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File 134565607360.png - (454.04KB , 750x900 , 348334 - Daphne_Blake Ghostclown Scooby-Doo Velma_.png )
109 No. 109
Mind Control and Hypnosis, thanks to certain cartoons in my youth I've gotten a taste for it. And I'm not talking about crappy Kaa edits/pieces.

Whether they're hooked up to love machines in ecstasy, put in a spell by a magician, or even a simple swinging watch- let's have a hypno thread.
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>> No. 111
File 13456561658.jpg - (129.34KB , 1024x640 , Pepper2.jpg )
>> No. 113
File 134565631228.jpg - (290.25KB , 675x900 , 48175 - DTMS kim_possible kimberly_ann_possible.jpg )
>> No. 114
File 134565661342.jpg - (304.46KB , 1014x1430 , kim possible.jpg )
>> No. 116
File 134565677097.jpg - (126.47KB , 650x918 , 128014.jpg )
>> No. 117
File 134565680574.png - (107.87KB , 800x960 , 586159 - Aelita_Schaeffer Code_Lyoko Yumi_Ishiyama.png )
>> No. 118
File 134565683684.jpg - (667.57KB , 1176x827 , 155528 - Energizer Katie_Power Marvel Power_Pack.jpg )
>> No. 120
File 134565686712.jpg - (589.09KB , 1328x928 , 177241 - Katie_Power Marvel Power_Pack.jpg )
>> No. 121
File 134565689085.jpg - (107.75KB , 612x842 , 126989239498.jpg )
>> No. 122
File 134565697780.jpg - (333.39KB , 1240x1754 , Whitney8.jpg )
>> No. 123
File 134565706925.jpg - (161.62KB , 600x848 , 143428.jpg )
>> No. 160
File 13456902623.png - (386.02KB , 1910x1389 , great_minds_think_alike____by_seanarchy60-d4ucp7a.png )
There needs to be more Mezmerella
>> No. 217
File 134573932549.jpg - (98.27KB , 688x634 , 719649 - Amy_Wong Futurama Turanga_Leela pbrown.jpg )
>> No. 218
File 134573943628.png - (1.90MB , 938x1348 , CorruptStarRaven.png )
corrupted into sluts
>> No. 219
File 13457395436.jpg - (138.27KB , 842x612 , JuneOphelia.jpg )
Magical artifacts giving you the insatiable urge to screw
>> No. 220
File 134573978115.jpg - (923.94KB , 887x1200 , PT12.jpg )
Seems the mind altering effects of purple kryptonite affect non kryptonians.
>> No. 221
File 134573983554.jpg - (94.61KB , 650x856 , 650117 - Amy_rose Sonic_Team kandlin.jpg )
>> No. 222
File 134574015640.jpg - (189.31KB , 753x1062 , 899152 - Ben_10 Charmcaster Gwen_Tennyson Shadman.jpg )
a mind fuck
>> No. 223
File 134574022026.jpg - (272.30KB , 827x1169 , 155622.jpg )

Hypnotized Mom I'd Like to Fuck
>> No. 259
File 134576386441.jpg - (667.97KB , 1023x1458 , c14bf0921593de3abef9ed1425b5dfb0de91c47e.jpg )
>> No. 260
File 134576394064.gif - (253.37KB , 455x648 , 7870322533db00879bd3ea312992e147f4ecc0a8.gif )
>> No. 262
File 134576414764.jpg - (150.34KB , 918x650 , 767860 - Alvin_and_the_Chipmunks Brittany_Miller C.jpg )
The sparkles around her eyes look like she's been entranced so this counts. It also goes with this series.
>> No. 263
File 134576421567.jpg - (144.82KB , 650x918 , 865107 - Alvin_and_the_Chipmunks Chipettes Jeanett.jpg )
Still waiting on the third one if your out there Kandlin.
>> No. 280
File 134578075334.png - (492.11KB , 550x776 , Britmusi.png )
>> No. 281
File 134578082499.jpg - (169.41KB , 711x1018 , 113086.jpg )
Falls into multiple categories, but Draco turning Hermione into a cock hungry slut seems to fit the hypno requirement
>> No. 282
File 134578095511.png - (310.13KB , 600x655 , 630709 - Cream_the_Rabbit P_Chronos Sonic_Team.png )
reversing roles
>> No. 283
File 134578100954.jpg - (144.16KB , 817x808 , 147064.jpg )
>> No. 284
File 134578118821.jpg - (89.16KB , 342x718 , 317724 - Princess_Peach Super_Mario_Bros_ legoman.jpg )
the horns on top seem to be giving off light so I'm assuming it's an MC device
>> No. 285
File 134578142867.png - (893.28KB , 900x1200 , 455443 - P_Chronos PedoBear Powerpuff_Girls_Z blos.png )
>> No. 308
Now this is my kind of thread
>> No. 309
File 134583569185.png - (577.38KB , 1280x981 , 1301256227101.png )
It seems the vaunted mind of Velma was the first to surrender to the bliss.
>> No. 310
File 134583622948.jpg - (133.05KB , 550x776 , 652453 - Jody_Irwin Juniper_Lee Ophelia_Ramirez Th.jpg )
>> No. 341
File 134589374181.jpg - (530.00KB , 2130x1317 , 132055675896.jpg )
>> No. 342
File 134589384371.jpg - (698.70KB , 800x1145 , Metroid Samus_Aran sparrow.jpg )
>> No. 345
File 134589403230.jpg - (722.79KB , 1000x1329 , 132675553750.jpg )
>> No. 346
File 134589504149.jpg - (330.48KB , 1440x1113 , 1326949854672.jpg )
>> No. 347
File 13458954978.jpg - (164.16KB , 1719x2428 , 370695 - Phineas_and_Ferb Stacy_Hirano union_of_th.jpg )
>> No. 348
File 13458956292.jpg - (337.33KB , 1719x2428 , 370698 - Phineas_and_Ferb Stacy_Hirano union_of_th.jpg )
>> No. 349
File 134589573653.jpg - (170.60KB , 1719x2428 , 383280 - Agent_K Disney The_Replacements union_of_.jpg )
>> No. 350
File 134589579069.jpg - (153.48KB , 1719x2428 , 383288 - Agent_K Disney The_Replacements union_of_.jpg )
>> No. 351

This really isn't hypnosis as much as it is being drudged and fucked into submission.

Or do we count that?
>> No. 353
I consider them to count under mind altering substances
Otherwise would this count?
>> No. 354
Addendum, I think Mind Altering used for corruption of norms can be considered MC/hypno as long as the mind altering drug isn't something that can be taken too seriously like a real world drug.
>> No. 355
Come on, no Jill Valentine?

That shit was even canon
>> No. 414
File 134603813155.jpg - (381.58KB , 1400x841 , 128423971517.jpg )
>> No. 486
File 13462209865.jpg - (640.74KB , 869x1337 , authority UNCUT2.jpg )
A story about what happens after a superheroine is completely mind controlled would be nice.

I mean, the process is hot, but this could be nice too.
>> No. 533
File 134650209554.jpg - (135.36KB , 650x918 , 648830 - Amy_rose Rouge_the_Bat Sonic_Team kandlin.jpg )
>> No. 562
File 134669068670.png - (297.86KB , 900x900 , MezXViolet.png )
So a Mez/Violet story?
>> No. 622
File 134690728038.jpg - (159.15KB , 550x791 , 1282277980100.jpg )
Fuck yeah, that would be hot.

Plus lesbians are involved, so there is that.

Also, Ventress/Ahsoka would be nice.
>> No. 624
There was an entire storyline about her going undercover as a slave, I think we can build on that.
>> No. 625
There are tons of Wonder Woman mind control stories.

Its just too bad 99% of them are completely out of character, incorrect lore wise, and of course terribly written.

There are some decent pics though.
>> No. 626
File 134693693799.jpg - (300.34KB , 700x700 , ViMes01Rough.jpg )
I might be able to whip up a short Vi/Mez story if I can make Vi college-age. Any suggestions?
>> No. 628
Mez gets to Violet by taking on the guise of a psychology professor.
>> No. 629
maybe Mez poses as the school Therapist.

She then uses Vi as a tool to seduce Helen. She then gives them to the coach for the team's stress relief... for a hefty sum ofcourse.
>> No. 632
Eh, I don't see why we would need to involve someone else, besides lesbians are hotter.

I do like the whole school counselor part though, add some sexy nurse/secretary outfit and we are set. Hell, maybe she makes Violet start dressing more sexy and provocative as well, which is what might cause Helen to talk to her about it.
>> No. 633
File 134698689760.jpg - (143.73KB , 930x825 , 123208191253.jpg )
And Mez decides to handle it by applying both her own interests and just letting Violet's id out to play. Amplify Violet's confidence to a point where she starts flaunting herself more.
>> No. 634
The part where Helen starts to realize that Violet is becoming more and more slutty should be fun, especially when she starts finding skimpy thongs on the laundry, or perhaps caughting a glimpse of her various new piercings.
>> No. 635
File 134698947690.jpg - (192.40KB , 714x1000 , 610746 - The_Incredibles Violet_Parr.jpg )
And glimpses of tattoos on her back. Probably not like these specifically though.
>> No. 636
File 134699042455.jpg - (258.60KB , 1000x1859 , 01cassie__s_tattoo_by_shiniez-d5ccxbx.jpg )
A bondage inspired tattoo would be hot, plus it would go with the whole mind control theme rather nicely.
>> No. 637
File 134699070879.jpg - (36.14KB , 470x622 , Mez.jpg )
Something based on Mezmerella herself would be nice too
>> No. 638
File 134699079940.png - (185.86KB , 612x792 , mezmerella.png )
Perhaps a tattoo in the same pattern as her eyes?
>> No. 639
File 134699176471.jpg - (182.84KB , 1050x529 , MezXRollergrrl.jpg )
I'm kinda thinking a series of stripes that curl into hypno spirals traveling along her back.

And of course, Mez has a tattoo artist to call on for the job.
>> No. 640
A team effort?

I guess she also does the the piercings
>> No. 641
Are her hypnotic powers that permanent?
>> No. 642
File 134699281513.png - (206.63KB , 455x800 , 144535.png )
Also have some notion of whatever heroing Violet's still doing to keep people off Mez's trail or just protecting Mez's interests, that as the skimpiness carries over into her costumes, she just relies on using forcefields as some kinda armor and between that overuse and the sort of use you tend to see in 34, starts developing a colorful tanning bed effect on her skin and leaving her kinda purple. Course now I'm throwing color fetishes in here.
>> No. 643
File 134699324635.jpg - (212.14KB , 720x867 , 1288843451394.jpg )
I don't know about her being that naked.

I mean, I imagine Mez wouldn't let her dress like that all the time or go that far in terms of clothing, otherwise everyone would notice something is wrong right away.

Perhaps it needs to be more subtle?

Also, I say we keep this hypno related since thats what the thread is about after all, maybe some bondage is fine as long as it fits with the mind control angle.
>> No. 644
Well not that far considering Incredibles' alternate 70s setting. Violet eventually getting into something like >>633 or 70s Storm-ish could work and provide a cover story of changing superfashion in light of heroes returning or emerging.
>> No. 645
File 134699486695.jpg - (790.82KB , 1262x1000 , 1325544814576.jpg )
Actually, I think they were from the 60s.

But yeah, Violet wearing more "fashionable" outfits could pass as an excuse at the beginning, but eventually Helen would get more and more suspicious and thats what gets her involved in this.

I'm guessing by the end they will both be wearing Emma Frost like clothes.
>> No. 646
File 134699565899.jpg - (117.24KB , 659x900 , vanishing_girl_by_ralphieboy-d4jal7a.jpg )
Apparently Elastigirl was last active in '57 or '58 so that's about where the superban was. Depending on how close to then the wedding took place, there's a bit of fudge room with the 15 year timeskip, but it'd still be late 60s-early 70s. Violet in college would push that a little further into the 70s.
>> No. 647
File 134699605160.png - (2.02MB , 2080x1468 , 19780.png )
Looked it up again. Elastigirl stopped in November 1955.
>> No. 648
File 13469968273.jpg - (324.72KB , 658x1000 , 1324268823930.jpg )
I could totally see something like Storm's original outfit working for her if they are doing the 70s thing.

Then again something more blatant like Starfire might work too, or even this one.

Hell, as long as she is not showing her pussy and nipples, she is most likely in in the clear. Better if its a gradual thing even, slowly starting show more and more skin, until she she is just wearing something like pasties.
>> No. 649
File 134699822632.jpg - (377.76KB , 1600x2530 , bride of brainiac.jpg )
What about Mind Control through technology that ends with body modifications or transformation?
>> No. 650
And the tattoo patterns could spread as her costume recedes.

And of course her heightened satisfaction throughout Mez's treatment is helped by her having gained her mother's glory days figure.
>> No. 651
I love these ideas
>> No. 652
Do you the artist to this pic?
>> No. 654
So, does she get the tattoo after she is mind controlled, or is it perhaps part of the process?
>> No. 655
Part of the process, but probably a tramp stamp to start it off early on during one of the first of Violet's "appointments"
>> No. 656
Maybe its just one big tattoo, only its being inked along with the slow process of her permanent mind control. It can represent just how much has she been hypnotized, when it takes over her whole back Yakuza style, she is a full sex slave.
>> No. 657
And henchwoman of course.

She starts at the tramp stamp and with her heightened libido/impulsiveness/confidence whatever, just keeps adding more as hanging out with Rollergrrl in addition to Mez's treatment leads her to getting off on the idea of turning her body into a canvas and one reflecting her new master.

What are the thoughts on Violet getting a little thick too? Mez having Violet actively act on her desires for curviness could go somewhere
>> No. 658
File 134704832341.jpg - (89.99KB , 449x700 , Incredibles.jpg )
I'm fine with curvy women but I don't think it really fits Violet, her mom on the other hand...
>> No. 660
File 134704950028.jpg - (151.14KB , 595x842 , Violet Inherits.jpg )
It's a wish fullfillment thing. Straight from some deleted dialogue on the DVD with Violet complaining about herself
>"I'm gangly and growing ganglier, I'm ugly, I have no curves..."

Also, Helen's genes would give her something.
>> No. 661
Perhaps Mez could put the idea of seducing the entire Parr family into Vi's head. It gets her Helen as a personal love slave, gets blackmail on Mr. Incredible to keep him from interfering with her plans, and gets Dash as an errand boy. Jack Jack... I dunno
>> No. 662
File 13470514868.jpg - (230.12KB , 873x1330 , 1326446986758.jpg )
Violet's new costume should be a modified sling bikini, those are always super slutty.

Anyway, these thread needs more chicks getting mind fucked.
>> No. 663
Suppose we could work this piece in somewhere? That Mez uses alternate power channeling devices for her seductive work in addition to the goggles? Gotta have backups after all.

Well he's obviously getting two mommies and becomes another wild card for Mez.
>> No. 664
So, does Mezmerella uses any extra tech like the ones featured in this thread to make her mind control become permanent?
>> No. 666
She could probably put something together. Plus she could probably mix mind control with the "Mad Love" playbook to keep Violet loyal.
>> No. 667
Any thoughts on the timeline for the corruption and how often Violet changes her look through Mezmerella's conditioning? Could see some of the Helen side of things coming up whenever Violet comes home for holiday breaks or something.
>> No. 669
It wouldn't just be a couple of session I imagine
>> No. 670
Since it's a gradual thing I'd say at the least it would be around a year, maybe even a little further into Violet's time at college. I can definitely see stuff with Violet having a wild Spring Break trip with Mez or have the two taking over a sorority.
>> No. 671
More mind control and lesbians?

>> No. 676
File 13470779524.jpg - (494.79KB , 1000x1000 , 1346205357463.jpg )
>> No. 677
>> No. 679
File 134714857386.jpg - (220.91KB , 750x1000 , Wonder Woman N52.jpg )
Speaking of superheroines.

I would love to see a good MC/Hypno story featuring the current Wonder Woman.

She is such a cool and powerful character nowadays, and thus making her fall prey to complete mind control all the more enjoyable.
It would take the whole "taming the beast" to a new level.
Although, I'm not entirely sure how it would be done considering how strong her will and abilities are supposed to be.

I'm thinking gaining her trust or even getting close to her for this to work might be an issue.

Fake psychiatrist method might not work here.

At any case, I'm sure several other sexy fetishes would be involved.
>> No. 680
Jesus Christ I say I'll write a little Mez/Vi story and you guys lay out a novel.

I'll see what I can do, but I make no promises.
>> No. 681
Isn't one of her powers immunity to mind control?

Not that canon has stopped fetishes before...
>> No. 682

Sorta--in the previous continuity, she was considered a demigoddess of truth. Her lasso can make people tell the truth, but people are just naturally more truthful/open around her.

I think the person who would have the most advantage to her would be one of the Amazons. Maybe Aleka is tired of Diana "preferring the staff" and decides to do something about it?

You could also maybe play with her from her beginnings--like, maybe Steve plays hardcore in making Diana fall in love with him?
>> No. 684
Not really, she just has really strong will.

Would definitely like if the person controlling her doesn't have any powers, makes the whole thing a lot more interesting.
A fangirl like the ones Batman has was a good idea I think.
>> No. 685
Yeah, before she was goddess of truth and all, didn't stop her from getting mind controlled in several storylines like in Final Crisis and Tower of Babel though.

Nowadays she is daughter of Zeus, so I don't know if the same rules applies.
>> No. 686
Definitely showed more initiative coming up with Mez stuff then hypnochan ever did.
>> No. 687
File 134715768244.png - (2.78MB , 1280x1706 , Batwoman DEO.png )
I think the D.E.O. would most likely have the resources and motives to want to control Wonder Woman, plus Agent Chase is an absolute bitch who hates capes and would definitely take advantage of the situation. I can totally see her getting off on having complete control over such an important and powerful heroine, not just professionally of course.

It can probably take place during the Batwoman team up storyline happening at the moment, at least the early phase of the plan, Kate helping them with the set up knowingly or unknowingly. I mean, she is already getting them tons of intel on her.

The main issue is how to successfully hypnotized or mind control a goddess without just using "magic" or similar cheap story telling devices that ultimately just feel unfulfilling.
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