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File 135931924833.jpg - (156.14KB , 1019x571 , Kerubim.jpg )
46473 No. 46473
New thread since the previous one (>>44616) has reached bump limit.
This time it'll deal with both Wakfu and Dofus series.

Usual useful links:
-The Tumblr => http://brotherhoodoftofuv2.tumblr.com/
-The Twitter feed => https://twitter.com/wakfu_fansubs

Reminder: This thread is for sharing news and resources about the series. For discussions about plot, characters and such, please go to /co/.
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>> No. 46474
Just a little reminder of what's been posted/released recently about Kerub's series:

Web raws:
-Ep.01 => https://hotfile.com/dl/186571442/178cd27/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E01_(WebRaw).mp4.html
-Ep.02 => https://hotfile.com/dl/187721512/d269356/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E02_(WebRaw).mp4.html
-Ep.03 => https://hotfile.com/dl/188677751/93ae572/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E03_(WebRaw).mp4.html
-Ep.04 => https://hotfile.com/dl/189706861/7dccd88/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E04_(WebRaw).mp4.html
-Ep.05 => https://hotfile.com/dl/190764524/5fdb2b2/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E05_(WebRaw).mp4.html

Subs files (quick subs):
-Ep.01 => http://pastebin.com/0XDKxqK8
-Ep.02 => http://pastebin.com/kCwwTKEQ
-Ep.03 => http://pastebin.com/5qYyv2SM
-Ep.04 => http://www.mediafire.com/?kp5qr0ew47jna50
-Ep.05 => http://www.mediafire.com/?qpo2a2smt6zlz1y

Subbed episodes (quick subs):
-Ep.01 => https://hotfile.com/dl/188254812/106d1b0/Dofus_Kerub_S1E01_(1024x576_TVsource_Eng.Subbed).mkv.html
-Ep.02 => https://hotfile.com/dl/188258395/71978b2/Dofus_Kerub_S1E02_(1024x576_TVsource_Eng.Subbed).mkv.html
-Ep.03 => http://videobam.com/jKlRA
-Ep.04 => http://videobam.com/mDpsX
-Ep.05 => http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/37994136/file.html

Jakill's softsubbed upscales (quick subs):
=> http://file.karelia.ru/zgqk9f/
>> No. 46479
You guys are just absolutely awesome, you know that?
>> No. 46480
>> No. 46481
Subbed episodes
-Ep.03 => http://www23.zippyshare.com/v/30332364/file.html
-Ep.04 => http://www23.zippyshare.com/v/41149780/file.html
>> No. 46482
OK, finished.

[size=14]Subs Pastebin[/size]
English (courtesy of Wakfu sub team and quicksubbing anon) and Russian subs for Dofus series: http://pastebin.com/u/CyrusBIN

I'll continue to do timing corrections for Eng subs and do translations for subs

[size=14]Mirror's for Dofus WebRaws mirror:[/size]
Episode 1: http://www16.zippyshare.com/v/91843377/file.html
Episode 2: http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/69896993/file.html
Episode 3: http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/32620849/file.html
Episode 4: http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/58580453/file.html
Episode 5: http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/8363773/file.html
>> No. 46483
Wow, this show is really good. Wakfu was amazing but this has to be atleast as entertaining. The latest ep was real good. By the way, I think I found the classical piece playing when Kerub was losing his hope. Atleast I think this is it.

J.S. Bach: St. Matthew Passio…youtube thumb
>> No. 46484
File 135949581998.png - (239.37KB , 890x890 , 1301861800984.png )
>The file (Wakfu S1 DVDRip English Subs.zip) violates the MediaFire Terms of Service. Due to it being distributed from your account, it has been removed. Also, a Strike has been placed against your account and can lead to a termination of service.

>Check our policy violations page for more information.

>Thank you for using MediaFire as your cloud based file sharing service provider.


>The MediaFire Team

>Please do not respond to this email, it does not accept incoming emails! Please review the Term of Service at Terms of Service
>> No. 46485
Perhaps you could name the file
differently, "text" for example. I'm willing to bet that they remove those mostly because of the really obvious name.
>> No. 46487
File 135961206574.png - (84.31KB , 903x903 , xelor1_rend.png )
Soon, soon...
>> No. 46491
Okay subbing team:

- Sindalf's giving up the encoding job since nothing's getting done. Can't blame him for that BTW...

- So I'm taking the relay and I'm going to make HD encodes out of the TV raws I capture.

- Now, about the subs: how are things doing? I mean, some kind anons already did most of the job, and some proofreading and QC shouldn't take ages.

So, if some subs are ready, or about to be ready, please contact me and send me the scripts. If not, I'll just make HD releases based on the quick subs by this week-end.
>> No. 46492
Well, let's see. Quicksub anon here. I never intended to keep doing this for the full run of the show, but if Sabby's gone forever and no one else steps up I'll probably keep at it just out of guilt. So I might as well put on my trip and help organize this a little.

If anon wants to keep doing the timing, that would speed things up a lot for me and make it more fun to work on in the long run. If anon isn't up for it, I think it shouldn't be too hard to find someone for this. That's at least two of us who picked it up out of nowhere and did a decent job of it.

I think it was Ebony who said she'd be interested in proofing as long as it doesn't conflict with the comics? If you also give it a look over, I think the three of us is plenty for quality check.

Does that seem to make sense? Does anyone else want to step up?
Keep in mind I still can't commit to a release every Saturday, and I'll probably be busy this weekend in particular.

And thanks again for everything you do, Kenny.
>> No. 46493
Timing anon of last 2 eps here.
I probably won't have a chance to do it this Saturday either, maybe until very late in the night or on Sunday, so if anyone else wants and can do it earlier, he/she is welcome to.
>> No. 46494
Don't worry guys, I'm also generally pretty busy on week-ends. I think if we can at least get decent quality subs (translation, proofreading and fine timing) done in a week time before the next episode airs, then everything will be OK.

Well, of course the quicker the better, but no need to rush things either and absolutely get everything done on the spot on Saturdays.

Anyway, thanks for your help so far, and in the future.
>> No. 46495
Have you guys tried uploading to the new mega? Hotfile was pretty fast for me though, so not complaining. Just wondering how good Mega is now.
>> No. 46497
I haven't tried Mega yet, and I'm also wondering how good it is. I've heard that it has (had?) some youth issues such as slow download speed.
Does anyone have any experience with this service they'd care to share?
>> No. 46498
I can do timings. I still need translation though

Mega works surprisingly fast in chrome, and surprisingly bad in other browsers
>> No. 46499
My HD encodes are almost done.

So, is there any ongoing proofreading for ep.1-5 scripts, or not?
Zaat already released an improved version of ep.5 script in the previous thread. Anyone else working on this at the moment?

Also, does anyone want to do a bit of timing quality check for these scripts, or are they good as is?
>> No. 46500
No additional proofing for me except that I confirmed that in episode 1 Bob says Hypermage. Timing was fine as far as I'm concerned, taking the fixes for ep. 4 into account.
>> No. 46502
File 135981534362.jpg - (44.69KB , 1280x720 , Kerub6.jpg )
Dofusmotion streaming version:
=> http://www.dofusmotion.com/divers/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-danse-contre-les-mulous-s01ep06

Downloadable MP4 version:
=> https://hotfile.com/dl/192154780/dd099e4/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E06_(WebRaw).mp4.html
>> No. 46503
Is there a new episode today? (Saturdays?)
>> No. 46504
Heh, posted it as I asked basically. So did it just finish airing? Or around recently? Just trying to get a grasp on what time it airs.
>> No. 46505
It airs on Saturday mornings, a bit past 10am, which makes 5 hours and a half ago.
However, the web raw can take quite some time to be available on Dofusmotion. And I'm also pretty busy on Saturdays, so I often can't take care of posting links before the middle/end of the afternoon.
>> No. 46506
File 135982565518.png - (276.24KB , 854x480 , snapshot20130202205752.png )
added upscaled to 854x480 ep. 06 (WebRaw)
>> No. 46507
Oh by the way, Kenny, what's your take on Kerub vs Kerubim? If we're going to release a final version, we should agree on either.
Though I'm not sure I can come up with a pun for "dernier Crépin de ma famille" in English for episode 5... Maybe something like "the last crepe in my family."
>> No. 46508
Is Simone an osamodas? If so, where's her tail?
>> No. 46509
>what's your take on Kerub vs Kerubim
Seems like Ankama's official translation is "Kerub Crispin". So I'll stick with it.

>"dernier Crépin de ma famille"
If we agree that his name in English is "Crispin", maybe a pun with "Crispy" could fit?
>> No. 46510
>"dernier Crépin de ma famille"
I'm not sure the pun is intended here. And even if it is, the sentence is supposed to sound perfectly normal and plausible, not mispronounced or anything. So i'd give it the benefit of the doubt and leave it as Crepin/Crispin (whichever you choose to stick with)
>> No. 46511
Could also use "crisp" under the British definition. The problem I see is we'd have to say something like "the last Crispin in my family" and the repetition kind of ruins it. That's why I went with Kerub instead, even though I'll readily admit that "last grub" was weak as well/hell.
>> No. 46512
File 135983891399.png - (19.62KB , 201x178 , garfield-weird.png )
Here's the raw translation:

Not sure if we want to translate the teams' names, so I included suggestions on a separate line.

>> No. 46513
neat! I didn't get as busy as I thought I would so I guess I should start timing this
Based Kenny and based Seth for being this fast
>> No. 46514
Oh hey! Before you start, I've been doing a little bit of timing myself today. I have never timed anything before so this could be terribly off in a lot of respects, but this is what I've gotten done so far:
You can have it, for what it's worth!
>> No. 46515
File 13598517023.png - (219.16KB , 704x400 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E06_(WebRaw)_001_1230.png )
the timing feels fine!
Although I don't know what I did that the text appears like this, I'm pretty sure the retarded one here is me, but oh well...
someone else seems to have timed it all already in the Dofus general in /co/, was it you?
>> No. 46516
Ah; well I've just been using Subtitle Workshop and I have played with/tried to understand exactly 0 things in it before diving into timing, so it could just be formatting things I didn't work on. But, nope, 'twasn't me!
>> No. 46517
You can just copy-paste the settings from the previous sub files to get the same formatting, so that shouldn't be a problem.
And the subs posted on 4chan are the same that anon linked above.
>> No. 46518
There we go
>> No. 46519
Aaand here's the usual hardsub upload that I typically make to Tumblr: http://videobam.com/SKJUm !
>> No. 46521
Softsubbed video here
>> No. 46522
Use Aegisub if you really want to get into it
>> No. 46523
omg, dat tit bounce when simone dances
>> No. 46524
>> No. 46525
Holy shit, fuck yes! Thanks! Those subs were FAST.
And, is Simone looking for some... girl action? That's pret-ty nice.
Oh French.
>> No. 46526
maybe she was a friend, you know.. ?

oh god please be more than a friend
>> No. 46527
HDRips when?
>> No. 46528

Encodes are done. I have to check and adjust the timings to these rips, and upload everything.
So release most likely late tonight or tomorrow, depending on how much spare time I can get today.

By the way, does anyone intend to do some proofreading on ep.6's script? Or has it already been done? Just asking to know if I directly use what's been posted in >>46518.
>> No. 46529
Don't get your hopes up, give it time, let it play out. It's way damn too early to assume things.
>> No. 46532
Would be the first actual gay main character in a mainstream cartoon that isn't in a "very special episode".
>> No. 46534
Thanks! I'll be patient

Maybe it was a translation error
>> No. 46535
Nah, she said "quand elle." Elle being the feminine pronoun.
>> No. 46536
Nah, she said "quand elle." Elle being the feminine pronoun.
>> No. 46537
I can tell you it hasn't been done, but I don't know if anyone was going to. I was kind of hoping so because there were a few parts where my translations felt stiff even to me.

My style and idioms may not be up to par, but I can assure you that wasn't a mistake.
>> No. 46538
So, she is either gay or one of her relatives/very close friends lives in Astrub
>> No. 46539
Or a new friend she doesn't want to scare away by embarassing herself in public. We know very little, so lets not jump into conclusions. There was a lenghty discussion about it on /co/and the conclusion was that it is way too early to tell anything for sure.

Still, it would be cool to see an animated show ignoring the social stigma by playing things like normal and not making a big deal of a characters' orientation.
>> No. 46540
Although not a show, Paranorman did that
>> No. 46541
File 135997003519.jpg - (56.64KB , 1006x720 , Lou.jpg )
-720p, 10bits, France 3 HDTV stream source
-.mkv English softsubbed
-Minor script and timing fixes here and there
-Should be the most decent version released so far

Ep.1 => https://hotfile.com/dl/192473267/4ef9059/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E01_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_1A5C1196.mkv.html
Ep.2 => https://hotfile.com/dl/192476182/f4816d7/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E02_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_D6996FB1.mkv.html
Ep.3 => https://hotfile.com/dl/192479535/65e250b/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E03_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_677326B4.mkv.html
Ep.4 => https://hotfile.com/dl/192482754/df82796/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E04_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_87F52FE1.mkv.html
Ep.5 => https://hotfile.com/dl/192485611/9b3867c/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E05_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_150104A8.mkv.html
Ep.6 => https://hotfile.com/dl/192488388/04a5b9b/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E06_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_1BB76D87.mkv.html
>> No. 46542
I thanked you over at the other chan already but I'll say it here too: THANK YOU!
>> No. 46543
File 135997212610.jpg - (36.73KB , 250x250 , palpy.jpg )
>> No. 46544
I'll make mirrors ASAP
>> No. 46545
Thanks. Unfortunately, I can't do much myself considering my pitiful upload bandwidth.

Also, if someone can create and seed Torrent links, I guess it'd probably be appreciated.
>> No. 46546
Don't worry, I'll take care of everything
>> No. 46547
File 135998751620.png - (228.11KB , 704x400 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E06_(WebRaw)[14-46-57].png )
As promised:
Episode 1 - http://www68.zippyshare.com/v/80398851/file.html
Episode 2 - http://www68.zippyshare.com/v/69930570/file.html
Episode 3 - http://www68.zippyshare.com/v/31817629/file.html
Episode 4 - http://www70.zippyshare.com/v/65282889/file.html
Episode 5 - http://www70.zippyshare.com/v/96708396/file.html
Episode 6 - http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/45333645/file.html
>> No. 46548
I love you.
>> No. 46549
Anyone have links to the first two episodes hardsubbed? Don't mind if they're not as good quality, but they gotta be hardsubbed unfortunately.
>> No. 46550
They're up on Videobam:
http://videobam.com/hsDMl - S01E01
http://videobam.com/aHaga - S01E02
I believe you can download them from there.
>> No. 46551
They're up on Videobam:
http://videobam.com/hsDMl - S01E01
http://videobam.com/aHaga - S01E02
I believe you can download them from there.
>> No. 46552
They're up on Videobam:
http://videobam.com/hsDMl - S01E01
http://videobam.com/aHaga - S01E02
I believe you can download them from there.
>> No. 46553
I put up the HD uploads on YouTube, hardsubbed!

Episode Un: http://youtu.be/B5t-8hx_e0o
Episode Deux: http://youtu.be/ldapui0oaH8
Episode Trois: http://youtu.be/Qh_b9xkDXdA
Episode Quatre: http://youtu.be/PnzGFD8I5DQ
Episode Cinq: http://youtu.be/LNk-vV6VxwA
Episode Six: http://youtu.be/JU15ugS6F6U
>> No. 46554
Er, my apologies, episode five is not hardsubbed! Not sure how that slipped past me, but I will fix it and put up the new link shortly!
>> No. 46555
http://youtu.be/M02nqg1GxMM Episode Cinq
>> No. 46556
Hey man, I want to say thanks for all the work you and the others have done. Really awesome.

I just have one thing to add regarding the subtitles. I haven't been around this thread much, but I have noticed that in the subs Kerub calls the house "Lois" at the end of the first episode rather than Luis. Is there any chance of getting that fixed? It just seems so out of place. Sorry for not saying something sooner, I just got out of work and I presumed it would have been pointed out by the proofreader after the interim subs came out.
>> No. 46557
>Lois / Luis
I did fix this mistake in my previous release based on quick encodes, but it seems I just forgot this time around. My bad.

So, have your Kerub ep.1 HD v2 fixing the mistake:
=> https://hotfile.com/dl/192650809/e0e56de/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E01_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_v2_37F3CEF8.mkv.html

Or just the subtitle file:
=> https://hotfile.com/dl/192648040/e1a8a28/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E01_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_v2.ass.html
>> No. 46558
How do you encode subs into the video? I might need this for later
>> No. 46559
File 136003600711.gif - (707.67KB , 400x225 , glee.gif )
You're a swell guy, bro
>> No. 46560
Based Kenny
>> No. 46561
AviDemux 2.5. It has a plugin for overlaying .ass subs on avi files.
>> No. 46562
Does Papycha or whatever he calls him doesn't mean Grandpa or something similar? It seems kind of out of place.
>> No. 46563
Literal translation would be something like "Grandpacat".
>> No. 46564
"Papi" means grandpa, "chat" is cat. But the official website spells it Papycha with a leading capital.
>> No. 46565
You don't think putting Grandpa instead would be better?
>> No. 46566
Not really. Plus I got flak for using Kerub while they "clearly say Kérubim in the dub" (also a common complaint from Wakfu with Tristepin) so I imagine translating Papycha would yield the same kind of complaint - except in this case we wouldn't at least be basing it on an official translation.
Different folks, different strokes, I guess.
>> No. 46567
As far as I'm concerned, I did wonder whether to change it or not while I was proofing/timing the scripts for the HD raws. I finally decided to leave it as is. I didn't find it very disturbing anyway.

Well, if it really annoys you, you can still easily edit the subs the way you like. That's what softsubs are made for.
>> No. 46568
I bet they are the same people that complain when editors remove honorifics like -sama, -kun, etc in anime. God those people are annoying.

Anyway, not a problem, was just wondering.
>> No. 46569
Would it be possible to get the Kerub eps somewhere else? Hotfile doesn't work for shit.

Click, wait,nothing.
>> No. 46570
If you scroll up by a few posts, you'll see mirror download links posted here: >>46547, and even youtube links here: >>46553.
>> No. 46571
As I mentioned earlier in this thread, yes, the classical song in the 5th episode is indeed Kommt, ihr Töchter, helft mir klagen from the St. Matthew's Passion (aka BWV 244-1).

In this link, listen to the very beginning - it's exactly the tune that plays in the episode. I am actually wondering if this is the same recording that is used in the show (the show one is a bit faster but it's not impossible to speed something up).

Bach BWV 244-1 Kommt, ihr Töc…youtube thumb
>> No. 46572
File 136010119917.jpg - (64.99KB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E01_(720p_10bits_TVsource.jpg )
There seems to be a glitch in episode 1?
It's in both v1 and v2, though.
>> No. 46573
Time? I can't find that.
>> No. 46574
It's at 3:40

Looks like a glitch in the source encoding, in which case I don't think our encoder can do anything other than re-record next time it comes on.

But hey, I'm not involved with the process so I'd love to be proven wrong.
>> No. 46575
Hm, I have it too.
>> No. 46576
Unfortunately, this glitch comes directly from France 3's broadcast.
I always make 2 captures of an episode at 2 different locations (namely my home and my family's), "just in case". I've checked and both have the same glitch.
So I'm afraid I can't do much to fix it aside of waiting for a rerun.
>> No. 46577
Yeah, the channel logo remains untouched while the artefacting happens under it. Everyone watching the show on their TV's should have seen that happen too.
>> No. 46578
Thanks for the episodes.

I think the audio in the second episode is significantly lower quality than the others. Was that part of the source?
>> No. 46579
Actually I use the web raws audio stream as is. I gave up on re-encoding the TV source audio as it gives a lot of synch issues.
>> No. 46581
Really love this show, thanks!
ps: anyone knows a date for Wakfu season 3?
>> No. 46583
We're still not sure it will happen at all. Ankama is pushing for it, but France 3 is a bit reluctant, willing to refocus their programs to a younger target audience.
Though it's not the only factor in deciding France 3 to sign for another season, the potential success of Kerubim's Treasures should be a deciding factor in giving Ankama more weight
>> No. 46584
i think wagering kerubim's success on the possibility of a third season is pretty tricky, because isn't it all self-contained episodes? that might give france 3 a good reason to say no to wakfu because it has a plot.
>> No. 46585
i think wagering kerubim's success on the possibility of a third season is pretty tricky, because isn't it all self-contained episodes? that might give france 3 a good reason to say no to wakfu because it has a plot.
>> No. 46586
can't Ankama just try on another channel?
I don't know shit about French TV so I just wonder if it'd be possible
>> No. 46587
Can't Ankama just try another channel?
I don't know shit about French TV so I'm not sure if that would be possible
>> No. 46588
not many alternatives, and they're all worse than France 3
>> No. 46589
Is French TV really that awful?
>> No. 46590
Just as a heads up, I'll be busy tomorrow so don't expect the translation too early. I'll probably try to get to it before I go to bed regardless, though.
>> No. 46591
Basically, only 4 groups/channels have the resources to fund a production like Wakfu.

France Televisions group : being a public-funded channel has both its pros and cons, witch made a series like Wakfu, with a high production value possible in the first place, but you have to deal with a bit of executive and regulation meddling

M6 group : most of their home made production is live entertainment, they don't produce their own fictions (be it series or movies). Also, they barely have programs targetted at younger audience, even on their subsidiary channels.

Canal+ : Unlike M6, they do produce their own fictions, however, they, too, have very few programs targetted at younger audience. once in a blue moon, they air a cartoon/anime series, but it's generally targetted at teen/young adult audience, and they never produced one themselve. Also, it's a subscription based channel, so most of their programs are encrypted

TF1 : NOPENOPENOPENOPE.jpg.png.wav.tiff.zip.exe.gif
Okay, just to be a bit clearer, think of it as the unholy child of Fox News and 4kids, except french and generalist. Executive meddling everywhere (so basically, no chance of them taking a series they don't have 100% control over). Also, they currently have their own home-produced, flagship cartoon series (sequel to mysterious cities of gold)

There are other channels on french TV, some of them being even watchable, but they either don't have the funds, or the target audience to produce a series like Wakfu
>> No. 46592
Who funds Marathon nowadays?
>> No. 46593
File 136043098350.jpg - (51.23KB , 1280x720 , Kerub7.jpg )
Usual links for Kerub ep.7 web raw. Dofusmotion sure took their sweet time to post it this week. Anyway, here we go:

Dofusmotion streaming version:
=> http://www.dofusmotion.com/divers/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-bash-squale-s01ep07

Downloadable MP4 version:
=> https://hotfile.com/dl/193576919/6ca2060/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E07_(WebRaw).mp4.html
>> No. 46594
File 136043738913.jpg?nsfw - (77.52KB , 1024x576 , 1359478830135.jpg?nsfw )
>> No. 46596
Raw translation:

It's late and all, so anyone's proofreading would be appreciated.
>> No. 46597
And here's my timing with only a couple of small corrections in the places where I caught issues!

I'll upload it to my YouTube channel as I did above ASAP.
>> No. 46598
Aaand here's the hardsubbed YouTube upload:
>> No. 46599
File 136049926912.png - (516.60KB , 1529x480 , Kerub x Gendo.png )
added upscaled to 854x480 ep. 07 (WebRaw)

Ep 1-6 http://file.karelia.ru/zgqk9f/
>> No. 46600
So I just want to ask, since all past releases are HD now, are HD releases going to be something to expect weekly now? As in should I wait for it, or should I just watch the upscale when it comes out and then get the HD to keep for later? I don't mind waiting a few days, but if it's gonna be something where you release a few HD episodes at a time, I'll watch the upscales.
>> No. 46602
Episode 7 softsubbed
>> No. 46603
>are HD releases going to be something to expect weekly now?
I'll release an HD version as soon as I can, which means once the subs are available for the web raw, and once I have enough spare time to re-time them to the HD raw.

Expect ep.7 HD release by tomorrow.
>> No. 46604

Thank you very much!
>> No. 46605
Just a quick question about the admiral's name: any particular reason you replaced "Kokuss" with "Caucus"?
>> No. 46606
His name has a meaning that's relevant to the character, so I think it should be localised anyway (like "Kukoldus" or something similar)
>> No. 46607
>I think it should be localised
Yeah, I think so too... (Damnit Ankama! It's supposed to be a childish cartoon!)

Maybe we could just change a bit the pronunciation of the end of "cuckold", like it's been done in French.

"Kuckawld" maybe?

Any opinion/suggestion from an English native speaker?
>> No. 46608
Just call him "Dick" and leave it at that :>
>> No. 46609
I just didn't look him up. T'was late and it didn't occur to me.
>> No. 46610
Ok, thanks. I thought so, but just wanted to make sure.
Well, I'll just leave "Kokuss" as is. It's not as if many people seem to care anyway.
>> No. 46611
File 136061417848.jpg - (81.41KB , 1280x720 , Kerub7.jpg )
HD TV source release of Kerub ep.7
=> https://hotfile.com/dl/193958461/9fd6b5d/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E07_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_7DD882F8.mkv.html

The sound should be better this time. Seems like I found a trick to properly use the TV sound without the damn delay troubles I had previously.
>> No. 46612
Now streamable in HD for all you lazy folks :)!
>> No. 46613
>"Kuckawld" maybe?
could work
>> No. 46616
This may be an odd request, but would it be possible to release standalone subtitle files for each of the episodes in french? Kind of like closed captioning, but a lot nicer to look at and easily switchable with english.

I understand it might be a pain, and you're welcome to not do it, but the subtitle formatting is already set up, it just needs to be a straight transcription. Seeing as how it's a kid show, I think it could be a good tool for a younger cousin to help them better grasp the speaking aspect of the language for their french class.
>> No. 46617
>using Dofus/Wakfu for French class
I love you
>> No. 46618
File 136064387412.jpg - (148.83KB , 713x713 , interesting.jpg )
>> No. 46619
File 136064434653.png - (809.30KB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E07_(720p_10bits_TVsource.png )
Actually, let me join this request - French subs would be great, and people might need them if they decide to practice French using Dofus
>> No. 46620
I third this motion! I'm a French-speaker-in-training and Wakfu and Dofus have done wonders for my French education, but having subs would be even *more* fantastic!
>> No. 46621
I'd love to oblige, but I already have so many side projects piling up I'm loath to add more to the pile. I know we have other French speakers around, so does anyone feel up for it?
>> No. 46623
Guys, I'm trying out new russian filehosting service. Could you please start download of this file and tell me whether speed is good?: http://yadi.sk/d/hR2BJIdE2YZwa
>> No. 46624
Someone is bound to have French transcript. Or do people here usually translate on the fly?
>> No. 46625
>French subs
Sorry, but don't count on me to make them.
As much as I like the idea (BTW that's what we did for Wakfu S2), I don't have time to take care of this. I'm already doing more for this series project than I intended to do to at first.

>do people here usually translate on the fly?
Seth is a French native speaker, so I guess that's what he does indeed.
>> No. 46626
I know they used transcripts for Wakfu S2, but I'm just doing it on the fly to save some time. I find transcription a rather bothersome task, and to be honest there are some words I can't even understand so I have to whip up a translation based on context, or fill in the blanks. Dofus seems worse than Wakfu in this regard, but I don't know if it's just me or our French colleagues have noticed it too.
>> No. 46627
Well, so far you're doing a good job at guessing and filling in the blanks. On my side, I do a quick review of the script while I'm timing it to the HD raw, so I edit it here and there when something's missing.

By the way, if you're stuck on something you don't understand, you're welcome to ask me via e-mail.
>> No. 46628
>if you're stuck on something you don't understand, you're welcome to ask me via e-mail.

same here. It was actually common for me and Kenny to exchange on that kind of thing during transcriptions of S2, when one wasn't too sure of what was said on screen.
>> No. 46629
I could give a try at doing french subs.
But I'm not sure where to start.

Are there french transcripts already or do I have to start there ?
>> No. 46630
There's no transcript as far as I've understood, Seth said he was translating on the fly. So, I suggest you start from the english subs, and edit them directly with Aegisub.

-Get the HD softsubbed versions I released previously.
-Get and install Aegisub (http://www.aegisub.org)
-Launch Aegisub, and open an episode in the "File" menu=>"Open". It'll extract the subtitle file it contains.
-Go to the "Video" menu=>"Open video", and open again the episode you're working on. This time it'll import the video itself in the UI.
-Finally, go to the "Audio" menu=>"Open audio from video" to get the sound.

You now have everything at hand to work on your transcript. You can easily listen to the dialogues and see what you're doing. Just edit the text line by line, and finally save everything to a new subtitle file.

Have fun!
>> No. 46631
Fluctuates between 200-300 KB/sec. Hotfile usually gives me 300-500 KB/sec I think, don't really remember.

A couple sites to consider, that aren't 100% reliably fast (for me at least, usually give 1.5MB/sec+, sometimes give 100KB/sec or anywhere in between)
http://jumbofiles.com/ (Apparently it stopped working at some point, might be fixed)
http://www.peejeshare.com/ (Don't see this one used anymore, maybe they slowed down their stuff)
>> No. 46632
No transcripts whatsoever from me and I haven't heard of anyone doing any.

Also, Aegisub has a built-in translation feature, but I don't remember exactly what it does. You could have a look at it and see if it makes the process any faster, but Kenny's method should work perfectly well on its own.
>> No. 46633
>and to be honest there are some words I can't even understand
Is it because French is hard, or because pronunciation is hard to understand sometimes?
>> No. 46635
File 136069403689.jpg - (165.27KB , 1012x567 , joris_wakfu.jpg )
> and edit them directly with Aegisub.
Subtitle Edit works fine too, and (at least imo) is less painful to work with: http://www.nikse.dk/

As for ASS subs, they aren't actually required, unless the team starts using advanced options (like subtitle positioning and such, to be able to write explanations for puns, jokes etc.)

As for me, I always convert Dofus subs to SubRip format before translating them to Russian.

Thank you very much! It is blazing fast here, but I also want to consider it for non-russia residents to use. It even has Dropbox-like desktop client
>> No. 46636
Pronunciation. Even if they use regional words or expressions I can always look them up, but the voiceover seems a little neglected in places, to me, compared to Wakfu. Words covered by the background noise or music and in some cases, plain mispronunciation (or just too much fade out, but I can count that one as intended).
>> No. 46639
Forgot to mention I'm in the US. Also it's really not a bad host, if it was the only available I wouldn't complain. Sites like Uploaded.to and rapidgator are TERRIBLE though, they limit you to like 70KB/sec which is painstakingly slow.

Also I used to fansub anime a while back, Aegisub was by far the best tool, I'm glad it's still around. You guys still use MeGUI to encode?

I used to Time but boy did I hate it, I have a lot of respect for timers. I had to video time, can't understand how people did it with audio only. What I really enjoyed was typesetting. Wish I knew Lua to do the custom stuff myself, but I would make some killer looking effects with the built-in stuff and a neat little program I had found that converted PNG images to ASS code. Had to hardsub that shit though, cause it was thousands of dots and took forever to render 1 frame.
>> No. 46642
>regional words or expressions
How often do you meet them? Is there some kind of French version of "nigga-gangsta-talk"?

>Aegisub was by far the best tool
Tried it too, found it kinda unintuitive

> Also it's really not a bad host,
Thanks! It allows hosting of large files, so it might come in handy
>> No. 46643
I'm not really keeping track. There's variations of French in every country and each region thereof, as with any language, so you just try to keep track. The worst example so far has been the ch'tis in Maxi-Mini, but they had captions for those instead of the actual script in the speech bubbles because it's nonsense for most French people as well (unless I'm mistaken). Even Jèrriais might be even to understand, but it's been a while since I've read either.

It's hard (for me anyway) to compare specific patterns like gangsta talk between languages because those aren't necessary things that have equivalents in every language, they're part of the cultural identity of the regions where the languages are spoken. French has its own street talk(s) and Verlan comes to mind, but I'd be hard-pressed to give those things English names.
>> No. 46646
>I used to Time but boy did I hate it
I absolutely hate it too.

>I had to video time, can't understand how people did it with audio only
Yeah. I also used to do video timing when I was in charge of it back then on the first part of Wakfu S2. It took me AGES to get something done.
Then I found this tutorial on Youtube, which is probably one of the best at explaining how to sound time a video.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to make proper timed subs with Aegisub:
-Part 1 => http://youtu.be/w6zXR6Bg7fU
-Part 2 => http://youtu.be/QqqfEz_A3ts

By the way, I prefer Aegisub too.
Maybe it's not the most intuitive tool, but still one of the most powerful and handy one when it comes to fine timing, especially thanks to its timing post-processor feature.

>You guys still use MeGUI to encode?
No, I use XviD4PSP. It's a very handy all-in-one encoding tool, and very easy to use for someone like me who isn't a "pro" encoder.
>> No. 46648
XviD4PSP for the HD releases too? What a misleading name lol.
>> No. 46649
File 136078114341.png - (40.78KB , 220x167 , rus_logo.png )
Damn, our Dofus awareness spreading effort is getting bigger - some guys are even doing fandub based on my translation of your subs.

Sample voiceovers are here, in case anyone is interested:
Episode 1 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/fhvj63l5hkdrtpg/1.aac
Episode 2 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/0jsvltcl5b0czz9/2.aac
Episode 3 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/4mqi1azqdm7rq8p/3.aac
>> No. 46650
!!! Really cool :D!
Kinda makes me really wish for an English fandub of Dofus or Wakfu :D.
>> No. 46651
I just had a random thought (re: french transcription). I don't know if France does closed captioning on their programs, but if they do, would it be reasonable to contact the channel and obtain original language transcripts of certain shows as used in closed captioning? I live in the US and I remember (this was years ago, when I watched regular network TV) during the credits of some shows there was a text notice or voiceover explaining that if you'd like a transcript of this episode please write to blah blah blah.

I admit I don't fully understand how the CC system works (and even less about how things are in europe), but this seems like a reasonable enough theory. What do you think?
>> No. 46652
I'm pretty sure someone is bound to come forward. Have there even been English fandub efforts for Wakfu?
>> No. 46653
Sort of. There were a guy or two who tried voicing Nox and Tristepin, but no one else really wanted to try so it was never more than a couple guys posting clips here and there. Not an actual dubbing effort.
>> No. 46654
Kennymc should know, as if I have understood correctly, he is the one capping it. But, considering he didn't mention it up to now, chances are that there just isn't a cc stream for this show.
>> No. 46655
whoa those were very nice, will consider if I ever get the chance to quicksub again
>> No. 46657
No closed captions as far as I know, at least not with the IPTV stream I capture.
>> No. 46658
Thanks for the starting guide! Kenny

>>Have fun!

I'll try to keep everyone interested informed of progress
>> No. 46659
File 136083707458.png - (185.83KB , 991x684 , subedit.png )
You could also try Subtitle Edit (picrelated), since it might be easier to work with.

>> No. 46660
Thanks, I'll try it for EP02 since EP01 is almost done.

I wonder if I add the french subs to the existing version (hence, two subs will be available on the same video file) or if you prefer having a french alone subbed version ?
What do you say, folks ?
>> No. 46661
Hmm, depends on you. I assume (correct me if I'm wrong) that most people in this thread know how to mux/demux mkv files

You can also upload just the subtitle file, and everyone does as they need to. Though I imagine that having bilingual mkv version would be preferable
>> No. 46662
Just my 2 cents, but I think releasing the subtitle files only should be enough.
It'd spare you the upload of yet another version, and interested people could get them very quickly and easily.
>> No. 46663
>> No. 46665

Less work than previously estimated ? Suits me pretty well !

Here we go for episode 1's french subs :

On a side note, I may have used a misleading tripcode. I have nothing to do with the famous Frenchy, obviously. I'll use that tripcode from now on.
>> No. 46667
>famous Frenchy,
Ehh, who is he? Is he famous on 4chan or here?

Merci! Will try them a bit later. Damn, I now have a chance to start learning French (I learned English by playing KOTOR and listening to 7-90s disco...
>> No. 46669
I just watched the episode with the subtitles. From a person who knows next to zero about french, everything seemed to match up to what it sounded like they said. I suppose that isn't entirely helpful though.

It was a bit distracting seeing all those spaces before exclamation points and question marks, so I went through and fixed all those.
>> No. 46670
That's the French rule for high punctuation, so DF was right to include them. You're free to edit them out of course, just saying this for the record.
>> No. 46672
Nervermind, then.

Good to know that you can follow the subs.
As no proof reading is done, there may be some errors in the transcripts. Nobody's perfect.
But I'm pretty carefull with the transcripts and a native french speaker. This should keep the margin of error pretty low.

My words, exactly.
>> No. 46673
Here are the french subs for Ep. 2

Have fun reading french while your eyes hurt from all those weird punctuation spaces
>> No. 46674
>I'll use that tripcode from now on.
Thanks. It was a bit misleading indeed.

>famous Frenchy
>Ehh, who is he?
See >>46606, >>46613 and >>46628 among other things.
Even if he hasn't been very active lately (at least not under his tripcode), he's been around here for about 3 years now, and did quite his fair part of work on the Wakfu series.
>> No. 46675
French subs for Episode 3:

All comments are welcome, by the way.
Next Episode on monday, I guess.
>> No. 46676
I'll try to take a look next week, see if I find any typos. Thanks for taking this up by the way, if I didn't say that already.
>> No. 46677
Thanks for the probable corrections, then.

If I manage to finish all the english subbed episodes before ep 9 is out, maybe the translating team will be able to include the french transcript in the next HD softsubbed releases. What do you think, guys ?
>> No. 46678
Pour une fois que je peux apporter ma (petite) pierre à l'édifice...

It's nice to know the (very little) work I do here will be helpful for some people.
>> No. 46679
I'd like that, personally. Having both in the same file with Wakfu S2 was pretty nifty.
>> No. 46680
Thanks. Like I said, zero knowledge of the language other than a general idea of how it sounds. I had no idea that a space was required before punctuation like that. I guess if that's the case I have no problem leaving them in for the sake of consistency. Before I was seeing the spaces as typos, but knowing that it's proper makes a world of difference in terms of perception.

Thanks again guy, this is pretty cool to see. Maybe I'll start learning French too!

Probably not, but I do enjoy quoting characters from shows properly
>> No. 46681
Only if they can remember to label them both based on their appropriate language. Few things are more frustrating than to have multiple subtitle streams on a video that are unlabeled or mislabeled.
>> No. 46682
Well, the english softsubs are marked as english language.
The team seems to pay attention to this stuff.
But it never hurts to remind them, you're right.
>> No. 46683
>maybe the translating team will be able to include the french transcript in the next HD softsubbed releases
Sure, no problem on my side. Just let me know when you intend to release your French transcript subs, and I'll make sure they're included in the HD release.

Oh, my poor baby, I'd be so sorry for frustrating an ungrateful whiner like you for not labelling properly something you get for free... It's not as if you couldn't do it yourself in less than a minute using MKVmerge, right?
Anyway, don't worry: I'm not a noob, and of course I always properly label the streams of my releases. Just have a look at the 26 eps of Wakfu S2 if you're not convinced...

>it never hurts to remind them
Considering the way it's been said, it hurts actually.
>> No. 46684
Yeah, I realize I could have worded that better. My apologies. Was checking the thread during my lunch hour and was having a bad day.

I never meant any personal offense, nor did I have any idea you were the subtitler for Wakfu (I don't follow subtitle groups much at all).
>> No. 46685
Apologies accepted, thanks.
Well, I tend to be a bit on the defensive with such matters. It's probably because of the criticisms we got back then when we were subbing Wakfu S2.
Plus I guess I also had a bad day today...
>> No. 46686
I fully approve of your post.
Mispronunciation occurs once or twice in each episode I've Watched so far.
Sometimes the sound effects covers the voice, too.
I admit having used your translation several times to identify some words. And I was raised watching french cartoons !
>> No. 46687
>Sure, no problem on my side. Just let me know when you intend to release your French transcript subs, and I'll make sure they're included in the HD release.
Week-ends are too busy for me to work on this, but if I can get my hands on the vid on mondays, the transcript should be done before dusk.

Sorry for the fake spoiler. Clumsy hands, I guess.
>> No. 46689
File 136101577977.jpg - (353.52KB , 1889x1063 , e23.jpg )
>Oh, my poor baby, I'd be so sorry for frustrating an ungrateful whiner
Not the guy you were replying to, but you should ease off
>> No. 46690
I already eased off since the guy I was talking to clarified things. As far as I'm concerned, everything is okay and settled on that matter.

>Not the guy you were replying to
...so please mind your own business.
>> No. 46691
File 13610220321.jpg - (167.59KB , 1273x712 , Cancoon.jpg )
Links for this week's episode:

Dofusmotion streaming version:
=> http://www.dofusmotion.com/divers/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-la-chichala-du-pandawa-s01ep08

Downloadable MP4 version:
=> https://hotfile.com/dl/194709495/3db6234/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E08_(WebRaw).mp4.html
>> No. 46692
Since there are France residents in this thread, I need to ask something: how come there are so freaking few of you (people living in France) doing TVrips? Seriously, even Wakfu/Dofus series is only available to us because of 3-5 devoted guys. And lesser series are almost nowhere to be seen. I'm not even mentioning french dub of foreign series. What gives? Is it because of harsher DMCA enforcement or something?

>...so please mind your own business
And pass a chance to set trips straight? Nah...
Still, a bit of my fault for not reading the rest of your posts on the page

>> No. 46693
Another question: what happened to "WEB" RAWS? They used to be 640x360 logoless rips (except for ep 2). Now they are clearly 704x400 TVrips. Is the same thing on the Dofus official site, or is it only on Dofusmotion?
>> No. 46694
File 136102994735.png - (376.37KB , 2315x2315 , joris_jojo_jurgen__dofus_aux_tresors_de_kerubim__b.png )
>> No. 46695
File 136103407249.png - (265.77KB , 854x480 , snapshot20130216205743.png )
added upscaled to 854x480 ep. 08 (WebRaw)

Ep 1-6 http://file.karelia.ru/zgqk9f/
>> No. 46696
How long is Dofus gonna air for?
>> No. 46697
How long is Dofus gonna air for?
>> No. 46698
52 episodes.
>> No. 46699
Should probably finish by the end of the year, unless there will be hiatus
>> No. 46700
I don't know much about French TV, but I imagine there might be a few Saturdays they might have to skip due to special programming or what have you. 52 weekends consistently in a row would be rather impressive.
>> No. 46701
Raw translation:
>> No. 46702
boop, some quick timing
>> No. 46703
wait just noticed some errors, discard, let me try again
>> No. 46704
This is awkward, I just finished timing... xD
>> No. 46705
lel, it's alright
>> No. 46706
http://youtu.be/l2puNyJrgnI And here's YouTube!
>> No. 46708
Did you give a try to the timing method I posted in >>46646 ?
It helps to make quite good subs while saving time.
>> No. 46709
I did, it was pretty useful, but I guess Morgi was faster haha
>> No. 46710
Episode 8 softsubbed here
>> No. 46711
Episode 8 suftsubbed here
>> No. 46713
Please reply to >>46692 and >>46693
>> No. 46715
>how come there are so freaking few of you (people living in France) doing TVrips?
I don't really know, and I can't speak for all the French out there on the web. But as far as I'm concerned, it's mostly because of a lack of interest. I'm generally not much interested in French made series to begin with. And between reruns, replay VOD services and DVDs, I don't see the need to make rips of anything airing on French TV, let alone uploading it.
By the way, note that most French people are connected to internet via ADSL connections. Those only come with a 800-900 Kbps upload bandwidth, which makes uploading anything above 100MB a pain in the butt.

>DMCA enforcement
It's part of the reason, but not the main concern I think.
Well, at least it's the reason why I don't make nor seed any torrent download for my releases.

>what happened to "WEB" RAWS?
I don't know either. I only get Dofusmotion's ones because they're easy to capture. I can't get the ones available on Dofus official site. They're kind of protected against direct download, and I'm not tech savvy enough to get past this protection.
>> No. 46717
>reruns, replay VOD services and DVDs
These are hard to find to foreigners.

> not tech savvy enough
Come to think of it, this issue seems to be at least somewhat common for french rippers - the TVrips i did manage to find have issues (like missing frames)

>Those only come with a 800-900 Kbps upload bandwidth
This is not that bad, actually. As long as connection is stable, it shouldn't be an issue. 100 kbytes /s is good enough for uploading

>I don't see the need to make rips of anything airing on French TV, let alone uploading it.
Are these shows really that bad? I don't quality issues stopping AT fans from uploading their show though... Just kidding, but... not completely

>They're kind of protected against direct download, and I'm not tech savvy enough to get past this protection.
Are they at least logoless? As for download, I'm using Maxthon's resource sniffer to download content of webpages
>> No. 46718
>These are hard to find to foreigners.
But how many non-foreigners care about that? The question isn't "Why aren't more French people ripping shows?" but "Why would they?" They already get the content for themselves. Ripping and spending hours on uploading is useless to them, and if anything they're risking prosecution. You can't seriously be surprised that people aren't spontaneously jumping on the occasion.

>They're kind of protected against direct download, and I'm not tech savvy enough to get past this protection.
In case you feel like looking it up, a cache viewer might do the trick. I used to have one for Firefox that would let me find files that a more dedicated FLV catcher couldn't see. It didn't manage to keep up with the browser updates, though, so I can't really recommend one at the moment. Chrome might have something.

If worse comes to worse, you could probably find it in the raw cache I guess. I'd try it myself but I can never figure out goddamn proxies. Either way I'm just saying, I'm perfectly fine with whatever we're getting now.
>> No. 46719
>These are hard to find to foreigners.
Yeah, I guessed as much. But I'm afraid I generally don't care much, unless it's something I really like and I want to share, such as Ankama's series.

>Are these shows really that bad?
Well, not *that* bad I guess. It's just that I'm not interested in them.

>Are they at least logoless?
This week's web raw is indeed logoless on Dofus official website.

>As for download, I'm using Maxthon's resource sniffer to download content of webpages
I use Firefox's Download helper and cache view, but they're useless here.
The protection used by Pluzz (France TV's VOD replay service) goes beyond just a matter of sniffing the stream. They don't send a single video, but split it in tens of littles bits which are put together by their player on the website. It makes it really difficult to get a video even if you can manage to sniff its download location.
>> No. 46720
>Are these shows really that bad?
Sadly, yes. When it comes to fictions, french TV is in a sad state. Here's how I would sum it up :
- foreign series (mostly US crime investigation ones)
- lame attempts from french channels at making their own versions of aforementioned series
- series that focus too much on french audience's centers of interest (french history/society) to be of any value to foreign audience
- a few gems, mostly humorous, but which rely too much on language/culture and lose their impact when translated

The only works of fiction we're still good at are feature-length movies, but those have quite a good foreign distribution and don't need the attention of fan-ripping (they have less and less air time on mainstream TV channels anyway, nowadays you need to pay for dedicated satellite/cable channels if you're a film lover)

As for non-fiction shows, they're either a copycat of a foreign show, or they're uninspired and boring.

I'm not exxagerating when I say that more than a third of the time I spent watching TV in the last 4 years was just watching Wakfu/Dofus episodes, then switching TV off. I'm almost considering getting rid of it to gain some space in my tiny appartment.
>> No. 46721
Got all points, ok.

Just one more question: how does French audience react to Titeuf movie (2011)? Personally, I liked it (even did russian subs of it thanks to some anon who did English ones). I would like to know how French reacted to it

AFAIK, it didn't collect much in theaters, but box office ≠ quality/likability
>> No. 46722
wow, this episode was surprisingly bad
>> No. 46723
> They don't send a single video, but split it in tens of littles bits which are put together by their player on the website.
Oh, they're catching up? Nice, in a way.

I did and I rarely regret it. There's only one or two channels I really miss, and even then I'd say the productivity boost is worth it. I'm not French, though.
>> No. 46725

What's the ETA on HDTV rip?
>> No. 46726
Here are the french subs for ep 8.

Kenny, if you need the raw transcript, please let me know.
>> No. 46727
I forgot to thank Seth for the names in this episode.
No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get 'Zado Machoan' or 'Tchouparak' right.
Lack of Dofus bqckground. My bad.
>> No. 46728
>if you need the raw transcript
It's okay, thanks. Actually, it's easier for me to work from the subs file.

Just a little tip: Look at the end credits of the episode. You can find most of the names you need in the voice actors cast.

>HD release
Most likely today.
>> No. 46729
> it's easier for me to work from the subs file
Good to know.

>Look at the end credits of the episode
That's some valuable protip. Thanks !
>> No. 46730
French subs for Episode 4 :

Have fun reading french !
>> No. 46731
How does French audience react to Titeuf movie (2011)? Did they like it?
>> No. 46732
>Have fun reading french !
If only I understood any of it ;_;
>> No. 46733
I don't know, that's why I didn't reply to your first post.
I'm not interested in Titeuf. I haven't seen the movie, nor do I watch the series.
>> No. 46734
Episode 5.
French subs.
you know what to do with them, huh ?
>> No. 46736
Ah, ok. It's hard to tell the difference between person accidentally overlooking your post, and not wanting to reply/having no answer.

As for Titeuf, I thought this was huge in France. I even have photo of advertisement laying around. It was taken in Paris metro in 2008 by me
>> No. 46738
Yeah, I believe Titeuf is quite big indeed, but unfortunately not as far as I'm concerned.
Maybe another French poster around here will be able to answer your questions. Or you should try to ask on 4chan /co/.
>> No. 46739
File 136120533228.jpg - (53.21KB , 1280x720 , Simone.jpg )
HD release for ep.8, which now contains both English and French transcript subs.

=> https://hotfile.com/dl/195020045/fecea90/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E08_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_2E7FB580.mkv.html
>> No. 46740
Says that Titeuf went very well in theaters.
It was #1 in attendance the first week (370 000 viewers) and 1.2 million people viewed it in a month.

On a side note, I can't stand Titeuf.
>> No. 46741
File 136120924355.jpg - (14.73KB , 267x200 , brofist.jpg )
>I can't stand Titeuf
Glad to hear I'm not the only one who can't stand him.
>> No. 46742
Thank you for your answers! I've only seen movie (with series being unavailable around these parts) and maybe a couple of comic strips. It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't generic either. And OST is awesome, I still listen to it often

The reason I asked about it is mediocre IMDB score for the movie
>> No. 46743
Now in HD on YouTube.
>> No. 46744
Titeuf should have remained a comic book for kids. As soon as someone tried to make it their next cash cow and expand the franchise, it became garbage.
>> No. 46747
Chacun ses goûts / it's a matter of taste.
I've never been fond of Titeuf to begin with.
Now if you want to crack me up, just give me any Joe Bar Team comic; or any good ol' Leonard, Futt & Fil or Gaston Lagaffe comic.
They'll always be better than any "Tchô zizi" comic IMO.
>> No. 46748
That you so much for these youtube hardsubs. My friend has to watch stuff from his PS3 since he doesn't have a computer so the youtube ones I can rip and give him to watch since PS3 can't play soft subs.
>> No. 46749
File 136125068666.png - (454.19KB , 732x763 , outofmyelement.png )
Which application are you using for 10-bit encodes? Please, respond. My american tv-ripper friend would like to know the trick for his future encodes

In case someone is downloading episodes in bulk or something like that

>> No. 46750
For what it's worth, anybody can encode the video with hardsubs from the releases we get. In the future it may not be always feasible to trust in the volatility of youtube releases.

Install Handbrake
Open the subtitled video release in Handbrake
Click on subtitle tab
Click dropdown, select subtitle stream (usually "English (SSA)" or anything with SSA in the title)
Check the box above "burned in", click the "Add" button
Choose an appropriate destination filename/folder and preset on the right (Normal is fine)
Click "Start" button

Really pretty simple, all put together. I do it all the time when I want to watch Wakfu or Dofus with my friend on his 360/PS3. By all means, continue to download the YT videos if you want, but just know that you aren't completely screwed if Ankama/YT pulls a copyright banhammer out of their ass all of a sudden.
>> No. 46751
I use XviD4PSP => http://code.google.com/p/xvid4psp/
It's a simple yet powerful all-in-one encoding tool.
>> No. 46752
>good ol' Leonard
mah nigga!
>> No. 46753
Much appreciated, thanks!
>> No. 46754


>good ol' Leonard
>mah nigga!
Ever read Les petits hommes, homies ?
>> No. 46755
French subs for episode 6 are available :

Bonne lecture !
>> No. 46756
File 13612599149.jpg - (113.53KB , 695x620 , Figurines_Leonard.jpg )
>mah nigga!
Pic related.

>Ever read Les petits hommes
Sure! Not my absolute favorite comic, but still a very good one.
>> No. 46757
>but still a very good one
I knew you were 'un homme de goût'
>> No. 46758
And the last one to be up to date !
Episode 7 - french subs :
>> No. 46759
You work quite fast
>> No. 46760
The job is not very difficult for a french dude.
Most of the work has already been done by the team,.
All I have to do is type fast then play the episode with subs on in order to correct typos.
The latter being more time consuming.
>> No. 46761
Makes sense. Though I assume typing everything still takes more than 10 minutes
>> No. 46762
>still takes more than 10 minutes
Sounds about right.
I'd say 15 minutes for typing, I'll try to time it for episode 9.

I don't watch the entire episode while typing, I just browse through the timed english subs in aegis. It saves a lot of time that I can spend on fixing typos.
>> No. 46763
Watching last year's Asterix movie. Quite funny (compliment to our French buddies)

Good. btw, which languages (apart from English and French) do you know?
>> No. 46764
File 136336633746.jpg - (183.28KB , 1276x715 , PickOne.jpg )
So, seems like we're back on business on +4chan.
Since I'm lazy, I'm not reposting in this thread all the links for the episodes released during the down time. Instead, get them here:

=> http://goo.gl/P8cvh

It's a copy-pasta list of DDL and Youtube links to all HD subbed episodes of Kerub released so far.
Of course, I'll keep it updated with future releases.
>> No. 46765
Gentlemen, we're back in business!
>> No. 46766
Did the new episode air today?
>> No. 46767
Did the new episode air today?
>> No. 46768
>> No. 46769
File 136344027845.jpg - (232.01KB , 1239x513 , Bug.jpg )
It did, and it's supposedly available online. However the vids posted on both the official website and Dofusmotion won't play right now because of a bug (pic related).

So, web raw release later once it's fixed.
>> No. 46770
Thanks for the info, man. May god Ecaflip smile upon you.
>> No. 46771

Here is the web raw

>> No. 46772

Here is the web raw

>> No. 46773
Thanks. The translation should come early this afternoon.
>> No. 46774
Episode 12 raw translation:
>> No. 46775
Downloadable MP4 version of Kerub 12 web raw:
=> https://hotfile.com/dl/198536603/26ab4a6/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E12_(WebRaw).mp4.html
>> No. 46776
And here's the sub timings:
And the YouTube upload:
>> No. 46777
And here's the sub timings:
And the YouTube upload:
>> No. 46778
Softsubbed version:
=> http://www44.zippyshare.com/v/42245277/file.html
>> No. 46785
I will just leave this here...
>> No. 46787
And this too, for good measure!
>> No. 46788
Thanks, never got around to finishing S2 because of the goddamn pacing, finally finished it.
>> No. 46789
File 136369782094.png - (4.49KB , 100x100 , rutr1.png )
>one freaking month of plus4chan downtime
Just... wow
>> No. 46790
File 136370250615.jpg - (81.69KB , 1280x720 , Kerub12.jpg )
HD release for Kerub ep.12.
Softsubbed version with the usual English and French transcript subs.

=> https://hotfile.com/dl/198922132/520b3ea/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E12_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_C6770805.mkv.html

=> http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/19676424/file.html
>> No. 46791
Youtube HD hardsubbed version
=> http://youtu.be/CGDdC_7tF2w
>> No. 46794
No "thanks" for Kenny or Seth or Morgie-Corgi from anyone ?
Son, I'm disappoint.
>> No. 46797
Oh, well... One can't expect people to thank us for each and every thing we release (I myself wouldn't do so by the way).

As far as I'm concerned, I do know there's quite many people who support us and are grateful for what we do. I don't need them to always explicitly remind me of it.

Also, don't forget this is +4chan. There's obviously way less people around here than on 4chan, especially since the one month down time.

Anyway, don't be disappoint, Dad! ;)
>> No. 46800
>especially since the one month down time
I got that in mind too, but wanted to stir up the still waters in here.

52 thanks should be the minimum for the wonderful dofus subbing team ;)
>> No. 46802
One. Goddamn. Month.

Good to see you guys rolling again.
>> No. 46803
I have gotten like six billion thanks on Tumblr and YouTube, I'm fine :D.
I would like to say thank you to you, though, Dofus Frenchy! The French subs are really helpful for me; I'm still learning French and they're coming in handy with my education.
>> No. 46804
Yeah, good work with the YouTube channel.

By the way: why are the last 3 episodes of season 1 (25, 26 and the special) in 4:3 format instead of 16:9?
>> No. 46805
I think I got lazy encoding them and messed something up; I suppose I should reupload them at some point, but not tonight.
>> No. 46806
No rush, you did helluva good already.
>> No. 46808
Well, my part must be the easiest and while I'm glad you find the french transcript helpful, it's nothing compared to the work you, Seth and Kenny (and others ?) do.
>> No. 46814
File 136384534146.png - (87.88KB , 1008x608 , handbrake.png )
Got a complaint on our tracker about not being able to reencode Episode 9 HD.

Took me 30 minutes to get to the source of this problem.

So, picrelated...
>having frenchies is charge of programming
>> No. 46815
File 136384557367.png - (64.73KB , 735x544 , xvid4psp.png )
>having Russians in charge of programming
>> No. 46817
At least Xvid4PSP was being honest about its own lack of support for certain symbols in filenames, instead of accusing me of being utterly incompetent at video encoding / packing
>> No. 46818
Morgie, you devil, you added Oban Star Racers to your channel.

Fucking awesome.
>> No. 46819
I have superior DVD Rip version, with better quality and no logos, if anyone is interested. Oh, and opening is "Chance to Shine" instead of that crappy song used in US version
>> No. 46820
>if anyone is interested
Sure !
>> No. 46821
Will upload today then. Check back in a few hours
>> No. 46822
Uploading of Oban has started. About 7,30 Gb of data, so it might take a few hours.
>> No. 46823
File 136400155549.jpg - (249.67KB , 1127x1600 , poster.jpg )
All episodes contain two audiotracks: English 5.1ch and English 2.0ch

01. A Fresh Start

02. Hostilities break out

03. Grave like Grooor

04. In like Flint

05. Cruel like Ceres

06. Playful like Para-Dice

07. Treacherous like Toros

08. Agile like Aikka

09. Surprising like Super-Racer

10. Resistant like Rush

11. Silent like Spirit

12. The Will to Win

13. Make Way!
>> No. 46824
14. Welcome to Oban

15. Fierce like Lord Furter

16. Nervouse like Ning and Skun

17. Optimised like Ondai

18. Monstrous like Muir

19. The origin of The World

20. Secret like Sul

21. Ominous like O

22. Revelations

23. Cruel like Kross

24. Canaletto's Revenge

25. Unlikely Alliances

26. The moment of Truth
>> No. 46825
Bonus stuff:

Extended Opening Title Sequence

Making of, Part 1 The Start of Production

Making of, Part 2 The cycle of the post Production

OBAN Star-Racer MIPCOM Presentation

OBAN Star-Racer Profiles Aikka

OBAN Star-Racer Profiles Ceres

OBAN Star-Racer Profiles Flint

OBAN Star-Racer Profiles General Kross

OBAN Star-Racer Profiles General Toros

OBAN Star-Racer Profiles Grooor

OBAN Star-Racer Profiles Lord Furter

OBAN Star-Racer Profiles Molly & Jordan

OBAN Star-Racer Profiles Muir

OBAN Star-Racer Profiles Ning & Skun

OBAN Star-Racer Profiles O

OBAN Star-Racer Profiles Para-Dice

OBAN Star-Racer Profiles Robot Ondai

OBAN Star-Racer Profiles Rush

OBAN Star-Racer Profiles Spirit

OBAN Star-Racer Profiles Sul

OBAN Star-Racer Profiles Super Racer

OBAN Star-Racers Trailer

Sneak Peek at OBAN Star-Racers Volume 2
>> No. 46829
Hey guys, could someone get me the sub-script of Wakfu episode 1 on its own? My connection is blocking me from downloading the soft-subs.

Really I just need the lines of text...ahm thinkin' 'bout doin' sumfin...
>> No. 46830
File 136402300868.jpg - (246.60KB , 1045x719 , 2queens.jpg )
New project coming from the guys who did Oban: The Two Queens.
It'll tell the story of Fredegund and Brunhilde.
The pilot episode will be shown at this year's Tokyo Anime Fair.
>> No. 46831
>pilot episode will be shown at this year's Tokyo Anime Fair.
Official site says that promotional trailer "Revealed" at Tokyo Anime Fair. Does it mean it has already been shown?
>> No. 46832
File 136403059936.jpg - (46.21KB , 500x375 , 2queensTAF.jpg )
Seems like so, but it hasn't been posted online yet.
Anyway, for those intrested:
-Official website => http://www.the2queens.com/
-Facebook page => https://www.facebook.com/the2queens
>> No. 46833
Well, until they show trailer publicly, I'm not holding my breath. I take they haven't even secured funding for it yet?
>> No. 46834
File 136404592849.jpg - (51.28KB , 396x497 , Lipstick.jpg )
I know nothing more than what's posted on the Facebook page, so no idea about the funding.

Anyway, back on topic with this week's episode web raw:

-Dofusmotion streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/divers/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-un-diamant-pour-ruby-s01ep13

-Downloadable MP4 version => https://hotfile.com/dl/199536794/7ef5694/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E13_(WebRaw).mp4.html
>> No. 46835
Ok. I just heard about them going to Tokyo Fair in hopes of finding investors.

>that Simone snapshot
Color me excited
>> No. 46836
Dude, you uploaded the wrong episode. The one in your hotfile link is episode 9.

So, the real link to episode 13:
>> No. 46837
I uploaded what I got from Dofusmotion. I didn't check it though. I guess they mixed up the streams or something.
I'll upload the actual MP4 version later.
>> No. 46838
Is it any different from the .flv I just uploaded?
>> No. 46839
No difference as far as I'm concerned, but some prefer MP4 for compatibility issues.

Anyway, (proper) Kerub 13 MP4 version:
=> https://hotfile.com/dl/199548956/daca650/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E13_(WebRaw).mp4.html
>> No. 46844

Well, no harm in asking again...

Can anyone here point me toward a download for the translation of episode 1 of Wakfu? Just the text.
>> No. 46845

give me a second and I'll extract the text.
>> No. 46846

>> No. 46847

>> No. 46848
File 136408564529.jpg - (18.43KB , 640x360 , You'll_never_be_in_Simone's_arms.jpg )
Kerub 13 subbed - LQ Web Raw source

-Softsubbed => http://www1.zippyshare.com/v/83998837/file.html
-Hardsubbed => http://youtu.be/UFEtR72WCZ4
-Subs file only => http://pastebin.com/84c7jcCu
>> No. 46849

Much obliged, you wonderful man!

Now all I need to do is find some music...
>> No. 46852
File 136412094527.png - (242.97KB , 640x360 , Aux_tresors_de_Kerubim_Ep13[16-26-49].png )
@KennyMC and other France-knowing visitors
Been meaning to ask for a while: what kind of "pants" Jojo and Simone are wearing? It looks baggy

Is it something real-life related, and is available in France? Or is it something created for a cartoon?
>> No. 46853
I don't know. I'm far from being an expert when it comes to clothing.
>> No. 46854
Simone, flamingly obvious carpetmuncher: Oui / non?
>> No. 46855
File 136413718218.png - (1.24MB , 1280x720 , 03_ Chasse à truche[21-00-23].png )
Ok, thanks anyway! Maybe someone else knows. This kind of clothing seems practical, but weird

Oui, bien sûr
>> No. 46856
File 136420375989.png - (340.06KB , 2942x2942 , praline_render.png )
Saw some 1080p screens posted on /co/ today. Kenny, was that you?
>> No. 46857
No, I didn't post those. They're upscales by the way.
>> No. 46858
Oh, I figured as much. Just a faint hope that maybe someone did 1080p captures...
>> No. 46861
I saw it at deviant. So it's maybe a drawing.
>> No. 46862
If you are talking about Praline, then it's a trace that I did today. And yes, I'm Wroshyr from DA.

I only wish I had enough time and patience to learn to draw freely
>> No. 46863
File 136423260120.jpg?spoiler - (62.22KB , 1280x720 , Oh_Ankama.jpg?spoiler )
HD release for Kerub ep.13 - Softsubbed - With English and French transcript subs.

=> https://hotfile.com/dl/199837295/a70adf8/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E13_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_BCCEC707.mkv.html

=> http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/96664943/file.html
>> No. 46865
>> No. 46866
File 136423443956.png?spoiler - (653.68KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-03-25-14h02m01s252.png?spoiler )
Sneaky bastards. Wow. Good catch, Kenny.
>> No. 46868
http://youtu.be/tfsX4gJOyPs Here it is on YouTube in delicious 720p.
>> No. 46869
File 136424414218.jpg - (36.97KB , 283x395 , 583fc3fe8c33690a4ab8b855ea8c893a[1].jpg )
Does anyone happen to have this poster in a bigger resolution?
>> No. 46870
File 136425238091.jpg - (1.41MB , 1920x1080 , 1360614702740.jpg )
close, but not quite it...

also, could we infer what happens in future episodes by looking at the items in the stack without an episode yet?
>> No. 46871
Is that duck the same one that Kabrook was using in the first Bouf Ball special?
>> No. 46872
Thanks, but I already have this one. Reverse search of poster shows just some upscales and downscales
>> No. 46873
File 136430998015.jpg - (19.15KB , 407x407 , panneau7-kerubim-web-fdedcdeb.jpg )
>> No. 46874
jo kenny or any other frenchy that might passes by here. someone lately has been posting "1080p" versions of all of season 2 on 4chan and said they are from itunes.
Did they buff up the resolution recently? cause I remember you (kenny) said first they where 720p when they first came out.
Just wanna make sure its legit and not someone claiming its 1080p when its just 720p upscaled.
>> No. 46875
File 136432275532.jpg - (651.39KB , 1308x785 , wakfu.jpg )
>Did they buff up the resolution recently? cause I remember you (kenny) said first they where 720p when they first came out.

1. iTunes DOES have 1080p of the entire Wakfu series (picrelated)

2. And yes, it was 720p-only the previous time I checked (two months ago)
>> No. 46876
Seems like they've -finally- switched to 1080p on the French iTunes store indeed.
Since they've also -finally- allowed re-downloads of videos, I'm trying to get one of the episodes I bought in its glorious 1080p to see how good it is.
>> No. 46877

that would be awesome kenny. hope you can do it soon cause then I might be tempted to actually get them of the french store since I still only have useless wmv laying on my harddrive that I can't unlock anymore.
>> No. 46878
File 136433876287.jpg - (100.33KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2E14_Misc01.jpg )
Done with S2E14.
Nice quality, confirmed for genuine 1080p. It has much less video noise than the 720p version. And the file size is what you'd expect from such a video, that is around 900MB.

All in all, I'd say it's worth buying these episodes from iTunes if you have the opportunity to do so. Don't forget you can use Requiem (https://tag3ulp55xczs3pn.onion.to/) to get rid of the DRMs.

If the anon on 4chan uploads all of them like he said, this sure will make a lot of happy leachers!
>> No. 46881
>All in all, I'd say it's worth buying these episodes from iTunes if you have the opportunity to do so
French iJews only. So, not gonna happen
>> No. 46882
Actually with Itunes you also have the good old trick of buying itunes giftcards from the country you want stuff from and can just buy it that way.
You just also need to create a new acount on french itunes for it and just give said acount a random french address, since they want an address but don't actually check if its legit.
Thats the way you can get japanese music off jap itunes. Sites like J-list do it that way.
Luckly Glint is still in France, so I can just ask him to grab me some giftcards and paypal him the money.

Ah thank you kenny, then I might actually go for it.
>> No. 46883
>Actually with Itunes you also have the good old trick of buying itunes giftcards from the country you want stuff from and can just buy it that way.
I know. I used that to buy stuff from US store once

I'm a rusfag, and I don't have international plastic card, so finding a way to get French gift card can be tricky.

I still blame apple for not making gift cards universal

And lastly, Wakfu is not worth my money. Dofus is generally superior so far
>> No. 46885

on the last point its meh. Its a matter of taste. I prefer Wakfu but Dofus is also fun to watch and I'm not gonna hate on it.

and yeah it can be tricky, so far I haven't found any online stores that sell them but then again I don't really know my way around the french part of the internet and if there maybe is a retailer that sells them online and just sends you the code.
Luckily Glint is still in France so I can ask him to get them for me and send him money.
>> No. 46886
>on the last point its meh. Its a matter of taste
My main grudge with Wakfu is that its ""shitty jokes / serious" ratio was way too high for a cartoon that tries/tried to have comprehensive/consequential plot. Same thing killed Gravity Falls, by the way. Dofus is not trying to be serious, and I treat it that way - weird comedy

> Glint is still in France so I can ask him to get them for me and send him money.
Is here hanging around here?
>> No. 46887

he isn't around too often but if you wanna ask him something just write it down and I tell him later to check it out, I sit often with him on skype.
>> No. 46888

Hello. I'm here in France buying Wakfu related things. I got some books and could stock up on some mangas.

I'm still alive and so is the Comics team.
>> No. 46889
File 136440394629.jpg - (41.46KB , 800x600 , It begins.jpg )
>> No. 46890
File 136440704669.jpg - (62.06KB , 800x600 , A lot of fancy shit.jpg )
On an unrelated note, it's got very nice innards too.
>> No. 46891
+4chan is hiccuping

Links to 1080p WEB-DL of Wakfu


>> No. 46892
I see a Les Gardiens promo card. Why are they including that if the second game isn't being updated and the first game is gone?
>> No. 46895

The first game's *gone*?

Wait, well, where can I get a hold of the second game/ Or just some sound files from the first?
>> No. 46896
>Or just some sound files from the first?
Z0ne, is that you?
>> No. 46899

Not at all! Just an innocent passerby who needs sound effects for something.
>> No. 46900
File 136447047883.jpg - (534.54KB , 2514x1324 , cgi.jpg )
On an unrelated note, question to French guys: have you heard anything about it? When does it start? It's "Miraculous Ladybug" anime-cartoon-cgi

English language internet doesn't have much info, so I figured you might have more details
>> No. 46901
26 episodes, 26 minutes long each.
To be aired on french channel TF1 next august.
>> No. 46903
Season 2: http://www.wakfu.com/fr/serie/communaute/wakfu-les-gardiens
Most if not all of the soundtrack is up on YouTube as well as cutscenes from both seasons.
>> No. 46907
File 136448558944.png - (1.12MB , 1920x1080 , snapshot20130328193922.png )
video quality in 1080p rip in some places is terrible
>> No. 46908
File 136448583467.png - (63.71KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20130328194035.png )
>> No. 46910
Thanks! Is it supposed to be CGI like pictured here, or just an anime?

Is it from recent iTunes WEB-DL of Wakfu?
>> No. 46911

it's from
>> No. 46915
File 136450423780.jpg - (86.66KB , 872x442 , Ladybug.jpg )
The series will be an anime (trailer here in case you missed it => http://youtu.be/FlwV3scCgAM).
The full CGI picture you posted refers to a spin-off movie which was supposed to be made alongside the series. But it seems Zagtoon's website doesn't make mention of it anymore.
>> No. 46918
>The full CGI picture you posted refers to a spin-off movie which was supposed to be made alongside the series.
So, it might be produced after all. I have 0 interest in the series (it looks like a generic anime), but movie looks nice enough to check out
>> No. 46919
I dunno, the production values look pretty good, and it might turn out to be a good series.
>> No. 46920
>I dunno, the production values look pretty good, and it might turn out to be a good series
Well, as long as they can create a good plot to compensate for anime style. A REALLY good plot.
>> No. 46922
They don't need to compensate for anime style. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's bad.
But it's true that, like any other series, they'll need the little 'je ne sais quoi' that will make it stand out. It can be plot, but not necessarily. Look at Dofus: no plot, but still very entertaining and enjoyable to watch.
>> No. 46923
>Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's bad.
It's generic as hell, and it is twitchy (like most animes). So yes, it is bad. Trailer only confirms my fears. There is even a transformation sequence. A goddamn transformation sequence, John

Seriously, they could have done it the Oban way
>> No. 46924
>So yes, it is bad
Only according to your own tastes and standards. Not everyone has to agree with you.

>transformation sequence
So what?

>they could have done it the Oban way
Could be worse, they could have done it the Totally Spies way.
>> No. 46925

>they could have done it the Totally Spies way.
Animation-wise, TS wasn't that bad
>> No. 46926
>> No. 46927
File 136455699375.jpg - (67.52KB , 387x404 , Liking.jpg )
That kind of comment actually makes you no better than the weeaboos crawling in /a/. You're just a /co/ extremist.

Ok, end of the debate. No time to waste in arguing with you, since you obviously can't understand someone can like what you don't.
Just a scoop for you: your opinions aren't facts. Of course, neither are mine, but at least I try to show some tolerance.
>> No. 46928
>this picture
It's not a matter of taste, but choosing the right board.
>> No. 46929
You mean because you post on a /co/ related board you can't like /a/ stuff? Talk about narrow-mindedness.

But I agree this debate should have happened on /co/. Sorry for the disturbance.
>> No. 46930
anime can't into good writing and (most of the time) designs, unles japs collaborate with other countries. Tried many titles

>> No. 46931
They're made by the exact same people. The tv show is just animated by a Japanese studio, while the scripts are from the French. This IS gonna go on /co/ and there's nothing you can do about it.
>> No. 46932
>> No. 46933
It's twitchy because 1. It's a frenetic style to allow for more movement & action sequences and 2. It's an unfinished production never meant for public release and uploaded as a low quality video on youtube.

And what's so bad about a transformation sequence? This IS a magical girl-like show we're seeing here. Are you going to complain if the CG-counterpart does this too?
>> No. 46934
...can we get back on topic or not?

We've got a new episode in the morning.
>> No. 46935
Cyrus, you are one unnecessarily argumentative guy. Personally I think it looks like it has potential, but... I agree with >>46934. This is not the thread to discuss every single French-produced anime ever. Just two of them.
>> No. 46936
All that pointless arguing reminded me when people were dissing Wakfu only because it is made in flash and has a lot of tweeining (just like Dofus) and argued how this makes it horribly animated and worthless no matter how much effeort it shows, period. Or even before that, shoving it to /a/ (not in jokes or trolling attempts like today, but for real) because of the art style.

Closed minded people are the worst.
>> No. 46937

Can someone identify the track used at 3.16 here? The slow saxaphone with the tingly bells while Nox is laughing his nuts off?
>> No. 46938

Ah, I actually meant at 2:04...but it all seems the same track anyway.
>> No. 46939
Alright, one last time. Let's take further discussion of ML to /a/

So far, the only potential I see is the guy/girl duo hiding their identities from each other. The rest... not so much

>were dissing Wakfu only because it is made in flash and has a lot of tweeining (just like Dofus)
Hmm, looks fine. Does AT use tweening?

Generic everything. Either way, we'll discuss the next time I'm on /a/ (probably never)
>> No. 46940
File 136464231543.jpg - (240.12KB , 1276x714 , Kerub14.jpg )
Back on topic with this week's episode web raw:

-Dofusmotion streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-koalak-couac-s01ep14

-Downloadable MP4 version => https://hotfile.com/dl/200610404/194ccd7/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E14_(WebRaw).mp4.html
>> No. 46941
Aside from Broken Glass (S2-E11) and The Hero (S2-E22) all tracks in Wakfu are tailor-made for the episodes/scenes in which they appear, notborrowed from an external source.
>> No. 46942

I know; but I also know people have managed to rip out the audio from the show and this is just one of those tunes I can't seem to match up.
>> No. 46943
Give them Iops a spear, a shield and a horse each and they'd make pretty valkyries.
>> No. 46944
Implying that you don't know how else to support yourself other than "lol, generic". But let's just leave it at that.

So I take it that Kerubim is supposed to continue throughout the whole year? When is the movie supposed to release?
>> No. 46945
>When is the movie supposed to release?
>> No. 46952
Hey where are the subs for ep 14? :(
>> No. 46953
no subs yet?
>> No. 46954
Hopefully I'll be able to translate it tonight.
>> No. 46957
Kerub ep.14 softsubbed (web raw LQ):
=> http://www53.zippyshare.com/v/41254655/file.html

Youtube hardsubbed:
=> http://youtu.be/e-XtKNgyqn4

HD version later today.
>> No. 46958
I love you
>> No. 46961
File 136483820379.jpg - (75.56KB , 1280x720 , Kerub14.jpg )
HD release for Kerub ep.14, as promised - Softsubbed - With usual English and French transcript subs.

=> https://hotfile.com/dl/200961697/dbc519c/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E14_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_E1D7260B.mkv.html

=> http://www14.zippyshare.com/v/31040344/file.html
>> No. 46963
Here's the HD upload.
>> No. 46965
>> No. 46970
File 13649935855.jpg - (598.01KB , 3840x1080 , DVDvsHDiTUNES.jpg )
here is a comparison between the DVD release of Wakfu and the HD iTunes release.
>> No. 46971
File 136500109259.png - (855.14KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20130403185523.png )
>> No. 46972

not sure what your trying to do? I this is a project thread and I posted this simply to show the difference. not sure why you feel the need to just randomly post the same screenshot without anything else that makes it relative to what I posted.
>> No. 46991
Silence, you turdburglar.
/coc/ has made it clear they will not bite the hand that feeds them Eva and Amalia booty.

Want better quality and no screenbug? Buy the DVD, noob.
>> No. 46992
i thought /coc/'s stance became more neutral towards sharing VODs ever since ankama took them down without even warning someone

meowth used to have them uploaded somewhere but i don't know what happened to that. you're better off asking this in a /co/ thread since the sub team, while they don't discourage the sharing of VODs anymore, still don't want their names attached to it in case something does happen.
>> No. 46993
As a matter of fact, the fourth post in the current thread on 4chan has links to the last few episodes of S2 in 1080p HD. They're being uploaded by a different anon I think, or Meowth isn't using his trip.
>> No. 46994

My word that is crisp.

10/10 would have bought a BluRay of.
>> No. 46997
File 136507168115.png - (252.32KB , 1829x1829 , jojo_shitting_in_a_dark_room.png )
LucasArts (and Star Wars) are dead
Bioware raped to oblivion
W40k is mostly back to being tabletop game
Star Trek is the only hope
I'm bored

Have this (a trace of >>46873)
>> No. 47002
File 136523951066.jpg?spoiler - (107.32KB , 870x772 , Simone&Girlfriend.jpg?spoiler )
Seen Kerub 15.

>Dat episode!
We get a lot of action which will definitely please Simone lovers.

Speaking of "lover"...
-We finally get to see Simone's "friend".
-Confirmed to be the cute Ecaflip from ep.1.
-Her name is Julie.

Links to web raw later when it's available.
>> No. 47003
Alright people. Gonna do a wishlist livestream later on today (10 pm gmt+1/4 pm edt).
so keep an eye open on BoTv2 and +4chan for the link to it and feel free to suggest some episodes you wanna see here or on BoTv2 or +4chan.
>> No. 47004
Countdown until the #34 engine goes full throttle.
>> No. 47005
File 136525722768.jpg - (140.57KB , 1276x713 , Simone15.jpg )
-Dofusmotion streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-keke-rikiki-s01ep15

-Downloadable MP4 version => https://hotfile.com/dl/201803465/6051030/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E15_(WebRaw).mp4.html
>> No. 47006
File 136525959981.jpg - (224.67KB , 1920x1080 , 1364802357081.jpg )

Thanks, Kenny!
>> No. 47007
getting the wishlist stream started right now.

>> No. 47009

>> No. 47010
File 13652850339.png - (310.72KB , 640x360 , vlcsnap-2013-04-06-14h28m24s1.png )
>> No. 47011
Aaaaand the softsubbed version:
=> http://www43.zippyshare.com/v/14948450/file.html
>> No. 47013
A question: what does "Pretty Calves" even mean?

Seriously, I have to translate that to Russian, but the only not-totally-idiotic word I can think of is the russian word for "Handsome"
>> No. 47015
Just a sacarstic silly nickname, most likely refering to "belles gambettes", meaning "beautiful legs".

>not-totally-idiotic word
It's supposed to sound totally idiotic actually.
>> No. 47016
Funny fact: Eng -> Rus sub translation adds half the original filesize

So, would "Beautiful legs" be a good translation?

It doesn't have to be 100% accurate (with cultural/linguistic differences and all), but still not as plain as "handsome"
>> No. 47017
>would "Beautiful legs" be a good translation?
Well, unless you can think of a better "legs" related pun which would make sense in Russian, "Beautifull Legs" should do the trick.
>> No. 47018
File 13654244159.jpg - (46.99KB , 1280x720 , Ready_for_a_date.jpg )
HD release for Kerub ep.15 - Softsubbed - With usual English and French transcript subs.

=> https://hotfile.com/dl/202117228/4c7d1e2/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E15_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_484CA2D0.mkv.html

=> http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/20118168/file.html

As a side note, for those wondering what's the deal with the additional silly logo there is in this episode on the upper left corner of the screen, it's because of a give-your-money campaign for AIDS that took place in France all over the weekend.
Of course, the campaign being over, the logo won't appear again in next episodes.
>> No. 47019
File 136542770680.png - (215.24KB , 640x480 , dsd (35).png )
Thanks! I didn't realize that "calf" stands for "leg" in this context (quite a rare word). I though it meant something like "pretty lambs". Damn, do I feel like an idiot...
>> No. 47020
HD upload
>> No. 47030
File 136585748250.jpg - (318.11KB , 800x450 , Kerub16.jpg )
-Dofusmotion streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-a-louest-dastrub-s01ep16

-Downloadable MP4 version => https://hotfile.com/dl/202859743/74e1024/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E16_(WebRaw).mp4.html
>> No. 47031
File 136589232417.png - (343.77KB , 640x360 , vlcsnap-2013-04-13-15h35m36s229.png )
Subs are timed!
>> No. 47032
YouTube upload is... up!
>> No. 47033
Softsubbed version:
=> http://www51.zippyshare.com/v/43918578/file.html
>> No. 47034
File 136591679963.jpg - (148.65KB , 1280x720 , secretwordsofpower.jpg )
Curiously, relating to the language used and >>47030 screenshot, has anyone decoded the book Kerub was reading in the Hairy Arachelmet?

Maybe it contains... SOMETHING. Could be the ecaflip version of the Lusty Argonian.
>> No. 47035
That one was just a lorem ipsum. They got lazy, apparently.
>> No. 47036
File 136600244493.jpg - (148.33KB , 684x489 , chest.jpg )
Where? I'm not seeing it
>> No. 47037
Are there subs for WakFu MaxiMini series?
>> No. 47038
May be this help you.
>> No. 47039
Yes: http://brotherhoodoftofuv2.tumblr.com/extras
>> No. 47040
Thanks! I don't quite get though why part 1 is partially just a scanlation or something
>> No. 47041
File 136602365342.jpg - (61.52KB , 561x720 , Oh_you.jpg )
>Simone sees what you did there.
>> No. 47043
Imps = kids? at what the heck you'd expect...that's just sick man...
>> No. 47044
:> That was just coincidental. Stumbled upon the line while I was translating, and couldn't resist

Well, I saw ~12 year old girls with quite a package, so it's kinda subjective.

>that's just sick man...
I'm also attracted to young Jojo...
>> No. 47045
File 136609204544.png - (447.75KB , 640x360 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E11_(QuickSub)[16-12-27].png )
HD... please...
>> No. 47046
Waiting for French transcript, a bit late this week because of busy weekend.
Release later today.
>> No. 47047
Are there 720p rips of MaxiMini, or is it just 360p?
>> No. 47048
File 136610521463.png - (143.81KB , 389x370 , cover_maxi.png )
The guy who wrote soundtrack for Maxi Mini uploaded some of it for listening. I took the liberty of sniffing it and repacking for easy download http://yadi.sk/d/PXXdddbl45XRM
>> No. 47049
File 136611619035.jpg - (77.07KB , 1280x720 , Dont_hit_the_loli.jpg )
HD release for Kerub don't-hit-the-loli episode 16 - English and French transcript softsubs

=> https://hotfile.com/dl/203294142/2b920f5/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E16_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_FA648B40.mkv.html

=> http://www61.zippyshare.com/v/65126884/file.html
>> No. 47051
Such a punny time we are having
I can't believe you did this unintentionally
>> No. 47052
File 136612953691.jpg - (59.03KB , 632x358 , Sifflote.jpg )
That was almost unintentional.
>> No. 47053
>dat pic
Also, the sound sign looks edited on
>> No. 47054
Here's the HD YouTube.
>> No. 47065
Are you using xvid4psp for hardsub?
>> No. 47066
No, I'm using Avidemux.
>> No. 47067
Which version are you using? SSA hangs the application, and subtitler filter is not available. Also, I don't understand why the hell is this so problematic to do in 2013 (I have already tried different apps and they all are imperfect; best result would be xvid4psp, but few starting seconds of video are glitchy)
>> No. 47073
The absolute latest *latest* edition of Avidemux 2.6 in 64-bit (2.6.1) has a perfectly functional SSA filter; you need to use avsproxy to run the HD files to Avidemux, however. I'm not sure what's up if your version of Avidemux doesn't work after that :/. SSA used to hang the program for me before I updated it, and even before that I had to use Avidemux 2.5 to get anything done (which is more functional, if 2.6.1 isn't working for you, though you still need to use avsproxy).
>> No. 47075
File 136621342143.png - (125.32KB , 440x440 , ter.png )
Isn't working, but I'm probably doing something "wrong" (as much as I can be wrong in a field of 1001 outdated standard)

Thanks anyway!

P.S: apparently, handbrake can do it with a few hiccups. It only accepts ssa, but then again, at least it works without me having to configure tons of stuff and praying for it to work
>> No. 47076
top lel: youtube just deleted my hardsubbed upload of Dofus ep 16 by claim from Ankama. Goddamn jews. Upside is, I never intended to give them a single cent
>> No. 47078
...Hahah, what? I've been uploading the episodes for more than two months now, including the *entire series* of Wakfu o,o. I don't have it listed on the YouTube directory, though o,o. I'd be surprised if they managed to miss the uploads this entire time.
I can upload the Russian subs for you if you link the .ass file!
>> No. 47079
I should have probably delisted it :> Thanks for your suggestions, I'll extract subs and send them to you at morning!

Also, finished translating Maxi-Mini series. Has Ankama ever mentioned whether they will continue it?
>> No. 47080
No, it was a four-part deal only and we never got a rip for part 4 (I think it was a convention exclusive). I wouldn't be surprised if they do more in this style in the future, but it's unannounced.
>> No. 47111
>I can upload the Russian subs for you if you link the .ass file!
Finished reextracting and converting subs. The archive contains russian .ass files for episodes 01-16, timed to Kenny's HD uploads
>> No. 47115
Alright, I've started hardcoding the episodes with the Russian subs! Um, by the way, I don't know Russian at all, so it would help if you could phrase the following lines in Russian for the channel playlist and episode titles:
"Dofus: The Treasures of Kerub"
"Now with Russian subs, translated by Cyrus from +4chan!"

The rest I can interpret with the .ass file sub timings. Thanks!
>> No. 47116
File 136629604879.png - (202.55KB , 640x360 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E16_(WebRaw)[20-16-23].png )
Thanks to you!

As for phrases:
"Дофус Сокровища Керуба" <title card for Dofus Treasures of Kerub>
"Теперь и с русскими субтитрами" <"Now with russian susbtitles too">

Also, my translation has some of the timings fixed (usually just to rectify slight mistakes present in the original), along with removing/merging lines when two characters speak at once. Also, I added "Voiced by" part in the end (where I semi-successfully try to transcribe French names to Cyrillic).

I imagine it has easier to translate between French and English
>> No. 47117
DOFUS la série : Trailer de l…youtube thumb
God can't wait for Saturday...
>> No. 47118
Just... what is it with these guys and cavities and toothaches?
>> No. 47122
Since this isn't a general thread, I'll just do a quick bit of shameless self(?)-promotion and say we have a new contest up at http://wotcontest.x10.mx/
Anyone wanting to discuss this, please come over to https://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/192074.html#i208225

Kenny, would you mind plugging it on the Twitter feed? Thanks!
>> No. 47123
File 136634064541.jpg - (26.61KB , 200x300 , 1364729973_dofus-sokrovischa-keruba.jpg )
Here it is, cyrus! I'll try to keep up with the Russian translation subs as well, just post the sub files here whenever you compile 'em and I will upload them like above!
>> No. 47125
WOW, now that's what I call "big effort"! Thanks a lot for the help!

I usually translate new subs within several hours after SD release here (which means they are all ready to go before HD comes out)
>> No. 47128

Do you translate it for any russian community or just for the sake of having a russian sub?
>> No. 47129
I hope you don't mind, but I'd prefer to just upload the hardsubs in Russian once the HD upload comes out. I already encode + upload the English in SD and then HD x days later, I'd prefer to just do it in Russian in HD just so I don't... hardsub + upload four times as a weekly thing :p.
>> No. 47131
Well, I mux my translations with Kenny's HD releases and put them on our national (well, more like CIS-wide) torrent tracker/forum - rutracker.org. From there, they tend to wind up in a whole lot of other sites.

I also keep contact with two fandubbing groups who voice it.

It's completely OK! There is no reason to do SD WEB-DLs anyway. I only mentioned them as a point in time when I start translating

Thanks again for your hard work!
>> No. 47132
File 136646014733.png - (134.48KB , 304x304 , why1.png )
-Dofusmotion streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-rage-de-dent-s01ep17
-Downloadable MP4 version => http://www6.zippyshare.com/v/16130490/file.html
>> No. 47133
Haven't paid attention to Wakfu/Ankama related stuff since season 2 ended. Whats this new Kerub show based on? Is it just an original? And it seems the Dofus series started, or will start soon?

Wakfu S3 when
>> No. 47134
Oh and whatever happened with Ankama pulling the VoDs? Did they put them back up or release the rest of S2's?
>> No. 47135
They're the same thing.
No one know's about Season 3, or if it will even be made.
>> No. 47137
Dofus started this January

Wakfu S3 depends on how well Dofus series will do
>> No. 47138

>> No. 47140
Here are the sub timings:
And here's the YouTube upload:

Sorry for being late. I was at a Dinosaur Jr concert (totally didn't intend to make a pun with that band choice, given the content of the episode).
>> No. 47141
Softsubbed version:
=> http://www71.zippyshare.com/v/76910633/file.html
>> No. 47142
File 13665609392.png - (155.76KB , 302x302 , awesome.png )
Thanks a lot! Also, another face like this and I'm gonna have a cuteness overload
>> No. 47148
File 136663636992.jpg - (42.81KB , 1280x720 , Kerub17.jpg )
HD release for Kerub 17 - English and French transcript softsubs

=> https://hotfile.com/dl/204047126/60c4abf/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E17_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_0EC18BB3.mkv.html

=> http://www68.zippyshare.com/v/90397123/file.html
>> No. 47151
File 136664988541.png - (887.68KB , 1280x720 , Kerub_ep17_HD[22-49-28].png )
Russian subs for episode 17, synched to Kenny's HD release: http://yadi.sk/d/655pPtn04GDxL

@kenny and morgie
What's with French culture and dragons? They seem to be quite popular in your artworks

u wot m8

Simone deserves png
>> No. 47152
>What's with French culture and dragons?
Dragons are just part of common heroic-fantasy. I don't think it's specific to French culture.

>Simone deserves png
Yeah, but JPEGs have smaller file sizes, making them quicker to upload especially on Plus4chan.
>> No. 47153
File 136666023499.png - (472.93KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-04-22-12h34m28s83.png )
Here's the HD YouTube Upload:
And here's where the HD Russian subs will be in... 45 minutes, YouTube says:
It's still uploading as I write this, so it'll take a little bit :).
Also, I think you may be mistaken - I'm not French, I'm from the U.S. and I'm still learning the French language. Seth is French, though!
>> No. 47154
>Seth is French, though!
Canadian, actually.
>> No. 47155
a little gift for you guys, a short film directed by "studio la cachette" and edited by ankama.
It's really impressive, so please enjoy.
KAIROS Trailervimeo thumb
and sorry for the off-topic.
>> No. 47156
>Also, I think you may be mistaken - I'm not French, I'm from the U.S. and I'm still learning the French language. Seth is French, though!
Oh, my bad. You seem to know French quite good, so I assumed...

>Dragons are just part of common heroic-fantasy. I don't think it's specific to French culture.
Well, no, but French seem to be fond of them. A good deal of French movies and cartoons I saw involve dragons to some extent. Heck, you even have "Chasseurs de dragons" series and movie (series had its ups, but seeing bunch of meat hanging around got me nauseous, also, Zaza is cute; movie was great)

>especially on Plus4chan.
I think +4chan's problem is of another sort. At least for me, it always shows timeout error whenever I post, but post is successful anyway, no matter the filesize

>making them quicker to upload
Wait, just what kind of upload speed do you have?
>> No. 47158
>blocking a sword with your bare hands
That stopped being possible since laws of physics got invented.
>> No. 47159
I didn't see you complain when Kerub did it.
>> No. 47160
Since when blocking a sword bare handed is more physics compliant than jumping 10 meters high ?
>> No. 47161
Dependent on physiology, some extant living creatures can actually jump that high. I think cats too
>> No. 47162
I would really love to see some documented proof of an terrestrial animal jumping 10 meters high.
As far as I know 5 meters is the record.
>> No. 47164
Wait, fuck my brain. I thought you said "10 times its own height" instead of "10 meters"
>> No. 47170
File 13669030223.png?nsfw - (345.41KB , 1500x2341 , EVA12.png?nsfw )
By the way, I'm relatively good at tracing, so if you need some reaction face or character or even scene recreated in huge resolution, ask me
>> No. 47172
>rounded ends
>rounded ends everywhere

I don't know what program you're using or you haven't discovered it yet, but 'convert pencil to brush' is an wondrously magical option.
>> No. 47173
File 136694590580.png - (528.98KB , 2363x3169 , eva10.png )
paint.net. Because it is stable and isn't bloated piece of crap like photoshop or something

It probably has something akin to what you are talking about, but then again, what's wrong with rounded ends?
>> No. 47175
since you're asking for criticism, take a closer look at their hands. They look like they were dipped into a deep fryer.
>> No. 47176
File 136700303131.png?spoiler - (481.51KB , 2302x2071 , cover.png?spoiler )
I know, it does look off. BUT... 1. it was a rather crappy sketch in the original, which I didn't bother to restore, because... 2. I'm a tracer, not a drawguy :); 3. this was somewhat of a batch thing, where I traced 20 or something sketches within a few days

tl;dr: I know the problem, I just didn't bother with those in particular

Picrelated, however, is what happens when I put somewhat more effort (original wasn't even at this angle)
>> No. 47178
File 136700511742.png - (228.45KB , 1448x1533 , Jojo Waves.png )
Looks good, Cyrus!

While we're on the topic, I traced this from a Dofus screencap yesterday...
>> No. 47179
File 136700534723.png - (135.09KB , 1000x1438 , Tristepin Derp.png )
...And this from S01E22 a couple of weeks back. (I improvised most of the hair, though).
>> No. 47180
oh shit is that a Teen Girl Squad reference in gravity falls? I remember hearing that one of the HSR guys works on GF now, but references?
>> No. 47183
Thanks! And yours are very good! Which software are you using?

Apparently yes, the guy is Matt Chapman, and he is responsible for Homestar Runner, which included Teen Girl Squad
>> No. 47184
Merci :3! I use Inkscape and (occasionally) Adobe Illustrator for vectorization, but I'm a *lot* more comfortable with how intuitive Inkscape is so I generally stick with it.
>> No. 47186
Nice. Though frankly I was unable to get into Inkspace the first two times I tries it. It's kinda bloated. Maybe I'll give it another try, but for now, PDN sounds like the best solution for me
>> No. 47187
File 136705593420.jpg - (100.07KB , 499x720 , GentleSimone.jpg )
Gentlemen, Dofusmotion has released this week's web raw earlier than usual.
So, enjoy...

-Online streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-le-pyrofuego-s01ep18

-Downloadable MP4 version => https://hotfile.com/dl/204776512/037cd5c/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E18_(WebRaw).mp4.html
>> No. 47188
-Softsubbed => http://www7.zippyshare.com/v/55916795/file.html

-Youtube hardsubbed => http://youtu.be/JLt5hkX1rpg
>> No. 47190
File 136718366951.jpg - (123.38KB , 893x719 , Simone&Joris.jpg )
HD release for Kerub 18 - English and French transcript softsubs

=> https://hotfile.com/dl/205681905/9272050/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E18_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_A991C159.mkv.html

=> http://www25.zippyshare.com/v/90217779/file.html
>> No. 47191
Nice, so swift!
>> No. 47192
Here's the YouTube upload!
>> No. 47195
Just started watching Dofus and want to be sure of something: Is each episode 10-ish minutes? I thought it'd be 20 like Wakfu.
>> No. 47196
File 136726513954.jpg - (120.93KB , 1020x720 , JustSimone.jpg )
>Is each episode 10-ish minutes?

>I thought it'd be 20 like Wakfu.
Well, they finally made it a series of mini-episodes. At least, we'll get 52 of them.
>> No. 47198
What is that number you keep adding at the end of filename for your HD uploads?
>> No. 47199
It's the SFV checksum. It's here if you want to make sure that your file hasn't been corrupted, during the download for example.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simple_file_verification
>> No. 47201
Why haven't any of you gay nerds translated Ernest & Celestine yet?
>> No. 47202
File 136729470021.png - (1.57MB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E18_(720p_10bits_TVsource.png )
Ah, thanks! Thought it was something like that, but I usually see MD5 hashes, so I wasn't sure

>that pic
All of my why
>> No. 47203
I have it in Russian. If need be, I can translate to English
>> No. 47204
>GKIDS is handling US theatrical, home video, digital and TV rights and will dub the film into English for release in Fall 2013.
Oh, and they're doing the Rabbi's Cat too. Neat.
>> No. 47210
Thanks for the info.
>> No. 47216
Apologies for being off the beaten path, but on the topic of Ankama, does anybody know anything about this?

Maliki génériqueyoutube thumb

Is it dead in the water? In production? Any info at all? I literally just found out about this and it seems amazing from this and the rest of the 5 minute pilot (despite being in horrifically low quality)
>> No. 47217
IIRC it was successively "almost picked up" by a few different producers and has entered the black hole of "that thing no one wanted to go through with," meaning now no one wants to touch it.
I'm sure Souillon would still love to make it happen, but it may be a while before anything comes up.
>> No. 47218
Looks like a crappy anime. No offense
>> No. 47219
No offense, but nobody asked for your opinion.
So don't start another 'crappy anime' shitstorm of yours.
>> No. 47220
Cyrus, do you have the newest episode's Russian subs?
>> No. 47221
May Day. 5 days off. Usually I'd say it's a good thing, but under circumstances (lower income from sales, family matters and goddamn delivery service (muh videogames) is not working), it's a little too long.

Sorry for the delays, this week has been a very busy one (have to help cousin with his college project). Will probably finish subs tomorrow!

I never intended to. I just said that style is heavy anime-like, and for the worse
>> No. 47222
Could someone post a GIF from Ep. 5 of the Sonic the Hedgehog reference please?
>> No. 47223
It looks almost exactly like modern day Wakfu. How the hell do you tolerate that but dislike something similar for being too anime-ish?
>> No. 47225
>It looks almost exactly like modern day Wakfu.
It doesn't
>> No. 47226
Not the guy who said it does.
But it does, actually.
>> No. 47229
Do you know when the kerubim episode 1 was deleted from dofusmotion?
>> No. 47235
Just as a heads up, I won't be translating this week's episode until sometime Sunday.
>> No. 47237
File 136768169286.jpg - (148.75KB , 670x720 , Julie&Simone.jpg )
-Online streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-le-jugement-des-douze-s01ep19

-Downloadable MP4 version => http://www73.zippyshare.com/v/61629958/file.html
>> No. 47238
File 136770168968.jpg - (8.55KB , 232x217 , 1363926921200.jpg )

I'll review them later

I should be back on track in a day. Got delayed with family problems
>> No. 47239
How long as P4C been back? I haven't checked this in months cause of when it just totally stopped loading for a long time, lol.
>> No. 47240
Nearly 2 months.
>> No. 47241
File 136783444322.jpg - (51.58KB , 1280x720 , Kerub19.jpg )
Time for "quick" subs.

Softsubs => http://www34.zippyshare.com/v/60917599/file.html

Youtube hardsubs => http://youtu.be/r6iIYhCFaQU
>> No. 47242
Is zippyshare going crazy slow for anyone else?
>> No. 47243
It doesn't even work at all for some people (ie me). Thank god you guys mirror.
>> No. 47246
File 136792311542.jpg - (96.46KB , 1033x720 , Jolie_Julie.jpg )
HD release for ep.19.

=> https://hotfile.com/dl/213600324/13bdc19/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E19_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_7CE71AB2.mkv.html

=> http://www27.zippyshare.com/v/9102931/file.html
>> No. 47248
Would anyone be kind enough to translate this song?


Je commence à comprendre
Ce que l'on veut de moi

Ce que j'ai dû entendre
Mais que je n'écoutais pas

Je commence à comprendre

Ce qu'on attend de moi

"Qu'il me faut bien apprendre"
Les règles et les lois

Ni le froid de décembre
Ni comment ni pourquoi

"Que la vie n'est pas si tendre"
qu'on nous le dit
"Qu'on nous le dit parfois"
Je commence à comprendre

Ce qu'on attend de moi
Je commence à comprendre
Je sais qu'il faut défendre
les choses auxquelles on croit

"Qu'il faut parfois prétendre"
Ce que l'on ne pense pas

"Qu'il faut savoir attendre"
Tu sais, rien n'arrive comme ça

Et que l'amour finit en cendres

Si l'on ne souffle pas

Je commence à comprendre

Mais il faudrait leur dire
A tous ces héritiers

"Que le seul avenir"
Est celui qu'on se fait

Et que l'on nous pardonne
Si l'on marche à côté

"D'admirer tous ces hommes"
"Qui disent leur vérité"

"Qui se font entendre"
"Qui se font entendre"

Je commence à comprendre
Je commence à comprendre
>> No. 47249
I'm beginning to understand
What people want from me

What I must have heard
But I wasn't listening

I'm beginning to understand
What people expect from me

"That I must learn well"
The rules and the laws

Neither December's cold
Neither how nor why

"That life isn't as tender"
as they say
"As people claim sometimes"
I'm beginning to understand

What people expect from me
I'm beginning to understand
I know we have to stand
For the things we believe in

"That sometimes we must pretend"
Things we don't think

"That we must learn to wait"
You know, nothing happens just like that

And that love turns to cinders
If you don't blow on it

I'm beginning to understand

But we should tell them
To all those heirs

"That the only future"
Is the one you make

And forgive us
If we pass it by

"To admire all those men"
"Who say their truth"

"Who are heard"
"Who are heard"

I'm beginning to understand
I'm beginning to understand
>> No. 47250
Thanks a ton!
>> No. 47253
File 136795489240.png - (966.53KB , 1280x720 , Treasures of Kerub English.png )
Here's the new episode on YouTube!
>> No. 47256
Apparently there's been a translation error with the latest episode: http://boards.4chan.org/co/res/49142613#p49309683

Is the translation correct?
>> No. 47260
File 136798669842.jpg - (333.84KB , 1276x1430 , Lies.jpg )
Actually, there was a mistake in the translation that was included in the quicksubs (no offense, Seth). I corrected it in the HD release.

Kerub definitely says it's a lie to pretend he's "the king of the *beep*". What's implied here is "king of the dumbs" ("roi des cons") which is a common insult in French. So, obviously Kerub won't claim he is that kind of king...
>> No. 47261
Is there a subbed, DVD-quality version of Noximilien the Watchmaker? brotherhoodoftofu.tumblr.com has broken links and brotherhoodoftofuv2.tumblr.com has a poor encode. Thanks.
>> No. 47263
File 136802891842.jpg - (812.05KB , 1280x1440 , comparison.jpg )
Finished translating episode 18: http://yadi.sk/d/El6ByrUQ4f4tG

MAYBE it's just me, but it doesn't (picrelated)
>> No. 47265
File 136803304394.png - (1.16MB , 1280x720 , NoxSpecial[23-08-26].png )
I have it in 720p WEB-DL. Hang around for about an hour, while I upload it

UPDATE: had to dig through some older threads to find subs for it and resynch them to 24 fps, but here it is - softsubbed 720p of Nox Special: http://yadi.sk/d/K5qUtpHU4fCP6
>> No. 47270
File 136808902227.png - (551.81KB , 710x710 , julie.png )
So... next episode is gonna be about Bashi... AGAIN? Damn it, Ankama, get your act together.

Finished translating episode 19: http://yadi.sk/d/h9YBA_Vr4fqLT
Had to correct timings for half of the lines
>> No. 47273
Russian episodes 18 and 19:
>> No. 47278
File 136816735928.jpg - (56.23KB , 359x355 , swag.jpg )
>> No. 47280
Has anyone seen De l'autre cote du periph yet? Is it worth the ticket price?
>> No. 47282
Put Wakfu season one finale and the Nox special up on YouTube in 1080p:
>> No. 47289
File 136827659071.jpg - (67.80KB , 620x632 , CuteKeke.jpg )
-Online streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-mon-pote-bashi-s01ep20

-Downloadable MP4 version => http://www65.zippyshare.com/v/49078012/file.html
>> No. 47296
File 136832994624.jpg - (57.84KB , 1280x720 , cuteness_everywhere.jpg )
Softsubs => http://www71.zippyshare.com/v/15293309/file.html

Youtube hardsubs => http://youtu.be/_zssp8UtV6M
>> No. 47297
File 136837261090.jpg - (92.89KB , 1280x720 , ur_gonna_get_raped.jpg )
HD release for ep.20.
Yup! Enjoy.

=> https://hotfile.com/dl/221158189/3e7b460/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E20_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_D312FBD9.mkv.html

=> http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/93638579/file.html
>> No. 47299
File 136837530495.jpg - (179.84KB , 847x371 , la_lune.jpg )
This wasn't too bad... but not very good either. Hopefully, next episode will be better: http://youtu.be/2skZD2y2Tfw

Once again, thank you all for maintaining Dofus subbing project
>> No. 47301
just a quick question. I know we had someone sub the Dofus episodes in russian but did we ever had anybody sub both seasons of Wakfu in russian??
Talked to "someone" that is indeed interested in watching it but has trouble with reading english when watching something at the same time thats in a different language that the person doesn't understands.
>> No. 47302
rutracker.org has both seasons of Wakfu in russian
>> No. 47304
File 13684611873.png - (334.65KB , 1280x720 , Kerub_ep_20_HD[22-11-36].png )
Hmm, kinda sad episode. Still, Jojo and Tatak didn't seem like good friends in the previous episode

Russian subs for episode 20, synched to Kenny's HD release: http://yadi.sk/d/821Dntbq4nX3l
>> No. 47309
>> No. 47313
File 136864499147.png - (191.97KB , 2700x1978 , grimmy.png )
>> No. 47325
Was there ever a torrent or something of Wakfu that's still with French subtitles? I have a younger brother who is learning French and he's been following the series for quite some time.
>> No. 47328
Only the second season has French subtitles. They should be in every softsubbed download, just select the appropriate subtitle track in your media player.
>> No. 47332
File 136888208419.jpg - (127.51KB , 845x718 , Oh_Ankama.jpg )
-Online streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-un-chacha-dans-la-lune-s01ep21

-Downloadable MP4 version => http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/30123303/file.html
>> No. 47333
Dem legs
>> No. 47339
No translation yet?

Not that I'm demanding or anything, I'm just mildly surprised that I haven't heard anything and it's almost 2 days past the episode airing.
>> No. 47340
File 136902524844.png - (193.71KB , 2300x1978 , jojo.png )

Come on, guys, we need some space hips goodness
>> No. 47342
Didn't have time this weekend and I'm too exhausted to even watch it tonight. Probably tomorrow.
>> No. 47343
Ok, thanks!
>> No. 47345
Fair enough, I can respect that.
>> No. 47346
File 136910588328.jpg - (61.53KB , 570x717 , Diane.jpg )
Here come the subs:

Softsubs => http://www63.zippyshare.com/v/53456675/file.html

Youtube hardsubs => http://youtu.be/NyQqzU0tk84
>> No. 47347
File 136911053591.png - (107.72KB , 640x360 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E21_(Quicksubs)[10-28-08].png )
>no space suits while in vacuum
Am I asking too much?
>> No. 47348
This Sam & Max episode will explain it.
Sam &amp; Max 1x04 Bad Day On The Moonyoutube thumb
>> No. 47349
File 136915300080.jpg - (70.25KB , 1280x720 , unchain_my_heart.jpg )
HD release for ep.21:
=> https://hotfile.com/dl/223850511/043ae33/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E21_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_8E6FC8E3.mkv.html

=> http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/47418930/file.html
>> No. 47350
HD upload!
>> No. 47353
Cyrus, web-dl for s2ep2 can add? in rutracker he is in hdtvrip(
>> No. 47356
File 136925933487.png - (1.07MB , 1280x720 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E21_(720p_10bits_TVsource.png )
The ending made me cry. All three times I saw it ;_;

One of those moments when I actually feel for Kerub


Subs for episode 21: http://yadi.sk/d/yq8bcelS550s4


I'll look for it in the morning (поищу его утром).
>> No. 47366
нашли web-dl для s2ep2?)
>> No. 47367
Does anyone have WEB-DL (720p or 1080p) for Wakfu S02E02?

Some guy used to upload 1080p to color36 not a long time ago, does anyone have the link to his pastebin?

Нет. Спросил сейчас, может кто ответит
>> No. 47381
File 136948966850.png - (442.58KB , 640x360 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E22_(WebRaw)[19-46-45].png )
-Online streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-la-pulotte-geante-s01ep22

-Downloadable MKV version => http://www25.zippyshare.com/v/5580285/file.html
>> No. 47385
Quicksubs for ep.22 (not by or usual timer/subber).
=> http://www54.zippyshare.com/v/14846941/file.html
>> No. 47386
Dofus La Serie has no preview for the next episode. Does it mean that there will be a hiatus?
>> No. 47387
We'll probably get a July/August summer hiatus, but I haven't heard of it yet.
Maybe they're just late at posting next week's preview on the site.
>> No. 47388
or...maybe...just maybe ... is a sign!
Maybe they work on Wakfu season 3! *cross fingers*
>> No. 47389
What does that have to do with anything?
>> No. 47391
Much appreciated! If you need some compensation, I'll tell the requester.

Done downloading
>> No. 47392
No thanks.
I believe getting "compensation" could also get me some troubles from Ankama.
>> No. 47393
Can they actually get you? Would they actually care?
>> No. 47394

I would say so. he lives within their range and I'm personally in no doubt that they know exactly who we are, or at least some of us.
hell I have worked with artists from ankama on things and also other things with Ankama so they most defiantly know who I am and what I do but so far I have not gotten any mail from them telling me to stop.
I think we have also stated before that all they would have needed to do is sending us a mail asking us to stop and we would have stopped but again, we have never gotten mail from Ankama yet.
So far its been a live and let live situation.
>> No. 47395
Sounds harsh. How can they who you are? I realize that it might be obvious for you, who worked with them, but the rest... were they working with Ankama too?
>> No. 47396
Other anon here. A few of them have (or have had) my real name and personal e-mail address, with those they could identify my Ankama account and obtain my actual address.
>> No. 47397
As far as I'm concerned, I've been among the first ones to buy the VODs from their site, and to promote them here. So, I guess they could easily find me via my account.

>Would they actually care?
If someone started making money out of what is basically piracy of their products, they would obviously care.
As >>47394 said, we've been *tolerated* so far. They could deal a death blow to everything we do here with just a few C&D requests.
So, the least we can do is to show them some respect by not acting recklessly.
>> No. 47398
There is precedent, Ankama has sent a C&D letter to a related website that was hosting Wakfu episodes. It got us a bit rattled for a while (since some damn fool idiots were posting links to both their site and ours on the official Wakfu forums), but I think the unspoken understanding is that as long as we remain an amateur band of francophile enthusiasts, we're safe from their wrath.
>> No. 47400
It would be incredibly damaging for them to do deal any sort of damage to their surprisingly large foreign fanbase for an otherwise unknown and unremarkable show. I don't think they will dare hurt that unless they feel absolutely threatened.
>> No. 47401
From a business perspective, I suppose the wisest thing to do would be to let it slide as long as they don't publish an English version themselves, to build up awareness. And as soon as an English edition happens, get the ban hammer out and get rid of every source competing with your sales.
>> No. 47403
Thanks a lot for the episode! Requester sends his regards

To be fair, Ankama has quite shitty attitude.

I imagine that if their shows get English dub and US airing, piracy and distribution will double. People will do DVRs, iTunes rips etc. So, I think that what we have here is quite tame
>> No. 47406
File 136972988770.jpg - (317.90KB , 800x450 , 338280.jpg )
Finally, page for a new episode got added to the official site:
>> No. 47407
File 136973742284.jpg - (151.27KB , 1287x720 , Gulivette.jpg )
Giantess fetish, now in HD flavor.
=> https://hotfile.com/dl/224805482/3cf0499/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E22_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_AEC3070C.mkv.html

=> http://www24.zippyshare.com/v/48244534/file.html
>> No. 47409
File 136974439925.png - (912.94KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-05-28-05h29m27s175.png )
Here's the English YouTube upload:
And here's the link for where the Russian upload will be once it's finished uploading:
>> No. 47411
4:12 should have used "winner" instead of "fighter"
>> No. 47412
File 136976520659.jpg - (85.51KB , 787x719 , Doh!.jpg )
Yeah, seems like we let that one slip indeed.

J'avoue que cette semaine j'ai plus été préoccupé par le réajustement du timing (approximatif) qu'on a hérité de 4chan que par la relecture.

Well, nobody's perfect.
>> No. 47413
Whelp, looks like another whipping is in order. I'll add it to the list.
>> No. 47415
So should I wait to download for the fixed one?
>> No. 47416
File 136979838662.jpg - (123.57KB , 906x711 , Simone_pissed.jpg )
So, as said in >>47411, there's a slight mistake in the English subs of Kerub 22.
>@4:10, Gulivette line: read "winner" instead of "fighter".

I don't intend to reupload a whole V2 for just a single word mistake. If it really disturbs you, here's what you can do:
- Those who are familiar with softsubs can easily and quickly edit the subs themselves using Aegisub and MKVtoolnix.
- For everyone else, here's a patch that will do the job => https://hotfile.com/dl/224874160/a92ffbf/Kerub_22_Patch.zip.html
(Mirror => http://www37.zippyshare.com/v/58854237/file.html)
Just extract the archive and read the (Readme).
>> No. 47417
People will probably understand either way.

I translated it as "победитель" (winner), for example
>> No. 47418
Awesome thanks
>> No. 47419
Coffret 3 DVD WAKFU Saison 2 Volume 2 -- 15s'youtube thumb
>> No. 47425
File 136997910731.jpg - (79.06KB , 764x647 , Gulivette.jpg )
For those interested, just found a post by Abel Gongora talking about Gulivette's animation.
(If you're wondering who the guy is, you can see his name in the Animation credits of Kerub 22.)

He says that Gulivette's animation was indeed partly based on rotoscopy in most of the scenes. They had reference photos and videos of an actress doing her acting, which they used to redraw the key poses of the Flash model. They also did the animation "on twos" and "on threes" to give a slow motion effect of gigantism and traditional animation, while trying not to look too "robot-like".

Source (in French) => http://www.catsuka.com/interf/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4953&start=1936
>> No. 47427
File 137010097645.jpg - (282.90KB , 800x450 , fight_club.jpg )
Has there been new episode today? Dofusmotion still hasn't uploaded a thing

Also, preview for a next episode: http://youtu.be/J-9e5niPXuQ
>> No. 47428
It's on now.
>> No. 47429
File 137010786877.png - (222.52KB , 640x360 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E23_(WebRaw)[23-18-58].png )
-Online streaming version => http://www.dofusmotion.com/series/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-comme-un-pichon-dans-leau-s01ep23

-Downloadable MKV version => http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/30299192/file.html

Thanks! Why the delay this time?
>> No. 47430
File 137010849236.jpg - (19.43KB , 220x336 , 220px-Gulliverstravelsposter.jpg )
Neat! Finally watched the episode and I liked the homages to the 1939 animated version of Gulliver's Travels. It was the Fleischer Brother's first feature (the world's second cel-animated feature after Disney's Snow White) and it used rotoscopy extensively to differentiate Gulliver from the cartoony Lilliputians.

I like the implication that if our world were ever to co-exist with the World of Twelve, we'd be two hundred times bigger than any of its inhabitants. :P
>> No. 47432
File 137012658196.png - (270.97KB , 640x360 , vlcsnap-2013-06-01-15h21m18s203.png )
>> No. 47434
Softsubbed version:
=> http://www41.zippyshare.com/v/84131901/file.html
>> No. 47435
Just co clarify: when the folks have been offering prices for the mermaid parts, were they talking about THOUSANDS of hundreds of Kamas (30000, 400000), or just hundreds?
>> No. 47437
They're talking about tens and hundreds of thousands (50000, 60000, 100000, etc.). I guess the commas might have been a bit misleading here.
>> No. 47438
Thanks! Isn't 100000 kamas already a fortune though?
>> No. 47439
File 137020598556.jpg - (52.31KB , 1280x720 , Jojo.jpg )
Mermaids look less fishy in HD.
=> https://hotfile.com/dl/225442881/717c0db/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E23_(720p_10bits_TVsource_Eng.Subbed)_9D1F0B99.mkv.html

=> http://www57.zippyshare.com/v/91428606/file.html
>> No. 47441
File 137021932861.gif - (962.23KB , 500x281 , Surprised-Jojo.gif )
Confirm that mermaids look less fishy in HD by watching it on YouTube:
>> No. 47445
File 137028280223.png - (221.11KB , 640x360 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E23_(Quicksubs)[16-13-50].png )
This episode was awful, especially mermaid's acceptance of her fate. ankama, you are not even trying. If it wasn't for russian fandom, I wouldn't even bother translating it

sigh, either way...


Link for russian subs for episode 23: http://yadi.sk/d/H0CfuLHR5T6h6
>> No. 47446
File 137031350820.png - (646.43KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-06-02-23h58m46s193.png )
I disagree. the episode was adorable. The mermaids were pretty damn cute too.

I found it hilarious how matter-of-fact they were about eating her and how pleasant she was about it in general.
>> No. 47450

Revised translation: http://yadi.sk/d/gO61CvW05ThEu

I disliked episode so much, I didn't bother to proofread past 6 minutes of it yesterday. Decided to fix it today

"idiotic" is more like it
>> No. 47451
File 137032472585.png - (7.71KB , 812x732 , Thats_the_joke.png )
>mermaid's acceptance of her fate
That was meant to be sacarstic. It's not to be taken literaly.
What's idiotic here are your rants about a joke you're too dense to understand.
>> No. 47452
File 137032511143.png - (16.38KB , 80x102 , Anatoly-Wasserman.png )
It's kinda hard to tell, especially knowing how shitty can ankama's writing be at times
>> No. 47453
Don't blame your lack of subtlety on Ankama. It's not especially badly written here. It's just French humor meant for a French audience.
The fact you don't find it funny is just a matter of culture.
>> No. 47454
ehh, ok, i'll take that on your word. Not sure why french would find it funny, but still
>> No. 47455
Because the French always pussy out and surrender.
>> No. 47456
Ah, got it.
>> No. 47457
>French bashing in a French cartoon dedicated thread
You're f*ckin' dorks.
>> No. 47458
Come on, some people can take the scolding. For example, I'm russian, and I freely admit that our nation has heckload of crappy aspects
>> No. 47459
>Not sure why french would find it funny
Not sure why you wouldn't find it funny...
Well, it's hard to explain "why" you find something funny or not. As said before, I guess it's a matter of understanding based on your own culture references or something.

Anyway, humor is subjective. For example, I suppose that Anon finds funny what he posted in >>47455, while for a French it's basically plain insulting retardness.

I also freely admit that France has heckload of crappy aspects. But the "pussy surrender" thing is getting old, and has always been unfair to begin with.
I'm a French spending some time for free bringing French things to foreigners. I'm not here to take any scolding. So I'd be grateful if the silly bashing was kept out of these threads at least.
>> No. 47460
OK, but could you explain the "joke" with mermaid? Or did ankama (a french company) basically played out an insulting (to French people) joke? I seriously don't get the punchline
>> No. 47461
Sorry, I honestly thought that's what they were referencing lol. You know, in one of those "I messed something up and everyone's laughing, so I awkwardly start laughing too with them" kind of situations, joking about the stigma.

Being self-critical is a general theme and happens in lots of shows from all over the world.
>> No. 47462
It's mostly as >>47446 said.
The funny side of this situation comes from the paradox there is between the cruel thing they're going to do to the mermaid, and the way they're casually and cheerfully talking with her about it; especially given that the mermaid doesn't look like she's giving single a fuck.

Well, I'm not a literay guy, so I'll let someone better than me explain which stylistic devices and such are at work here. But that's the idea.
>> No. 47463
I got what mean, and no offense, but that sounds more like a poor writing rather a joke. Or maybe it is a joke, just a bit too childish one.

I won't dwell on it no more
>> No. 47464
Childish? Maybe... It's a kids show after all. I rather see it as some kind of black humor acting as a comic relief. I wouldn't say it's poorly written, though.
Anyway, just accept that it was supposed to be seen as something funny, even if the humor didn't particularly reach you.

Well, the French also know to make fun of themselves, including the surrender jokes.
However, it's not really something to expect in a show for kids made in France like Dofus.
>> No. 47465
That's true, but after I watched the giant episode where they pull off her underwear and how the guy is gonna hang himself in the mermaid episode they seem to have some pretty adult suggestions in the show. And that's adult even for American stuff, because our kids cartoons are FILLED with tons of sexual/generally adult subtleties. Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents are the first two examples I can think of.

The difference is in that sentence though, ours are subtle but the ones in Kerub aren't, it's actually being acted out which blew my mind at first as an American.

But man, if you really wanna talk about people being pussies, let me tell you, our media is the king. Everyone is becoming oversensitive crybabies here. In something like Hey Arnold they would have some light curse words and very dark storylines and humor, and that stuff would NEVER EVER EVER be allowed as a mainstream kids show ever again. But that was one of the greatest cartoons of the 90s.
>> No. 47466
>Hey Arnold
They even mentioned threesome: Arnold has a threesomeyoutube thumb

Yes, with two girls
>> No. 47467
File 137035275179.jpg - (81.48KB , 1916x1032 , titeuf.jpg )
>ours are subtle but the ones in Kerub aren't
And another gem from titeuf
>> No. 47468
>adult suggestions
The surrender jokes aren't really on the same level as other adult stuff like sex jokes for example.
When kept soft as they are in Dofus and Wakfu, and even if they're not quite subtle, the sex jokes are prone to make laugh about whoever is not overly prudish. I guess that's also our latin side speaking here.
The surrender jokes are something more politics related, and, as I said, seen as quite insulting in France. It's something to expect in satirical shows, but not much in things aimed at young kids.

>Everyone is becoming oversensitive crybabies here.
Unfortunately, it's about the same in France nowadays. Lots of good-overthinking stuck-up people make a fuss about anything and everything, always looking to go on crusades for the sake of THE good behavior.
The problem is that they don't represent the majority of people. They're just the ones shouting the loudest, and thus end up being listened to, just to make them shut up!

>cartoons of the 90s.
Yeah, I also miss the freedom towards the"politically correct" we had until the early 90s. By the way, I must say I'm still amazed by the amount of adult related stuff in Wakfu and Dofus that could make it through censorship. Luckily, there are still artists who play "la resistance" against the prudish hypocrites.
>> No. 47470
I can't believe they are allowed to have such feminine body shapes.
>> No. 47471
I've just noticed that this thread has reached its bump limit.

I'll create a new one on Saturday, for Kerub's next episode.

No need to hurry anyway, even the previous thread is still on the first page of /coc/. We can keep discussing here in the meantime.
>> No. 47474
Here's where the new episode with Russian subs will be:
I think the joke was pretty funny. It made me smile, and I don't think it was symptomatic of bad writing. Actually, I think it was quite *good* writing. It was deadpan situational irony, which I think is amusing. But, this isn't the proper thread for discussing your opinion on the episode, as appreciated as your contribution to the subbing community is; you should head to /co/ with that, yo.

Oh, I'd like to note that I've been compiling and organizing MKV files of the entire series with the Russian subs added on to them in addition to the English and French for a torrent release once the series is complete! Also planning on sticking a bunch of animated gifs and screencaps in there for shits and giggles.
>> No. 47475
ok, thanks

Well, that was fast
>> No. 47477
I'm British and I didn't have any trouble finding the scene funny. No retarded "surrender" jokes necessary, it never even crossed my mind. I think it's because we English have a similar vein in storytelling of over-polite adversaries that make excellent subjects of mockery:
Lord Muffin Muncher: "Awfully sorry about this, old sport, a crying shame and all that, I do hope we don't part company on bad terms." *STAB*
Lord Scone Scoffer: "No hard feelings old boy, I know it can't be helped, I'm glad we had the chance to have this little chat, cheerio and so forth." *DIES*

Plebs like me find that shit hilarious.
>> No. 47480
On an older thread someone posted a link for the wakfu soundtrack but its no longer active.
Can we have a repost of it?
>> No. 47482
File 137049674943.png - (50.53KB , 1369x1369 , nox.png )
Some people probably have exactly what you need, but in the meantime, I can provide this: http://yadi.sk/d/0UStd1AW5YJbk

Dofus - Le Jeu OST
Dofus Fan Ost 1 - Ballade En Amakna
Dofus Fan Ost 2 - Melodies Oubliees
Lékado Bonux
Wakfu - Le Jeu - OST
>> No. 47483
Thank you, these help a lot.
Does anyone has the tv series soundtrack? season 1 and 2?
Those have very nice songs.
>> No. 47484
File 137051129427.png - (221.49KB , 1346x1346 , wakfu_nox_head.png )
I hope they will start showing episodes centered on more contemporary things - like why Lou left, where did Kerub found Jojo and why he decided to adopt him etc.

Also, kinda finished Nox's face
>> No. 47486
File 137052215395.png - (1.09MB , 679x960 , remin.png )
So any idea where I can find the next volumes of comics?
Or they aren't out yet? saw just a part of 'em on BoT's site.
>> No. 47487
Where did you find that page in English?
>> No. 47488
File 137062147724.png - (458.10KB , 668x422 , Wakfu_OST.png )

no longer use a "Karelia", but there still stored old Wakfu Soundtrack
>> No. 47489
currently still waiting on full confirmation from someone that can understand french and kenny or anybody else can feel free to chim in but it seems like we most likely got confirmation for an animated sequel of the 2 current seasons of wakfu, but not a season 3, at least in some sort of animated form:
>> No. 47490
File 137063292494.jpg - (49.31KB , 550x260 , YugoTot.jpg )
I'll just post the (edited) translation:

" Hello everyone,

Great news for the fans of Yugo, Ruel, Amalia, Evangelyne, and Pinpin. France Télévisions and us are delighted to announce that we are going to revive the Brotherhood of Tofu. For now it will not be a season 3 so to speak, but something more original (if not unique in the landscape of French animation). Don't worry, it's gonna be epic! Despite my heart of stone, this even got me to cry (twice) while working on the scenarios.

Anyway, it's a pleasure for us to see our heroes again, and make them live a new adventure. The end is not yet written, so we're still wondering how they'll make it through...

In any case, it's now or never for you, fans of the series, to come and cheer us at Japan Expo. Indeed, on July 6, we'll make a few announcements about this new cartoon project. More than ever, we need your presence and support to show that WAKFU is a great series that deserves to continue over several seasons.

Thank you for your support,


PS: More info at http://www.wakfu.com/fr/forum/20-discussions-generales/320228-suite-serie-wakfu "
>> No. 47491
File 137063596522.png - (747.86KB , 1920x1080 , Episode 17 - Grougaloragran l'éternel[01-27-.png )
No Nox, no deal
>> No. 47493
- probably more like a mini-series, might just be hosted online instead of airing on tv
- really, really short in length, i'm thinking maybe five minutes at the least and ten minutes at the most
- francetv/france3 being involved i think kind points towards no central plot, might just be a monster of the week scenario, but who knows
- minimum dialogue from the brotherhood
- they say it's a sequel to season 2 so i have no idea when it's taking place in relation to the franga
- dofus tier animation plz
>> No. 47494
So... Angry Birds Toons Wakfu Edition?
>> No. 47495
>they say it's a sequel to season 2
They say "suite" on the Facebook page indeed, but I'm still not sure whether it'll be a direct sequel to season 2, or just some kind of spin-off.
>> No. 47496
i was thinking either:
a. it's after the franga (might spoil it though), leading up to the movie and the characters might be older
b. it's about what the brotherhood did during those months between season 2 and the franga
c. it takes place through out season 2, hence my monster of the week thinking
>> No. 47498
I get a feeling that using "suite" on the Facebook page was a faux pas and whoever manages it just meant it as "the next animated Wakfu product." There really isn't much we can safely derive from what little has been said so far.
>> No. 47499
This, exactly.
>> No. 47504
File 137067804272.jpg - (68.94KB , 1280x720 , C'mere!.jpg )
It's that time again.
Simone is taking Joris to a new thread.

See you in >>47502.
>> No. 47512
thank you wery much for all the links

i just found out about this anime Maliki, (yes i know im slow)

can anyone give me a download link ? google is not helpfull and i cant find it on any torrent site :(
>> No. 47525

correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I'm aware Maliki never got beyond the pilot at least in animated form.
>> No. 49134
Ankama has just released a Kickstarter to make an official English dub: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1836563008/wakfu-the-animated-series
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