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File 133316205383.jpg - (78.16KB , 1024x576 , Amalia_Eva.jpg )
44616 No. 44616
Inb4 we finally know whether we'll get a season 3 or not, I'm taking the opportunity of creating a new thread as I made some reuploads for season 2 episodes.
I'll also repost the links to reuploads B. made previously.

>Season 1:
=> http://min.us/mbkDepBr9a

>Mini Wakfu
=> http://min.us/mbgmlBLQD0

>Season 2 SD Softsubbed:
=> http://min.us/mbekGjZewt

>Season 2 SD Hardsubbed:
=> http://min.us/mhqkpaB5H

>Season 2 HD Softsubbed:
- Ep.1-13 => http://min.us/mBmvOtKKj
- Ep.14-26 => http://min.us/mbiqETguSM

>Ogrest Special:
=> http://min.us/m2xlTnD3m

For the rest, refer to http://brotherhoodoftofu.com/ as usual.
There's also our Twitter feed. I'll keep it updated whenever we'll get official interested news, about season 3 for example...
=> https://twitter.com/#!/wakfu_fansubs

Use this thread to share Wakfu related news and resources. Discussions about the series' plot and such go to /co/.
Also, don't post links to DVD and VOD rips here. We have our reasons not to do so, so no bitching on that matter please.
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>> No. 44618
Haha, I totally misread the beginning of the thread and thought you were saying we know if there's gonna be a season 3...

Anyway, thanks for the reuploads, it's been kind of messy getting a hold of some episodes.
>> No. 44623
Thanks you very much for all of this.

I have some friends that are interested in watching Wakfu, and this will make it super easy for them to get started.

I so hope we all don't have to wait very long for a season 3 of Wakfu.

AND AGAIN! Super thanks to all the members of the Sub team for all their work.
>> No. 44625
File 133324227032.jpg - (99.79KB , 1200x801 , 10364263-closeup-of-classy-gentleman-drinking-glas.jpg )
Thank you subbers for all the work you guys and gals did.

I shall have a drink of scotch in your honor
>> No. 44634
Episode 16, at the 18min mark
Episode 21, at the 17min mark
Episode 26, throughout, but especially after the 11min mark.

These songs are phenomenal. Please someone with better skills than me rip them from the episodes. I wish Ankama would release an official soundtrack. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
>> No. 44641
If Ankama released anything in English, I'd buy it in a heartbeat
>> No. 44642
The artbooks are bilingual! And they're approaching the first season finale...slooooooowly.
>> No. 44644
File 133351970933.jpg - (327.84KB , 1177x818 , MakingOf8.jpg )
Very slowly indeed.
BTW, the 8th artbook dealing with ep. 19 to 22 will be released on April 26th.
>> No. 44645
File 133352541740.jpg - (480.31KB , 1423x1080 , Amy_MakingOf_1080.jpg )
I had some time to waste, so I did a bit of editing.
I think this can make quite a decent wallpaper, even if I couldn't make the picture fit a 16:9 or 16:10 AR.
>> No. 44652
For the attention of Kennymc

My understanding of French is low unfortunately, although improving.
My love of all things Wakfu is astronomical and rising!

I want to make a Calouga but the only recipe I've found on the 'net is in French, and although I understand most of it, I need a more specific translation of some of the text.

Would it be possible to ask if you, or any other fluent French speakers lurking, could translate this recipe into English for me?


Thank you for considering this. E-mail included for sending privately to not clutter up the board with non-sub related rubbish.
>> No. 44654
File 133356197349.jpg - (96.32KB , 814x1034 , Choco-Eva.jpg )
>Thank you for considering this.
It's for a chocolate cake, so it's for a good cause!
>> No. 44655

Very many thanks!

Coffee and chocolate - two of my favourites.

This was the line which caused me trouble :
2 tablespoons of very strong coffee (homemade with a coffee maker, not instant coffee)

I guessed it would be strong coffee, but missed the coffee maker part.

I'll let you know how it turns out.
>> No. 44658
File 133357630143.jpg - (313.00KB , 1024x576 , Wakfu_S2-E16_English-Softsubbed_43C9550E_mkv_00090.jpg )
Trying Bordegann's favorite, huh?
>> No. 44659
>the only recipe I've found on the 'net

That's because the right spelling is Kaluga (or kalouga). You'll fin more recipes using that as keywords.
>> No. 44675
Wasnt there going to be a second ogrest special? or was that just wishful thinking I saw?
>> No. 44676
Wishful thinking. There were three specials announced but they never said what they would be about. And at this point we're far from sure that the other two will happen.
>> No. 44691
Does this have to do with th murmurs of Ankama Japan's attempt at yoinking and altering the Dofus IP? How many animated goodness was robbed from our mitts because of it?
>> No. 44692
Pretty sure the Japanese fiasco happened before they announced the specials.
>> No. 44693
I doubt it was Ankama Japan that compromised the project, or I failed to understand the way that studio worked. Sucks for them if their own studio can't comply with their orders.
>> No. 44694
>I doubt it was Ankama Japan that compromised the project
They did actually.

What happened was that they tried to take the Dofus cartoon and make it into their own thing, but Tot told them to basically fuck off if they were going to try and go their own way with it.

Ankama Japan's stubbornness is also why Ogrest is green in his special, and not brown like Tot wanted.
>> No. 44695
But the Ogrest special wasn't made by Ankama Japan. I know the story about the Japanese fucking things up, but I haven't seen AJ mentioned anywhere.
>> No. 44696
>the Ogrest special wasn't made by Ankama Japan
It wasn't made by them but they had a lot of contribution to it from what I remember.
>> No. 44697
>the Ogrest special wasn't made by Ankama Japan.
It was made under their lead at least.
But part of the anime was outsourced to other studios indeed, like it's often done in Japan. That's why you can see people working at Madhouse, Dr Movie, or even Ghibli studios in the credits.

Still, it was Ankama Japan which was in charge of the specials, and of the Dofus series projects. Their cancellation directly comes from the troubles the studio encountered.

Actually, we don't really know if the problems came from within Ankama Japan itself, or from the studios working with it. Maybe both. Tot never gave much details on that matter. All he said is that working with the japanese was a pain in the butt, as he could never reach a real cooperation.

Anyway, if the specials are ever released, they'll be made in Ankama's French studios. Now it's most likely a matter of money, as quite a bit was lost in the Japanese fiasco.

>the Japanese fiasco happened before they announced the specials.
The specials were announced by the beginning of season 2 in February 2011, and Tot started to really consider the projects in Japan as a fiasco around May/June, when he received the first episode of the Dofus series.
>> No. 44699
>Now it's most likely a matter of money, as quite a bit was lost in the Japanese fiasco.

My wallet is naffed beyond measure, but every tiny bit I could spare, I'd give, to do my part in giving back. I don't suppose Ankama has considered crowdfunding to offset some of the finances?
>> No. 44701
I feel like that wouldn't really go over well.
>> No. 44704
>I don't suppose Ankama has considered crowdfunding to offset some of the finances?
That honestly sounds like desperatism and is probably something that Ankama wouldn't even think about doing unless they were in seriously dire straits, e.g. on the verge of bankruptcy.
>> No. 44735
Well they could start by bloody giving us the rest of s2's VODs to pay for an download...
>> No. 44737
They could indeed.
There have been a few threads on Wakfu's French boards asking about the VODs, but none of them ever got an official reply from the mods or the devs.
>> No. 44740
File 133478014847.jpg - (0.99MB , 1022x1476 , WakfuManga.jpg )
Still no news about a Wakfu season 3, but at least Ankama intends to provide a sequel to the series through comic books.
They say it'll be a "manga", so I guess we can expect something like the Dofus manga, that is some pocket size black and white books.

The title is "The Quest for the Eliatrope Dofuses".

Coming soon.
>> No. 44741
...So many prices listed. Is it really going to be distributed in all these areas? That would be cool.
>> No. 44743
I don't know, but it would be cool indeed.
BTW, note that the prices and the barcode belong to Remington #9 comic. The picture I posted comes from its back cover.
>> No. 44744
Oh, okay. No new distributors, then.
>> No. 44745
So they are gonna get the Dofuses of all the council members?

I'm glad this is gonna be done in a comic - if we got a third season, it'd be boring to have to watch yet another Dofus quest.
>> No. 44746
So is Eva pregnant or did she already have the kid or was that Ankama just being trolling jerks?
>> No. 44747
We don't know.
>> No. 44748

>> No. 44749
While it was definitely unnerving, Wakfu overall isn't what I would call terrifying. Looks like someone was desperate to get Wakfu out in the public eye.
>> No. 44750
>Wakfu ranked above Animals of Farthing Wood
This article is bullshit.
>> No. 44751
File 13348300077.jpg - (21.27KB , 450x319 , CaptainObvious.jpg )
>> No. 44754
File 133488483124.png - (239.88KB , 538x447 , ws2e25jf.png )
I need some VOD help, if anyone has ever experienced something like this. I've had my account on ankama's site since, oh, maybe October? And it won't let buy ogrines, because every time I try to it tells me my account is either too young or that I need to play more Wakfu. Is there something I did to muck things up or what? I'm not actually signed up for the game or anything.
>> No. 44755
Hmm, is it actually possible to sub the VODs and then play them on the PS3? I'm sure Wakfu would look great in HD on the TV.
>> No. 44756
I've never encountered such a problem, so I'm afraid I can't help you much on that matter.
All I can say is that I've never signed up for any of Ankama's games either, and my account was created about 11 months before I made my first purchase of Ogrines.

I'm not used to the PS3's media player, so I don't know how it handles Windows Media video and audio formats; even less softsubs.
My guess is that it might need quite some re-encoding before you could play the VODs on the PS3.
>> No. 44757
File 133490638219.jpg - (116.39KB , 400x869 , WakfuBD.jpg )
>Wakfu manga coming soon
According to fnac.com, the 1st volume of the new Wakfu comic book series should be on sale on May 24th.
>> No. 44758
File 133490711046.jpg - (368.01KB , 951x1600 , tes couv N°15.jpg )

Sweet! Right around my birthday. Perhaps I'll order it as a birthday present to myself.
>> No. 44759
Ok here is a little update from me. The first chapter of the Manga is actually on the 3rd DVD with the big final 4 episodes under the Bonus content.
Question is should we do anything with that? like rip it and translate it or just leave it be until the manga comes out.
>> No. 44761
I'd sure like to see this first chapter (I didn't buy the DVDs), but I'm not sure we should rip it, considering our policy towards DVD content so far.
Or at least, provided that you can easily rip the comic pages and there's someone willing to translate them, I don't think they should be released before the comic is actually on sale.

Just my opinion, though.
>> No. 44762

It was just an alternative given. The other one would be simply screencaping them. Gonna get started on that some time later today.
>> No. 44763
My point is that it's DVD content, be it ripped using some software or just screencapped.
>> No. 44764
I never saw any people here mad at Seth for commanding the comic scanlation project.

I say that since this is only a preview, show it to us, screencaps will be fine. Nobody asks you to rip the episodes.
>> No. 44766

I guess I will talk with Seth about it. Maybe just give him the caps so they can have a headstart like we had with some of the last few episodes with the leaks.
I'm considering maybe jumping on the comic team anyway since this manga seems to be a longer project for Ankama and they might need the additional teammembers with the work they have piled up.
>> No. 44768
Yeah, that's the wisest thing to do indeed.

I was just stating an opinion based on what we've done so far. But I agree it's not as if we were ripping episodes here. As B. said, the situation is more like what happened with the leaks for the last season 2 raw episodes.
I'll just let B. and the comic team handle this the way they want.
>> No. 44769
>According to fnac.com
Don't hold your breath on their release dates, though. It's the same as videogames : as long as the editor doesn't give an official release date, consider that all retailers' dates are made up and overoptimistic, just so they can boost preorders.
>> No. 44770
I know, but other websites also give this release date (gibertjoseph.com, album.fr, etc.).
Now, it's just a date for pre-orders, so of course it might not be 100% accurate. That's why I said that the comic *should* be on sale on May 24th.
>> No. 44832
You don't think the wakfu manga be in the ankama store with a release date if it was that close?
>> No. 44835
They don't put things that haven't been released yet in the shop.
>> No. 44836
I see, well regardless of which we'll know by the time may 24 rolls around.
>> No. 44839
I wasn't able to get the subs to work from the brotheroftofu.com. I downloaded the first season and the subs, followed the instructions, but they dont show up. I even tried merging them with mkvmerge. please help!
>> No. 44840
Please tell us which files you got and what you did with them exactly (help us help you!).
>> No. 44842
First, make sure you set the "Default track flag" option to "yes" for the subtitle track when you mux with MKVmerge. If the subs still won't display, then you have a problem with your media player.

Install CCCP (http://www.cccp-project.net). This codec pack has everything you need to read softsubs properly. Or you can use an all-in-one media player, such as MPC-HC, which is included in the CCCP by the way.
>> No. 44845
Anyone got that image that explains how to remove the DRM from the VOD? Please and thanks.
>> No. 44853
Very old XP install with a WMP install that has been validated with a DRM key once to get some identification thing (I don't know what it's called, IBX keys is all I know) and it has to be before a certain version. Then you use FairUse4Wm.

Or http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/videocacheview.zip
and let the video fully load and copy it somewhere else. The flash video is actually better quality than the WMV ones sadly.

MPC with madVR/Lav filters used:
>> No. 44856
8th Artbook is now out for sale.

Also, does anyone know when more figures are coming? So far, there is only Remington and the Iop from the UDX lines. When is the Cra and other ones going to be released?
>> No. 44857
The videocacheview worked, thanks. Would you happen to know if there's a way to skip around when it's open in vlc? Every time I try to jump ahead it just takes me back to the beginning of the episode.
>> No. 44858
Wait, I think I figured out the problem. I'm supposed to let it load completely, then rip it from there. Problem is the loading bar doesn't load for me, it happens as the episode plays. Even if I pause it and try to let it load it only goes ahead for a couple more seconds, so I'm only able to rip from where I press play to how far the loading bar is.

Or maybe the loading bar is incredibly slow, I dunno'.
>> No. 44859
see here:
>> No. 44860
It only loads about 2 minutes ahead of where it currently is playing, presumably to save bandwidth.
>> No. 44862
Did that, still not working. I'll figure something out and stop cluttering this thread, though. Thanks for the help guys!
>> No. 44863
Start the video and pick HD 4500 quality setting then wait 20 minutes. Refresh the program, sort by file size, and copy the video to your desktop or wherever. That's what I did.
>> No. 44864
The Brotherhood of Tofu downloads seem to be down.
Does anyone have a link to that last episode of season 1, Noximilien the Watchmaker?
>> No. 44866
Have you tried torrents?
>> No. 44867
Tried that too, but when I refreshed the file was gone from the cache (I hadn't closed the stream), or when it DOES show up and I try to copy it no video file is made. I also just noticed the file size doesn't increase at all, even when I refresh and the file is still in the cache. Either I have some defunct version of cacheview or there's something wrong on my end... which is the most likely case.
>> No. 44868

I don't know but I did it like this and it worked for me:

1. Open the stream and let the whole episode run.
2. leave the browser and the stream open and start VideoCacheView*.
*set up VCV before to only show files from that browser and then shut it again.
3. It should now show a file that should be in the region of 750 MB (~750 000 000) that you then choose and click on "Copy Selected File To..." and then named it.
4. Now you should have a Flash Video File saved where you put it that can be played for example with MPC-HC.

I'm not sure if its my PC or the file but the FLV usually stops for a moment when jumping back and forward. But I'm encoding it with Handbrake right now into a MP4 file.
>> No. 44869
Yeah, the file size always stays in in 1mil range, no matter how long the episode streams. If it goes to the end and I don't refresh, I get no episode, but almost every time I do refresh the episode disappears from VCV.
>> No. 44870
File 133558336659.png - (45.47KB , 1134x125 , Untitled.png )
Try using a different browser perhaps. I used Firefox (Nightly) at the time. I would try it again just to be sure but the site doesn't want to load.

With that said, this is what it should look like when loading a youtube video. The file name should be similar.
>> No. 44871
Still nothing, it's like at some point it just stops accessing the stream, which is about a minute into the show. That's as far as I've been able to rip.

I just went to see if it would rip anything else from like, youtube or wherever and nope, not ripping a thing. Must be something on my end, I guess.
>> No. 44872
Yeah, that definitely sounds like a problem with your computer and not the Ankama site.
>> No. 44873
Yeah I figured it was either that or there was something I was doing wrong with VCV, never blamed Ankama for it.
>> No. 44878
Does anyone have subtitles for Noximilien Special ?
>Please share them
>> No. 44880
>> No. 44881
>thank you
>> No. 44882
Most of the non-torrent links to Episode 1, Season 1 seem to be down.
>> No. 44883
By any chance is there a way to access the English test dub for the first episode(s)?
>> No. 44886
They've been lost for a long time now, as far as we collectively know.
>> No. 44893
This seems to be the case.
>> No. 44894
File 133608089691.gif - (460.95KB , 500x251 , tumblr_lpkp155bhz1qbz42yo1_500.gif )
And may it remain lost...
>> No. 44896
I was actually kind of curious as to how bad it truly was.
>> No. 44897
It wasn't horrifically atrocious, or anything. It was just... rough.
>> No. 44898
File 133610712820.jpg - (23.72KB , 812x498 , Wakfu_episode_18_30.jpg )
Very rough. Granted it wasn't the worst I've ever heard when it came to dubs, but it certainly did not do the characters justice. Especially Tristepin.
>> No. 44902
Still have not been able to find the original test dub, but here's the Ruel's Bag one:
AX 2011: The Introduction to t…youtube thumb
Starts about 24 minutes into the video.
>> No. 44904
God, that sounds so weird.
>> No. 44905

Sadlygrove, Grufon and Xav's dad are actually pretty spot on. Eva's alright, Amalia sounds older than she looks, Yugo sounds too forced and Ruel needs to shut the hell up.
>> No. 44907
>> No. 44908
Isn't that how it's pronounced?
>> No. 44909
I think it just sounds strange because it's a French-based made up word being said by someone with English as their mother tongue
>> No. 44912
Actually, its more like
At least thats how I say it.
>> No. 44913
The subtitles for episode 22 of season 1 were removed for Copyright Infringement. In the complaint forwarded to me from mediafire, it seems Ankama is complaining that I'm hosting the episodes themselves. "These videos are broadcasting without right or permission our cartoon WAKFU." Episode 22's .ass was the only file removed from the collection of subtitles.

I submitted a counterclaim, if that was the right thing to do. I stated that the files contain no audio, video, and/or images from Wakfu and are files containing text that will help foreign people who buy the DVD understand what is going on in the show.

I suppose we'll see what happens.
>> No. 44914
File 133628734582.jpg - (333.43KB , 1920x1080 , Untitled-1.jpg )
>> No. 44916
They're editing the Amalia boob out of episode 14, now she's going to be wearing a one piece. That's what's taking them so long.
>> No. 44917
Oh the humanity.

So once again she would be wearing more in a situation where a normal person would be wearing less than they normally would, the first scenario being her night gown in the vampyro episode.

When will these crimes against the arts ever end?
>> No. 44921
File 133636984499.png - (292.64KB , 406x691 , sadidas_by_drkiriko-d3fowk0.png )
Well she could run around in leaf bra thing, that the Sadida women from the game like to wear
>> No. 44922
What, the bath nipslip?
>> No. 44923
They edited the night gown? Comparison pictures please. I thought the only parts they edited were errors like when Eva had her bow in the Tree of Life, and the cunnilingus scene.
>> No. 44924
I have no idea who's joking and who isn't anymore.
>> No. 44925
File 133645196087.jpg - (55.50KB , 693x601 , Remington_bored.jpg )
Seems like Mediafire is doing some cleanup in the Wakfu files they host. Today, 14 of my files have been deleted, mostly web raws and a few SD sofsubbed episodes.
Well, it's not as if this was unexpected, it was just a matter of time. That's why I did the reuploads you can find in the first post of this thread.
Let's see how long these will last.
>> No. 44927
I wish someone made a complete season 2 torrent as well. Not forcing anyone, just saying my thoughts out loud. Also...

Is really nobody willing to sub it? It baffles me, especially since Mini-Wakfu was translated...
>> No. 44928
>the cunnilingus scene
You be foolin', son?
>> No. 44929
I still have the translation for the first chapter here if anyone wants to sub it.
>> No. 44936
>> No. 44941
File 133668275488.jpg - (49.85KB , 550x260 , maximini.jpg )
Oh please sub it! I've been watching it raw for some time now, and I absolutely love it already. Having it subbed would be a dream come true~
>> No. 44951
so, uh, ankama just did this

Dans la peau de Katsuni (Golden Show #6)youtube thumb
>> No. 44952
File 133680017684.png - (55.89KB , 454x282 , kfdfd.png )
>> No. 44953
That really made my evening.
>> No. 44954
I knew what was going to happen but that ending was fucking gold.

If you'll excuse the pun
>> No. 44955
File 133683837288.png - (1.10MB , 1107x493 , repeats and errors.png )
Regular /co/ had some fun with spotting reused/remodeled/recolored characters in a single group shot.

This is the result.

Episode 8, Xav the Baker.
>> No. 44956
File 133683865390.png - (9.08KB , 407x395 , 129618926878.png )
I like it.
>> No. 44962
File 133688390780.jpg - (27.10KB , 734x549 , rjrtjrtj.jpg )
I found that highly entertaining. I wish there was more that went along with it, I'd certainly watch it.
>> No. 44967
File 13368974252.png - (666.71KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20120513104902.png )
made a new version of 14th episode upscaled to 720p
check it out :)

>It includes the Russian and French soundtracks, and Russian and English subtitles

>> No. 44969
Looks nice.

Are you planning on re-doing all the episodes without a 720p version or is this a one time thing?
>> No. 44971
This idea came to light because of Ankama unwanted the VOD episodes release after the 12th ep.

therefore, episodes
15-26 - can be
13 - the original source was a very poor quality (can be used TVRip .. maybe ...)
1-12 - would prefer to VOD (legally bought)

In any case, if making something else, put it in the same place
>> No. 44975
File 13369648702.png - (359.25KB , 1920x1080 , Untitled.png )
hey gang, we doing anything for Anime North? There's apparently a panel...
>> No. 44976
Whoever goes, take as much pics/vids as you can. If it's a new test dub I'd like to hear about it lol.
>> No. 44982
Adult fanfiction gets a panel? That's weird.
>> No. 44984

Not as weird as a panel on Pokemon Biology.
>> No. 44985

Well AN already has a Wakfu panel last year but I think the account it was on has been taken down (but not for the Wakfu panel) that was done not by SE or Ankama but just by Fans.
If I'm not mistaken AN is a lot more Fan orientated in terms of its panels and not like lots of other cons where its mainly just industrial panels.
That said I really hope someone will record the Wakfu panel so that people like me who can not go there can still see it.
>> No. 44987
not sure why my post disappeared, but I'll reccord it, i'm going
>> No. 44988
how on earth do you actually download any episodes of of the internet? I have tried at least 30 times and haven't gotten any episodes to work
>> No. 44990

lets do some troubleshooting then. Did you manage to download any of the episodes of any of the sites that are in Kennymc's original post? or do you have trouble downloading them? and if you have trouble downloading them what is the problem? are you not able to find the button to start the download or is your connection dropping?
>> No. 44994
There is this thing called torrents and demonoid.
>> No. 45044
File 13374034539.png - (537.89KB , 1024x576 , 1320066109072.png )
KENNY I LOVE YOU. Would never have gotten ep 17 if not for you.
>> No. 45046
Gotta say that this project had some decent encoders working on it.

I've just looked at the latest Korra episode that was uploaded onto /co/ and I can't believe that its filesize is 888MB. For a half-hour episode!

There's a clear amount of incompetence/bloating going on there.
>> No. 45049
File 133746114275.png - (740.61KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20120519225715.png )
added the 15 th episode

>14 th episode is re-encoded (improved gradation of colors)
>> No. 45050
File 133748296599.jpg - (420.90KB , 1920x1080 , Untitled-1.jpg )
Yeah that is... wow. Isn't it only 720p size also? I tried to see what I could get this down to and I have no idea what I'm doing. Probably took me 3.5 hours start to finish including just over 2 hours encode time. Though this is 10bit not the standard 8bit. That would still be under 350MB full size I would imagine.
>> No. 45070
File 133771617266.png - (610.88KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20120522224310.png )
added 16 th episode
>> No. 45071
File 133773672152.jpg - (3.32KB , 111x107 , guy looking over his glasses.jpg )
Yeah, it is.

It also looks to me as if this guy bloats recordings for pretty much everything he does, considering this, which he just posted on /co/: https://rapidshare.com/files/2364049403/TRON.Uprising.S01E01.Beck_s.Beginning.720p.HDTV.h264-OOO.mkv

I'm aware that it's HD and 720p, but that is just unnecessary.
>> No. 45072
Worse than Coal Girls without even trying.
>> No. 45076
Dude, I just ripped it off Youtube and its under 450 MB.
>> No. 45078
There's been serious filesize inflation going on in recent months. It's as if now that everything's in HD, no one has any idea how to present it properly. I can't find a Motorcity rip that isn't xbox hueg, either.
>> No. 45086
AN is indeed fan based but people did seem to have a good time last year.This year will be more about what people liked about the show and speculations about what`s to come.With current lack of info,I`ll be more for fun than anything else.
I`m also looking toward next year(mostly because of Dofus) and thinking of contacting Ankama to see if they would like to paticipate in some way(anything from sending a couple of posters to actually sending someone from the studio).
I`m a realist,I don`t expect much of an answer,they don`t have much a reason to do any promotion of any kind on this side of the pond yet(outside of the Wakfu game) but who knows,I might get lucky.Nothing ventured,nothing gained.
If anybody can help me contact Ankama(a bit more directly than through the forum)that would be greatly appreciated.
I have a few ideas already but I`d like to see if someone has something better in mind.
>> No. 45087
> I`m a realist,I don`t expect much of an answer,they don`t have much a reason to do any promotion of any kind on this side of the pond yet(outside of the Wakfu game)
I disagree. They seem to like supporting fan initiatives and to appreciate when fans make efforts to create their own content/activities. But obviously, it's a bit late to start thinking about that as far as this year goes.

> If anybody can help me contact Ankama(a bit more directly than through the forum)that would be greatly appreciated.
I'm guessing you're the same guy from a couple years ago and don't need help writing them in French.
>> No. 45088
>it's a bit late to start thinking about that as far as this year goes.

I did say for next year :)
Something like this doe indeed demand to plan this far ahead of time.
They do a lot for the fans,certainly more than most,but much of that has been at home.
Doing something across the sea in a place where they don`t even have much of a presence is a bit trickier.I didn`t suggest that they would plainly snob the request,they could be interested and still not be able to do anything.
Won`t know if I don`t try though
>> No. 45089
File 133797059992.png - (430.18KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20120525200605.png )
added 17 th episode
>> No. 45090
File 133797615638.png - (410.98KB , 918x533 , grovy61.png )
Well....we are either fucked or in for a surprise.

The VODs are no longer available on Ankama.com and I can't seem to reach them any other way. Luckly I have all mine on my PC.
So either thanks to pirates and poor sales we will never get the rest of the VODs or Ankama is doing some reconstruction work and we get the rest when the old once are back.
>> No. 45092
I am pretty sure it's not pirating, and even if there were pirating going on it would make no sense for them to take the VODs away for everyone who had paid for them. If pirating is a problem they would just change their method of obtaining the episode, or they would just make them no longer available for downloading and you could only watch them on the site. But taking them away from the people who PAID for them makes no sense.
>> No. 45095
What surprises me is that the entire VOD section is gone. Not just the Wakfu episodes, but also the Nerdz VOD episodes that they had up.

This must've been a decision taken during the summer break, because the link that the VOD button on the Wakfu homepage goes to is for DVD Volume 1... which was released last year.
>> No. 45096
I can't really see them just taking down the VODs unless for some reason they were costing them more money to keep up and they just weren't selling, but then that doesn't explain why they would take away the episodes already bought. That's like because a product didn't sell well the company made those few who did buy it give it back.

I just hope there's an explanation for this, because I haven't been able to download my VOD episodes so they stayed on the site.
>> No. 45098
>for some reason they were costing them more money to keep up and they just weren't selling
That's probably the most logical answer.

>that doesn't explain why they would take away the episodes already bought.
Someone definitely needs to ask them about that.
>> No. 45101
File 133800128368.png - (1.63MB , 1920x1080 , S2 E08_flv_snapshot_17_09_[2012_03_27_21_22_54].png )
This better not be the case. I've already dumped my money into their Orgrine system months and months ago waiting for them to appear.
>> No. 45103
File 133804832857.png - (766.85KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20120526192016.png )
added 18 th episode

>> No. 45120
File 13382320792.png - (759.30KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20120528215109.png )
added ep 19

>Zorro is watching you !
>> No. 45124
File 133824708418.jpg - (21.45KB , 317x360 , Zorro1.jpg )
>That picture in the background
That's not a shooped screencap, right?
>> No. 45125
It's genuine.
>> No. 45126
...Well, that makes 2 Zorro references in Wakfu.
I guess we've got a fan.
>> No. 45127
Where's the first?
>> No. 45132
The Pandawa in the Thirsters episode.
PanDiego De La Vega.
>> No. 45134
HA! The moment I heard it I knew it had to be pun on...something.
>> No. 45144
File 133848857365.png - (627.90KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20120531213102.png )
added ep 20
>> No. 45161
File 13386496758.png - (571.00KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20120602164739.png )
added ep 21
>> No. 45163
So, since Brotherhood of Tofu is down(?), where can one download the entirety of a season? My friend wants to watch Wakfu, but doesn't wanna watch online or download every episode one by one.
>> No. 45164
>> No. 45166
shit, I hate abbreviation "GoDaddy.com", last time I saw it, when closed "kawaii-radio.net" ... - My favorite Internet radio.
and now - B.O.T.
>> No. 45167
We can re-make it. We have the technology!
>> No. 45168
File 133872264672.png - (697.82KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20120603143153.png )
added ep 22
>> No. 45170
Just wanted to say thanks so much, this looks really really nice, thanks so much for efforts. Now just wondering, so the comic is coming out 24th of May, anyone have links to buy it?

Also, where should I go to start in this whole dealio of Wakfu, I mean like the fan business and all that, where to start learning and experiencing?

>> No. 45171
Hey just wondering, which program is best for downloading from min.us, jDownloader plugin is out-of-date?
>> No. 45172
Why is it down in the first place? I'm seriously concerned for what's been my go-to link for myself and friends for two years.
>> No. 45173
The guy who created it disappeared some time ago. It's very unlikely that he will come back.

So if we still want to have a site like that someone should either get that domain name or simply make a new site and then gather links for everything Wakfu related (show, specials, comics, mini-wakfu, kenny's twitter, etc).
>> No. 45174
I was thinking of just making a wakfu-centric tumblr, we could use that? Or I can just make it and put a link to the website on it.
>> No. 45175
Sure, that's how BoT started.

But the question is: WHICH links do we got and which we do not have?

You'd need to link all the comics, mini-wakfu and episodes plus best torrent links. And the improved Wallachia subtitles for season 1.
>> No. 45176
I think we should first ask ourselves what we want on the site. There are things that Tumblr does well, others that we could make but not on Tumblr. It's easy to find free hosting elsewhere - as long as no illegal content is posted, but links should be fair game - so we just need one or a few anons to put it together (I could be one of those).

So I suggest we get a list going. I'll start with a few of the things we had that should definitely stay:
- Links to all downloads
- Twitter feed
- Blog thing for news and info

Other additions could include a wiki, a forum, an art gallery/booru... Just about anything you can think of.
>> No. 45177
I suggest you to do two sites, one with the links and the twitter feed and some blog capabilities like BoT, and link to another site with the rest of the stuff you said.

The reason is that if you put everything in the same site, all the work on the wiki, forums and art galleries could be lost the moment someone takes down the site b/c of the links, which will prove discouraging - who is going to invest all the time these things need if they know it is at risk of disappearing at the drop of hat?
>> No. 45179
I've still got all of the subtitles saved, so if anyone needs them give me a holler. I don't come by this thread too terribly often, but I'm around.
>> No. 45180
File 133883472276.png - (695.74KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20120604211311.png )
added ep 23
>> No. 45202
Ok, got a small update that right now seems to only concern the German community but taking into perspective what has happened lately.
Since 2 weeks ago, the German Community Manager does a weekly webcast/podcast. Since the first show there have always been questions about Ankama airing the show again in support of the game and cause a lot of people just wanna see it again.
So tonight she gave out that Ankama is currently working on bringing the series back as a stream with both dub and sub, so far for the German region only season 1 since season 2 hasn't been dubbed yet and they are not sure about just putting it out subbed from what I understand.
On itself that might not be exiting but given that the VODs had "disappeared" that might mean they are working on a separated site for this and that the French VODs will return with that as well.
And in the long term run they might also open that site to the US.
I will keep everybody updated in case I hear something new about this.
>> No. 45203
Best of circumstances, they return and buying one episode grants access to all languages.
>> No. 45206
Sounds too good to be true.
>> No. 45209
File 133932575292.png - (542.92KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20120609232425.png )
added ep 24
>> No. 45211
I really like what you are doing with those. Keep going.
>> No. 45213
File 133935164973.png - (244.96KB , 439x530 , yugo47.png )
Hello everyone, I'm Noel of /co/. I don't come here too often but I figured now was a good time to stop by. I was suggested to remake the BoT site and I decided to give it a shot and would like some help. Links for individual episode downloads, comic downloads and stuff of the sort. I have started on it and so far its easier than I expected, but I am still feeling a good bit of pressure to remake it as close to the original as I can for the convenience of everyone.
If anyone can help out with this, I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance for helping!
>> No. 45214
What would you need?
>> No. 45215
Individual links to the episodes for both season 1 and 2(I've already got torrent links for them), comic download links, links to the specials and links to whatever else you guys would like to see on there. Let me know what I should and shouldn't have on there and I'll do my best to make the site work like the original!
>> No. 45216
Oh, and I need mini-Wakfu links from 19 to the last one.
>> No. 45217
Scratch that, got 'em.
>> No. 45218
Hey guise, I just started watching season 2 and I was wondering, when I finish watching it, should I read the mangas or what should I do? wait till season 3?
>> No. 45220
Finally managed to get a hold of the fixed version of Episode 5 from season 1 and put it up on my season 1 SD Hardsub uploads and removed the old one.
>> No. 45221
What's different about that one again?
>> No. 45223
Some scenes are slihtly different with shots added and more polished effects
Some dialogues are slightly changed (Rubilax has a line, for example)
The subs have been redone accordingly (and improved)
The dubbing uses the correct voice actors, not the cringe-worthy test ones from the 1st version.
>> No. 45224
While we're fixing things, we should try to get a version of ep.26 with the end credits. That would stop the neverending stream of "what happened to Nox? I hope he makes a comeback in season 2"
>> No. 45227
Some news about Ankama coming from the International Animation Film Festival of Annecy:
- France Televisions has confirmed we'll get a Dofus animated series. This was quite uncertain since the fiasco of Ankama's Japanese Studio. No release date yet.
- Ankama's also working on another cross-media project, apparently not related to Dofus/Wakfu.
- And finally... still no news on a Wakfu season 3.
>> No. 45228
There is one in the DVD torrent.
>> No. 45229
There is also the problem of the Nox special...
>> No. 45230
Or we could link this:
>> No. 45231
YouTube isn't reliable for this kind of thing, but yeah, just reupload that to mediafire or minus and we're gold.
>> No. 45236
He guys I have a question. I've been having trouble with downloading the Wakfu softsubs eps from minus. I use VLC and the download window doesn't come up and only takes me to a tab version of VLC. I tried with the hardsubs too, same thing.

Any ideas?
>> No. 45237
You mean your browser just plays it in a tab using a VLC plugin? You should have an option somewhere for what it does with each file type. Either way, just click File > Save as...
>> No. 45239
File 13396017137.png - (724.24KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20120613185349.png )
added Ogrest special
>> No. 45275
File 133984472734.png - (526.10KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20120616133612.png )
added ep 25
>> No. 45277
File 13399126927.png - (233.40KB , 386x622 , mmr.png )
So I finally got around to making the subs for MaxiMini 1 myself. The whole thing has taken much longer than it should have, but several things didn't go as expected, so better late than never.

Parts 1 & 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?hkld407naah0j5b
Part 3: http://www.mediafire.com/?as7ls6taibi1v42

This is my first time subbing anything so I know some of you will be glad to tell me how terrible it is, but feel free to improve and reupload it.

>> No. 45279
>I know some of you will be glad to tell me how terrible it is
OMG!! DIS IS TERRIBLE AND UTTER S... wait no actually it's perfectly fine.

Just one little typo in P3 : it's surimi, not surini
>> No. 45280
Oi, my bad. Though I'll blame Google for autocorrecting me. I've fixed it on my end so if I have to reupload it for whatever reason that'll be accounted for.
>> No. 45281
File 133992862242.png - (639.61KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20120617125354.png )
added ep 26

>Thanks for downloading and watching
>> No. 45282
Thanks Seth, you are the man!

Nice work. Thanks to you, I have a lot of episodes to re-download.

Good news all over the place.
>> No. 45285
For once I let speed prevail over quality and skipped proofing altogether. Here's MaxiMini 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?l75pd60quh1cqwu

And 3: http://www.mediafire.com/?egc5zzbows0g9n9

Including French transcript. I could add that to MM1 if there's demand.
>> No. 45286
Congrats on your first subs!
I've just tweeted the links.
>> No. 45287
Thanks! I'll say that the conversations about Aegisub here helped me pick it up, otherwise I probably would have never taken this kind of step.
>> No. 45289
File 134006098926.png - (618.80KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20120618015947.png )
added a little bonus

>special episode about of Maliki released by Ankama in 2010th year
(not related to Wakfu, - I just wanted to make it)
>> No. 45291
Lol, pretty cool short. Are there more Maliki or other Ankama animation stuff, or was that the only one?
>> No. 45293

this is single episode of Maliki, I was hoping that Ankama will do a TV series with her , but sadly nothing more was created.

> Maliki webComic page http://maliki.com/
>> No. 45294
That's pretty neat. Wonder if those comics will ever be translated to English? The artist seemed to hint at the possibility in the FAQ.
>> No. 45295
You should try http://www.maliki.com/en/
>> No. 45298
I was actually referring to the printed volumes you can buy on Ankama Shop.
>> No. 45307
Its okay if I put those links up on BrotherhoodofTofuV.2 right Seth? I just want to be sure that you're okay with it since it was your first sub job, great work on that by the way! I can't wait to watch them
>> No. 45308
Sure, I believe that's the purpose of the whole thing.
>> No. 45309
File 134030996469.jpg - (105.23KB , 1024x768 , wakfuw4RIFRx1C66n.jpg )
So question. How do I start with Wakfu? Like episodes; are there any torrent links/where to start in terms of comics or whatnot?

Also, wondering about the VODs and DVDs? What's the deal with the show in general right now?

>> No. 45310
Alright, thanks! I just wanted to make sure you didn't have a problem with it for some reason or anything
>> No. 45311
Wakfu is really easy to follow: there are two seasons of 26 episodes each, and two specials for each season. The first special, Noximilen the Watchmaker, is a Start of Darkness-type prequel for the season's villain and is usually recommended to be watched after the finale (some recommend watching it a bit earlier, before you learn of his final fate, but whatever). The second, The Legend of Ogrest, is a mostly unrelated story about a certain lore character and can be watched whenever. Streaming and download links are in the OP of this thread, while torrent links are listed in this fan site (http://brotherhoodoftofuv2.tumblr.com/).

There are several comic lines; the fan translations can be found in the aforementioned website or the relevant /coc/ thread. All are side stories and, again, can be picked up whenever.

Ankama sells DVD's in their stores, but none have English subtitles. They used to sell high-quality VOD files on their website, but nobody has no clue what's going now.
>> No. 45312
Ooh, I should add: the mmorpg that the series is based off takes place ten years before the series, but it doesn't have a plot.

The future is mostly up in the air at this point: a third season may be approved by the network, and a movie is expected to come out in...2014? Roughly? Around the same time there might be a series/movie adaptation of Wakfu's predecessor video game Dofus. More immediately, a manga that directly picks up from the end of the series has just started.
>> No. 45313
Fffff stupid Ankama. It took me so long to buy those stupid Ogrines to get your VODs, and I expected them to be on your site forever.

Now I'm glad I downloaded that VOD troll's rips out of curiosity. Some of them were truly horribly encoded but at least I have something watermark-free, and I feel no guilt because I paid for the damn things.
>> No. 45325
Are the VOD's coming back? Because if not, then it might be a chance to share without a sense of guilt.

Just saying. Don't shoot me, B.
>> No. 45326
I THINK Ankama is doing a bit of remodeling and moving around with their Wakfu and Dofus stuff? Don't take my word for it, though I am inclined to agree with you. I paid for my episodes and hadn't had a chance to download them and now they're gone. Still, I'm willing to wait it out and see what happens.
>> No. 45327
>I paid for my episodes and hadn't had a chance to download them and now they're gone.

If I were you, I'd contact them and complain.
>> No. 45331
I really think B. overreacted when those leaked episodes got posted.
>> No. 45332
Great thread.

Was wondering if there is a place to get the raw, unsubbed files. I would like to start a fnasub in portuguese. Can anyone help please?

Thanks in advance
>> No. 45333
Great thread.

Was wondering if there is a place to get the raw, unsubbed files. I would like to start a fansub in portuguese. Can anyone help please?

Thanks in advance
>> No. 45337
You can easily remove/edit the softsubs (with Aegisub, for example). Editing them would also save you a lot of time when it comes to timing the translated text.
>> No. 45339
Thank you so much. Ill try that out rite now.

PS: Sorry for double posting
>> No. 45362
Uhh. Seems the hi10p encodes are not seeded any more... unfortunately my files died with my last harddisk, and only now I got around to redownloading S2 :/ because it was still in warranty, my new disk is still small, so I would prefer to take the 10bit encodes at least for the second half of the season; anybody can help me with this endeavour?
>> No. 45365
I dont know if i can ask about this there, but anyone has a scan of the art books ? "How to Art Dofus & Wakfu".If i order it from ankama, the shipping would cost a lot [almost the same price as the book], and i am not sure if ankama ships anything to our country.
>> No. 45366
Ankama should ship to most countries, and shipping is less expensive if you order more products. Try it out, or compare with Amazon.fr.
>> No. 45367
I found they are hosted on Arutha... why did I overlook this? Downloading and seeding from now to eternity.
>> No. 45368
Call me a barbarian, but...

Arutha? What?
>> No. 45369
Arutha is a XDCC bot: http://nibl.co.uk/bots.php?bot=Arutha

Jesus Christ that's a lot of files.
>> No. 45394
Just Finished watching the first season. crying like a baby but can't wait for to start watching the next season.

Does anyone know if there is a DVD available with English subs?
>> No. 45395
There is not.

But what you get is in a pretty good quality, so don't worry, your eyes won't fall out while watching.
>> No. 45410
Well since meowthh decided to be an ass I will be one too.
Taking effect in 24 hours from now (19/7/2012 6:20) I will be pulling down any and all uploads I have done of Wakfu.

Good Riddence
>> No. 45411
Beg pardon? I don't hang around the /co/ threads.
>> No. 45413
Oh no.

It's not like the show is already on torrents. Or could be re-uploaded by anyone, anytime. The tragedy.

Next thing you gonna do is threaten us with is deleting all the porn. Please, don't do this man, how we could ever survive that?
>> No. 45414

Good joke. So far only kenny, jakill and me have put the effort in to upload the episodes. All I ever see is whining how the torrents don't work or such and such link is broken and non ever tries to fix things and uploads/reuploads it.

You won't listen to me and insist you have some inaginary right in your head to get the VODs for free. I'm just watching out for myself in case ankama goes for another round of DMCA's or maybe even something worse.
>> No. 45415
>You won't listen to me and insist you have some inaginary right in your head to get the VODs for free
Well now that the VOD service has been taken down, then how else can we get them?

I'm somewhat unsurprised you'd defend them after this fiasco.
>> No. 45416
>Good joke. So far only kenny, jakill and me have put the effort in to upload the episodes
You are neither kenny nor jaykill and you aren't their legal representative. Till they speak up on this, you cannot talk for them or put words in their mouths - if they have an opinion, they will speak up themselves. Just saying.

But ok, I'm game. Let's say both of those fine gentlemen and maybe you (seriously, you are nowhere near those two guys in terms importance or merits to the fandom, no way I'm gonna put you next to them in a sentence so you look like their equal) decide to take the episodes down. What then? Simple: I (or anyone else who knows how to use torrents or has those episodes on his hard drive) will quickly reupload them, since nature hates vacuum.

> some inaginary right in your head to get the VODs for free
I want to pay for the VODs. Where can I buy them?
>> No. 45417

Wow, nowhere have I mentioned or implied that I either talked for any of the other guys I named or that I'm "better/more important then them".
And I'm fully aware that people can reupload stuff and I won't stop anybody from doing so, but what I have see so far from the fandom is just sad.
All I ever see is crying left and right where is link to so and so and how someone else should do something but quiet often nobody does anything themselves.

And people had since the end of season 1 to buy the VODs. but all I ever hear is the excuse how they where going to do it or they where waiting for all of the episode to be available. And most of the time it sounds like nothing short of an excuse to have a justification to now download the VODs for free.

As far as I'm aware I'm also the only one actually trying to get into direct contact with Ankama and try to find out what happened to the VODs and actually get a statement from them instead of going of assumptions and claiming Ankama is screwing people over.
>> No. 45418
Thing is, we shouldn't have to ask THEM, they should have sent out a warning or a notice about the VODs being taken down, regardless of the reason why (be it them just not making any money or they're revamping their website). You don't just cut off someone's water when they've been paying their bills and then refuse to tell them why.
>> No. 45419
>a justification to now download the VODs for free.
The entire point of the "no DVD, no VOD" policy was not taking money away from Ankama.

The VODs are down, seemingly for good (the entire section fo their website is GONE). There is no way for Ankama to make money on them asnymore. Releasing the VODs won't rob them of a single cent. Why the hell are you so frustrated?

>And people had since the end of season 1 to buy the VODs
I know that for a guy who spent at least a 1000$ on cartoon porn this may mean little, but there are still people who paid for those videos and now cannot watch them - they got robbed, no other word for that. They want what they paid for back, and Ankama is silent, ignoring them. It's time for you to acknowledge this fact.

If you cannot see anything bad in this, then I have no kind word for your intelligence.
>> No. 45420
Lets try to keep this civil and not go off into personal attacks against each other and badmouthing.

Maybe I should have expressed my opinion in a better/different way.

My main problem is that peoples are jumping the gun and say we should now put the VODs out there based on nothing more then assumptions.
It is true, and sad, that Ankama has not given out any statement yet in regards to the VOD but thats why I'm busting my ass and actually try to get something from the through my(the german) community manager. the problem is said manager was on summer vacation and only came back today. But I'm gonna try to get an actual statement from Ankama in regards to the VODs.

I would not have a problem sharing even my own VODs if we know for curtain that they won't be coming back. I'm just tired of hearing the argument of people saying they would buy them if they where still online.
The DVDs are available in their shop but that doesn't stops most people from pirating them instead.
>> No. 45421
>based on nothing more then assumptions.
There were no assumptions. They have taken down not only the episodes, but the entire sub-section of their website. It's a FACT.

Making assumptions is what you are doing, when you hope that the VODs will come back or that a community manager, someone who is not very high in the corporate ladder, may get an actual answer from the very top. Why would they take them down and close that entire section (not only Wakfu) if they weren't getting rid of them and lose potential profits during that time? Why ignore emails and not give any official statements? Not even Ankama is that bad in business, they simply removed the service quietly to save money they spent on hosting the VODs because it wasn't profitable. It's gone.

>I would not have a problem sharing even my own VODs if we know for curtain that they won't be coming back. I'm just tired of hearing the argument of people saying they would buy them if they where still online.
I cannot recall anyone saying that they would buy them if they were still online, only people with legitimate complaints about LOSING what they already paid for. But I'm glad we agree on sharing the VODs if they are not coming back. And I'm willing to bet real money that they aren't.

So, how much time do we need for you to calm down and agree that it's not worth fighting for this lost cause anymore and sharing the VODs won't cost Ankama money?

We did our best, we agreed on not doing some things that none other fandom I know would agree to (just look at the high quality rips everywhere), only to support the company that delivered the goods, and we kept the promise we made to ourselves. No need to be holier than the pope here, Ankama gave up on those, it's a "fair game", as far as what we do here goes.
>> No. 45422
A whole two episodes, one of which had been available a full year ago or so. Regardless, you deleting your uploads doesn't remove the torrents myself and others have been seeding for ages already or anyone else from uploading them.
>> No. 45424
I love how you openly decided to throw away the work of others who put effort into subtitling this show for the fans all around the world. And you have the balls to claim you do not feel as/more important than the people who actually worked hard for the sake of the fandom. You have male genitals in the place of your head. Very tiny male genitals.

Protip: throwing money at porn artist is not actual work.

A quote from 4chan:
>B. is officially worse than NewWakfuFan. Yes, even NWF didn't stop fans and new fans from watching.
>> No. 45425
>B. is officially worse than NewWakfuFan. Yes, even NWF didn't stop fans and new fans from watching.

This actually happened? I don't go on 4chan much these days so I missed the drama.
>> No. 45426
Check the links in the OP.
>> No. 45427
>one guy uploads two episodes of removed and unavailable content

How mature.

No, I can't get over it. This is the dumbest thing you could do in this situation. What were you even thinking? Were you even thinking?
>> No. 45428

downloaded all the sub files...check
ripping video from the DVDs...volume 1 s2 done

>> No. 45429
File 134281606314.jpg - (100.22KB , 292x322 , 1328307460179.jpg )
Dude, nobody cares. Whatever you take down will just be replaced.
>> No. 45430
Sorry to be late to the party, but I'm on summer holidays right now, and I've been quite away from 4chan and +4chan lately.

So, what's the deal?

If I understand properly what happened in the previous posts, B. has removed his uploads because he was fed up with the attitude of some members of the fandom; and Meowth has uploaded some VOD rips.

Am I missing something?
>> No. 45431
That appears to be the case, yes.
>> No. 45432
Meowth uploaded ONE VOD (episode 2) since ep1 was online since ever.

B. deleted all the shit he could to show us how awful we were for being happy to get the VODs (that are now gone fromankama's website, so the "not taking money away from them" argument is dead).

Episodes are being reuploaded by someone else and links will be on brotherhoodoftofuv2 in a few days.

B is doing/pretends he is doing something with s2 DVDs.

That's basicaly it.
>> No. 45435
Ok, I've caught up with the drama, so here are my 2 cents on the matter.

>B. deleted all the shit he could
Well, since he's the one who spent his time uploading the stuff, he has the right to delete it, whatever the reason. Now, everyone can have their own opinion on how right or wrong it is. All I can say, as far as I'm concerned, is that at least I understand why he acted that way.
In any case, as it's been said previously, it's not as if everything was lost. I'm glad to hear someone is already working on reuploading what's gone. And if there's really a problem, I'll see what can be done.

>VODs or not VODs
B.'s following his convictions, but I must admit I don't share them anymore as much as I did in the past.
I really don't like the way Ankama acted on the VOD disappearance matter. They just removed everything, without a single word. They never replied on their boards to the people rightfully asking what happened to the stuff they paid for, and they even removed all the VOD related faq in their support page.
Let alone their fucking ogrines with an expiration date. I myself lost around 3000 of them.
So, I don't care anymore what was the reason for deleting the vids, and if they'll be back eventually. I just can't agree with such a behaviour a company had towards their customers.

Now I'm not saying we should take revenge and blindly release VOD rips. But it's a fact that the reasons we had not to do so are faltering.
And even though I won't upload such vids myself (well, living in France, I'm still within Ankama's sueing range), I definitely won't blame anyone who'll feel like doing so.
>> No. 45436
>Let alone their fucking ogrines with an expiration date. I myself lost around 3000 of them.

They can expire? I have nearly 17k still. Fantastic, so I can only use them on Dofus play time and related items?

>Expires 01/06/2013
Oh boy!
>> No. 45437

>Well, since he's the one who spent his time uploading the stuff, he has the right to delete it, whatever the reason.

Shouldn't he at least ask the rest of the team before deleting the work of many people that aren't him and throwing a bitch fit that got us in this current state of affairs in the first place?

>Ogrines expire

>> No. 45438
>Shouldn't he at least ask the rest of the team
He didn't upload it on behalf of the team, but at his own initiative, least I checked.
>> No. 45441
>He didn't upload it on behalf of the team, but at his own initiative

>Ogrines expire
Yeah, I discovered this 3 months ago, when Ankama sent me a mail saying my ogrines were about to expire a few days later. Of course, you can use them in their MMO games and related stuff. But since I never played to any of them, the ogrines ended up as a plain loss for me.
>> No. 45443
Wait, so the VODs were uploaded where now..? :P
>> No. 45444
There's a link in this thread:

>> No. 45445
>Also Yop (the yogurt drink the name Iop is based on) is really damn good.
...Yeah. Couldn't help but think of that whenever they mentioned it.
>> No. 45449
The link doesn't seem to work.
>> No. 45450
The thread died less than an hour ago. Anon was probably referring to BoT v2.
>> No. 45471
Season 1:

Season 2:

>> No. 45472
I never realized how much that Ludo logo was covering from my eyes till it was gone. Who the hell thought it will be a god idea to make it so big?
>> No. 45473

any other opinions on it?
is the timing and the encoding of it ok?
the current version is only thrown together quickly after work.
Starting next I will have more free time and work my way through both seasons and adjust subs to the dvd version.
>> No. 45474
Minus is being a bitch and does not allow me to upload this file (others work ok) and when I'm watching it on the website it lacks sound for some reason. So...
>> No. 45475

yeah, not sure myself why the stream is lacking audio. its simple mp3 encoding, maybe I should try another audio format for the audio encoding. but if you download it, it should work without problem.
>> No. 45476
I had to use JDownloader to get the download working (even then, it took 15 tries, not even kidding), and it's slow as fuck for some reason.

I'm gonna post the results/opinions in about 40 minutes (!!!) when it finishes. For comparison, one of the hardsubbed videos, only 50 MB smaller, took me less than 5 minutes to get.

Seems like a hosting problem. But again, I'm gonna let you know once it finishes.
>> No. 45477
Ok, me again. I finally downloaded the file... And it refuses to play on any of the players (MPC, VLC, Quicktime, WMP) I have. Well, not entirely true - it plays for a while and then crashes. Every other video file I have (in other words: it's not because of my codecs) works just fine and every other video you uploaded on minus downloads fantastic and with zero problems.

My suggestions: either reupload the file (as mentioned before, minus had some serious problems with it) or try a different encoding method. Perhaps try encoding the files as .mkv instead of .mp4?
>> No. 45479

I can agree on 1 thing, minus seem to be indeed a bit slow today. but beyond that it seems to be something on your end.
I downloaded the eipsode and played it without problems in MPC-HC.
The program and encoding profile is the same that kenny used for his SD hardsubs.

has anybody else tried out this file yet so I can see if this problem has happened to anybody else?
>> No. 45480
The encoding is Ok, the problem comes from Minus. To get the file, I first had to transfer it to my Minus account, and then download it from there.
I have no sound either if I try to watch the stream directly on the website, but once downloaded the vid plays just fine.

Try to get it from my account, maybe it'll work better.
>> No. 45483
It's downloading 10 times faster, that's for sure...

And it works just fine. Zero problems at all. Everything is exactly as it should be.
>> No. 45484

currently reuploading it, so lets see if that fixes it.
>> No. 45485
Once it's done, I'll delete mine. As I explained it in my post about the VODs, I don't think it's wise for me to host such rips on my accounts.
>> No. 45486
so, reupload is done:

tell me if it now works without problems or not.
>> No. 45487
Sadly, I have almost the same problems as before - slow download and it stops downloading after a while, but this time the part I managed to get plays ok. I will check again tomorrow.
>> No. 45488
We've got a release date for the Season 2 boxset: http://www.amazon.fr/Wakfu-Int%C3%A9grale-saison-2/dp/B008LUSTTU/ref=sr_1_7?s=dvd&ie=UTF8&qid=1343386737&sr=1-7

5th November, which is about 3 months away.
>> No. 45490
Me again.

For some reason it still works like shit (WTF, Minus?), but after transferring the episode to my account, like Kenny suggested, it downloads just fine. I have no clue what's the problem.

Perhaps you making another account and uploading there or transferring the link to it would fix the problem that capricious bitch Minus has with this file and your account put together?
>> No. 45491
DVDrip of second season without hard sub in plans?
>> No. 45492
re-uploaded the DVDrip hardsubbed 1st episode - (maybe quickly downloaded from here)
>> No. 45494
Having some issues with my connection right now but I will try to reup the test episode on a different account tomorrow.
>> No. 45496
Note that you don't have to reupload the whole video all over again, just transfer it from one account to the other.
Choose the "Upload from the web" option in the new account, and copy and paste the old account's file URL.
>> No. 45497


ok, I did what you told me. Lets see if it works this time.
>> No. 45500
>26,5 KB/s
Wow, Minus really has something against you uploading this episode or even transferring it to another account.

Why does it work fine when someone else does the same thing as you do remains a mystery. Seriously, what the hell.

Don't give up, though. There has to be a way to make it work.
>> No. 45505

I don't really know what else I can do.
The file format doesn't matters for the downloads and I used the same encoding as kenny did.
And minus is pretty much the best offer with 10 free GB.
>> No. 45507
Perhaps I could create an account and help you by transferring the episodes on it? If the downloads work fine after that, then we're good.
>> No. 45516
File 134375234355.png - (114.25KB , 1240x412 , 1340724635105.png )
Is there any torrents for the HD stuff? All the downloads in minus.com are either really slow, or don't work.
>> No. 45519
Best we have so far: http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=search&cats=0_0&filter=0&term=wakfu
>> No. 45520
Haha, I love that picture.
>> No. 45522
File 134375847969.png - (835.27KB , 1240x3200 , gang yugo.png )
Have them all, then.
>> No. 45523
Alot of them lack seeds :(
>> No. 45524
They download fine - I checked.

Besides, the one at the very top has quite a few seeds and has the entire season in it.
>> No. 45525
File 134376685637.jpg - (32.18KB , 576x432 , 122438774392.jpg )
>> No. 45527
File 134377025848.jpg - (45.58KB , 576x768 , FourzeItalian 001 (Large).jpg )
Holy shit I did not notice that one. Finally, I can watch Season 2 :3

Apologies for me being a fucking moron.
>> No. 45547
Any luck with those DVDs?
>> No. 45548
I have a question to Polish/German/Spanish/Italian fans (also if you haven't watched the end of season 2 yet, warning : may contain spoilers)

What are Sadlyrgove's full name and nickname in your language's dub? And does his nickname sound close to the word for "father / dad / daddy" in your language.
So far, it works in french (Pinpin / papa) and in english if we use Ankama's latest official version (Dally / daddy)
I'm wondering if this is a coincidence or intentional. If the latter, it would mean Goultard's last line (and therefore, a certain Cra's pregnancy) was scheduled from the start, before they made their first episode.
>> No. 45549
Dub: Polish
Name: Persidal
Nickname: Misiek (literally: little bear, as cutesy as it gets)
How close to Pinpin/Papa pun: nowhere near
Didn't see the dubbed season 2 finale yet (so i might be missing something), give me a week or so.

But yeah, it seems like it either was planned from the very start or was a stroke of brilliance.
>> No. 45554

Sorry, had some private stuff to take care of but I'm back working on the DVD subs now.
Currently ripping the second EP and will try to finish it today.

also I can figure out why my own downloads are so slow I recommend making your free minus account and then just copy pasting my links (the folder link is enough) to the account you created.
It seems like higher speed downloads will work if you do that.
>> No. 45557

ok here we go with Episode 2:

strangely sound seems to work this time. I only changed the encoding format for the audio, so I will probably redo episode one right away and see if that will fix it.
>> No. 45558
redid episode one:

streaming should also work now.

I will try and get 1 or 2 episodes a day done.
>> No. 45562
Works like a charm.

At last, you've broken the curse.
>> No. 45563
Episode 3 done:

and the folder link:
>> No. 45564
Episode 4 done:
>> No. 45566
Since you're about to upload episode 5, make sure you have the latest set of subtitles, and not the old one from the first version of the episode.
(Rubilax's line should be included, as well as no lame translation note)
>> No. 45568

I do have the better versions of them. went through kenny's twitter account to make sure.
I also have the improved season 1 subs on my PC.
Should I finish season 2 first before I start season 1 or should I mix it up?
>> No. 45570
So, episode 5 is done:

which also means that the first DVD is completed.

so should I switch back and forward between season 1 and 2 or finish season 2 first?
>> No. 45573
Since S1 DVD is on torrents since forever, I suggest continuing with the second season.
>> No. 45575
I didn't do any encoding today but I got all the stuff done that I will need for the hardsub encoding. Meaning I have the full first volume on my pc and have roughly re-timed the subs so that they should fit (like I did with the episodes that I already uploaded).
But for those that already own the first volume of season 2 or those that wanna do the encoding and so on themselves, here are the sub files from 1 to 13:

>> No. 45591
grateful for the DVDrip, but

I am absolutely not understand why you need to make a video with hardsub and separately upload subtitles files?

version without the hardsubs will be?
hardsubbed video useless for me.....
hardsub - it's evil
>> No. 45593
Finished encoding the second DVD from Volume 1 of Season 2.

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

Episode 9:

Hardsubs also run on PCs that are a bit older. I actually couldn't run the HD or SD softsubs on my old laptop that I used when Wakfu was running and could only run SD Hardsubs.
Its just the accessible format for people that wanna get into it Wakfu since you can open it in any media player and it should play just fine.

and just the sub files are for those that already own the DVDs.
I don't plan on releasing any of the unsubbed RAWs, so for those that are after that I'm sorry but you will still need to buy the DVDs in that case or find someone else to do that work for you.
>> No. 45594
I'm a bit confused: what's going on here?
>> No. 45595
if you have speed problems with Minus, uploaded copies of S2 DVDRip files of 'Anonymus' to Karelia.

>> No. 45596
>of 'Anonymus'

It's B.
>> No. 45607
2 more episodes.


>> No. 45645
Both seasons 1 and 2 are on iTunes in HD (in the France store) now. Specials aren't.
>> No. 45647
Wait, can you buy them if you aren't living in France?

If yes, they're already mine.
>> No. 45653

What's the resolution?
>> No. 45654
I believe both 720p and 1080p, though I'm not sure about the French store. 1080p support was only recently added to iTunes.

Decrypting methods only allow for 720p content to have their DRM stripped at the moment, however.
>> No. 45655
I guess that takes care of the VOD thing, then.
>> No. 45658
>Decrypting methods
BTW, is there a method to remove itunes DRM which doesn't involve re-encoding of the whole video?
>> No. 45659

I haven't tried it yet since I don't know if those are just DVD's in digital form or actual VODs but I would try the method someone else posted in regard of getting the VODs directly from Ankama's site. But I'm not sure if it works with iTunes.

here is the copy past of it:
I'm not the same guy you are addressing this to, but since I've been sitting on this info for some time now (I figured this out myself, actually) I will tell you (and you people in general) how to get your goddamn Wakfu VOD episodes... WITHOUT fucking around with DRM removal shit.

This method still requires you to buy the episodes, and there's no cheating it away, ya dirty pirates.

So anyway.
You guys ever noticed that you can, well... stream the episode from Ankama's website once you buy it? Yeah... here lies the whole fucking core of what I am going to tell you.
You need a program called Video Cache View (google it)
A FLV demuxer (google it) and some kinda mp4/mkv muxer (google it).
So now... once you buy the episode, start off Video Cache View. Start off Opera or Firefox (I don't care which one... I am certain this works with those two, so I'm recommending them).
You can look at the options of the program if you want, make sure that Temporary Folder is checked. If something's wrong, you can always check opera/firefox too to see if it solves it.

Anyway, once you've done all of that. Enter the page of your bought episode, set the stream to highest bitrate quality (4500 is max I believe) and let the episode play. Meanwhile check into videocache view if your streaming episode is noticed. If everything is well, you should see one file. press F5 few times to see if the file size increases. If it is, then all you have to do now is wait for it to fully download to your hard drive. Once you notice that the filesize is no longer increasing (remember to press F5 to refresh from time to time)
Usually the episode is about 700 something mb. Just like the wmv version with drm.

Now, but you might say:

However I say:

The stream has same fucking bitrate and looks as good (if not better) than the wmv version.

Now once it's downloaded, you need to Select the file (DON'T CLOSE THE STREAM PAGE YET) in video cache view and then select "copy selected file to". Then just choose the location to where you want this file to be. It will copy this file from you cache folder to that place.

Now it's just simply a matter of your choice. If you want you can demux the flv with some demuxer and then remux it into mp4/mkv or you can watch it as is (which is possible too) with the help of some codecs and a good enough media player (I use MPC-Homecinema).

Do not try to skip through the stream, else you end up with incomplete episode. Just let it run till the end. And remember to check in VCW on the file size.

You can turn off the volume in stream, if it bothers you.
It won't affect your episode. SERIOUSLY.

Yes. It really is a quite high quality stream, as long as you select the highest HD option. (4500)

Welp, I hope this will help someone.
I for one, screwed myself over and can not even use the wmv drm files, so this method saved me. If only I've figured it out earlier.

>> No. 45660
>I'm not sure if it works with iTunes.
It most likely won't work. This method works when you play FLV video streams in your web browser. But here, everything is handled by Apple softwares.
>> No. 45661

guess I maybe should ask a friend who is a Mac nerd if he knows any good ways.
>> No. 45666
File 134546112784.jpg - (222.31KB , 1280x720 , Milk_everywhere.jpg )
Speaking of the Wakfu episodes available via iTunes, I've finally decided to sacrifice 3 Euros to see what they're worth. I bought season 2 ep.13.

You get 2 versions of the vid:
- a SD one: 265MB, 480p, so-so quality (less good than the DVDs)
- a HD one: 672MB, pretty decent quality (a bit of video noise), but only 720p

Yeah, no 1080p goodness...

As for decrypting the vids, there's a software called "Requiem" which can do the work easily and in a lossless way. It just makes a decrypted copy without re-encoding anything. So you get a new vid which remains in a .M4V format, but becomes readable on your usual media player.
Requiem is free, but it's a "fair use" software, which means you have to actually buy the video first before you can have it decrypted.
Here's the latest version I could get (3.3.5):
- for Windows => http://www.mediafire.com/?5adfftw4sjtw4tb
- for Mac => http://www.mediafire.com/?u1zaw3fv5e8bp4b

- Have a look at the Readme included in the .zip file for detailed instructions.
- You need Java installed on your computer to get the soft working.
- It only works if you use iTunes 1.5.3 or lower. So, if you have the latest 1.6 iTunes version installed on your computer, you must first downgrade it before getting the vids.
- I guess a future version of Requiem will support iTunes 1.6. Unfortunately, I can't give you the URL of the official site to follow the new releases since it's on the Tor hidden network. But a good ol' Google search once in a while should keep you tuned all the same.
- iTunes 1.5.3 for Windows => http://www.mediafire.com/?40bfx4qos2hdlit

And a final note for those who would want to share such vids: be aware that, even if the files are decrypted and DRM-free, your iTunes ID is still included in the digital signature. So, they're far from being anonymous...
>> No. 45667
Did nobody else here find the French site that had all the (available) VODs as multi-part downloads?

Dang, wish I still had the link.
>> No. 45668
What's the quality on the dvds?
>> No. 45669
File 13454791162.jpg - (79.38KB , 1024x576 , wakfu_101_576p_typeset_v1.jpg )
If they're anything like the season 1 DVDs, they really aren't that great. Color banding and aliasing up the ass.

Speaking of ass, my autism has led me to try my hand at ~fancy and proper anime typesetting~
the animation of the hard text is a bitch to replicate though
>> No. 45671
Alright, that's what I assumed
>> No. 45672
File 134550773343.jpg - (4.49KB , 144x144 , 1304465161290.jpg )
I still have money tied to Ogrines which can never be used regardless of iTunes having videos.
>> No. 45675
File 134551445572.jpg - (556.67KB , 1920x1080 , Wakfu SII 07_mkv - 00000.jpg )
Ummm, so are we uploading VODs now without all that holier-than-thou business?

I still have eps 7-12 as mkvs, 1080p with softsubs, with encoding I'd call...pretty alright.

I'd love to see 13+ in some form without watermarks, even if 720p. Anyone going to upload the itunes rips? Or DVDs?
>> No. 45676
File 134551491380.jpg - (605.17KB , 1920x1080 , Wakfu SII 12_mkv - 00000.jpg )
Actually, come to think of it, I'll probably just grit my teeth and reinstall itunes to get them myself. If Ankama are getting the money, after all...
>> No. 45677
Unfortunately I'm in the same boat as Meowth and I have money spent on Ogrines that I'll probably never get reimbursed.
>> No. 45685
File 13455796808.png - (703.88KB , 1280x720 , 34892785956126.png )
guys, with what kind of players you make a screenshots of the second season? they are terrible :o

or is it just S2 HD episodes look so awful?

>(sorry for bad english)
>> No. 45686
If you mean the two just posted, they're probably just heavily compressed. The person who posted implied they were reencoded, so they're probably versions with low filesizes.
>> No. 45687
File 134559578350.png - (1.35MB , 1920x1080 , S2 E09_flv_snapshot_18_29_[2012_03_22_20_04_05].png )
They are upscaled from 720p if you mean the stuff Kenny made. This is what it looks like from the FLV VODs.
>> No. 45690
File 13456151909.png - (107.17KB , 359x302 , 1340647445330.png )
>> No. 45694
Just saw this link on /co/ => http://www.animationmagazine.net/tv/ankamas-wakfu-to-premiere-on-tv5monde/

Seems like Wakfu's gonna have its "true" international premiere starting september 17 on TV5Monde Asia, Pacific, Orient and USA.
However, just a little reminder: TV5monde is a channel made for an international French speaking audience, so don't expect any English dub. Dunno if there are localized subs, though. Someone who can get the channel via cable or satellite should check.
>> No. 45703
File 134595453055.jpg - (99.46KB , 1366x768 , Subtitle&translator notes overlap problem.jpg )
Grabbed Season 1&2 from Brotherhoodoftofuv2, all soft subbed mkv. and played with divx plus player with codec pack installed.

Everything works great until subtitles coincides with translator notes.

How may I get the two to display at top and bottom margin?
>> No. 45704
Wow, those subs look terrible.
>> No. 45706
You should download the remade S1 subs from here: http://nine-lives-blade-works.blogspot.co.uk/
>> No. 45707

I'm new the video processing game, link me a tutorial to add these ASS. to my MKV. please.
>> No. 45708
Instructions are on the same website.
>> No. 45709

all you need to do is have the same name for both the video and ass file. then it should automatically load in the subs.
>> No. 45710
File 134600610696.jpg - (127.51KB , 1366x649 , Subtitle&translator notes overlap problem stag.jpg )

I've followed the instructions and muxed the new subs into my mkvs.

Overlapping still occurs, albeit the actual lines is displayed this time which is preferred over translator notes.

Is there a way to get my player to display both, top and bottom respectively?
>> No. 45711

have you tried a different player yet and if the problem was still there?
>> No. 45712

I've tested on VLC media player, and discovered that the new subs has done away with translator notes.

The VLC player split the old sub/translator notes perfectly.

I guess DivX player don't offer that feature or I don't know what tweaks are needed to make it work.

At least I'm now equipped to share these with my family and friends.

Thank you /coc/ for the tech support
>> No. 45717

Why are you doing this?
>> No. 45718

Why are you doing this?
>> No. 45726

can you tell me, with what program you did a hardsub?
>> No. 45728
It's the same program I used to make my own encodes all along season 2: XviD4PSP
=> http://code.google.com/p/xvid4psp/
>> No. 45730
Should I concerned that my antivirus keeps flagging that download of requiem?
>> No. 45732
So, is there anything new coming out from Ankama anytime soon? A new movie? Another series? Or have they decided that's all folks?
>> No. 45733
So, is there anything new coming out from Ankama anytime soon? A new movie? Another series? Or have they decided that's all folks?
>> No. 45734
Dofus series in 2013, Wakfu movie in 2014 and possibly a third season of Wakfu.
>> No. 45738
Does your antivirus flag the software, or Mediafire's download server? It happened to me in the past that my antivirus flagged Mediafire's server as potentially dangerous, but it was a false positive.
Anyway, the software itself is legit, so you should be able to use it without threatening your computer's security.
>> No. 45750
still working on it but I guess I could already throw the question out there.
I plan on streaming the first 4 to 6 (haven't decided yet) episodes of season 1 this saturday.
The next 4 to 6 episodes would follow on sunday if possible (depends on how for I got with roughly retiming the subs so that they fit).
Any suggestions for what would be the best time to start with the streams?
>> No. 45752
I'd say around 7 or 8 pm GMT .
That way you'll get european viewer (early evening) and american viewers (early afternoon) wich are two big targets.

just my opinion though
>> No. 45812
Does anyone have a direct download for the Noximillian special? I cannot find it anywhere! Please and thank you
>> No. 45815
It's here: http://brotherhoodoftofuv2.tumblr.com/extras
>> No. 45854
hi everyone, sorry for this off-topic but it's just for announcing you that a new serie produced by ankama will soon be born

this series is called "baïdir" and it looks really promising.

Here is the first teaser:

do not hesitate to support the creators on their facebook:

and here is the official website for more info:

sorry again for the off topic
>> No. 45861
Well this looks like it's going to be my favourite thing. I'll keep an eye on this.
>> No. 45915
Were VOD subs released for S2 1-12? As I recall those were on VOD before Ankama yanked them a few months ago. Also did they ever make a statement for the people who bought them and now don't have a product in return?
>> No. 45918
We don't have subs specifically timed for the VODs and I'm confident the answer to your second question is also no, knowing Ankama.
>> No. 45921
>We don't have subs specifically timed for the VODs

I could probably re-time them myself, i just didn't notice the VODs raws anywhere either, though I just checked around here and nyaa. The DVD rips are nice though, no giant LUDO.
>> No. 45942
WAKFU Anime Traileryoutube thumb

wakfu game trailer
>> No. 45948
Hey, Noel here
Someone sent me a message and I figured it would be better for you guys, especially Kenny(as it was directed towards him) or the comics team(it has to do with them), to answer/respond to
It comes from a user on Tumblr named Alucardox, by the way
>> No. 45949
Here it is,
"Hi kenny, am akrista (nekroauguria), I’m translating comics wakfu you post them on this tumblr, and then post them on my blog (http://idiotacomics.blogspot.com) and then give them to the guys blog (http: / / wakfutemporada2subs.blogspot.com), who are responsible for translating into Spanish wakfu series. This message was sent to you because Wakfutemporada2subs administrator, who says he talked to you, Jhoony, asked me to tell you that if you can post blogs on any link for those Spanish speakers that go through your blog and want to read it in Spanish have a way for to. On a personal note, very good work that you do translating the series and the comics."
>> No. 45950
>especially Kenny(as it was directed towards him)
Seems like they think I also run the BoTv2 tumblr blog. Anyway, thanks for the message.
I'll tweet Jhoony's blog URL on our usual @wakfu_fansubs Twitter feed. Noel, if possible, maybe you can also make a little post about it on BoTv2.
>> No. 45960
Alrighty, despite it being a little late, I posted up about it.
Do you think I should also try and add a link to that site in the side bar or give it its own page or anything like that?
>> No. 45961
Ok, thanks.

>give it its own page or anything like that
I don't think it deserves its own page.
However, here's a little suggestion: maybe you could create a "Links" page where you would put it, along with links to other useful/interesting Wakfu related websites: Ankama and Wakfu official sites, Ankamashop, +4chan /coc/, and such.
>> No. 46023
File 135155665925.jpg - (443.44KB , 970x687 , ankamadofuslaseirewakfu.jpg )
I found this today. The Dofus series is confirmed for 2013. This also says that season 3 is in development. But I'm not entirely sure if that's true or not.
>> No. 46038
File 135217580943.png - (515.88KB , 1032x774 , No related images.png )
Hey guys, I have a friend of mine who is picky and prefers not to spend time downloading each one individually. He's seen S1 but he hasn't yet seen S2.

Any torrents for S2 that are for all the episodes? I don't think it matters if SD or HD.
>> No. 46039
There's this one on Nyaa torrents:
=> http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=328333
>> No. 46042
Did some research, it's from Kazachok Forum 2012, a LICENSING meeting/expo/whatever you want to call it.

http://www.kazachok.com/catalogue/pages/mag/1086/1086_15.swf < It's from here, seemingly a magazine for the event.
I think you got it from here.

Anyway... I fucking love you man.
>> No. 46049
Anyone know where I can download the DVD copies of season 1?
>> No. 46068
The fucks up with Minus right now?
>> No. 46076
File 135366485240.jpg - (64.32KB , 850x472 , Kerub.jpg )
Trailer for The Treasures of Kerub, aka the Dofus animated series.
=> http://youtu.be/EvfrNKvEgqY
>> No. 46077
File 135367073482.jpg - (98.82KB , 1280x720 , Kerub_subs.jpg )
Since I had a bit of time to waste during my lunch pause, here's an English subbed version of the trailer:

=> http://youtu.be/cBOZKK8GsR8

No proofreading, though. Deal with it!
>> No. 46078
Thanks Kenny!

> chaventurier
Oh, Ankama, this is why I always forgive everything you do.

So, January then? That's good news. Should we start talking about who'll be in the next fansub team?
>> No. 46079
Just a reminder I am still alive for all subbing purposes. Timing or encoding or both. Whatever you need.
>> No. 46080
I'm still available too
>> No. 46081
As for me, I subbed this little trailer on a whim, but I don't intend to get involved in this series as much as I did for Wakfu. It's too time consuming.

I can still provide raw TV streams if needed, and help with the translation here and there. But I'll let someone else organize all this; and deal with encoding, QC, uploads and distro.
>> No. 46082
Well I can encode/time and Sabby can translate. So if that's the case we just need an editor, typesetter, and QC. As far as I know you used to do the typesetting and QC so maybe someone can step up or I can try and grab someone from the Japanese fansub community if need be. Fancy signs are just not my thing but I highly doubt there will be a lot if any so maybe it won't be a problem.
>> No. 46093
I would also help out if need...that is if I'm still welcome to help out.
>> No. 46094
Haven't noticed this posted anywhere, so here's the page on the Dofus site for the series: http://www.dofus.com/fr/nouveautes/kerubim
>> No. 46096
File 135390509595.png - (46.86KB , 630x251 , simone.png )
Thanks. I think I found someone's new waifu.
>> No. 46097
I'm still here for proofing, but I doubt I'll be able to make any/many of the live sessions.
>> No. 46098
I will also keep an eye on what's going on here
>> No. 46099
If you want to help out then message Sabby or myself on irc ( irc.rizon.net ) If we are around we should invite you into the channel where we have been doing work since wakfu. If we are not then just wait for someone to wake up.

Need to get this all sorted out before it airs. Just need to know who is doing what for the most part.
>> No. 46111
so a small update. Finally uploaded all the season 1 files and gave the link to Noel who runs BoTv2 so he can put them up if he want to.
this means S1 DVD video with the improved S1 files form Wallachia as Hardsubs.
>> No. 46121
File 135439361842.png - (550.62KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20121201193939.png )
suddenly added ep 2 - Rubilaxia (reconverted TVRip version)
>> No. 46141
File 13548601135.jpg - (382.56KB , 700x921 , tumblr_mempv83Dnb1rsmkzoo1_1280.jpg )
looks like we finally have some updates in regards to whats going on at ankama:

the pic I post with this as well as a rough english summery for those that don't speak french thanks to someone on tumblr:

Wakfu Season 3
Ankama is still in talks with France Télévisions to start a season 3 of Wakfu. In fact, the chain is that the series is aimed at an audience too old compared to the target boxes youth. You should know that many things that have emerged on Wakfu would not be possible today. But Ankama hope to convince happen, especially if the TV series Dofus - In Kerubim Treasures is a success.

Dofus - The movie
An animated film Dofus was announced two years ago for release in 2013 and a pilot was even revealed to the city Annecy in June 2011. Since then, the entire project was overhauled and the script just to be complete. It will now enter into pre-production and the actual production of the movie will commence once the Dofus series - in Kerubim Treasures completed either this summer.
The story happens 12 years after the series Kerubim. Joris has now become a teenager. The output is currently scheduled for the second half of 2015.

Wakfu - The movie
This is another feature project will depend on the achievement or not of Wakfu Season 3. If the TV is, it happens after, otherwise the film could be advanced. Anyway, this is not for now.

An anime adaptation of Maliki
Convinced of the potential interest of many TV channels for Maliki, Ankama has released the big game immediately realizing a pilot episode of 12 minutes (usually it is rarely more than a generic). Chain had even made a commitment, before finally turning back. As a result, today, in the eyes of other channels, Maliki became the project so and so did not want to do. Ankama therefore considering to give a new impetus for it to succeed.
>> No. 46144
Let me clarify this mess.

Season 3:
Still discussing it with France 3. France 3 doesn't like how the show appeals to an older audience than their usual core targets. A lot of the things that we saw in Wakfu wouldn't fly today. Tot still hopes to convince them, especially if Kerubim goes well.

Dofus movie:
They just finished rewriting the script. Production will only begin after Kerubim is done airing, next summer. The movie will focus on Joris 12 years after the series, as a teenager, and is tentatively slated for late 2015.

Wakfu movie:
If a third season is made, the movie will come after. Otherwise it could happen earlier but it's not to be expected for a while either way.

A TV series adaptation of the Dofus mangas:
Not gonna happen.

Mutafukaz movie:
Project still underway, produced by the Japanese Studio 4°C.

Maliki animation:
Several companies were originally interested, but now that one has made a move then stepped back, it's being seen as "the project someone else didn't want to risk." Ankama is considering breathing some new life into it to motivate another station.

Five people work on keeping consistency across the various media. They're currently working on an internal database for this, which should later be made public.
>> No. 46145
Oh yes, and another interesting bit of info:
Wakfu cost 8 million to produce but was only sold to France 3 for 6.5 million.

As we all know, the rest of the money would have been pulled from the Dofus MMO.

I really don't have high expectations for a third season (either it happening, or the quality of it if it does) at this point.
>> No. 46148
I want Maliki series much more than the Kerubim
>> No. 46151
I sure hope the "older material" is retained in a season 3. From the looks of it, the Dofus cartoon is aimed at an even younger audience than it was for Wakfu. But we'll see.
>> No. 46177
the links in ops post ate expired for me, and i havent kept an active watch on the project but enjoyed the first season.
anywhere to download both the whole seasons hardsubbed?, sorry to ask, i scanned over and only found what seems to be ep 1, then 15-26. and i dont want to download it without the set
>> No. 46178
Everything's listed in various formats on brotherhoodoftofuv2.tumblr.com.
In case it's not mentioned there you can also look for torrents on NyaaTorrents, among others.
>> No. 46196

We've got an airdate for Kerubim's Bazaar: 5th January.
>> No. 46197
Also found this: [Exclus] DOFUS : AUX TRÉSORS …youtube thumb

5 minutes of the first episode.
>> No. 46198
Now someone's found the first episode in its entirety: http://www.dofusmotion.com/divers/da/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-saison-1-episode-1
>> No. 46201
Looks like there'll be two episodes aired on the 5th. Interesting. Subbers are go?
>> No. 46202
Looks like there'll be two episodes aired on the 5th. Interesting. Subbers are go?
>> No. 46203
As I said previously, as far as I'm concerned I don't intend to take much part in this project.
I should be able to provide TV raws, though. That is, if there's no better quality raws available online by then.
I can also do a bit of proofreading here and there if the opinion of a French native speaker is needed.

Anyway, just let me know if something is released so that I can post the links on the Twitter feed.
>> No. 46204
Sabby and I still need an editor and a QC to join us on irc. I'm way too lazy to both of those jobs myself since I am starting up school again soon. However as long as the two of us are around we can work with what we got if no one decides to step up.
>> No. 46205
What's a QC?
I'm... not quite sure how to contact someone through irc, I'm not terribly good with it, but I think you have my email.
Hang on, I think I may have yours or Sabby's? Should I email you? Because I would love to be back in the subs group. As long as it doesn't conflict with the comics group, of course.
>> No. 46206
QC is quality check. Basically the last man to look over everything after all the jobs are complete. QC in my opinion needs to have the skills of an editor and at least understand timing in order to fix any mistakes. Not too difficult.

I do not have your email. Send me an email and we will work it out from there.
>> No. 46207
Here are quick subs for use with the video linked above:
Save them as an .ass file and load them in your favorite media player along the video.

This is not the usual team's work but it seems to make sense to post it here. Let me know if you want me to remove it.
>> No. 46210
File 135681258131.jpg - (39.09KB , 640x360 , Simone.jpg )
Uploaded a MP4 version of Kerub's episode 1 web raw, just in case someone would be interested.
=> https://hotfile.com/dl/186571442/178cd27/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E01_(WebRaw).mp4.html
>> No. 46212
Just a warning: don't try to post that link on 4chan, I just got autobahned.
>> No. 46213
Yeah, I know, thanks.
I tried to post a link on /co/ last week, and I also got a 24 hours autoban.
>> No. 46214
Create a folder for *The Treasures Of Kerub*
>> No. 46219
Sindalf, wake up -...-

I can help with the QC (and the oh so important formatting!).
>> No. 46221

seriously Ankama needs better sale managers.
the Wakfu was so cash on internet with clever strategies they can make swim in money. instead they fail at everything?
>> No. 46224

Are these subs for the 10 minute snippet, or the full episode?
>> No. 46225
Well, the subs are meant for the full first episode which *is* 10 minutes long, as you can see if you get it from >>46210 or >>46198.
This Dofus series about Kerub will only have 10 minutes long episodes BTW.
>> No. 46226

Oh really? That's kinda disappointing. Thanks though.

Will the episodes be released in sets of two to compensate for these shorter times?

Also, does anybody have a working link to the subs for season 1? The ones I got from the DVD quality torrent on BoTV2 aren't working.
>> No. 46227
>Will the episodes be released in sets of two to compensate for these shorter times?
I doubt it but maybe they'll show two tomorrow since they've already posted the first one online. Not sure.

>Also, does anybody have a working link to the subs for season 1? The ones I got from the DVD quality torrent on BoTV2 aren't working.
Not working how? Try these
>> No. 46228
>Will the episodes be released in sets of two to compensate for these shorter times?
Nope, we're supposed to get just one episode per week. They'll show sets of 2 episodes only once in a while, such as this saturday to start the series.
>> No. 46231
I mean that the subtitles don't exist. I'll try using those subs you gave me. Worse comes to worse I can still watch the TV rips, but I'd love to enjoy the show in higher definition
>> No. 46232
File 135738038985.jpg - (107.11KB , 1017x567 , Simone.jpg )
Ankama has opened a website dedicated to Kerub's series.

=> http://www.dofus-la-serie.com/fr

You'll find there the raw episodes in streaming format once they aired (ep.1 and 2 available right now).
>> No. 46233
The videos are still on pluzz, so still unavailable outside of France.
I'm gonna be really glad and grateful to have you around for the raws, even more than usual.
>> No. 46234
me again, thanks a heap on the subtitles. There are a few bugs and typos, but nothing that can't be fixed
>> No. 46235
Ahh, thank you. I was wondering a) why they weren't on Ankama's own site and b) why I couldn't watch them.
>> No. 46236
Hello, I'm japanese.
Thank you very much for your dofus & wakfu subtitles.
Can I translate your subtitles into japanese and upload them?
Just subtitle files. Not movie files.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your response.
>> No. 46237
File 135741521254.png - (18.26KB , 75x75 , Facepalm.png )
Ankama, your policy of regional broadcasting - it's...
>> No. 46238
File 135741634883.jpg - (62.21KB , 1024x576 , Simone.jpg )
Kerub ep.2, online streaming with no region lock:

=> http://www.dofusmotion.com/divers/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-le-blues-de-luis-s01ep02

I have a few problems with Sindalf's FTP server to upload the TV raws. This should be fixed one way or another by tomorrow.
>> No. 46239
File 135741654359.png - (387.19KB , 854x480 , snapshot20130106002229.png )
aded upscaled to 854x480 ep. 01
>> No. 46240
The site is having a hard time at the moment, though. Managed to watch the first half and now it won't load at all. Someone had the same problem earlier today. Just gonna wait and hope it's back up tonight.
>> No. 46241
File 13574175555.png - (19.89KB , 616x61 , error.png )

so far there seems to be an error with the streaming link to dofusmotion.
when trying to play the video all I'm getting is the error in the picture.
>> No. 46242
Oh, please don't ignore me.
If I can't, please say so.

I'm sorry about talking such a thing here.
>> No. 46243
Sorry, we didn't mean to ignore you.
Well, even though I can't speak for everyone here, I don't think anyone will have a problem if you use the subs we released previously to make Japanese subs. So feel free to do so.
If you want to make a full video release, you may even use the encodes I did for season 2 softsubbed versions if you find them any good.
>> No. 46244
File 135741931885.jpg - (22.92KB , 640x358 , IMG_0276.jpg )

sorry for no quick reply. I assume most of the people who work/worked on wakfu subs either are busy with work/live and are no longer active or some of us have been trying to get dofus stuff to work I guess.

but we originally put the ass sub files out for people to use them. that includes further translation I guess. So unless kennymc or somebody else says something different I would assume feel free to translate them if you want, just keep in mind those are translations from french to english and I guess maybe given credit would be nice.
But yeah it shouldn't be a problem for you to translate the subs if you want.
>> No. 46246
>The site is having a hard time at the moment
Well, yeah: it's saturday late evening right now in France, so the networks are obviously "a little" busy...
>> No. 46247

Thank you sooo much!!
Probably japanese dofus & wakfu fans are happy too.

I'm grateful for your quickly translation.
I'll keep supporting you.
>> No. 46248
As far as I'm concerned it seems only fair to have Western content translated to Japanese considering how much we rip from Japan. Is there already much of a following for Wakfu over there? I hope your subs will be well received either way, keep in touch!
>> No. 46249
I bought wakfu DVD.
But someone uploaded on nicovideo already.
Fair or not, I'm not to blame him or you ripping them
But I think if you do not buy what you like, good things will be gone.
>> No. 46250
Maybe did I misunderstand? If so, sorry...
And thank you for encourage me.
>> No. 46251
Don't worry, discussion in this place moves rather slow.

I'm really happy (and so are others, as i can tell) that you are willing to translate the show, more people need to watch it.

What >>46248 asked is: are there many fans of Wakfu in Japan?
>> No. 46252
Season 2 Episode 2 has been posted on niconico yesterday and its views is 124 now.
Hmm...it's hard to say there is a lot.
But there are some people who has already view Dofsu Episode 2. I'm the one too. lol
>> No. 46253
Season 2 Episode 2 has been posted on niconico yesterday and its views is 124 now.
Hmm...it's hard to say there is a lot.
But there are some people who has already view Dofsu Episode 2. I'm the one too. lol
>> No. 46254
File 135742997440.png - (303.30KB , 854x480 , snapshot20130106040334.png )
aded upscaled to 854x480 ep. 02 (WebRaw)
>> No. 46255

thank you very much. for some reason ep2 was freezing mid-way and i couldn't watch the rest.

also janitors are slacking off , i couldn't ask about this issue on /co/ i was banned for "CP" which i don't even know what it stands for...
>> No. 46256
Child pornography.

My thanks as well to Jakill, I'm having the same problem as anon on DofusMotion. Your link is taking three hours to download from here but at least I'll get to watch the whole thing.
>> No. 46257
as if ever had any interest in such thing...

anyway , downloading 10 min cartoon in 3 hours , madness.
i'll try to draw some Simone though. wish Ecafemme had more shots.
>> No. 46258

average download speeds through a browser 450-560 Kilobytes

and about a megabyte per second using a download manager
>> No. 46259
File 135746327117.jpg - (81.35KB , 1024x576 , Simone.jpg )
Uploaded an MP4 version of Dofusmotion's web raw, in its glorious low quality, but small file size.

=> https://hotfile.com/dl/187721512/d269356/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E02_(WebRaw).mp4.html
>> No. 46260

thanks kenny , you're a real bro.
>> No. 46262
File 135747446986.jpg - (41.66KB , 537x600 , simone.jpg )

because i like her maid outfit.
>> No. 46263

I was a bit afraid that the Dofus cartoon will turn out poorly, but it seems rather good so far. Likable cast, beautiful designs and a bit of humor to spice things up.

And Simone in a maid outfit. Hnnng.
>> No. 46264
i think the show will really start now , when Kerubim wil be telling his stories about shushu chests and whatnot.
>> No. 46265
File 135748289426.jpg - (33.95KB , 640x360 , snapshot20130106155317.jpg )
need a bigger screencap!
>> No. 46266
marking where I am

I like this trend of 12 minute episodes in shows lately
>> No. 46268
File 135750902351.jpg - (149.70KB , 1288x720 , Ecaflip.jpg )
Big enough?
Contains watermarks, though...
>> No. 46269


now, to draw simone visit this barber from time to time...
>> No. 46270
File 135756457569.jpg - (162.62KB , 550x260 , imposter.jpg )
cant post it on /co/ , so here.
>> No. 46271
>> No. 46272
File 135758805485.jpg - (150.83KB , 570x753 , 1357279024428.jpg )
Megafiles.se <down up to 700k/s
SendSpace <down up to 200k/s
Turbobit <down up to 150k/s
Ryushare <different, depens on country
Putlocker <different depends on country
Netload <the fuck i know
Sendmyway <stop asking me you moron. i am not your own fucking wikipedia
UploadCore <still no idea
BillionUploads <see that billions in the name? he must be chink hipster.
>> No. 46274
No rush or anything, but it's safe to assume that there won't be any subs in the nearest hour, right? Because I am considering hitting the sack for today.

Keep up the good work, it's great work.
>> No. 46275
What about it? You're meant to be able to find him in game. It's one of those cross media things, just like Wakfu les Gardiens was for Wakfu the series.
>> No. 46276
File 135759975854.png - (353.61KB , 640x360 , dofus01_001_101.png )
I was futzing around with some typesetting the other day. I don't really know what I'm doing, but I think I animated it pretty well.
What do you guys think?
And the font: http://theboutons.com/images/stories/file/Odyssey.zip
You guys can use it/tweak it/ignore it as you please.
>> No. 46277
Try in a week from now as the translator is visiting home before he goes overseas again and wont see them again for a long time. Eps 1-3 probably will all be done at once.
>> No. 46278
Looking good (from the screenshot), but the name of the show is already translated to Kerub's Bazaar:
>> No. 46279
File 135761385656.png - (352.20KB , 640x360 , dofus01_002_101.png )
The text can be easily changed.
And that's not really a translation, it's a localization. Personally I wouldn't use it in a fansub of the French release, but that's up to the team.
Regardless, I figured I'd post the .ass file if the team wanted to use it. If not, that's fine too.
>> No. 46280
Oh, that's a shame. Allow me to contribute my own attempt again in the meantime, then.


I timed it with Jakill's MKV video, so let me know if the timing is off on Kenny's MP4.
>> No. 46282
File 135764032250.jpg - (129.01KB , 1286x720 , Simone.jpg )
Timing is fine with the MP4 too. Thanks.
>> No. 46283
updated the video, - add subs
>> No. 46284

how can you not notice it!?
>> No. 46285
No one's seeing anything special there, man.
>> No. 46286
It's Crepin, not Crispin. Unless there's an official translation I haven't found? Few other minor quibbles, but it's a good translation for the most part.
>> No. 46287
See http://www.tvfrance-intl.com/en/programmes/presentation/fiche/45575_dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim.html
>> No. 46288
it's Crépin
>> No. 46291
File 135772985888.png - (202.07KB , 1593x1402 , joris_jojo_jurgen.png )
Cutest little boy. There is enough Jojo for everyone
>> No. 46292

its the patch man.
>> No. 46293
I still don't see anything. Mind pointing it out in the image
>> No. 46294
I still don't see anything. Mind pointing it out in the image
>> No. 46296
File 135777247814.jpg - (48.08KB , 1024x576 , Simone.jpg )
I had some time to spare this evening, so I made a quick SD encode of the TV raws to which I've added the subs posted previously.

The quality should be better than the web raws.

Get them here:
- Ep.1 => https://hotfile.com/dl/188254812/106d1b0/Dofus_Kerub_S1E01_(1024x576_TVsource_Eng.Subbed).mkv.html

- Ep.2 => https://hotfile.com/dl/188258395/71978b2/Dofus_Kerub_S1E02_(1024x576_TVsource_Eng.Subbed).mkv.html
>> No. 46297
Does look better but I'm not seeing the subs, I'm using Chrome so it could be a problem on my end.
>> No. 46298
You're using Chrome to watch the video? Why? Just download VLC
>> No. 46299
I'm using Chrome because I tried it on a whim and it worked, but If there is no easy way to get the subs to work I guess I will just download VLC.
>> No. 46300
File 135782128792.png - (829.34KB , 1292x727 , wak018.png )
HECK YES! Thank you!!!
>> No. 46304
File 135786502155.jpg - (53.92KB , 400x326 , 1253015381800.jpg )
Hopefully these eleven Ernest Hemmingways can convey my appreciation.
>> No. 46306
File 135791875641.png - (191.35KB , 1500x1327 , kerub_final.png )
@KennyMC and subbing anon: will you be kind enough to rup/sub next episode of Dofus? It will released tomorrow, I think

I'm doing russian translation of subs, hoping to spread awareness of this series
>> No. 46309
>I won't bother if they release a full sub the next day.
Same here. I was just filling in until the main team could actually make their own releases. BTW, once they do you'll get something even better, so no worries.
>> No. 46311
Thanks for the help! We really appreciate you helping us. If main team gets delayed (for another week), would you please fill in for them?

P.S: I can provide iTunes rips of Wakfu Season 2 (720p)

P.P.S: one more question: who does TVrips of Dofus?
>> No. 46313
Not gonna make promises (part of why I'm not actually joining the team), but probably. I'll be around, in any case.
>> No. 46315
>I can provide iTunes rips of Wakfu Season 2 (720p)
The +4chan teams have always been very cautious when it comes to share videos Ankama makes money from. Actually, we used to be against it.

The reason is that Ankama tolerate it when we rip vids available for free such as web raws and TV raws, but it's another matter when it comes to DVDs and VODs which are on sale. We generally encourage people to buy them to support Ankama. Plus there are French people like me who live within Ankama's sueing range, and who don't want to piss them off too much.

Now, things have change a bit lately. Between region locked DVDs, iTunes VODs which are on sale via the French store only, and Ankama VODs which have just disappeared, we've become less picky on our policy.

So you can release your VOD rips with subs if you want, we won't blame you for doing so. But as far as I'm concerned I won't take part in this.

>who does TVrips of Dofus?
I do. This is to provide the subbing team with better quality raws than the ones available online.
>> No. 46317
>Now, things have change a bit lately.
What exactly made them change all the things you mentioned? France 3?

P.S: Ankama acts stupid, imho - if France 3 take a piss on them with the whole underpayment stuff, they should probably seek another buyer, in USA and Japan

>region locked DVDs
This can be bypassed rather easily, afaik. At least on PC, that is. Hardware players - not so much

>iTunes VODs which are on sale via the French store only
Have they ever been sold outside of French iTunes?

>we won't blame you for doing so. But as far as I'm concerned I won't take part in this.
Ok, I'll refrain from posting them here. /co/ only then, if I decide to go through with it
>> No. 46318
Is posting on plus4chan always THAT screwed up?
>> No. 46319
I leave for a few months because Wakfu S2 ended and this place was deader than my sex life, then come back and see all this. Damn.
>> No. 46320
I second this, and drink a bottle of wine in your honor.
>> No. 46321
File 135797353330.jpg - (44.69KB , 1024x576 , Simone.jpg )
>What exactly made them change all the things you mentioned?
Uh... no. I'm afraid you got what I said wrong.
What I meant is that it's all the things I mentioned that made us change a bit our policy of being totally against paid video rips releases. You know, the fact that all these things make it harder for people living outside France to get Ankama's stuff legally.

>France 3 take a piss on them with the whole underpayment stuff
It's Ankama that are concerned with the underpayment stuff. They're the ones who make the series and who need money the most to keep doing so.

>they should probably seek another buyer
Wakfu already airs in Polish, German, Italian and Spanish. Still no word about an English/US broadcast though.

>region locked DVDs
>This can be bypassed rather easily, afaik.
This can be bypassed rather easily on PC when you're tech savvy enough to find solutions to such problems. Unfortunately, not everyone is.

>Have VODs ever been sold outside of French iTunes?
Not as far as I know.

>Ok, I'll refrain from posting them here.
Thanks. I think it'll be better that way, especially now that another Ankama series subbing project has started with Kerub.

No, posting on +4chan used to be way better than that.

Well, just like for sex life, things start rolling again once you find a new partner. Pic related.
>> No. 46322
Are your TVrips upscales, or not?
>> No. 46323
No, the original stream is 1920x1080 (well, anamorphic 1440x1080 actually).
>> No. 46324
File 135798411981.jpg?spoiler - (137.48KB , 1274x712 , KerubEp3.jpg?spoiler )
Just seen Kerub ep.3.
To those who were afraid that it would be too childish of a series (like I must admit I was), you can rest assured that it's still an *Ankama* kid series.
Implied sex jokes for ya!
>> No. 46325
Direct download link for episode 3 raw: http://video.rykidio.dafun.com/rhozet_dofus_20130104_1795_14122012180959_F3.flv

Mirrors will be up soon
>> No. 46326
Mirror: http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/52358479/file.html
>> No. 46327
File 135801426530.jpg - (21.96KB , 640x360 , KerubEp3.jpg )
Downloadable MP4 version of ep.3 Dofusmotion's web raw:

=> https://hotfile.com/dl/188677751/93ae572/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E03_(WebRaw).mp4.html
>> No. 46328
When will your TVrip be available? It is of better quality
>> No. 46330
File 135802686153.png - (345.92KB , 854x480 , snapshot20130113012650.png )
aded upscaled to 854x480 ep. 03 (WebRaw)
>> No. 46333
Don't wanna be a jack, but... subs when?
>> No. 46334
File 135809863352.jpg - (132.48KB , 428x500 , 1323250882455.jpg )
This show is looking really good.
Sometimes you don't need constant adventures, but a bunch of random characters with stories instead.
>> No. 46335
Later in the week I'll put the current subs on a better looking tv raw

Translator literally got off a plane a few hours ago. Probably will get started tomorrow. Should not be too long after that. Personally I want to shoot for Tuesday night.
>> No. 46336
Quick subs for episode 3:
>> No. 46337
Much appreciated!

>Later in the week I'll put the current subs on a better looking tv raw
Thanks! I thought that Kenny does TVrips though? Or you do too?

>Translator literally got off a plane a few hours ago. Probably will get started tomorrow
>> No. 46339
>I thought that Kenny does TVrips though?
I'll say it again: I only did quick encodes for ep.1 and 2 to fill in until the main subbing team could make their own releases. I provide them with the TV stream, and they'll make better quality encodes out of it.
>> No. 46340
OK, got that! Will they reencode ep1 and ep2 too, now that they are back?
>> No. 46341
Yup, as Sindalf said in >>46335.
>> No. 46343
ep 3 added with subs, ep 2 reconverted
>> No. 46348
File 135830427564.png - (640.39KB , 890x501 , Yugo tastes absolute yoy.png )
Holy fuck! The Dofus series started! I haven't been in these threads since Wakfu S2 was being subbed. Man, it feels good to be back. Seeing old familiar faces. It feels... comfortable and safe. All the old joys, events and dramas returning to my memory. I'm home.

...So, is NWF still dead? Anything else happen since I left?
>> No. 46349
He hasn't been seen for ages: the last I remember of him was when he was posting on here without his name. I wonder if life finally caught up to him.

Sage for off-topic (as if this matters on +4, let alone /coc/)
>> No. 46350
Does Dofus air on Saturdays? I just came back here, last time I was here was prolly S2 finale.
Seen all 3 eps to date tho', and they're good. Brill subs too, and not enough thanks for rippers. Big thank you to all of you.
>> No. 46351
It does, and thanks for the compliments.
>> No. 46352
Karelia has been an insufferable boozed-up russian polarwhore for days. I can't complete the download of Kerub episode 3, it keeps cutting off around the 70MB mark.
>> No. 46353
Just pick an alternate download and the subs file from earlier in the thread and open the subs manually.
>> No. 46354

I just downloaded the file, and everything is normal
> I placed. txt file with direct links for the Download Manager, try using it to download.
>> No. 46355

Hey. I'm done registered for classes and situating myself so I can work on this now. (Actually I came into here after translating episode 3 only to find that you went ahead and did it).

Jakill, do I understand correctly that you were just filling in for me? I'll work on Ep4 when it airs this Saturday.
>> No. 46357

uh ... I don't quite understand what you wrote (or thinking about)
>> No. 46358

Are you planning on translating all of Kerubim? While I was out of the country, someone told me you did episodes 1 and 2 but weren't planning on doing all of it.
>> No. 46359
Jakill reuploaded subbed videos, I did the translation. I just did it so people could start watching without waiting an unknown number of weeks until the sub team could start. Everyone's expecting you guys to make your own translations with your better encodes. Feel free to use any part of my translation, though.
>> No. 46360
All I do is just Upscaled Web Raw episodes, although there is one person from my country who's translating Kerub, and he has already done two episodes, but now he is waiting for release from your team.(better Rips quality )

at the same time I have a friend, in the translation of which I would like to see the Kerub, but he prefers to translate from French subtitles.
>> No. 46363
It's a huge clusterfuck.

So... HD rips when?
>> No. 46366
Unexpected things happen which is why no sub group ever gives out an eta. Along with Sabby moving overseas this week and me starting class and moving myself as well. Problems should be taken care of now. Check back later Sunday evening for episodes 1-3. Episode 4 we promise to have done quicker.
>> No. 46367
Great! Can you give specifics about what parameters are you going to encode your HD releases in?
>> No. 46369
Very similar to how I did Wakfu. The source is pretty bad and bit rate starved so unfortunately messing around with settings isn't gonna do too much. For example, the source video is about 450mb which is pretty ugly for a capture but it's what must be dealt with.

I will be doing 720p 10bit mkv and a 480p mp4 hardsubbed. No avi due to xvid being completely pointless as any digital device not made in the 90s can play lower level h264. I also won't be doing 1080p since the source does not warrant it. The 720p should be about 120mb approx and I won't know about the 480p till I get around to it. The capture came with two audio qualities and we will obviously be using the higher quality one.

Sadly this isn't as fun to encode as Wakfu was because Wakfu had more fixable issues and would compress fantastically.
>> No. 46372
File 135859444126.jpg - (71.88KB , 728x576 , Lou.jpg )
Downloadable MP4 version of ep.4 Dofusmotion's web raw:

=> https://hotfile.com/dl/189706861/7dccd88/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E04_(WebRaw).mp4.html
>> No. 46373
Is it just me or does the entire background music sound distorted? Like it was run through an old gramophone with a failing motor.
>> No. 46374
cool, I hope subs arrive soon
>> No. 46375
cool, I hope subs arrive soon
>> No. 46378
File 135867506687.png - (124.89KB , 596x582 , subbing_team.png )
Is 100-150 lines really that hard to time and translate?
It isn't

>> No. 46379
Here's an idea: maybe ask the subbing team if you could help them instead of just complaining.
>> No. 46380
not everyone is lucky enough to have neither job nor social life
>> No. 46381
File 135868380155.png - (560.06KB , 854x871 , Lou.png )
added upscaled to 854x480 ep. 04 (WebRaw)
>> No. 46382
I can do timings. I need transcript and translation

I have both. On a scale from 0 to 10, how jelly are you?
>> No. 46383
>I can do timings. I need transcript and translation
So you're effectively useless to that project, but you're still complaining that people who have the skills you don't have aren't meeting your standards ...

Hint : timing really isn't what's taking time on this project, thanks to Sindalf. transcription, translation and proofreading are.
>> No. 46385
File 135869945914.png - (60.89KB , 250x229 , fucksgiven.png )
>effectively useless to this project
You've just been complaining about subbing team not having time to do stuff, and now you're telling me that such time-consuming operation as timing is useless?

>timing really isn't what's taking time on this project, thanks to Sindalf
Because Sindalf is in possession of some magic tool which allows him to properly sync 100-200 lines in a couple of minutes
>> No. 46386
I know a thing or two about this team, and indeed, Sindalf is pretty fast when it comes to timing the lines.

Also, you're digging for contradictions when there's none to be found. Sindalf is fast on his task, but he's also alone, meaning he can do it pretty much whenever it fits his schedule.
The other tasks I mentioned are not only way more time consuming, they're also inter-dependant. You need the transcript before the translator can start his job, and you need the translation before the proofreaders can start making adjustments. Then you also need some SHARED free time for the proofreaders to gather together and decide on every adjustment/suggestion made.

There's a reason timing was done in a few hours whereas the final english script took several days during Wakfu's season 2.

Either that or God hates you because you touch yourself at night and post stupid things on the internet, I'll let you decide.
>> No. 46387
Alright guys, let's cool it down a notch. We're all here for the same reason, a mutual interest in this show which is shaping up to be pretty damn fine.

I know tensions can run high while waiting for the subtitle team to put out their work, but there's no reason to fight or argue about why it's taking however long it's taking. I have faith that they'll be ready soon.
>> No. 46390
>You need the transcript before the translator can start his job
Quicksub anon here. Feel free to say I'm nitpicking, but this isn't exactly true though it may be how the team works. I didn't write a transcription down before I translated the episodes. Though I do hope the team includes one as in Wakfu S2.
>> No. 46391
fucking this.
Be patient, the subs will be here sooner or later and it's not like Dofus is the only thing you want to watch
>> No. 46392
fucking this.
Be patient, the subs will be here sooner or later and it's not like Dofus is the only thing you want to watch
>> No. 46393
>way more time consuming
Yeah, no. Did a few series myself, transcription and translation don't take long, especially if there is experience.

Timing is the most annoying. That and fitting translated dialogue within two lines
>> No. 46394
Well, different series, different teams, different experiences.

I saw it from inside. Not part of the wakfu team myself but friend of one and had the occasion to witness how it went during S2.
Believe me when I said that timing was done in a matter of hours once the transcript (not even translation) was sent to Sindalf, who's worked on other series before and is experienced with it.
Th rest of the team, however, wasn't experienced in that job, they took whoever was willing to help (which was barely enough to get a team working).
Basically, the transcript + basic translation was made within 2-3 days, then the rest of the week was left to the proofreaders to fine-tune the basic translation, including localizing puns, cultural references, finding appropriate expressions so the dialogues feel as natural as possible. Translating an episode of wakfu isn't exactly the same job as translating a coffee machine manual, especially when you're neither a professional, nor an experienced fansubber, and when you have 7+ people from 5 different time zones trying to accomodate each other's free time.

Is it possible to find people who could do it faster while keeping the same standards? definitely. However people should get mad at those people for not showing interest in doing that job instead of getting mad at the only ones who could be bothered to do it and are coping with less than ideal work conditions.
>> No. 46395
I could write a wall of text but im lazy. tl;dr is subbing easy and not that time consuming. The only reason a things take longer than a few hours to do means people just are not working AKA being lazy. Having a life counts as being lazy. So when people complain keep in mind they do have a point. Although it would be nice if people just chill cause no amount of complaining will ever cure my laziness. Blame video games.

Either way I finished everything I need to do for ep1-3 and encoded ep4. Waiting on everyone else to finish. Out of my hands now to speed it up.
>> No. 46397
That's what I needed to hear. It all comes down to my initial point >>46378
>> No. 46398
File 135874013726.jpg - (125.46KB , 936x1074 , jojo_artefactrs.jpg )
Posting here is horrendous
>> No. 46399
Is there a reason you keep trying to stir shit up by being an insufferable dickbag for things that we get for free? Do you honestly think this makes the wait better?

If you've had your say, let's just drop it. We don't need to cram this thread with more of your nonsensical complaining.
>> No. 46400
File 135875654461.jpg - (919.43KB , 1518x1721 , DontFeedTheTrolls2.jpg )
>> No. 46401
File 135879640367.jpg - (243.10KB , 800x450 , 320266.jpg )
Any news on the project? I understand that Sindalf's part is done. What about the rest of the team?
>> No. 46403
Well, I can't do anything until the translation is done. I basically need everything done and sent to me (or at least to be told that it's done...) before I can do my job as a QC. Honestly, it feels to me like last season was faster, but I may be biased.
>> No. 46405
Correction. 2 episodes will be released very shortly. I need confirmation on what to do with ep 3, and it's nighttime where the person I need to talk to is.
>> No. 46406
Correction. 2 episodes will be released very shortly. I need confirmation on what to do with ep 3, and it's nighttime where the person I need to talk to is.
>> No. 46407
>2 eps will be released shortly
Will they be better quality rips?
>> No. 46408
File 135887505453.jpg - (26.61KB , 495x281 , Yankee Class.jpg )
I thought the rips were pretty good. You obviously didn't, not flamming, just serious a question. I'm a subber so I'm curious.
>> No. 46409
KennyMC's rips were great. I'm just curious why are they intending to do different encodes

>implying they will ever upload them
>> No. 46411
File 135896383994.jpg - (97.61KB , 370x282 , peace.jpg )
>> No. 46412
Not cool, man

On a side note, when the subtitled episodes are ready, will there be a new posting in this thread or would the twitter account be the first source of information?
>> No. 46414
This thread will most likely be the first source of info, since I'm not the one handling the release process like I did with Wakfu.
Of course, I'll update the Twitter feed as soon as I'm aware of anything new. But this can be delayed a bit if it happens while I'm busy at work or while I'm sleeping.
>> No. 46415
It's nice when the one person who you are waiting on goes MIA from the internet for the past few days. It's even better when it's the translator.
>> No. 46416
Maybe he's translating? Very, very intensely translating.
>> No. 46417
>Not cool
I'm just being realistic, there is no reason for us to believe that any of them (save for kenny and sindalf) are alive
>> No. 46418
Hey. Hey. Guess what. The subbing is currently going faster than nothing at all, and I'm sure it's easy for you to sit there and yell at everyone giving up their time to give us this nice stuff for free. I for one appreciate our robotic translating overlords.
>> No. 46419
Hey. Hey. Guess what. The subbing is currently going faster than nothing at all, and I'm sure it's easy for you to sit there and yell at everyone giving up their time to give us this nice stuff for free. I for one appreciate our robotic translating overlords.
>> No. 46420
Told ya >>46411
>> No. 46421
Thanks for the update. I'll see about quicksubbing it today if I get through the rest of my to-do list. Or is it already timed and I could just give you a raw translation?
>> No. 46422
What I meant by the that one person is that Sabby was suppose to check over episode 1 and 2 quickly before we released. He said he would and then he become MIA from the internet. Ep3 is translated and timed but no one else has touched the script as far as I can tell. Ep4 is awaiting translation. Encodes for all are done.

I can time anything in like 15mins assuming im home and not doing homework. If I get a script I can work with it and put it on the better raw. I really feel like going down that path at this point cause I am a rather impatient person.
>> No. 46423
Okay, so if I get around to it before we hear from Sabby I'll just post the translation up on Pastebin line by line and you can make subs out of it. That'll make it a lot faster for me than timing it in-between.
>> No. 46424
I should point out that I am rather busy the next two days but I may find time between school and work.
>> No. 46426
Sindalf, would you mind uploading raw encodes? I'm doing russian translations are would like to check said encodes beforehand
>> No. 46427
Raw translation:
>> No. 46428
now we just need timing...
>> No. 46429
ok I did it, tell me if it works

>> No. 46430
Timing isn't perfect, but it works on my end. Thanks.
>> No. 46431
yep I also noticed I made like 2-3 mistakes...
oh well, it was my first try at subbing
>> No. 46432
Now that some members of the main team are official MIA, will you be doing quicksubbing for new episodes?
>> No. 46433
I guess I could, but I'd need a translation, my French is very, very basic
>> No. 46434
I guess I could... if someone posted a translation like this time
>> No. 46435
So i can't get ANY of the wakfu Season 2 dl links to work, neither on Brotherhoodoftofu..
Did they all get taken down or did i miss something?
>> No. 46436
The old Tumblr is dead (long live the new Tumblr), use this instead:
>> No. 46437
File 135919692250.jpg - (91.54KB , 433x576 , Simone.jpg )
Dofusmotion online streaming
=> http://www.dofusmotion.com/divers/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim/dofus-aux-tresors-de-kerubim-bienvenue-chez-lyechti-s01ep05

Downloadable MP4 version
=> https://hotfile.com/dl/190764524/5fdb2b2/The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E05_(WebRaw).mp4.html
>> No. 46438
File 135919886226.png - (56.95KB , 511x493 , frenchcartoonthing.png )
Now we kindly wait for quicksubbing anon
>> No. 46439
File 135922294117.jpg - (30.49KB , 298x403 , i'll-just-sit-here-and-wait-for-the-subtitled.jpg )
>> No. 46440
Mother of God, there must be more puns in this episode than panty shots in a magical girl anime. I don't know if I can do this, anon...
>> No. 46441
you can do this anon we are counting on you!
>> No. 46442
Took me a moment to get the joke...
To hell with puns, just rough translation will do
>> No. 46443
File 135923123173.png - (367.49KB , 854x480 , snapshot20130126233513.png )
added upscaled to 854x480 ep. 05 (WebRaw)
>> No. 46444
File 135923160966.png - (124.08KB , 640x360 , vlcsnap-2013-01-26-15h19m20s234.png )
>To hell with puns
Just who the hell do you think I am?
>> No. 46445
>More glorious Simone
>> No. 46446
why do you keep using that horrible site?
>> No. 46447
We love you, Anon, we really do!
>> No. 46448

2.7 megabytes per second when downloading, it's horrible ?
Are you kidding me?
>> No. 46449
I have a pretty good connection (100 MBps) and it takes me 4 hours to download any one of those episodes from that site. It must be because you're geographically very close to the host site. Most anons have the same issue of really slow downloads from that site.
>> No. 46450
I have a pretty good connection (100 MBps) and it takes me 4 hours to download any one of those episodes from that site. It must be because you're geographically very close to the host site. Most anons have the same issue of really slow downloads from that site.
>> No. 46451
As the anon above said, a lot of people have reported download times upward of 3 hours from Karelia, for 10 minutes of video. As I remember it, it was about 40 times slower than it should have been when I tried it.
>> No. 46452
you must be from Russia
>> No. 46453
Here's the translation. I'm going out tonight and I'm seriously running out of time so I'll have to leave the timing/subbing to someone else.


Thanks buddy, I rather like you too.
>> No. 46454

RTFM - (! Direct links for the Download Manager.txt)

> and just in case - do not use Opera Turbo services if you use it, - slowdown will be provided
>> No. 46455
excellent! I might get a quicksub in 30 minutes or so
>> No. 46456
File 135923897470.png - (15.28KB , 692x310 , slower than a snail on my granny.png )
While i cannot comment on speeds with a download manager (JDownloader doesn't like those links for some reason), through the site in firefox is very slow.
>> No. 46457

I hope you don't use a proxy
>> No. 46458
>> No. 46459
There we go, subs for ep. 5

>> No. 46460
There we go, subs for ep. 5, thanks again to the translator

>> No. 46461
Episode 5 softsubbed here. Thanks translator and timer anon.

>> No. 46462
I don't know if you're the same guy from the other day, but top notch job on the timing.
>> No. 46463
File 135926830979.jpg - (28.24KB , 850x472 , 228472_Kerub.jpg )
The heroes Kerub deserves, and needs.

Thanks dudes.
>> No. 46464
File 135927558553.jpg?spoiler - (133.79KB , 421x575 , zoom_5108_all.jpg?spoiler )
Meanwhile, I was lurking on Ankama's online shop.
Guess who got his own comic now ...
>> No. 46465
I did a quick clean up of your translation.
It's still not at 100% perfect, but it's better than nothing.
>> No. 46466
File 135930373933.png - (476.21KB , 854x480 , The_Treasures_Of_Kerub_S1E02_(WebRaw)[Upscale][480.png )
Working on russian subs for ep 3-5

@quicksubbing anon

Thank you very much for all your hard work!
>> No. 46468
Why "YeCh'Ticks"?
>> No. 46469
I'd find it funny if the preview wasn't so boring/unfunny.

By the way, we're past bump limit. Should the next thread be just a Dofus thread or both?
>> No. 46471
>By the way, we're past bump limit. Should the next thread be just a Dofus thread or both?
Considering that it took almost one year to reach bump limit, next thread should be Dofus / Wakfu, in case new material comes up for either of them

Just please post link to new thread here
>> No. 46472
Corrected timings for episode 4, looks better now: http://pastebin.com/GBY13Pf8
>> No. 46476
File 135932098719.jpg - (58.42KB , 638x419 , Kerub.jpg )
Well then, just made a new Dofus / Wakfu fansubs thread.

Please go to >>46473
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