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File 133021122077.jpg - (1.84MB , 1700x2338 , Kamas de la Soif 001.jpg )
43961 No. 43961
It took almost a year, but here it is, the second Wakfu Comics thread!

I thought I would have something special to say now, but sadly I don't.

I do have Kamas De La Soif ready for download.

I hope you all enjoy. Next is Tears of Blood 2.

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>> No. 47147
>> No. 47562
Haven't visited this thread since March, so I'm sorry for the late reply, but if you read this, thanks a ton for the great translation.

I had my doubts that this story would get scanlated. Much obliged, Morgie.
>> No. 47589
Hello everyone! I have been on the Wakfu Fansubs for a while, but I think this is my first time on the Comic Thread.

I know the Wakfu Manga Volume 1 has been for out for a while, but I was wondering if I could discuss a few things about it if that is ok.

Also, I am aware that there are two illustrated stories (located in the links below). Are there translated versions out?



Also, for this...


Do you know if Cleophee is in the comic? Or is a prequel?

Lastly, this may be a silly question, but if I wanted to discuss about the comics, would be the place do it, or somewhere else?

Thank you!
>> No. 47590
>I am aware that there are two illustrated stories (located in the links below). Are there translated versions out?
I haven't even heard from anyone buying them, so at this time, no. I do have the free preview that's been included in every Ankama Shop order for a while now. I don't remember if I ever posted it here of just on 4chan, but it's here:

> Do you know if Cleophee is in the comic? Or is a prequel?
Prequel, so Cléophée isn't in. The first tome shows how they get their first ship and into piracy.

> if I wanted to discuss about the comics, would be the place do it, or somewhere else?
With about one thread per year, I don't think anyone really minds comic discussion happening here, but technically discussion not related to the project would go to /co/. The current all-encompassing Wakfu thread is here:
>> No. 47602
File 137156468526.jpg - (54.65KB , 640x480 , 1010283_389167384527865_1992429740_n[1].jpg )
There's a third one out soon: http://www.wakfu.com/fr/romans/communaute/news/339834-tome-3-romans-wakfu-disponible
>> No. 47650
File 137278420839.jpg - (819.23KB , 1024x768 , percimol_1024x768.jpg )
So, Glint posted scans shortly after the original comics thread was launched. The script was ready a year ago, but never edited.
Editing isn't my forte, but I took it upon myself to finish Percimol at long last.


Shoutout to whoever always voted for it in the old polls. I hope you'll find the wait was at least somewhat worth it.
>> No. 47659
File 137296035094.jpg - (404.47KB , 691x1080 , Tome2.jpg )
So, volume 2 of the Wakfu franga came out today. Here's a quick summary of what happens in it.

Needless to say, the following lines contain heavy spoilers.

Chapter 6: Ulgrude Loves Jiva
This volume begins with a flashback that takes place a few hundred years in the past. Jiva is held prisoner in her own kingdom, and is being tortured by Djaul. Ulgrude, Guardian of Martello, then comes to the rescue. Jiva asks him not to interfere since Guardians aren't supposed to ally with one another. But Ulgrude is in love with Jiva, and that's reciprocal, so... well... you get the point. Ulgrude fights Djaul and finally defeats him, but at the cost of his own life.
Back to present days: we see little Grougal and Chibi next to a big block of ice containing Ulgrude's body, and Jiva who swears that she'll bring him back by her side even if she has to turn the world upside down for that.

Chapter 7: The Departure
Back to Emelka: Yugo and the gang are ready to set off for their new adventure. First step: the Justice Knights' tower to get all the required equipment, and to properly plan their travel to Mount Zinit.
During a meeting they hold, Eva finally officially tells everyone she's pregnant. "We're going to have a little Iop boy" says Pinpin, immediately corrected by Eva: "Or a little Cra girl!"
Mount Zinit is very far away, so they'll need some kind of vehicule to get there as quickly as possible. The Justice Knights offer to lend their steam train. However, it has to be tweaked since there are quite a few seas to cross. It also needs the power of a particular Shushu to feed the engine. Problem: that Shushu hasn't been tamed yet.

Chapter 8: A New Shushu In The Family
The Shushu's name is Kerosho. He's imprisoned in one of the jails we could see in Wakfu S2E08. And of course, he's not quite willing to help our heroes. Someone has to beat him first so that he can be tamed and attached to an item. This pleases Pinpin, always up for a good brawl. However, he fails to defeat Kerosho, and is saved in extremis by one of Yugo's portal.

Chapter 9: The Dispute
It's Adamaï's turn to try his luck. After all, Kerosho's power is spitting fire, so who better than a dragon can stand a chance against him? It pays off indeed, and the Shushu is defeated. Adamaï thus become his guardian, and Kerosho gets attached to a ruby generously provided (against his will) by Ruel.
Meanwhile, Eva, Amalia and Joris are taking care of food supplies. Joris shares with the girls his thoughts and worries about Jiva. The 6 Dofuses could grant her a power superior to that of a god, so she must never get ahold of them.
Later on, after a meal, Eva and Pinpin get into a dispute about whether Eva should come with the party or not. Pinpin wants Eva to stay somewhere safe for the sake of the baby. But Eva refuses to let Pinpin leave without her for the very same reason.

Chapter 10: The Great Departure
Time to set off to Mount Zinit. The steam train has been remodeled by Knight Justice father and Ruel to take advantage of Kerosho's powers. Grufon is stuck in his usual GPS role. However, it seems the Shushu map needs an update since he leads them straight to an unexpected rift. They have to take a detour by the Mines Of Mororia (yeah...). These mines are infested with Cracklers, but luckily they seem to be asleep at the moment. Unless some Shushu, who would take pride in a worthy betrayal, makes a big noise to wake them up...
And as expected, thanks to Kerosho, the party's now surrounded by Cracklers who don't seem to be morning guys.

To be continued in volume 3.
>> No. 47667

>> No. 47681
Hey. Do someone know how I get the font from the Remi / Maskemane Comics ? I bought some Comics and wanted to translate them ^^
>> No. 47682
Original font or the one used in the scanlation?
>> No. 47687
I think the scan Version should be okay. If you ( Or someone else ) have both, that would be great !
>> No. 47694
I think we used URW Bookman L for the Gazettes, but I have no idea about the rest (especially the original font).
After some research, it looks a bit like Stripwriter Condensed (but it's clearly not the one):
>> No. 47813
File 137422819798.png - (101.57KB , 187x245 , tony dissapointed.png )
>mfw the first Kerubim book
Awful story and an equally awful design.
>> No. 47926
What's up with the team? Is this dead?
>> No. 47956
Everyone is currently trying to synchronize their schedules. We're still getting things done, just at a slower rate. We've finished proofreading Dofus vol. 2 and only have to get it typesetted, and all that's left of Dofus vol. 3's proofreading is a single matter of discussion over a pun.
>> No. 47964
Well you know I thought this forum would be a good sourse for lots of erotic cartoon art. But it's really a joke. There is nothing here I cant find weeks ago on rule34 or 7chan there are no creative responces. Sorry to the people who do try. But you really should ban the people who don't post drawings and do there best to drive off people who do.
>> No. 47965
Well you know I thought this forum would be a good sourse for lots of erotic cartoon art. But it's really a joke. There is nothing here I cant find weeks ago on rule34 or 7chan there are no creative responces. Sorry to the people who do try. But you really should ban the people who don't post drawings and do there best to drive off people who do.
>> No. 47966
I think you're looking for /pco/.
>> No. 48112
"you are the hero" dofus novel: http://forum.dofus.com/fr/1081-actualite/1787890-savoir-premier-roman-dofus
>> No. 48734
File 138765070811.jpg - (322.90KB , 1053x1650 , 001.jpg )
Here's my translation of Tome 2 of the Wakfu manga:
>> No. 48736
Thank you always, Morgie!!
and I wonder if someone won't translate in japanese...
>> No. 48750
Haven't visited the thread for 2 weeks due to Christmas related real life stuff. So please excuse the late reply.

But I just wanted you to know that I greatly appreciate it. Major props, I've been waiting for a translation for months. Morgie-Corgi you are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you.
>> No. 48773
It was better than expected. Thanks!
>> No. 48860
When's Shak-Shaka volume 2 coming out in France?
>> No. 48872
It's been already released, some time ago.
We've just got it today ;)
>> No. 48877
Oh that's great news. Fantastic! Can't wait for a scalation.
>> No. 48878
>> No. 49073
File 138992621348.jpg - (1.09MB , 1349x1959 , scan0001.jpg )
>> No. 49222
Thank you based Morgie
>> No. 49348
File 139197516941.jpg - (948.88KB , 1357x1957 , scan0090.jpg )
RAR version: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ajc0b38kuh6u59b/Remington+6%28Eng%29.rar

Pdf version: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bo49if2433je7x7/Remington+06+%28Eng%29.pdf
>> No. 50206
If anyone could re-upload Shak Shaka I'd be very appreciative.
>> No. 50333
Anyone translating or planning to translate Tangomango?
>> No. 50341
Ok so the translation team is in need of some new editors. We have a bit of a backlog of translations that need to be worked on. Send us an e-mail if you're interested in joining.

I'll see if I can get Morgie to re-upload it.

What a coincidence I just finished translating Tangomango tome 2 this afternoon.
>> No. 50345
File 139759655498.png - (4.77MB , 1268x1743 , Wakfu01.png )
Here you go.
>> No. 50377
File 139775020636.jpg - (43.54KB , 500x648 , terrible-pranks-9[1].jpg )
You, Sir, are fucking awesome.
>> No. 50484
File 139813274273.png - (473.67KB , 747x1080 , p02.png )
I'm working with Maskemane 7 and I'll try to finish this saturday 26 of April.
>> No. 50506
File 139826889129.png - (1.32MB , 747x1080 , Remington 7 (1).png )
PDF of Remington 7:
>> No. 50517
File 139831153680.jpg - (620.96KB , 1154x1650 , 001.jpg )
PDf version for Shak Shaka 2:
>> No. 50538
Finally, Shak-Shaka 2! Thank you so very much!
>> No. 50568
Thank you so much all of you guys for keeping this up.

A question, is there a current priority list of translations? Just to know what to get excited for.
>> No. 50570
We are still following the >>46342 Poll.
What would be your ideal priority list? (no matter what comic/manga)
>> No. 50583
I'm happy for anything, and you guys are fucking awesome.
>> No. 50587
File 139896711665.png - (1.70MB , 747x1080 , p01_cover.png )
Finally I've finished, sorry for the delay. Enjoy!
PDf version: http://www.mediafire.com/view/8c3ii8246jqo9n8/Maskemane_07_(Eng).pdf
>> No. 50590
File 139897684984.jpg - (165.30KB , 1208x1903 , scan0007.jpg )
And here's the PDF version of Rushu's Shushus:
>> No. 50612
I hope you guys are getting some kind of pay or donations for these, I don't think I could be so generous with my time.
>> No. 50637
None whatsoever, in fact they have to buy most of the comics themselves since you can't just find scans of Wakfu stuff online.
>> No. 50638
Better support Ankama playing its games and/or buying stuff.
>> No. 50652
I was just wondering since a lot of titles have come out (especially under Wakfu Heroes) since the poll was held. Though of course it seems that you're working on them (e.g. Tangomango) anyway.
>> No. 50727
Does anyone know where I can find scans from Dofus Artbook Session 2, wakfu making of artbooks or Roman Wakfu? Are they already scanned?
>> No. 50729
We don't have them. I think we wouldn't publish an artbook here if we had got scans though.
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