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File 134565607360.png - (454.04KB , 750x900 , 348334 - Daphne_Blake Ghostclown Scooby-Doo Velma_.png )
109 No. 109
Mind Control and Hypnosis, thanks to certain cartoons in my youth I've gotten a taste for it. And I'm not talking about crappy Kaa edits/pieces.

Whether they're hooked up to love machines in ecstasy, put in a spell by a magician, or even a simple swinging watch- let's have a hypno thread.
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>> No. 1045
I was thinking it sucks if anyone's in here for Hypno but doesn't care about the Incredibles. It's kind of the opposite for me, so whatever.
>> No. 1046
File 134790861970.png - (6.68MB , 2066x1287 , JLA MC WW.png )
Oh, I see what you mean now.
Yeah, I guess that might be a problem.

Could this person get a hold of some tech like this?
It might make the mind control easier on her, and perhaps even more permanent.
>> No. 1048
File 134790985036.jpg - (312.77KB , 960x1360 , 131676713462.jpg )
>> No. 1050
File 134791161429.jpg - (214.46KB , 608x899 , 131311567739.jpg )
>> No. 1066
Do you have a pastebin or something.
I don't want to be *that guy* but I think MOAR is in order.
>> No. 1067
No pastebin, but more is coming.

To those of you who have problems with incest: would an abduction angle be more palatable? I was talking to a friend about the idea, and while it's appealing, it's also pretty damn dark. Maybe as an alternate ending?
>> No. 1068
Abduction of who?
>> No. 1069
Where can we find your future creations? In this thread?
>> No. 1070
The chick who is controlling Wonder Woman should be a bit chunky, so when there is domination involved there can be some facesitting.
>> No. 1071
Vi, the night before she goes to college.

>"There we go, dear, into the van. When you wake, you'll be far, far away..." Mez purrs, her grin growing sinister. "to a magical place where men you don't know will use you as a sex toy allllll day."
>> No. 1072
That just sounds kinda rushed and I kinda see one of the story's themes as being how people change/re-imagine themselves during College. For Violet, it's becoming a bisexual gothic slut that's just as much an apprentice to Mez as she is her submissive fucktoy.

I do like the idea of Mez being the one to take Violet to college though. As far as her family's concerned, Ms. Merr has been awfully helpful in finding Violet a place close to campus to stay as well as helping her decide on a Psychology major. She's gotten to be such good friends with her therapist, she's decided to become one too.
>> No. 1073
I think most people that have the issue have it it with Bob/Vi... so Helen/Dash/Middle School Jack jack seems to be fine with most

Frankly I like having it a family affair but I also like Vi loving being the focus of a train of guys.
>> No. 1074
Pretty much. Helen/Violet's had a lot of support after all.

Could see Violet doing a lot of the people she saves. And try tracking down her old exs to show them what they missed.
>> No. 1079
I think this would work if it was to take place right after she arrived to the normal world, perhaps one of those occasions in which she got away from Steve.

She would definitely be far more naive and vulnerable to this type of tricks at that point, the fact that she was only 18 then might also help.

It can even be something that takes a few years before it fully takes, thus showing her resistance and the complexity of this procedure.
>> No. 1080
File 134810800731.jpg - (580.76KB , 848x1200 , raven1wip.jpg )
I like hypnosis when the person being hypnotized is made to act like a statue, something about them being under that level of extreme control I guess. That not only their minds are under complete submission, but also their entire bodies.

Hard to explain.

Anyway, have some Raven getting mind controlled.
>> No. 1081
File 134811152427.jpg - (347.51KB , 850x1100 , 1325034001_king-cheetah_20111227185148.jpg )
>> No. 1082
File 134811155086.jpg - (306.74KB , 1100x850 , 1325034169_king-cheetah_20111227185247.jpg )
>> No. 1093
Another Mirage idea, but what if the NSA was working on making a super enhancement serum out of the comic's Superpower Virus? With the new access to that material she's gained through Mirage, Mez amplifies her own mental abilities and enhances her thralls.
>> No. 1095
Lots of ways for her to get more powerful, even just "mystery tech" could be enough.
>> No. 1096
File 134827782824.jpg - (617.58KB , 1280x1992 , incr-14.jpg )
Well it would make her less of a squishy wizard
>> No. 1097
File 134828002275.jpg - (227.03KB , 650x1300 , Inc.jpg )
So, if Violet has all sort of tattoos and body piercings as well as a costume that shows plenty of skin, how do people not recognize her when in alter ego form?

Does she just cover them up when she is regular Violet?

>Nerdy persona with baggy clothes
>Showy superhero with a costume that leaves little to the imagination

Or is it the other way around?

>Slutty civilian personality
>Superhero with a modest looking costume
>> No. 1098
File 134828038619.png - (172.65KB , 400x539 , phantasma_by_bertiebottbeanie-d48t4f9.png )
I'd say the first thing. It's a "My civilian identity is the real mask" thing.
>> No. 1099
Yeah, I guess that would make sense with the whole brainwashed thing.
>> No. 1100
File 134828122465.jpg - (124.08KB , 1224x792 , StormModelSheet.jpg )
Still doing the 70s Storm like outfit?
>> No. 1101
Lose the cape and show more back
>> No. 1102
File 134828275620.jpg - (237.21KB , 1275x1650 , avengers_corruption_by_hmb_art-d4z06bl.jpg )
>> No. 1103
File 134828294530.jpg - (204.84KB , 612x792 , inferno_by_hmb_art-d4oem8j.jpg )
>> No. 1104
File 134829158259.png - (408.30KB , 377x619 , GlowingVIolet.png )
With the souped up powers notion, could see Violet going for a purple Fire look with it.
>> No. 1123

Did a quick sketch of this idea; given the way characters are drawn in the incredibles style, I think another design would be better suited to her- the mid-section is just too stretched.
>> No. 1133
Still having her as a beanpole at 18?
>> No. 1134

Even if we take her at her mum's body-type, I don't think that outfit would suit.

But considering no-one'll be drawing a final version, we're fine.
>> No. 1137
Yeah, the Incredibles art style is way too stylized, not a lot of sexy outfit would fit or look good.

I think something a bit more in the likes of relugar human proportions might be needed.
>> No. 1138
File 134842663752.png - (1.40MB , 1741x750 , Storm white outfit.png )
Something like this one perhaps?
Maybe even a combination of both.
>> No. 1139
File 134842697551.png - (1.53MB , 1625x781 , Storm casual.png )
And going with Storm's fashion sense, I think her civilian clothes might even fit Violet too.

The fact that Bobby looks like Dash...its just a happy coincidence.
>> No. 1140
Seeing as the start of the story is late in her senior year of high school, what would Violet's summer in between be like? Regular weekly visits and outings with Mez that give her time to further condition Violet with the tattoos coming into play when she starts college?
>> No. 1143
Guys, I gotta level with ya.

I'm not sure I can write any more of the story. You guys have suggested so many ideas going in so many different directions that I don't think there's any way whatever I write could be satisfying for everyone.
>> No. 1145
Nobody is forcing you, bro

I don't think anyone expected much of this to be honest, especially when nobody is paying or anything.

Besides, there just isn't enough enthusiasm, commitment, talent, or desire for this to become one of those project /co/ or this site's /a/ used to do.

Oh well
>> No. 1146
There's been some interest in the story elsewhere from times I've shared it on regular /co/. But between newer mods and moeblob avatar guy shitting up threads he doesn't like, it's not like you can do any brainstorming there. I'm impressed how far along this got then some of the other fetish story ideas for being developed on plus4chan.
>> No. 1147
I know what you mean

I actually stopped going to regular /co/ for a while now, I still visit from time to time but it seems like it just keeps getting worse. Although, still a hell of a lot better than this site's /co/

Pegasus actually got plenty of critique on /co/ a while back concerning his Submission Agenda, but the threads were either taken down or trolled. Now, there is a guy who has actually gotten a lot better on his art and writing, even if I don't always get he is coming from regarding his stories.

Yeah, hard to find a place where western material can be actively discussed, especially when it comes to porn.
>> No. 1148
And apparently the reason we haven't gotten a western porn board on 4chan is because it would lead to too many DNP requests to be worth the trouble.
>> No. 1149
File 134843738081.jpg - (169.83KB , 1437x750 , Inc Violet.jpg )
Dead already?

At any case, this whole thing reminded me of this.
>> No. 1150
With more skin pretty much.

Was actually getting a notion of a timeline breakdown too, though it's probably good to have if it gets picked up again. End of high school/Summer is Mez getting the worship into her head as well as shifting her personality. Maybe Violet getting a spurt around the time to round out her hips really provides a boost to her confidence and she starts showing a little skin on her arms and thighs. Fall is where she starts getting more deviant in her off time with Mez with the tattoos and her costume becoming more exposed and starts sleeping around a ton. Mirage probably would get ensnared around here. Winter break would be where Helen starts getting involved and whatever else Mez has planned for the family, with the spring semester being Helen's transformation and maybe the superpower virus-based serum enhancement allowing Mez to make their corruption a lot more permanent and enhancing the abilities of her thralls.
>> No. 1215
I would make the Wondy story more about her stalker than herself, focus on how her obsession grows and the world of regular DC citizens. Some first person narrative to show how she personally see her and came to worship her, and the reasoning behind her need to want to completely control and own her.

Third person narrative to provide some background and show the gradual changes Wondy goes through during her domination, subtlety might be the way to go.
>> No. 1298
Well, Hypnochan is dead.

Looks like you're all that's left, /cod/.
>> No. 1301
Tons of great ideas here, as well as people who are interested in the subject matter.

No writers or artists though
>> No. 1302
Wonder Woman getting corrupted is one of my favorite type of stories, I just wished there were better written though.
>> No. 1323
File 134955362369.jpg - (108.94KB , 900x806 , welcome_in_the_team_by_peersart-d4f1v6u.jpg )
This pic kind of inspired a story idea.

The titans safeguard a valuable jewel, The Eye of Kaa, at their tower before delivering it to the museum in the morning. Beastboy draws the short straw for the night shift, ends up goofing around while on the job, and awakens an ancient spirit that possesses him/grants him mysterious "snake magic"

Basically, just a bunch of shorts where Beast Boy hypnotizes [insert Titan girl] per chapter. Don't know whether to keep things goofy, or slowly progress to more sexual situations as he pranks one girl after another (ex. pic-related)
>> No. 2727
>> No. 4622
they exist man i have read them.
>> No. 8843

i'm partially to blame for that boner, my bad buddy but i've lost all drive for the story.
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