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File 137351405877.jpg - (584.47KB , 1127x1402 , Lilo copy.jpg )
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OK time for the newest thread!

Rules are no crying, no biting, no fat of she
lets keep these lady's plates full so they can keep them clean

And as Thread starter I am taking the liberty of plugging commissions! I'd say drawing a picture just for this thread grants me certain privileges. Any artist who feels like making an opening image should do the same (next time)

First off the main event: Me!
Been gone a while but getting back into the swing of things, I expect to reopen commissions by Friday.

Second an awesome dude who is also deserving of your money for some bloated babes (dunno if he is open for commissions but try putting a couple Jacksons or whatever the brits put on their 20s into his thong and see if he responds):

Some great authors I know are happy to write fatty fat fics for you with a side of slob if you're into that:
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>> No. 6855

What IS the stance on vore in this thread? Does it belong or does another thread need to be made?

Asking because I recently drew something, and I was thinking about sharing it, but I didn't wanna get chewed out if it wasn't permitted.
>> No. 6857
I'd make your own thread, just to be safe.
>> No. 6862

Eh... nevermind. I don't wanna have that responsibility.

File 136988102185.jpg - (507.33KB , 1991x872 , TianaWG.jpg )
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Last thread ended on Ankh posting a new draft of that Violet story.
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>> No. 6101
File 137350187837.png - (94.94KB , 451x235 , preview.png )
Sweet, I'm getting two new pics ready as well.
>> No. 6102
File 137350204334.png - (131.92KB , 611x806 , 137347410060.png )
>> No. 6117

I can't wait. Those look like they're gonna be amazing.

File 136805055155.png - (1.20MB , 1497x826 , 136788382062.png )
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Since people requested it, here's another thread to replace the other one.

If people would rather have the other one, or if this one doesn't seem that necessary, I'll delete it
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>> No. 5450
In the third paragraph from the bottom in the center column, it says "the task of covering HIS stomach"

unless this is a multi-fetish deal I think that's a typo
>> No. 5463

Dammit. I could've sworn I fixed that before I posted, but this is what I deserve for rushing through editing.

Thanks for catching it.

File 134717262938.jpg - (127.59KB , 548x557 , tumblr_lyr6j36EXk1r1kd1po1_1280.jpg )
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This might be a bit benign for /cod/, but... I've got a big thing for puckered lips leaning in for a smooch. Help a guy out?
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>> No. 1008
File 134767701877.gif - (109.28KB , 1002x807 , 153002.gif )
Is this like a lips thread?
>> No. 1009
I love the whole cute kisses during blowjobs.
>> No. 4862
File 136794302896.gif - (2.71MB , 512x512 , 1103689 - Earthbound Kumatora Lucas Mother Noill a.gif )

File 136012807878.png - (123.88KB , 700x583 , fite.png )
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Bigger than ever because the last one was autosaging

i don't have any real fat comic girl art so have this thing i pulled offa kimblog
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>> No. 9546
Awesome! Please more beer bellied drunks!
>> No. 9547
Awesome! Please more beer bellied drunks!

File 136089632112.png - (22.95KB , 300x600 , 129067018875.png )
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Expansion welcome. Like, really. Why isn't there any goo girl expansion. I'll dump what I have.
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>> No. 4278
File 136486084261.jpg - (287.86KB , 685x941 , 1364634736818 (1).jpg )
>> No. 4280
File 136486108165.jpg - (298.20KB , 900x1200 , 1364634885831.jpg )
>> No. 4750
File 136769015357.jpg - (775.34KB , 1033x1421 , 1367192318402.jpg )

File 136422728641.jpg - (26.48KB , 428x500 , 133983683360.jpg )
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Well, everyone on the other boards gets all weirded out when you post tentadick, so I thought maybe...
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>> No. 4190
File 136422762887.png - (588.60KB , 664x620 , 133983785630.png )
>> No. 4191
File 136422770046.png - (280.47KB , 1236x696 , 133983626231.png )
>> No. 4539
File 13663463523.png - (837.89KB , 800x744 , 1366088473153.png )
I love slutty Karkat

File 135537998077.png - (247.02KB , 1157x722 , 001.png )
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Lemonfont has been made a name for himself on /d/, but his artwork, while heavily anime-inspired initially, is much more of a Western thing (and he's Western himself.) What caught /d/'s (and my) attention was his ongoing ShapeShifter comic. A gal who can transform her body however she wants decides to become a sub for some dude over the internet; /cod/ happens. I thought I'd post it here to introduce some who don't frequent /d/ to it. It starts off with a very Homestuck-esque vibe in presentation, but... well, you'll see.

His site: http://www.lemonfont.com/index_2.htm
Shapeshifter landing page: http://www.lemonfont.com/SS_archive.htm
His HF account (that he doesn't seem to ever update): http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/LemonFont/profile
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>> No. 3901
Of course there was, at least on his site. http://www.lemonfont.com/SS_P3114.htm

This explains everything.
>> No. 3905
File 136077430567.jpg - (180.65KB , 778x1145 , P_Total_Bio-Chemical-029.jpg )
Ah. When I went to his site, I kept getting 404, which is why I checked his FA. Thanks!

Didn't see that on his FA, either. Now we're getting somewhere!

Also, I think his initial reaction is like this.
>> No. 3910
though for him it might also be due to him likely be a virgin in all matters regardless what she's packing. Time to crack dem knuckles and throw that rod into fifth.

File 135681250538.png - (185.51KB , 768x855 , 1356740820703.png )
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Despite plus4chan having a nervous fucking breakdown we must persevere in the pursuit of fattiness.
Also a helpful hint, if you get a 503 or gateway timeout after making a post, don't refresh, it'll just make duplicates.
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>> No. 3783
Can we start a new thread, rather than posting in an unbumpable thread?
>> No. 3785
good point
>> No. 10760

File 135636556710.jpg - (42.16KB , 382x635 , 1167770808499.jpg )
2862 No. 2862 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
By request, another futa manga upload.

As mentioned before, this was written/drawn by L0cke, who later created Gaia Online, so I don't know if there'll ever be a continuation of this (shame, too, as his art's gotten even better since then).
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>> No. 2904
File 135680574931.jpg - (120.42KB , 533x750 , 1167771552687.jpg )
>> No. 2905
File 135680593134.jpg - (114.20KB , 543x750 , 1167771579541.jpg )
And that's it! If you have anything else by L0cke, let me know.
>> No. 2920
Really wish we could get a follow-up to this, it's one of my favorite futa-related comics.

File 135125312549.jpg - (758.73KB , 1203x1745 , first wg sequence 1.jpg )
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Starting a new thread with a reminder that WG has always been a part of comics. ALWAYS.
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>> No. 11167
>> No. 11211

File 134560034691.jpg - (249.68KB , 767x1023 , 132937046248.jpg )
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Time to break this board in.
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>> No. 1647
wait til it's off the first page, then create a new one.
>> No. 2219
you guys gonna draw anything fat pics related to the amazing world of gumball?
>> No. 9067
Can anyone post any of the axel rosered download packs?

File 134602931911.jpg - (1.81MB , 2560x1613 , 0449%20-%20Argent%20Bumblebee%20Cyborg%20DC%20DCAU.jpg )
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Whether it be preggo, the act of achieveing preggo, or merely somebody getting creampied, let's see it.
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>> No. 420
File 134604064012.jpg - (129.72KB , 829x795 , 90942 - Alvin_Seville Alvin_and_the_Chipmunks Chip.jpg )
>> No. 531
its fun to see my drawing at the front of this thread
>> No. 545
File 134662237551.jpg - (466.96KB , 900x1331 , starfirerapesrobin.jpg )

File 134565607360.png - (454.04KB , 750x900 , 348334 - Daphne_Blake Ghostclown Scooby-Doo Velma_.png )
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Mind Control and Hypnosis, thanks to certain cartoons in my youth I've gotten a taste for it. And I'm not talking about crappy Kaa edits/pieces.

Whether they're hooked up to love machines in ecstasy, put in a spell by a magician, or even a simple swinging watch- let's have a hypno thread.
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>> No. 2727
>> No. 4622
they exist man i have read them.
>> No. 8843

i'm partially to blame for that boner, my bad buddy but i've lost all drive for the story.

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