but-" Ms. Merr tore the sheet she was writing on and handed it to Vi. "Here's an excuse," she said with a wide smile and a wink. "I'll se you tomorrow."
>> No. 926
And that's all for today. ;)
>> No. 927
>She kissed Tony

Interestingly, it didn't last. Dated a guy named Xander, the son of a semi-retired supervillainess that used to be one of Helen's rogues in the comic. But when his family discovered mom's secret and she got turned into a chimp when a De-evolution device quickly stolen from a future gimmick villain was brought in to take out the mudmen she created, they moved to some remote part of the country.

They tried doing a long distance thing for a while and Xander tried the tech hero game with his mom's old equipment, but it could have ended up not working out and bad luck with dating could be part of what's been putting Violet into this new rut.
>> No. 930
Suppose we could throw a reference to "Everything Reminds Me of My Therapist" for the "breakthrough" that leads into some of the major conditioning?

>Sometimes when I am in the chair and she begins to stare I wonder if she likes me or not.
>But I know if I asked her she would turn it around and say why is it important for you to know?
>I’d say I really don’t know why I want to know it’s just something I was wondering about.
>But the real question is. The one that I can’t ask her.
>If you weren’t my therapist- would you be my friend? Or do you have to like me because I pay you?
>> No. 932
Interfere? Some of us might like the scene of double /ss/ and some Vi/bob love and it can be fit in as a seduction and blackmail should they ever get wonder what's going on rather than to be taken in by the lust.
>> No. 934
Great stuff, really sexy.
Love to see how she introduces her to tattoos and piercings.

Oh, I see what you mean.
I wouldn't mind something with older Dash starting to see his mom in a different light, especially since he would be at that age and his mom has gotten a lot more exuberant. I suppose Mez has Helen trying to seduce Dash, andViolet her father.

I can dig it.
>> No. 935
bingo, and depending how far the time skip is at the end, Jack Jack might be old enough to watch his big bro and Helen and get curious.
>> No. 936
File 134758421817.jpg - (318.85KB , 950x1342 , 6e78dfd70f2fa65fb8a8ba1062646b19.jpg )
You could have Helen posing for Dash and asking him if she looks fat/good in some clothes, a pretty ordinary event before, however in her new more curvy figure she shows some "whale tail" and huge nipples poking through the tight fabric.

She continues to do this every single day, with the clothes getting more and more skimpy, and her posing getting more and more provocative.

After a couple of months or so she is not only wearing nothing but a sling bikini and heels, but also pressing her huge ass and boobs against his face and crotch as she "poses" for him.

This whole thing would not work as a way for Helen to seduce him, but also get him used to the idea that his mother will be mostly nude from now on.
>> No. 937
How would Violet seduce Bob?

Perhaps always using the shower before him and leaving her slutty thongs and vibrators laying around, and after she goes to college "accidentally" walking around the house naked every time she visits?

Asking him what she thinks of her tattoo and piercings while she shows lots of skin in front of him?

I figure all them would be under Mez mind control during this time, at least to a certain degree, in order to facilitate and encourage their "curiosity".

However, I'm still not entirely sure how would this go down.

I guess it could always just start with a pretty innocent conversation in which Violet ask her father about boys, and continue from there.

Of course, there is always Violet/Dash I guess, /co/ used to be crazy about that one years ago.
>> No. 938
Never been a fan of Vi/Bob incest. What about calling in Mirage so there's still an infidelity smear on Bob as well as keeping any snoopy NSA agents from deprogramming their leader lest the organization take a PR nosedive?
>> No. 939
Do their eyes change in any way after they have been fully mind controlled, you know like in Avengers or Code Geass?

I would like something subtle, like perhaps a yellow thin circle around their pupils, the same color as Mez's.
>> No. 940
File 134758627576.jpg - (267.37KB , 1184x1135 , 0incredibles.jpg )
Works for me, like I said its hard for me to see the whole Violet/Bob thing.

Mirage always seemed to like Bob, so Mez could totally exploit that, plus she might see it as revenge on Helen slapping her around and such.
>> No. 941
I seriously want to see some decent fanart of the girls standing side by side in their hypnotized modified bodies while wearing their new outfits.
>> No. 942
Maybe it's a latent desire she acts on after one of her sessions, but she can only afford a small tramp stamp, so Mez becomes an enabler and turns the interest in body modification into full blown obsession.
>> No. 943
File 134758760768.jpg - (27.00KB , 779x623 , Goddess_of_War-1-.jpg )
Well, she does have a friend that is all about tattoos.

However, I kind of like the idea that Mez is the one that introduces her to them, like Violet mentions that she wanted to get one back when she first started High School but didn't have the guts. Mez exploits this in her long list of making her more assertive and an exhibitionist.

It also adds to the corruption angle, and of course marking Violet permanently as her property.

I also like the idea that its a single tattoo, sure its pretty big and takes most of her back in part of her front, but would still look cooler and sexier if its all one design.
>> No. 944
So, in terms of body types Violet is something like Sasha Gray and Helen like Gianna Michaels...

I like this for the sheer contrast...
>> No. 946
Violet's gotten some of her mother's hips and ass, but more how they were back in Helen's Glory Days so she's pretty small in comparison. Helen's also got a little more of a BBW build going
>> No. 947
sounds about right. Maybe she might brush upon him, and when she asks for a goodbye kiss on her way up to college she turns it into a full blown french, Bob finds he can't resist her advances and returns the kiss and from there we get to a full on ride em cow girl .
>> No. 949
It's a singular design, but one that's split into multiple phases between back, ass, the wraparound to her midriff maybe extending to her pussy and her breasts. Spreading it out makes Violet anticipate time with Mez more and Rollergrrl of course is enjoying her time with the "canvas".
>> No. 950
File 13475913165.png - (1.00MB , 1790x878 , Helen getting larger.png )
Mmm, I kind of like this now...

I guess I'm not opposed to the idea if the set up is done well. Also, that better be one hell of a kiss, supper sloppy and possibly ending with Violet grouping his groin.

Hell, I don't know how far you would want to take it, but I can see it turning into a full blown hand-job.
Violet licking the cum of her hand after she is done, and saying something like "See you soon, daddy" in a suggestive manner.

It all depends on how it plays out, and since they have all been messed with by Mez in one way or another, its not completely impossible.

At any case, found some great pics.
Hell, they even seem to work with the whole "gradually getting curvier" and body paint angle.
Perfect fit
>> No. 952
File 134759341684.jpg - (350.87KB , 1000x1500 , LC-1-6.jpg )
Not sure I get the whole picture...but perhaps something like this might work?

I know, just pretend that the red patterns are tattoos.

They are all circular in nature like Mezmerella's eyes and logo, they all sharing the overall design, and they split all over her body.

Although, their location would probably need to be different, and of course the color as well.
>> No. 955
The head looks a bit small, but other than that it does seem to pretty much capture what people have been mentioning here.

>Epic curves

Can someone here make the head a bit bigger with photoshop?
I wish I could.
>> No. 956
Starting at a Mez logo tramp stamp, it branches out like a series of vines wrapping around Violet. They could even be thorny as a nod to another certain Disney villainess.

One branch goes up her spine, splitting into smaller spiraling branches at about each back bone, finishing with two branches becoming larger spirals at her shoulderblades.

A lower pair of vines from the tramp stamp travel along her ass, spiraling around each cheek as mirror images of one another

A third pair of vines from the sides of the tramp stamp travels around her waist like a belt to a second "central Mez/spiral" framing her navel and the piercing she'll get there.

From this hub up front, one vine travels down below, the other one goes up her abdomen to split right between her breasts and starts spiraling onto them from there, framing her nipples.
>> No. 957
File 134759631357.jpg - (141.90KB , 775x703 , 2385183.jpg )
It needs to be more gradual then that.

When she first leaves for college it can be just a quick kiss on the lips, next time she visits its she adds a little tongue, next time more passionate, and so on. With each visit Violet keeps escalating her affection, to the point that by the time she is almost fully corrupted she just greets her dad by deepthroating him.

This can also be the reason that Helen starts that thing with Dash, Bob is neglecting her because of all the action she gets from Violet, perhaps even saving his loads at her request. Mez behind the scenes exploiting Helen's frustrations to the point that she starts looking somewhere else to fulfill her needs, of course Mez also behind her sudden excessive horniness and more curvy figure.

There can also be certain details, like perhaps Dash has witness Violet and Bob's "greeting", and other things like Violet only letting her father fuck her in the ass because her pussy belong to Mez.

Just some ideas
>> No. 958
File 134759666638.jpg - (237.92KB , 1381x1123 , Ivy.jpg )
I get it now, but yeah, like I said before it sort of reminds me of Ivy.
>> No. 959
I prefer Violet taking an active part in corrupting Helen rather then just a lingering influence of Mez creating the conditions for the cliche Incredibles 34. More stuff like >>916 would be awesome.
>> No. 960
She could make weekly visits as well or something, you know before she has them under her completely control, like a family counselor or something.

Perfect opportunity for her to first hypnotize Helen and start modifying her body.
>> No. 961
File 134759781413.jpg - (109.26KB , 691x1500 , Mirage_Bedrock_version_by_sergevirusx.jpg )
I'd still prefer Mirage/Bob as it lets her actually do something. With Helen occupied with Violet and Dash, he'd take Mirage up on her offer.
>> No. 962
File 134759846351.jpg - (2.55MB , 2550x3300 , 001.jpg )
I'm fine with it either way, as long as the set up is sexy.

Just throwing ideas around.

I can see a controlled Mirage having a much easier time seducing Bob than Violet anyway, plus I like the idea of Helen getting busy with her kids better.

It just hotter
>> No. 963
Really love the whole things with the shoes, made the hypnosis pretty seamless and hot.

Its was just getting good too
>> No. 964
And there's plenty of dicks for Violet at college.
>> No. 965
Dicks and pussies
>> No. 966
And when she and Mez go on their Spring Break trip together...
>> No. 967
File 134760144369.jpg - (157.76KB , 655x900 , 74614.jpg )
How slutty are Violet's civilian clothes after a few sessions with Mez?

We know Mirage will be sporting her sexy secretary get up and the occasional catsuit, Helen mostly just micro bikinis and body paint, but what about Violet?

She won't be wearing her superhero suit all the time, right?
>> No. 969
File 134762130545.jpg - (261.44KB , 700x1060 , 0d2fe015e923ef6a48abe96027ca703c.jpg )
The Violet in this classic comes to mind. Do we hide the tattoo though in later parts of skimpy civilian mode or have some Mez transmitter on her provide a "Clark Kent glasses" routine?

Could also see her wearing something respectable over her clothes during class periods and taking those layers off when it's over.
>> No. 970
Also tight sweaters in colder seasons. And I can see her doing modeling for life drawing classes.
>> No. 977
I meant after all the build up that she makes an advance forward
>> No. 978
I think Mirage can be Vi's other older lover, as Mirage is corrupted Vi invites her over and presents her before Bob as a "birthday present"

A threesome ensues. from then on, Bob screws both of them. Vi when she's down from college and Mirage when she's away.

Cause frankly I like Vi and bob for the incest taboo being broken on that end at the same time Dash and Helen doing the same on their end
>> No. 1007
File 134767231624.jpg - (398.91KB , 1384x2096 , 125855.jpg )
Forgot about the tattoo, might be a problem.

I guess we can do the whole "civilian clothes are my real costume" kind of thing, in which she usually dresses rather conservative to keep appearances but goes all out when in her superhero outfit.
You know, her "true" self awaken by Mez and all that.

As for Helen, while the bodypaint makes sense power-wise, I don't see why she wouldn't wear some kinky lingerie at home. Perhaps some see-through nighty that goes accentuate the curves of her new body.
>> No. 1012
This might be kind of late to put a vote in, and I get that I might be in the minority here, but do people really want to turn this into an incest thing? I'd personally prefer that such stuff were not to be included. I like the idea of say, Helen coming in to investigate what's going wrong with her daughter, and getting snared by Mez in the process, but putting the whole family in it together, that's just not my bag and I'd imagine it would not be the bag of many others.
>> No. 1013
File 13476983388.jpg - (475.98KB , 720x945 , thumbs_.jpg )
It occurs to me that I probably should have posted some pictures with that.
>> No. 1014
File 134769837496.jpg - (104.19KB , 550x740 , 1329376583_kandlin_tt_hypnoline.jpg )
>> No. 1015
File 134769841559.jpg - (377.94KB , 945x945 , v1.jpg )
>> No. 1016
File 134769848445.png - (1.82MB , 1600x1223 , SUPHER HYPNO WTXT.png )
All I have on me at the moment, I'll have to dig up some flash drives.
>> No. 1020
I could take it or leave it.

Personally I think the focus should be on Mezmerella and Violet, that was how this whole thing got started anyway, the Helen thing mostly a secondary thing.
>> No. 1026
It wouldn't be the focus but in my opinion it would answer questions and give dicks for a few scenes rather than making this exclusively girl girl without having to go to far in making male characters. Also not all of us are so bothered, not to mention breaking the taboo while under the influence illustrates Mez' power
>> No. 1030
Yeah, but then it's just one long Aristocrats joke.

Got a notion of a Mez/Dash /ss/ idea. If her powers caused him to become trapped in his own imagination as a kid, could have experiencing it as a 14 or so year old causing him to lose his grip on reality and start seeing things in a "Heavy Metal/pulp sci-fi by Frazetta" viewpoint, maybe perceiving Mez as some hot alien queen picking him as a lover and champion.
>> No. 1032
File 134784876385.jpg - (904.83KB , 836x1192 , the_wonder_by_kweli-d35fwc1.jpg )
I though about the Wonder Woman thing, and I put something together. Now I'm not a writer by any means, but I think this a good start, I'm sure someone with talent could probably make something much better of it. Its pretty bare bones, mostly dialogue and scene descriptions, however I think it captures the general idea of how this set up would work. This particular "interview" would by no means completely subjugate her(and in fact could stand to be much more detailed) but still be a massive blow to her psyche. Subconsciously she starts to think different of herself despite how much she might deny it.
[Wonder Woman takes a sit next to the Fangirl(Anyone from the comics in mind?) conducting the interview, trying her hardest to smile, however feeling hotter than usually, unsure whether its just the awfully bright light setup in the diminutive studio or a bad reaction to the complementary herbal tea she drank backstage which was supposed to help her relax.]

>Fangirl: Welcome back to our podcast "Underneath it all", this entire week we will be speaking to without a doubt the most recognizable female hero in existence...Wonder Woman! Thanks for being with us, Diana. Can I call you Diana?

>Wonder Woman: Yes, thats perfectly fine. I rather we keep this rather informal, I would hate for your viewers to think that I'm stuck up because of my background.

>FG: Wonderful to hear, although I must say I'm honored to have divine royalty in my studio.

[Several dozen innocent questions later regarding what its like to be a female hero, her past relationships, philanthropy, activism, etc, Wonder Woman is starting to show noticeable signs of weariness and dizziness. All this time she keeps hearing weird static noises/voices in her earpiece and getting blinded by the flickering lights and cameras, however the interviewer continues talking nonstop so she is unable to do anything about it. She just wants to get this over with as soon as possible, so decides to ignore it]

>FG: It is no secret that you along with the rest of the Justice League saved the world five years ago, and many times since then, on several occasion all by yourself I might add. Quite an accomplished hero you are, of course you also do have your critics...

>FG: What do you say to those that would argue that you are nothing but a walking sex symbol for the Justice League, a cheerleader of sorts if you will.

>WW: Now hold down a second, even you yourself just mentioned that I ha-

>FG: I'm just repeating what they said, these are not my words, Diana!

>FG: I'm sorry if I have offended you.

>WW: No...you...I...uhg(small moan)

[Wonder Woman once again showing signs of sluggishness and confusion only now much more obvious, continuously touching her temples and feeling her eyes glassing over]

>FG: Diana, how do you respond to those that say your costume is too revealing, especially for someone such as yourself who is supposed to be a role model?

>WW: Well, you see, where I come from it is common to dress in clothes that would compensate for the warm clima-

>FG: Whore!

>WW: Excuse me?!

>FG: That what they have been calling you, that you dress like a common whore.

>FG: They say that you get off sexually by revealing your body for everyone to see.

[Wonder Woman showing even more signs of being in a total daze but now also crossing her legs at the sudden sensations she just felt after being offended, yet still struggling and managing to speak]

>WW: My heritage...uhrg(louder moan)...my culture is not ashamed to expres-

>FG: So your heritage is that of an absolute whore, is that what you are saying?

>WW: Thats...not...it at all..urhghhaa(quick moan and yelp)....I was jus-

>FG: Let me stop you right there, Diana. Its obvious this is a hard subject for you, and I just don't think you are getting it. Let me show you a film instead, maybe something visual will be easier for you. Maybe then you can tell if you are a whore or not.

[Wonder Woman showing signs of rage behind her grogginess at this point and an even more powerful sensation between her legs when insulted, however before she could say anything the lights go out and the big monitor behind them starts the movie, she is barely able to turn around]

>WW: What...how...uhrg(moan combined with grunt)

[The movie consisting of nothing but video clips of herself in a voyeuristic manner, tons of low angles that focus on her great ass and pussy, and many others solely focusing on her ample breasts, all of them playing at a slower speed to accentuate the jiggling. Also, many clips obviously edited and out of context so that she appears to be moaning and screaming in pleasure. The final insult being that a version of the song "Me so Horny" is unmistakably playing on the background. Wonder Woman watching the film in what appears to be appears to be a hypnotic state, a few twitches on her face here and there, but other than that entirely absorbing the fairly long film.]

Unbeknownst to Wonder Woman, all this time her earpiece has been sending stronger and stronger subliminal messages that have weaken her resolve by reacting to verbal abuse, the super concentrated drug found in the tea and makeup applied backstage slowing her metabolism and making her insanely horny, and the many lights pointing at her face flickering in a precise pattern that opened her mind to the powerful hypnotic suggestions found within the video.

[Film finally ends and Wonder Woman looks more tired and defeated than she has ever been before, unable to even see straight. She stumbles to get up in a last sign of resistance, but merely stands shakily in place]

>FG: So, I think its clear that your critics have a point. You do seem to enjoy exposing yourself to the world like a trashy whore, a vapid slut, a filthy skank, a piece of meat for everyone to see and use.

>FG: Am I right to assume that you enjoy being an exhibitionist whore, Diana?

>WW: uhrg...I..n..o...aahhghr(hushed but long moan of pleasure and pain)

[At this point Wonder Woman apparently using all of her strength and determination to keep herself from collapsing as well maintain her legs crossed, as the constant name-calling only seems to make the sensation stronger]

>FG: Are you or are you not a whore? Its a simple question, Diana.

>FG: Do you or do you not enjoy showing your wet cunt and hungry asshole to the world?

>WW: ...(silent moan)

[Wonder Woman simply being unable to speak now, her mouth opening and trying to form words but no sound coming out, standing in the middle of the room with her hands to her sides and legs wide apart. All the while the several hidden cameras around the room zooming in on her clearly conquered expression, while others focus on her breasts, crotch, and ass]

The tight and flimsy clothes she was given to wear before the shoot started, now fully translucent. A super clingy outfit purposely designed to show everything when moist, and by this point thanks to various drugs she was given, exertion of having to resist constant mind control, and sheer humiliation of being verbally abused on camera, she is absolutely soaked with sweat and sexual fluids.
Wonder Woman's asshole, pussy, and nipples clearly visible and captured on video, it was as if she wearing nothing at all.

>FG: Well, Diana, what is your answer? You have thirty seconds to give me a sensible argument of why you are not just an insipid whore, a glorified pompom girl whose sole purpose is to get fucked in all holes and love it.

[Cameras once again focusing exclusively on Wonder Woman from various angles while a countdown is shown. Wonder Woman still trying to form words, yet nothing but gasps, grunts, and moans come out of her mouth, the camera zooms in even more. Her entire body now trembling, eyes entirely glassed over, and the mascara running down her face]

>FG: Well, there you have it. I think her silence that says it all, folks. The powerful and celebrated Wonder Woman in our quaint little studio has just admitted that she is not only a supreme whore, but also absolutely loves it.

[The podcast/documentary ending with a catchy tune and a particularly low view of Wonder Woman as cum is clearly running down her leg, the final shot being the reaction on her face, a mixture of ecstasy, defeat, and utter shame. The words Wonder Whore shown for just a second]
So yeah, mostly verbal control and abuse combined with other hypno stuff.
I guess she could always come back for more interviews in which she tries to redeem herself and clear her name, but just ends up getting broken down in other ways. Perhaps something do with the fact that she keeps fighting with fellow Leaguers and it broadcast worldwide? Her lack of control and often "uncivilized" nature be attacked this time around? Perfect way to introduce the idea that she needs "control" in her life, someone to tame her.
>> No. 1035
File 134789617665.jpg - (62.41KB , 881x432 , daph_do030-1.jpg )
I kinda feel like we should have two MC threads. One for writing stuff and one for finding stuff, like new content for Hypno-hustle packs.

I mean, how much of this thread is just about a hypothetical Mez/Vi fanfic?
>> No. 1037
I'm kinda thinking a general /d/isney thread would probably be in order at some point. Between all the various hypothetical fetish fics or stuff like Jasmine being transformed all the time, would probably work.
>> No. 1040
You have to wonder whether Daphne developed a bondage and mind control fetish after getting captured all those times.
>> No. 1041
Well when you're dating someone that's into traps...
>> No. 1043
File 134790530275.jpg - (110.84KB , 700x450 , 1283240769590.jpg )
Perfect match
>> No. 1044
File 134790627060.png - (5.43MB , 2214x1088 , Jean MC.png )
Board is pretty slow, I don't see why couldn't keep it all in one thread.

Besides, it will probably just be taken down.
>> No. 1045
I was thinking it sucks if anyone's in here for Hypno but doesn't care about the Incredibles. It's kind of the opposite for me, so whatever.
>> No. 1046
File 134790861970.png - (6.68MB , 2066x1287 , JLA MC WW.png )
Oh, I see what you mean now.
Yeah, I guess that might be a problem.

Could this person get a hold of some tech like this?
It might make the mind control easier on her, and perhaps even more permanent.
>> No. 1048
File 134790985036.jpg - (312.77KB , 960x1360 , 131676713462.jpg )
>> No. 1050
File 134791161429.jpg - (214.46KB , 608x899 , 131311567739.jpg )
>> No. 1066
Do you have a pastebin or something.
I don't want to be *that guy* but I think MOAR is in order.
>> No. 1067
No pastebin, but more is coming.

To those of you who have problems with incest: would an abduction angle be more palatable? I was talking to a friend about the idea, and while it's appealing, it's also pretty damn dark. Maybe as an alternate ending?
>> No. 1068
Abduction of who?
>> No. 1069
Where can we find your future creations? In this thread?
>> No. 1070
The chick who is controlling Wonder Woman should be a bit chunky, so when there is domination involved there can be some facesitting.
>> No. 1071
Vi, the night before she goes to college.

>"There we go, dear, into the van. When you wake, you'll be far, far away..." Mez purrs, her grin growing sinister. "to a magical place where men you don't know will use you as a sex toy allllll day."
>> No. 1072
That just sounds kinda rushed and I kinda see one of the story's themes as being how people change/re-imagine themselves during College. For Violet, it's becoming a bisexual gothic slut that's just as much an apprentice to Mez as she is her submissive fucktoy.

I do like the idea of Mez being the one to take Violet to college though. As far as her family's concerned, Ms. Merr has been awfully helpful in finding Violet a place close to campus to stay as well as helping her decide on a Psychology major. She's gotten to be such good friends with her therapist, she's decided to become one too.
>> No. 1073
I think most people that have the issue have it it with Bob/Vi... so Helen/Dash/Middle School Jack jack seems to be fine with most

Frankly I like having it a family affair but I also like Vi loving being the focus of a train of guys.
>> No. 1074
Pretty much. Helen/Violet's had a lot of support after all.

Could see Violet doing a lot of the people she saves. And try tracking down her old exs to show them what they missed.
>> No. 1079
I think this would work if it was to take place right after she arrived to the normal world, perhaps one of those occasions in which she got away from Steve.

She would definitely be far more naive and vulnerable to this type of tricks at that point, the fact that she was only 18 then might also help.

It can even be something that takes a few years before it fully takes, thus showing her resistance and the complexity of this procedure.
>> No. 1080
File 134810800731.jpg - (580.76KB , 848x1200 , raven1wip.jpg )
I like hypnosis when the person being hypnotized is made to act like a statue, something about them being under that level of extreme control I guess. That not only their minds are under complete submission, but also their entire bodies.

Hard to explain.

Anyway, have some Raven getting mind controlled.
>> No. 1081
File 134811152427.jpg - (347.51KB , 850x1100 , 1325034001_king-cheetah_20111227185148.jpg )
>> No. 1082
File 134811155086.jpg - (306.74KB , 1100x850 , 1325034169_king-cheetah_20111227185247.jpg )
>> No. 1093
Another Mirage idea, but what if the NSA was working on making a super enhancement serum out of the comic's Superpower Virus? With the new access to that material she's gained through Mirage, Mez amplifies her own mental abilities and enhances her thralls.
>> No. 1095
Lots of ways for her to get more powerful, even just "mystery tech" could be enough.
>> No. 1096
File 134827782824.jpg - (617.58KB , 1280x1992 , incr-14.jpg )
Well it would make her less of a squishy wizard
>> No. 1097
File 134828002275.jpg - (227.03KB , 650x1300 , Inc.jpg )
So, if Violet has all sort of tattoos and body piercings as well as a costume that shows plenty of skin, how do people not recognize her when in alter ego form?

Does she just cover them up when she is regular Violet?

>Nerdy persona with baggy clothes
>Showy superhero with a costume that leaves little to the imagination

Or is it the other way around?

>Slutty civilian personality
>Superhero with a modest looking costume
>> No. 1098
File 134828038619.png - (172.65KB , 400x539 , phantasma_by_bertiebottbeanie-d48t4f9.png )
I'd say the first thing. It's a "My civilian identity is the real mask" thing.
>> No. 1099
Yeah, I guess that would make sense with the whole brainwashed thing.
>> No. 1100
File 134828122465.jpg - (124.08KB , 1224x792 , StormModelSheet.jpg )
Still doing the 70s Storm like outfit?
>> No. 1101
Lose the cape and show more back
>> No. 1102
File 134828275620.jpg - (237.21KB , 1275x1650 , avengers_corruption_by_hmb_art-d4z06bl.jpg )
>> No. 1103
File 134828294530.jpg - (204.84KB , 612x792 , inferno_by_hmb_art-d4oem8j.jpg )
>> No. 1104
File 134829158259.png - (408.30KB , 377x619 , GlowingVIolet.png )
With the souped up powers notion, could see Violet going for a purple Fire look with it.
>> No. 1123

Did a quick sketch of this idea; given the way characters are drawn in the incredibles style, I think another design would be better suited to her- the mid-section is just too stretched.
>> No. 1133
Still having her as a beanpole at 18?
>> No. 1134

Even if we take her at her mum's body-type, I don't think that outfit would suit.

But considering no-one'll be drawing a final version, we're fine.
>> No. 1137
Yeah, the Incredibles art style is way too stylized, not a lot of sexy outfit would fit or look good.

I think something a bit more in the likes of relugar human proportions might be needed.
>> No. 1138
File 134842663752.png - (1.40MB , 1741x750 , Storm white outfit.png )
Something like this one perhaps?
Maybe even a combination of both.
>> No. 1139
File 134842697551.png - (1.53MB , 1625x781 , Storm casual.png )
And going with Storm's fashion sense, I think her civilian clothes might even fit Violet too.

The fact that Bobby looks like Dash...its just a happy coincidence.
>> No. 1140
Seeing as the start of the story is late in her senior year of high school, what would Violet's summer in between be like? Regular weekly visits and outings with Mez that give her time to further condition Violet with the tattoos coming into play when she starts college?
>> No. 1143
Guys, I gotta level with ya.

I'm not sure I can write any more of the story. You guys have suggested so many ideas going in so many different directions that I don't think there's any way whatever I write could be satisfying for everyone.
>> No. 1145
Nobody is forcing you, bro

I don't think anyone expected much of this to be honest, especially when nobody is paying or anything.

Besides, there just isn't enough enthusiasm, commitment, talent, or desire for this to become one of those project /co/ or this site's /a/ used to do.

Oh well
>> No. 1146
There's been some interest in the story elsewhere from times I've shared it on regular /co/. But between newer mods and moeblob avatar guy shitting up threads he doesn't like, it's not like you can do any brainstorming there. I'm impressed how far along this got then some of the other fetish story ideas for being developed on plus4chan.
>> No. 1147
I know what you mean

I actually stopped going to regular /co/ for a while now, I still visit from time to time but it seems like it just keeps getting worse. Although, still a hell of a lot better than this site's /co/

Pegasus actually got plenty of critique on /co/ a while back concerning his Submission Agenda, but the threads were either taken down or trolled. Now, there is a guy who has actually gotten a lot better on his art and writing, even if I don't always get he is coming from regarding his stories.

Yeah, hard to find a place where western material can be actively discussed, especially when it comes to porn.
>> No. 1148
And apparently the reason we haven't gotten a western porn board on 4chan is because it would lead to too many DNP requests to be worth the trouble.
>> No. 1149
File 134843738081.jpg - (169.83KB , 1437x750 , Inc Violet.jpg )
Dead already?

At any case, this whole thing reminded me of this.
>> No. 1150
With more skin pretty much.

Was actually getting a notion of a timeline breakdown too, though it's probably good to have if it gets picked up again. End of high school/Summer is Mez getting the worship into her head as well as shifting her personality. Maybe Violet getting a spurt around the time to round out her hips really provides a boost to her confidence and she starts showing a little skin on her arms and thighs. Fall is where she starts getting more deviant in her off time with Mez with the tattoos and her costume becoming more exposed and starts sleeping around a ton. Mirage probably would get ensnared around here. Winter break would be where Helen starts getting involved and whatever else Mez has planned for the family, with the spring semester being Helen's transformation and maybe the superpower virus-based serum enhancement allowing Mez to make their corruption a lot more permanent and enhancing the abilities of her thralls.
>> No. 1215
I would make the Wondy story more about her stalker than herself, focus on how her obsession grows and the world of regular DC citizens. Some first person narrative to show how she personally see her and came to worship her, and the reasoning behind her need to want to completely control and own her.

Third person narrative to provide some background and show the gradual changes Wondy goes through during her domination, subtlety might be the way to go.
>> No. 1298
Well, Hypnochan is dead.

Looks like you're all that's left, /cod/.
>> No. 1301
Tons of great ideas here, as well as people who are interested in the subject matter.

No writers or artists though
>> No. 1302
Wonder Woman getting corrupted is one of my favorite type of stories, I just wished there were better written though.
>> No. 1323
File 134955362369.jpg - (108.94KB , 900x806 , welcome_in_the_team_by_peersart-d4f1v6u.jpg )
This pic kind of inspired a story idea.

The titans safeguard a valuable jewel, The Eye of Kaa, at their tower before delivering it to the museum in the morning. Beastboy draws the short straw for the night shift, ends up goofing around while on the job, and awakens an ancient spirit that possesses him/grants him mysterious "snake magic"

Basically, just a bunch of shorts where Beast Boy hypnotizes [insert Titan girl] per chapter. Don't know whether to keep things goofy, or slowly progress to more sexual situations as he pranks one girl after another (ex. pic-related)
>> No. 2727
>> No. 4622
they exist man i have read them.
>> No. 8843

i'm partially to blame for that boner, my bad buddy but i've lost all drive for the story.
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