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  • 08/21/12 - Poll ended; /cod/ split off as a new board from /pco/.

File 134571882430.jpg - (235.02KB , 833x1000 , mdz_cherry_ant_queen_by_dcwj.jpg )
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Thread for creepy crawler cuties of all sorts.
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File 138952505193.jpg - (527.62KB , 800x1200 , a6950ffecf6f1f0560f7abb08fec1fc3.jpg )
>> No. 9087
File 139060374074.jpg - (103.38KB , 828x1280 , 1373765170_transformer83_waspy_alex.jpg )
>> No. 9148
File 139130305197.jpg - (2.67MB , 3000x3400 , 19455857.jpg )

File 135000186889.jpg - (227.48KB , 822x1014 , tumblr_lynjrzkYrc1qgg14z.jpg )
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Thread for monster/alien girls, and/or girls getting shagged by monsters/aliens.
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File 139077518137.jpg - (355.03KB , 620x877 , 1170730 - Ben_10 Gwen_Tennyson Incognitymous ultim.jpg )
>> No. 10235
File 139732523233.jpg - (828.62KB , 1284x969 , 42855308.jpg )

File 138911467914.jpg - (503.49KB , 1100x2100 , 1294358751_greycatr_houseguests_01_u18chan.jpg )
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File 13891147198.jpg - (537.06KB , 1100x2555 , 1294538006_greycatr_houseguests_02_u18chan.jpg )
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File 138911479837.jpg - (893.35KB , 1100x2800 , 1294618742_greycatr_houseguests_03_u18chan.jpg )

File 136654293886.png - (28.10KB , 504x699 , f13bc42930a1b87857b9581ddd199551e381e561.png )
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This includes recent and older games that Tim Schafer stuck his fingers into.

Lets see if we can get this ball rolling.
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>> No. 4730
File 13675607139.jpg - (68.29KB , 640x480 , tumblr_mlmhchWPDu1qfor9to1_1280.jpg )
chick who wrote the pegging fic for sasha/milla is drawing something on the topic apparently. hasn't shown anything else for this though.
>> No. 5159
File 136868239498.png - (356.84KB , 500x660 , tumblr_inline_mmnvr1ezzC1qz4rgp.png )
>> No. 8792
File 138875056399.png - (255.96KB , 500x459 , tumblr_mylqgfqFLz1to8no1o1_500.png )

File 134860839339.jpg - (626.70KB , 896x817 , 13483693718.jpg )
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So.... hey +4chan, I'm sure you've seen the other 24/7 caturday threads so you should know what this is about by now. But for those who missed out it can be summed up like this; There's a jerk on /co/ who keeps posting porn in the caturday threads. Rather than just ban him and leave the threads alone the powers that be have begun deleting Caturday threads, sometimes within minutes of creation. So here we are.

This is the deviant cat thread, posted in the right place this time....

I've mostly only got hermaphrodites but I'll post what I have, feel free to join in with your personal cat-related-fetish.
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>> No. 9252
File 139215271083.jpg - (136.96KB , 887x1280 , 1392113393_syncope_gumball.jpg )
>> No. 10050
File 139637244293.gif - (2.70MB , 640x480 , Shanet boobs-fillup.gif )

Is that Chalet/Shanet from the Blue Bird of Happiness anime? Or just some fan-character based on her?

File 138668907219.gif - (732.78KB , 675x460 , d1b06bde6bad224134db3b961a4f9284.gif )
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Aiming straight for the face. Not the mouth.
If you must post loli, tag it with the spoiler.
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>> No. 8530
How is this /d/?
>> No. 8546

I didn't start it or post anything but one of my commissions is posted in here >>8527 but my guess is its here cause its content based.
pco is for r34 and coq is for gay stuff.
So I ugess the person who started this is looking for co based content in that regard without a matter of specific series.
cause as far as I know pco doesn't allowed "content" thread but only threads ordered by series.
>> No. 8548
/pco/ "allows" content threads...just one rarely gets made.

Except those furry threads, of course.

File 134975577691.gif - (2.51MB , 216x162 , starfiremadmod2.gif )
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Last thread is autosaging. Here's a new one.

So I've made a thing. It's rather small and unimpressive, but maybe we can make it grow? Any thoughts?


Also, anyone know any good image sites to use for animated gifs too big to host on tumblr? You know, like this one?
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>> No. 9511
>Stan hypnotized Wendy to be used as a "side attraction" for a certain clientele when she was younger
>Stops using her when he comes up with a new, more lucrative scam
>Years later, Dipper accidentally stumbles onto Wendy's old hypnotic triggers which Stan completely forgot to remove

It practically writes itself

File 135169985993.jpg - (110.80KB , 600x668 , 6280 - Loki Marvel Mister_Sinister.jpg )
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Rule 63, genderbending, whatever you call it post it here.
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>> No. 6240
File 137400288068.png - (272.20KB , 399x411 , femmeScott.png )
Cropped because I know how you folks feel about homosex.
>> No. 7077
File 137792672478.jpg - (43.87KB , 500x500 , loli wolverine.jpg )
>> No. 8475

File 138204756390.png - (440.54KB , 963x716 , fattest cyrstal gem.png )
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kids are asleep, post fatties
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>> No. 8492
And video games. But only western ones. Except for Mario characters, for some reason.
>> No. 8493
oh god I meant I started working on the ones I already got

I'll just start the next thread with the hortense I did and will post others whenever those get finished. There was a Totally Spies thread on /co/ earlier and I started a strongfat clover (beefy arms, fat everything else). She looks more round than anything though.
>> No. 8495
oh god I meant I started working on the ones I already got

I'll just start the next thread with the hortense I did and will post others whenever those get finished. There was a Totally Spies thread on /co/ earlier and I started a strongfat clover (beefy arms, fat everything else). She looks more round than anything though.



File 134608638235.png - (1.30MB , 1280x1285 , ss2o1_1280.png )
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Since the /d/ stuff isn't allowed on /pco/ anymore, I figure I start one here with a pic that just got deleted.
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>> No. 8361
Whooot! New zaela is up!
>> No. 8379
https://plus4chan.org/b/cod/res/8371.html new thread
>> No. 10950

File 138252280614.jpg - (175.28KB , 1000x815 , image.jpg )
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>> No. 7843
File 138252305720.jpg - (745.83KB , 1100x1788 , image.jpg )
>> No. 7844
File 13825230858.jpg - (760.35KB , 1100x1788 , image.jpg )
>> No. 7848
there is already a thread for this


File 134562555772.jpg - (962.71KB , 885x1200 , 01.jpg )
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To celebrate this new board and to pass the time before you get the "dump" threads up I will post this comic that I know 100% is /d/!

Hope you like a slow build, "magic" and analog coloring.
Also futa transformation scaly and stuff.
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>> No. 98
File 13456293478.jpg - (941.71KB , 885x1200 , 38.jpg )
>> No. 99
File 134562947830.jpg - (960.62KB , 885x1200 , 39.jpg )
Next time, a horse furry with a giant dick fucking a dragonness twice his size.
>> No. 7824
File 13823824102.jpg - (187.89KB , 590x800 , 8290eae2dd3c327b21ae6573727cee92.jpg )
And turns out I misses a page, but so did the site I downloaded it from so no biggy.

File 136408186444.jpg - (2.41MB , 2500x900 , 8fbe031c67198e22e1641388a174f4b0.jpg )
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Hey /cod/s, I'm here to fish for interest in an online game of Dungeons and Hardons. There's some interest and goings on on /d/ but nothing's come of it yet and I figured attendees here might be more reliable to play with.

It'd be like playing multiplayer CoC, I think! A game of DnD where not only do the other players not look at you weird when you ask if the dryad has big tits, but expect you to strip the bark from her heavy tits and suck the sweet sap from each erect woody nipple.

I'm not set on DMing, if that's someone else's favorite part, but I am set on working to get the players together and game started. Anyone bite?
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>> No. 5553
File 137028725572.jpg - (124.11KB , 1200x915 , 1054840_Dungeons_and_Dragons_Illithid_InCase_Mind_.jpg )
No, and that's one of the most difficult things to nail.

Here's the ERP email, anyone interested drop me a line and we'll see what works out.
>> No. 7612
File 138155885548.jpg - (170.75KB , 952x661 , 261128_Dungeons_and_Dragons_dragon_extro.jpg )
Gonna bump this and bring it back around. Maybe more folks'll be around that are down for it. Got one piece of interest last time, not quite enough to have a go.

I'm up for running it, so that hardest part is covered already. Need players, or will gladly swap if someone prefers the Dungeon Master role and play myself.
System will most likely be Pathfinder. I'm just most familiar with it and looking for fantasy stuff.
Format can be the virtual tabletop style or a skype group chat with honor rsystem dice rolling.
Schedule is loose as a Centaruress.
E-Mail's still the same, russhacklefordlives GMail.
>> No. 7629
I was wondering what happened with this.
Much like last time, I'm game to give it a go.

File 137678748276.jpg - (218.49KB , 844x800 , 1375601084454.jpg )
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Business as usual.
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>> No. 7693
Wait, there's more?

I hope they'll be posted in the new thread.
>> No. 7694
Thanks man, I really like your shit and I can't wait to see your drawings of the crystal gems! Especially Amethyst because she's the fucking cutest thing asffdsasdfssa

I'll post the last edit did on /co/ in the next thread, which I should be making tommorrow provided I'm able to bump this one off the first page with it.
>> No. 7697
to be honest I liked Garnet's previous design more, but I love Pearl's pointer nose...reminds me of Snowboard Kids

File 134666085168.png - (511.36KB , 1000x693 , 1346115172344.png )
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because you shouldn't let hsg goad you into posting porn because "mods don't look in generals"
and also all the homestuck centric chans are dead
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>> No. 7513
They had a huge, huge dropbox full of smut somewhere that they pooled most decent smut they could find in. Also ones for specific fetishes and deviations.
Don't know where that might be though. If these threads don't have any limits maybe we should post most of it here.
>> No. 7517
File 138080668720.png - (474.12KB , 1220x1509 , tumblr_mi6wh7RMCR1rzsin3o2_1280.png )
>> No. 7527
I believe this is what the fandom legends speak of.

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