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File 137067783655.jpg - (78.81KB , 795x720 , Lucky_bastard.jpg )
47502 No. 47502
Dofus 24 will air in less than an hour now, so time for a new thread (old thread: >>46473).

Latest news: new incoming animated content for Wakfu has just been announced. See >>47490.

Usual useful links:
-List of DDL links for all episodes of Kerub => http://goo.gl/P8cvh
-The Twitter to keep in touch with the releases => https://twitter.com/wakfu_fansubs
-Dofus and Wakfu on Youtube (courtesy of Morgie-Corgi) => http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnWO3_SXq-WPzo1zlMXndyg
-The Tumblr for any other links => http://brotherhoodoftofuv2.tumblr.com/

And finally, the usual reminder that this thread is for sharing resources and info. Keep to /co/ as much as possible the posts dealing with story, characters, opinions and such.
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>> No. 47505
File 137069424483.png - (208.31KB , 640x360 , rhozet_dofus_20130608_1795_04062013172924_F3[18-21.png )
Apparently, Dofusmotion starts showing video even before it's done uploading. Talk about pants-on-head idiotic...

Either way,

-Online streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-arnaques-crimes-et-tentacules-s01ep24

-Downloadable MKV version => http://www52.zippyshare.com/v/29832920/file.html
>> No. 47507
>> No. 47511
Translation will be late tonight... or sometime tomorrow.
>> No. 47513
>> No. 47514
File 13707561693.jpg - (166.27KB , 1176x407 , GoogleDoc.jpg )
Just in case you didn't realise, this link was already posted in OP:

>List of DDL links for all episodes of Kerub => http://goo.gl/P8cvh

Just using a short URL instead of the full Google doc one.
>> No. 47516
File 13707768328.gif - (1.05MB , 306x313 , piefarts.gif )
>> No. 47518

Is there any more news about the 'new Wakfu' stuff that was announced?

(quivers in anticipation)
>> No. 47519
File 137079624323.png - (192.69KB , 640x360 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E24_(WebRaw)[00-27-03].png )
By the way, if anyone needs Wakfu soundtrack, you can download it here: http://yadi.sk/d/zCVv6rpv5drYk

Courtesy of Jakill

>high quality ankama humor
>> No. 47521
we're not gonna find anything else about it until july 6
>> No. 47523
>more news
We only had another post from Tot yesterday saying that the story will take place after what happens in the manga. This confirms that the stuff to come will really be a sequel, and not some kind of spin-off.

Other than that, we'll have to wait until July 6 for more info indeed.
>> No. 47526
File 13709214926.jpg - (41.14KB , 248x245 , cope.jpg )
>no subs yet
>> No. 47527
I got the translated script for ep 24, so if you wait a couple of hours, I'll time it myself
>> No. 47529
Thanks, this will help indeed, as I just learnt that the delay is due to our usual subber being absent for a few days.
I was just about to ask for help.
>> No. 47530
File 13709465772.png - (244.65KB , 640x360 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E24_(WebRaw)[16-26-19].png )
Sorry for the delay: I'm on a job, so multi-tasking was slowing me down...

Either way

- English subs (.ass file) = > http://pastebin.com/vbKcgMuv -or- http://yadi.sk/d/yugRYgMr5hu5E

- Softsubbed SD episode = > http://www50.zippyshare.com/v/66566435/file.html

Now waiting for HD release.
>> No. 47531
>HD release
This evening at best, or tomorrow. I'm also working, and my boss doesn't allow that kind of multi-tasking.
>> No. 47532
it's cool bro. work comes first afterall.

much appreciated for your efforts again!
>> No. 47533
File 13709856769.jpg - (45.20KB , 540x360 , Minis.jpg )
Today, Tot made another post on Wakfu's official boards, teasing us again about the new animated project.
He mentions the Wakfu movie we were supposed to get around 2015, and says that what they're working on will be something somewhat alike. (Note that he doesn't say if this will replace the movie project itself.)

Speaking of movies, the Dofus movie will enter its production phase once they're done with Kerub's series, that is very soon.

Finally, Tot tells us to expect lots of dazzling things between late 2013 and 2015: "The Krosmoz is going to make a big jump in terms of mythology."
>> No. 47534
>The Krosmoz is going to make a big jump in terms of mythology.

Hmm.... That is such a vague statement. I wonder if the gods will be directtly involved, or if they're moving on to Starfu. Seems a bit early for the latter, Wakfu is still fairly recent.
>> No. 47535
>"The Krosmoz is going to make a big jump in terms of mythology."
I'd be excited if they actually took anything they do seriously
>> No. 47536
File 137102716223.jpg - (74.89KB , 717x663 , Meow!.jpg )
Rogues looking for a pokeball, now in HD.
=> https://hotfile.com/dl/226547215/d78b577/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E24_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_51ACEA0E.mkv.html

=> http://www6.zippyshare.com/v/23978193/file.html
>> No. 47537
File 137103217623.png - (444.30KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-06-12-02h43m55s237.png )
Here it is on YouTube in HD. Sorry for the lateness! It shan't happen again.
>> No. 47540
I'd be excited if you stopped complaining about everything they do.
>> No. 47541
No can do. Also, what's the point of building any sort of canon, if even they don't care about it
>> No. 47542
i admit ankama fucks up a lot of the time but to say they don't care about their canon is pretty dumb. if they didn't care they wouldn't have spent most of the past year trying to get season 3 to be a thing.
>> No. 47543
Never stops them from screwing it up again though :)

OK, enough about that
>> No. 47548
My reaction to that... e_e
>> No. 47551
File 137119727327.png - (378.56KB , 2500x2500 , supernox.png )

Has Ecaflip City been mentioned anywhere outside of Dofus cartoon so far?
>> No. 47556
Once again the translation will be late this week, I won't be home tomorrow and I don't know what time I'll be back on Sunday.
>> No. 47557
Duly noted. I'm actually kind of hoping that after next week's episode, they're going on summer hiatus. Subbers need a break, too!

@cyrus: Do you have the Russian subs for ep. 24?
>> No. 47558
Not yet, been busy this week. Will probably finish today. Somehow, sub timings are broken in the second half of the episode
>> No. 47559
File 137128437395.jpg - (145.01KB , 1280x720 , kerubims_derphand.jpg )
How the fuck did THIS massive error get pass scrutiny?
>> No. 47560
2lasy2check, but isn't it a smear (or whatever it's called)?
>> No. 47561
He just puts his hand out, holds it there for about 2 seconds, then pulls back. It ain't a mid-motion-smear.
>> No. 47564
File 13713078321.png - (152.82KB , 352x351 , i'd_have_sex_with_him.png )
-Online streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-s-o-s-aventures-s01ep25

-Downloadable MKV version => http://www71.zippyshare.com/v/29972291/file.html
>> No. 47565
Could you PLEASE release raw HD video BEFORE getting all the subs for it? You know, so that people could time for IT instead of SD? This week's release has broken timings since minute 6. I know it's not hard to resync some part of subs, but it would be even easier if timings were written directly for HD
>> No. 47566
File 137132202798.png - (862.50KB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E24_(720p_10bits_TVsource.png )
Subs for episode 24 HD: http://yadi.sk/d/C6WyFHzf5qgz2
>> No. 47567
I review all the timings before releasing the HD release, and they should be OK. Just use the subs files from the MKV I release.

>This week's release has broken timings since minute 6.
No, they were not broken. Everything looked OK, even looking at the hardsubbed version posted by Morgie-Corgi on Youtube. By the way, I had to fix 90% of the timing you did for ep.24 since things played too late (and of course, even after having taken into account the delay between the SD and HD version).
>> No. 47569
Weird. And again, I was doing subs for SD. I proofread it with SD video, and everything looked top-notch

Why not? Assuming you record it the same time as it first airs, I fail to see the problem
>> No. 47570
Hmm, weird. First time I downloaded HD version, it had buggy timings (and I was translating using them). I just redownloaded the file, and everything's okay, despite that they both have the exact same size. I'm confused
>> No. 47571
>everything looked top-notch
Nope. Even on the SD version, most lines played too late.

Software issues maybe?

>I fail to see the problem
It's annoying as far as I'm concerned. I don't have time to waste, especially on weekends, uploading things over and over again.
Now, if the subbing team wants to drop the quick subs and work directly on the HD raw, I don't mind uploading it. But then, I won't spend time anymore quality-checking the timings.
This would save me quite some time by the way.
Well, you choose...
>> No. 47572
>despite that they both have the exact same size
Did you check the SFV?
>> No. 47573
>software issues
Not sure. I rechecked them both, and yes - one has crappy timings, the other one is ok

>most lines played too late
I don't see any noticeable delays: shit2youtube thumb
>> No. 47574
>I don't see any noticeable delays
Good subs are supposed to begin when the character starts to talk, and even a bit before to ease the viewer's reading.
Let's have a look at the first few lines:
-"Get off my legs!" => too late
-"Stop it!" => too late
-"Fine, you win." => too late
-"You won't get it, you won't get it!" => too late
-"Well... it used to. It's a wreck since my fight with the Poulpard." => Way too late. You even skip a word ("Enfin..." => "Well...")

And so on...

I don't pretend the subs are perfect after I've reviewed them, nor were they bad to begin with. Still, I try to edit them the way it's commonly done in fansubs, and I believe the result is better.
See the how-to I posted previously in >>46646 for how to make what I call "good" subs.
>> No. 47575
File 137133306457.jpg - (65.41KB , 1280x720 , wut.jpg )
The answer is "lazy artists".

I'm more baffled by this part.
>> No. 47576
I only recognize the delay when it is noticeable and annoying. Starting too early seems kinda out of place. Anyway, I usually spend more time fixing timings of our usual subber when translating (including lines starting/ending way too late, overlapping lines etc.)

>You even skip a word ("Enfin..." => "Well...")
My bad. I probably mistook it for a sigh or something

Budget limitations.
>> No. 47577
Here's the Russian upload of ep. 24.
My apologies if my quicksubs are as riddled with errors as you say o,o. I try to do them with maximum speed *and* maximum accuracy, I wasn't aware that I compromised the latter so frequently.
>> No. 47578
Pardon me too, I might be too harsh. Also, things such as overlap might have different effects on different players (for example, some may only show previous or next line), so some people might not even notice it
>> No. 47580
>> No. 47581
Uhm hey subs for ep 25? :|
>> No. 47582
See >>47556
>> No. 47583
So Father's Day sucked and I have work today. Will try to translate the episode tonight.
>> No. 47584
Please post the transcript when you are done
>> No. 47585
From Dofus Frenchy:

Ben je voulais te dire euh…
Quoi ?
Veux-tu être ma femme ?
Attends, attends, j ‘ai pas fini !
Ah, des fleurs pour une Sadida… Ben bonjour la surprise !
De notre temps, les demandes en mariage, c’était autrement plus poilu, hein ?
Tu m’étonnes ! C’était explosif !
Vous-êtes marié, Kerubim ?
J’aurais pu.
Mais non, c’est Kanigroo qui a failli se marier.
Arrête de radoter, Kerubim. Ces vieilles histoires n’intéressent personne.
Si, moi je veux avoir !
Nous aussi !
Je l’aurais parié.
C’était une période difficile pour nous.
Tous les héros cherchaient du travail.
Il y avait zéro aventure à se mettre sous les griffes.
Les méchants étaient tous en prison.
Les monstres, en voie de disparition, bref, c’était la crise.
C’est là que j’ai eu l’idée.
Puisqu’il n’y avait plus d’aventure, j’allais en inventer et les vendre aux autres.
Et pour réussir ce coup-là, j’avais le meilleur casting d’Amakna.
Vous devez renoncer à la violence. Je vais vous lire un poème.
Pour les rôles de brute au grand cœur : Kanigroo ! Monstre de puissance mais adepte de la non-violence.
Le maitre du déguisement : Crocosec ! Capable de jouer n’importe quel rôle, et surtout celui de traitre.
Pour les cascades et les effets spéciaux, je pouvais compter sur l’as des as de la dynamite : Tortue Brutale !
Moi, j’assurais les premiers rôles, du héros fabuleux au méchant ténébreux.
Vous cherchez l’aventure ? SOS aventure !
Ce n’était pas de la vraie aventure, mais ça y ressemblait.
Le programme était rôdé. Les Kamas rentraient, les gens venaient s’offrir des aventures inoubliables, et notamment pour des demandes en mariage.
Je voudroy un périple de héros afin de demander en union Ziza, ma fiancée.
Une demande en mariage ? Je peux faire ça pour vous.
Voyons voir. Les aventuriers de l’arc perdu… Non, pas pour vous, c’est pour ces Crâ.
Pour une Iop, ce qu’il faut c’est un programme à base de bagarre et de baston.
Voilà ! Le pont de la rivière Kwak !
Ça n’est pas trop dangereux, j’espère.
Non ! Voilà le scénario : Ziza va recevoir un courrier lui annonçant qu’elle a gagné un trésor et un guide pour l’y emmener.
Mais en fait, elle va tomber dans un piège ! Ce sont les Frelons Noirs, une bande de kidnappeurs qui envoient de fausses lettres.
Puis on fait semblant de demander une rançon, et vous, tel un héros, vous intervenez pour la sauver.
Et c’est gagné !
De la vaillance ! Du panache ! Ça m’émouvoit.
Vous savez jouer la comédie ?
Je sais faire des claquettes.
Aucune importance, vous aurez un texte et des dialogues pour vous aider.
Le forfait comprend un acte final sur un pont suspendu et la location d’une grotte pour faire la fête entre amis.
Marché conclu.
Et voilà, c’était reparti pour une aventure en kit.
Mais cette fois le scénario allait subir quelques modifications.
C’est là ! C’est cet arbre. Tu vois bien que ça n’était pas du flan.
Ce que je ne comprends pas, c’est que je n’ai pas joué… et j’ai quand même gagné.
L’avantage des Iops, c’est leur manque de subtilité.
Ils sont toujours partants pour l’aventure.
Salut !
Bonjour !
J’ai reçu une clé pour un trésor. C’est vous le guide ? Croconoix ?
Non, Crocosec , pour vous trahir.
Oh non, les… les… ah oui ! Les Frelons Noirs !
Eh ! Il faut tomber, là.
Oh la la !
Je suis Kerubim Bam, le chef des redoutables Frelons Noirs.
Ah, vous voulez le trésor, c’est ça ?
Non ! C’était un piège ! On va t’enlever et demander une rançon !
Le désavantage des Iops, c’est leur manque de subtilité.
Ils sont toujours partants pour la baston.
Kanigroo ! Action !
Aïe, aïe, aïe, aïe, aïe, aïe.
La violence ne résout rien.
N’attise pas le feu de ta colère.
Donne-moi deux secondes.
Je ne te lâche plus, tu es ma prisonnière.
Parfait ! On peut enchainer.
Gontran, c’est à vous, mon vieux.
Oh non, il revient à lui ! Nous sommes fichus, fuyons !
Je te sauverai, ma douce !
Ça allait ? J’étais mieux, là ?
Le scénario se déroulait sans accroc.
La grotte est par là.
Vous avez vraiment une truffe de compète !
Silence, la prisonnière !
Prisonnière ? Vous allez demander une rançon à Gontran ?
Oui ! Il devra payer pour te récupérer.
Je veux pas !
Comment ça ? C’est ton fiancé !
Je me suis fiancé sans savoir ce que ça voulait dire, mais j’ai vite compris.
Maintenant j’ai peur que tête de flan me demande en mariage !
Pas Gontran ! Pas tête de flan !
Mais moi je veux pas être flampirisée jusqu’à la fin de mes jours !
Je veux vivre des aventures palpitantes !
Être une Frelonne, comme vous !
Que vouliez-vous que je lui dise ? Que le mariage c’est magique ?
Écoute, le mariage c’est ma-
Silence ou je ta bâillonne !
Vous n’êtes pas gentils !
Allez, chef, ça serait super, non ?
Elle se bat bien, ensemble on pourrait faire des…
Faire quoi, Kanigroo ? C’est un scenario, on n’est pas des Frelons ! Et qu’elle se marie ou pas, c’est pas notre problème.
Kanigroo avait un défaut à sa cuirasse : il ne pouvait pas s’empêcher de tomber amoureux des filles en détresse.
Mais non ! J’aime pas voir une femme pleurer, c’est tout.
Bref, le lendemain matin, je m’étais levé tôt pour l’arrivée de Gontran et la phase finale du scenario.
Tortue, tu vas disposer tes explosifs sous le pont de la rivière Kwak.
Croco, tu restes avec moi, prêt pour tout déguisement.
Kanigroo. Kani… Groo !
C’était le scénario catastrophe !
Kanigroo était tombé raide amoureux et il s’était enfui avec la Ziza.
Croco ! Tête de flan va arriver pour sauver sa fiancée. Il faut que tu gagnes du temps !
Moi, je vais essayer de retrouver Kanigroo et Ziza.
Trahis tout ce que tu peux !
Ouais, ok chef !
Tremblez, mesquins Frelons Noirs ! Me voilà séant !
Ziza !
Ziza, mon doucereux Piou, voulez-vous considérer ma demande en mariage ?
J’accepte !

>> No. 47586

Eh ben quoi ? C’était la première fois qu’on me demandait en mariage.
Mouais, bref. À partir de là… à force d’improviser j’ai perdu le fil du scénario.
Ah, oui ! J’étais à la poursuite de Kanigroo quand je suis tombé sur des Trools.
Oui, la forêt était infestée de Trools. Ziza s’est fait enlever par eux.
Gontran a fini par découvrir que j’étais pas Ziza. On est partis à sa recherche.
Moi je vous attendais au pont, pas de nouvelles. J’étais blindé de dynamite et je m’ennuyais.
Après j’ai retrouvé Kanigroo prisonnier chez les Trools.
C’était moi déguisé ! J’avais libéré Ziza mais j’avais perdu Gontran.
Ma Zezette, où es-tu ?
J’avais retrouvé Gontran qui poursuivait Ziza.
Je les ai poursuivis.
Bref. Sans savoir pourquoi ni comment, tout le monde s’est retrouvé au pont de la rivière Kwak.
C’était Crocosec qui tenait la vie de tout le monde entre ses mains !
Crocosec et sa maladie…
Eh mais je suis guéri maintenant !
Et alors ?
Eh patron ! Vous m’avez dit que cette fois j’avais le droit de vous trahir sans honte.
Croc ! C’était pour les besoins du scenario. Là, c’est la vraie vie.
Ouais… Enfin là, il fallait que je trouve mieux, comme réplique.
Je vais vous trahir… c’est plus fort que moi, patron.
Je savais d’avance qu’il me trahirait.
Et c’est de me rendre compte qui me donna la solution.
Tu ne peux pas nous trahir, Croc. La trahison implique qu’on ne soit pas au courant.
Or, là, on sait très bien que tu vas nous trahir.
Ma chère, cette aventure aura eu raison de notre passion. Adieu !
En résumé, c’était fini pour le mariage de Ziza et tête de flan.
Oh, ça nous avait fait une mauvaise pub. Mais l’important c’était le bonheur de Kanigroo.
Mais Ziza avait pris goût à l’aventure. Elle renonça à se marier avec moi, préférant devenir chasseuse de primes.
J’étais très triste ce jour-là.
Non mais, je me marre. Le lendemain t’es tombé amoureux d’une Sacrieuse déprimée.
Elle pleurait. J’aime pas voir une femme pleurer, c’est tout.
Et la pieuvre, comment elle est arrivée là, la pieuvre ?
C’est vrai, ça. La pieuvre.
Vous êtes sûrs qu’il y avait une pieuvre ?
Mais si, il y avait une pieuvre.
Vous avez la pieuvre de ce que vous avancez ?

>> No. 47587
It's kinda late here, but I'll try to time it right now
>> No. 47588
File 137149874278.png - (291.65KB , 640x360 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E25_(WebRaw)[01-52-59].png )
Rough timed French transcript. Now it's up to Seth and Morgie (timings need fine-tuning) http://yadi.sk/d/cPe6ZzU05vT9q

Also, one short line is missing (i kinda forgot which one, too sleepy to recheck)
>> No. 47591
Currently pasting Seth's translation into the timings. After that, a little fine-tuning and it's done
>> No. 47592
File 137152857472.jpg - (75.61KB , 570x646 , Guess_who's_awesome.jpg )
Here's the quicksubbed ep.25:
=> http://www62.zippyshare.com/v/36948581/file.html

Morgie already did the English subtitle file and checked its timing, since you asked him to do so in your previous post.
Don't make people waste their time do things if you intend to do them on your side. By the way, this is not some kind race for the release.
>> No. 47593
I never intended to do anything past the initial french timings. I wake up, see that no translated subs have been released, last post on /co/ being about translated script (without timings), and of course I assume that no one did it yet, and may not have even started.
>> No. 47594
Nah, it's no big deal, don't worry about it. No need for the negative vibes. I actually used cyrus's French subtitles when I started on the translation, and made a few timing corrections where I saw fit. I appreciate the help, honestly! After all, it doesn't really matter WHO times the subtitles, so long as they're timed right. You should email me and keep in touch on the details when you help out, though, just so we don't have two people doing the same job at the same time.

Anywho, here's the YouTube LQ upload:
>> No. 47595
Sorry, didn't know your e-mail before. OK, will use it next time!
>> No. 47596
More news from Tot on Wakfu's official boards:

The new Wakfu animated project will be a short series of three 45 minutes specials.
These 3 episodes will tell a single story, and Tot promises a quality superior to that of season 1 and 2.

As for a season 3, there's still nothing officially decided yet. Tot is still pushing to get one, and he expects that a success of the specials will make things easier.
>> No. 47597
>The new Wakfu animated project will be a short series of three 45 minutes specials.

>These 3 episodes will tell a single story, and Tot promises a quality superior to that of season 1 and 2.
What does he mean by quality? That of writing, animation, or something else?
>> No. 47598
>writing, animation, or something else?
Dunno. He speaks of quality as a whole, without giving details yet.
>> No. 47599
Thanks! I guess we'll see. Has he given any ETA?
>> No. 47600
Here again, nothing yet.
I guess we'll have to wait until early July and Japan Expo to get further info.
>> No. 47601
File 137156001066.jpg - (105.89KB , 928x690 , Kerub25.jpg )
Chubby Iopette in HD:
=> https://hotfile.com/dl/229532178/7fc2c4b/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E25_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_A3F767A9.mkv.html

=> http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/4517659/file.html
>> No. 47603
File 13715794968.png - (1.19MB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E25_(720p_10bits_TVsource.png )

Russian subs for episode 25 HD: http://yadi.sk/d/St_PjmBi5xgMj

Oh, ok, thanks!

While we are at it, have you heard anything new about 2 queens? I think they showed trailer on some japanese expo, but I haven't seen it on the internet yet
>> No. 47604
>The 2 Queens
They're still looking for funding at the moment.
As for the trailer, even if a lot of people ask for it on the dedicated Facebook page, they still haven't made it public yet. They want to keep it for investors' eyes only for the time being.
>> No. 47605
File 137159963751.png - (671.18KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-06-18-16h54m31s159.png )
New Dofus on YouTube in HD
in English: http://youtu.be/CqUHPQblkHA
And Russian: http://youtu.be/F1RCfnjbaqY
>> No. 47606
File 137162494173.gif - (686.37KB , 358x431 , finalhairfix.gif )
>> No. 47610
File 137194840444.jpg - (282.89KB , 800x450 , 339867[1].jpg )
Just in case anyone isn't aware yet: this weekend's episode (Mystère et boule de poils) wasn't broadcast for currently unknown reasons.

Maybe Sherlouck Holmes can find out why.
>> No. 47611
Someone's just found this: http://pluzz.francetv.fr/videos/dofus.html
>> No. 47614
File 137196402737.jpg - (52.94KB , 679x395 , Jojo.jpg )
Found a way to bypass Pluzz's annoying download protection. So here's finally this week's episode web raw:
=> https://hotfile.com/dl/230247512/41b55e2/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E26_(WebRaw).mp4.html

=> http://www65.zippyshare.com/v/90749472/file.html
>> No. 47617
For some reason, no one has posted download link for softsubbed version here

>> No. 47618
File 137206855750.jpg - (63.49KB , 679x394 , Kerub26.jpg )
Since there's no HD release this week, I've uploaded a softsubbed version of the web raw containing both the English and French transcript subs.
I've also added to the subs a very minor missing line @2:24.

=> https://hotfile.com/dl/230455464/5be2a86/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E26_(LQ_WebRaw_source_Eng.Subbed)_2273979A.mkv.html

=> http://www50.zippyshare.com/v/71484531/file.html
>> No. 47619
You sure they fucked up? Or just waited a week or air it and maybe the online people put it up too early.
>> No. 47620
I don't really know whether they fucked up the broadcast itself or just their broadcast schedule. Some say they saw the episode air more than an hour earlier than it was supposed to. I can't confirm, I wasn't watching my TV at that moment.

We'll see what we'll get next saturday.
>> No. 47626
According to http://television.telerama.fr/tele/serie/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim,10003285,emission53056775.php, the episode's being repeated this Saturday. Whether it'll be alongside Ecaflip City, I'm not sure.

Then again, the same website - http://television.telerama.fr/tele/serie/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim,10003285,emission65097214.php - puts Ecaflip City as being on at the same time as the repeat of episode 26.

I'm confused by this.
>> No. 47627
There is only one solution.

Start a recording 2 hours before the stated time and don't stop until we have the episodes.

At least they're nice enough to make good on their mistakes
>> No. 47628
File 13723248905.png - (58.32KB , 858x828 , cat.png )
First link is no longer available, and http://television.telerama.fr/tele/chaine-tv/france-3,80.php?&date=2013-06-29 now only lists Ecaflip City episode as the one set to broadcast this Caturday
>> No. 47629
I think that'd be too much for Kenny to do. Maybe 15 minutes before?

First link works if you remove the extra comma at the end.

What we do know now though is that the Dofus slot is 35 minutes long, starting from 9:40am. That does seem to indicate that we're getting more than one episode.
>> No. 47630
>35 minutes
Seems like we are getting the trilogy as a whole after all. Good news.
>> No. 47631
I think I only said this on 4chan so I might as well repeat it here: I won't be home all day Saturday, so with three episodes in a row, don't expect subs on the same day :)
>> No. 47633
>First link works if you remove the extra comma at the end.
Damn, fuck me then - I haven't noticed comma.

>What we do know now though is that the Dofus slot is 35 minutes long

Fukken sweet.
>> No. 47634
File 137249606714.jpg - (97.95KB , 903x720 , Lou.jpg )
France 3 didn't messed up their schedule this week (yay!), so you'll get your 35 minutes Eca-sino Royale special in HD.

We didn't get any rerun for ep.26, though.
>> No. 47635
File 13725121814.jpg - (84.06KB , 815x720 , Carnissia.jpg )
-Online streaming versions:
=> http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-ecaflip-city-1-2-et-3-s01ep27-28-29

-Downloadable MP4s:
Ep.27 => https://hotfile.com/dl/231428437/32537ff/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E27_(WebRaw).mp4.html
Ep.28 => https://hotfile.com/dl/231430623/7b5d2c7/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E28_(WebRaw).mp4.html
Ep.29 => https://hotfile.com/dl/231432775/7985c59/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E29_(WebRaw).mp4.html
>> No. 47636
I'll probably do placeholder timings in a couple of hours and upload theme here
>> No. 47637
Something came up, so I won't be able to continue until tomorrow. Here is part of placeholder subs for ep 27: http://www24.zippyshare.com/v/93234546/file.html
>> No. 47639
Here's the quicksubbed ep.27 (Ecaflip City part.1):
=> http://www40.zippyshare.com/v/7793015/file.html

Morgie's Youtube hardsubs:
=> http://youtu.be/LRfcR0DVlBU

Note about the HD release:
I'll have to release it once I have the subs for all the 3 episodes, I can't release an HD version for each one. Actually, the Ecaflip City trilogy was aired as a single special on France 3. They made transitions so that you don't notice any cut when switching from an episode to the next.
>> No. 47640
Could you please tell me (or better yet, upload profile with settings) which settings are you using in xvid4psp when you encode your videos?
>> No. 47641
File 137262278435.jpg - (126.23KB , 741x571 , XviD4PSP.jpg )
I use the x264 Q18 HQS profile for video encoding, and AAC-LC ABR 192k profile for audio encoding.
I only tweak the AVC profile and Tune options in the Video encoding advanced settings (pic related). Other than that, everything is left to default.

I also disable the Volume Amplifying in Audio menu => Processing Options.
>> No. 47643
Russian subs for episode 27: http://yadi.sk/d/NoNGk3HY6MSxS


Thanks! These seem to have worked
>> No. 47644
Ecaflip City part.2 and 3 quicksubbed:
Ep.28 => http://www11.zippyshare.com/v/51306543/file.html
Ep.29 => http://www49.zippyshare.com/v/36863983/file.html
>> No. 47646
Wow, that was quite... underwhelming. Seriously, last episode felt especially empty and ending is sort of a cliffhanger

Also, I'll be on a trip for two weeks, starting tomorrow. Good luck to you all!
>> No. 47648
File 137276811373.jpg - (86.89KB , 465x800 , Jesseca.jpg )
Eca-sino Royale, now in HD:
=> https://hotfile.com/dl/231992641/7d3f6a8/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E27to29_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_B1585729.mkv.html

=> https://mega.co.nz/#!Vg9GBBIK!QYD1ijqOYr9pvWnuQgmfem06D04k_945Cjz4MDh84vM
>> No. 47653
File 137291937621.jpg - (49.81KB , 1000x658 , I don't know anymore.jpg )
>> No. 47660
File 137306672875.jpg - (242.38KB , 960x1620 , holyshitwhat.jpg )
So... on the topic of Wakfu, I'm interested in understanding what the fuck is going on in this conversation from episode 18. It goes so abruptly and awkwardly in a different direction I'm still clueless as to what I'm supposed to make of it.

I'm working on cleaning up some of the bits of awkward dialogue/punctuation/spellings/timings, but this one has me flummoxed as I don't know a lick of french outside random greetings/words heard in the series.
>> No. 47661
Is Kerub going to be a 52 ep season? Ecaflip city sort of hints at that.
>> No. 47662
Yes, that was announced from the start.
>> No. 47663
I hope then after that revelation that Kerub continues to be about his past adventures and trinkets, and not devolve into an lovestruck rescue effort.
>> No. 47664
Really? I think the stories are getting boring, I don't want it to be all about that. I want more with Simone and that means present-time stuff.
>> No. 47665
More Simone? Definitely
Lou? Not so much, it seems he's already retired from that ordeal.
>> No. 47666
>Not so much, it seems he's already retired from that ordeal.
You think so? I get a feeling we're going to see a bit more of her.
>> No. 47669
Guys, we need a translation better than Google.

>> No. 47671
Here's what we learn about the 3 incoming Wakfu specials from what a guy heard at Japan Expo.
- The 3 episodes will be released during the first half of next year. They're in production phase at the moment.
- The story will take place between 4 and 6 years after season 2.
- No need to have read the manga or even seen the series to understand these specials.
- France 3 has allowed more freedom scenario wise. It'll be darker and more epic.
- Maskemane will appear in these specials.
- No change in the voice actor cast.
- Same chara design, but new animation technique with no shadow on characters' bodies (somewhat Mamoru Hosoda like it seems, but it's just a wild guess by the guy posting the report).
- It seems there will be some romance involving Yugo (at least, as far as the guy posting has understood).
- 2 characters in particular will "fully" live this adventure.
- It seems there will be something special involving Pinpin.
- If the TV audience is good for these 3 specials, France 3 will very likely launch a season 3.

Other things, not directly related to the specials:
- We'll get a cross-over game with the characters of Les Guardiens, The Brotherhood Of Tofu, Wakfu and Dofus. The game will tell a story.
- There's something planned involving humans close to the Steamers, such as Prince Adale.
- Tot said we'll get to know about the past of some members of the Brotherhood (but the support on which this will be told is still unknown).

Finally, the spoilered lines directly come from the dialogues in the specials. Nothing really noteworthy, aside of Evangelyne asking "He... He asked for your hand?" (but we don't know who she's talking to, nor who she's refering to).
>> No. 47684
>If the TV audience is good for these 3 specials, France 3 will very likely launch a season 3

So what does this mean for the vocal majority of us living outside of France? Is it even possible in any way for us to help with the ratings? Are we to just cross our fingers and hope the French audience likes the specials enough?
>> No. 47696
>Are we to just cross our fingers and hope the French audience likes the specials enough?
Pretty much this, I'm afraid.
I don't think France 3 cares much about audience outside France, unless a foreign distributor particularly shows interest in these specials.
>> No. 47699
I'm sorry to ask here but didn't knew where.
There's any link for Wakfu Tome 2?
Couldn't find it on Brotherhood of Tofu, was just first tome.
>> No. 47701
the comics team doesn't release the raws anymore. someone else who isn't affiliated with them might upload their own scans though.
>> No. 47707
Or, you know, BUY the French versions from Comixology:

>> No. 47711
As a member of the comic translation team, I recommend this.
>> No. 47729
File 137365521261.png - (307.81KB , 913x514 , grovy49.png )
Yeah that's very helpful...for someone that doesn't speaks french good enough to understand a thing...
>> No. 47730
>the translators have lives that don't revolve around translating wakfu
>wakfu does not have a market stateside so there aren't going to be officially translated comics
just use google translate or hope you have a french speaking friend who's feeling generous.

also, this isn't the thread for this kind of talk.
>> No. 47731
Your image is quite appropriate, iop-head.
>> No. 47732
Anything this week or is the show on a break?
>> No. 47733
Summer hiatus.
New episodes most likely in september.
>> No. 47745
Fuck really, that long? Damn. :(
>> No. 47746
Fuck really, that long? Damn. :(

Well hopefully in that time we'll get a proper HD episode for 26 or whatever it was that we missed.
>> No. 47894
File 137528809383.png - (306.93KB , 1024x768 , jojowip.png )
Preview for Jojo x Jojo

Also, Russian subs within a few days
>> No. 47918
File 137608854196.png - (93.75KB , 517x390 , cover.png )
This is from Episode 5!


Hope you guys like! :-)
>> No. 47919
Do anyone know name of the melody that goes in the end credits of episode 29?

Here it is: http://www42.zippyshare.com/v/90250162/file.html
>> No. 47922
So do Kerub episodes ever re-air? I'd love to get that missing HD episode in HD.
>> No. 47924
Unfortunately, it seems there's no rerun planned anytime soon.
>> No. 47925
Can I get the transcripts of mini wakfu?
I'd like to know the original french jokes.
>> No. 47933
File 137692835876.png - (316.27KB , 988x448 , aw yisss.png )
>> No. 47934
31st of August? New episode? Am I understanding this right?

Man, I haven't checked this thread in weeks and the one day I do I see this. Nice.
>> No. 47935
File 137697348890.jpg - (97.97KB , 477x477 , mimi.jpg )
>> No. 47936
We've got an Amazon listing for the Kerubim Volume 1 DVD: http://www.amazon.fr/DOFUS-KERUBIM/dp/B00EALF1VI/
>> No. 47944
Confirmed through the official site: http://www.dofus-la-serie.com/fr/episodes/bonta-folie
>> No. 47946
Will the new schedule be a problem for you, Kenny? It airs a couple hours earlier than usual, if memory serves.
>> No. 47947
It shouldn't be much of a problem as long as France 3 stick to their schedule. I'll just set my digital recorder accordingly.

However, there's actually a bigger problem on my side: I have a new job starting next monday. It'll have me work on saturdays, and should leave me with even less spare time to take part to this project. I'm afraid I have to reduce my contribution to the bare minimum.

So, from now on, I'll just encode, upload, and post here the HD raw sometime during the weekend. I leave any other quality check, muxing, upload and release work to someone else.

Also, one last thing to you Seth and Dofus Frenchy:
Mon aide tient toujours pour ce qui est du recours aux sous-titres pour malentendants de France 3 en cas de besoin. Par contre, je ne garantis pas mon délai de réponse. Je ferai "au mieux"! ^^
>> No. 47948
Yes, please record in full HD. I watch each episode 6 times and I've learned so much French that I'm beginning to notice a lot of difference in my writing and speed. The episodes are fantastic and they are far from boring!

I was wondering if there is someone here who can help me come out of my intermediate stage of French to an advanced level of understanding. I do this to learn the second official language of Canada.

Merci beaucoup à tous !
>> No. 47950
Gotcha. I've got a lot going on as well at the moment, but I'll make sure to double check my translation myself. Merde with the new job!

Do we still have Morgie for subbing?

What kind of help?
>> No. 47951

Help in speaking for the most part. I can read and write pretty good, but I am always hesitant and nervous about my speaking.

I'm from Alberta, Canada!
>> No. 47952
There isn't much that improves speech other than immersion (or forcing yourself to speak French even in an English milieu, but then you don't get feedback).
>> No. 47953

In fact, I always force myself to speak French in an English environment, but the only opportunity to do are online games or chat rooms. My pride and loyalty to the French, no matter how rude or nice! :D
>> No. 47954
Hey guys, does anyone know if there are French transcripts of Wakfu S1 and S2 available? Not the English sub files, but transcripts of the original French dialogue. I've searched around but had no luck.

(Also, since this is the official fansubs thread, I figured I should ask here, but if there's someplace more appropriate for this question, please let me know!)
>> No. 47955
I should be able to be around this weekend, but if it ends up being late Sunday night (Mountain Time), you'll have to find someone else to do the timing, because I have a very very heavy courseload this semester.
>> No. 47957
There are French transcript subtitles for season 2 included in the episodes we released.
I haven't heard of any French transcript for season 1.
>> No. 47958
Cool, I'll see if I can figure out the subtitles thing on S2. Thanks!
>> No. 47959
Cool, I'll see if I can figure out the subtitles thing on S2. Thanks!
>> No. 47960
Hey I noticed you are all busy men, sorry for wasting your time. BUT! at least I found a very good friend who I play the same game with.

THANK YOU for the excellent french/english translations from all of you french speakers. I am learning a lot from these episodes!!
>> No. 47961
If I can do the translation on Saturday, it will be very late. If Sunday, I'll do my best to get to it earlyish but I can't make promises, there are a lot of people in town who I don't get to see often.
>> No. 47962
File 137794870273.jpg - (53.38KB , 1280x720 , Kerub_30.jpg )
Sexyness all over the place...

Here's the HD raw. At least, this week I can deliver it quickly since I'm not working yet.
=> https://mega.co.nz/#!9wUGEBiA!YYAj527vDRgtQEvaGU4mg10aoTZ89YWlS-slqVBUMGY

Also, online streaming webraw for those interested:
=> http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-bonta-folies-s01ep30
>> No. 47967
>Bashing one of the very few contributors to the fansubs
How clever, really.
>> No. 47968
I think he meant FINALLY A NEW EPISODE!!! as I'm saying right now.
>> No. 47970
>for no valid reason
Well, it happens that starting next week I'll have a valid reason to just stop providing these raws.
Fortunately, I'm not silly enough to penalize a whole fanbase because of ungrateful dorks who plagues it like yourself.

So please, just shut the fuck up. And remember that whatever I do, it's not like I owed you anything to begin with.
>> No. 47971
Way to go retard. I tried to give you a way out of looking like an asshole if you had actually meant it in a bad way (because I'm just happy there's new episodes finally airing) and you wasted it. You fucking idiot.
>> No. 47973
File 137797450183.gif - (87.81KB , 500x642 , stop_this_shit.gif )
>> No. 47976
thanks for the upload
>> No. 47978
Overreacted? I don't think I did. I believe it was just a normal reaction towards the shitposting that was directly aimed at me.

I consider my previous post as a friendly reminder for noobs about how fansubbing actually works. I was just bluntly stating the obvious, which can't hurt from time to time.
>> No. 47981
I'll say it again: I don't owe you any so-called valid reason as for how I do things. That's the way I feel like doing them, period.

Now deal with it, and stop your trolling.
>> No. 47982
>you just sound like a special little snowflake
Better a special little snowflake than an annoying retard (yeah, I mean YOU!). Contribute first to the fansubs, and then you can bitch about how the members of the team do things.
Till then, see >>47973
>> No. 47984
As if I didn't guess who you were... Use your nickname already.
>> No. 47988
>Took yer long enough.
Not that long, actually. After all, there aren't that many people posting here, and among them there's always been only ONE person bitching me about Dofus' HD raws.

>maybe later
There won't be any "later" as far as I'm concerned.
For some time already, I've been considering stopping taking part in these projects. As I mentioned earlier, I have other things going on, and always less and less time to spare. I thought I would at least provide HD raws for the remaining episodes of Dofus as a last task. But our "mysterious" anon's retardness finally killed the little motivation and fun I had left.

So, I quit.

Dear Wakfu/Dofus fans (other than the aforementionned "mysterious" anon retard): Thanks for your support during the past 3 years, and sorry to let you down like that. But it's time for me to move on.
Godspeed, and please don't hold me too big of a grudge.

Now feel free to giggle as much as you want.
>> No. 47990
You're just letting him win.
>> No. 47991

lol he gonna quit cause of some bum on the net :p
>> No. 47992
>I thought I would at least provide HD raws for the remaining episodes of Dofus as a last task. But our "mysterious" anon's retardness finally killed the little motivation and fun I had left.
You don't have to do this Kenny. Just ignore the prick.
>> No. 47993
and by "You don't have to do this Kenny" I meant "You don't have to quit".

apologies for any confusion caused
>> No. 47994
It's sad to see you go, Kenny :(. I'm not going to argue with your decision, it's up to you, after all, and it's your time I'd be asking for - shame that we may have to stick with webrips from now on, though.
Here's the YouTube upload of the episode:
I'm using YouTube's softsub function as an experiment right now. I might switch back to hardsubbing in the future if I find a good enough reason to.
>> No. 47995
>shame that we may have to stick with webrips from now on,
Maybe Ankama will release HD Dofus on iTunes (or somewhere else) at some point, where it could be easily rippable.
>> No. 47996
I know it might sound I'm quitting just because I became butthurt over some random trolling; especially since the "mysterious" anon bravely removed his previous shitposting.

However, that's not quite true. As I said, I've been considering quitting for some time now. These fansub projects have become a bit too much of a hassle for me as I now have lots of more important things to worry about IRL. The prick is just the last straw that finally made me realise I don't enjoy doing this anymore. So it's time for me to move on.

Sorry again for letting you down so suddenly, everyone.

Thanks Morgie. At least it was nice to work with you, as well as with Seth and Dofus Frenchy.

>shame that we may have to stick with webrips from now on
I can't be the only French guy around with a digital recorder, right?
>> No. 47997
File 137806400296.jpg - (73.53KB , 461x523 , sad_poster.jpg )
Oh god, please no
>> No. 47998
File 137806448251.png - (48.72KB , 500x375 , grey lantern.png )
We had that kind of reasoning when we were looking for an other main translator mid season 2, and yet you know what (didn't) happen ...
Never underestimate the power of lazyness and procrastination
>> No. 47999
File 137806583662.jpg - (371.60KB , 854x859 , 1377657703284.jpg )

T-This is a joke, right?

Like, you can't be serious, right?
>> No. 48000
I don't blame you kenny. its the same straw that broke the back on my camel a long time ago and what I get feed up with.
anybody that contributes ends up getting treated like shit cause some feel they are entitled to their free things.
>> No. 48001
Thank you for everything. May luck be with you at all times.
>> No. 48002
otsukaresama deshita...
Thank you for everything and good luck with your new job.
>> No. 48003

I need the episodes to improve my French!! We absolutely need a native speaker who can translate both French/English!!

Please reconsider, Kenny. Think about the people who watch these episodes to learn French!!
>> No. 48004
Youtube's softsub function doesn't work on mobile players and such, which I find the most convenient reason for watching it on Youtube. Please stick to hardsubs!
>> No. 48005
>We absolutely need a native speaker who can translate both French/English!!
I'm still here ;)
We can still make subs using DofusMotion's uploads, but there will be no HD release and we won't have the original French subtitles for reference for parts that are hard to understand. So that's the plan.

I haven't heard from Dofus Frenchy though, so I can't guarantee we'll still have transcriptions going forward.
>> No. 48006

Is there a way we can get the exact scripts for each episode? Maybe we can contact France3 for help.
>> No. 48007


Like they give a shit about anything relating to the English language.
>> No. 48008

Hey I'm a huge fan of these series... they have increased my comprehension of French at a new height. Seth, you're a cool guy. How about you reach me at:

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/nerosonic/
Xfire: http://www.xfire.com/users/benblue20
Raptr: http://raptr.com/benblue20/wall

You can tell I play games! :p

Anyways, Seth or anyone else that want to practice some French or talk about Kerubim, let's do it! :D
>> No. 48009
Kenny says we need someone with a digital recorder with subtitle support. Someone who gets France 3 on cable, of course. I have none of those things, so we'd have to rely on the few Frenchies lurking among the fandom. I'm not sure I can come up with a legitimate reason to ask France 3 to e-mail me the subs every week, even if I thought they might oblige.

But if Dofus Frency is still around, you're still going to get pretty reliable transcripts.
>> No. 48010
You'd have to go searching on /co/ where there's a bigger userbase.
>> No. 48011
File 137814331460.png - (373.24KB , 633x633 , lou.png )

Russian subs for episode 30: http://www47.zippyshare.com/v/36887007/file.html
>> No. 48012
Since 4chan thread will die sooner or later, here is the link to Enlgish subs for episode 30: http://pastebin.com/3MMEHYhm

For posterity
>> No. 48013
So Kenny do you think you could just provide the raws so they are out there? You don't have to bother with anything else related to it. Wouldn't even need weekly releases for it. Would that be easy for you to do?
>> No. 48017
I would like to second this request. We aren't holding you to any timetable here. You could just set a recording timer and get to it whenever you get a chance. Whether it's later in the day, the next day or two, whatever.

It's just that nobody else seems to be stepping up to the task :(
>> No. 48018
Has anyone done the French Transcript subs for #30 yet?
>> No. 48020
Not yet, but Dofus Frenchy is back from vacation so we will get them eventually.
>> No. 48021
Better late than never. Softsubs for episode 30.
>> No. 48022
The new episode "La Pause" is aired in 30 minutes!! Please, someone with a heart, record this in HD!!
>> No. 48023
The new episode "La Pause" is aired in 30 minutes!! Please, someone with a heart, record this in HD!!
>> No. 48026
The translation will be done tomorrow again, I'm not home today.
>> No. 48027
File 137856557869.png - (309.02KB , 640x360 , ep31post.png )
-Online streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-la-pause-s01ep31

-Downloadable MKV version => https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9Kss_6x7HWeb3E3ZndyZlg5eTg/edit?usp=sharing
>> No. 48028
oh wow, how many things I missed ....
I have no words ...
>> No. 48029
File 137860559972.png - (530.45KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20130908055630.png )
EP.31 720p Upscale of WebRaw


PS: we will all miss you Kenny, and your quality HD rips :(
>> No. 48030
Pretty accurate frame capture. I really want HD D:

Also does anyone have a 480p quicksub of episode 30? Not an HD one
>> No. 48034
I'm timing subs this time. Please be patient, I'll done in an hour or two
>> No. 48035

Buying it!! :D
>> No. 48036
Is there a blu-ray release?
>> No. 48037
File 137872233136.png - (245.33KB , 640x360 , kerub_ep_31_SD_softsubbed[16-23-26].png )
Subtitles for episode 31:

--Softsubbed SD episode = > http://www68.zippyshare.com/v/46369720/file.html

Why no Blu-Ray yet ;_;
>> No. 48038
>it belongs in a museum
Fucking finally, Indie. I knew you weren't named this way only because you were a dog.
>> No. 48039
>> No. 48041
I'm also interested in an SD release of the last episode #30 as there was only an HD release of it.
>> No. 48042

See >>48021

>> No. 48043
That's the HD release.
>> No. 48044
Oh, my bad. It seems we missed SD for 30 for good. You can probably ask for it in the next 4chan thread.

Actually, let me try to download it via proxies
>> No. 48045
My bad then. Try asking for SD in 4chan thread: http://boards.4chan.org/co/res/53949683
>> No. 48046
Has anyone done the French Transcript subs for #30 yet?
>> No. 48047
Dude, read several posts above your own. You'll find it.
>> No. 48048
>> No. 48049
Out of curiosity, I noticed in a lot of English subbed episodes that Kerubim's name is "Kerub Crespin" rather than "Kerubim Crépin". Why is the name so deviated in the English soft-subs? Thanks! :p
>> No. 48050
Out of curiosity, I noticed in a lot of English subbed episodes that Kerubim's name is "Kerub Crespin" rather than "Kerubim Crépin". Why is the name so deviated in the English soft-subs? Thanks! :p
>> No. 48051
because that's his official English name

on another note, someone found this: it's the soundtrack from the Wakfu game:
>> No. 48052
And another one leaves the project because of getting fed up with shit and losing interest.

Welcome to trying to do anything nice for 4chan. It goes from being fun to a chore pretty fast. I was quick to exit this project, myself, but I still appreciate all the work that's being put into it.

Thanks for what you gave us, Kenny.
>> No. 48053
And another one leaves the project because of getting fed up with shit and losing interest.

Welcome to trying to do anything nice for 4chan. It goes from being fun to a chore pretty fast. I was quick to exit this project, myself, but I still appreciate all the work that's being put into it.

Thanks for what you gave us, Kenny.
>> No. 48054
Another One Bites the Dust - Queenyoutube thumb
>> No. 48055
Welcome to every project ever.
>> No. 48056
How is a 12 minute show such a chore? Why is this such a hard thing to do?! I don't understand you people. I wish I had France3 HD... I just wish.
>> No. 48057
How is a 12 minute show such a chore? Why is this such a hard thing to do?! I don't understand you people. I wish I had France3 HD... I just wish.
>> No. 48058
Ripping/encoding/uploading: a couple hours on a slow upload connection.
Translation: 2-3 hours figuring out how to translate the countless puns and unique names in the show to a non-native language.
Subtitling: Probably less than an hour timing text to a language you don't speak at all, ruining the viewing experience because you now see everything coming when you sit down to watch the actual subtitled episode.
Reencode/upload/spread links: Another little while waiting after loading bars and copy-pasting links.
All the above being somewhat time-sensitive because you know the rest of the team is waiting after you until you're done and you don't want to delay everything, so you feel bad if you don't get to it as soon as the files are ready.

Do this every weekend on your time off when you could go out and do things for your own enjoyment and you might see that people don't do this because it's fun, but as a service to those who don't get to just turn on their TV in the morning and enjoy the show. These are all things that people are usually paid to do. And working for someone else's benefit is something I'd consider a chore.

Also consider that Kenny has been doing this for most of the Wakfu run as well, so it's not just 6 months of 12-minute episodes.
>> No. 48059
Wishing is such an easy thing to do...
>> No. 48060
Wishing is such an easy thing to do...
>> No. 48061
afaik, Kenny has only been doing rips and uploads. Also, tasks that don't require constant manual input (like encoding and uploading) can be done in parallel with something else (hence why I neither stay up all night waiting for another torrent to finish downloading, nor do I stare at uploading/encoding progress waiting for it to finish).

tl;dr: Kenny's tasks were far easier than those of translators and timers
>> No. 48062
>Also consider that Kenny has been doing this for most of the Wakfu run as well, so it's not just 6 months of 12-minute episodes.

>afaik, Kenny has only been doing rips and uploads.
Yeah, you don't know. Kenny has been doing a lot more up 'til now than mere rips and uploads. For instance, during the first part of Kerub he also did some translation quality check and retiming for the HD versions. Plus all the work he did in the past years for Wakfu.
So I can understand why he's grown tired of this, even if his only task left was to just rip and upload raws. His pull out sure was pretty sudden, but only newbies ignoring everything he brought us in the past would blame him for it.
>> No. 48063
No, he also proofread and subbed Wakfu for most of season 2 (until sindalf came in for subbing), and I believe he made some of the translations as well, though maybe only during season 1.
And as the anon above me says, just one task gets bothersome when you have to do it every week and don't get anything out of it.
>> No. 48065

lol someone was bored :p
>> No. 48066
>he also proofread and subbed Wakfu for most of season 2 (until sindalf came in for subbing), and I believe he made some of the translations as well, though maybe only during season 1
and for those who can remember back far enough, he also subbed the Mini Wakfu episodes after no-one else bothered to do so
>> No. 48067
Oh right, he did the whole thing from rip to upload I think, with Mini-Wakfu? I never really paid attention to that part since I wasn't watching those and I got here after the season ended.
>> No. 48068

Thanks for the subs. I really appreciate it. Every french episode needs to be watched and re-watched about 6 times so a lot of French goodness sinks in! I looooooooove French!
>> No. 48069

Thanks for the subs. I really appreciate it. Every french episode needs to be watched and re-watched about 6 times so a lot of French goodness sinks in! I looooooooove French!
>> No. 48070
NWF, is that you? ಠ_ಠ
>> No. 48077
Without kenny, this project is as good as doomed.

Whoever you are, you antagonistic anus-huffer who broke his back, I hope you're happy. Deleting your posts don't absolve you of what you did.
>> No. 48078
Dofusmotion is down. If it's not back in 4 hours, I'll record episode from Pluzz

>Without kenny, this project is as good as doomed.
Why would you say that, Kenny?
>> No. 48079

I'm really sad by the lost of KennyMC. He ran the twitter account which was indispensable during season 2. So, I don't know if it I can, but would be possible for him to throw me that twitter information so that I can run it in his stead?

Also, I have been teaching myself how to time these last few months and would love to help out with this project. I can time the HD's or whatever else needs doing that I can try to do.

I hope I can be of help! send me an email if you want more specific information!
>> No. 48082

I'm really sad by the lost of KennyMC. He ran the twitter account which was indispensable during season 2. As well as his dedication to the Wakfu community was just so great. So, I don't know if it I can, but would be possible for him to throw me that twitter information so that I can run it in his stead?

Also, I have been teaching myself how to time these last few months and would love to help out with this project. I can time the HD's or whatever else needs doing that I can try to do.

I hope I can be of help! send me an email if you want more specific information!
>> No. 48084
Hmm, which country do you live in?
>> No. 48085

>> No. 48088

good ol' french tradition! :D

Thanks for the upload, cyrus! :-)
>> No. 48089
File 137918186280.png - (361.84KB , 640x360 , kerub_ep32_SD_mkv_snapshot_11_29_[2013_09_15_00_01.png )
Dofusmotion is finally back. Here is the episode:

Thanks! One more timer is always a good thing. If you know anyone who lives in France and can record Dofus, it would be great too
>> No. 48090

good ol' french tradition! :D

Thanks for the upload, cyrus! :-)
>> No. 48091
I'm all for taking some work off Morgie's shoulders so he can focus on university. The translation should be in your inbox now.
>> No. 48092
File 137918844352.jpg - (50.57KB , 283x283 , pupuce.jpg )
English subs for episode 32:

Softsubbed SD episode => http://www70.zippyshare.com/v/93573346/file.html
>> No. 48093
File 137919682293.png - (204.93KB , 640x362 , vlcsnap-2013-09-14-15h07m58s230.png )
YouTube upload for cutest Dofus ep!
>> No. 48095
File 13792604591.png - (419.49KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20130915194740.png )
ep 31

ep 32
>> No. 48096

Russian subs for episodes 31 and 32: http://www31.zippyshare.com/v/6236679/file.html


15 weeks till the end of the year, and 20 episodes to go... I hope they some of them in arcs, so that Dofus might finish by the end of the year
>> No. 48097
in episode 31
>I was won over by a prize hound and I end up with a fluffy puppy.
(in french
>Séduite par un molosse de compète, j'hérite d'un toutou à pantoufles.)

What is that? Is it a parody of old saying or something?
>> No. 48099

It's a shame impatience prevails over service...
>> No. 48100
>> No. 48101
I thought that there is a lot difference between english and french...
Anyway, thx for fast reply even in +4chan.
>> No. 48104
First off, the canine terminology refers to the fact he's from a dog-people race. In the first part, compète is short for compétition - in other words, he's competition-worthy, a large/vicious prize-winning dog. In the second part, à pantoufles refers to a stay-at-home kind of person (we have pantouflard for home-loving). Toutou is pet talk for dog (doggy, puppy).

Yeah we should probably look into making uploads of the final softsubs with transcripts and keeping a list. Maybe with Jakill's upscales?
>> No. 48105
Thank you so much for such a detail!!
Finally, I was able to understand the part.
>> No. 48106
No please, upscales are never better than original source.
>> No. 48107
I disagree, I think it's very much the exact same. Maybe better in some cases, due to differences in how certain players upscale video, it even feels sharper in some ways. I don't know, maybe it's just my imagination. It feels like it helps the quality in a way to have it upscaled to HD manually, letting the player incur less work to upscale it further.

Also it's nice to have higher resolution subtitles for consistency's sake.
>> No. 48108
Reencoding means quality loss or, at best, same quality with perfect encoding, you never gain quality by reencoding, period.
Upscaling is just needlessly increasing the size of the file for no benefit and often at the cost of slight quality loss. If your video player doesn't upscale properly, then change the video player, not the file.
>> No. 48109
OH my god I LOVED this episode. Pure adorableness and silliness. I knew this would be a good episode when the title said Pupuce's Life.
>> No. 48115
There's no need to upscale the video on the encoder's end.
If you want high quality upscaling and high-resolution subtitles all you need to do is install CCCP+madVR and XySubFilter. Google around, there are plenty of guides.
>> No. 48116
Also, christ, Jakill, don't destroy the video with unnecessary filters.
>> No. 48117
Alright, but I encode the videos to MP4 with hardsubs for watching on my Xbox, and I appreciate having the higher resolution subtitles and consistency. I don't really have an option of media player in that case.

I don't understand russian. Which one is the one that appears on mouseover? I prefer that one as it looks much cleaner and crisper.
>> No. 48120
>Which one is the one that appears on mouseover?

The one that appears in mouseover is Jakill's upscaled version
>> No. 48123
Quiet thread is quiet. Didn't a new episode come out today? What's the status on that?
>> No. 48124
File 137977480883.png - (226.03KB , 640x360 , insert_rape_joke.png )
-Online streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-la-fontaine-de-noffoub-s01ep33

-Downloadable MKV version => https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9Kss_6x7HWeWF9YdlpGYnNLb0k/edit?usp=sharing
>> No. 48126
Je suis le responsable du fansite français DofusMotion.
Je tiens à remercier les personnes qui nous suivent chaque semaine via cette page.
Je tiens à répondre aux quelques questions qui ont été posé sur plusieurs sujets de Plus4Chan.
Pour la qualité des vidéos : Nous sommes désolés mais on est au maximum, de la qualité qu'il est possible d'avoir. La qualité reste potable, mais vu le prix des serveurs pour streamer, on est obligé de faire des concessions pour rendre les vidéos les plus lisibles possible.
La disponibilité des vidéos de Kerubim, alors, en France, nous avons ce qu'il s'appelle la "vidéo a la demande gratuite", on peut regarder les vidéos autant de fois qu'on veut, mais c'est limitée à 7 jours seulement, pour éviter tout problème, quoiqu'on ne soit pas un service officiel de France Television, nous aussi, nous mettons à disponibilité les vidéos 7 jours maximum, pour que les fans des autres pays, tel que la Belgique, le Canada ou l'Espagne, puisse adorer la création française Dofus: Aux trésors de Kerubim.
Depuis plusieurs mois, nous voulons aussi, vous mettre les sous-titres intégrer le jours même de la diffusion en France. Mais nous voulons avant tout vous rendre la vidéo disponible le pus tot possible.
À bientôt et encore merci.

-- Translation of the message --
I am responsible for the French fansite DofusMotion.
I want to thank the people who follow us every week via this page.
I would like to respond to some questions that have been asked on several topics Plus4Chan.
For video quality: Sorry we maximum quality it is possible to have. Quality is drinking, but considering the price of servers for streaming, you have to make concessions to make the most readable video possible.
The availability of videos Kerubim, then in France, we have what is called "free video application" you can watch the videos as many times as you want, but this is limited to 7 days, to avoid any problems, though is not an official service of France Television, we also offer the videos available up to 7 days for fans of other countries, such as Belgium, Canada or Spain may worship the creation French Dofus: At Kerubim treasures.
For several months, we also put up subtitles integrate even the days of broadcasting in France. But above all we want you to make the video available pus soon as possible.
See you soon and thank you again.
>> No. 48127

Thank you, cyrus.

P.S. Why did you remove me? :(
>> No. 48128

Thank you, cyrus.

P.S. Why did you remove me? :(
>> No. 48129
Thank YOU for providing Dofus episodes!

I gave up my Steam profile. You can find me via skype polish.luxemborgian , or via e-mail
>> No. 48132
D'abord merci pour la distribution, ça fait plaisir que les fans d'outre-hexagone ne soient pas oubliés, et je comprends parfaitement le principe des 7 jours.

Pour les sous-titres, je suppose qu'il s'agit du sous-titrage pour malentendants. Est-ce qu'il est ajouté au site séparément ? Je n'ai encore jamais eu l'occasion de voir ces vidéos. Nous avons déjà quelqu'un qui transcrit chaque épisode pour inclure la vf en softsub, mais ces versions seraient pratiques pour les mots qu'on n'arrive pas à comprendre ou qu'on ne trouve pas comment épeler (je pense entre autres à huppermage qu'on croyait être une mauvaise prononciation d'hypermage).
>> No. 48133
File 137979759631.png - (243.90KB , 692x389 , 2013-09-21_2158.png )
Pour les sous-titres, j’avais deux solutions, soit retranscrire tout a la main, ce qui prendrait du temps pour la publication et vous auriez l'épisode de la semaine 3 à 4 jours plus tard. Et l'autre solution (grace à toi), c'est la version pour malentendant, que j'ai réussi à récupérer sur le site de Pluzz... néanmoins, elle est en version SAMI, que j'ai réussi à convertir en SRT.
Dans cette traduction, il a plusieurs problèmes. Par exemple, il manque des mots, j'ai remarqué, que des mots de l'univers de Dofus, par exemple, "le monde des Douze" qu'il réduise au "monde" ou le texte est décalé d'une seconde, par exemple.
Lien du texte de l'épisode 33 en srt : https://db.tt/6slOhxyJ
>> No. 48135
Oh, pas mal ! À vrai dire, c'est grâce à Kennymc que je connais l'existence de ces sous-titres, mais je ne pensais pas qu'ils étaient aussi disponibles sur Pluzz.

Pour ce qui est de SAMI, ce n'est pas forcément une mauvaise chose puisque c'est ce que YouTube utilise, et donc Morgie-Corgi pour ses uploads. Par contre c'est vrai qu'ils sont vachement simplifiés et pas forcément au courant du vocabulaire, donc effectivement leur utilité risque d'en souffrir. Et le timing a l'air un peu bizarre aussi, outre le décalage.

En l'occurrence, considérant que Dofus Frenchy nous fait déjà une transcription de bien meilleure qualité en 1-2 jours habituellement, peut-être que dans ce cas-ci c'est nous qui devrions vous les fournir pour que vous les mettiez sur DofusMotion (si l'idée de le faire n'était pas que pour nous à la base) ?

En même temps, si elles s'extraient rapidement et que tu as un peu de temps pour les poster ici chaque semaine, elles pourraient toujours servir pour les passages difficiles à entendre même si elles ne sont pas exactes. À la fin tu pourras mettre la version qui te convient sur le site, entre celle de Pluzz et la nôtre.
>> No. 48138

I tried that address, but it didn't find any matches. cyrus, I want to talk to you again!!! :D


Ces épisodes sont très importants pour moi. Dans le début, je n'ai aucune source pour améliorer mes compétences d'écouter, mais avec cette série, c'est bien possible ! Si vous pouvez mettre les sous-titres anglais ET français, ça sera très agréable pour les étudiants comme moi ! Merci d'avoir lu !!! :)
>> No. 48139
Personnellement, moi, je croyais que le site de France Télévisions était plus difficile à contourner pour aller sur leurs serveurs... Ou, alors, je suis une fouine professionnelle !
Comparée à Youtube, sur Dofus Motion, le player qui va pouvoir s'occuper des sous-titres, ne pourra que lire le SRT et le VTT.
Mais, le fichier de bases des sous-titres est le SAMI, que je pourrais vous passer le jour même de la diffusion, pour vous aider et à l'améliorer.
À partir de samedi prochain, je publierai l'épisode de Kerubim avec la traduction pour malentendant, parce que bon, nous français, on s'en fiche un peu du sous-titre, mais c'est pour vous, pour la traduction en Russe, en Anglais, etc.
L'idée de bases, c'était de proposer l'épisode avec les sous-titres en anglais le plus rapidement possible.
>> No. 48141

Vous êtes un ange ! :'-)

Dofus: Aux Trésors de Kerubim pour toujours !
>> No. 48142
>À partir de samedi prochain, je publierai l'épisode de Kerubim avec la traduction pour malentendant,
En option, j'espère ? Parce qu'évidemment sinon, ça devient un fouillis de mettre deux sous-titrages un sur l'autre puisque c'est notre source vidéo ^^
>> No. 48143
>but it didn't find any matches
Sorry, there was a typo: polish.luxembourgian
>> No. 48144
File 137984281288.png - (51.67KB , 234x190 , 2013-09-22_1137.png )
Oui, séparément, ça sera une option sur le player, comme pour Youtube.
>> No. 48145
Même incomplets, les sous-titres pour malentendants seraient effectivement très utiles.
Grâce à eux, je pourrais probablement fournir la transcription complète et exhaustive le jour même de la diffusion.
Ce qui est (trop) rarement le cas pour l'instant.
Je se savais pas non plus qu'ils étaient disponibles sur pluzz.
>> No. 48146
Cool, merci !

To sum things up for our French-impaired friends, DofusMotion uploads will now include optional French captions from Pluzz. Since they suck, they won't actually be included in our releases, but we'll use them to assist the translation and transcription and complete them faster.
>> No. 48147
File 137986150891.png - (185.06KB , 380x360 , jojo1.png )
English subs for episode 33:

Softsubbed SD episode => http://www16.zippyshare.com/v/61935515/file.html
>> No. 48148
Also, thanks!
>> No. 48151
French subs for episode 33: http://pastebin.com/ea7ZtLCj

My Windows installation might not be tuned to deal with French, so some characters may appear weird. That or Dofus Frenchy's .txt file has incorrect encoding
>> No. 48152
>> No. 48155
My bad. I kept a bad default encoding while saving the text file.
New computer is new...

Here's a fixed version of the french subs:
>> No. 48157

Russian subs for episode 33: http://www41.zippyshare.com/v/46331834/file.html
>> No. 48159
File 137995768246.png - (856.98KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20130923212113.png )
>> No. 48160
>> No. 48163
I don't know what to think about this. The info isn't up to date, at any rate.
>> No. 48165
File 138017489576.jpg - (896.53KB , 1280x1088 , Le_Jour_des_Corneilles.jpg )
Just saw Le Jour des corneilles. That was... nice. What are other good French feature-length cartoons? I already saw the Cat in Paris, Monster in Paris, Titeuf. What are the others?
>> No. 48166
>Dofus & Wakfu Series Fansubs
>> No. 48167
File 138019082515.jpg - (21.01KB , 190x190 , previously_in_Dofus_thread.jpg )
>you can't ask anything French related in a thread full of French people
Let's not start this
>> No. 48168
>Let's not start this
Exactly what I meant
>> No. 48169
I couldn't agree more: there's a lot of things you should'nt have started here.
>> No. 48170
>Let me ignore the rules while pointing you out as the bad guy
Sure; why not.
Also; thinking Kenny cares about this.
>> No. 48175
Of course he doesn't. He is dead, remember?
>> No. 48176
At least now we know for sure who's the massive prick that made Kenny quit.
>> No. 48177
>ask a simple question
>instead of getting 1-2 posts worth of answers, get 7 posts worth of pointless bickering
4chan ©
>> No. 48179
>acts most of the time like the typical 4chan prick
>complains when he gets 4chan level answers
You reap what you sow.
>> No. 48181
Ernest and celestine
>> No. 48182
Ernest and celestine
>> No. 48183
Ernest et celestine
>> No. 48184
Ernest et celestine
>> No. 48185
Ernest et celestine
>> No. 48186
Ernest et celestine
>> No. 48187
Ernest and Celestine
>> No. 48188
Ernest and Celestine
>> No. 48192

I'd like to know some more cartoons that resemble Dofus!
>> No. 48194
are you sure?
>> No. 48195
>> No. 48196
Here is the new page that contains links to Dofus uploads and resources: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BP2k-_CN_XnrpSkJG2xyIIjVZw622-Tz3Nl5zYTEJiA/pub

It's not complete yet, so please bear with it
>> No. 48199
File 138045625593.png - (105.93KB , 298x298 , meesa_tired.png )
Online streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-clics-claques-s01ep34

Downloadable MKV version => https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9Kss_6x7HWeajNxZXMwUXJWX0E/edit?usp=sharing
>> No. 48200
Bonjour, voila, les sous-titres de la version française officielle. Vous pouvez retrouver cette version sur le player DofusMotion, il y a aussi les versions Anglaises et espagnoles de disponibles le jour même, c'est des versions traduites de la version française, par un outil de Google Project pour les développeurs.
FR : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23906123/SRT/DS01EP34FR.srt

--- Translation

Hello, well, the subtitles of the official French version. You can find this version on the player DofusMotion, there are also the English and Spanish versions of available that very day, it is versions translated from the French version, by a tool of Google Project for developers.
FR : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23906123/SRT/DS01EP34FR.srt
>> No. 48201
Ernest and Celestine
>> No. 48202
Oh sorry! my computer failed!
>> No. 48203
It's not your computer - it's +4chan's problem. It seems to have disappeared after downtime though
>> No. 48204
Machine translation courtesy of DofusMotion guy.
>> No. 48205
J'ai bien reçu ton, mail, tu peux retélécharger le fichier FR des sous-titres, mon logiciel la mis en Unicode comme tu al dits et non en UTF-8, c'est corrigé, merci.

-- Translation
I received tone, e-mail, you can re-download the file FR of subtitles, my software put in Unicode as kept silent said al and not in UTF-8, it is corrected, thank you.
>> No. 48206
Merci, la vidéo était sur le site était brisée de mon côté et je crois que je vais vraiment avoir besoin des sous-titres cette semaine avec tous les mots de passe bizarres que Kerubim essaie.
>> No. 48207
Okay so the machine translated subs are surprisingly coherent.
The video however seems to have an issue at 5:30 where it skips back several seconds, I checked the webraw and it's there a well. Can anyone else confirm this?
>> No. 48209
I have the same issue on Dofus-Motion (plus it's missing the end of the episode) but Cyrus's upload to ZippyShare was fine.

By the way, as I said on 4chan while plus4 was down, this week's translation is going to be late, and I can't give any ETA.
>> No. 48210
Redownloaded file from Dofusmotion - yes, it has this issue. Though it is kinda small
>> No. 48212
Here is the fixed WebRaw of episode 34, courtesy of Jakill: http://yadi.sk/d/0B5Qi9zbAArwz
>> No. 48214
Episode 34 machine translation v2
>> No. 48215

>> No. 48216
Machine translation, or a proper one?
>> No. 48217
>File Removed for Violation.
>The file you requested has been removed from MediaFire for a violation of our Terms of Service.
>This file has been taken down by:
>File Name: Wakfu S1E22 - Rubilax v2.1.ass (24.95 KB)
>Company: Ankama
>Email: legal@ankama.com
>Address: 75 boulevard d'Armentières BP 60403-59057 Roubaix Cedex 1 France

Anyone have this file? Specifically the v2.1 because it seems a lot of the muxed copies floating around have old versions. This is the only one of the sub files on brotherhoodoftofu that I ran into which was taken down. The (dead) URI is:

>> No. 48218
No one should be interested in providing anything but top-notch quality here. As for myself, I am not.
That means, among other things, an excellent translation by the most excellent Seth.
>> No. 48220
File 138072864962.png - (0.97MB , 1280x720 , snapshot20131002194223.png )
>> No. 48221
>> No. 48241
It should be in here. For some reason Mediafire likes removing my uploads.
I dunno if Mega is a good file host or not, but I've seen links to stuff hosted there in the thread so here you go:

Every sub file for every episode I edited subs for.
>> No. 48243
Cool, thanks!
>> No. 48244
No problem.
>> No. 48245
File 138078222257.png - (283.78KB , 640x360 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E34 (WebRaw Eng_Fre_Subbe.png )
Since some people are still coming here (and 4chan) asking for Wakfu uploads, maybe I should start a consolidated uploads list (similar to Dofus one)?


Russian subs for episode 34: http://yadi.sk/d/xe7jSzX4AJt8i

Just asking, because of machine translations posted here earlier

>taking down sub files
Not that's some jewery.

Finally finished watching it. The movie is OK (even if a bit weird)
>> No. 48246
Just answering, because shitty useless machine translation was posted here.
>> No. 48247
Are there plans to upload these to torrent sites in the future so we can avoid DD limits? As in I am currently downloading the softsub hds from hotfile to replace my youtube mixture sd/hd of hardsubs and there are many limits to hotfile.
>> No. 48248
As for torrents, it would be best to wait until series is over.

As for DD, you have many mirrors to choose from: http://goo.gl/G3pgIX
>> No. 48249
>Since some people are still coming here (and 4chan) asking for Wakfu uploads, maybe I should start a consolidated uploads list (similar to Dofus one)?
That's what the Tumblr is for, but no one's stopping you from maintaining your own.
>> No. 48255
File 138096844216.png - (261.90KB , 640x360 , Kerub_ep_35_WebRaw[16-20-14].png )
Online streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-la-panoplie-bouftou-s01ep35

Downloadable MKV version => https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9Kss_6x7HWeYS01a0xyOHFScWc/edit?usp=sharing
>> No. 48256
Bonjour, on dirait bien que France Télévisions est découvert qu'il est très facile de récupérer les sous-titres, donc, pour l'instant, les sous-titres pour malentendant ne sont pas disponibles. Je surveille.

-- Translation
Hello, we would say well that France Télévisions is discovered that it is very easy to get back subtitles, thus, at the moment, subtitles for hearing-impaired man are not available. I watch.
>> No. 48257
Sorry, it's a little hard to understand: why did Ankama decide to drop subtitles?
>> No. 48258
Ce n'est pas Ankama, mais France Television, qui a décidé de ne plus mettre les sous-titres pour malentendants (pour les sourds) sur leurs sites. Donc, il m'est impossible de vous fournir les sous-titres officiels de la série, pour vous aider à le traduire.

-- Translation
It is not Ankama, but France Télévision, that decided not to put any more subtitles for hearing-impaired people (for the deaf persons) on their sites. Thus, it is impossible to me to supply to you the official subtitles of the series, to help you to translate him(it).
>> No. 48259
Thanks for the explanation!
>> No. 48260
Ça me semblerait un peu étrange que France Télévisions se donne la peine de retirer les sous-titres sous prétexte qu'on peut les extraire mais ne fasse rien au sujet de la vidéo elle-même. Pour l'instant je vais mettre ça sur le compte d'un oubli et croiser les doigts, mais on verra bien. Dans tous les cas merci pour la vidéo, comme d'hab :)

For a change, I'm not home today, so translation won't come until tomorrow.
>> No. 48266
Does anyone have the Wakfu Season 1 DVD who is willing to demux the French subtitles and share them?
>> No. 48268
warning though, these subtitles don't exactly match the real dialogues. As often with subs intended for deaf/hearing impaired people, they are slightly simplified in order to put less strain on the viewers' attention and let them focus a bit more on what's happening on screen.
So if your plan is to make french transcription of the dialogues (just like with season 2 episodes) for people who are learning french, you should find a native speaker to do the transcripts directly from the videos instead.
>> No. 48269
Jojo and Simone Make a Fanfic now on YouTube!
>> No. 48271
English only for now

>> No. 48272
File 13811336106.png - (248.10KB , 640x360 , DofusS01E35.png )
French transcript added !


By the way, that'd be better if we could keep it in just one release...
>> No. 48273
Hey I noticed the episode numbers in the names of the files are wrong on the Google Drive links. Maybe for the others too, might want to check
>> No. 48274
Please tell me which ones do you refer to
>> No. 48275
File 138116078230.png - (593.95KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20131007194124.png )
>> No. 48276
Nevermind, I think I read them wrong.
>> No. 48277
Does anyone know which god do ouginaks belong to?

I'm not using unicode characters in filenames, if that's what you meant. It helps avoid a whole bunch of issues
>> No. 48293
Hey guys what do you think the password was for Episode 34? Here are my guesses:

>> No. 48299
In the Wakfu Game, Ecaflips have a ouginak card.
>> No. 48301
They have their Ouginak god, but in the game they haven't decided to put them in yet.
>> No. 48304
Oh, thanks! Wait a sec, if ouginaks have their own god, then they are going to rename to Wold of Thirteen? And why by the time of Wakfu there aren't any ouginaks to be seen?

Either I'm misunderstanding something, or Wakfu/Dofus really needs a better defined lore
>> No. 48306
Well as I understand it, the pantheon only consists of the major spirits that have "ascended" (not really ascended so much as reached a large amount of power) to godhood. There's numerous minor spirits of the same nature that Osamodas, Iop and sacrier are for example. But not all of them are considered major gods obviously.

But yes, it kinda needs to be more well defined.
>> No. 48308

c'mon guys, behave.
>> No. 48309
Sorry. But oh boy new episode tomorrow to work on.
>> No. 48311
Is there any HD versions of Wakfu S1?
>> No. 48312
File 138157898779.png - (430.56KB , 640x360 , will_you_marry_me.png )
Online streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-la-ceinture-ding-dong-s01ep36

Downloadable MKV version => https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9Kss_6x7HWecThzRnM3ZmxvSGc/edit?usp=sharing
>> No. 48322
File 138183135750.gif - (313.33KB , 140x140 , tumble.gif )
>> No. 48323
Yes indeed
>> No. 48324
The VOD's
>> No. 48331
Street "Goddamn" Fighter clothes.
>> No. 48332
Not to mention MGS reference.
>> No. 48333
So, have people just stopped subbing this? I'm just curious because I've been away on a business trip for the past couple weeks. Usually there's some information on the translation the day or two after, but we're going on four days after the episode and there has been no info.

Don't misread me, I'm not being passive-aggressive entitled or anything, I'm just looking for some info. If there's some kind of break happening let me know and I won't worry about it. I look forward to the episodes but life does go on.
>> No. 48334
I talked to Seth yesterday, he said he was busy last weekend, and he was planning to translate it last night. Maybe he got further delayed with IRL stuff.
>> No. 48335
Fair enough, thanks
>> No. 48338
File 138201688587.png - (378.80KB , 640x360 , DofusS01E36.png )
Kung-Fu Fighting Hip-Hop episode !

>> No. 48339
Bless you, kind man
>> No. 48340
To clarify: was the bit about "gay what?" a made-up thing, or it has the same meaning in French too?
>> No. 48341
It's the same. It probably makes a little more sense if you're following the audio since he pauses between "ga" and "me" and essentially says "gay mohver".
>> No. 48342
File 138203490599.png - (397.25KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20131017223152.png )
>> No. 48345

Russian subs for episode 36: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-ADuOVVbTkfREt4STM2U0ZSRFE/edit?usp=sharing

>> No. 48347
File 13821803582.png - (222.19KB , 640x360 , Dofus_ep_37_WEBRAW[16-55-52].png )
Online streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-justiciers-de-chacharme-s01ep37

Downloadable MKV version => https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-ADuOVVbTkfc1N3b2M0SUllSXc/edit?usp=sharing
>> No. 48353
So... subs when?
>> No. 48354
nobody knows...
>> No. 48355
never ;3
>> No. 48356
They should have been up this morning, but something must have kept Dofus Frenchy busy.
>> No. 48357
You could send translation to me. My current e-mail is in the e-mail field
>> No. 48358
What about the french transcript, then ?
>> No. 48359
File 138259465255.png - (122.29KB , 640x360 , Dofus37.png )
Kerub and Lou, Hart to Hart style !

>> No. 48360
Yup, sorry for the delay.
I was to release yesterday but life got in the way.
>> No. 48361
Sure thing. I already did French subs for some of the episodes

>> No. 48362
The real sure thing is that you did skip french subs just for the sake of a quick release.
>> No. 48364
I did not *skip* them, I simply didn't have French transcript at my disposal at the time, so I released with Eng only. There was no reason to delay Eng subs just because French ones weren't ready.
>> No. 48365
That's your point of vue.
see >>48099
>> No. 48366
My point still stands.

Repacking/reuploading MKV is not nearly hard enough to justify the delay

If you have slow uploading speed or not enough time to do timings, just send translation/original script

>> No. 48369
the problem is letting multiple and inconsistent files spread for a given episode, because once it's on the internet, it stays on the internet, and you can't expect everyone to know they should update their episode 2 days later.

case in point : Episode 26 of season 1 for which the most widespread version is the one without the end credits despite efforts to spread awareness of the complete version. (icing on the cake : letting all the "I hoped Nox would came back to redeem himself in S2" theories run rampant)

Another example is episode 5 od S1 which was completely revamped by Ankama for TV airing (edited scenes, better effects/polish, consistent voice actors, etc ...) and resubbed accordingly with better translations, yet, almost every version I've found on usual sources have the old Webisode version, with horrible voice acting and awkward translations. Heck, I've even found versions with the old subs slapped onto the revamped episode, with no regards to the timing errors caused by the edited scenes.

At least those example have the excuse of a longer time between the initial and reworked releases, but when it's about a couple days, really it's causing more trouble than anything.
>> No. 48370
File 138262553946.png - (320.61KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20131022200217.png )
>> No. 48371
I see your point.

Well, another option is to only release sub files as soon as they become available. As in: eng subs are finished -> Eng subs uploaded -> link posted here -> french subs are finished -> Final MKV is released
>> No. 48372
I could get behind that. Seems to address both sides of the issue.
>> No. 48373

its sad to see what subbing has become only for the sake of being "first" and getting it out "quick".
specially since there is nobody else subbing this.
>> No. 48376
So, I take it this was a parody on "The shadow over Innsmouth"?


Russian subs for episode 37: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-ADuOVVbTkfd0xBVVJUQjJWQk0/edit?usp=sharing


Episodes weren't exactly top notch since Ecaflip City arc ended
>> No. 48378
I totallly agree.

But the quality os Seth's translations is flawless, make him irreproachable on that matter.

They're so bad that you can't stand to wait for the subs... Impeccable logic.
>> No. 48379
I have russian Dofus fandom to take care about. That's why I'm eagerly waiting for subs.

My only regret is that I don't know French myself, otherwise things would have been much easier
>> No. 48380
File 138279510190.png - (245.66KB , 640x360 , Dofus_ep_38_WEBRAW[19-44-29].png )

So, will you be busy this weekend?


Online streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-dragodingues-s01ep38

Downloadable MKV version => https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-ADuOVVbTkfZWsxQ0ZJaHBxTm8/edit?usp=sharing
>> No. 48381
Hi, I do not know if know Me but I speak for fans of wakfu and dofus in Spanish, they just want to say that we are already a large majority and I wanted to give our support and our help in whatever they need, provided project support Wakfu and Dofus subs.

If you need some help or something, let us know, they are not alone;)

Our E-mail is wft2s@hotmail.com

PD: sorry for my English, I use google translate a bit

Now in spanish:
Hola,yo no se si me conoceran pero yo hablo en nombre de los fans de wakfu y dofus en español,solo les quiero decir que ya somos una gran mayoria y les queriamos dar nuestro apoyo y nuestra ayuda en todo lo que necesiten,con tal de apoyar del proyecto Wakfu y Dofus subs.

Si necesitan alguna ayuda o algo,avisenos,que no estan solos ;)

P.D:lo siento por mi ingles,yo use un poco el google translate

Nuestro E-mail es wft2s@hotmail.com
>> No. 48382
Muchas gracias Jhoony. I think we have everything we need for the subbing, but the comics team is still looking for image editors as far as I know. If you or anyone in your community would like to help with that, you can offer your help in this thread:

Should be able to handle it this afternoon for a change.
>> No. 48383
>> No. 48384
File 138291043560.png - (206.07KB , 640x360 , Dofus38.png )
Dragokart Race.


Mega is worthless for me today, I don't know why but it won't let me upload.
If someone wants to make mirror uploads, you're very welcome.
>> No. 48385
Oops, forgot the tripstuff.
>> No. 48387
Awesome, very early this week! :D Thanks!!!
>> No. 48388

Why do you need it anyway?
>> No. 48390
File 138298912095.png - (722.26KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20131028224633.png )
>> No. 48391
File 138301383945.png - (175.29KB , 482x661 , whos-awesome-youre-awesome.png )
Sweet, thanks
>> No. 48394
Russian subs for ep 38: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-ADuOVVbTkfSFpabWRiTXlOekE/edit?usp=sharing
>> No. 48396
File 138319547288.jpg - (261.85KB , 950x476 , i-4J24GVP-950x10000[1].jpg )
Expect maybe a bit more popularity soon.
>> No. 48397
>Watching the cartoon without subtitles. Learning French.
I actually bought the first season Wakfu boxset specifically to do this.

Results have been less than incroyable, je regrette, but I'm glad we're on the same page...
>> No. 48398
I don't keep up with Penny Arcade, did Gabe's style go through another shift?
>> No. 48400
What does the following things mean? (In episode 36, at about 7min)

>Eh, dis donc, on cartonne en ninja, tu trouves pas ?
>> No. 48401
Online streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-le-tulamour-s01ep39

Un petit bonus pour les fans Anglais de Dofus : Aux Trésors de Kerubim, Ankama nous a fourni trois épisodes entièrement doublés en anglais, les voix, ne sont pas top, mais de qualité, c'est les épisodes, qu'Ankama présente aux chaines internationales.
--- Translate
A small bonus for the English fans of Dofus: Kerub’s Bazaar !, Ankama the voicessupplied us three episodes completely doubled in English, are not top, but of quality, it is the episodes, that Ankama presents to the international chains(channels).

Dofus : Kerub’s Bazaar ! – English Official Trailer => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-kerubs-bazaar/dofus-kerubs-bazaar-english-official-trailer
Dofus : Kerub’s Bazaar ! – The evil Sandglass – S01EP04 => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-kerubs-bazaar/dofus-kerubs-bazaar-the-evil-sandglass-s01ep04
Dofus : Kerub’s Bazaar ! – The Abominable Laughter – S01EP05 => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-kerubs-bazaar/dofus-kerubs-bazaar-the-abominable-laughter-s01ep05
Dofus : Kerub’s Bazaar ! – Dance against the Weary-Wolf – S01EP06 => (The Hour French time) comes this evening at 5 pm.
>> No. 48403
File 138339243918.png - (197.62KB , 640x360 , rhozet_dofus_20131102_1795_08092013114135_F3[17-03.png )
Heh, while I was compiling my post, Dofusmotion made it first. Anyway, Planet Nemo Animation uploaded some of the English episodes of Dofus

===Kerub EP 39 WebRaw (French)===

Online streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-le-tulamour-s01ep39

Downloadable MKV version => https://mega.co.nz/#!xJsRQIbb!UX4uFDTcJ4bI2R94CcWeR2-8YMQpraARgnZ15jCrRnY

===Episode 4 English===


===Episode 5 English===


===Episode 6 English===

>> No. 48404
I maybe self-solved.

It is a joke playing on the resemblance of "cartonné" and "cartoon", right?
>> No. 48405
Cartonner is a familiar term for doing something very well, often said after a show or presentation is well received, for example. So a more literal translation would be "Hey, we rock as ninjas, don't you think?"

Sorry, but there's nothing like that. We don't say "cartoon" in French.

Tu continues de m'impressionner ! Quand tu dis « Ankama nous a fourni », tu veux dire qu'ils vous les ont envoyés spécifiquement ou ils ont publié ça quelque part ?
>> No. 48406
in french, "carton" means cardboard (box), and "cartonner" means to rock / to rule.
in the french dialogue, he says "on cartonne en ninjas", meaning, "we rock as ninjas", but it's also a pun since in that scene, they are sneaking inside a cardboard box (metal gear style).
the subbing team localized the pun rather than doing a direct translation of the sentence, since its meaning didn't really matter.
>> No. 48407
I got it. Thanks a lot !
To translate joke is always difficult...
>> No. 48408
Oh, I just have forgotten to update this page.

I also thank you for going out of your way to give me the detailed explanation.
Thanks to >>48405 and >>48406, now I understood well.
>> No. 48409
What's the ETA on subs this week?

> tu veux dire qu'ils vous les ont envoyés spécifiquement ou ils ont publié ça quelque part ?
>> No. 48410
Probably tomorrow.
>> No. 48411
Oh wow, those English voices are awful lol.
>> No. 48412

Are these official? They censored Simone being gay. In episode 6 she's going a 'dance class' instead of to the ball with Julie.
>> No. 48413
Probably official

>inb4 entire segments that portray them as lesbians are censored
'Murica, land of the free
>> No. 48414
I'm getting a delivery failure on your address so here is the translation for this week. Frenchy won't be here until Tuesday so we can release an English-only version in the meantime.
>> No. 48415
Guys, I'm trying to make it sound as polite as possible, but would it be too much to ask if I requested for a new pastebin list of all links/downloads of Dofus?
>> No. 48416
Timed English subs by Toybox:
>> No. 48418
File 138357114881.png - (511.79KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20131104171808.png )
>> No. 48419
File 138357146691.png - (230.69KB , 640x360 , Dofus39.png )

Tuesday comes early this week !
I finally found some time for this today.
>> No. 48421
File 138359172849.jpg - (25.96KB , 378x310 , orgasmic.jpg )
What is it with brown girls and them having their hair down? They are like perfect goddesses.

First Korra and now Simone. My boner can't handle this much longer.
>> No. 48423
File 138364706136.png - (138.52KB , 640x360 , fnal1[16-21-35].png )
Russian subs for episode 39: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-gBzAPGD1uqQ05pRTNCLTE0UkE/edit?usp=sharing

>> No. 48445
File 138401461390.png - (235.13KB , 656x380 , dofus 40 Shit Quality[(010536)22-24-40].png )

What's the ETA this week?


OK, since Dofusmotion is taking their sweet time this week, here is the Pluzz recording of the episode:


>> No. 48446
I'm still getting a delivery failure on your address, but here it is:
>> No. 48447

ADHD much? its sad to see what things has come to cause of one person.
>> No. 48450
Thanks! as for e-mail, i provided a new one in some of the earlier posts. Anyway, is is edith.of.cyrus@gmail.com

>> No. 48452
File 138410752144.png - (200.55KB , 1683x1683 , keke_sam.png )
Since Dofusmotion hasn't released the episode in time, subs had to be timed to shit quality Pluzz recording for now.

Once again, translated by Seth

Episode 40

Softsubbed MKV =>

Separate subtitle file =>
>> No. 48453
Sadness shared. It's a real shame.

You should have your brains checked, it seems they're upside down.
>> No. 48454
I agree with both you and >>48447.

This project has fallen apart. All because one guy wanted to be the centre of attention and pushed the buttons of the original head of the project to such a point that he didn't want to contribute to this anymore.

How pathetic can you get?
>> No. 48457
Whaaaaat? It's still good though right? Overall? Just... I love my Wakfu/Dofus fix and don't really care about the politics...
>> No. 48458
I'm gonna try to contact Dofusmotion. Maybe he can clarify what happened with this week's upload.

Nice samefagging there.

>This project has fallen apart

Because Dofus got boring. Also, nothing has fallen apart - Seth still does translations (very fast, I might add), and other people still do timings.
>> No. 48461
I'm not bored by it. It does exactly what I want it to.
>> No. 48463
>people don't like me and shitty attitude, saying its samefagging will clearly show them who is "boss".
>> No. 48467
Still no reply from Dofusmotion. No proper upload either


Rus subs for episode 40: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-gBzAPGD1uqQlBqOWNKTEgyQ1k/edit?usp=sharing

I'm glad to hear it!
>> No. 48468
Speaking of dubs, the Polish dub of Dofus premiered yesterday when two first episodes aired.

So far, it's rather good. Joris's va is the same as Yugo's and Simone's is the same as Amalia's, but at least both have some range and are trying to speak in different voices and there weren't any major fuck ups in the translation.

Now waiting for the Klingon dub.
>> No. 48469
Neat. I wonder which languages are they planning to launch Dofus in
>> No. 48470
I have really disappointed that the release of the DVD of kerubim saison 1 was postponed to February 5.
>> No. 48471
Looks like they want it to coincide with the end of the series.

Doesn't sound too bad. I'm not sure I would want Amalia's French voice on Simone (although... yeah maybe it could work), but if the Polish one was softer and they're good at using different tones, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I'd love to hear it, if you ever find a clip online.
>> No. 48476
Thanks for all the work so far, guys (and gals?). Hopefully we get to see some of Kerub's more dangerous artifacts soon.
>> No. 48480

The file is twice as big as usual, the quality drop is drastic and I'm not even talking about comparing it to the HD version.
But hey, "nothing has falling apart", right ?
>> No. 48482
Ask and ye shall receive.
Polish dub, ep 1: https://mega.co.nz/#!pNkSQSzD!RuyBZlTIqJprPqVzzUBHzHAiimBW6V8NcBPtOexY17s

ep 2:

ep 3:

ep 4:

Before you ask, yes, that is the footage from Kenny's French rips with Polish voice track over it, because the guy releasing the episodes cannot record them in HD. When we get to the dofusmotion SD rips, then he may switch to his if they prove to look better.
>> No. 48485
Yes, nothing "has falling" apart as long as Seth is onboard.

Like I said, Ankama will release either DVD of entire series and/or WEB-DL. Which I intend to "borrow"
>> No. 48486
Hey, does anyone happen to have a download link for the subtitled Goultard special? Brotherhood of Tofu only has it for ipod (Don't know what that's about) and it's not on the youtube playlists. If anyone could snag me a link that'd be awesome. Thanks.
>> No. 48487
Unless MP4 is a problem, the link on v2 seems to work:

Thanks! It's fun to compare these things. I'm not sure Kerub sounds old enough for me (only judging from episode 1), but Simone is a rather good fit. To a foreign ear, at least.
>> No. 48488
Yeah, old Kerub may sound bit too young for his age (comparing to his French voice, at least). Still, he has a voice of a guy in his late fifties or early sixties, so it's not a big deal. Plus, he sounds like a genuinely nice person.
>> No. 48489
Bonjour, c'est Dofus Motion, "à cause" notamment de Plus4Chan, France Télévisions nous a menacés de nous attaquer suite à la publication est surtout aux téléchargements que vous en fait sur la plateforme MEGA, etc. Donc, à partir de l'épisode 40, nous ne publierons plus les épisodes de Kerubim.
Seth!!R1BGt0L2Vk, je n'ai point reçu de message de ta part. Ou alors il était comme indésirable. Pour les personnes, qui m'ont insulté ou insulté DofusMotion. Bon bah...
Pour me contacter plus facilement, une page est disponible. http://www.dofusmotion.com/contactez-nous
>> No. 48490
OK, so we're getting more and more boned with the raws. Peachy.

Also, whoever was insulting the dofusmotion guy can go fuck himself.
>> No. 48491
Je vois, je me doutais qu'il devait y avoir eu un pépin. Je suis désolé que ça vous empêche de publier vos vidéos normalement et j'espère que vous n'aurez pas de réels problèmes avec France Télévisions. Quant aux commentaires de cyrus, comme tu as pu voir ils ne représentent pas l'opinion générale et je pense qu'au vu de la qualité d'image que nous avons récupéré pour l'épisode 39, nous avons toutes les raisons d'être reconnaissants pour ceux que vous avez fournis.

>Seth!!R1BGt0L2Vk, je n'ai point reçu de message de ta part. Ou alors il était comme indésirable.
Je n'ai rien essayé de t'envoyer, alors ça me semble normal ;)

For the French-impaired, DofusMotion will no longer upload Kerub episodes due to legal threats from France Télévisions, arising in part from our use and reuploads of the files.
>> No. 48492
After long time, I am back. And I bring good news. Sorta.

I talked with the Polish uploader of Dofus dubs, he agreed to help with the episodes so you guys can switch the sound around from Polish to French.

The bad news is that it will take some time before anything beyond Ecaflip City airs, since there will be a break after it. May be weeks, may be months, nobody knows. Still, we will be able to get episodes with a better video quality, so the pixelated Pluzz rips will not last forever.
>> No. 48494
Someone was insulting Dofusmotion? When?

Also, lol @ France Télévisions. Well, at least it wasn't Ankama this time
>> No. 48495
Right, 'cause all this project is about is you getting the HD vids of the show, whenever that is.

Oh no wait... I thought it was about you getting the subbed vids released as fast as possible to please the russian fandom.

Oh gosh, I'm so confused...

I'm so glad it's all about you, though, and not just about subbing /transcripting a nice show and provide the best quality possible for the fans.
>> No. 48496
Désolé que vous ayez à subir ces désagréments à cause de ce projet.
Je me joins à Seth pour te remercier de nous avoir fourni ces belles images et j'espère également que France Télévisions n'ira pas plus loin.
>> No. 48497
Don't be upset.

Good subbing project should aim for speed and quality simultaneously.
>> No. 48498

Good ol' French tradition, eh cyrus? :D
>> No. 48499

yeah...remember when we had a subbing team with actual standards.

one that said outright they won't use any DVD or VOD/iTunes files to avoid getting the project shut down.

you all know who to thank when there will be no more Wakfu and Dofus subs in the future.

its sad to see what all this has become cause of 1 man.
>> No. 48500
Upset ? no.
Sorry and sad, yes.

Where is your so called simultaneity when you name your file "shit quality" ?

This project was good when it cared more about quality than about speed.
>> No. 48501
Things don't always go as desired. And "shit quality" is the proper indication/warning for people who might not want to see video with such quality.

Ok, enough arguing. Waiting for next episode.

Also, only 12 episodes left, so I suggest we leave our differences aside till Dofus is over.

As for HD: if Ankama does put episodes on VOD or iTunes, I'll probably grab them and post on 4chan
>> No. 48502
Your doublethinking never cease to amaze me :)

>Things don't always go as desired
Things went perfectly fine before you interfered.
>> No. 48503
>Things went perfectly fine before you interfered.
True enough. My methods sort of clashed with Kenny's, and... that thing happened.

Either way, if you have any complaints, or want to scold me, my skype is polish.luxembourgian
>> No. 48504
File 138448972690.png - (1.30MB , 1280x720 , logo.png )
It appears that some Polish dude (bless Poland) records HD episodes too. Since dofus started there not a long ago, he is currently on episode 8.

He also overlays French audio over Polish video himself, so in the end we might get 720p for episodes 31+

E07: http://www9.zippyshare.com/v/12098660/file.html
E08: http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/49135761/file.html
>> No. 48505
File 138450010310.png - (314.48KB , 704x400 , vlcsnap-2013-11-15-00h10m26s12.png )
Very good news! The subbing team now has access to a list of regularly-updated links to webrips of Dofus episodes. They're not HD quality (probably not going to get that until the Polish rips roll around), but they're still much better than the artifacted Pluzz quality! I've taken the liberty of packaging an MKV with the English, French, and Russian subs and uploaded it here:
Furthermore, I uploaded the episode to YouTube, as usual:
>> No. 48506
Good news indeed !
>> No. 48507
File 138452165444.png - (1.63MB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S01_E09_HDTV_720p_DL_x264-P.png )

E07: http://www9.zippyshare.com/v/12098660/file.html
E08: http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/49135761/file.html
E09: http://www74.zippyshare.com/v/2852188/file.html
E10: http://www54.zippyshare.com/v/25280502/file.html

Video contains polish, french audio and english subs.
>> No. 48509
All in one high quality stuff. Thanks!
>> No. 48510
Oh wow it's even better than Kenny's releases! I'm excited.
>> No. 48511
Thanks so much!
>> No. 48515
File 138462329565.png - (1.57MB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S01_E06_HDTV_720p_DL_x264-P.png )

E06: http://www1.zippyshare.com/v/86305355/file.html
>> No. 48516
Wait so is there a list of all the episodes that are the NEW HD rips (the polish ones) but with the french audio and english subs? Thanks.
>> No. 48519
File 138463420027.png - (1.21MB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S01_E06_HDTV_720p_DL_x264-P.png )


Not yet as the show is still airing there.
>> No. 48520

I guess I misunderstood.

As for now all the polish HD ones have dual audio track (with polish as the first one and french audio taken from kenny). You could use mkvtoolnix to remove the pol track and set the subs to forced.
>> No. 48521
File 138463603515.png - (40.28KB , 1402x678 , just do this and you will have french audio with f.png )

This is all you have to do to get it like you are used to.
>> No. 48522
I meant all the ones out, sorry. #1 through the current release.
>> No. 48523

Still need to catch up with 1-5.
>> No. 48524
File 138468272017.png - (271.89KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20131117134747 (!).png )
>> No. 48525
Why is there no trailer of next episode yet?
Hasn't Episode 41 broadcasted?
>> No. 48527
When/where is the raw going to be available outside of pluzz/ankama's website?
>> No. 48540
File 138475814038.png - (130.29KB , 634x360 , Episode 39 L epee neuf queues[12-58-48].png )
English subs for episode 41:

It's on Morgie's youtube. As for source video, it will probably become available once French subs are finished.
>> No. 48541
File 138476518189.png - (1.38MB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S01_E11_HDTV_720p_DL_x264-P.png )

E11: http://www74.zippyshare.com/v/33819560/file.html
>> No. 48542
Mon amour pour cette belle langue française n'a aucune limite !

Le voilà ! Le Double DVD de Dofus: Aux Trésors de Kerubim sera disponible à 20 Novembre cette année ! :D

Je veux remercier cyrus, DofusFrenchy, Seth, KennyMC, Morgie-Corgie pour leurs travail acharné ! Apprendre le français c'est plus fun avec Dofus et vous.

Et bien sûr:

Merci mes amis. Kerubim Crépin4Ever !! :-)
>> No. 48543
File 13847677957.jpg - (65.73KB , 567x401 , DVD-Kerubim-compo_web.jpg )
Thanks! Now that's some lavish packaging. I wonder if they deliver it to other countries.

>> No. 48544
File 138477037419.jpg - (44.21KB , 232x309 , w_fiche.jpg )
Can anyone clarify the origins of this poster? It is posted on some of the websites: http://pluzzvad.francetv.fr/videos/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim_saison1_ep26_12451.html
>> No. 48548
I have no idea and the only sites that Google turns up are TV networks and newspapers, but there's one important thing I'm noticing othan than the fact it looks nothing like the show's style and Kerub isn't on it.

Joris has the hammer.

I don't know about you guys, but this smells like a movie to me.

Also, tsundere teenage bellaphone?
>> No. 48549
File 138479001838.png - (241.40KB , 704x400 , Dofus41.png )
>> No. 48550
I just noticed all those NEW hd episodes are torrent files hosted on ddl sites. I'm fine with getting the 6-11 that are already like that, but can we get the actual files uploaded to zippyshare/mega/putlocker or whatever else you guys use from now on?

I'll upload 6-11 myself and post them here in a bit for you guys to get it started. Been busy lately.
>> No. 48551

Sure go ahead. I was going to ask someone to upload them.
Though first of all they will be available as a torrent so they won't die.
>> No. 48552
The only videos I see on morgie-corgi's youtube are "major wakfu news" and "more major wakfu news". What am I doing wrong?
>> No. 48554
Not checking the playlists.
>> No. 48555
File 138481381593.png - (600.93KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20131119014818_ 41.png )
>> No. 48556
>but this smells like a movie to me.

Come to think of it, you are right. Also, I haven't noticed that Jojo is standing on a hammer

>Also, tsundere teenage bellaphone?

Very cute indeed.

Come to think of it, I might try a trace of her
>> No. 48560
File 138490651849.png - (1.44MB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S01_E13_HDTV_720p_DL_x264-P.png )

E12: http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/69798905/file.html
E13: http://www67.zippyshare.com/v/63420726/file.html
>> No. 48562
Many thanks!
>> No. 48563
File 138494876535.png - (119.91KB , 2249x2249 , bella1.png )
OK, my wizarding powers are not great enough, so I better stop
>> No. 48565
Hey, I just want to ask... whoever is muxing the French audio in the polish recordings. Are you syncing the French audio to the video? Or just ripping it from the french episodes and adding it into the video without checking? I haven't downloaded any episodes personally so I'm not accusing if that's how it sounds so no offense. I'm just wondering
>> No. 48566
File 138497303837.png - (1.65MB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S01_E14_HDTV_720p_DL_x264-P.png )

E14: http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/53039865/file.html
E15: http://www46.zippyshare.com/v/536467/file.html
>> No. 48567
File 138497325667.png - (1.46MB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S01_E15_HDTV_720p_DL_x264-P.png )

Teletoon is not airing the original french audio. I'm taking those from Kenny and I guess later from the Webrips.

It's synched up since both recordings have the same amount of frames.
>> No. 48568
ok ty
>> No. 48571
What, is Canal Plus up to no good again?
>> No. 48573
So again, the gender of Simone's date in left unspecified.
No changes at all.
>> No. 48579
File 138506224655.png - (1.77MB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S01_E17_HDTV_720p_DL_x264-P.png )

E16: http://www67.zippyshare.com/v/53624359/file.html
E17: http://www67.zippyshare.com/v/74128356/file.html
>> No. 48581
Wait, are there changes to the episodes to hide her being a lesbian?
>> No. 48582

In ep 13 she is saying she is going on a date, though if you would watch ep 15 only you could just think they are casually meeting, going shopping or something.
>> No. 48583
I mean are the episodes edited in any way compared to the French show? Not by dialog since I have to use English translations anyway.
>> No. 48584

>> No. 48586
File 138513497911.png - (2.05MB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S01_E19_HDTV_720p_DL_x264-P.png )

E18: http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/26081092/file.html
E19: http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/4611082/file.html
>> No. 48592
Is episode 1-5 anywhere? Thanks!
>> No. 48593

In a few hours

>> No. 48594

Very good! I am currently muxing all these HD episodes with Kenny's Audio! :)
>> No. 48595

They already contain french audio, just do >>48521

Also please don't release episodes 6-11 as I forgot to crop the black bars out and most likely will do a v2.
>> No. 48596

I understand they contain the French audio, but are they also in HD quality? If so, I may have made a mistake by un-ticking the Polish French audio with Kenny's audio. May you confirm this?
>> No. 48597

Audio and HD?

The french track has a lower bitrate, but this is how kenny encoded it and I guess the webrips will be even worse. I can hear the quality difference between the polish and french track.

There is no "polish french" audio, the french track is from kenny.
Teletoon is only airing the polish track and I'm already muxing the french one in.
>> No. 48598

Ah! So I've noticed your suspicions too; the French bit-rate is lower than the Polish. Good, so I've been doing it correctly, but unfortunately, no HD audio on some of them. Will we HD audio from some known resource soon?
>> No. 48599

If someone steps up and records too.

Just the audio would be fine.
>> No. 48600
File 138520831565.png - (365.13KB , 2090x2090 , bellaphone_12.png )
Not exactly stellar, but at least I tried. Source is way too low res for me
>> No. 48602
File 138524412948.png - (1.85MB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S01_E01_HDTV_720p_DL_x264-P.png )
E01: http://www64.zippyshare.com/v/99273500/file.html
E02: http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/86418645/file.html
E03: http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/50028234/file.html
E04: http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/88220302/file.html
>> No. 48603

How are you acquiring these HD episodes? Do you perhaps live in Poland and have a DVR device to record in HD? Thanks.
>> No. 48604

Pretty much, though I'm not in Poland.
>> No. 48606

Your HD Rips are amazing. Ep 5 soon?
>> No. 48607
File 13852906715.png - (179.62KB , 640x360 , Episode 40 Le proces[16-05-23].png )
Softsubbed episode 42 (web-dl version, youtube quality):

>> No. 48609
Subtitles format is a crap...
>> No. 48612
Since initial subs "somehow" got saved in the wrong format, here are proper ones: http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/63327499/file.html
>> No. 48617


Also if anyone finds anything about teletoon airing episodes 26+ please say so.
>> No. 48621
The new HD episodes just added more motivation to re-watch the whole show again! It's such eye-candy.

The show is simply fantastic. Before I joined this community, my pronunciation wasn't too great. However, I applied by raw-french-english subs technique 3-6 times per video (about 120 watches) and has greatly improved my pronunciation!!

P.S cyrus is awesome
>> No. 48622
File 138537045232.png - (257.31KB , 640x360 , DofusS01E42.png )
>> No. 48623
Is this release the better one?
>> No. 48624
yes. mine is youtube quality, this one is without recompression
>> No. 48626
File 138540789544.png - (494.22KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20131125232323-42v2.png )
>> No. 48628
File 138541437822.png - (1.72MB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S01_E21_HDTV_720p_DL_x264-P.png )
>> No. 48629
21 but no 20? And what's with the different filehost?
>> No. 48630
Not to mention the french transcript.
>> No. 48631
File 138546576042.png - (1.37MB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S01_E20_HDTV_720p_DL_x264-P.png )

What? Piratepad is not a filehost, just open it.
>> No. 48641
Ahh Im sorry Im just skeptical about links I never saw before sorry about that
>> No. 48642
File 138556610688.png - (1.26MB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S01_E25_HDTV_720p_DL_x264-P.png )
Added E22,E23,E24 and E25.
>> No. 48643
Wait, how often Dofus is being aired at your place anyway? Every weekday?
>> No. 48644

Monday till Friday two new episodes
Weekends reruns.
>> No. 48646
Here are the uploads I said I'd do. These can be backup or for anyone that has trouble with Zippyshare or torrents. There are many different file hosts on this website, including more Zippyshare links, Putlocker, MEGA, and about 4-5 other working ones.


I'll keep it updated for you guys.

I'll probably add a French audio list of downloads to it too (Honestly I should have just done that first but I didn't think about it) after I remux them, I've just been lazy.
>> No. 48647

Could I insert these into the main piratepad?
If you could upload demuxed episodes with french audio and forced subs that would be nice, since the polish speaking anons percantage should be pretty slim. Would insert them into the main pp as well tagged as french only.
>> No. 48648

Might add that I did a Proper on ep 06-11.
>> No. 48649
Go ahead, also I'll replace them with propers in the next day. Keep your original links too though. Once you see the French muxed episodes start showing up on the pad you can add them to yours too.
>> No. 48650
I already demuxed all of the episodes he gave, but are they not proper?
>> No. 48654
File 138578607925.png - (9.52KB , 610x210 , lavsplitter.png )
You don't have to mux out the Polish audio to get the French audio to play by default.
Still have to enable the subs manually though, because they don't have a language tag.
>> No. 48655

Implying everyone is using lav splitter or even able to do this simple task.

That's why french and forced subs files will still be better for everyone.


I did cut out the 2px black border in ep 06-11, if you still have these then you have the "old" files. Nothing else was changed.
>> No. 48657
File 13858185308.png?spoiler - (143.40KB , 600x600 , guesswho.png?spoiler )
The joys of not having proper WEB-DL sources...
>> No. 48658
Where is the trailer of episode 42?
Even though Ankama TV channel uploaded the trailer of episode 43 and 44, there is still no 42.
>> No. 48660
Well, I'd say configuring lav splitter is a lot easier to set up for the typical person downloading these files than muxing out the polish audio. Less time consuming too.
But yes, French audio/English subs being the default tracks would be much more ideal.
There's no need to set them to forced, though:
>This is used seldom, e.g. only for a subtitle track that only contains the English translation whenever Legolas is talking Elbish.
>> No. 48661

Well those files will already have the polish track muxed out so...
>> No. 48663
Could you please release at least raw youtube episode?
>> No. 48664
File 138600001511.png - (216.18KB , 704x400 , DofusS01E43.png )
>> No. 48665
Just out of curiosity for our French friends across the way, has there been anything else released about the new Wakfu specials that are drawing increasingly near? I'm kind of surprised that there's been no promo stills, ads or pretty much ANYTHING since the announcement back in the summer. Especially with Dofus now having only single digit numbers of episodes left. One would think Ankama would want their audience primed and ready for the huge leap Wakfu is about to take. Thanks for your information and patience :)
>> No. 48667
There's -absolutely- nothing new about the specials, or the manga, no news, no devs posting in the current discussions about it, nothing. Either it's part of a careful marketing strategy we don't understand, or there's nothing to wait for, plain and simple.
>> No. 48671
I heard that broadcasting the special episodes was decided and these are now on making.
I mean, at least they hadn't stop making toward the end of October.
>> No. 48672
Thanks. I was just curious. I figured we'd have some kind of announcement, but chances are, Ankama is just waiting for Dofus to finish before moving forward. As long as nothing's been cancelled, I'm more than willing to be patient
>> No. 48674
File 138619066896.png - (512.59KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20131205001108-e43.png )

>subtitle timing at this time is totally ####
>> No. 48675

I don't think the upscaling is necessary anymore since the Polish episodes are going to catch up with the series.
>> No. 48676
This may take time. It's gonna take a couple of months before part 2 of season 1 starts airing.
>> No. 48677
Not sure if this is correct, but http://www.teleman.pl/search?q=Dofus%3A+Skarby+Keruba+%2827%29

Episode 5 is going to be recorded tomorrow and ep 26 next saturday.
>> No. 48680
Polish here
Yep that's true
>> No. 48681
File 138634927586.png - (1.91MB , 1920x1080 , 20131206 1723 - teleTOON+ HD - Dofus_ Skarby Kerub.png )

Goddamit Teletoon. This is the third time I'm recoding ep 5 and still the same frame glitch.

I guess I have no other choice.
>> No. 48682
For one, what glitch? I don't notice anything. Secondly, you're recording in 1080p? Why are all the releases 720p then?
>> No. 48683
I need episode 5 in HD goodness :OO
>> No. 48684
File 138643377471.png - (4.56MB , 1920x1080 , ep25 1080p video_mp4_snapshot_00_03_[2013_12_07_01.png )

See for yourself.


The station airs in 1920x1080, but I still think they use an upscaled 720p source. The lines and pixelation is a tad better though in the 1080p test encode.

Not sure if this would qualify for a 1080p release.
>> No. 48685


>> No. 48688
File 138659162419.png - (272.33KB , 640x360 , DofusS01E44.png )
Jojo's POV

>> No. 48689
File 138662369012.png - (546.75KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20131210005848-e44.png )
>> No. 48693
The lineart is definitely sharper in the 1080p caps in that comparison, I don't think it's an upscale. But whether or not the broadcast itself actually warrants a 1080p encode remains to be seen. Downscaling can help hide artifacts, especially in the case of MPEG-2 broadcasts (as MPEG-2 is notorious for making things look like artifacted messes of shit in scenes with high motion).
>> No. 48700
File 138686365786.png - (3.83MB , 1920x1080 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S01_E21_HDTV_1080p_DL_x264-.png )
Here is a 1080p test release of episode 21. If you think it's worth doing, then I'll do all of them in full hd.

>> No. 48704
I would say just release all the 1080p ones all together once the show completes. For now, 720p is fine.
>> No. 48706

It's worth doing! It's worth doing! IT'S WORTH DOING!!!!!!1111
>> No. 48707
Well Teletoon aired episodes 1 and 2 just now even though it said 27 & 28.
>> No. 48708

Really? In Canada/USA? May I have the website with this information? Thanks. :)
>> No. 48709

In Poland http://www.teleman.pl/search?q=Dofus

Even the EPG said it.
>> No. 48710
File 138718240739.png - (167.89KB , 704x400 , DofusS01E45.png )

>> No. 48712
File 138722422027.png - (396.29KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20131216235330-45-3.png )
>> No. 48714
File 138726211067.jpg - (12.91KB , 378x301 , heart-attack-man.jpg )
>that simone

Oh god my heart
>> No. 48715
jesus christ, watch what pictures you post. simone is cute enough just being herself, but when she actually tries to be cute....it does dangerous things to my health, gives me intense diabetes
>> No. 48717

BAM. We needed that.

Also Polish HD episodes guy, how is it going on your side?
>> No. 48718
File 138729057099.png - (2.08MB , 1920x1080 , 20131214 1443 - teleTOON+ HD - Dofus_ Skarby Kerub.png )

Fucked up and recorded a minute too short for episode 26, waiting for rerun.
Still thinking about episode 5 and the frame glitch.
And I guess waiting for new episodes to air.
>> No. 48719
You're good people.
>> No. 48720
can you post a screenshot of that frame glitch?
>> No. 48721

>> No. 48724
>Missed a proper recording for episode 26 AGAIN

Jesus christ, it's like a curse or something.

Not that I'm criticizing the guy recording, you're a gentleman of fine character, but who would have guessed that both times the exact same episode aired in different languages/countries, we wouldn't be able to get a proper capture?
>> No. 48727

I think she's adorable! :)
>> No. 48730
Yes, which is why we're trying to keep ourselves out of cardiac arrest so the thread doesn't die with it
>> No. 48731
File 13876189707.jpg - (20.11KB , 400x366 , insulin kit.jpg )
>> No. 48732
Is the issue where it frames get a little jumpy? The fact that it aired like that multiple times means it will never be fixed, their source is fucked. At least it's such a minor issue.
>> No. 48737
Oh good grief, where do I even _start_ post ep 24?
>> No. 48738
File 138774913134.png - (256.46KB , 704x400 , vlcsnap-2013-12-21-15h55m41s211.png )
Hey guys. Since everyone's busy with holiday stuff, but I unexpectedly had no plans for the weekend, I went ahead and made a temporary subbed video for this episode so the rest of the team doesn't have to rush it between two parties.

(Select English under the video)

The timing is rough and the sound clips in a few places, but that should tide you over until the actual release. Happy holidays!
>> No. 48739

I guess here

>> No. 48743
I absolutely LOVED this episode. Please get it on softsub soon!!
>> No. 48747

I mean....wow.

Even late in the run, this is one of the best episodes yet.

Thanks for getting that up so fast, and how in the WORLD did you translate all those songs so well?! BRAVO!
>> No. 48748

>> No. 48751
Didn't see the link here so...

1080p iTunes rips http://pastebin.com/nC7Y78UV
>> No. 48752
Thanks mate. Christmas magic, I reckon ;)
>> No. 48753
Now I just need the rest of the episodes to get me through the winter.

Please... help a poor old Enutrof out...
>> No. 48754

This is super!!! Where can I find the Wakfu season 1 1080iTunes rips?
>> No. 48755
nevermind I think I found it. is it this link here?

>> No. 48756
S1 never had an iTunes rip, just the 1080p VOD release which is no longer available anywhere but TPB. A simple search for Wakfu VOD will find it for you.
>> No. 48759
We should be making a new thread real soon I think, but we need to preserve all the important posts in this one at the top of the new thread. Since I'm not really involved with the project, I feel out of place doing so, however I felt like it was important to mention because I don't know what happens to threads if they reach a limit on this site.
>> No. 48760

But it says DVD rip don't you see?

>> No. 48762
seriously people. are you retarded or do you just really really want anakma to shut down the subbing project once and for all by posting all kinds of rips in here?
I remember the time when there where something like standards in place and the general consensus was that the project thread is kept DVD, VOD and iTunes Rip free and the team distances itself from that and that those that still wanna rip off Ankama of their hard deserved money should do that on their own risk and away from the project thread to not unnecessarily throw the project thread into the of fire for potential legal actions.
>> No. 48763

>Copyrighted material in the OP

And that's not of concern?

>into the of fire for potential legal actions.

For what? Subbing? The Sub team didn't release the copyrighted files, so they are not really harmed in any way.

>and the team distances itself from that

But they do? The translations are mostly posted in pastebins. It's other people that put together legal subs and copyrighted rips into the file that everyone is using.
>> No. 48764
>I don't know what happens to threads if they reach a limit on this site.
They stop bumping and fall off the board progressively like on 4chan, but the difference is that it takes years for them to get pruned since we don't get many new threads. In fact I don't think we've even reached thread capacity yet since the list stops on page 7 with threads from 2010.

I guess it'll be up to me to create the next one. Will probably take care of it today or tomorrow, just let me know if there's anything not obvious I should include in the OP(s).
>> No. 48766
New thread: >>48765
>> No. 48775
Why do you need a new thread so soon when the old thread will linger for years?

Follow up question:
Is this a "it must be on the front page at all times" thing?

Because I've rarely ever not seen page 0 without two wakfu threads on it at any given time.
It just seems a tad silly to me.
>> No. 48777
It's useful to group new info, links, etc all back at the top of thread so people can find things easier. And since boards like these have no edit option...
>> No. 48781
File 138831556344.png - (363.23KB , 624x464 , aids.png )
>hard deserved money
>> No. 48875
It is not possible to download the E21.
"decryption error" will result in the display.
>> No. 48889

Use Jdownloader or another browser.
>> No. 48896
I tried, but download was not possible.
>> No. 48897
Ep21 is broken?
>> No. 48899

Not really, I could download it fine.

Don't use IE, no problems with Jdownloader here.
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