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File 131230909218.jpg - (118.48KB , 596x480 , New Justice Team.jpg )
40382 No. 40382
I know you guys might have seen this on /co/ about a hundred times before and I'm probably not gonna have anyone interested in it, but just humor me. Usually someone would make a thread asking how they would make a team series with these characters and we usually had a pretty decent discussion but nowadays not so much. Someone suggested that I try to take it here, because this is where our usual projects go, but it's usually good to come here when everything is more put together and I'm basically coming here with just a few concepts and not much else. I really think we could make a good team with this group. I mean we had another project similar to this a while back that was set in the 50's that was pretty good. So anyway, I'm gonna post what I have thought out and I guess we'll see what will happen.

Main Characters:
First, I see Kim as being the leader and the face of the team. She's a very capable leader and handles most of the PR stuff that may come along. She probably uses her super suit a lot more often to keep up with her team mates.She pretty much has the same personality she has in her show. Danny seems like he could be there detective, due to his basic power-set. He does most of the investigating and is considered the second in command. He is a bit more focused than his cartoon counterpart, he has a full understanding of his powers and he doesn't make as many puns as the cartoon one did. Speaking of power-set, he has all of the powers he has in the show except the ice stuff. He's also the fastest member of the team.Maybe we give him a sword. Maybe. Jake is there elemental and the strongest guy on the team. His transformed form is more like his season one design with little hints of season two. He's still fun loving and a bit cocky, but he a lot more serious than his cartoon counterpart. Also he doesn't do the rapping thing anymore. He has a good understanding of magic and his senses makes him an expert tracker. Juniper is there magic user. She still has her super strength and is the second most durable girl next to Jenny, but using magic spells and potions are her greatest skills. She's still a little world weary and does complain about having to be the Te Xuan Ze, but she doesn't do it as much. Probably because she doesn't have to worry about never leaving Orchid Bay and he friends know about her powers. Rex is the tech and weapons expert. He still has the same powers as he does on the show, his powers still evolve, and they can still fail if he overexerts him self. He has mostly the same fun loving attitude he has on the show, but he becomes very focused when he's on missions and tends to take things hard if things don't go well or if he screws up, probably due to not wanting to let Six down. He's still getting used to the whole friends thing, but ultimately he's a very valuable member of the team. Also, They play up the whole communicating with technology thing. Jenny is there powerhouse. She's the strongest and the most versatile member of the team. She still has the same personality she has on her show and is try to learn how to be more human. It takes a while for the other guys to get used to her, but eventually they come to really value her. She develops close friendships with Rex and June. Ben is there Jack of all trades. Even though he has millions of species he can only set 10 at a time to his watch, making him have to keep track of who he has on his roster. He's a combination of his teen and his kid self which means he's the most annoying and egotistical member of the team. They realize he's the youngest so he's still learning how to be a proper hero, but it doesn't mean that they don't get annoyed by his antics. As the series progress he starts to become less annoying. Manny is there lancer and the most agile member of the team. He's a bit more serious than he is in his series, mostly due to his pride, but he can still be a trouble maker when he wants to be. He also seems a bit moral ambiguous, due to his family background, but he usually does the right thing. As for Agent Xero she's there spy and there scout. Her ring not only gives her shape shifting abilities, but it can also create any weapon she may need. She's a bit coy and tends to keep things to herself, making her a bit of a loner in-spite of her cheery personality. The only person she seems to be close to is Rex due to both of them having no memory of there parents or the early parts of there lives.
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>> No. 40599
Well, I don't want to start replacing or getting rid of people, but I don't quite know how to balance to team. If anyone have any suggestions for balancing or even replacing people, I'll hear you out.
>> No. 40623
...don't most superteams have a large amount of guys with super strength?
>> No. 40624
And for the love of the wee man would you break up your text walls more in the future
>> No. 40632
I'll keep that in mind. I just didn't want to make too many posts.

Anyway, If too many people have super strength we could take that away from Danny and June but it would leave both of them at a disadvantage, especially June.
>> No. 40634
Ok, bear with me a moment I'm kinda free forming, but I have some thoughts about what kind of world they live in. In their world people know aliens and EVOs and other things out of the ordinary for the most part. Things like the nanite event, and different invasions has happened in their history. Also, superheroes aren't a strange new concept to them, nor are government agencies to deal with threats, like Global Justice, Providence, and the Plumbers. The only thing that seems new and different to them is the increase in a lot of teenage heroes. There is a lot of concerns with teenage heroics and how it's dangerous for them and everyone else involved. The government hasn't stepped in or anything but they are concerned.
>> No. 40635
As to how they all meet up, I'm not really sure how to do this. My original idea was to have them all meet by chance to team against a threat they never faced before, but that seems a bit cliched. I was thinking about them doing a slow build at first, like them meeting each other at certain parts of their career, but I figure that would take too long. I do have a few ideas of what I want to happen though. First, they are all established heroes with Kim doing it the longest and Ben doing it for the least amount of time. I also kind of wanted them to have never met before. I wanted it to be a trial by fire situation with them trying to get used to one another while solving this problem, which is kind of another cliche.
>> No. 40636
Another thing I wanted to happen is that when the threat is defeated, I don't want them to form a team right a way. At first it seems like they are and the media is making a big deal about it, but they just don't see themselves as a team yet, but they something good does come out of their first outing. Wade and the other geniuses create a network or a database where they can gather and exchange information on different enemies and monsters they might face. Like if Jenny needs to find out what Ember's weakness is she can access the network and the information would be there or if Rex had to perform some ceremony to seal a spirit he could use the network and get the information he needs.
>> No. 40637
Also one more thing at the beginning of the story is that want their to be a little mistrust between them, especially with Agent Xero. When they first meet her, she's "working" for what ever organization started the crises that made them team up in the first place. When she reviles that she's on their side they don't really believe her. Eventually, when they defeat the threat, they come to trust her but not much. Kim especially doesn't trust her and, due to the nature of her job and her emotional issues Xero doesn't completely trust them either.

Any way that's all I got for now. Sorry about the multiple posts. I'm trying to find a happy medium between multiple posts and walls of text. If anyone else has any suggestions feel free to post.
>> No. 40646
I actually liked the idea someone else had in one of the older /co/ threads. How about Danny be the co-leader alongside Kim? It would be something akin to the Iron Man and Captain America dynamic, and I think that keeping all of the more immature kids (Jake, Manny, Ben) in control would take more than Kim could handle alone.
>> No. 40648
Yeah. I was still gonna do the Kim and Danny co-leaders thing.
>> No. 40707
Have you given any thoughts to their designs? Like what out fits they're gonna wear or if they're gonna get matching uniforms or something?
>> No. 40708
Give me about a week or less.
>> No. 40743
Well I've had some time to think about this and here's what I got.

First, they aren't gonna have matching uniforms, but I do see it becoming a running gag or at least a filler episode, from the media commenting or complaining about their lack of matching uniforms, to Monique and Sam and others designing costumes for them, and generally bugging them about it, Maybe they even try a team costume thins and the absolutely hate it.

As for individual designs( and this might take a few posts), I don't see anything to wrong with their individual designs but they could be streamlined or spruced up a bit.
>> No. 40745
File 131621128849.jpg - (7.49KB , 150x167 , 608227-legionflightring2_medium.jpg )
Just passing by and throwing an idea out there. How about a simple, visible communication device. It could look like a ring(a la Legion of Superheros) or a badge/patch or something. Then all you'd have to worry about is making a logo of some sort.
>> No. 40746
File 131621504064.jpg - (136.37KB , 603x750 , 1260598150736.jpg )
That is a good idea, but half of them have their own communicators. But I can see them doing separate communicators
Anyway Kim's normal uniforms are fine, but I can them being more professional. This design is close to what i see her original out fit becoming with just a hint of Steve Roger's Agent of Shield outfit. Her Super suit would be a conservative version of The Major's battle suit from Ghost in the shell. I never really cared for the second mission outfit they gave her.
>> No. 40747
As for Danny his design is fine too. I just have a few aesthetic choices I'd like to make and I'd like to get your opinion. I don't know why but I want to give him a scarf and a sword for some reason. I get shades of swashbuckling Nightcrawler from him and he could have awesome sword fights with Vlad. If you think that's cool or wish to talk me out of it let me know.

Jake is a bit a problem. I don't mind his Jacket and shorts combo, but even though his first dragon form is a lot better than his second they both leave more to be desired. I would like to see a sort of combination of the two with more of a season one influence.

(posts are gonna take a while due to doing other stuff at the same time.)
>> No. 40748
File 131622359475.png - (111.57KB , 450x700 , 1305776285532.png )
I'm Back.

June is fine for the most part. I halfway think that her warrior out fit from "Out of the Past" would be more appropriate, but everyone else is rocking casuals so she can too.

I'm on the fence on whether or not to make Jenny more human looking or not. It could play up the whole can robots feel emotions thing, but too much could completely ruin it or sender her into the uncanny valley.

I'm mostly indifferent to both old and new Ben's outfit. I'm sure some combination of the two would be fine.

Rex's look really suits him and I don't have any complaints except for his pants. They can stand to be a bit baggier. I know his legs change into his motorcycle, but it just seems weird to me.

El Tigre is just about perfect. I got no real complaints, but I do have an idea. A pretty bad idea, but an idea Maybe we can play up the whole western part of his design, by giving him a six shooter. Now it doesn't have to use bullets, I was thinking he could use it as a kind of conduit that can focus his tiger powers.
>> No. 40749
File 131622493344.jpg - (196.84KB , 533x800 , 1273645834502.jpg )
Xero is fine and there doesn't really need to be any changes to here so i guess I can take this opportunity to talk about possible plot stuff.

1. Agent Xero and Kim don't get along. Kim doesn't trust her in the slightest and Xero doesn't really help maters. Being a spy, Xero has a different way of doing things and doesn't like to play by Kim's rules. She also does the fake defector bit a little too often for Kim's taste. They eventually warm up to each other, but even then neither one really trusts the other.

2. When Vlad is introduced he is depowered and deep inside a prison. The only one who visits him is Danny and that's only to make sure he hasn't escaped. Him and Danny has a very antagonistic relationship. Vlad has come very close to killing a lot of Danny's friends and family, and generally making Danny's life hell up to this point, so Danny is always worried that Vlad will find some way to come back. He does.

If anyone else has any thoughts or opinions, please post.
>> No. 40762
File 131640801052.jpg - (203.78KB , 1049x900 , 1293330782319.jpg )
Didn't we do this a long time ago?
>> No. 40763
File 131640811651.jpg - (120.54KB , 654x900 , 1293332359815.jpg )
Also, if I remember correctly, it took place in a retro futuristic world very similar to something like Fallout, before it all went to shit because the nuclear bombs of course.

My favorite thing was Liberty Prime Jenny
>> No. 40764
This is something different, but it was inspired by that project.
>> No. 40765
File 131641010430.jpg - (265.74KB , 567x900 , Kim_Possible_1_by_RandyGreen.jpg )
Where is she from anyway?

Also, are Juniper Lee and Jake Long related in this?
Should be, considering how they are basically just rules 63 of each other.

Kim and Rex, I want to see them team up and hang out.
>> No. 40767
>Inevitable Shipping
>> No. 40769
Agent Xero is from a pilot called the modifyers. It has a pretty decent cult following.
As for June and Jake being related, the closest I can see them being is very distant cousins. Their are two different bloodlines at work and to mix them up could be a bit confusing.
That won't be much of a problem since almost everyone is in a relationship.
>> No. 40770
File 131645435777.jpg - (835.08KB , 1172x939 , 1292382760982.jpg )
As long as we have more Jenny kicking major ass.

She doesn't really have a love interest however, although something with Rex would fit and be highly amusing I think.
>> No. 40777
If anyone cares I can post relationship thoughts later on in the week.
>> No. 40778
>the modifyers
>Look it up.
Holy shit.
I mean, I think I have a vague idea as to why it wasn't greenlit, but blimey that's a beautiful visual style they've got there.
The blending of aesthetics is wonderful.
>> No. 40780
File 131653037777.png - (292.27KB , 747x967 , 1300938488287.png )
What, no Atomic Betty
>> No. 40782
The only acceptable ship is that of Juniper and Jody.

I would post one of the few pics /co/ drew, but I lost them somehow.
>> No. 40786
I forgot about her. Maybe she can guest star.

Also, I'm thinking of writing up something about the relationships if were making a big deal about it. It's really simple anyway. If it's cannon in the show it might be canon here with a few exceptions. If any one wants a more detailed list about it or anything I can do it but it'll take me a while.
>> No. 40788
As long as she looks like that since there was already an episode where she was older.

Also since she is a ginger, make her into Commander Shepard.
>> No. 40814
I think it would make sense to have her be as young as everyone else that to have her as an adult.
>> No. 40828
File 131702381797.jpg - (121.21KB , 620x946 , 128160155059.jpg )
Do they wear matching uniforms or for that matter how did the group come together and operates?
>> No. 40829
We kinda talked about it from >>40743 down.

I'm still working on how they all meet up.
>> No. 40890
I was just thinking for a team outfit, Danny and Kim both already have black tops, Ben if you invert his top, lengthen the sleeves like a tight shirt, I like the idea of the white bar down the middle, then just add black. Jake Black and Red, Jenny, Black and Turquoise, etc.
>> No. 40913
I think she could possibly be a part of some other organization or a different sort of thing in space. Does that sound like a good idea?
>> No. 40914
I'm not too concerned with her. She may just get a guest star role. Her original backstory is fine the way it is.
>> No. 40916
Ok. I've thought about how the team meets up for the first time, and all I could come up with was a cliche. But I think it would work anyway in spite of it. They could even allude to how cliched it all is. Anyway, there's this special conference that has invited students from across the nation (and Mexico) to participate in some sort of education/goodwill/peace conference thingy. Kinda like Boy's/Girl's state only almost everyone's invited. They all meet in a museum that has just received a major magical macguffin and is currently displaying it. Anyway someone wants to steal it and sends a bunch of super powered lackeys to get it. As the thugs begin terrorizing everyone Ben's the first one to jump into the fray due to his impulsiveness. The others soon follow, some having to run off somewhere to trans form. All of this get's Providence's attention and Rex and the gang are on their way. Eventually they are able to fight them off and immediately get mistaken for a super-team. The main twist is that one of the thugs they were fighting is actually Agent Xero in disguise.

I'll post more later. Gotta eat.
>> No. 40917
Maybe this Mcguffin is really an arc plot coupon. Like some kind of crystal thing that does something later on and that's why Xero had to steal it when all of the fighty commotion was going on.
>> No. 40918
File 131752115384.jpg - (213.40KB , 650x891 , 1305843109222.jpg )
Sam from DP can show up, maybe to help Danny with an adventure and then meet Kim Possible.
Knowing how she is all about "girl power", Kim would probably be one of her idols or something.

Also, what about Gwen?
She is not an alien or anything like that in this, right?

Just a magic user I hope.
>> No. 40919
I've kinda touched on some of this earlier. >>40383

But if I were to get into it, I'd say Sam wouldn't like Kim at first. She would think she was just one of those stuck up cheerleader types at first and she'll be a bit jealous of her due to her working more with Danny. She'll eventually come to genuinely like her though.

As for Gwen I haven't really thought much about her. I know she's still a magic user, but if I were to bring the alien thing over from the older series, I figure I could use the there's magic in some remote places in space thing. Maybe.
>> No. 40920
Eh, I was just gonna use it for an introduction thing, just for them all to meet one another. The whole first arc would be them actually forming a team. After the first big team up there would be smaller team ups until some thing happens(Maybe the macguffin can be involved) and they all have to team up again and this time they have to stay a team.

I kinda talked about some of this at the beginning or middle of the thread.
>> No. 40937
I dig that, although Kim Possible has no secret identity and in fact she is known world wide as a hero.

I guess Sam could always just think that Kim's public persona is a fake or something.
>> No. 40938
I think we should have some sort of over arc from the very beginning. It get's pushed to the side for most of the beginning but it is still there.
I also don't thing they should all meet at once. I like the idea of Xero stealing the mcguffin at the scene and then Kim tracking her down later.
>> No. 40943
File 131760844219.jpg - (126.91KB , 1200x710 , Rex-Boogie-Pack.jpg )
Rex needs more love in this thing, especially because how much of smooth motherfucker he is and the fact that he has the coolest power.

Also, latest episode was great.

I don't know, he is just a character I genuinely enjoy and his show is pretty good too.
>> No. 40946
How so? I mean we're just kicking around ideas right now. If you want me to explain more about his development I can.
>> No. 41075
I love Rex. All good CN heroes should be in this. Let's just say that. Now we talk about who isn't in it.
>> No. 41076
I'm sorry but I didn't really want a group larger than 9 members. It's hard enough to try and write for them and their supporting cast and their villains and original characters that will be involved.
>> No. 41079
They don't have to be in the main group. Just an EU thing you know?
>> No. 42219
Ok I've thought about this a lot and we really need to make a time line to establish everyone's origins and accomplishments. Half of the people here has saved the world multiple times and this really needs to be addressed.
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