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File 133021122077.jpg - (1.84MB , 1700x2338 , Kamas de la Soif 001.jpg )
43961 No. 43961
It took almost a year, but here it is, the second Wakfu Comics thread!

I thought I would have something special to say now, but sadly I don't.

I do have Kamas De La Soif ready for download.

I hope you all enjoy. Next is Tears of Blood 2.

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>> No. 43962
>Next is Tears of Blood 2.

>> No. 43969
File 133021570553.png - (372.06KB , 966x643 , 1323470770653.png )
>> No. 43996
Fucking finally. What took you so long?

>> No. 44008
Where is Boufbowl on the list?
>> No. 44011
Really, REALLY low.
>> No. 44012
Proofreading, as usual.

Pretty low, but a new poll should be made sometime this week, so it might go up. Maybe if you create some hype around it more people will get interested.
>> No. 44021
There's going to be a second issue? I assumed that it was a one off.

Nicely done.
>> No. 44022
It was released about a year ago.

And for those wondering, Wakfu is set to have a release every four months, unlike Maskemane and Remington every two months.
>> No. 44024
File 133038038323.jpg - (19.22KB , 399x295 , 130609540813.jpg )
>> No. 44025
Here's the link to the new priority poll:

Remember that Tears of Blood 2 is in the works, so of course it's not in the list.
>> No. 44034
Hey, why aren't episodes 25 and 26 on the list? Are you guys dropping the show?!?

I feel your pain.
>> No. 44035
>Are you guys dropping the show?!?
>> No. 44037
Good. No one cares about your shitty anime. Go back to /a/.

I still believe that season 3 will happen... Eventually.

BTW - do we know when part 2 of Kamas De La Soif comes out?
>> No. 44038
File 133047832068.png - (222.39KB , 865x500 , back to the rape pen.png )
Pic related.

Well the supposed four-month schedule would bring us to two days ago. So I have no idea.

BTW Frenchy, I have a message for you. It got delivered to me by mistake:
> best focus on animation series, cuz stuck images its easy for everyone translate, animated no! we need you guys for that hard work! ;D

So stop wasting your time with those silly comics and get on with 25 already!
>> No. 44040
Hey Seth, which comics are leading in the priority poll as of now?
Personally I'd enjoy either Wakfu comics or the Boufbowl one, but I'm pretty curious to see which is the most popular of the bunch.
>> No. 44041
Remington is leading by far, followed by Maskemane, so mostly as usual. Third place is being disputed fiercely by three comics, but I won't go into details just yet since there's a lot of cheating this time and I don't want to encourage it.
There's also a significant increase in voters, as we'll probably total over 300 today.
>> No. 44051
You have no idea how loud I was laughing when I saw all those WE DO NOT SUB THE CARTOON parts in the poll.


But just think how many people will vote after the show ;_; season 2 ends and this will be their only source for new Wakfu fiction.
>> No. 44056
Are Remington/Tears of Blood/Maskemane completed or still ongoing?

My personal preference would be for you to pick one and focus on it to completion. Though I suppose that might be unwise for Maskemane/Remington since they're supposed to intertwine storywise soon enough.
>> No. 44057
Remington and Maskemane are, for the time being, ongoing, each issue released once every two months. Apparently Tears of Blood is ongoing but I have no idea how often a new issue is released.
>> No. 44058
File 13306256471.jpg - (18.47KB , 300x265 , salute.jpg )
>omg remi an gramy are back so I voted for that cuz I want ep 25 subs plz

>Just kidding.

If whoever sent this through the poll sees this: GG. You actually got me to facepalm. You can have these two Internets.
>> No. 44069
Does anyone have the raw scans of boufbowl?
I'll translate it my damn self and upload it
>> No. 44072
Think ya gotta be on the team to see them, nobody else scans the comics except these guys and they don't share the raws.
>> No. 44074
theyre taking foreverrrr
>> No. 44079
Be back tomorrow, learning french tonight.

It's actually pretty easy.
>> No. 44084
Hey, you are free to buy those comics from Ankama Shop, pay ludicrous postal fees, scan them and translate them yourself! Nobody is holding you back.
>> No. 44226
Teehee. Ahrem.

Here are the results:
0. Tears of Blood 2 (in progress)
1. Remington
2. Maskemane
3. Wakfu (Kamas de la Soif)
4. Les Shushus de Rushu
5. Boufbowl
6. Percimol
7. Dofus Manga
8. Other Dofus publications (with the only detailed suggestion being Pandala)

Thanks again to all voters, except those who cheated and wasted our time. You should be ashamed of how obvious you were, if nothing else.

>> No. 44229




Percimol, will you ever get translated? ;_;
>> No. 44312
Although we're not working on Maskemane at the moment and won't be for a while still, I'd like to bring something to public attention. If I'm not mistaken, we started translating these before Masqueraiders were released in Dofus, so we had to come up with translations for his masks - otherwise we just failed to do the proper research, but the point remains the same.

Our translations are Psycho's Mask, Coward's Mask and Mask of Class. However the Dofus wikia shows the official translations as Psychopath, Cowardly, and Classic Mask respectively.

So my question is simply: Should we stick to our existing translations for future issues or switch to the official names?
>> No. 44324
For the sake of continuity, I think the names should remain as they are at present. Not everyone plays the game/reads the game wiki, but they may read the comics, and to change it now would be confusing. (Personally, I think you have thought of a better translation than Ankama, but , hey...they are the writers!).
>> No. 44350
That's not really a big difference, both sets of names sound extremely similar and could be used interchangeably. I doubt that many people would even notice if you changed your translation to the official one.

No matter what you decide, it shouldn't irk anyone.
>> No. 44364
Ankama has a few official translations for the masks... For instance, the Classic Mask can also be the Class Mask. I guess they changed their minds a few times before the release. Or they used multiple translators.
Mask of Class is a bit clumsy, though, so you may want to switch that one.
>> No. 44588
So... Tears of Blood 2 when?
>> No. 44593
I just started a fairly big assignment, and someone else had to take a leave for a some time, so everything was put on hold for at least a couple weeks. Sorry about that. We're about halfway through the proofreading.

In more joyful news, some members of the subbing team have joined our ranks so hopefully once this low point is passed things will pick up some pace.
>> No. 44596
File 133262253194.jpg - (1.04MB , 1552x2293 , Kamas de la Soif 018.jpg )
A random question: does the Smiss member in Kamas de la Soif have a punny name like the other Smisses (sans Remington, whose name is "merely" meaningful), or is his name just that obvious?
>> No. 44597
Guys, where can i find wakfu comics in eng?
>> No. 44598
The majority of the download links are complied at the Brotherhood of the Tofu blog, though it's a little sporadic on updating.

>> No. 44599
"Robber" and "Robert" probably sound nearly the same with the French accent (Frenchy or Kenny may correct me if I'm wrong) -- the "t" isn't pronounced. So I guess they just turned an actual name into something that fits the character (though you need to speak English to get it).
>> No. 44611
Seems to be just that obvious.
I can get behind that question.
>> No. 44626
2nd Kamas de la Soif issue is out: http://www.ankama-shop.com/fr/h8-livres/1253-wakfu-kamas-soif-tome-2
>> No. 44646
Hello. I'm a new translator on the team and I'm currently working through Boufbowl number 1. Two things I'd like to have Kenny or Frenchy clear up for me.

1. There is a Boufball team called "Les Scorbutes Indomptables". I'm not entirely sure how to put that into English. Any recommendations?

2. The word "crasseux" is used a couple times. I know that it can mean dirty, filthy or grimy, but is there another meaning that I'm missing here?
>> No. 44649
1. The "scorbut" is a disease, which translates to "scurvy" in English. So I guess the most literal translation would be "The Indomitable Scurvies".
However, knowing Ankama, there's most likely an intended pun on "score"+"but"("goal"). So maybe translating this as "The Indomitable Scorvies" could fit, if the pun is obvious enough in English.
Otherwise, you can try to find a pun on another disease, refering to sports vocabulary and meaning "scoring goals".

2. "Crasseux" means "dirty/filthy" indeed. There's no other meaning that I know of. If you still have doubts, give us the whole sentence(s) so that we can confirm it.
>> No. 44650

1. I figured that there was some sort of pun I was missing. I'll work on the pun later today when I have some more time to think on it.

2. "Comment tu peux laisser un crasseux t'humilier comme cela devant la presse..." and "Prends ça le crasseux". I'm thinking that "piece of trash" or simply "trash" would work in these situations, but I wasn't entirely sure.

Thanks for your help.
>> No. 44651
>I'm thinking that "piece of trash" or simply "trash" would work in these situations
"Trash", or "scum" maybe...
The translation must mean "someone who is physically dirty". The insult here mainly refers to the guy's look, not to his mind or attitude. So choose what's closest to this idea.
>> No. 44656
Does anyone know how far we are to Remington Vol. 6?
>> No. 44657
I don't have time to look at the comic, but I'm guessing someone is saying that to Kriss la Krass? That has to be taken into consideration.

No. I would expect "still pretty far", though Remington is at the top of the list as usual once we're done with Tears of Blood 2.
>> No. 44661
Any news is good news, thank you so much for the information!
>> No. 44668
File 133365887719.jpg - (56.38KB , 640x480 , 1282443118436.jpg )
>> No. 44671
*Comes to check how comics are doin' and shows that are still alive and ready when Dofus 3 scans will be needed*

Wish you good luck with your job and take your time ;*
>> No. 44672
I appreciate it. I'll let everyone know when I get closer to completion, but so far I can only tell I'll be busy for several weeks still.
>> No. 44673
Of course, it's okay. ;)
>> No. 44724
Hi, I'm neither Kenny nor Frenchy but I thought I could try to answer too, feel free to ignore my post X)

1. Actually an official english translation for "Scorbute" exists for the game Dofus (same universe as Wakfu). It would be "Scurvion", which does refer to the scurvy.
Although I haven't played Dofus in its English version, I found the name on the Dofus wikia pretty easily since both the french and english words begin with the letters "sc".

2. I'm not sure if the word "crasseux" is employed in the comic because of the person's looks, but I remember it being used sometimes as a derogatory term for people who live in poverty...
So I think "trash" or an equivalent could indeed work.
>> No. 44742
File 133478189426.jpg - (836.58KB , 1022x1476 , 9965.jpg )
Remington #9 is now on sale @Ankamashop.
>> No. 44767
Since some of you may or may not have read it but I'm considering jumping on the team for the manga project.
Depending if the Manga will be for sale on the Ankama Shop and my own finances I would also consider to offer the scans for it.
Since I got he DVD I could make caps of the first chapter already to give a head start.
Any way I should get in contact with you guys? my mail is above.
>> No. 44771
We currently don't take non-native English or French speakers in the team since we don't feel they would add enough to the process. The offer for the scans is appreciated, but I expect that Glint will buy those anyway and if so, as far as I am aware he is better equipped than most for scanning, so we'll probably rather use his scans, unless you think you can provide better quality -- but I'll let him clarify that.

As for the first chapter, I don't think a headstart is really relevant considering the current backlog, but if people want us to do a quick translation of it as a teaser we could do that. I'm off for the weekend so if it's not too long I could just do it myself, skip the proofing and screendump it here -- if that's fine with everyone.
>> No. 44773

Well...ok then. It was just an offer. I was mostly offering the scans since I'm European and it takes usually less then a week for me to get my order from the Ankama Shop. You know my mail so don't be afraid in case you change your mind.
>> No. 44774
Sure thing. Thanks again and if you do screencap the preview, feel free to post it here or e-mail it to me directly.
>> No. 44775

I will do so. but I would need your mail first. could you drop me one? that way you wouldn't need to put it up here.
>> No. 44776
It's already all over the board, I don't mind. I use it almost only for Wakfu stuff.
>> No. 44778
Oh Ankama....that is so typical....

There is a damn reason its on there as a teaser. Tried to screencap it right now and guess what. Its too rough to really be readable. And zooming in doesn't help. Guess that means waiting for the actual manga after all.
>> No. 44779
Can you still make out what's on the pages besides the text?
>> No. 44780
Can you post an example, just to get an idea of what we're dealing with?
>> No. 44781
File 133495639995.jpg - (38.30KB , 1280x800 , example01.jpg )

here you go. and before anybody asks. that is full res for my laptop. I'm getting a new one next month that should support higher res.
>> No. 44782
Oh, I can read that. I can tell you there's an agreement error at the end of the first bubble. So if people want I can just type in the text next to the actual pages or something.
>> No. 44783
check your mail. send you a dl link with a rar that has all the caps in it.
>> No. 44784
Thanks, I'll see if I can do something that makes sense with it. Otherwise I'll just post the script separately.
>> No. 44787
File 133514039248.jpg - (99.74KB , 430x633 , 01.jpg )
I'm not going to edit anything onto the screenshots since I'm still short on time, so I'll just post the images B. provided and post the script alongside each page. Enjoy.

At the heart of the Krosmoz lies a small planet called the “World of Twelve.” Twelve, for that is the number of gods who took part in its creation.

Despite its young age, at a mere few millenia, the World of Twelve has been the stage of numerous and terrible events.

>> No. 44788
File 133514060486.jpg - (78.11KB , 1280x800 , 02.jpg )
The most terrible of them, “Ogrest's Chaos,” triggered an unprecedented cataclysm, flooding the continents and leaving only a few archipelagos behind.

The most eminent scholars remain skeptical and wonder to this day what mystery has kept this land from sinking into the confines of the Krosmoz...

Immortals and dragons know that it is thanks to Wakfu, the magical and spiritual energy that resides in all things.

The Gobbelle Milk Thief
>> No. 44789
File 133514066860.jpg - (69.42KB , 1280x800 , 03.jpg )
Nothing is more peaceful than the little town of Emelka. Subdued and lost somewhere North of Amakna, it is rather difficult to spot on a map.

Few are those who visit, and generally, after tasting the hospitality of the area, they stick around for some time...

>> No. 44790
File 13351407556.jpg - (92.49KB , 1280x800 , 04.jpg )
You have to keep in mind that Emelka's fields yield wheat that crushes wonderfully and produces flour that bakers simply love.

Gobball breeders are also in luck. Massaging their cattle for years, they obtain a succulent meat that literally melts on the tongue.

And the market held every other day is a festive occasion where villagers love to come together.

This place knows how to rekindle wives and husbands...

While the ones go shopping...

The others meet in the only tavern to talk about everything and nothing...

Mostly nothing, in fact!

This inn's sign reads “Crispy Gobball,” and it is of particular interest to us because that is where Alibert and his four adopted sons live.

>> No. 44791
File 133514084028.jpg - (86.54KB , 1280x800 , 05.jpg )
Alibert: Yugo! One carrot and lemon-mint juice on the terrace for Jason and his daughter!

Yugo: Sir! Yes, sir!

Alibert: And how about those Sourpuss Toad legs, Adamaï?

Adamaï: Just a second!

Adamaï: There, ready!

Alibert: Great! Tell Matou to bring them to table six.
>> No. 44792
File 133514102071.jpg - (84.21KB , 1280x800 , 06.jpg )
Mia: Dad, please grow up...

Mia: I'm not a child anymore, how can I live my life if you don't even want to meet my boyfriend...

Jason: How am I supposed to talk to someone who has their back to me?

Mia's bf: Gulp...

Mia's bf: But... you're the one who has their back to me...

Jason: And brazen on top of that...

Yugo: Don't be so harsh Mister Jason, I think they make a lovely couple.


Jason: Alibert should look into his education...

Yugo: Mia's boyfriend is in for a rough time...

Alibert: Ha ha, don't worry about them, “growling Gobball never bites!”

Alibert: At any rate, we're making good money today. I haven't even found the time to prepare Chibi's bottle...

Alibert: By Enutrof's horns! What an idiot!
>> No. 44793
File 133514111610.jpg - (83.08KB , 1280x800 , 07.jpg )
Yugo: What... Don't tell me that...

Alibert: Yes... I forgot to get Gobbelle milk for Grougal...

Alibert: And you know what that little monster can do when he's hungry...

Alibert: He's gonna make such a mess...

Yugo: He does have quite the temper...

Yugo: Don't worry dad, I'll get some. It'll take me just an hour...

Alibert: Great, son, don't waste any time...

Alibert: And don't use your super-speed... You're still too weak...

Yugo: Sure, sure, see ya!
>> No. 44794
File 133514114631.jpg - (93.11KB , 1280x800 , 08.jpg )
Yugo: Alright, I'm sure I can manage with just a few portals...

Yugo: I just need to go slowly...
>> No. 44795
File 133514118082.jpg - (79.05KB , 1280x800 , 09.jpg )
Yugo: The wounds Qilby gave me seem to be gone...

Yugo: And I can't know if I'm healed if I don't push a little...

Yugo: Anyway, Alibert and Adamaï can't see me out here...
>> No. 44796
File 133514122643.jpg - (93.94KB , 1280x800 , 10.jpg )
Yugo: Oh noooooooooo!!!

Yugo: This is gonna hurt!!!

Yugo: Dad was right...

Yugo: I'm not ready yet!
>> No. 44797
File 133514131575.jpg - (87.66KB , 1280x800 , 11.jpg )
Yugo: Sounds like Mrs. Shonli is in trouble...

Shonli: Thief!!!

Yugo: Right when I'm out of Wakfu... Bad timing...

Yugo: I'll have to do it old school...

Yugo: Hi Mrs Shonli. Looks like you're in trouble...

Shonli: Yugo! Good timing. Some lout just stole the last of my Gobbelle milk!

Yugo: Your... The last of your milk? But... Grougal is going to make such a fuss if he doesn't have anything to eat when he wakes up...

Yugo: Don't worry! I'm on it!
>> No. 44798
File 133514144490.jpg - (86.39KB , 1280x800 , 12.jpg )
Yugo: Seriously, this really isn't the same without my powers!

Yugo: As Grovy says, I should train a bit...

Yugo: If I rely on my portals too much, it'll end up working against me...



Thief: (Unclear; something like: Stop wiggling like that, [name], you'll throw us down!)

Thief: I... I... T's not my fault... This... This is... so scary...

Thief: Don't you dare ruin everything by puddling now!

Thief: BOOHOOOO!!!


Yugo: No way... How can he run so fast with all that load?

Yugo: STOP!
>> No. 44799
File 133514154133.jpg - (88.70KB , 1280x800 , 13.jpg )
Thief: He's gaining ground!

Thief: Oh no!!!

Yugo: Now I got you!

Thief: I don't think so!

Thief: Watch out!!!

Yugo: What? But... That's imposs...

Yugo: Wargh!

Thief: Heh heh... Hey, watch out!

Thief: What?

Thief: We... we're stumbling.
>> No. 44800
File 133514163352.jpg - (89.16KB , 1280x800 , 14.jpg )
Yugo: If the gang saw this...

Yugo: Okay! That's enough!


Yugo: NOOO! Now that was too much!
>> No. 44801
File 133514175418.jpg - (86.38KB , 1280x800 , 15.jpg )
Yugo: What the heck?

Thief: There you go! Mission accomplished, my friends!

Thief: Now let's warn the others...

Thief: Our dear Yugo will get quite a shock...

Yugo: I'm sorry, Mrs Shonli...

Yugo: The thief got away, but I got your milk back!

Shonli: Thank you! I knew I could count on you!

Yugo: It wasn't much, you know...

Yugo: By the way, could I have this bottle for Grougal?
>> No. 44802
File 133514186199.jpg - (81.39KB , 1280x800 , 16.jpg )
Shonli: But of course! This one?

Yugo: Ah!

Yugo: But!

Yugo: Why are you doing this?

Shonli: Heh heh heh...

Yugo: Enough!

Yugo: I'll pay it, but this isn't very nice after the trouble I went through to get it back!

Shonli: Heh heh heh... Thank you, Yugo, you do deserve that bottle of milk...
>> No. 44803
File 133514192093.jpg - (85.46KB , 1280x800 , 17.jpg )
Yugo: Have they all become crazy or something?

Yugo: At least I don't have to walk back...

Yugo: Mission...

Yugo: Accomplished!

Yugo: But... Where did they go?

Yugo: Hey! Oh!

Yugo: I hope Grougal behaved, he better deserve his milk...

Yugo: What...
>> No. 44804
File 13351420345.jpg - (92.72KB , 1280x800 , 18.jpg )

Alibert: Happy birthday, my boy!

Grovy: Ha ha!

Ruel: So, lad, didn't see it coming!?

Yugo: Ruel...

Yugo: You all came...

Yugo: This is awesome!

Grovy: Ready to party, Yugo?
>> No. 44805
And that is all. Not quite sure it's Grovy saying those lines in the last pages but it doesn't really matter. Thanks to Glint for the assistance and Zaat for reading through it.
>> No. 44806
So Yugo's 14 now and he's still a short little guy. Puberty can't come soon enough.
>> No. 44807
Thank you and every other person involved.
>> No. 44808
>Cléo isn't in.

I feel frustrated.
>> No. 44809
She wasn't a member of the Brotherhood, I don't really see why she would be.
>> No. 44810
That and she's probably off adventuring somewhere. Although, there's always possibility of her appearing much later though. Not guaranteed, of course.

For the sake of this thread, maybe we should move all manga discussions here https://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/167576+50.html
>> No. 44813
File 133520685288.png - (1.47MB , 1344x1978 , 1.png )
>> No. 44814
File 133520700936.png - (4.10MB , 4000x2500 , 2.png )
>> No. 44815
File 133520716171.png - (4.01MB , 4000x2500 , 3.png )
>> No. 44816
File 133520730835.png - (4.79MB , 4000x2500 , 4.png )
>> No. 44817
File 133520745047.png - (4.80MB , 4000x2500 , 5.png )
>> No. 44818
File 133520761975.png - (4.21MB , 4000x2500 , 6.png )
>> No. 44819
File 133520772668.png - (4.20MB , 4000x2500 , 7.png )
>> No. 44820
File 133520789526.png - (5.68MB , 4000x2500 , 8.png )
>> No. 44821
File 133520807921.png - (4.33MB , 4000x2500 , 9.png )
>> No. 44822
File 133520834499.png - (5.22MB , 4000x2500 , 10.png )
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