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File 138826696013.jpg - (194.36KB , 1024x1030 , dofus_aux_tresors_de_kerubim___poule_puante_by_ink.jpg )
48765 No. 48765
Previous thread: https://plus4chan.org/b/coc/res/47502.html
Reminder: This is a *project* thread. Keep discussions about the series on /co/ (current thread: https://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/211206.html ).

Useful links:
- Most links are compiled on http://brotherhoodoftofu.com or http://brotherhoodoftofuv2.tumblr.com
- Polish/French audio HD Kerub episodes: http://piratepad.net/ep/pad/view/ro.$OD-mDTzErx/latest
- Comprehensive list for Dofus on http://piratepad.net/ep/pad/view/ro.5Ta62rOxene/latest
-Dofus and Wakfu on Youtube (courtesy of Morgie-Corgi): http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnWO3_SXq-WPzo1zlMXndyg
- Improved Wakfu S1 subs by Wallachia: http://nine-lives-blade-works.blogspot.ca/p/downloads.html
- Information about the upcoming Wakfu specials: https://plus4chan.org/b/coc/res/47502.html#47671
- We have a wiki, and you can help! http://krosmoz.wikia.com

To keep up with Ankama-related news, I suggest bookmarking http://krosmoz.wikia.com/wiki/Community_Feed
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>> No. 50249
yes, absolutely!! i always use these episodes to learn french. they're great help.
>> No. 50268
File 139662993218.jpg - (530.62KB , 1920x1080 , 20140404 1732 - teleTOON+ HD - Dofus_ Skarby Kerub.jpg )
I'd have to cut the french audio, so I'm doing that after I have all 3 episodes ready to go.
>> No. 50273
File 139671405695.jpg - (527.19KB , 1920x1080 , 20140405 1711 - teleTOON+ HD - Dofus_ Skarby Kerub.jpg )
>> No. 50298
I see the piratepad is no longer updated. Do we expect to see a new source to these episodes you plan to release? I'd love to re-watch this whole darn thing again in good quality screen. I love Dofus & Wakfu series!

Thanks a lot you're awesome!
>> No. 50300
File 139713810043.jpg - (486.92KB , 1280x1573 , ep31.jpg )
I'll hold onto the episodes and post a batch once I have all 52 ready with minor adjustments to the subs (why would you change the typestyle after 29 episodes?). You know for consistency sake.
>> No. 50302
Urgh, I can't complain about getting awesome shit for free (and I do love consistency), but how long is this expected to take with their schedule? What if they take a break partway through?

Would it be asking too much to release a separate batch for 27-52, please?
>> No. 50306
File 139720211610.jpg - (201.93KB , 1280x720 , ep30.jpg )

Episodes 1-26 are already good to go, I'd only have to tweak the remaining ones. There is no break, you can see their schedule here http://www.teleman.pl/search?q=Dofus

Though don't expect anything soon. Two recordings have already fucked up so I have to wait for the rerun which begins at the 23rd and that is the week I am gone, so I can't record which will delay it even more.
>> No. 50313
Aw, that's a shame. For what it's worth, we already have hd recordings of 27-30, so you could just overlay the polish audio on that if you wanted to relax over the missed recordings.

Good luck with the rest of the episodes, I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the series.
>> No. 50318
>why would you change the typestyle after 29 episodes
Kenny quit the project after the 29th episode.
>> No. 50319
File 139730608924.jpg - (293.79KB , 1280x720 , consistency.jpg )

Well you could still use the same style, right?
>> No. 50320
Yeah, I don't know why the person releasing them in the meantime did that.

Personally, whenever I downloaded the later episodes I'd always go back into the subs and set them back to the original style to make me feel better.
>> No. 50339

Fixed the tracker since torrentfrancais is now gone.

>> No. 50340
I haven't gotten to watch with your subs yet, but I'm glad to see someone else picked up the torch and decided to further improve the quality of these. Thanks for being awesome!
>> No. 50342
File 139753428792.jpg - (5.99KB , 400x300 , whos-awesome.jpg )
Thanks to you as well. If it wasn't for someone pointing out your subs to me, I probably wouldn't have done research into how subtitles work to continue working on them my own way.
>> No. 50448
So I remember seeing some sort of 1080p screenshot earlier. How come the episodes aren't released in 1080p? Was that screenshot an upscape? I'd love 1080p episodes if they aren't upscaled.
>> No. 50558
Any chance of getting a brief update on the status of the HD recordings? Not trying to pushy or anything, just curious as we haven't heard anything for a while now. I'm just happy and grateful that we have people to help provide the content to us, so whenever you see fit to say something I'll be pleased to hear it
>> No. 50576
File 139885928790.jpg - (455.75KB , 1920x1080 , 20140430 0757 - teleTOON+ HD - Kaijudo - starcie__.jpg )

Recording again since two days.


Only 720p, since I have to crop the black bars and some scenes don't look like true full HD.
>> No. 50577
Ah okay, and sweet. Thanks.
>> No. 50584
You are a wonderful person
>> No. 50594

My French reached a whole new level with this show and the support shown in this board. Please continue.
>> No. 50602
How many episodes are there left to record?
>> No. 50650
File 139946131487.jpg - (457.53KB , 1920x1080 , 20140507 0757 - teleTOON+ HD - Kaijudo - starcie__.jpg )

I don't even know. I'm going to slowly encode and clean up the episodes I already recorded.
>> No. 50675
Ahoy there! How goes the encodes/recordings?
>> No. 50676
Yes!! You are a true soldier. I am forever loyal to this show, too!
>> No. 50690
Can anyone confirm which piratepad link is the current/complete one to update the OP when we transition to the new boards?
>> No. 50692
I believe this is the best thing for now, not a piratepad but a torrent:

>> No. 50726
1. How goes the recordings still? All good?
>> No. 50728
I wonder if there will be anything about the Dofus movie any time soon...
>> No. 50732
Well, good news then, I just came across this in my feed.

>> No. 50741
So, just curious, is there ever going to be another update for this thread? I joined in the fandom late and can't find working links for all the later episodes of Dofus. Somebody said something about re-recording in HD, but we haven't heard from them in a while. It's sad to see something so awesome go unrecognized, so I hope that there can be some good news for the fans :(
>> No. 50742
I'm not up-to-date on the working links at the moment, but the next thread should be made whenever Anonex turns these boards off to complete the move to the new ones, if no one does it by then.

For Dofus in particular, one anon posted this secret playlist recently on 4chan; I don't know if they would mind me posting it here, so let's pretend this is any different:

You know, I'm thinking that at this point we should post the standalone subtitle files for all of Wakfu and Dofus on some reliable site so that they'd always be available no matter where people get the episodes from. But I don't have them and I don't even have the subbed episodes for Wakfu S1 so hopefully someone else could take up that task.
>> No. 50743
Thanks for the link Seth, but it looks like those videos are unsubtitled. Doesn't do me a lot of good but I suppose it's better than nothing while we wait for the second half of the series to be re-recorded.

Hopefully that guy doesn't forget about us completely. Sounded like things were going well until he stopped communicating :(
>> No. 50744
You have to turn on captions by clicking CC in the corner.
>> No. 50746
Found this post from Tot on Catsuka forums, talking about the 3 Wakfu specials:

>Les 3 spéciaux (45minutes par épisode) seront diffusés pendant les vacances d'octobre. Chez nous, ça fait quelques mois qu'il sont terminés, c'est dur d'attendre. Si vous ne devez en voir qu'un, c'est le troisième qui est assez incroyable.

"The 3 specials (45 minutes per episode) will air during the holidays in october. For us, it's been a few months they are done, we can hardly wait. If you had to watch just a single one of them, it should be the third one which is quite awesome."

Fall holidays in France will be from october 18th to november 3rd.
>> No. 50751
So, my guess is they'll either air it on saturdays (oct. 18th, oct. 25th, nov. 1st) or three in a row (like season 1 finale) probably in the middle of the holidays (oct. 25th)
>> No. 50752

Shouldn't we have the Blu-rays by then?
>> No. 50753
It would be surprising if France 3 didn't have an exclusivity clause, given that they funded those episodes. So I guess the BRs, should they be ready by that time, will be withheld until the specials have aired.
>> No. 50755
Huh, you're right. Why have I never noticed that button before? Seems a bit less convenient than just hardsubbing it but whatever.
>> No. 50771
Season 3 confirmed
Not-shit english VA's confirmed
Small bit of video from one of the OVA's whenever it's uploaded
>> No. 50772
Season 3 confirmed
Not-shit english VA's confirmed
Small bit of video from one of the OVA's whenever it's uploaded
>> No. 50773
File 140453749398.jpg - (200.43KB , 1280x850 , MSg8Q.jpg )
>Season 3 confirmed

>> No. 50774
Doesn't mean shit without an official source
>> No. 50776
Haven't checked in here for awhile. I keep seeing people saying the links are all gone? If need be I can mega all the episodes of dofus. It would be the 720 upscaled softsub.
>> No. 50777
Haven't checked in here for awhile. I keep seeing people saying the links are all gone? If need be I can mega all the episodes of dofus. It would be the 720 upscaled softsub.
>> No. 50779
>not shit VA's

That's not what I've been hearing
>> No. 50781
Well it's a good thing people are allowed to have differing opinions.

If you go into something already believing that it's going to be shit, then shit is all you're going to get. For something like this (its first time being heard in the English language since its creation over 6 years ago), while it's probably impossibly for fans to be completely unbiased, some tempered expectations should be in place.
>> No. 50819
Is the guy capping Polish still active or is it abandoned? Just wondering what to expect.
>> No. 50823
yes, I really would appreciate the high-quality episodes
>> No. 50824
yes, I really would appreciate the high-quality episodes
>> No. 50829
File 140736565541.png - (651.26KB , 1920x1080 , yugo cry.png )
RIP in piece Polish record-bro

Your contributions shall be missed
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