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File 13878576728.jpg - (295.04KB , 823x1168 , Batgirl hypno.jpg )
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The other one is in auto sage, so...
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>> No. 10958
File 140272145029.png - (874.01KB , 850x1202 , pennymaid.png )
>> No. 11043
File 140349903215.jpg - (111.73KB , 1024x768 , hypno_on_the_range.jpg )
Don't be ashamed if you find this arousing
>> No. 11045
All I'm thinking is how much the movie would improve if it starred three scantily clad ushimimis who lactate at the drop of a hat and get aroused very easily

File 134576133221.jpg - (195.26KB , 1052x1092 , 131615016363.jpg )
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It's time to pump up.
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>> No. 10896
File 14020171511.png - (410.92KB , 840x840 , connie-powerlifter.png )
well here's a piece that while rather subdued compared to this thread's standards, is still very good, character is Connie from Steven Universe, no idea who the artist is
>> No. 11014
Anyone have any of Saxxon's muscle sets to share?
>> No. 11038

Seconded. Personally, I'm looking for Anime Muscle and Muscle Mix 4. please?

File 134560795567.png - (346.52KB , 800x586 , 1301119145261.png )
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Welcome to the thread, diaper lovers!

I'll start by posting some Wakfu stuff and see where it goes.
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>> No. 10992
File 140294863046.jpg - (131.79KB , 1280x909 , 1402934020598.jpg )
Shoul not we be moving to the new board?

Artist's page? FF, DA?
>> No. 10998
Meh probably.
>> No. 11012
File 140314732465.jpg - (684.30KB , 1425x2187 , tootie_breastfeeding_by_theedministrator765-d66a50.jpg )

Not much diaper related material though.

File 134611787864.jpg - (129.00KB , 1365x1024 , 132927275187.jpg )
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Let's try this again.
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>> No. 10675
>> No. 10677
File 139966280153.png - (145.51KB , 1024x653 , marceline_blimpy_by_da_fuze-d6t2rtu.png )
>> No. 11002

File 134563658140.png - (2.36MB , 1280x1107 , 857232 - Chell GLaDOS Guavi Portal.png )
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It's fembot time, yay!
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File 139636929171.jpg - (140.14KB , 1920x1080 , _snapshot_01_36_33_%5b2009_12_02_00_58_23%5d.jpg )
Sigh... nobody draws Alice, the Pretender (from Revenge of the Fallen). I think she was hotter than Megan Fox, even if she was a skeletal but big-boobied medusa-terminator underneath the fake skin. :)

(Don't worry, though, already have a lineart of her)
>> No. 10390
>> No. 10883
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File 13669297918.jpg - (324.08KB , 1000x1000 , jet girl 133782666340.jpg )
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Since the thread on /pco/ got redirected and no one has made a thread yet, I'll do it.

Original thread that started the trend: http://chanarchive.org/4chan/d/45804/jet-porn

A-10 and Pilot fic: http://pastebin.com/stPKYi3S
A-10 writer's tumblr: http://a-10writer.tumblr.com/

There's also a booru: http://aero.booru.org/

but I'm making this thread more for the purpose of discussion since threads about it keep getting deleted on /d/ proper... which is a shame since this is one of the few OCs /d/ has produced.
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>> No. 10825
Interesting...XD I've done this with tanks but not planes. I rather like some of these though.
>> No. 10876
File 140158135427.png - (86.21KB , 3542x2516 , 727_pout.png )
Drew my school's 727-100 that sits at Greensboro. It's ex-Fedex, named "Destiny," and the school used to run her engines til a fuel line broke recently, thus her pouting. :P (Unfortunately, the break was before I started going there.)
>> No. 10877
oops, forgot to put my name instead of "anon"

File 134560703982.png - (1.23MB , 960x1200 , group-dp01.png )
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Penises and the women that own them.
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>> No. 8907
>> No. 9458
File 139303133779.jpg - (63.20KB , 1058x582 , 1392182218516.jpg )
>> No. 10856
File 140126286566.jpg - (642.17KB , 2789x2000 , NOxwVNR.jpg )

File 138016152057.jpg - (607.20KB , 1400x980 , 2013-09-23-eska-and-desna-2x.jpg )
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So tails or.. tails.
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>> No. 10765
Well it does sound like something you'd see in a Japanese doujin
>> No. 10781

More character ideas

Boysenberry Swirl: A Bish┼Źnen with white hair with purple streaks
Peppermint Choc Chip (my personal favorite flavor) A tall woman with green hair with small black dots and possibly freckles
Banana: A guy/girl with yellow dreadlocks
Blue Moon: A blue haired girl who could be inspired by Dawn from Total Drama
>> No. 10832





File 13462632127.jpg - (216.51KB , 941x669 , katara.jpg )
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Otherwise known as the Big Ass Titties thread.

Post your huge boobs, huge butts and hourglass figures here.
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>> No. 10807
don't fucking post reaction gifs, this is an image dump thread holy shit
>> No. 10808
File 140089500278.png - (468.95KB , 1166x930 , 129122967262.png )
There ya go.
>> No. 10812
File 140095081321.jpg - (698.84KB , 1050x860 , amber_x_maria_by_carmessi-d7hikz4.jpg )
>2 year old thread
>nowhere near limits

chill out bro

File 139247988680.jpg - (65.04KB , 423x424 , 1392397301845.jpg )
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There was a very good thread last night on /co/ featuring art of Rigby and Mordecai off Regular Show as traps, as well as a proposal for a trap Rigby story. Unfortunately, the /co/ thread has 404'd, so I thought I may as well make an equivalent thread here. Other /co/ related traps welcome. Enjoy...
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>> No. 10010
File 139620626879.png - (127.83KB , 500x328 , tumblr_n39g6cZbsb1r17mboo1_500.png )
>> No. 10296
File 139765047260.png - (240.23KB , 880x755 , originally found in a betacringe thread believe it.png )
>> No. 10711

File 136788292112.jpg - (674.11KB , 1600x1200 , paranatural0.jpg )
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ok so since I have some inspiration these days (read: I'm ronery and horny as fuck) I think it's q good time to start my own thread with my drawings.
I would have preferred /pco/ or /draw/ but I tend to do mild /d/ material at time so I don't have much choice.
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>> No. 10518
File 139941502599.png - (0.98MB , 1200x1200 , jenny00.png )
Mostly done to try something with the metal/shiny effects. Mixed results I guess, using Jenny was a bad idea in retrospect, since her design isn't really 3D. O well.
>> No. 10571

Hey, any new Teenage Robot pictures are always appreciated.
>> No. 10706
created a new thread on the new board, with a new picture.

File 135688491845.jpg - (145.27KB , 900x1080 , 1004327 - Aya DC Green_Lantern_The_Animated_Series.jpg )
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Girls getting peed on thread.
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>> No. 4733
File 136758400190.jpg - (669.13KB , 1600x1200 , 136753734360.jpg )
>> No. 4734
File 13675855241.jpg - (95.30KB , 666x1000 , 136753025894.jpg )
>> No. 10704
File 139976155813.jpg - (81.34KB , 732x958 , 139932073797.jpg )

File 135122268799.png - (624.27KB , 2008x1500 , 1351220964923.png )
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Thought people might find this funny .

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>> No. 10344
File 139795991573.png - (404.02KB , 1024x592 , 8afae77ae13b9f2dbb183aaa8cf49f6234e3d0f1[1].png )
>> No. 10366
File 139825993583.jpg - (778.51KB , 1000x1000 , ass and____ ass.jpg )
>> No. 10699
Of all the pics I've seen, I haven't found one of Guy, as SheZow, fucking that floating mouth. Is there one?

File 139604409215.jpg - (866.48KB , 2481x3508 , axel_rosered_s_gwen_300_by_fan2000-d65p97d.jpg )
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Here we go again.
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>> No. 10731

Wow. Please don't describe yourself as a sane "free-thinker", and then provide no counter-argument (or THOUGHTS) towards any statement anyone has made. Calling someone as asshole is not an argument. That's what we "thinkers" refer to as an emotional response, and they add virtually nothing useful to a conversation, and only reveal how poorly you truly are at thinking.
>> No. 10732
>implying we can't openly disagree at all
>> No. 10733
What the ever-loving fuck. Locking thread, it's gotten out of hand. Feel free to continue fat content/discussion on new/cod/ (https://boards.plus4chan.org/cod/t10511.html)


You've probably seen that we have new boards; I will add you to the DNP list this evening or tomorrow when I get around to writing up the rules. In the meantime, please e-mail me (anonymoose.chan@gmail.com) a list of infringing images in this (or other) threads. Note that I will only respond to takedown requests that originate from the domain you gave (BannaGalactic.com) and where the images in question either have a discerning watermark or you can otherwise prove they originated on your site. Thank for you taking the time to approach us before involving a lawyer.

>In the interest of legality, the initial leaked images could have only been perpetrated by members of the site, who have all signed an explicit terms of service contract expressly forbidding them to share my images on any other website.
Be that as it may, when the reason for reporting is "Illegal content" we interpret that as something like "Child Porn", not "copyright infringement", hence the confusion (and usual ignoring of said report). If you need to report more content in the future, please be clearer with your reason.

Oh, and if you're going to continue replying, please put on a tripcode next time:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 139155937641.png - (438.29KB , 950x950 , 1391526433_mastershake3_color_-_xenosect_spider-wo.png )
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New Bug Girl thread
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>> No. 10348
File 139799040032.jpg - (353.72KB , 1280x1810 , nae fanart tumblr_n433lyMXHq1qmb7kso1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 10355
File 139807027492.jpg - (113.59KB , 608x912 , TKT__Happy_Easter_by_Heckfire.jpg )
Happy Egg day!
>> No. 10434
File 139867136150.png - (866.82KB , 833x1500 , spidergirl leaking 3482221afc1ac0764af5e163c74f077.png )

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