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File 138826696013.jpg - (194.36KB , 1024x1030 , dofus_aux_tresors_de_kerubim___poule_puante_by_ink.jpg )
48765 No. 48765
Previous thread: https://plus4chan.org/b/coc/res/47502.html
Reminder: This is a *project* thread. Keep discussions about the series on /co/ (current thread: https://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/211206.html ).

Useful links:
- Most links are compiled on http://brotherhoodoftofu.com or http://brotherhoodoftofuv2.tumblr.com
- Polish/French audio HD Kerub episodes: http://piratepad.net/ep/pad/view/ro.$OD-mDTzErx/latest
- Comprehensive list for Dofus on http://piratepad.net/ep/pad/view/ro.5Ta62rOxene/latest
-Dofus and Wakfu on Youtube (courtesy of Morgie-Corgi): http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnWO3_SXq-WPzo1zlMXndyg
- Improved Wakfu S1 subs by Wallachia: http://nine-lives-blade-works.blogspot.ca/p/downloads.html
- Information about the upcoming Wakfu specials: https://plus4chan.org/b/coc/res/47502.html#47671
- We have a wiki, and you can help! http://krosmoz.wikia.com

To keep up with Ankama-related news, I suggest bookmarking http://krosmoz.wikia.com/wiki/Community_Feed
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>> No. 48767
first dibs!

are there any french subs for Wakfu Season 1 & 2? I just watched the first episode yesterday and it was fantastic!! I watch these shows purely for French comprehension so it's great help with French subs, as well.

P.S. I really love the new threads' picture. Nice choice, Seth.
>> No. 48768
Softsubs for season 2 include a French transcript. I'm not aware of any transcripts for season 1.

This weekend's Dofus episode will be delayed indefinitely since we lack a raw. It seems to be a problem with the upload service that was resolved today, but we have no way to know when it will go up even though the site is back online. I'll keep you posted when I get my hands on it.
>> No. 48772
Yo Seth, 2 things:

- improved episode list for Dofus (links to episodes 39 and 40 are no longer fucked up): http://piratepad.net/ep/pad/view/ro.00gxPYvqjbi/latest
- we still lack a ink to episode 46 on Mega
>> No. 48774
For episode 46, I believe we're still waiting on the French transcript for the final upload, unless I missed it. Frenchy is on vacation in the countryside.
>> No. 48776

You know you can just edit the "old" one if you have access to it.
>> No. 48778
Here's my alternate piratepad with the multiple-host links

>> No. 48780
File 138831541110.png - (121.98KB , 1014x368 , kerub.png )
>This weekend's Dofus episode will be delayed indefinitely since we lack a raw.
lol. Great.

Also, picrelated is weird. It says that last episode was more than 7 days ago

Can anyone confirm that Indi episode actually aired?
>> No. 48782

Those are already in http://piratepad.net/ep/pad/view/ro.$OD-mDTzErx/latest
>> No. 48783
(i.e. the official site) says it aired dec 28. I'm not in France so I can't see if the video actually loads, though.
>> No. 48785
Well folks, I'm sorry to say that this week's episode will be very delayed. Still no signs of a raw and I'm leaving on a trip in a few days and have no more time left to translate an episode until then (though you'll still see me around until I actually leave).
I'm returning on Monday Jan. 6, so next week's episode will be a few days late as well, depending on how much work is waiting for me when I return.

Try not to break anything while I'm gone ;)
>> No. 48786

if we only had someone who could have provided them for us....oh WAIT. we had. but now that person is gone.
>> No. 48787

Good ol' French tradition!
>> No. 48790
>(i.e. the official site) says it aired dec 28.
Well, not the first time they make such mistake. That's kinda the reason why ep 26 is not in HD

>> No. 48791
I know, but the guy that updates THAT post may need the link to mine, so now it's towards the top of the thread.
>> No. 48821
Happy New Year, guys! And may it bring us better Wakfu/Dofus material than this year did.
>> No. 48917
Dofus is ending in a few episodes right?

Does it feel like there's no resolution coming up? I hope it means they'll do at least another 50 episodes lol.
>> No. 48918
I don't think Dofus was ever meant to have a big, over arching story like Wakfu. I always thought this was an attempt to do something a bit lighter and different (though Wakfu is pretty light most of the time as well). I mean all of the episodes or stories with the exception of Ecaflip City are contained to one episode and are usually resolved neatly by the end.
>> No. 48919
That can't be right though, they gave Simone a mysterious background sort-of and are kind of building up unfinished story with Lou. Like if they are going to go looking for her or something... I don't know.
>> No. 48921

Like a movie?
>> No. 48922
Who knows? Lous whereabouts do seem to be the single biggest mystery of the show along with whatever Joris is actually supposed to be. I'm wondering if the last 3 episodes won't also be a three part epic wrap to the story or if there will be more to be told after Wakfu's new specials finish. I'm just glad that we'll have that to look forward to once Dofus wraps, though they've kept a very lid on that whole kettle of fish. The anticipation is killing me X)
>> No. 48923

Yeah, I also thought about that. It would be very nice to get answers for some unexplained questions that are in my head (because I think comics from Ribas & Herenguel don't introduce anything interesting to the story of Kerubim but I may be wrong - haven't read them).

BTW. I wonder when Teletoon+ will play new episodes...
>> No. 48944
Hi guys. I'm back, but I see no raws yet for last week's or yesterday's episodes. To be continued...
>> No. 48952
Spoke a little too soon. Morgie once again saved the day by making a screencap of episode 47 from Pluzz. Obviously it's low quality and laggy, but at least we have something. I have several post-trip things to sort out before I get to it, but we should be able to have a translation sometime this week.
>> No. 48960
It will do until we get the HD rips from Poland. Thank you both, Seth, Morgie.

BTW, how are things, Polish HD rips guy?
>> No. 48972
File 138908809471.png - (202.96KB , 704x400 , DofusS01E46.png )
Sooo delayed du to holidays, but here it is :

>> No. 48974
So, scary bit of business this morning. I did my usual quick scan of Morgi's youtube page for a possible Dofus upload and found that the whole of season 1 of Wakfu had been deleted due to requests from Ankama TV. I'm anxious for what this will mean for future uploads as Morgi is my main access point for any and everything Wakfu and Dofus related. I'm curious if a back up plan can be put into place if youtube is lost to us. Thanks for all that you guys do!
>> No. 48975

Well if no one is going to reupload them just download the files and don't stream like the rest of us.
>> No. 48976
One more reason to pirate everything-Ankama
>> No. 48978

>One more reason to pirate everything-Ankama

thanks for showing your a complete shithead and just wanna have reasons to get stuff without paying for it, no matter what the excuse.

I did some research and AnkamaTV is no division at Ankama.
the only thing you will find under AnkamaTV is a livestream account as well as a facebook group and youtube channel. all not connection to Ankama and seem utterly privately run and also been inactive for a long while.

the current official ankama english youtube channel once went under the name of ankamatv but has been renamed for a long time to ankamaEN.

so for a current content claim it should display that name. which leads me to the conclusion that its most likely a claim falsely filled cause whoever filled it is not actually the content holder.

its similar to what has recently happened to a majority of gaming youtubers where false claims where filled by accounts that in some way try to look like they might be associate to the game but its actually people who have nothing to do with it.

another fact that I think supports that, is that if you get 3 COPYRIGHT strikes on youtube your account will get terminated without questions asked. but morgie's channel is still active which means these are just content claims where they remove the content. I know thats a bit complicated and I have to admit I don't fully understand it myself but thats youtube for you.

baseline is, if it was ankama themselves claiming or removing anything morgie's channel would be down since nearly the complete seasons was removed but since all other content is still there it seems like only the video's got removed which makes me feel like its most likely not Ankama doing the claims.
>> No. 48979
cyrus, а чего сразу из скайпа то удалять?
> sorry everyone :)
>> No. 48980
Calm your autism and check your French privileges, mister corporate shill.
>> No. 48981
Thank you to whomever it was that conducted the investigation into Ankama TV, your efforts are appreciated. I'm surprised not to have heard from Morgie on this, but I assume he's probably busy with personal stuff like classes, since winter break just ended in the US. I hope that this is as you said, just some outside force taking action and not Ankama themselves. I personally love what they've created and would buy it legally if I could get it subbed or in English (the latter being HIGHLY doubtful at this stage), but these YouTube uploads have been hearty soup for the soul in place of that. Let's try and all remain civil if we can. After all, we wouldn't be here if we didn't love this stuff right? (Even Cyrus, though he grumbles mightily at times ;))
>> No. 48983
File 138914563136.jpg - (267.90KB , 524x1259 , 1389131452542.jpg )
Reposting from 4chan/Tumblr/Morgie.
>> No. 48984
Thanks for this Seth. Hopefully the whole channel doesn't go under in a torrent of BS. I've been eagerly awaiting the new Wakfu specials and would HATE to have to go on a massive net hunt to track them down after waiting almost 2 years to reunite with Yugo and the gang. Best of luck to Morgie and high hopes for a peaceful resolution to the matter
>> No. 48987
File 138918115199.png - (481.91KB , 1280x720 , - ke46.png )
>> No. 48988
Дофус скатился в говно и нудятину (я уж молчу про отсутствие качественного видео). Если не появятся 1080p WEB-DL, то я вряд ли будут заниматься сабами

Осталось дождаться окончания сериала, и посмотреть, выложат ли Дофус на айтюнс

>> No. 48990
small update to >>48983 from one of the replies, since I don't know when morgie will be here to post it if at all:

"izmarvelous said: I did a small amount of inquiry internally, and at this time I have no reason to think that this originated from inside Ankama. It may be Youtube’s new system, or it could be a troll. If I find out more, I’ll let you know!"

For those that wonder who izmar is, she is the female community manger for Dofus.
>> No. 48991
Izmar is so awesome. Thanks for reposting :)
>> No. 48992
> it could be a troll.
That implies that Google doesn't even bother checking legitimacy of claims...
>> No. 48993
>I did some research and AnkamaTV is no division at Ankama.
That's actually the name of their official Youtube account where they host (among other things) the trailers for upcoming Dofus episodes.

not trying to prove anything, just getting facts right.
>> No. 48994

which they mostly don't. nowadays its mostly automated machines that do this stuff instead of actual people sitting their and checking each individual claim.
>> No. 48995
>That implies that Google doesn't even bother checking legitimacy of claims...

Hi, welcome to YouTube.
>> No. 48996
It's one thing to have an ID match, and another one to take down a video that's been there for a long time
>> No. 48998
any news on the HD Polish eps? thanks!
>> No. 49000
I have a suspicion we may be waiting util this fiasco with Ankama and youtube gets cleared up. I half expected that we would have had something by now. I guess the providing of rips has been slower than usual as well due to winter shennanigans
>> No. 49023
File 138946340211.png - (2.33MB , 1920x1080 , 20140111 1705 - teleTOON+ HD - Dofus_ Skarby Kerub.png )
No 26 as of now.

Fuck wind.
>> No. 49025
Oh shit, we have a raw for episode 49! I had almost given up hope. I should be able to take care of it this afternoon.
No alternate raw for episode 47, however, and 48 is confirmed to be unavailable from our source.

By the way, for those who didn't hear, 47 is translated and on the way, but it's a low-quality screencap salvaged by Morgie. We'll be back to normal with 49.
>> No. 49027
Joyous day!!! *raises a glass* For a time I feared the worst. This is welcome news indeed :D
>> No. 49028
That's the Crocosec one, right? Damn. At least it's not a plot heavy series, so we won't miss much, but still.

I am so scared for the specials you cannot even believe. Perhaps someone who knows French could ask at French websites similar to 4chan? i know it's way to early, but you understand, nerves and so on.
>> No. 49030
Yes, Kerub promised to take Joris to a Gobbowl match but must be at Ecalfip's temple at the same time, so he asks Crocosec to take his place at the match. I haven't seen it so I really can't do anything.

Sure, same as always.
>> No. 49032
We have secured a new source for the episodes, which should provide 720p TV rips from now on (and that we could use to re-release the previous episodes if someone feels like tackling that job).

What's more, this new source managed to acquire episodes 47 and 48 recently, so we'll be able to have a proper release for them. The translation for 49 is ready, so I'll try to move on to 48 in a day or two.
>> No. 49033
I could kiss you and everyone else who is involved.

My hero(es).
>> No. 49034
File 138948965734.gif - (934.26KB , 500x281 , fuck-yeah.gif )
Thanks the gods.
>> No. 49035
A hearty congrats and thanks to all of the people behind this awesome project. You are kings (or queens as you like) among men! I salute you! :')
>> No. 49036
wow this is just super!!
>> No. 49037
File 138951815660.png - (8.89KB , 260x286 , ssd.png )

Great news and of course - many thanks to you! You're awesome!

BTW. I send that Monday a message to Teletoon+ with question about new episodes of Dofus, but still no answer. They didn't even read a message.
>> No. 49038

Good idea. Would love to know, too.
>> No. 49041
File 138962813764.png - (123.30KB , 640x360 , DofusS01E47.png )
Indie Style

>> No. 49043
guys, 90 fps, really? REALLY!?

- Is that crazy or something?
and Xvid, aghhh ... . :facepalm:
At least I hope it is posible to make upscale from a YouTube version....
- I hope .....
>> No. 49044
Is it possible to mux the previous softsubs with the new source? I learn French very extensively and I love to watch these episodes in its true glory. If this is possible, I fully appreciate your patience, effort and care for such a fantastic series! :-)
>> No. 49045
Btw, this is from the previous thread. This is just a report. The quality is remarkable!!!!!!!!!

>> No. 49049
hahaha. What for? Even my laptop stutters trying to play this
>> No. 49050
I wonder how these new caps will look, because the Polish ones are a lot nicer than Kenny's were.
>> No. 49051
90 fps ? Wow. That's crazy, yup.

>and Xvid, aghhh ... . :facepalm:
As you may have noticed, nobody in the subbing team can rip the vids any more since Kenny is gone.
We take what we find and we take it as is.

Basically, I'm just the guy doing the french transcript and muxing the subs and vid files. I'm no video expert.

Of course, if anyone can provide a better video file, I'd be pleased to fix this :)
>> No. 49053
File 138970668417.png - (349.26KB , 640x360 , The Treasures Of Kerub S1e47 (tvrip Sd Eng Fre Sub.png )

Here have a not upscaled x264 aac one with proper frame rate.

>> No. 49054
Why, thank you.

I deleted the previous Mega file.
Here's a new one :
>> No. 49055
File 138972504075.png - (288.92KB , 1280x720 , ke47 TV.png )

> also the new one
>> No. 49068
File 138988664915.png - (194.10KB , 640x360 , Dofus48.png )
Did you process the 90fps video file or did you find another vid ?
If you worked on the bad file, could you do it again for episode 48 ?
Here's a link, just in case :

>> No. 49070
File 138989679799.png - (349.77KB , 640x360 , proper 48_mkv_snapshot_07_58_[2014_01_16_19_11_15].png )

I processed the 90fps one, since I don't have any source.

Here you go: http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/4638460/file.html
>> No. 49077
Thanks again.
What software do you use, if I may ask ?
>> No. 49078
File 138996460387.png - (525.34KB , 704x400 , DofusE49.png )
Jellivision Time !

>> No. 49079
File 138996997650.png - (52.62KB , 961x241 , settings.png )

Handbrake with these settings.
>> No. 49080

Ep 49 after 47? and what about 48 ?
>> No. 49082
48 after 49 obviously
>> No. 49092

holy shit this is amazing. Is S1 available anywhere from an itunes rip?
>> No. 49093
File 139003569790.png - (570.65KB , 1280x720 , - ke49.png )
>> No. 49095
Where is episode 48 though? We got 47 and then straight to 49.
>> No. 49096

I know it sounds crazy, but maybe it's not done yet?
>> No. 49098

The official ankama vod is available on thepiratebay for s1.

Don't know how they compare to iTunes, but they are pretty good.
>> No. 49102
They have superb video quality and smaller filesize than the iTunes downloads. Only a few episodes have small graphical glitches and only two have video hiccups that require replacement subs.

fixed timing/cleaned up subs here:

Overall it's worth it IMO.

I'm actually working right now on cleaning up the subtitles for all the VODs (typos, grammar correction, timing issues, sub locations, etc.) and will put them out when I'm done. Maybe a few more weeks as it takes a long time to go through a single episode and I can't always get enough free time
>> No. 49115
How can there be a resolution when there's no disturbing factor to begin with? It really blows my mind how people can fail to comprehend saturday morning cartoons, let alone saturday morning cartoons targeted at the 8-12 demographic.
>> No. 49116
48 is smaller than 49. By definition, this means 48 airs earlier than 49. Seeing as dofus airs weekly for the most part, it is thus logical to conclude that, for all episodes following that rule, episode N+1 can be subbed if and only if episode N can have been subbed for a longer period of time. It then follows that it is abnormal that episode N+1 was subbed before episode N. I know, shit sounds all crazy and crap. Maybe I should head to the asylum right now. I clearly don't make any sense. Logic isn't my cup of tea and it shows.
>> No. 49117
Somewhere along the line, we broke space-time:
>The translation for 49 is ready, so I'll try to move on to 48 in a day or two. >>49032

Fortunately, order is hardly relevant with Dofus. I don't think we have 48's transcript yet but the English subs should be timed by the end of the weekend, I think, so it shouldn't take much longer.
>> No. 49118
Any ETA on the new, high-quality softsubs from episode «La Pause» to now?
>> No. 49119
File 139013172373.jpg - (114.86KB , 479x639 , burn the world.jpg )
>> No. 49121

how about when its fucking done? Jesus Christ, give the guys working on the subs some time.
>> No. 49122
Why do you have to throw a tantrum everytime somebody is asking for information about the dofus projects in the projects thread for wakfu and dofus?
>> No. 49123
To be fair, an overabundance of complaining from people that weren't actively doing anything other than consuming episodes provided was what initially cost us a resource in the form of Kenny. Given that in the last month things have been VERY shaky (the threats against Morgie's channel, the struggle to find a solid source for episodes) I think there's a good deal of tension. We don't want things to fall apart now that we're finally getting back on track again. I know it sucks to wait, but for everything that goes online, that's because people are taking a lot of time out of their own lives to produce something we wouldn't have otherwise and at no compensation other than an occasional thanks. Usually stuff is up by Sunday or Monday and it did take more time than usual to get stuff for the last couple episodes. Everyone just needs to stay calm. Stuff is going to be out soon and we don't need to waste time fighting amongst ourselves. Go read something if you're bored
>> No. 49124
File 139014911064.jpg - (87.07KB , 897x498 , 1328768927329.jpg )
No. We're focusing on catching up with current releases for now.

Thanks for that. I don't really care about much that get said, personally. We do the work when we can and release it when it's ready. That's all there is to it. I don't take offense to people asking for subs yesterday but it's just not going to happen. I can't give ETAs past my own part of the job and even those are subject to change. I was supposed to work all weekend and ended up spending yesterday on Dofus and the wiki because I was cut some slack. Sometimes (usually) it's the other way around.

So asking doesn't do harm but won't get you very far either. You could ask your magic 8 ball and get comparable results.

... Actually that sounds like fun.

>When will the subs for Dofus 48 come out? -- My sources say no @ask8ballnet
>What's the ETA on the new releases post-Ecaflip City? -- It is decidedly so @ask8ballnet
>Am I an idiot? -- Reply hazy, try again @ask8ballnet
>Am I an idiot? -- As I see it, yes @ask8ballnet
>> No. 49128
Hey guys, I'm timing 48/50 right now! I would have gotten it done quicker, but I got really sick and then I found out I was accepted into college that starts next week, so life has been a bit busy!

Sorry for taking so long, I hope you like the episodes :D
>> No. 49132
Can anyone in France keep tabs on the upcoming show The 2 Queens? It looks fucking AWESOME and I'm so excited for it, but there hasn't been info for months.
>> No. 49133

Holy shit.
>> No. 49135
Interesting. I don't know if I'll ever un-hear the original voices given that I have been hearing them for years. Also, 80,000 dollars seem a little bit much to raise in 29 days.
>> No. 49136
if anyone want download the video,here

>> No. 49139
Oh, how I'd like to back that kickstarter. But oh, how empty my wallet as a college student is.
>> No. 49141
Well it's raised 18000$ in less than one day. Staying hopeful.
>> No. 49142
File 139025663949.png - (1.72MB , 1507x768 , eva grovy kids.png )

Well, nothing officially confirmed, but look at this picture from the Kickstarter trailer. We have a pretty nice character sheet here.

Amalia in royal gown with a staff, a standing (not a toddler) Chibi and two kids, a redhead and a blond, between Eva and Grovy. Iop boy/Cra girl twins confirmed. Also, Joris.

Sad part? Yugo is still short as fuck.
>> No. 49145
Super stoked for the Kickstarter. I know where $100 of my government swag is going this year!! ^__^ Glad to FINALLY get some more information on the new specials!! Wish the art was a tad clearer but, c'est la vie. Also, would it kill Ankama to let Yugo gain some actual height? The flashbacks from Qilby show that he was relatively tall as a young man (around 5'8", 5'9" would be my guess) How can the same kid who was at least 13 by the end of the second season have gone 4-6 years and still barely have grown!? Hopefully this gets touched on. Yugo deserves a 'coming of age' by this point in his life so he doesn't always look ten.
>> No. 49146
Actually, from the look of those pics, Adamai is still really small as well. I wonder what the exact rate of maturation is for Eliatropes and their Dragons?
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