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File 139964309585.jpg - (339.41KB , 520x1070 , irma_comic_thing_by_ssakurai-d7hcuzb.jpg )
10674 No. 10674
Since the last one's dying, and is becoming a long bitch fest over stuff that really shouldn't be in these sorta threads, have a new one.
With some fatty Irma.

Mmmm, fatty Irma...
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>> No. 10692
File 139968187661.jpg - (62.85KB , 402x480 , sponge2.jpg )
An oldie i found on dimensions XD
>> No. 10693
File 139968392770.jpg - (1.15MB , 2990x2795 , massive_makise_by_murdelli-d7hr4xq.jpg )
>> No. 10694
File 139968537466.png - (289.42KB , 993x768 , 1359775I8659.png )

Well, there's these apparent new boards too.

(apologies to artist but I kinda liked this version better)
>> No. 10696
File 139968891980.jpg - (86.16KB , 1115x717 , the_super_immobile_squirrel_girl_by_oda_lee-d7hq0f.jpg )
>> No. 10698
this reminds me of an idea for a superhero OC I had
"Physique" - she's naturally a small, slim woman but can radically alter her physique at will: become enormously fat, massively muscled, fit and toned, buxom and curvy...
>> No. 10700
File 139972239855.png - (307.54KB , 504x623 , 08092013_4__gretchen__by_ec_707-d6llxv4.png )
>> No. 10708
File 139977888381.jpg - (157.68KB , 1437x1485 , treetrunks_in_the_forest_by_hypnagogum-d7huzvi.jpg )
>> No. 10734
File 139992673854.png - (858.16KB , 1200x960 , big_bracelets_to_fill_by_0pik_0ort-d7i306m.png )
>> No. 10735
is that mirror magic
>> No. 10736
Eh, I think it's just an imaginary 'look into the future', she's about to take her first step towards following in her mother's footsteps and she knows where this is going.
>> No. 10738
i thoguht it might be magic cuz she lives in some sort of dungeons and dragons
>> No. 10740
File 140011801177.png - (148.95KB , 800x800 , 139940854641.png )
>> No. 10741
File 140012307462.jpg - (194.62KB , 1013x788 , velma_and_the_mysteriously_vanishing_miniskirt_by_.jpg )
>> No. 10742
File 140013356784.jpg - (103.41KB , 652x652 , Ciccina.jpg )
does anyone have any of Ciccina art?
>> No. 10743
File 140013364817.jpg - (785.33KB , 1200x1048 , cake_icing_by_yer_keij_fer_cash-d7icrf6.jpg )
Is the new pack worth it because these free pics arent convincing me
>> No. 10744
They absolutely are not. I bought the JoJo one yesterday and even for five bucks felt horribly ripped off.
>> No. 10746
Art isn't that great, but I like these poses a lot
>> No. 10747
It's really a shame that he decided to make half of the characters R63s instead of the huge number of female characters he missed. For fucks sake, Trish of all people isn't in there but Female Joseph is.
>> No. 10748
File 140018835099.png - (1.08MB , 1754x1240 , too_much_burger_time_by_axel_rosered-d7igwqk.png )
>> No. 10749
File 140019276850.png - (221.58KB , 2550x3900 , snack_of_the_spider_woman_by_kastemel-d7h0lvj.png )
well that sucks
>> No. 10750
File 14002901943.jpg - (394.38KB , 1600x595 , switched_commission_by_ssakurai-d7i1tdi.jpg )
>> No. 10751
File 14002902256.jpg - (381.28KB , 1400x557 , chocohol_by_ssakurai-d7ikbsu.jpg )
>> No. 10752
File 140029685653.png - (4.05MB , 2500x1910 , mothra_s_super_sized_shobijin_by_ray_norr-d7imuuh.png )
>> No. 10753
File 140030516047.png - (1.12MB , 1280x1488 , 586428__solo_twilight+sparkle_nudity_humanized_sol.png )
>> No. 10763
It's threads like this that make it difficult for me to get over how Jed Soranio jewed out on his fan base. It makes me hate people like him.


I just do, because I feel that most of the fucking assholes that I see everywhere are only doing what they do out of their own goddamn, narcissistic and pretentious selves, whether it be art, or other stuff like that, I.E. making art that attracts a fan base, and then- out of the FUCKING BLUE- making most of it only available privately if you PAY for it. The same goddamn shit you draw publicly now has to be pay-to-view.

I remember a time when art was just that: ART, originally just a talent, not some fucking stupid corporate "business" that you have to pay big money for just to even fucking see it.

And these people have the fucking AUDACITY to use the overly redundant term "self-entitled" in their vocabulary when someone disagrees with their bullshit actions of alienating/polarizing a fan base who mostly can't pay jack shit for.

Because heaven fucking forbid Jed would want anything else besides blind sheep willing to blow their hard earned money just to hypothetically walk 1,000 miles on broken glass just to kiss his fat, stinking ass.

"Self entitled", hah. Get that shit out of here.

To the people who use the term " self-entitled", you assholes don't know us, so what the fuck gives you the right to call someone "self-entitled"?

What if they were dealing with financial problems or shit like that, trying to make a simple commissioned pic for the public, paid for by more generous people than you?

Ever come to think of that conclusion, or does the world just revolve around you?

My guess is that it would be the latter.

Anyway, just wanted to get some steam out of my system, because I felt lime punching a hole in my wall.

>end vent
>> No. 10764
>I remember a time when art was just that: ART, originally just a talent, not some fucking stupid corporate "business" that you have to pay big money for just to even fucking see it.

Art takes time and effort and therefore often commands a fee, just like any other job. Drawing isn't all fun and games and not something an artist owes to the world.

But please let's not let this thread devolve again. Some people want to get paid for the hard work they put into producing art. That's perfectly fine. Some people either do not have the money to pay for said art or simply do not care to pay for said art, either due to budget constraints, lack of interest in said art, or a personal dislike of the artist. That's fine too. Let's leave it at that, OK?
>> No. 10766
File 140042688244.jpg - (324.42KB , 1024x1186 , the_atomic_kitchen_of_tomorrow_by_ssakurai-d7bf6mu.jpg )
God damn it, I started this thread to get away from that bitch-festing, take it somewhere else.
>> No. 10767
File 140043171946.jpg - (475.57KB , 1042x1139 , lumbering_lucca_by_murdelli-d7irnle.jpg )
>> No. 10768
File 140043174646.png - (687.07KB , 918x1250 , some_adventure_of_some_kind_at_some_time_by_pew_pe.png )
>> No. 10770
File 140043193870.png - (3.77MB , 3400x2000 , cm__haha__the_plot_has_been_doubled__by_metalforev.png )
>> No. 10771
File 140043215124.jpg - (190.05KB , 2089x1330 , cherry_crisis___by_hypnagogum-d7h3ese.jpg )
>> No. 10772
File 140043612817.jpg - (176.85KB , 667x800 , JudyAP.jpg )
Not the happiest with these, but they are just something I sketched out for stress relief this week
>> No. 10773
File 140043636857.jpg - (336.88KB , 1180x1080 , JudyAP2.jpg )
really only posting so I can shout out to Ankh if he's around and interested I have a proposal for him on AIM
>> No. 10774
not bad at all
>> No. 10775
It's too late for that, because most of these pictures in this thread suck anyhow, just like this thread in general. Barely anyone visits this place at all, so why fucking bother with it?
>> No. 10777
File 140044313045.png - (229.80KB , 1000x733 , 569121__solo_rarity_humanized_solo+female_question.png )
>> No. 10778
Well if you're gonna be a fag about it, why stick around?

You should be happy about them, they're pretty great. If you're b-mage, you've really improved a lot.
>> No. 10779
I'm so tempted to buy the new comic Sakurai contributed to but I've already been stung badly by these image packs lately I'm hesitant.
>> No. 10780
Stop. (Please.)
>> No. 10782
Nice work!
>> No. 10783
Well, that's the thing, it's not an image pack, it's an actual comic anthology.
>> No. 10784
File 140052271127.jpg - (71.88KB , 1024x570 , commission__samus_relaxing_by_potercillo-d6742lp.jpg )
>> No. 10785
Well the simple fact is I'm only interested in Sakurai's art and couldn't give a shit about the others much less paying for them.
>> No. 10786
who drew this? I wanna follow them
>> No. 10787

He mostly draws ponies though.
>> No. 10790
File 140063188954.png - (1.21MB , 756x792 , misspiggy_by_newstuff4u-d7j4am9.png )
>> No. 10792
File 140065044470.png - (181.92KB , 1280x989 , tumblr_n5wrefut0M1qj4glgo1_1280.png )
>> No. 10794
Is Kraban on the DNP list? If not, could someone post the Expansion files #3 he did, I think it's called "Back and Forth".

Thanks in advance, and I apologize for this request.
>> No. 10795
File 14007381943.png - (1.03MB , 1024x1325 , garmine_2014_by_kawaiidebu-d7j9nrz.png )
>> No. 10796
>> No. 10797
File 140079030795.png - (1.06MB , 1125x1505 , CelineNewAdv_01_02_04resize.png )

Does anybody else feel like Kraban's art was better when they first started? I could say the same thing of TheJiggly, Antioxidated, and others as well.

It's like this a psychological affliction that seems to happen to a lot of WG artists: They try and cram in more and more details to make things more realistic or impressive, and before you know it all you're looking at is a quivering mass of flesh that theoretically has a woman beneath it.

Admittedly I don't have much of a stomach for cellulite and folds upon folds, but even this is more appealing to me than anything in those image packs.
>> No. 10798
Looking through those files, I agree. I feel the same way about Keiji but due to that shitstorm, its automatically deemed as "hate" if you say it
>> No. 10799
I'm inclined to agree, but excessive detail tends to ruin a piece more than it polishes.
>> No. 10800
You guys have peaked my interest in this discussion, as an artist I'm curious what the impression is on what "too much detail is"
Preferably can you post examples of what your line is? like pictures that are just right, and ones that are too much.
>> No. 10801
Well, for one thing, when you're clearly tracing from photos like Kraban is, and adding in extra lines (especially on the girls) I'd say that's too much "detail".
>> No. 10802
the word you are looking for is "piqued"

piqued your interest
>> No. 10803
I'm not who you're talking to, but I am also an artist. I don't think there is such a thing as "too much" detail with regard to fat pics, GENERALLY. It all depends on the style and what you are going for. In terms of mass appeal, I think you are best off going for a large, mostly round gut with maybe the fold of fat near the middle, no cellulite, no extraneous lines. The legs should be large and full, maybe a fold or two, but not to the point of extreme lipedema. Same goes for the arms. Butt should be large and round with minimal to no lumpiness and bumpiness.

But, of course, many people like folds, dimples, cellulite, and sagging 'n bulging fat deposits. Your average internet viewer with a passing interest on fatties probably won't, though. I know some people seem to dislike Axel-Rosered on here, and his style is a bit generic for sure, but if you want to see how to do mass-appeal expansion and BBW art, you might want to take a look at what he does.
>> No. 10804
File 140087754515.png - (307.07KB , 2700x777 , antioxidatedcomparisons.png )
>>10802 Shut the fuck up, Crag


See the thing about humans is (generally speaking) while we might be intrigued by complexity our instincts tend to react the strongest to simplicity: Beauty is most often found in simplicity and symmetry and is then complimented by the layering of additions that make a subject stand out.

For a "starting" example, take the two pieces of Antitoxidated's work I'm posted here. On the left is a piece from 2011, and on the right 2013; both of which were commissioned by the same customer of the same character (possibly intended to be the same sequence, though that is unknown to me).

The one on the left is technically inferior to the one on the right; note how the anatomy of her hips and legs make her look like she's had some stunted growth issues (though I would argue that the rest of the exaggerated proportions compensate for this in a way for a stylized look) while the one on the right makes slightly more anatomical sense (though now that the legs and hips are longer her stubby arms stand out all the more).

The real problems come from the aesthetic decisions made with what anatomy to replicate... the lines on her face and fat are obviously meant to make her look more realistically fat, but with the exaggerated fat folds emphasized by both shape and shadows and the applied cel shading via the sharp colors and black inking lines, the details are so drawn out as to be jarring.

If the intent is to emphasize these rolls and cellulite instead of the overall size and shape of the character the fat is on, then the effect has been accomplished. But whether or not that's a thing to emphasize is another matter in itself.

tl;dr? Emphasizing the wrong features the wrong way in the hopes of emphasizing more anatomical details will only make for an uglier subject.
>> No. 10810

>But whether or not that's a thing to emphasize is another matter in itself.

That's the thing really, I'd personally disagree- it may be more of a matter of subjective preference with neither really being superior.
>> No. 10811
that's an inappropriately angry response to someone correcting someone's spelling dude. take it easy yo
>> No. 10813
File 140095367471.jpg - (647.56KB , 926x617 , totally_spies__passion_pizza_party_by_yer_keij_fer.jpg )
Do I dare? Every other one he's done has been dreck.
>> No. 10814
>>10813 Welp, at least it's not those Passion Patties again. Seriously, most of the fat art about Totally Spies revolves around those things.

Not that Passion Pizzas sounds any better...
>> No. 10815
I wouldn't bother
>> No. 10816
it's $5 for eight pictures, with the way his style has been lately though I dunno if that's a deal or not
>> No. 10817
File 140098808615.jpg - (692.18KB , 1200x932 , fatty_mermaid_by_yer_keij_fer_cash-d7jfw1g.jpg )
It's not. In the 2 years he's been gone, it's hurt his own style and in that time, better artists have emerged while a lot of existing artists have gotten better.
>> No. 10819
And those artists would be...?
>> No. 10820
File 140099776342.png - (318.31KB , 1024x1325 , sully_by_kawaiidebu-d7j9o8u.png )
I'm getting the vibe that no one I list will be good enough for you so I'll just post this pic and be on my way.
>> No. 10822
File 140100033486.jpg - (104.17KB , 689x813 , tumblr_n4rdyzoY5r1qeiz7po4_1280.jpg )
Gee, thanks.
>> No. 10823
File 140100095691.jpg - (106.98KB , 633x715 , tumblr_n4t28kbLXK1qfvd3lo3_1280.jpg )
>> No. 10826
thank you so much, was definitely not worth it.
>> No. 10827
File 140103914677.jpg - (142.02KB , 800x800 , 192409.jpg )
>Anatomy all over the place
>inconsistent weights
>Sam turns into a midget for no reason

Jesus Keiji, get it together. If you don't want to draw fatties then don't force it.
Is he just trying to milk the FA community at this point? I'm usually on the side of artists when it comes to doing pay material and image packs but this work is just bad and he's still charging for it. I really am curious what his motives are right now because looking at these images he's either drawing out of some misplaced feeling of obligation or he's just looking for easy cash and knows he can get at least 10 guys to throw money at him in a fetish market.

Also not a valid point of criticism; but I really feel like they move around and get into awkward poses too much. If there was a background or some more supporting story here I could see the constant rearranging going on but just empty space with them constantly rolling around and over each other it feels a bit random or hyper active for girls this fat.
>> No. 10828
He's doing it to milk the FA community. He's always had a barely-concealed disgust for everyone (understandably of course) but now he just wants to piss in his fans faces and get paid for it, taking a cue from good ole Axel.
>> No. 10830
File 140104424043.jpg - (637.34KB , 1500x986 , biggerest_ragyo_by_yer_keij_fer_cash-d7ghqyd.jpg )
>I really am curious what his motives are right now because looking at these images he's either drawing out of some misplaced feeling of obligation or he's just looking for easy cash and knows he can get at least 10 guys to throw money at him in a fetish market.

It's a combination of both really.
>> No. 10833
File 140106250433.jpg - (265.17KB , 1000x1000 , Pennywagon.jpg )
So it's not that "more lines = bad" it's just over use of them in generally round areas.
I just did this for a friend over a week ago and the discussion had me wondering if the extra lines I tend to add near folds and where they may begin were unappealing to some.
>> No. 10834
File 140106622644.jpg - (1.58MB , 2935x3998 , phatality__by_murdelli-d7jlmd1.jpg )
>> No. 10835
Nah, it looks like you've found a happy medium between no detail and grossly excessive detail.
>> No. 10836

Try using WinRAR or 7zip.
>> No. 10837
sweet fuck who made this?
>> No. 10838
File 140111237435.jpg - (1.27KB , 125x125 , 1341559939495s.jpg )
Does anyone have the full version of this?
>> No. 10839
It's way back over in >>3114.
>> No. 10840
File 140112249213.jpg - (16.96KB , 640x360 , 1354043354_1.jpg )
I did ya dingus
>> No. 10843

Well sir, you have struck a rather impressive balance. While I personally don't care for immobility of this caliber I can't deny this is a very done piece.

Do you have anything else in your arsenal? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with your work.
>> No. 10845
File 140116094731.png - (50.57KB , 940x699 , Velma (2).png )
>> No. 10848
am i the only woman in these threads? am i weird ;_;?
>> No. 10849
I want more.....I'll look into paying.
>> No. 10850
yes you are weird

stop being so weird
>> No. 10851
>> No. 10852
Posting so I can't get on here without nagging myself to get to work on something.
>> No. 10853
Anyone want to post that "Fall of the Space Queen" picture that Axel sold?
>> No. 10854
File 140123942114.png - (670.52KB , 700x600 , 4.png )
Lookie here, has anyone ever seen this guys' works? His name is sudachi, btw, he draws a bunch of fetish stuff too.
>> No. 10855
File 140124066055.jpg - (325.00KB , 1085x1180 , Ediposing.jpg )
sent me a note on dev art if you want to discuss it further.
I still have a long over due batch of commissions I'm working through first though
>> No. 10857
I don't think it ever dawns on me how badly I need chubby Ed in my life.
>> No. 10860
File 140138279080.png - (2.75MB , 1462x1062 , Todd's going home early 1.png )
Tear me a new one! (Todd looks like shit because I threw him in last minute.)
>> No. 10861
That Ed picture is reeeealy good.
>> No. 10862
I bet you pretty much drew her like you were assembling parts right? Drew the tits as circles then just added the belly under them then an ass and legs under that?
The best thing you can do your yourself is draw from life. Go find a cute girl a day blog or some stock poses site and just draw people as they are in the pictures. It's much much better to learn the anatomy early rather than start building drawing skill on top of cookie cutter notions of how to draw people. I wish I had done that.
>> No. 10863
File 140139151982.jpg - (470.29KB , 861x1037 , BLOAToons___Maurecia_by_MikeMedia.jpg )
>> No. 10864
>I bet you pretty much drew her like you were assembling parts right?

Well...something like that. I started with the basic figure which consisted of a circle as a head square as a ribcage, cylinders for arms, ovals for hips, and tear drops for breasts. So I guess so, but I did it with a guide.

Recently, I started drawing from life. Hopefully, that will get me some results.
>> No. 10865
File 140140237440.jpg - (469.17KB , 1397x1656 , 1401336818930.jpg )
>> No. 10866
File 140147714169.png - (154.45KB , 650x760 , tumblr_n661dyucuR1t8s9l4o1_1280.png )
Presently, I have the most unusual erection.
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