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File 134892782425.png - (357.68KB , 809x1086 , 1348818356630.png )
45862 No. 45862
> Would you a General Grievous?

Four-armed, hot-blooded, bespectacled, brace-faced, asthmatic, and socially awkward, Grieve-tan attends CIS High and is the star member of the school's fencing team.

Her training personally overseen by CIS High's charismatic and grave deputy headmaster Dooku, Grieve-tan is poised to square off against Republic High's ever-popular Kenobi-san. But lo, with Grieve-tan's forbidden affair with Anon-kun, himself a student of the CIS' most reviled Republic High...

What's a droid general to do?

Relevant links to follow.
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>> No. 45863
File 13489278667.png - (139.00KB , 4257x1056 , 1348892865840.png )
> Wikia page

> Grieve-tan pics on The /co/llection

> Original thread

> Last thread
>> No. 45864
File 134892927326.png - (855.75KB , 1916x2004 , 1348847303245.png )
> Grieve-tan: Origins

> Grieve-Tan Origins 2: Electric Boogaloo
>> No. 45867
File 134895315634.png - (210.44KB , 966x678 , Clone_Wars.png )
Grievous was my first husbando. I feel an emotion that is confused yet recognizably reminiscent of nostalgia at this.
>> No. 45874
> Grieve-Tan Origins 3: Tea for Two
>> No. 45875
> I'm a droid student
>> No. 45880
> Porn from Endpiece (Grieve-tan x Anon-chan) COMPLETE!
>> No. 45881
File 134906887866.png - (23.44KB , 1120x600 , capture-6.png )
I wanted to post this in the thread but it was already autosaging/dead and there isn't a new one.
>> No. 45882
File 134906891844.png - (32.03KB , 1120x600 , capture-7.png )

Also from the thread:

>Droidekas: There should only be two, the biggest fans of Grieve-tan. Appearance should be delicious brown girls who roll everywhere, they pop out at random and prevent Grieve-tan from conversing with Anon-kun
>> No. 45884
That. Is. Awesome.
>> No. 45886
File 134907948712.jpg - (402.05KB , 600x800 , 1348993813756.jpg )
>Latest archived thread

Lots of goodies in there.
>> No. 45889
Damn it, /co/, why did you get me interested in this.

I'm still fussing with the story I want to write for this. Need the perfect /tg/ game for Anon to introduce Grieve-tan to that doesn't require me to simulate an actual game of it for authenticity.
>> No. 45891
My advice would be to not get too hung up on details for the system. Just pick up enough crunch to give the premise credence and let the characters do their thing and remain on track with the plot.
>> No. 45892
Someone made a thread on /co/, but who knows if it'll get deleted prematurely. Linking to catch any content it may spawn.

>> No. 45893

Good idea. I'll continue with my original idea, then.
>> No. 45897
Daily dose.
>> No. 45899
New content. Sort of huge file.
> http://brassrainofpetals.deviantart.com/art/grieve-tan-330298118
>> No. 45900
File 134930704552.jpg - (88.96KB , 900x399 , grieve_tan_by_brassrainofpetals-d5gnfnq (1).jpg )
Here's the downsized version from dA. I couldn't upload it to the /co/llection, and I won't even *try* to do it on here because plus4chan hasn't been too good for me today.
>> No. 45905
What do you think her voice would sound like?
>> No. 45906
I think right now it's all about head-canon, anon.

Some people like to think that she would still retain her Matt Wood voice. Some people like to think that she should have a slightly irritating nasal girl voice with a lisp thanks to her braces (see: Stan's older sister Shelly from "South Park").

Personally I'd envision a teenage girl affecting the Richard McGonagle voice would be closest to my head-canon.

If people could drum up a list actresses or voice actresses to serve as a starting point, that'd get us moving toward something more conclusive, maybe.
>> No. 45907
Please upvote this thread.
> http://www.chanarchive.org/4chan/co/59970/why-does-the-grievous-thread-keep-being-deleted
>> No. 45911
Daily dose.
> http://boards.4chan.org/co/res/41434296
>> No. 45920
It looks like the popular opinion is creating a VN centered around Grieve-tan. Unless there's another compelling idea for a project in mind, I recommend any other willing anons come forward to strike while the iron's hot.
>> No. 45923
Please upvote this thread:
> http://chanarchive.org/4chan/co/60976
>> No. 45924

I don't recommend it. That's a huge undertaking and burnout will most likely ensue. Drawings, short comics, and short stories will keep the spark running with less hassle.
>> No. 45925
I was thinking on a smaller scale as opposed to going all out like KS.

Something simple, short, and relatively linear. Something that can be completed in a somewhat short time (a period of weeks?) that can be presented to say, "Mai waifu isn't a flavour of the month".

But if we're doing all right as we are, then that's fine too.
>> No. 45930
Daily dose.

I'd recommend that we leave it well alone unless there's some urgent OC, however.
>> No. 45934
File 134975516241.jpg - (120.08KB , 896x960 , 1349644626624.jpg )
Was going to break up the story here but Plus4chan is posting really poorly, so here it is on Pastebin. I'm not the best writer, but I was inspired by this picture and wanted to see it through.

>> No. 45935
I liked it.

This Anon is in the same vein as Origins Anon, and for that I have to say... Anon-kun needs a fall. He needs someone like big like Dooku or even Windu or Kenobi or Anakin to grind him into the dirt and really shake him up.

And then we can get some sweet and totally spaghetti deredere action from Grieve-tan.
>> No. 45936

Well, there was that one Dooku bit where he offered to train Anon instead of Windu. That could be used.
>> No. 45937
How much shame is there in being bested by Ventress?
>> No. 45938
Good, to bad the current thread died before anyone got to see it.
>> No. 45941
Daily dose.
>> No. 45945
File 135002639494.jpg - (145.74KB , 1828x1178 , 1350020174249.jpg )
DrawThreads Forever!
>> No. 45946

It's cute! Now I'm musing over a scene for this.
>> No. 45947
Daily dose.
>> No. 45951
Holycrap this would look even better colored.
>> No. 45955

No comment.
>> No. 45958

Ohhhh, boy. Well, let's see where it goes, then.
>> No. 45964
File 135033330096.png - (442.54KB , 714x981 , 30760490.png )
AWWWW SHIT! He made another one!!
>> No. 45965
Here's the link.
>> No. 45966
>"for 4 guys"
I think that means us!
>> No. 45967
I posted the link to this thread at the first picture on Pixiv. Artist said it was a "surprise". So I think it's for us, yeah.
>> No. 45968
Someone start a thread!
>> No. 45969
Daily dose.

>> No. 45987
Daily dose.

>> No. 45996
File 135088639164.png - (238.67KB , 900x1050 , 3bdff45561731a98a3b8ddcf8617c3993e636a36.png )
I'm really liking this Adventure Time tisk style, anyone here knows who's the artist?
>> No. 46002
>> No. 46019
Daily dose.
>> No. 46021
File 135148610098.png - (675.91KB , 960x840 , 5e97119d224f3d6e00f3f358e61faed02a319604.png )
>> No. 46022
If any drawfag needs inspiration, I just had a great mental image of tastefully nude Grieve-tan using all 4 arms to strategically cover her naughty bits in a classy way.

Maybe someone else more talented than me can think of a way to justify why she'd actually be posing like that that somehow fits her personality.

(Also since my dorm's IP is banned over at 4chan, I'd appreciate if someone could post this in the whatever current Grieve-tan thread is over on their /co/)
>> No. 46025
File 135182120098.jpg - (149.82KB , 912x1216 , grieve-tan2.jpg )
I post this on /co/ the other day after I found out the existence of Grieve-tan. I love the character design. Really want to do other characters as well.
>> No. 46026
File 135182394582.png - (398.21KB , 900x730 , 1350099955257.png )
You could try doing other star wars characters.
>> No. 46028
Vantress and the twins look interesting. Any more pictures on these chars? How about the Magna-guard sisters?
>> No. 46029
File 135184075342.jpg - (102.84KB , 787x660 , Maul.jpg )
Not really. Grieve-tan's sisters the Magna-guards surprisingly have little to non fan art.
>> No. 46030
File 135184084014.png - (176.98KB , 3778x2426 , 1348888090189.png )
>> No. 46031
File 135184094029.png - (95.18KB , 246x272 , Screen Shot 2012-11-02 at 3_22_34 AM.png )
>> No. 46032
File 135184099357.png - (106.27KB , 500x501 , 1351537056306.png )
>> No. 46040
> Daily dose.
>> No. 46051
> Daily dose.
>> No. 46055
> Daily dose.
>> No. 46065
> Daily dose.
>> No. 46073
File 135347749880.png - (226.04KB , 583x711 , 31510641.png )
AHHHHHH CRAP! He made another one!
>> No. 46074
> Daily dose.
>> No. 46095
> Daily dose.
>> No. 46129
> Daily dose.
>> No. 46154
> Last thread.

> Current thread.
>> No. 46195
> Daily dose.
>> No. 46230
> Daily dose.
>> No. 46289
> Daily dose.
>> No. 46362
>> No. 46601
Is this still a thing?
>> No. 46647
File 136073974394.jpg - (2.00MB , 1250x1768 , Grieve-tan vs_ Hazel.jpg )
Currently having a "friendly" duel with Hazel. At least, Hazel thinks it's a friendly duel.
>> No. 46864
There's a thread going on. More for reminiscing, but contributions would be appreciated.

>> No. 46879
>> No. 46916
> Daily dose.
>> No. 46951
> Daily dose.
>> No. 46959
File 136482996778.png - (834.91KB , 750x1524 , tumblr_mkkdh7qp2v1r0jgzlo1_1280.png )
In case anyone missed Bits' last post.
>> No. 46962
> Daily dose.
>> No. 46995
Welp, the /co/ archive on foolz is down now. Wish I didn't take it for granted, but them's the breaks.
>> No. 46998
It's back now. This little "scare" serves as a bit of motivation to keep the /co/nservatory page up to date in the event that archived threads are lost forever.

I was wondering. Is anyone who keeps up with this thread interested in collaborating on a VN? I don't want to get too ambitious with the project--more trail-breaking than anything.
>> No. 47012
I am saving most /co/ projects in /coc/. I save all pics posted and screen capture all conversations in said threads (including this one). If you want anything saved then post it here.
>> No. 47025
> Daily dose.
>> No. 47026
Do you happen to have Tourbillon's relationship charts?
>> No. 47028
The only things I have are whats posted in this thead. Sorry.
>> No. 47072
> Daily dose.
>> No. 47145
> Daily dose.
>> No. 47214
>Daily dose.
>> No. 47244
> Belated daily dose
>> No. 47255
File 136796023648.jpg - (156.52KB , 651x433 , 1353488148086.jpg )
Sending out feelers now: who would be interested in collaborating for a Grieve-tan VN?
>> No. 47268

If we're able to set some reasonable goals, I'd be willing to pitch in. I have some Ren'Py programming experience and can help with editing (including plotting).
>> No. 47269
I've really only scratched the surface of Ren'Py myself. Watched the tutorials, did a simple, stupid story, etc.

Would you mind giving us a laundry list of what would be both "passable" and "doable"? Like limitations on decision trees and flags. Pretend that art isn't an issue and that we'll be selling the game to an artist to fill in what is needed later.

Unless that's a terrible idea.
>> No. 47284
What if we started off with a straight path and then broke it up into decision points later?

Alternatively, what if we had three straight paths; good end, bad end, and true end with a single decision point at the start and then worked to criss-cross them afterwards?
>> No. 47285
I like this, but could we add a comedic end as well?
>> No. 47286
No objection here.

I'm kind of wondering what metric we should be using to determine what ending the player receives, though. Should it be a game of CYOA where your decisions guide you down a path, or should it be based upon a percentage or affection level with GT?
>> No. 47288
Could be both. For example, comedic end if a certain choice was made, otherwise good to bad end depending on score.
>> No. 47292
> Daily dose.
>> No. 47293
Think good/bad/neutral (you don't get the girl but it doesn't go to hell, philosophical perhaps). Comedic elements are necessary to pace drama and vice versa.
>> No. 47294
Also, let me get a trip for future identification.
>> No. 47295
I noticed you could bold on /plus/. Is there any other formatting I should be aware of?

>> No. 47303
Personally I'm starting to lean more toward alignment-based endings: Jedi, Sith, and... I guess "neutral" would best describe the third alignment. Basically "neutral" gets you an ending befitting a Corellian spacer: one that values freedom and independence. If the choices you made in the game put you at odds with picking Republic or CIS, then you'll be getting one of these "other" paths. So in the end you might become a loner rogue a la Han Solo or a plaything of the Hutts after losing hard at a game of Sabacc.
>> No. 47334
Daily Dose
>> No. 47344
Daily Dose
>> No. 47351
The following came up in the last thread:

> Thematically, I think Anon-kun's endings should be Force-aligned. Like for a "Dark Side" ending, Anon-kun would show up after Grieve's duel with Kenobi on Utapau, witnessing Kenobi finishing her off, prompting him to attack.
> There's probably lots of different possibilities for a "grey" ending, but each one share Anon leaving the Jedi (or at least their ideals/kendo).
> Light side would be hard to write since Anon would have to choose being a space virgin over a happy ending with Grieve, right?

To which another anon replied:
> Pretty much. They'd have to part in a manner that arouses both respect for the characters, and a defiant will to kill each other towards the end.
> That, or Anon-kun joins the light side to thwart Palpatine's plan.
> Except palpatine was planning on just that...

Comments, please.
>> No. 47472
Why not just have then elope or hatefuck?

Odds are this will end in an unfinished manner like most /co/ projects do, only to be sloppily integrated into the larger /co/ mash-up/parody setting where just about every character starts acting very differently from what was established in their own setting.
>> No. 47508
So we still like Grieve-tan, right?
>> No. 47510
Of course we do.


Endpiece posted some art in this thread, but I didn't snag it before deletion.
>> No. 47555
Daily Dose

>> No. 47623
Daily Dose
>> No. 47673
Last two threads, both made July 3rd:

http://archive.foolz.us/co/thread/51405564/ (deleted)
>> No. 47734
File 13737415213.png - (83.08KB , 996x1146 , hikorou03.png )
>> No. 47797
Gott im Himmel. Endpiece, you madman.

Also, a thread:
>> No. 47801

Update since the Kickstarter was voided:
>> No. 48118

Six days till the anniversary of the original thread.
>> No. 48219
Anniversary thread:
>> No. 48267
To show my efforts for the VN I plan on opening up a tumblr. I plan on keeping WIPs on Google Docs for people to see and make comment. If there's a better or more efficient avenue for this, I'd like to know, please.
>> No. 48352
Last thread made:
>> No. 48440
>> No. 48735
File 138768898920.jpg - (181.66KB , 757x1056 , cooking_with_grieve_tan.jpg )
Happy Life Day
>> No. 48749
Happy Life Day to you too, anon.

VN Anon here. Working the night shift during the holidays made it very difficult to make much headway for the game. In the next few days I want to have a blogspot or tumblr set up so I can post progress updates and otherwise keep everyone else in the loop.
>> No. 48757
I wonder if we should work on more world-building and setting up the characters a little more thorough before concentrating more on grieve-tan.

One anon complained about the ridiculous waifu-ism and porn going on. And yeah, while some is nice, if there's too much it would likely ruin the idea as a whole.

While the conservatory gives is a general idea on what is going on, what else is there that could be expanded?

If expansion shouldn't be our priority, what particular element should be worked on, reinforced?
>> No. 48758
I think we should focus more on world building since the school is the only real location we established.
>> No. 48761
I think context is sort of important when it comes to the "where should we focus". Since for the game everything I'm doing is going to be more or less grounded on adapting Star Wars canon and making it "Visual Novel-y" I don't have to put too much into reinventing the wheel. My main focus is "the feels" and making it entertaining. I have a pretty clear picture of what I want to do and how to do it, barring a few minor details.

Like treating the deaths of certain canon characters: the Jedi that Grievous defeated at Hypori and even Qui-Gon Jinn. Does Grieve-tan *actually* kill clones and Jedi, or does she merely beat them into submission? And how do we treat Maul-tan's injuries dealt to her by Obi-Wan? Was she bifurcated as per Ep. I, or paralyzed/had her legs broke a la the Tourbillon comic?

While I like Tourbillon's comical solution, it kind of strayed a bit too far from the source material for my liking to maintain it as canon. I'm also running with a concept of Maul-tan closer to the canon version.
>> No. 48784
Any news about the game document for google docs?
>> No. 48789
I hit a snag right after Hallowe'en: job demands until right about now.

I want to have something to show shortly after New Year's now that I have the time. I'll check in here again sometime next week with the link to the doc. What I do have in there could use some polish to say the least.
>> No. 48943
File 138896528754.jpg - (63.58KB , 800x607 , 1388563703869.jpg )
Still here.

I've been writing up a few things but nothing too substantial. I have the rest of the week after Monday off, so I'll be working to post/link to what I have in a couple of days in a public docs folder. For the moment I've dubbed the endeavour "Project Ventolin". I feel what's holding me back right now is flow chart/diagram creation for the story branches.

The main goal of the GDD is to provide something to "sell" to others to expand and improve upon.
>> No. 49026

There is probably a lot in here that requires explanation from me, but here is what I have to show that can be shown.

I have a beta version of the GDD in a file on my desktop that I'm working on. Pardon the alpha that is in this folder. I hope to switch the alpha with the beta following a round of comments and questions, otherwise all I'm doing is writing the scenarios from back to front.

I didn't think there'd be 11 possible endings when I started that flow chart, but that's how it ended up and I'll stick with it.
>> No. 49286
>> No. 49328
>> No. 49402
>> No. 49719
>> No. 50134
>> No. 50817
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