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File 133021122077.jpg - (1.84MB , 1700x2338 , Kamas de la Soif 001.jpg )
43961 No. 43961
It took almost a year, but here it is, the second Wakfu Comics thread!

I thought I would have something special to say now, but sadly I don't.

I do have Kamas De La Soif ready for download.

I hope you all enjoy. Next is Tears of Blood 2.

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>> No. 43962
>Next is Tears of Blood 2.

>> No. 43969
File 133021570553.png - (372.06KB , 966x643 , 1323470770653.png )
>> No. 43996
Fucking finally. What took you so long?

>> No. 44008
Where is Boufbowl on the list?
>> No. 44011
Really, REALLY low.
>> No. 44012
Proofreading, as usual.

Pretty low, but a new poll should be made sometime this week, so it might go up. Maybe if you create some hype around it more people will get interested.
>> No. 44021
There's going to be a second issue? I assumed that it was a one off.

Nicely done.
>> No. 44022
It was released about a year ago.

And for those wondering, Wakfu is set to have a release every four months, unlike Maskemane and Remington every two months.
>> No. 44024
File 133038038323.jpg - (19.22KB , 399x295 , 130609540813.jpg )
>> No. 44025
Here's the link to the new priority poll:

Remember that Tears of Blood 2 is in the works, so of course it's not in the list.
>> No. 44034
Hey, why aren't episodes 25 and 26 on the list? Are you guys dropping the show?!?

I feel your pain.
>> No. 44035
>Are you guys dropping the show?!?
>> No. 44037
Good. No one cares about your shitty anime. Go back to /a/.

I still believe that season 3 will happen... Eventually.

BTW - do we know when part 2 of Kamas De La Soif comes out?
>> No. 44038
File 133047832068.png - (222.39KB , 865x500 , back to the rape pen.png )
Pic related.

Well the supposed four-month schedule would bring us to two days ago. So I have no idea.

BTW Frenchy, I have a message for you. It got delivered to me by mistake:
> best focus on animation series, cuz stuck images its easy for everyone translate, animated no! we need you guys for that hard work! ;D

So stop wasting your time with those silly comics and get on with 25 already!
>> No. 44040
Hey Seth, which comics are leading in the priority poll as of now?
Personally I'd enjoy either Wakfu comics or the Boufbowl one, but I'm pretty curious to see which is the most popular of the bunch.
>> No. 44041
Remington is leading by far, followed by Maskemane, so mostly as usual. Third place is being disputed fiercely by three comics, but I won't go into details just yet since there's a lot of cheating this time and I don't want to encourage it.
There's also a significant increase in voters, as we'll probably total over 300 today.
>> No. 44051
You have no idea how loud I was laughing when I saw all those WE DO NOT SUB THE CARTOON parts in the poll.


But just think how many people will vote after the show ;_; season 2 ends and this will be their only source for new Wakfu fiction.
>> No. 44056
Are Remington/Tears of Blood/Maskemane completed or still ongoing?

My personal preference would be for you to pick one and focus on it to completion. Though I suppose that might be unwise for Maskemane/Remington since they're supposed to intertwine storywise soon enough.
>> No. 44057
Remington and Maskemane are, for the time being, ongoing, each issue released once every two months. Apparently Tears of Blood is ongoing but I have no idea how often a new issue is released.
>> No. 44058
File 13306256471.jpg - (18.47KB , 300x265 , salute.jpg )
>omg remi an gramy are back so I voted for that cuz I want ep 25 subs plz

>Just kidding.

If whoever sent this through the poll sees this: GG. You actually got me to facepalm. You can have these two Internets.
>> No. 44069
Does anyone have the raw scans of boufbowl?
I'll translate it my damn self and upload it
>> No. 44072
Think ya gotta be on the team to see them, nobody else scans the comics except these guys and they don't share the raws.
>> No. 44074
theyre taking foreverrrr
>> No. 44079
Be back tomorrow, learning french tonight.

It's actually pretty easy.
>> No. 44084
Hey, you are free to buy those comics from Ankama Shop, pay ludicrous postal fees, scan them and translate them yourself! Nobody is holding you back.
>> No. 44226
Teehee. Ahrem.

Here are the results:
0. Tears of Blood 2 (in progress)
1. Remington
2. Maskemane
3. Wakfu (Kamas de la Soif)
4. Les Shushus de Rushu
5. Boufbowl
6. Percimol
7. Dofus Manga
8. Other Dofus publications (with the only detailed suggestion being Pandala)

Thanks again to all voters, except those who cheated and wasted our time. You should be ashamed of how obvious you were, if nothing else.

>> No. 44229




Percimol, will you ever get translated? ;_;
>> No. 44312
Although we're not working on Maskemane at the moment and won't be for a while still, I'd like to bring something to public attention. If I'm not mistaken, we started translating these before Masqueraiders were released in Dofus, so we had to come up with translations for his masks - otherwise we just failed to do the proper research, but the point remains the same.

Our translations are Psycho's Mask, Coward's Mask and Mask of Class. However the Dofus wikia shows the official translations as Psychopath, Cowardly, and Classic Mask respectively.

So my question is simply: Should we stick to our existing translations for future issues or switch to the official names?
>> No. 44324
For the sake of continuity, I think the names should remain as they are at present. Not everyone plays the game/reads the game wiki, but they may read the comics, and to change it now would be confusing. (Personally, I think you have thought of a better translation than Ankama, but , hey...they are the writers!).
>> No. 44350
That's not really a big difference, both sets of names sound extremely similar and could be used interchangeably. I doubt that many people would even notice if you changed your translation to the official one.

No matter what you decide, it shouldn't irk anyone.
>> No. 44364
Ankama has a few official translations for the masks... For instance, the Classic Mask can also be the Class Mask. I guess they changed their minds a few times before the release. Or they used multiple translators.
Mask of Class is a bit clumsy, though, so you may want to switch that one.
>> No. 44588
So... Tears of Blood 2 when?
>> No. 44593
I just started a fairly big assignment, and someone else had to take a leave for a some time, so everything was put on hold for at least a couple weeks. Sorry about that. We're about halfway through the proofreading.

In more joyful news, some members of the subbing team have joined our ranks so hopefully once this low point is passed things will pick up some pace.
>> No. 44596
File 133262253194.jpg - (1.04MB , 1552x2293 , Kamas de la Soif 018.jpg )
A random question: does the Smiss member in Kamas de la Soif have a punny name like the other Smisses (sans Remington, whose name is "merely" meaningful), or is his name just that obvious?
>> No. 44597
Guys, where can i find wakfu comics in eng?
>> No. 44598
The majority of the download links are complied at the Brotherhood of the Tofu blog, though it's a little sporadic on updating.

>> No. 44599
"Robber" and "Robert" probably sound nearly the same with the French accent (Frenchy or Kenny may correct me if I'm wrong) -- the "t" isn't pronounced. So I guess they just turned an actual name into something that fits the character (though you need to speak English to get it).
>> No. 44611
Seems to be just that obvious.
I can get behind that question.
>> No. 44626
2nd Kamas de la Soif issue is out: http://www.ankama-shop.com/fr/h8-livres/1253-wakfu-kamas-soif-tome-2
>> No. 44646
Hello. I'm a new translator on the team and I'm currently working through Boufbowl number 1. Two things I'd like to have Kenny or Frenchy clear up for me.

1. There is a Boufball team called "Les Scorbutes Indomptables". I'm not entirely sure how to put that into English. Any recommendations?

2. The word "crasseux" is used a couple times. I know that it can mean dirty, filthy or grimy, but is there another meaning that I'm missing here?
>> No. 44649
1. The "scorbut" is a disease, which translates to "scurvy" in English. So I guess the most literal translation would be "The Indomitable Scurvies".
However, knowing Ankama, there's most likely an intended pun on "score"+"but"("goal"). So maybe translating this as "The Indomitable Scorvies" could fit, if the pun is obvious enough in English.
Otherwise, you can try to find a pun on another disease, refering to sports vocabulary and meaning "scoring goals".

2. "Crasseux" means "dirty/filthy" indeed. There's no other meaning that I know of. If you still have doubts, give us the whole sentence(s) so that we can confirm it.
>> No. 44650

1. I figured that there was some sort of pun I was missing. I'll work on the pun later today when I have some more time to think on it.

2. "Comment tu peux laisser un crasseux t'humilier comme cela devant la presse..." and "Prends ça le crasseux". I'm thinking that "piece of trash" or simply "trash" would work in these situations, but I wasn't entirely sure.

Thanks for your help.
>> No. 44651
>I'm thinking that "piece of trash" or simply "trash" would work in these situations
"Trash", or "scum" maybe...
The translation must mean "someone who is physically dirty". The insult here mainly refers to the guy's look, not to his mind or attitude. So choose what's closest to this idea.
>> No. 44656
Does anyone know how far we are to Remington Vol. 6?
>> No. 44657
I don't have time to look at the comic, but I'm guessing someone is saying that to Kriss la Krass? That has to be taken into consideration.

No. I would expect "still pretty far", though Remington is at the top of the list as usual once we're done with Tears of Blood 2.
>> No. 44661
Any news is good news, thank you so much for the information!
>> No. 44668
File 133365887719.jpg - (56.38KB , 640x480 , 1282443118436.jpg )
>> No. 44671
*Comes to check how comics are doin' and shows that are still alive and ready when Dofus 3 scans will be needed*

Wish you good luck with your job and take your time ;*
>> No. 44672
I appreciate it. I'll let everyone know when I get closer to completion, but so far I can only tell I'll be busy for several weeks still.
>> No. 44673
Of course, it's okay. ;)
>> No. 44724
Hi, I'm neither Kenny nor Frenchy but I thought I could try to answer too, feel free to ignore my post X)

1. Actually an official english translation for "Scorbute" exists for the game Dofus (same universe as Wakfu). It would be "Scurvion", which does refer to the scurvy.
Although I haven't played Dofus in its English version, I found the name on the Dofus wikia pretty easily since both the french and english words begin with the letters "sc".

2. I'm not sure if the word "crasseux" is employed in the comic because of the person's looks, but I remember it being used sometimes as a derogatory term for people who live in poverty...
So I think "trash" or an equivalent could indeed work.
>> No. 44742
File 133478189426.jpg - (836.58KB , 1022x1476 , 9965.jpg )
Remington #9 is now on sale @Ankamashop.
>> No. 44767
Since some of you may or may not have read it but I'm considering jumping on the team for the manga project.
Depending if the Manga will be for sale on the Ankama Shop and my own finances I would also consider to offer the scans for it.
Since I got he DVD I could make caps of the first chapter already to give a head start.
Any way I should get in contact with you guys? my mail is above.
>> No. 44771
We currently don't take non-native English or French speakers in the team since we don't feel they would add enough to the process. The offer for the scans is appreciated, but I expect that Glint will buy those anyway and if so, as far as I am aware he is better equipped than most for scanning, so we'll probably rather use his scans, unless you think you can provide better quality -- but I'll let him clarify that.

As for the first chapter, I don't think a headstart is really relevant considering the current backlog, but if people want us to do a quick translation of it as a teaser we could do that. I'm off for the weekend so if it's not too long I could just do it myself, skip the proofing and screendump it here -- if that's fine with everyone.
>> No. 44773

Well...ok then. It was just an offer. I was mostly offering the scans since I'm European and it takes usually less then a week for me to get my order from the Ankama Shop. You know my mail so don't be afraid in case you change your mind.
>> No. 44774
Sure thing. Thanks again and if you do screencap the preview, feel free to post it here or e-mail it to me directly.
>> No. 44775

I will do so. but I would need your mail first. could you drop me one? that way you wouldn't need to put it up here.
>> No. 44776
It's already all over the board, I don't mind. I use it almost only for Wakfu stuff.
>> No. 44778
Oh Ankama....that is so typical....

There is a damn reason its on there as a teaser. Tried to screencap it right now and guess what. Its too rough to really be readable. And zooming in doesn't help. Guess that means waiting for the actual manga after all.
>> No. 44779
Can you still make out what's on the pages besides the text?
>> No. 44780
Can you post an example, just to get an idea of what we're dealing with?
>> No. 44781
File 133495639995.jpg - (38.30KB , 1280x800 , example01.jpg )

here you go. and before anybody asks. that is full res for my laptop. I'm getting a new one next month that should support higher res.
>> No. 44782
Oh, I can read that. I can tell you there's an agreement error at the end of the first bubble. So if people want I can just type in the text next to the actual pages or something.
>> No. 44783
check your mail. send you a dl link with a rar that has all the caps in it.
>> No. 44784
Thanks, I'll see if I can do something that makes sense with it. Otherwise I'll just post the script separately.
>> No. 44787
File 133514039248.jpg - (99.74KB , 430x633 , 01.jpg )
I'm not going to edit anything onto the screenshots since I'm still short on time, so I'll just post the images B. provided and post the script alongside each page. Enjoy.

At the heart of the Krosmoz lies a small planet called the “World of Twelve.” Twelve, for that is the number of gods who took part in its creation.

Despite its young age, at a mere few millenia, the World of Twelve has been the stage of numerous and terrible events.

>> No. 44788
File 133514060486.jpg - (78.11KB , 1280x800 , 02.jpg )
The most terrible of them, “Ogrest's Chaos,” triggered an unprecedented cataclysm, flooding the continents and leaving only a few archipelagos behind.

The most eminent scholars remain skeptical and wonder to this day what mystery has kept this land from sinking into the confines of the Krosmoz...

Immortals and dragons know that it is thanks to Wakfu, the magical and spiritual energy that resides in all things.

The Gobbelle Milk Thief
>> No. 44789
File 133514066860.jpg - (69.42KB , 1280x800 , 03.jpg )
Nothing is more peaceful than the little town of Emelka. Subdued and lost somewhere North of Amakna, it is rather difficult to spot on a map.

Few are those who visit, and generally, after tasting the hospitality of the area, they stick around for some time...

>> No. 44790
File 13351407556.jpg - (92.49KB , 1280x800 , 04.jpg )
You have to keep in mind that Emelka's fields yield wheat that crushes wonderfully and produces flour that bakers simply love.

Gobball breeders are also in luck. Massaging their cattle for years, they obtain a succulent meat that literally melts on the tongue.

And the market held every other day is a festive occasion where villagers love to come together.

This place knows how to rekindle wives and husbands...

While the ones go shopping...

The others meet in the only tavern to talk about everything and nothing...

Mostly nothing, in fact!

This inn's sign reads “Crispy Gobball,” and it is of particular interest to us because that is where Alibert and his four adopted sons live.

>> No. 44791
File 133514084028.jpg - (86.54KB , 1280x800 , 05.jpg )
Alibert: Yugo! One carrot and lemon-mint juice on the terrace for Jason and his daughter!

Yugo: Sir! Yes, sir!

Alibert: And how about those Sourpuss Toad legs, Adamaï?

Adamaï: Just a second!

Adamaï: There, ready!

Alibert: Great! Tell Matou to bring them to table six.
>> No. 44792
File 133514102071.jpg - (84.21KB , 1280x800 , 06.jpg )
Mia: Dad, please grow up...

Mia: I'm not a child anymore, how can I live my life if you don't even want to meet my boyfriend...

Jason: How am I supposed to talk to someone who has their back to me?

Mia's bf: Gulp...

Mia's bf: But... you're the one who has their back to me...

Jason: And brazen on top of that...

Yugo: Don't be so harsh Mister Jason, I think they make a lovely couple.


Jason: Alibert should look into his education...

Yugo: Mia's boyfriend is in for a rough time...

Alibert: Ha ha, don't worry about them, “growling Gobball never bites!”

Alibert: At any rate, we're making good money today. I haven't even found the time to prepare Chibi's bottle...

Alibert: By Enutrof's horns! What an idiot!
>> No. 44793
File 133514111610.jpg - (83.08KB , 1280x800 , 07.jpg )
Yugo: What... Don't tell me that...

Alibert: Yes... I forgot to get Gobbelle milk for Grougal...

Alibert: And you know what that little monster can do when he's hungry...

Alibert: He's gonna make such a mess...

Yugo: He does have quite the temper...

Yugo: Don't worry dad, I'll get some. It'll take me just an hour...

Alibert: Great, son, don't waste any time...

Alibert: And don't use your super-speed... You're still too weak...

Yugo: Sure, sure, see ya!
>> No. 44794
File 133514114631.jpg - (93.11KB , 1280x800 , 08.jpg )
Yugo: Alright, I'm sure I can manage with just a few portals...

Yugo: I just need to go slowly...
>> No. 44795
File 133514118082.jpg - (79.05KB , 1280x800 , 09.jpg )
Yugo: The wounds Qilby gave me seem to be gone...

Yugo: And I can't know if I'm healed if I don't push a little...

Yugo: Anyway, Alibert and Adamaï can't see me out here...
>> No. 44796
File 133514122643.jpg - (93.94KB , 1280x800 , 10.jpg )
Yugo: Oh noooooooooo!!!

Yugo: This is gonna hurt!!!

Yugo: Dad was right...

Yugo: I'm not ready yet!
>> No. 44797
File 133514131575.jpg - (87.66KB , 1280x800 , 11.jpg )
Yugo: Sounds like Mrs. Shonli is in trouble...

Shonli: Thief!!!

Yugo: Right when I'm out of Wakfu... Bad timing...

Yugo: I'll have to do it old school...

Yugo: Hi Mrs Shonli. Looks like you're in trouble...

Shonli: Yugo! Good timing. Some lout just stole the last of my Gobbelle milk!

Yugo: Your... The last of your milk? But... Grougal is going to make such a fuss if he doesn't have anything to eat when he wakes up...

Yugo: Don't worry! I'm on it!
>> No. 44798
File 133514144490.jpg - (86.39KB , 1280x800 , 12.jpg )
Yugo: Seriously, this really isn't the same without my powers!

Yugo: As Grovy says, I should train a bit...

Yugo: If I rely on my portals too much, it'll end up working against me...



Thief: (Unclear; something like: Stop wiggling like that, [name], you'll throw us down!)

Thief: I... I... T's not my fault... This... This is... so scary...

Thief: Don't you dare ruin everything by puddling now!

Thief: BOOHOOOO!!!


Yugo: No way... How can he run so fast with all that load?

Yugo: STOP!
>> No. 44799
File 133514154133.jpg - (88.70KB , 1280x800 , 13.jpg )
Thief: He's gaining ground!

Thief: Oh no!!!

Yugo: Now I got you!

Thief: I don't think so!

Thief: Watch out!!!

Yugo: What? But... That's imposs...

Yugo: Wargh!

Thief: Heh heh... Hey, watch out!

Thief: What?

Thief: We... we're stumbling.
>> No. 44800
File 133514163352.jpg - (89.16KB , 1280x800 , 14.jpg )
Yugo: If the gang saw this...

Yugo: Okay! That's enough!


Yugo: NOOO! Now that was too much!
>> No. 44801
File 133514175418.jpg - (86.38KB , 1280x800 , 15.jpg )
Yugo: What the heck?

Thief: There you go! Mission accomplished, my friends!

Thief: Now let's warn the others...

Thief: Our dear Yugo will get quite a shock...

Yugo: I'm sorry, Mrs Shonli...

Yugo: The thief got away, but I got your milk back!

Shonli: Thank you! I knew I could count on you!

Yugo: It wasn't much, you know...

Yugo: By the way, could I have this bottle for Grougal?
>> No. 44802
File 133514186199.jpg - (81.39KB , 1280x800 , 16.jpg )
Shonli: But of course! This one?

Yugo: Ah!

Yugo: But!

Yugo: Why are you doing this?

Shonli: Heh heh heh...

Yugo: Enough!

Yugo: I'll pay it, but this isn't very nice after the trouble I went through to get it back!

Shonli: Heh heh heh... Thank you, Yugo, you do deserve that bottle of milk...
>> No. 44803
File 133514192093.jpg - (85.46KB , 1280x800 , 17.jpg )
Yugo: Have they all become crazy or something?

Yugo: At least I don't have to walk back...

Yugo: Mission...

Yugo: Accomplished!

Yugo: But... Where did they go?

Yugo: Hey! Oh!

Yugo: I hope Grougal behaved, he better deserve his milk...

Yugo: What...
>> No. 44804
File 13351420345.jpg - (92.72KB , 1280x800 , 18.jpg )

Alibert: Happy birthday, my boy!

Grovy: Ha ha!

Ruel: So, lad, didn't see it coming!?

Yugo: Ruel...

Yugo: You all came...

Yugo: This is awesome!

Grovy: Ready to party, Yugo?
>> No. 44805
And that is all. Not quite sure it's Grovy saying those lines in the last pages but it doesn't really matter. Thanks to Glint for the assistance and Zaat for reading through it.
>> No. 44806
So Yugo's 14 now and he's still a short little guy. Puberty can't come soon enough.
>> No. 44807
Thank you and every other person involved.
>> No. 44808
>Cléo isn't in.

I feel frustrated.
>> No. 44809
She wasn't a member of the Brotherhood, I don't really see why she would be.
>> No. 44810
That and she's probably off adventuring somewhere. Although, there's always possibility of her appearing much later though. Not guaranteed, of course.

For the sake of this thread, maybe we should move all manga discussions here https://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/167576+50.html
>> No. 44813
File 133520685288.png - (1.47MB , 1344x1978 , 1.png )
>> No. 44814
File 133520700936.png - (4.10MB , 4000x2500 , 2.png )
>> No. 44815
File 133520716171.png - (4.01MB , 4000x2500 , 3.png )
>> No. 44816
File 133520730835.png - (4.79MB , 4000x2500 , 4.png )
>> No. 44817
File 133520745047.png - (4.80MB , 4000x2500 , 5.png )
>> No. 44818
File 133520761975.png - (4.21MB , 4000x2500 , 6.png )
>> No. 44819
File 133520772668.png - (4.20MB , 4000x2500 , 7.png )
>> No. 44820
File 133520789526.png - (5.68MB , 4000x2500 , 8.png )
>> No. 44821
File 133520807921.png - (4.33MB , 4000x2500 , 9.png )
>> No. 44822
File 133520834499.png - (5.22MB , 4000x2500 , 10.png )
>> No. 44823
File 133520854934.png - (4.53MB , 4000x2500 , 11.png )
>> No. 44824
File 133520868459.png - (5.49MB , 4000x2500 , 12.png )
>> No. 44825
File 133520882099.png - (4.05MB , 4000x2500 , 13.png )
>> No. 44826
File 133520896438.png - (4.11MB , 4000x2500 , 14.png )
>> No. 44827
File 133520908752.png - (3.74MB , 4000x2500 , 15.png )
>> No. 44828
File 133520917618.png - (3.40MB , 4000x2500 , 16.png )
>> No. 44829
File 133520928783.png - (3.59MB , 4000x2500 , 17.png )
>> No. 44830
File 13352094228.png - (3.90MB , 4000x2500 , 18.png )
>> No. 44831
Edited the screenshots using Seth's translation.
Sorry if this is the wrong thread, wasn't sure where to post them…
>> No. 44833
You chose the right thread.

Thanks for those edits!
>> No. 44834
Any word on when the next translated release will be?
>> No. 44837
No, sorry, I still don't know when work will slow down. All I can tell is that we're more than halfway through so it should be less than a month until this assignment is over. But I may have more lined up by the time we're done.
>> No. 44846
You know, it's also Adamai's birthday too, but no one seems to care or notice, not even Adamai.
>> No. 44847
File 133535375481.jpg - (174.79KB , 1920x1080 , ad sadamai.jpg )
Perhaps they are celebrating the day Alibert found Yugo, not his actual birth date.

Still, poor Adamai.
>> No. 44848
Grougaloragran probably never gave him a present during those 12 years.
>> No. 44849
>His main redeeming point is that he had a very sucky life, and the audience sympathises with him for that reason
>like Nox
>like Qilby
Adamaï confirmed for season 3's main villain.
>> No. 44850
File 133539747973.jpg - (42.17KB , 1045x710 , Wakfu_S2_episode_20_046.jpg )
Qilby was too damn goofy for me to do anything but laugh at him. Seriously, he looks like a fucking clown.
>> No. 44852
File 133541442667.png - (128.42KB , 400x333 , tumblr_m2zukjXdHC1qh95w5.png )
Qilby has the best faces in the show
>> No. 44861
Like I said man, he's a goofy dude.
>> No. 44888
I said I would update when I knew more, so: I should be done with my current project and ready to start getting back into Wakfu in about two weeks, though not necessarily in full force right away. Hang in there!
>> No. 44891
File 13360772568.gif - (153.71KB , 500x272 , tumblr_lv8yzosePD1qg582mo1_500.gif )
Waiting ever patiently, but with barely contained excitement!
>> No. 44915
File 133629885444.jpg - (231.52KB , 743x299 , Remington4 (26).jpg )
Oh, look! She have two butts here -SHOT-
>> No. 44926
File 133646064957.jpg - (487.37KB , 900x1222 , MINI_46b.jpg )
Can I ask how it's looking for more Maskemane in the future? Volume 6 and 7 look really exciting, especially with him finally putting on the Devil mask...

And I can only hope that the opponent he is facing is really a certain flame headed personality of Goultard. Looks like crazy split personality guy 1 vs crazy split personality guy 2. What a match!
>> No. 44930
>Can I ask how it's looking for more Maskemane in the future?

If you mean when they'll be translated, we can't really tell right now. As usual we're mostly following the priority poll and we have some backlog to catch up with.
>> No. 44931
File 13365459937.png - (454.34KB , 595x842 , illu pansement Mercucu Rokrôm.png )
Thank you kindly for the reply, looks like I'll be waiting awhile. But it's really good to know that it is still in the works.
>> No. 44977
Hey guys, any good news?
>> No. 44980
Still expecting to resume by the end of the week, as previously announced.
>> No. 44981
Then I shall continue to wait impatiently.
>> No. 44983
File 133704992418.gif - (486.83KB , 250x141 , tumblr_m2p8bm0GuY1qbd9mj.gif )
Oh the waiting....
>> No. 44989
File 133714894798.jpg - (2.30MB , 3008x2000 , DSC_2140.jpg )
Good news? I don't know if this counts, but I am in France which means I can buy things and don't have to worry about shipping costs. This also means that I might have gone a bit overboard.

Pic related.
>> No. 44991
Haha, amazing! That Dofus Monster about the Chêne Mou has definitely piqued my curiosity.
Let me know if you don't want the cards ;)

How's France?
>> No. 44992
Yeah, I haven't had time to really read any of these, but I flipped through them and the one on Chêne Mou does explain who Leaf is. I've also noticed as I looked through that the Gods are in the Dofus Monster tomes. And the Dofus Bibible has a brief comic in it with Xelor. So that's interesting just to see the Gods having some sort of interaction.

France is good. Only yesterday it has rained. Also I guess there was an induction for Hollande yesterday or something? I was at the Musee de Rodin and then there were cannons being fired off across the street at Les Invalides. It was a bit surreal.
>> No. 44993
File 133715621332.jpg - (89.75KB , 530x290 , EtglouEtglouEtglou.jpg )
>there was an induction for Hollande yesterday or something?
Yesterday was Hollande's official investiture ceremony. The 21 cannon shots you heard were part of the protocol.
And we noticed that the weather was quite rainy indeed...
>> No. 45009
Oooh! Oooh!
Could you maybe get an artbook or two or something?
And scan it? ...Maybe?

I swear to god I'll buy them once I can, I'm saving up, just please scan them or something?
>> No. 45010
That explains it. There were also a bunch of army guys and policemen standing on every major street, helicopters flying around, and news people standing around waiting for interviews.

It was a bit of a zoo.

I haven't seen any art books yet, but I'll look for them. If I find some I'll buy a couple. I do have a scanner at home so once I get back to the states I'll get right on that, after I sleep off some of the jet lag.
>> No. 45018
An angry post from B. in 3, 2, 1...
>> No. 45019
People have shared scans of the artbooks before.
>> No. 45020
OH, Dofus 16, 17 and Dofus Bibible...you're a hero. <D So sad that I'm gonna see it after translating my 15 volumes, ehhh...*sits and waits in patience* But still, you're great.

And, where are you actually? If in Paris, then I know one good shop with Dofus/Wakfu stuff...I should have showcase somewhere...

I mentioned once that I have Dofus 2.0 artbook and How to art Dofus&Wakfu, but no one seemed interested...You want me to scan it?
>> No. 45022
Hey, don't scan the artbooks. There are already some preview pages available at the ankama shop website. But if you want to see it all, it's best to order/buy them yourself as a show of support.
>> No. 45025
Okay, sure. I was just asking.
>> No. 45026
Dude, seriously I AM going to buy them. I swear. But I can't.
I'm not some first worlder or summing that can just up and spend income on stuff that isn't required for living.
But its just stuff I wanna enjoy - stuff swear on my grave I will pay for.
>> No. 45028
That might be true for you, but not for the rest of the hundreds who will download it.
>> No. 45033
File 133736713337.jpg - (2.63MB , 3008x2000 , DSC_2358.jpg )
Well, I only managed to find one art book, but I did track down a Wakfu mag. Which comes with some cool extra stuff. I broke down and bought a Remington as well. The figure was too cool to pass up.

Bonus cameo by Blacksad.
>> No. 45034
>episode 19-22 artbook
How much Rubilax content is in there? Nothing else matters.
>> No. 45035
Pages 106-128 cover the episode of Rubilax. There are some bonus sketches of Rubi in the back as well.
>> No. 45036
File 133737430432.jpg - (393.91KB , 940x811 , 1312081588995.jpg )

>L'Enfer le silence

How much was that. That's the only Blacksad I don't own yet.
>> No. 45037
Is that the wakfu manga on top of the magazine? It is a preview?
>> No. 45043
I believe it was just a little over 13 euro. I want to say 13.95.

Yes I believe it is. I haven't opened it yet but I'm leaving today and will take a look at it while sitting around in the airport.

And once back in the states I've got quite a bit of free time to sit around scan things in and translate.
>> No. 45045
Please put Remington in silly poses (and take pictures for us).
>> No. 45047
Sorry, dude. I think they are right. :( Save money, maybe some day you will buy them somehow...
>> No. 45048
...Guess you're right.
Its cool.
>> No. 45051
File 133748483657.jpg - (957.34KB , 3072x2304 , IMG_0005.jpg )
I too have the Remington figure. This one includes Grany as a bonus.
>> No. 45052
File 133752129739.jpg - (1.53MB , 1385x2130 , Wakfumangacover.jpg )
The preview for the manga did come with the Wakfu Mag. Here's the cover.
>> No. 45053
>dat Chibi
Ghhh... I think I just had a small heart attack from overwhelming sweetness.

I love that art style.
>> No. 45054
Dear lackluster translation team,

This is how it's done:

>> No. 45058
Dude, we've been over this. The translation team has lives outside of Wakfu, they have jobs/school/social lives and Wakfu is second to all of those things. They're also scattered around the world, and that isn't their fault. It's the same case with the sub team: if there's another group of people out there who can do it all faster and more efficiently, they're free to do so.
>> No. 45059
>someone complaining about how someone else does a different project more efficiently than this one
It's like I'm really back in the summer of 2011!
>> No. 45097
Has this been mentioned by anyone: http://www.ankama-shop.com/fr/u17-wakfu/1315-remington-arc-1-ush
>> No. 45099
>The Remington art will never be as good as it was in the first arc
>> No. 45100
I remember it was announced in a particular issue's foreword.
>> No. 45143
File 133845965935.jpg - (226.72KB , 892x502 , Manga_trailer.jpg )
Ankama has released today a little trailer for the 1st volume of Wakfu manga.
=> http://www.ankama.com/fr/video-wakfu-mmorpg/289667-trailer-manga-wakfu-tome-1
>> No. 45150
File 133857101883.png - (1.27MB , 1920x1080 , Qilby Quoi.png )
So I'm reading through Dofus 1 and 2 and have just started working on translating Dofus 2. Qilby sums up my reaction to most of this. This is going to be an interesting translation process.
>> No. 45151
Is it puns? Or is there something...weirder?
>> No. 45152
Partially the puns which will take time to ponder over the best way to translate them. And I guess I just never thought I would have to make the decision between "overheated" and "supercharged" to describe a male Jelly's libido. I decided on overheated by the way.
>> No. 45155
I've got good news for our Spanish-speaking friends:

"[Remington #1] will be out in SPANISH, published by NORMA EDITORIAL, the 22º June!"
Source: Adrian himself, http://fav.me/d51uyxb

I hope you guys will be encouraging them to keep bringing out translations!
>> No. 45156
sera chevre un saludo desde colombia/it will be awesome greetings from colombia
>> No. 45157
I'm really hoping there will be an English version of that Remington compilation.
>> No. 45158
I feel for you, but at the same time I'm glad that work is moving forward.

Not much new stuff, but I'm liking that art style more and more.
>> No. 45188
Hello people of 4chan. Can someone upload FULL Goultard Bazar in original language?
>> No. 45193
Thanks for the links, we'll add them to our list. Would you mind removing them from this thread, though, as we don't want to encourage sharing of original scans? It's up to you to post them elsewhere, we'd just rather not keep them in here.

For the same reasons, no, sorry.
>> No. 45196
File 133905122761.jpg - (17.50KB , 698x454 , 39608613.jpg )
Seth!!R1BGt0L2Vk can we talk on skype or antyhing. My skype is: metalslayer777
>> No. 45199
I don't give my Skype away but feel free to e-mail me.
>> No. 45201
>> No. 45210
Guys, since BoT site is down, would you kindly provide the links to all translated comics in one links.

Thanks in advance.
>> No. 45222
Here's Deaf's mediafire for everything done by the current team so far + The Black Raven:

Remington 1 wasn't translated by us and I have no idea where it was uploaded, I think I got mine from a storytime thread.
>> No. 45232
The first Volume of the Manga is finally here:
>> No. 45233
Holy shit, it's really cheap.
>> No. 45235
Dammit, I wish it were translated in English.
>> No. 45246
File 133968979762.jpg - (260.79KB , 388x600 , Manga.jpg )
So, the first volume of the Wakfu manga is out. No doubt that our friends of the comic team will scanlate it as soon as they can. In the mean time, for the most impatient ones, here's a summary of what's happening.

Needless to say, the following lines contain HEAVY spoilers.

Chapter 1: The Gobbelle Milk Thief
I guess everyone has already read the scanlation of this first chapter. It's been posted previously in this thread.
Well, if you haven't, here's a quick summary. The story begins in Emelka. This is where Alibert now lives with four adoptive sons: Yugo, Adamaï, Chibi and Grougaloragran. Everything is back to normal after the fight against Qilby. Yugo's injuries have healed, even if he hasn't fully recovered his strength yet.
One day, Alibert sends Yugo fetch some gobbelle milk for Grougal. Unfortunately, it seems someone has just stolen the last bottle of milk. But it turns out that the thief is a fake, and that all this milk fetching thing is just meant to buy Alibert some time, so that he can organize a surprise birthday party for Yugo and Adamaï.

Chapter 2: The Birthday
So, Yugo and Adamaï are now 14. Lots of characters we've seen throughout both seasons have been invited by Alibert, who spent months sending invitations.
There's of course Ruel, Sadlygrove with Ruby, Eva and Amalia. Amalia acts as princess-ish as ever, but finally gives Yugo the hug he was asking for, with the help of a little "butt stroke" from Eva.
Kriss and Maude are there too. They're now trying to create the first mixed boufbowl team between Bonta and Brakmar. Maude gives Yugo a friendly kiss, which seems to very displease Amalia.
Miranda, still pregnant, has come with KABROOOKKKK!! who's acting like a fanboy with the former Masked Boufbowler.
Phaeris also -somewhat- takes part to the party. He usually drops by from time to time to help raising Adamaï and Grougal as dragons.
Joris offers Yugo a fishing rod which belonged to one of his friends.
And a lot of secondary characters make an appearance here: Xav and his family, Ruel's grandma, the Justice father and son, Pandiego, Wagnar, and even the four ugly princesses.

Chapter 3: The Surprise Guest
It's time to eat the cake and open the presents, poorly wrapped by Grovy in a paper "which-was-trendy-10-years-ago" provided by Ruel.
Everyone has fun, until an unexpected guest appears. A mysterious character, hidden by a white coat with a hood, calls out to Yugo: "I have an important mission for you". And the way Alibert gets punched when he tells that person she isn't welcome shows that she isn't quite friendly.
The mission would be to bring her the six Eliatrope Dofuses.
Of course, Yugo, Adamaï and Phaeris just refuse such a mission; and a fight starts with Phaeris taking his dragon form. Adamaï shoots a fireball, burning the character's coat, revealing she's a girl. Phaeris takes her in his mouth and drags her to the sky to continue the fight. This is also a diversion to allow the other guests to take shelter. He seems to know who the girl is, and how powerful she is.
Meanwhile, Yugo asks everyone to take shelter. Of course, the members of the Brotherhood of the Tofu are up to a nice brawl, especially Grovy. But Eva isn't, saying she just can't, while holding her belly. Grovy suddenly grasps her and carries her to some place a bit further, saying he's just protecting their "little secret". Amalia then realizes that Eva somewhat forgot to tell her "something"...
Grovy then rides Adamaï, Amalia uses roots to carry Ruel and herself, and they catch up with Phaeris and the girl in the sky.

Chapter 4: Phaeris The Powerful
It's the gang's turn to attack the girl. Meanwhile, Yugo and Joris, who are still on the ground helping everyone else, decide to join them.
Joris knows the girl, and doesn't understand why she's attacking them. She's Jiva, Guardian of Winter and Cold, Protector of Javian. She has very old ties with Bonta, which makes Joris think that he can reason with her, that all this is a misunderstanding. (Joris is an emissary who represents the King of Bonta, remember?)
Unfortunately, it's not a misunderstanding. Jiva tells Joris that their old alliances are now over, but doesn't give any precise reason as for why she's doing all this.
She furiously defeat all our heroes. Phaeris still keeps on fighting back, but Jiva finally offers him to let everyone else live if he lets himself "be tamed".

Chapter 5: Phaeris' sacrifice
Everyone is falling down from Amalia's root because of Phaeris' last attack. Yugo can save almost everyone with his portals, except for Ruel and himself because he doesn't have enough Wakfu left. They're finally saved by Kabrok who brought his Black Raven equipment.
Fun fact: while they're falling, Ruel begs Yugo not to let them both die. Actually, Ruel has made Yugo the heir of his fortune, and doesn't want it to go to a waste!
Anyway, everyone is safe, except for Phaeris. Jiva leaves his dead body on the ground, and says she'll respect Phaeris' sacrifice and keep her promise to let everyone live.
However, Yugo must bring her the 6 Eliatrope Dofuses, and that before the first day of Martello. "They are easier to get than Ogrest's ones" anyway. Jiva then takes Chibi and Grougal hostage, and disappears.
Yugo starts lamenting on how impossible this mission is, when Phaeris' soul appears before him. He tells Yugo there's a device in the Zinit that'll help him locate the Dofuses. The device itself isn't very difficult to find, but Yugo must watch out for the Zinit's protectors.
Ans so, Phaeris' soul disappears, getting back to his Dofus. After some talk, our usual team (plus Joris) sets off for this new quest.

To be continued in volume 2.
>> No. 45247
Please don't tell me Eva's going to go along with them just so she can sit out on every fight. I mean, I assume they included her on the cover for a reason.
>> No. 45249
Eva doesn't really want to take part to this quest, while Grovy sure does, as the Iop he's always been.
Eva blames him for his selfishness, but it seems she'll tag along all the same. We don't know yet what she'll actually do during the fights.
>> No. 45250
File 133969325547.jpg - (51.44KB , 437x437 , korean loves dem esports.jpg )
>"butt stroke" from Eva
Oh lawd.
>> No. 45252
>"butt stroke"
To be more precise, Eva and Amalia are back to back. Then Eva bends a bit forward, pushing with her butt Amalia into Yugo's arms.
>> No. 45253
Holy shit, it sounds great.

Oh, and Eva confirmed for pregnant. To everyone who argued that we can't know that, even after season 2 finale, I have this to say: SUCK IT!
>> No. 45254
Gotta get me sum cash.


...And some more french lessons, cuz I an't live on the basic stuff.
>> No. 45255
>implying that isn't even sexier than the original idea
>> No. 45256
Not implying anything, just taking the opportunity to give more details.

>even sexier
>> No. 45257
Thanks for the summary, Kenny. As a general reminder to everyone, please keep in mind that people check here for news and avoid posting spoilers for those who don't want them.
>> No. 45258
Ah, sorry.
I'll use spoiler tags if I give further details.
>> No. 45259
File 133970912847.gif - (36.76KB , 300x220 , jizz blaster.gif )
>those glorious rear ends colliding with one another
>> No. 45261
Thanks a lot for giving us this. Two questions:
* How do the fights look with the comic's art style?
* Do the Justice Knights have any lines? (They were my favorites, okay?)
>> No. 45262
Are we getting scans - or are we using the DVDrip principle on this one as well?
>> No. 45264
File 133974032687.png - (524.97KB , 889x496 , Phaeris.png )
*The battles look good. The art is sharp, and the page setup is dynamic. It's really manga-like, actually.
If you haven't done so yet, watch the trailer I posted in >>45143. It contains a few pictures which will give you an idea of what the thing looks like.

As far as I'm concerned, I must say that I like the art very much. I wasn't really sure at first when I saw the first sketches, because it's quite different from the TV series' art. But now I have no more doubts: it rocks!

*The Justice Knights have 3 little lines by the end of the volume.
When everyone is wondering whether they'll go or not with Yugo in his quest, Xav says that most of them are not fighters anyway. Then:
-Justice son: "Speak for yourself, baker! Others, like my father and I, are proud heroes capable of defeating any enemy."
-Justice father: "Well said, son!"
-Amalia: "I wonder where were the proud heroes when we were fighting Jiva."
-Justice son: "I... We... can't fly."

You'll get the usual scans once the comic team gets the raw material and starts working on the project.
Sorry, I can't make any scan myself. My scanner died on me quite some time ago, and I can't afford a new one (nor do I really need one actually).
>> No. 45266
File 133976240483.png - (158.79KB , 726x916 , 5974a5bd1a4ca8177f30cae57761b4d5.png )
I'm not dead. You're getting scans.
>> No. 45267
So.. Adamai is not really in 'the usual team' in my opinion.. so he's not going?
>> No. 45268
Actually, he is.
>> No. 45271
File 133980899829.png - (153.35KB , 359x568 , tumblr_m2ssgmCSFj1qi1308.png )
Excellent news, all of it. Especially
>Can't fly

Joris is tagging along too, remember?
>> No. 45314
I wonder how Yugo will get to the Eliatrope Dimension, to get Qilby's dofus. I mean, he doesn't have much Wakfu.. and shouldn't Nora/Efrim and Mina/Phaeris hatch eventually?
>> No. 45316
Since the Eliacube is in that dimension, the dragon who was overseeing everything there will probably open up the gate if they need to.
>> No. 45334
Hi guys,when will translate the comic of wakfu?sorry my english,i'm french
>> No. 45338
Ça dépend de nos disponibilités. On n'a pas d'horaire fixe.
>> No. 45340
Then how unavailable are you
>> No. 45342
Could you at least upload the raw version please.
>> No. 45343
Could you at least upload the raw version please.
>> No. 45344
see >>45193
>> No. 45345
do you have any links we can use to get the wakfu manga.
>> No. 45347
>> No. 45352
Have you even started translating the wakfu manga?
>> No. 45353
No, we don't have it yet.
>> No. 45354
have you ordered it yet.
>> No. 45355
see >>45266
>> No. 45399
Hi there, any updates about the wakfu manga. Just wondering.
>> No. 45402
>He believes the comic team still does anything
>> No. 45403
Come on, man. I don't like the wait either but it's not like there's a line of people volunteering to translate.
>> No. 45404
Then where are the people who are doing the translating, I mean if they can't translate it then they could at least upload the raw volume to see the pics, who's with me.
>> No. 45405
They don't want to get a C&D from Ankama. And besides, Ankama is going digital with their comics soon so it should be easier to get a hold of raws.
>> No. 45406
Also, the translation team has a life outside of Wakfu, and they're scattered all around the globe. This wasn't done by choice, the team is always open to new members, but the problem is nobody else has volunteered.

They've said time and time again if someone wants to start doing their own translations they're free to do so, but they have to provide their own raws.
>> No. 45407






>> No. 45408
>Also, the translation team has a life outside of Wakfu, and they're scattered all around the globe.

>not a hint of anything in months
There is a difference between not having time and dead project, you know?
>> No. 45409
I do agree that it's frustrating, but I still don't think they should share the raws if they feel like it might get them in trouble.
>> No. 45442
They propably have vacations, that's all. Take it easy...
>> No. 45448
As a matter of fact I just got back from vacation. Deaf is currently editing our upcoming release so it shouldn't take very much longer now.

I haven't talked to Glint yet so I don't know if we've received the manga.
>> No. 45458
can you give a best estimated time like say in a week or two?
>> No. 45460
I'm afraid not. As I said, as far as I know we don't even have the scans yet.
>> No. 45461
just out of curiosity have you ordered the manga yet and if so from where because they sell it on amazon.
>> No. 45462
Glint orders from Ankama directly:
>> No. 45502
Here's some good news: While we wait for Glint's scans, Zaat's friend provided a temporary copy and she's already done with the draft.

On the other hand, I haven't heard from Deaf in over a week, so I don't know when the editing will be done.
>> No. 45504
Those are really good news, especially since we all are terribly starved for any new material.
>> No. 45530
Hey there yall, I'm been wanting to try and give something back to the fandom for a while now and talking to Zaat it sounded like you have a backlog of material that needs editing. My French is mediocre at best but if theres any grunt work to be done I have access to image editing software and a scanner and I'd be happy to help out.
>> No. 45538
I'm not sure we need more hands in editing right now as things are a bit hectic at the moment, but next time you hear us say we could use more editors, feel free to make yourself known again! (or Zaat may tell you directly)
>> No. 45540
Are you going to post the temporary copy soon, Because I'm really starting to lose it, not because of you guys, but because there's no one on this whole damn internet who will even upload the pages beyond chap 1. Again not blaming you guys, you do great work.
>> No. 45541
Sorry, our no-scan-upload policy hasn't changed. Although in this case, Esrayzal could choose to do it on his own rather than on behalf of the team since the scans are his. In that event, I would just ask not to post it in the comics thread.
>> No. 45542
Well if you know were to find more pics then please setup some links ok, thank you.
>> No. 45544
If you want to see anything in particular feel free to drop me a message


I'll be happy to provide a couple of pages but I generally agree with the mentality here to try and minimize the impact that translation has on piracy of Ankama's material so no I don't plan on posting the full scan.
>> No. 45545
couldn't you put it on medafire or something, lots of people do that, also if your going to upload certain pics I'd like to see the ones about qilby, yugo x amalia, and jiva wanting the dofus's. thanks.
>> No. 45550
File 134420278424.jpg - (117.34KB , 668x807 , 1318306374936.jpg )
So... um... How goes them Manga translatin'?
>> No. 45559
Well, if you're asking about the Wakfu Manga translation I finished a draft. It was mentioned earlier in the thread here: >>45502

If you're asking about the Dofus Manga translation it's a slow process, but I'm working on it.
>> No. 45565
Is the wakfu draft uploaded because I can't find it.
>> No. 45567
No, we don't upload drafts.
>> No. 45569
Suggestion: instead of waiting for the whole comic to be done before releasing it, why not release one chapter after another? It's the way it's usually done in japanese manga scanlation projects BTW.
Of course it doesn't help the scanlation process to go faster, but at least it means less wait for the reader between two releases.
>> No. 45572
I personally would like to read whole Dofus volume at one time since there's plenty of characters and events happening, the more with every next volume. Not less interesting than in Wakfu anime...But it's not up to me. I don't really care that much actually...
>> No. 45578
So whats the current progress of the manga? any chance we can see them soon?
>> No. 45585
>So whats the current progress of the manga?

Stalling at the moment. We'll let you know.
>> No. 45586
Perhaps you could give us an overall percentage on how much of the manga you have completed.
>> No. 45588
All of the draft, nothing else.
>> No. 45589
Could you guys stop coming in here every other day to bug them about it?
>> No. 45592
What is undone will be undone, unless someday there will be big info with manga download link. Take it easy.
>> No. 45620
When is the 2nd volume of the Wakfu Manga coming out in France, is there a release date yet?
>> No. 45621
File 134513684149.jpg - (23.17KB , 363x260 , Soon.jpg )
No news yet for the second volume of the Wakfu manga.
But I just discovered that a Wakfu comic starring Shak Shaka is supposed to be released by october.
>> No. 45622
It's been so long since the last news we had on that one, that I had lost hope and thought it was cancelled.
>> No. 45623
I'm looking forward to seeing Yugo's evil twin in action.
>> No. 45624
I was the anon who asked, many thanks for the fast answer.
>> No. 45625
Wasn't Shak Shaka that guy who had an obsessive crush on Amalia?
>> No. 45626
File 134514569479.jpg - (315.09KB , 764x1024 , ShakShaka.jpg )
Yes, that's him. First time we heard of him was at the end of the Black Raven comic. He also makes an appearance in the TCG.

Something interesting: I've found the blog of Mig, one of the guy in charge of drawing the comic.
=> http://mr-mig.over-blog.com/

You'll find there some pages of the comic to read (even though they're not finalized).
=> http://mr-mig.over-blog.com/article-grosse-mise-a-jour-71597060.html

We also learn that, at first, the comic was supposed to be released through 4 volumes of 22 pages each (Remington or Maskemane-like format), starting on december 2010. But Ankama decided to delay it, giving priority to other projects. They also decided to change the format to a Black Raven or Percimol-like one.
And so, the first volume of Shak Shaka should finally be released on october 11th, according to Amazon.
>> No. 45628
I was certain that they dropped it completely. Sometimes it's nice to be wrong.
>> No. 45629
any news on the 1st wakfu manga, any chance of seeing it before september?
>> No. 45630
> any chance of seeing it before september?
>> No. 45631
File 134522107355.jpg - (63.60KB , 300x447 , annonceshakshakacouverture[1].jpg )
Here's the announcement about the book: http://www.wakfu.com/fr/serie/communaute/news/311511-bientot-nouveau-tome-bd-wakfu

The release date is October 11 if you can't access the link.
>> No. 45633
>The release date is October 11 if you can't access the link.
Yeah, that's what I said in >>45626 if you can read properly...
>> No. 45634
File 134522597373.png - (477.43KB , 930x527 , yugo HURRDURR.png )
>> No. 45635
File 134522653151.jpg - (401.23KB , 797x664 , Cervelle_de_iop_by_roxnin.jpg )
You Iop brain.
>> No. 45637
File 134523186377.png - (716.36KB , 1000x556 , dat ass smiss monde.png )
>Eva's legs

And they say season 2's design is better...
>> No. 45638
File 134523279824.jpg - (267.01KB , 1920x1080 , 1312342472778.jpg )
It is, though. She can actually move around without running the risk of flashing everyone.
>> No. 45639
I don't see the benefit for us.
>> No. 45640
Well it's not like Ankama actually did any panty shots and they had all of season 1 to do it, so it's not like we were going to be seeing anything any time soon.
>> No. 45641
File 134523843959.jpg - (24.95KB , 255x463 , Panty_shot.jpg )
There were some panty shots though...
>> No. 45642
File 13452385487.jpg - (171.75KB , 1920x1080 , Panty_where.jpg )
... as well as where's-her-panty shots too.
>> No. 45643
Nice find
>> No. 45644
Evangelyne: Half of Ankama's staff's waifu.
The other half like men.
>> No. 45648
File 134528473848.jpg - (267.67KB , 900x1241 , shak_shaka_cover_volume_2_by_migouze.jpg )
Apparently Tome 2 will follow pretty quickly (april 2013)
Here's the cover
>> No. 45649
Amalia confirmed for being a slut.
>> No. 45650
I know it's just the artstyle, but she gained at least two cup sizes in that pic
>> No. 45651
I was going to say she's been on a constant increase throughout the series, but this is something else.
>> No. 45670
Hey, be grateful that they're doing it at all because no one else on the internet is doing it, and I will admit that the constant waiting is driving me nuts, I mean I would be happy if I could read the script to the wakfu manga on pastebin or something, but that's impossible so lets leave these guys alone until there ready.
>> No. 45673
The Duck Avenger blog's have translated over 3000 pages worth of comics and are currently working on the series' second run. Get on their level.
>> No. 45674
Have you not paid attention to anything anyone has said?
>> No. 45678
Meh, don't worry about the trolls. I certainly don't. We know we're slow and that's just how it is. It's not like we owe anyone anything.
>> No. 45680
Oh so we need to do favors for you now? Great, I'll keep that in mind.
>> No. 45681
Daaaaw, babbys first troll.

Hey comic team, in all honesty, I think you need extra hands on board. Mainly editors to put the translated text in place. Perhaps you should make an annoucement that you are willing to "hire" people?
>> No. 45682
You're not able to read, are you?
>> No. 45684
Re: hiring, it's always mostly open.
As for the rest, I mentioned this on /co/ last night but didn't want to double post here, but if schedules allow we'll hold a meeting this week to try and reorganize/optimize a few things. We'll post the results here when we're done.

If you need ideas, donations here are always appreciated: https://plus4chan.org/b/baw/res/364308.html
>> No. 45691
File 134562150722.jpg - (52.47KB , 650x404 , Manga_wakfu_tome_1_15.jpg )
http://www.otakia.com/44523/produit/manga/wakfu-tome-1-critique-analyse-resume-test-ankama/ Maybe someone this will be interesting
>> No. 45692
The reviewer has a good eye, I do disagree on one point though I think the panels showing Adamaï's arrival after hes already shown greeting Yugo were put there intentionally out of chronological order, since the first chapter followed Yugo they would have had to break up that narrative to jump back to Ad. If you look at the panel of folks greeting him Yugo's not in it.
>> No. 45697
All right, so the team just had a meeting to set things straight and we have several things to announce, so I'm going to go point by point to keep it short.

1. We lied about Tears of Blood 2. As February approached, we decided to mark our one-year anniversary with Percimol, a comic that a bunch of people found endearing, that we had teased by posting the scans in the original thread, but never made it to the top of the polls. So while we do have a draft for ToB2, our upcoming release is in fact Percimol. The idea wasn't to just plain lie about it but to make it a surprise, and then release ToB2 soon after; we're sorry it didn't work out because of the growing delays. Due to more current circumstances, I believe the Wakfu manga will be next and dealt with as soon as possible with our new workflow.

2. I'm leaving the team. Causes include increased amount of work, unpredictable schedule that makes live sessions incredibly hard to organize (downside of freelancing) and other side projects. Zaat will now be the main and only translator, and Stormcrow will take care of most of the overseeing that I used to do. This does not affect my involvement with the TCG, and I'll be around for the occasional help should they require it.

3. Glint will stop scanning for a while since we have so much backlog anyway, and won't be proofing anymore. I'll let him go into detail about that.

4. I thought I had more than that to say, but I guess that's mostly it. If you have any questions, go ahead and one of us should answer promptly.
>> No. 45698
>unpredictable schedule that makes live sessions incredibly hard to organize
You must be fuckin' kidding me.

No, wonder you don't get shit done.
Do work when you have time, not when everybody has time...
>> No. 45699
>Do work when you have time, not when everybody has time...
That's the plan.
>> No. 45700
So wait, let me get this straight, your current release priorities are Percimol->Tears of Blood 2-> The manga, or are you skipping straight to the manga?
>> No. 45701
Percimol is still being edited by Deaf, so we'll release that first as it's almost done. Next is the manga; ToB is postponed. That's in theory at least, the others will let you know if something gets moved around. I just suggested the manga due to what I've been hearing on /co/.
>> No. 45705
...and what with Dofus manga? Just curious.
>> No. 45713
The Wakfu and Dofus mangas will be released chapter by chapter to make it easier on the editors. The plan is to release one chapter a week. We're staring with the Wakfu manga and then moving on to the Dofus manga.

But first Percimol will be released when Deaf finishes it and Tears of Blood 2 is also being edited at the moment.

And while all that's being worked on by the editors I'll be working on translating all the backlog.
>> No. 45719
In that case are you going to use regular manga sites like manga fox?
>> No. 45720
No we'll be releasing them through mediafire as usual.
>> No. 45731
File 134659153686.jpg - (436.11KB , 628x1000 , Page5.jpg )
It's ready!


Wakfu Tome 1 Chapter 1.

Later today we will also be putting up a priority poll, so be sure to toss in votes for that. Tears of blood 2 is likely the next major release, as it is just about finished, though.
>> No. 45735
You need trailing zeroes for the file names, otherwise the order is all messed up in a comic reader. e.g. 001 - 010 - 100.
>> No. 45736
Could you guys give us a basic summary as to what's been happening in the MASKEMANE and Remington books? I'm just a tad curious as both series seem to be on the cusp of ending.
>> No. 45737

And here is the priority poll.
>> No. 45739
Thanks guys! Can't wait for the next comic to come...
>Dofus Tome 2
I'd swear I've seen Tome 1 it online somewhere... A year or two ago... Hmmm.

Regardless, someone should make a storytime thread on 4chan to get some attention to the release. I'd do it myself, but can't do it right now.
>> No. 45740
The thing with tome 1 is that it's sold in English by Ankama themselves, according to their store anyway, so we decided not to touch it for obvious reasons.
>> No. 45741
So are the chapter releases every Sunday or could it happen any day the next week?
>> No. 45742
The plan is to release them on Sunday.
>> No. 45743
Here you go, I fixed it with the trailing zeros, as was asked.


And yes, we plan to do releases every Sunday, rather than just randomly about.
>> No. 45744
you guys are going to release the next chapter of wakfu next week right?
>> No. 45745
Are you able to read?
>> No. 45747
Hello everyone, do you know where I can download this manga: WAKFU Tome 1 La Quête des Dofus Eliatropes in french?
i can help you to translate it.
>> No. 45748
Hello everyone, do you know where I can download this manga: WAKFU Tome 1 La Quête des Dofus Eliatropes in french?
i can help you to translate it.
>> No. 45749
Hello everyone, do you know where I can download this manga: WAKFU Tome 1 La Quête des Dofus Eliatropes in french?
i can help you to translate it.
>> No. 45751
sorry for multiple reply but the browser freezed and i have refresh the page :$
>> No. 45753
Anyone care to summarize what's been happening in the Remington and Maskemane comics since several issues have passed since the last batch of translations?
>> No. 45755
hi stormcrow, you can share te full manga in french? i have most request from my community to translate in in spanish, can you share it?
>> No. 45756
File 134703654554.jpg - (17.88KB , 300x300 , facepalm4.jpg )
GUYS, SERIOUSLY................ARGH.
If I'm not wrong they TOLD already that they're not sharing original french versions of comics with anyone. If you want to work together with them, ask of e-mail and disscuss about it in private.

AND, If I'm not wrong, something like web translators exist. Even google one: http://translate.google.com/. Go to ankama shop and use it: http://www.ankama-shop.com/fr/u17-wakfu
They have enough info here. Also otakia too: http://www.otakia.com/t/tag_ankama/

Eh...sorry, that I got angry but it...just seems like some people are too lazy to move their ass to do just a few simple steps. Or you really have something against other languages? I'm not even french or english speaker and somehow I know alot of Dofus manga which interest me, though it's not translated by team yet...
>> No. 45757
I know the policy of your team is to not let the original scans before finishing the translation so I wonder if when you release a new chapter you can release it and in English in French so I can read it too. (and all the others who do not know the English). Fyamika told to leave a contact then I leave you my email.
>> No. 45758
The policy is not to hold the scans until the translation is released, it's to not distribute the original scans at all. We release the English ones because they wouldn't exist without our intervention and the English fanbase doesn't have access to a lot of Ankama's media, but the French ones are readily accessible on Ankama Shop and elsewhere, so those who want them should buy them. To reiterate, it's just our personal stance on the matter - we're not going to point fingers at anyone if scans pop up from elsewhere.

On sait que ça reste une forme de piratage, mais l'idée c'est qu'on n'est pas particulièrement pro-piratage à la base, donc on ne veut pas diffuser du contenu pour des gens dont la seule motivation est de ne pas payer. Pour les anglophones c'est leur seule façon de comprendre, donc ils n'achèteraient pas la BD en français de toute façon et on ne voit pas cela comme une perte de profit pour Ankama; à l'inverse on pourrait arguer que ça promouvoit leur franchise à l'international. Par contre si tu veux lire le premier chapitre du manga, il a été donné en preview gratuit par Ankama et les pages se trouvent plus haut dans ce thread.

I hope this clears up the confusion :)
>> No. 45759
Thank you Seth!!R1BGt0L2Vk everything is clear.
I read them in English, I want to clarify that it is not that I do not want to buy the manga on Ankama shop but I can not buy it for various reasons.
>> No. 45760
Yeah we also understand that not everyone has that kind of money to spend regularly on comics, I know I don't. Just looking at Glint's invoices makes my head spin ;)
It really just boils down to "if it gets spread on the Web, it won't be by us." The rest isn't up to us.
>> No. 45761
Another Sunday, another release!


>> No. 45762
thanks ^_^
>> No. 45765
Watch out, or doing things on time may become your habit.

Good job guys.
>> No. 45768
That does sound painful :P
>> No. 45769
I couldn't help but notice a few mistranslations.

>p.07 (Adamai) : "without being as flattering, I'd say not bad for an Enutrof"
>p.08 (Adamai last panel) : "excited" => "upset"
>p.10 (Amalia 3rd panel) : "[...] like a girl from..." (implying "from [random low social rank/origin]")
>p.12 (Adamai) : "Meh, more like I suspect he understood something essential."
>p.13 (typo) : costumer => customer
>p.14 (Ruel) : "Laugh all you want, but this will happen to you eventually."
>p.23 (Joris) : "I wouldn't have missed our two saviors' birthday for anything in the world, princess Sheran Sharm"
>p.26 (Yugo) : "Is it true you're forming a new team?"
>p.27 (miranda) : "It took time for Kabrok to quit the carts, but now that he became responsible, [...]"
>p.28 (adamai) : "She seems very strict, is it pregnancy?"
>p.29 (miranda) : "About time... look who's keeping me company"
>p.31 (Kriss 2nd panel) : "well, I mean ..."
>p.33 (Eva) : "Wasn't there supposed to be cake?"

From what I can see, seems you're mostly having trouble with idiomatic french expressions, do you have a native french proofreader?
Don't get me wrong, I know your situation and how hard it is to get competent and reliable team members (subbing team had the same problems iirc), and I don't want to sound rude or anything, but you should try to get an extra french proofreader.

And before anyone tells me I should offer to help : I would if I had the spare time to do it on a reliable schedule, but sadl'y I can only do this as a one-off thing. Just trying to help and contribute.
>> No. 45770
>how hard it is to get competent and reliable team members
And just to clarify, I meant "new" team members, no implication whatsoever about current team members (just realised that after posting and wanted to avoid confusion)
>> No. 45771
>do you have a native french proofreader?

Unfortunately, I was the only French speaker on board.
>> No. 45773
If those errors are real, are you going to fix them like you did in the first chapter?
>> No. 45775

Indeed we will, we may also potentially look into acquiring a French native speaker as a proofreader, though I'll need to talk this over with the team first, of course.
>> No. 45777
I am French, I can help you if you want.
>> No. 45781
Hi, are you also going to translate the personal files at the end of the manga.
>> No. 45782
Yes, we will be translating the info on the characters at the end.
>> No. 45792
so about those errors in the previous chapter, are you going to fix them soon? Just want an idea of when to expect it.
>> No. 45793
And here is chapter 3! Apologies about the late release, but it was a busy week!

>> No. 45794

Still a little busy, so it'll likely be towards the middle of the week, don't worry though, it's on its way.
>> No. 45796
Interesting chapter. Those hairs and ice control made me think about Jiva, but...no, it have no sense.
>> No. 45797
Interesting chapter. Those hairs and ice control made me think about Jiva, but...no, it have no sense.
>> No. 45802
She is Jiva
>> No. 45822
...well...I'm a genius*cough*
>> No. 45824

Volumes 5 to 8 have released as Arc 2.
>> No. 45828
Chapter 4 WHEN ?!

(jk , I just wanted to know how it felt to be on the other side for once )
>> No. 45829
Actually uploading it now! Net's been quite rude and has been giving me problems all day... Seems to be fine now, though.
>> No. 45830
File 134848829578.jpg - (550.31KB , 625x1000 , Page01.jpg )
After much cursing my internet connection, here it is!


>> No. 45831
File 134848968342.jpg - (339.35KB , 834x349 , soon__by_adrianfd-d5fjv0b[1].jpg )
>> No. 45834
To think I was about to bitch because of the lack of any updates and have an enormous satisfaction in doing so... You win this round, Storm!
>> No. 45835
Can't come soon enough.
>> No. 45836
It's funny that she turned out to be the useless cute kiddo character everyone thought Yugo would be.
>> No. 45840
What is that, a preview of a Elaine focused comic? What's the title? I googled "tango mango Wakfu Elaine" and got nothing.
>> No. 45841
>> No. 45842
Ah, many thanks. It'll come out in January 2013 from what I understand is written in the desription of this deviation, yes?

Sorry for being such a bother, I don't speak French or Spanish.
>> No. 45843
>> No. 45844
That's correct.
>> No. 45845
Okay. Thank you.
>> No. 45869
I know english and spanish, I could help in spanish translations if you want to. Could you leave me your email address? Mine is duknol@yahoo.com Also I've got 6 dofus tomes in spanish, I bought recently.
>> No. 45877
I think they need more french people. Also I'm the owner of 1-15 french dofus tomes and someone else of 16 (?) if I good remember. So no need for spanish versions propably...but I can be wrong.
>> No. 45878
If the interest is there for Spanish translation, we'll see, though if they're already licencing in it, I'd prefer to encourage people support Ankama instead.

In other news, Tome 1 has been finished except for the extras, which should be coming later this week... Next up after that will be Tears of Blood 2.


>> No. 45887
I meant the books, comics or mangas that are no intended to be released in Spanish like Wakfu Manga, Maskemane, Dofus Arena. Anyway, I found a blogspot that is translating those all to spanish, but Dofus mangas.
>> No. 45895
My french is not perfect but I could help to translate the Dofus Manga using mines (spanish version) to find the correct english dialogues.
And a question, how is the poll right now?
>> No. 45908
Currently as things stand, we're going to finish up Tears of Blood 2, and after that Boufbowl is next.
>> No. 45914
I am disheartened to announce that due to most everyone on the team having had quite the busy week, we will be delaying our release until next week, as we have had very little time to allocate towards it.

Apologies, you may all borrow my pitchforks and torches, if you please, though. Least I could do, given the circumstance.
>> No. 45916
At least you updated instead of not posting for a few months.
>> No. 45927
then the extra wakfu tome 1 will be released next week?
sorry for the question but I'm too curious xD
>> No. 45928
then the extra wakfu tome 1 will be released next week?
sorry for the question but I'm too curious xD
>> No. 45929
See >>45914
> we will be delaying our release until next week
>> No. 45953
Hey guys, how is it going with translation?
>> No. 45954

Super busy week again, but this time we're on schedule.

I'll likely release it in two pieces, one with just the extras, and then one with all of the chapters assembled as a whole.

This also includes the changes made to earlier chapters, as well.
>> No. 45956
File 135024820482.jpg - (123.69KB , 652x1000 , Page02.jpg )
And here it is!


Tears of Blood 2 is next. Now, I'll leave this up to you guys to decide, should we try to find good points to break it into smaller chapters? or just finish the whole thing at once, and release it when it's finished.

As well as this, we are looking for an additional image editor, as I have become increasingly busy as of late and the additional help would be greatly appreciated.

If you're interested, send me an email, and I'll send you a handful of pages to clean as samples.

Full combined volume is to follow tomorrow, as there are a handful of pages I'd like to re-edit, as well as some text that is being changed.
>> No. 45959
If the first tome of Tears of Blood is anything to go by, I think you could translate and release it in two halves. One half would be around the equivalent of translating a chapter from the Franga. Since (theoretically) that would really be two weeks, i think it would be wise to release the whole thing on one date. However, that's if everything goes smoothly.
>> No. 45962
Two part release for tears of blood 2 sounds ok, but it depends how long it would take to translate that damn thing. If longer than 3 weeks, then perhaps you should split it, if not - release it as a whole, we can wait a while.
>> No. 45971
When's Wakfu Tome 2 coming out in France?

Huge thanks for doing all of Tome 1 btw.
>> No. 45975
>When's Wakfu Tome 2 coming out in France?
No release date yet.
>> No. 45981
I see. Thanks.
>> No. 45983
Found these while looking around the Wakfu site:

An interview with the illustrator of the Shak Shaka comic: http://www.wakfu.com/fr/serie/communaute/news/312746-shak-shaka-interview-mig

And just in case people didn't realise, here's the homepage for the comics.
>> No. 45984
>Ye w/e, too many words, not enough Wakfu.

Gotta love these kids' comments. And the Iop avatar adds a little something even though it's just the default display.
>> No. 45988
And here is the full Wakfu Tome 1, as well as the earlier chapter fixes, sorry that took so long, but ToB 2 should be ready in full by next Sunday, and after that is Boufbowl!
>> No. 45989
I.... Forgot to post the link. That's 5 AM for ya.

>> No. 45990

just in case anybody is interested, here is Tome 1 as a PDF:
>> No. 46015
So, to make a long story short, we are undecided with Boufbowl tome 1 if we should continue our use of the long standing "Boufbowl" or switching to the official translation of "Gobbowl". This may cause us to lose a few puns, though we can probably manage to get something damn close.

We figured we'd bring the discussion here, so you guys could voice what you'd prefer.
>> No. 46016
>> No. 46017
It's another of those Tristepin/Sadlygrove moments...

Go with the more familiar name (Boufbowl).
>> No. 46018
Sounds better, and overall it sounds like a jumbled up version of "football".
Which is good. I like that.
>> No. 46020
Boufbowl it is then.

And I was going to simply release this in full next week, but as the hurricane is currently making my power seem iffy at best, I figure it may be best to upload half now, and then release the rest as soon as it's finished.

So without further delay, Tears of Blood 2's first "Chapter"


>> No. 46024
I promised myself that I won't read it till both parts are out.

But man, it's tempting...
>> No. 46035

And here's the full tome 2, apologies on it taking the full two weeks.

>> No. 46036
Finally read it all. All I can say is...

What in the flying fuck?
>> No. 46037
Wha, did Ankama's recurring Gainax influences finally emerge in that way?
>> No. 46041
Glint warned me that this comic is basically "Wakfu as if written by Hideo Kojima", but only now I fully understand what he meant.
>> No. 46046
That Tears of Blood was...Interesting but at the same time I felt that they wanted to show way to much in one volume...Just my opinion...

News: Dofus manga 18 volume was made.
>> No. 46047
That Tears of Blood was...Interesting but at the same time I felt that they wanted to show way to much in one volume...Just my opinion...

News: Dofus manga 18 volume was made.
>> No. 46048
That Tears of Blood was...Interesting but at the same time I felt that they wanted to show way to much in one volume...Just my opinion...

News: Dofus manga 18 volume was made.
>> No. 46050
Boufbowl will be coming out a little late today, as I will not be home to upload until later, just figured I'd let everybody know.
>> No. 46052

Here it is! Though the extras are absent due to me having messed up slightly. I'll be redoing them so that they are not of abysmal quality, but did not wish to push back the actual release any longer.

>> No. 46054
I feel like storytiming it for /co/. Gonna get right to it...
>> No. 46063
team translate,do you have Percimol comic?sorry my english, i´m spanish
>> No. 46066
It's in progress. Our team leader is ill at the moment, so everything's being delayed more than it already is. Sorry :(
>> No. 46069
Will you be translating the wakfu shak shaka comic anytime soon? It looks really interesting to me, also, are you going to post dofus mantas as well as wakfu mangos?
>> No. 46071
Firstly, allow me to apologize for the lack of release, I was ill most of this week. Furthermore, to expand on that point, we ARE still looking for a secondary image editor, which could help to prevent things like this from occurring in the future.

On top of this, with Thanksgiving coming up, as well as the holidays after that, we will be slowing down releases until after they have passed, just giving fair warning.


I am actually not sure if we do or don't... But my first assumption is that we don't, I'll check with Glint and get back to you on this one. As far as Dofus goes, we do plan on translating and releasing it, it simply has received the fewest votes by and far out of any series in the previous priority poll...
>> No. 46083
God damn...why people aren't interested in Dofus manga? Alot of stuff happens here, just like in Wakfu. And there are some characters that you can recognize. Goultard, Dark Vlad, Ombrage, Vil Smisse, Djaul, Rushu, Jiva... We have there demons, dragons, gods, masqueraiders...It's not a poor story. Actually, in my opinion, with 5 volume it becomes just better and alot of things are happening...
It's a big thing, just like Wakfu! :(

...eh, about editing...I don't have alot of time right now 'cause I'll have leaving exams in May 2013...But I can eventually promise that if you'll decide to start someday Dofus manga project, then I can edit and send once again second volume (Unless it gonna happen earlier...then maybe in christmas.). And then I'll be editing every next volume before sending it. I work alot in Photoshop anyway.
>> No. 46084
God damn...why people aren't interested in Dofus manga? Alot of stuff happens here, just like in Wakfu. And there are some characters that you can recognize. Goultard, Dark Vlad, Ombrage, Vil Smisse, Djaul, Rushu, Jiva... We have there demons, dragons, gods, masqueraiders...It's not a poor story. Actually, in my opinion, with 5 volume it becomes just better and alot of things are happening...
It's a big thing, just like Wakfu! :(

...eh, about editing...I don't have alot of time right now 'cause I'll have leaving exams in May 2013...But I can eventually promise that if you'll decide to start someday Dofus manga project, then I can edit and send once again second volume (Unless it gonna happen earlier...then maybe in christmas.). And then I'll be editing every next volume before sending it. I work alot in Photoshop anyway.
>> No. 46085
God damn...why people aren't interested in Dofus manga? Alot of stuff happens here, just like in Wakfu. And there are some characters that you can recognize. Goultard, Dark Vlad, Ombrage, Vil Smisse, Djaul, Rushu, Jiva... We have there demons, dragons, gods, masqueraiders...It's not a poor story. Actually, in my opinion, with 5 volume it becomes just better and alot of things are happening...
It's a big thing, just like Wakfu! :(

...eh, about editing...I don't have alot of time right now 'cause I'll have leaving exams in May 2013...But I can eventually promise that if you'll decide to start someday Dofus manga project, then I can edit and send once again second volume (Unless it gonna happen earlier...then maybe in christmas.). And then I'll be editing every next volume before sending it. I work alot in Photoshop anyway.
>> No. 46086
...well shit. Sorry.>>46085
>> No. 46087
My theory? There are two reasons.

First: few people know about it or what it is even about. How to go around it: release the story and let them read it.

Second: The art style. It's very... original.
>> No. 46089
This is spot on. I have the scans but I can't be arsed to read them because Ancestral Z's style is fucking horrendous to me.
>> No. 46090
File 135381102389.jpg - (23.39KB , 170x170 , yugo_pouty.jpg )
>Ancestral Z's style is fucking horrendous
This, sadly.
>> No. 46091
File 135386217877.jpg - (215.96KB , 800x1199 , 0115.jpg )
Okay. I have been thinking about it...And I guess that both may be the reasons. And I guess if I have not been familiar with this manga, I would not be interested in translating it. Because, why? It's true.

Thats why I think my job right now should be showing this story and reasons to translate it as a person who know it well. I don't wanna give spoilers, it would ruin everything. But at least I feel that there's a need to compare Wakfu anime and Dofus manga to just simple give people more info.


WAKFU: Art style is better than in the Dofus manga. Or should I rather say: It's good at the begining and stays this same till the end os season 1. Then it changed a little in 2 seasons and also stays like this. I won't lie, it's really nice show and not so many of them have so many details in it. I guess most of people liked it, even if they're not found of manga/anime like style.

DOFUS: Art style in first volume is bad. Also not gonna lie. It all started in 2006 and in extras you can still see old sprites of Dofus game. But people who used to read alot of comics should know that artists improve. This same goes with Ancestral Z. 15 volume looks much better than the first one when I look at it. Well, comic have almost 7 years now. 8/

SUMMARY: Art style is something that you simply just like or not. Some people prefer manga, others american comics and others cartoons. But I don't see it as the bigest reason to at least not TRY something. I didn't really liked the art style of Maskemane for example. But still, I liked it because it had a nice story. So, well...nothing more to say, I guess...


WAKFU: It's a nice story, with nice characters and nice events. Of course, there also fights and deaths. But I think I'm free to say that it's rather a story with good ending. Some nice humor. Most of goals have been accomplished, villians lost and even Grovy back to life. It's good. Really good. I like good stories, it's nothing bad. Just saying how it looks like here...

DOFUS: So let's make some goals for our journey! Maybe someday we will accomplish them (And one of them actually never.)...But whatever, we all still together, friendship, humour and so on...let's forget about deadly fights, we will just take our injured friend to the Bonta city to heal him...where soon half of people gonna be dead...oh well, that's nothing. As long there's not bad situation on gods side and all the world gonna be in danger...no wait, it is...well, crap.
Okay, without jokes now. As for cartoon art style comic there's really enough of fights, blood and violence. Actually THANKS to art style, it doesn't look like a mess. And also because even with all this shit it's still good to read. It's still story about strong friendship. Also if you know alot of popular or old movies/ mangas/ series/ stuff you will find alot of cameos. Humour is nice too, at least for me.

SUMMARY: I can also say that it depends what people like. Some just will always prefer a happy ending stories. I'm also one of them. Others will like bloody stuff, and I'm also one of them. I just can tell people afraid of too much violence that there's more horrible stuff than Dofus. And there's no drama like in Tears of Blood. Well, maybe about Goultard's past. But it's still a past. I can't say if it's good (I'm not fan of too much drama.). I can say that Dofus have absurd humour sometimes, that just simply kills all drama. So it's possible to read it safe.


WAKFU: Yugo. Started his journey to help his 'father' and later to find more about himself. And then discovered that he's in fact, the Eliatrop.

Before someone will start hate me, I just want to say that I like Yugo. It's a good kid. Really. He become strong and was fighting really hard to protect the ones he love. His story is nice, and he is also very nice person...Yeah. And that's what bothers me.
I have discovered it actually just now, but...Isn't Yugo...Well, TOO nice?
I'm...not really a fan of COMPLETLY good and bad characters. Everybody have their good and bad sides. It makes them more real. I know that he supposed to be a representation of completly good side, while for example Shushus of bad one. But...just look at the Rubilax. I mean...I don't know. This is just my opinion. But Yugo's disadvantage is lack of disadvantages. All of his other friends have them. I think he should have one too.

DOFUS: Arty the Feca. Started his jorney to help his Grandfather who was kidnapped by Vil Smisse (ancestor of Remington). Later decides to fight together with Goultard against evil guys.

At the begining I though that his gonna be just like a Yugo. A good boy, who just wants to help his grandfather and support his friends with his Feca abilities. Oh, how much I was wrong, how much...Without spoilers, I can just say that in 5 volume he changes DRASTICALLY. And at that point starts a few chapters of really bad story of him. Heck, I was even starting to think that he will just stay as a villian. He lucky, finally back to senses. But his not that fluffy character anymore. No, he definetly changed. The life changed him, his grandfather and all the events and death around him. He evolved. And he still is a good character in this story.

SUMMARY: I'll say that again. I like Yugo. But I like Arty much more. He's just...real. It's more interesting to see him dealing with bad situations and not being still this same, making mistakes, horrible mistakes and still, being avaible to stand up and go forward.

EXTRA: It would be bad for me to not metion that Goultard is kind of main hero of Dofus story too (If not better than Arty actually). Though he appears at the and of 5 volume. And if you want to know more about him and REAL info of him (Not that show version of him having only one wife or how actually he get rid of his demon.) then there's only Dofus manga and Shushus of Rushu (Which the second one tell more about the story that is mentioned in Dofus 13 volume.). That guy gives alot of stuff to whole story and actually become the best friend of Arty (Which makes me always think what happened with these two in Wakfu. Goultard is half god, so it's nothing weird that he's in Wakfu. He's immortal. But Arty because of *can'ttellspoilers* could make it too, so...). These two works together very well fighting together and with each other. XD


WAKFU: You have there pretty much everything going around Eliatropes and their dragon siblings. Also Rushu makes appearence, Ogre and we have Remington (Rouge).

DOFUS: Everything is going around Gods and Dofus (actually one). Different Shushus makes appearence (Also Rushu.), the guardians of months (Jiva for example) and dragon not related to Eliatropes. Also story how Masqueraiders were born.

SUMMARY: You have different stuff and infos in both of them. If you want to know more about whole ankama universe, it's good to know both of them.

At the end let me give Jiva as one last example how different one character made by Ankama can be.
In Dofus manga she doen't even look like Jiva from Frigost or Wakfu manga (I don't really like her look in Dofus.) but she seems to be a noble person. In Frigost she's also kind but seems to be more powerless (?) and look better but WHY IS SHE NAKED? And in Wakfu manga she doesn't have her horns from Frigost (I liked them :( ) and she acts like a bi*.
What a mess...

Well, that's everything. I don't know what more I can say (without spoilers.) to make you more interested. In fact, you just have to read it to decide if it's nice or not. And the REAL story makes start with 5 volume. First four ones are quite slow and a little boring.
If you want to disscuss about it more or ask some questions...then just do it. Let's talk about it...it's not like much more is happening over here right now.
>> No. 46092
File 135386233561.jpg - (263.14KB , 711x372 , Jiva.jpg )
...Oh, Jiva. You and...you all the time. 8(
>> No. 46112
Well damn now I kind of want to read Dofus.
>> No. 46114
Hola, saludos desde Chile/ Hello from chile. I need to know when it will be ready Percimol
>> No. 46116
I shall be trying to translate some Dofus Tomes from scans someone had posted here, because I am learning French, so I will go very slowly and I don't promise anything, just saying.
I think I will start within a month, I guess.
(I've read seven tomes and I agree with you and the first four boring tomes xD) The whole Krosmoz (Dofus and Wakfu) gets interesting when you have seen the animated serie, played the games and read the stories at forums and in-game books.
>> No. 46118
Ops, my bad. second picture is actually from 14 volume, not 15...

Welcome on the dark side. :)

No one knows.

If I'm not wrong, then I'm the person who found these scans in web, or at least I send link to team. But they said scans were in not very good state for translation. Then I went to Paris and bough 15 volumes myself...So well, if you want to try, go ahead. I just suggest that when you'll be done, ask someone of team to check out if your translation is good. And then changing web scans to mine for better quality would be not a big deal.
>> No. 46119
What if you can translate the dialogues into a document of .txt or .doc and I do the visual part?
You know very well French, don't you?
I could translate the first 7 and you write down the text of the others.
>> No. 46120
Sorry, man. I don't know French. I'm not even full english-speaker. :P I barely understand what is wrote in manga, because of pictures and sometimes using google translate. It's not enough to translate full volume.
I'm actually the one who could do visual stuff and send dialogues as txt to someone for translation. But team seems to be too busy with other projects right now.

(Also, 'cause I changed my nickname on my site, I'm gonna write as "Dequta" from right now, sorry for problem.)
>> No. 46162
Hi, since there are a lot of wakfu fans out there on this site, I was wondering if any of you could help me. The alamanx website in every country except france is glitched in the month of december, who can I contact to get it fixed, or maybe one of you can do it, either way, i'm just asking.
>> No. 46164
I have no idea what you're even talking about.
>> No. 46165
The almanax is from the online Wakfu game. It concerns a series of quests which they used to pad the game and give the illusion of novelty.
>> No. 46167
I don't think anyone of us can do something about it. :/ You just have to wait until it will be fixed...
>> No. 46168
Then you should contact Ankama and file a bug report, not ask a bunch of channers.
>> No. 46169
Um, hello.
I got on dA site a message from a guy named Cleavicus-Maximus who said that he's in fact Stormcrow. I just want to make sure that what he wrote to me is well know for comics team and he's not some random guy who just found me thanks to nickname and try to check out if I'm enough careless to share some stuff. I'm writing it because I was sure that Seth have my e-mail, since I send him whole 2 volume. Unless he deleted it (...or is he not in team anymore?).
>> No. 46170
I do have your e-mail in the back of my inbox, but Stormcrow probably didn't think to ask me (if that was actually him writing to you, which I don't know). I'm not really in the team right now although I do pop in from time to time to give a hand.
>> No. 46171
Yep, that was me, no worries, I can have Seth confirm this as well, if you so please.
>> No. 46184
Okay then. ;)
>> No. 46220
A new priority poll.
>> No. 46301
I'm not trying to be an ass or anything, but why is there such a long break?
>> No. 46302
I'm not trying to be an ass or anything, but why is there such a long break?
>> No. 46303
'Cuz everyone have their own life? ...give them break, complaining won't help in any way.
>> No. 46312
They've actually been working on a comic this week, they just didn't announce they were getting back to it.
>> No. 46342
The results:

1. Wakfu Shak Shaka
2. Remington
3. Kamas de la Soif 2
4. Maskemane
5. Les Shushus de Rushu
6. Dofus Manga
7. Boufbowl

We are also still looking for more proofreaders and image editors, so leave an e-mail if you are interested in joining the team.
>> No. 46345
File 135828665878.png - (714.69KB , 594x600 , 1358286241763[1].png )
The Tangomango book has a release date of 14th March: http://adrianfd.deviantart.com/art/premiere-image-de-la-BD-348626963
>> No. 46347
I've seen that artist's work. I really love what he does with his inks.
Very dynamic and energetic style, he has. I only wish I could work so well without losing that much life from pencils to inking...

Will it get a scan/translation at some point...?
>> No. 46520
High, I've got to ask, is that shaka shaka comic going to be uploaded anytime soon?
>> No. 46530
Yeah, what's up guys? Everything kinda stopped. Is the project dead?
>> No. 46531
Yeah, what's up guys? Everything kinda stopped. Is the project dead?
>> No. 46671
Not dead, just working a few things out before we proceed.
Sorry there hasn't been much word, lately, but we'll be back soon enough.
>> No. 46688
Hello everyone,

My name is Chojiki and I'm a part of the Wakfu Comics team. I've come here bearing news that's both good and bad. The "Bad News" is our image editor has had to cut back on the time he can put into editing comics for you guys. Unfortunately for us, that leaves us without an editor. The good news is is that YOU can help. If you've got the ability to use a computer then you've got what it takes to join our team!
So send us an e-mail and join us in bringing Anakama's works to light.
>> No. 46826
I have a suggestion, try uploading some images on deviant art and post a comment on needing translators and image editors, trust me you wont be disappointed, also I believe the vol 2 of the wakfu manga comes out next month due to the info in the jiva section.
>> No. 46827
July 4th is next month?
>> No. 46859
How can July be next month?
>> No. 46860
That's what I'm wondering. Maybe with an Eliacube...
>> No. 46964
I thought it said april, I can't read french, but thats sucks, so there only going to release a volume once a year, I hope it doesn't take these guys as long to upload it as it did the last one or we won't get to read it till september.
>> No. 47024
Some anon on 4ch just storytimed an untranslated version of Shak Shaka 1.

He uploaded the PNG files here: http://www.mediafire.com/?x8ei3tmqwfb8s3g
>> No. 47027
File 136575311710.png - (5.50MB , 1268x1743 , Wakfu01.png )
I gave translating it a shot. I must warn that I don't actually fluently know how to speak French, I'm still taking classes in the language, and I'm not a highly advanced student. But I spent a bunch of my excess spare time trying to interpret what was said and I *think* I got most of this translation right!
>> No. 47120

>This file can only be downloaded with SpeedyShare Premium

Awesome job, Corgi but don't suppose you could put it up on any alternate sharing sites as well?
>> No. 47121
...Oops, I did a dumb >,>. I just picked the first file upload website that would take over 300 MB I could find and rolled with it. Sorry about that; I didn't mean to give the impression that I was the most elaborate ad-plant of all time for SpeedyShare's premium service.
Here's Hotfile:
>> No. 47143
Hi, who ever is interested, i,ve found Wakfu Manga Tome 2 The Legend Of Jiva, Heres the site where you could order it. http://www.manga-news.com/index.php/manga/Wakfu-Manga/vol-2
>> No. 47144
From that link, we've got this: http://www.manga-news.com/index.php/planning?p_year=2013&p_month=4&p_editor=52

and from the dropdown selections we learn the following:

Shak Shaka 2 is released on May 16, the same date as a Kerubim book
>> No. 47147
>> No. 47562
Haven't visited this thread since March, so I'm sorry for the late reply, but if you read this, thanks a ton for the great translation.

I had my doubts that this story would get scanlated. Much obliged, Morgie.
>> No. 47589
Hello everyone! I have been on the Wakfu Fansubs for a while, but I think this is my first time on the Comic Thread.

I know the Wakfu Manga Volume 1 has been for out for a while, but I was wondering if I could discuss a few things about it if that is ok.

Also, I am aware that there are two illustrated stories (located in the links below). Are there translated versions out?



Also, for this...


Do you know if Cleophee is in the comic? Or is a prequel?

Lastly, this may be a silly question, but if I wanted to discuss about the comics, would be the place do it, or somewhere else?

Thank you!
>> No. 47590
>I am aware that there are two illustrated stories (located in the links below). Are there translated versions out?
I haven't even heard from anyone buying them, so at this time, no. I do have the free preview that's been included in every Ankama Shop order for a while now. I don't remember if I ever posted it here of just on 4chan, but it's here:

> Do you know if Cleophee is in the comic? Or is a prequel?
Prequel, so Cléophée isn't in. The first tome shows how they get their first ship and into piracy.

> if I wanted to discuss about the comics, would be the place do it, or somewhere else?
With about one thread per year, I don't think anyone really minds comic discussion happening here, but technically discussion not related to the project would go to /co/. The current all-encompassing Wakfu thread is here:
>> No. 47602
File 137156468526.jpg - (54.65KB , 640x480 , 1010283_389167384527865_1992429740_n[1].jpg )
There's a third one out soon: http://www.wakfu.com/fr/romans/communaute/news/339834-tome-3-romans-wakfu-disponible
>> No. 47650
File 137278420839.jpg - (819.23KB , 1024x768 , percimol_1024x768.jpg )
So, Glint posted scans shortly after the original comics thread was launched. The script was ready a year ago, but never edited.
Editing isn't my forte, but I took it upon myself to finish Percimol at long last.


Shoutout to whoever always voted for it in the old polls. I hope you'll find the wait was at least somewhat worth it.
>> No. 47659
File 137296035094.jpg - (404.47KB , 691x1080 , Tome2.jpg )
So, volume 2 of the Wakfu franga came out today. Here's a quick summary of what happens in it.

Needless to say, the following lines contain heavy spoilers.

Chapter 6: Ulgrude Loves Jiva
This volume begins with a flashback that takes place a few hundred years in the past. Jiva is held prisoner in her own kingdom, and is being tortured by Djaul. Ulgrude, Guardian of Martello, then comes to the rescue. Jiva asks him not to interfere since Guardians aren't supposed to ally with one another. But Ulgrude is in love with Jiva, and that's reciprocal, so... well... you get the point. Ulgrude fights Djaul and finally defeats him, but at the cost of his own life.
Back to present days: we see little Grougal and Chibi next to a big block of ice containing Ulgrude's body, and Jiva who swears that she'll bring him back by her side even if she has to turn the world upside down for that.

Chapter 7: The Departure
Back to Emelka: Yugo and the gang are ready to set off for their new adventure. First step: the Justice Knights' tower to get all the required equipment, and to properly plan their travel to Mount Zinit.
During a meeting they hold, Eva finally officially tells everyone she's pregnant. "We're going to have a little Iop boy" says Pinpin, immediately corrected by Eva: "Or a little Cra girl!"
Mount Zinit is very far away, so they'll need some kind of vehicule to get there as quickly as possible. The Justice Knights offer to lend their steam train. However, it has to be tweaked since there are quite a few seas to cross. It also needs the power of a particular Shushu to feed the engine. Problem: that Shushu hasn't been tamed yet.

Chapter 8: A New Shushu In The Family
The Shushu's name is Kerosho. He's imprisoned in one of the jails we could see in Wakfu S2E08. And of course, he's not quite willing to help our heroes. Someone has to beat him first so that he can be tamed and attached to an item. This pleases Pinpin, always up for a good brawl. However, he fails to defeat Kerosho, and is saved in extremis by one of Yugo's portal.

Chapter 9: The Dispute
It's Adamaï's turn to try his luck. After all, Kerosho's power is spitting fire, so who better than a dragon can stand a chance against him? It pays off indeed, and the Shushu is defeated. Adamaï thus become his guardian, and Kerosho gets attached to a ruby generously provided (against his will) by Ruel.
Meanwhile, Eva, Amalia and Joris are taking care of food supplies. Joris shares with the girls his thoughts and worries about Jiva. The 6 Dofuses could grant her a power superior to that of a god, so she must never get ahold of them.
Later on, after a meal, Eva and Pinpin get into a dispute about whether Eva should come with the party or not. Pinpin wants Eva to stay somewhere safe for the sake of the baby. But Eva refuses to let Pinpin leave without her for the very same reason.

Chapter 10: The Great Departure
Time to set off to Mount Zinit. The steam train has been remodeled by Knight Justice father and Ruel to take advantage of Kerosho's powers. Grufon is stuck in his usual GPS role. However, it seems the Shushu map needs an update since he leads them straight to an unexpected rift. They have to take a detour by the Mines Of Mororia (yeah...). These mines are infested with Cracklers, but luckily they seem to be asleep at the moment. Unless some Shushu, who would take pride in a worthy betrayal, makes a big noise to wake them up...
And as expected, thanks to Kerosho, the party's now surrounded by Cracklers who don't seem to be morning guys.

To be continued in volume 3.
>> No. 47667

>> No. 47681
Hey. Do someone know how I get the font from the Remi / Maskemane Comics ? I bought some Comics and wanted to translate them ^^
>> No. 47682
Original font or the one used in the scanlation?
>> No. 47687
I think the scan Version should be okay. If you ( Or someone else ) have both, that would be great !
>> No. 47694
I think we used URW Bookman L for the Gazettes, but I have no idea about the rest (especially the original font).
After some research, it looks a bit like Stripwriter Condensed (but it's clearly not the one):
>> No. 47813
File 137422819798.png - (101.57KB , 187x245 , tony dissapointed.png )
>mfw the first Kerubim book
Awful story and an equally awful design.
>> No. 47926
What's up with the team? Is this dead?
>> No. 47956
Everyone is currently trying to synchronize their schedules. We're still getting things done, just at a slower rate. We've finished proofreading Dofus vol. 2 and only have to get it typesetted, and all that's left of Dofus vol. 3's proofreading is a single matter of discussion over a pun.
>> No. 47964
Well you know I thought this forum would be a good sourse for lots of erotic cartoon art. But it's really a joke. There is nothing here I cant find weeks ago on rule34 or 7chan there are no creative responces. Sorry to the people who do try. But you really should ban the people who don't post drawings and do there best to drive off people who do.
>> No. 47965
Well you know I thought this forum would be a good sourse for lots of erotic cartoon art. But it's really a joke. There is nothing here I cant find weeks ago on rule34 or 7chan there are no creative responces. Sorry to the people who do try. But you really should ban the people who don't post drawings and do there best to drive off people who do.
>> No. 47966
I think you're looking for /pco/.
>> No. 48112
"you are the hero" dofus novel: http://forum.dofus.com/fr/1081-actualite/1787890-savoir-premier-roman-dofus
>> No. 48734
File 138765070811.jpg - (322.90KB , 1053x1650 , 001.jpg )
Here's my translation of Tome 2 of the Wakfu manga:
>> No. 48736
Thank you always, Morgie!!
and I wonder if someone won't translate in japanese...
>> No. 48750
Haven't visited the thread for 2 weeks due to Christmas related real life stuff. So please excuse the late reply.

But I just wanted you to know that I greatly appreciate it. Major props, I've been waiting for a translation for months. Morgie-Corgi you are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you.
>> No. 48773
It was better than expected. Thanks!
>> No. 48860
When's Shak-Shaka volume 2 coming out in France?
>> No. 48872
It's been already released, some time ago.
We've just got it today ;)
>> No. 48877
Oh that's great news. Fantastic! Can't wait for a scalation.
>> No. 48878
>> No. 49073
File 138992621348.jpg - (1.09MB , 1349x1959 , scan0001.jpg )
>> No. 49222
Thank you based Morgie
>> No. 49348
File 139197516941.jpg - (948.88KB , 1357x1957 , scan0090.jpg )
RAR version: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ajc0b38kuh6u59b/Remington+6%28Eng%29.rar

Pdf version: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bo49if2433je7x7/Remington+06+%28Eng%29.pdf
>> No. 50206
If anyone could re-upload Shak Shaka I'd be very appreciative.
>> No. 50333
Anyone translating or planning to translate Tangomango?
>> No. 50341
Ok so the translation team is in need of some new editors. We have a bit of a backlog of translations that need to be worked on. Send us an e-mail if you're interested in joining.

I'll see if I can get Morgie to re-upload it.

What a coincidence I just finished translating Tangomango tome 2 this afternoon.
>> No. 50345
File 139759655498.png - (4.77MB , 1268x1743 , Wakfu01.png )
Here you go.
>> No. 50377
File 139775020636.jpg - (43.54KB , 500x648 , terrible-pranks-9[1].jpg )
You, Sir, are fucking awesome.
>> No. 50484
File 139813274273.png - (473.67KB , 747x1080 , p02.png )
I'm working with Maskemane 7 and I'll try to finish this saturday 26 of April.
>> No. 50506
File 139826889129.png - (1.32MB , 747x1080 , Remington 7 (1).png )
PDF of Remington 7:
>> No. 50517
File 139831153680.jpg - (620.96KB , 1154x1650 , 001.jpg )
PDf version for Shak Shaka 2:
>> No. 50538
Finally, Shak-Shaka 2! Thank you so very much!
>> No. 50568
Thank you so much all of you guys for keeping this up.

A question, is there a current priority list of translations? Just to know what to get excited for.
>> No. 50570
We are still following the >>46342 Poll.
What would be your ideal priority list? (no matter what comic/manga)
>> No. 50583
I'm happy for anything, and you guys are fucking awesome.
>> No. 50587
File 139896711665.png - (1.70MB , 747x1080 , p01_cover.png )
Finally I've finished, sorry for the delay. Enjoy!
PDf version: http://www.mediafire.com/view/8c3ii8246jqo9n8/Maskemane_07_(Eng).pdf
>> No. 50590
File 139897684984.jpg - (165.30KB , 1208x1903 , scan0007.jpg )
And here's the PDF version of Rushu's Shushus:
>> No. 50612
I hope you guys are getting some kind of pay or donations for these, I don't think I could be so generous with my time.
>> No. 50637
None whatsoever, in fact they have to buy most of the comics themselves since you can't just find scans of Wakfu stuff online.
>> No. 50638
Better support Ankama playing its games and/or buying stuff.
>> No. 50652
I was just wondering since a lot of titles have come out (especially under Wakfu Heroes) since the poll was held. Though of course it seems that you're working on them (e.g. Tangomango) anyway.
>> No. 50727
Does anyone know where I can find scans from Dofus Artbook Session 2, wakfu making of artbooks or Roman Wakfu? Are they already scanned?
>> No. 50729
We don't have them. I think we wouldn't publish an artbook here if we had got scans though.
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