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File 139815325896.png - (253.15KB , 886x696 , 1394703907110.png )
50487 No. 50487
Hello everyone! First thread on /coc/ of the project. Some of you may already be familiar with it from the threads on /co/, but just in case you're new, I'll go over the gist of the story. Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland (Mad Max style), the story chronicles the very well endowed, superhuman soldier Briana as she makes her way across the wasteland meeting new allies and eventually coming in opposition to the sinister DFC empire, a government obsessed with eradicating all breasts bigger than an A cup. It's a lighthearted yet gritty story with plenty of cheesecake and innuendo. So far we've gotten a tremendous amount of great art and ideas, and we're hoping many more here on /coc/.
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>> No. 50488
Here is a link to our google docs page: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ai3U4gANt4s_dHZndi16U0RYc2VlWDEzSXVPcE5SMFE&usp=sharing#gid=0 which also contains a link to an IRC where core member of the team usually hang out. The IRC is available to anyone who'd like to chat.

Here is a direct link to the script for issue one, 32 pages: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11oblulzZFOXiU9c88kZbDTcYU2nlkzGoGNq9K1RsIsk/edit

Give it a read in your spare time.
>> No. 50489
File 139815376395.png - (316.86KB , 579x849 , Seymour.png )
The current Docs are Characters (a list of the main characters and the villain of the story), Locations (a list of locations pitched and approved for the setting), Side characters (other colorful characters that populate the wasteland not in the main cast), and Miscellaneous (items, mechanical objects, robots, and eventually a Chimera list). To best familiarize yourself with the setting as it currently is, READ THE DOCS FIRST, THEN THE SCRIPT.
>> No. 50490
File 139815416824.png - (282.40KB , 745x811 , Briana and Arthur.png )
What does we need more of? Well basically everything. More locations, more side characters, more miscellaneous items and such. Lore, backgrounds, insights into how the society might function, and other things are also welcome. The comic isn't a fetish comic: it's a bit silly, but it's not meant to pander to any sexual niche. Cheesecake is about as raunchy as it's going to get, and this is basically the only restriction. If you've got an idea, pitch it.
>> No. 50491
File 139815428537.jpg - (281.68KB , 1000x1000 , 1397350490875.jpg )
Map of the setting. All of the empty space is free for use, and dive into the archives if you're looking for some of the original verbiage in the ideas.
>> No. 50492
File 139817273938.png - (846.06KB , 1240x1754 , LoliEmpress.png )
Here was the idea I put forward for Empress Plana and the DFC Empire over on /co/, in case anyone is interested.
>> No. 50493
File 139817280855.png - (348.58KB , 1240x923 , LoliEmpress2.png )

Part 2
>> No. 50494
File 139817495648.jpg - (85.19KB , 575x750 , PlanaPwrArm2.jpg )
Most of it is cool but I'm not as fond of the super-loli part.

She already has the unique empress power suit to make her a physical threat to Briana.
And it works better as a contrast, with Briana being so raw and unadorned while Plana the leader of the most technologically advanced nation in the wasteland is teched-up .
>> No. 50495
File 139817507740.jpg - (76.32KB , 575x750 , PlanaPwrArm1.jpg )
>> No. 50497
It'd still be funny if she were short though.

Short and flat vs. tall and stacked.
>> No. 50498
She could be short comparatively.
>> No. 50499
Sure there's nothing wrong with them having a difference in stature for contrasts sake. One being rougher and "big" in every sense of the word while the other is shorter and flat and decadent.
>> No. 50500

Briana is 5'10", so theres plenty of room to make Plana a shorty.
>> No. 50501
File 139819678494.png - (467.47KB , 994x1082 , mYddRJd.png )
You didn't save the 'finished' version
>> No. 50502
File 139820889086.png - (574.71KB , 1044x581 , anivcbA.png )
I just grabbed the first one I saw off the imgur. Here's a piece for Plana's palace. Pretty ridiculously great work.
>> No. 50503
Plus then only she could fit into her power armor, because most military types are tall.
>> No. 50504
The infinity symbol is already the symbol of the resistance. And Briana is the only non-monster to have super strength without cybernetic assistance, hence the "am I a monster?" aspect of her character arc. Short and immortal are neat ideas, though. It would make her more dangerous as a fighter and a mech pilot to have learned about them before the apocalypse.

My pitch for the megacity's symbol: two vertical bars, depicting the number 11 (referring to a prepubescent age, and in a meta sense to Japan), slimming stripes that are more orderly when not curved, and a small finite number that's barely more than a handful (in contrast to the non-finite bustyness of the resistance's infinity symbol). The megacity could even be called MC11, as in there used to be more megacities, but only city 11 survived the apocalypse. Plana's tiara could have a stylized number 11 on it.

I like the idea of extending the chess pun. That would mean Queen Plana>The White/Black Rooks (4 in total)>White Bishops>White/Black Knights, or something similar.
>> No. 50507
I'm kinda iffy on the 11 thing, if only because a number seems like a "cheaper" symbol than the infinity of the rebellion. The megacity is the ultimate power in the wasteland, personally I think Plana would choose a symbol with more pomp than just a number. As foe the chess symbolism I like the idea, but now there needs to be a thing/people that fill the position of rooks and bishops.
>> No. 50508
>Plana would choose a symbol
Maybe it predates her, and she just uses it as another propaganda tool. And anyway, it's the nation state's symbol, not the DFC's symbol. That can be $ \mathfrak c $ if we want.
>> No. 50509
I liked the idea that Plana is the new ruler doing away with old establishments and changing things to her liking. It could make for some nice tension between her and the old money of the DFC.
>> No. 50510
File 13982883034.png - (319.72KB , 512x789 , P1PROG.png )
almost done with the first page
>> No. 50512
Awesome. How long does a page take you?
>> No. 50516
Well this one took a bit longer than normal, I has been gathering some references for builings and trying to decide how I wanted it to look..it might have taken 8 hours altogether? I'm hoping once I get into the swing of things I can trim that down to 5 or 6.

Don't quote me on anything though...
>> No. 50518

It's looking good! I know just how difficult it is to do an entire comic after my time with ladybug, so keep up the great work and don't burn yourself out on it!
>> No. 50519
The Booru now actually has images on it, so if that is your preferred image browsing tool, go for it.
>> No. 50520
What booru?
I know it's not the /co/ booru.
>> No. 50521
The link for it is in the google docs with all the others >>50488
>> No. 50541
New thread on /co/ is up: http://boards.4chan.org/co/thread/61218179
>> No. 50560
File 139866930147.jpg - (475.43KB , 1124x1604 , 1398653201545.jpg )
I really liked this idea as part of the chess motif from the thread

>>Here's an idea ripped off from an old old short story I once read.

>>There is one surviving AI android. It's just a torso and head in a wheelchair. They keep it switched off most of the time to save wear on the old, mysterious technology that makes it super sapient, and it's clearly senile, but it's the only thing outside the archives that knows how everything works and how to build at least some of the old stuff. Teams of DFC scientists, so called Xenopsychologists, are dedicated to formulating the right questions to ask it every single time they turn it on to glean the utmost insight and value from it's remaining time. "He" is the last Quantum Insight Non-human Genius. The QING.
>> No. 50563
Just showing up to say hi for now. Monitoring and all that.
>> No. 50566
File 139877349225.png - (714.16KB , 792x1188 , BQP1sf.png )
First page!
>> No. 50575

Nice! Good job with the inks!
>> No. 50616
File 139925963188.jpg - (314.56KB , 852x962 , 1398715000305.jpg )
New stuff from the last thread, a Nick Fury type leader for the rebellion. Wife and daughter were reduced/possibly killed. Also the idea was brought up for the Strongarm gang to have a final ace in the hole against DFC oppression via a huge cobbled together tank/crude mech ala orks from 40k.
>> No. 50617
File 139925974390.jpg - (116.29KB , 990x742 , url.jpg )
Also an expansion of the Warrens is Selenite City, an underground city where enormous crystal formations grow. It's the center hub for an underground highway system that passes through DFC territory.
>> No. 50663
File 139961753552.png - (311.14KB , 1249x785 , PG2Wip2.png )
Thank you :D
Posting a wip of page 2. Sorry it's taking so long :(
>> No. 50678
File 140043370624.jpg - (40.42KB , 650x258 , tommy_m1928_m1.jpg )
What do people think of the name "James Thompson"?
>> No. 50704
That kinda sounds like Strongman, the Robot trapped in Carnival City
>> No. 50712
Why don't you guys just draw porn instead of doing all this? Isn't that what this is about, having something to masturbate to?
>> No. 50713
It's actually harder for me to masturbate to porn without a good plot.
Sure, there are quick fix fetishes for when you need to get off in a hurry, but that's not as satisfying as a good build up.

Though this isn't really porn, having seen any genitalia at all.
This is more like humor based on exaggeration with budding story.
>> No. 50715
Just give it time. There'll be porn, just like in the Grieve-Tan thread, the Arthur and Hazel thread, the Supermoms thread, and all the other threads which claim that they're in it for the plot but actually just want to masturbate to it.
>> No. 50716
Nope, its just a story of action and humour with a serving of cheesecake.

If people want to eventually make r34 fanart thats simply the way of the internet, its not the point of the project but no one is going to be upset over it.

Why do you sound so bitter?
>> No. 50719
Seems to me that the cheesecake is the only reason this project exists.
Which is to say that the only reason it exists is to provide erotic material. So ask yourself:
Would the comic be just as good without the cheesecake?
If so, then why bother putting it in other than to satisfy the libido?
If not, then what exactly does the cheesecake contribute to the comic other than libido satisfaction?
>> No. 50721
If you don't like this kind of thing then it would be logical to stop paying attention to the project. Other people aren't so prudish and can enjoy both without obsessing over it.
>> No. 50722
File 140184251893.jpg - (135.70KB , 536x817 , Suzy and Maggie QTwins.jpg )
The last /co/ thread was pretty busy
Now along with their founder and Commander the Resistance also has a pair of operatives in the "Q-Twins".
Though the Resistance doesn't have the strength to openly fight the empire they do fight back in more subtle ways.
These twin sisters work against the DFC's aggressive influence by targeting their sponsored "bounty hunters" in the wasteland, disguising themselves as valuable easy targets they lure in gangs of bounty hunters then strike suddenly to wipe them out with a variety of hidden weapons.
(Happen to be named after ships which operated in a similar fashion in WW1 & 2, lured in U-boats thorough being disguised as simple transport ships before busting out their hidden guns)
>> No. 50723
File 140184288324.png - (268.17KB , 954x571 , gorilla.png )
Also in the same thread the DFC forces were bolstered by this large gentleman, high ranking member of their elite forces who provides some visible muscle lower down the chain than Empress Plana.
People were throwing around the idea he should be armed with some exotic high-tech heavy weapon as befitting his rank and size. A gun big enough that he needs to wear its power source/battery like a backpack.
>> No. 50725
Nah dude it's just like, if you're into women with big ta-tas (a common fetish, no shame in it), why not just make porn and be done with it? Why sidestep the whole thing?
>> No. 50740
File 140304347489.png - (257.28KB , 866x665 , fc37f7d31665a1250f29c79f2ffe53f7c337f226.png )
Here's some concept art of him and his weapons.
>> No. 50749
A couple of new short stories have been put up on the google doc >>50488

Also a new guy started his own attempt at drawing the pages for Issue 1.
>> No. 50750
File 140366468112.png - (399.93KB , 987x1521 , Commander James of the Resistance.png )
>> No. 50756

New /co/ thread
>> No. 50790
File 140486695849.png - (433.03KB , 850x1100 , 1404694581934.png )

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