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File 137067783655.jpg - (78.81KB , 795x720 , Lucky_bastard.jpg )
47502 No. 47502
Dofus 24 will air in less than an hour now, so time for a new thread (old thread: >>46473).

Latest news: new incoming animated content for Wakfu has just been announced. See >>47490.

Usual useful links:
-List of DDL links for all episodes of Kerub => http://goo.gl/P8cvh
-The Twitter to keep in touch with the releases => https://twitter.com/wakfu_fansubs
-Dofus and Wakfu on Youtube (courtesy of Morgie-Corgi) => http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnWO3_SXq-WPzo1zlMXndyg
-The Tumblr for any other links => http://brotherhoodoftofuv2.tumblr.com/

And finally, the usual reminder that this thread is for sharing resources and info. Keep to /co/ as much as possible the posts dealing with story, characters, opinions and such.
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>> No. 48700
File 138686365786.png - (3.83MB , 1920x1080 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S01_E21_HDTV_1080p_DL_x264-.png )
Here is a 1080p test release of episode 21. If you think it's worth doing, then I'll do all of them in full hd.

>> No. 48704
I would say just release all the 1080p ones all together once the show completes. For now, 720p is fine.
>> No. 48706

It's worth doing! It's worth doing! IT'S WORTH DOING!!!!!!1111
>> No. 48707
Well Teletoon aired episodes 1 and 2 just now even though it said 27 & 28.
>> No. 48708

Really? In Canada/USA? May I have the website with this information? Thanks. :)
>> No. 48709

In Poland http://www.teleman.pl/search?q=Dofus

Even the EPG said it.
>> No. 48710
File 138718240739.png - (167.89KB , 704x400 , DofusS01E45.png )

>> No. 48712
File 138722422027.png - (396.29KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20131216235330-45-3.png )
>> No. 48714
File 138726211067.jpg - (12.91KB , 378x301 , heart-attack-man.jpg )
>that simone

Oh god my heart
>> No. 48715
jesus christ, watch what pictures you post. simone is cute enough just being herself, but when she actually tries to be cute....it does dangerous things to my health, gives me intense diabetes
>> No. 48717

BAM. We needed that.

Also Polish HD episodes guy, how is it going on your side?
>> No. 48718
File 138729057099.png - (2.08MB , 1920x1080 , 20131214 1443 - teleTOON+ HD - Dofus_ Skarby Kerub.png )

Fucked up and recorded a minute too short for episode 26, waiting for rerun.
Still thinking about episode 5 and the frame glitch.
And I guess waiting for new episodes to air.
>> No. 48719
You're good people.
>> No. 48720
can you post a screenshot of that frame glitch?
>> No. 48721

>> No. 48724
>Missed a proper recording for episode 26 AGAIN

Jesus christ, it's like a curse or something.

Not that I'm criticizing the guy recording, you're a gentleman of fine character, but who would have guessed that both times the exact same episode aired in different languages/countries, we wouldn't be able to get a proper capture?
>> No. 48727

I think she's adorable! :)
>> No. 48730
Yes, which is why we're trying to keep ourselves out of cardiac arrest so the thread doesn't die with it
>> No. 48731
File 13876189707.jpg - (20.11KB , 400x366 , insulin kit.jpg )
>> No. 48732
Is the issue where it frames get a little jumpy? The fact that it aired like that multiple times means it will never be fixed, their source is fucked. At least it's such a minor issue.
>> No. 48737
Oh good grief, where do I even _start_ post ep 24?
>> No. 48738
File 138774913134.png - (256.46KB , 704x400 , vlcsnap-2013-12-21-15h55m41s211.png )
Hey guys. Since everyone's busy with holiday stuff, but I unexpectedly had no plans for the weekend, I went ahead and made a temporary subbed video for this episode so the rest of the team doesn't have to rush it between two parties.

(Select English under the video)

The timing is rough and the sound clips in a few places, but that should tide you over until the actual release. Happy holidays!
>> No. 48739

I guess here

>> No. 48743
I absolutely LOVED this episode. Please get it on softsub soon!!
>> No. 48747

I mean....wow.

Even late in the run, this is one of the best episodes yet.

Thanks for getting that up so fast, and how in the WORLD did you translate all those songs so well?! BRAVO!
>> No. 48748

>> No. 48751
Didn't see the link here so...

1080p iTunes rips http://pastebin.com/nC7Y78UV
>> No. 48752
Thanks mate. Christmas magic, I reckon ;)
>> No. 48753
Now I just need the rest of the episodes to get me through the winter.

Please... help a poor old Enutrof out...
>> No. 48754

This is super!!! Where can I find the Wakfu season 1 1080iTunes rips?
>> No. 48755
nevermind I think I found it. is it this link here?

>> No. 48756
S1 never had an iTunes rip, just the 1080p VOD release which is no longer available anywhere but TPB. A simple search for Wakfu VOD will find it for you.
>> No. 48759
We should be making a new thread real soon I think, but we need to preserve all the important posts in this one at the top of the new thread. Since I'm not really involved with the project, I feel out of place doing so, however I felt like it was important to mention because I don't know what happens to threads if they reach a limit on this site.
>> No. 48760

But it says DVD rip don't you see?

>> No. 48762
seriously people. are you retarded or do you just really really want anakma to shut down the subbing project once and for all by posting all kinds of rips in here?
I remember the time when there where something like standards in place and the general consensus was that the project thread is kept DVD, VOD and iTunes Rip free and the team distances itself from that and that those that still wanna rip off Ankama of their hard deserved money should do that on their own risk and away from the project thread to not unnecessarily throw the project thread into the of fire for potential legal actions.
>> No. 48763

>Copyrighted material in the OP

And that's not of concern?

>into the of fire for potential legal actions.

For what? Subbing? The Sub team didn't release the copyrighted files, so they are not really harmed in any way.

>and the team distances itself from that

But they do? The translations are mostly posted in pastebins. It's other people that put together legal subs and copyrighted rips into the file that everyone is using.
>> No. 48764
>I don't know what happens to threads if they reach a limit on this site.
They stop bumping and fall off the board progressively like on 4chan, but the difference is that it takes years for them to get pruned since we don't get many new threads. In fact I don't think we've even reached thread capacity yet since the list stops on page 7 with threads from 2010.

I guess it'll be up to me to create the next one. Will probably take care of it today or tomorrow, just let me know if there's anything not obvious I should include in the OP(s).
>> No. 48766
New thread: >>48765
>> No. 48775
Why do you need a new thread so soon when the old thread will linger for years?

Follow up question:
Is this a "it must be on the front page at all times" thing?

Because I've rarely ever not seen page 0 without two wakfu threads on it at any given time.
It just seems a tad silly to me.
>> No. 48777
It's useful to group new info, links, etc all back at the top of thread so people can find things easier. And since boards like these have no edit option...
>> No. 48781
File 138831556344.png - (363.23KB , 624x464 , aids.png )
>hard deserved money
>> No. 48875
It is not possible to download the E21.
"decryption error" will result in the display.
>> No. 48889

Use Jdownloader or another browser.
>> No. 48896
I tried, but download was not possible.
>> No. 48897
Ep21 is broken´╝č
>> No. 48899

Not really, I could download it fine.

Don't use IE, no problems with Jdownloader here.
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