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40458 No. 40458
Hello /coc/. I'm designing a Tabletop Wargame that uses fantastical elements in conjunction with a mid 20th century technological level. This "genre" has been called many things, though I prefer Para-Modern. Currently I am roughly two weeks from a public "beta testing" period, so this is not a "COOL STORY BRO" type deal; I have already created the majority of the rule book and setting.

I'm searching for artists with reasonable experience with drawing military tech, realistic styles, and is able to produce work given a generous due date. Please note that this request is partially one for someone who can assist me with graphic design, but most visual elements have been developed. I CAN draw, but these are rough sketches that only act as a foundation for those with actual drawing talent.

Details shall be provided upon your request, and I intend to release on /tg/ and /cog/ once sufficient art has been implemented.
>> No. 40472
I assume this thread is ok to make requests in. Am I mistaken?
>> No. 40477
You might wanna start off talking about money there, Eman.
Most artists on /coc/ like to see new projects and things, but all too often folks have tried to use /coc/ like a free range creativity and labor farm.

You can make requests, but you're more likely to get a response if it rings with a random drawfag, or you incentivize it with money.
>> No. 40492
Huh, well right now this project is not geared to making money. That sort of stuff was secondary to making the actual product. I suppose I could pay for commissions, depending on the skill and complexity of the work.

This is NOT some a product of a corporate entity. Any real profit would be extracted from the selling of miniatures and books, and I am not amazingly wealthy at the moment.

But from what i have seen a fair offer would be $10 for a smaller black and white piece, something I'd throw to spice up a page, up to $25 which would be a full page. Most people add roughly $5 for color, with an entire $10 for a full page of color.

This all depends on the art quality. I'm perfectly willing to pay 30$ for an ungodly great piece of line art, and much less if it isn't fitting to the style. Am I in the right area here?
>> No. 40568
No money, no talk.

Profits and shit are your problem. It's about paying for the unrecoverable hours the artists will spend putting lines to your ideas.
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